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Technology In general, they’re jobs that often pay well. The national average weekly salary for all information technology jobs is $2,109 – or $109,618 per year – according to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

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Finding like minds

The idea for a more regional tech network for women came from some on-the-job observations. As business development manager for Appleton-based Excelion Partners, WIT’s current president and co-founder Michelle Schuler works with IT departments from many companies.

from different companies weren’t talking to each other,” Schuler said. “I was surprised they didn’t know each other.” An informal tally found about seven women who headed the information technology departments of northeast Wisconsin companies. “They were interested in how do we meet, how do we start talking strategically and start sharing ideas together,” said Schuler’s co-founder, Kathy Fredrickson, a marketing consultant with iMark Consultants. So one of their aims in forming Women In Technology was figuring out how to bring women in tech careers together to collaborate, share ideas, disseminate knowledge, and learn from each other’s experience. And of course, spread their passion to girls and young women in school, too. “While they (the women CIOs in northeast Wisconsin) aren’t all in WIT yet, they’re interested in meeting each other and sharing things like leadership examples, succession plan advice, internet security tips, how to keep up with technology” and other topics, Fredrickson said.

Square root of friendship

Not many technology departments are heavily peopled by women, let alone headed by them, but something surprised Schuler about the few that were.

Schuler and Fredrickson are longtime friends who were roommates at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater more than 20 years ago, where Schuler majored in business and finance and Frederickson majored in business and marketing.

“The more I was talking to women, I was realizing these women

After college, they both got jobs in the Fox Cities and joined

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Now...let’s get down to work.

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Aug 2015  

Regional business magazine; Overachievers Under 30, Education, Technology, State Budget, business information

Aug 2015  

Regional business magazine; Overachievers Under 30, Education, Technology, State Budget, business information