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Summer Enchantment

Homes that make the most of a beautiful season

July–August 2017

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5/24/17 6:05 PM

Make it extraordinary.

The Viamaris Collection, featuring luxurious mohair and undyed wool. Designed and woven to order in Fall River, MA.

Visit our new studio at the Boston Design Center Discover how our design expertise and local manufacturing advantage can transform your projects — and elevate your practice.


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(800) 345.2200


5/23/17 1:51 PM

photography by michael j. lee

Creative Approach Sophisticated Sensibility


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5/23/17 4:20 PM


Wequassett Resort and Golf Club Project, February Private Residence Project, Cape Cod, 2014 MA, 2016




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5/23/17 1:49 PM



WE EVEN HAD A FEW VACATION DAYS IN THERE. It takes a special company to build near the water. You need a thorough knowledge of the kinds of materials that a home by the ocean requires. You need communication skills to manage a job remotely, and a work ethic to get it done on time. Sure, sometimes






• NE





we take a day off, but not if we promised a client their house will be ready for swimsuit season.



2016 BEST CUSTOM HOME BUILDER, W. 2017 BEST CONTRACTOR, W. waltham 781.890.5599 cape cod 508.564.4844

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Right from the start.

w 5/23/17 1:50 PM

French Art de Vivre

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Date: May 3, 2017

New England Home

5/24/17 1:00 PM

Photo Michel Gibert. Special thanks: / 1Conditions apply, contact store for more details. 2Quick Ship Program available on selected items, offer subject to availability.

Aqua. Dining table, design Fabrice Berrux. Snow. Sideboard, design Erwan Péron. Céleste. Armchair, design Cédric Ragot. Manufactured in Europe.

∙ Complimentary 3D Interior Design Service 1 ∙ Quick Ship program available 2

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Date: May 3, 2017

5/24/17 1:00 PM

New England Home

Photo courtesy of Bar Harbor Club

re si d e nt i al co m m e rc i al i nter i o r d e si g n

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5/23/17 3:22 PM

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5/23/17 3:22 PM

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5/23/17 1:30 PM

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5/23/17 1:31 PM

General Contractor: C.H. Newton Builders, Inc. Landscape Architect: Horiuchi Solien Photography by Sam Gray

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5/15/17 12:52 PM

Morehouse MacDonald & Associates, Inc. Architects Custom Residential Architecture since 1958 781-861-9500 —

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5/1/17 5:26 PM

SINCE 1959

L a n d s c a p e A r c h i t e c t u r e | C on s t r u c t i on | E s tat e C a r e

Photo: Rick Mandelkorn

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5/1/17 5:27 PM

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5/25/17 1:08 PM




s bespoke floral design s weddings s destination s dinner parties / social s corporate s residential event design, management, and coordination

s best of boston 2017 s bizbash—top 40 event design firms in the country 2017

s bizbash—industry

innovator 2011

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5/25/17 1:08 PM

We work closely with our clients to make sure needs are heard and dreams fulfilled. To us the most important part of the process is the relationship we create.

We specialize in building and preserving architectural treasures, from historic farmhouses to Georgian mansions, Beacon Hill apartments to centuries-old shoreline estates.

JW Construction: building your lasting legacy.

(617) 547-2800

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In This Issue

July–August 2017 I Volume 12, Issue 6

100 112

122 Featured Homes:

100 Lake Effect

Skillfully designed and cleverly nestled into its wooded waterfront site, a New Hampshire house makes an enchanting getaway for a Boston couple. Text by Robert Kiener I Photography by Jim Westphalen I Produced by Karin Lidbeck Brent

112 Rescue Mission

Yankee ingenuity and creative vision join forces to breathe new life into a historic home on Cape Cod. Text by Bob Curley I Photography by Nat Rea Produced by Kyle Hoepner

122 Magic Moments

At this coastal family retreat, memories are made in unlikely spaces. Text by Debra Judge Silber I Photography by Tria Giovan I Produced by Karin Lidbeck Brent

134 Hillside Haven

A family getaway settles comfortably in the rise and fall of the landscape on Martha’s Vineyard’s north shore. Text by Megan Fulweiler I Photography by Eric Roth

On the cover: Kris Horiuchi’s landscaping helps a Hutker Architects–designed house nestle into its spot on the north shore of Martha’s Vineyard​. Photograph by Eric Roth. To see more of this home, turn to page 134. July–August 2017 | New England Home  17

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5/24/17 6:46 PM

In This Issue

July–August 2017 I Volume 12, Issue 6

149 Perspectives


Dramatic outdoor lighting; Ken Dietz conjures a beautiful pool house; Candace Langan on interior design for yachts; unique textiles by three area artisans; an urban rooftop terrace as lofty garden.

160 Trade Notes


Noteworthy happenings in the New England design business. By Paula M. Bodah

164 Design Life

Our candid camera snaps recent gatherings that celebrate architecture and design. By Tess Woods

174 Calendar

Special events for people who are passionate about design. By Lynda Simonton

180 New In The Showrooms

Unique, beautiful, and now appearing in New England shops and showrooms.


By Lynda Simonton

22 From the Editor 31 Elements: Paper Trail

Made of—or inspired by—paper, these objects for the home are anything but throwaway. Edited by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz

42 Artistry: Fabric of Our Lives A Vermont textile artist creates dreamy, evocative scenes that capture quiet moments in nature. By Julie Dugdale

184 Premier Properties

Notable homes on the market in New England. By Maria LaPiana

196 Resources

A guide to the professionals and products in this issue’s features.

199 Advertiser Index 200 Sketch Pad

What better way to be welcomed to the garden than by a lovely front gate?

48 Good Bones: Winged Victory A shingled cottage on a Connecticut island is a winning combination of classic and modern. Text by Maria LaPiana I Photography by Warren Jagger


56 In Our Backyard: Screen Stars

Four generations of Tilletts have created beautiful fabrics for the home, using time-honored screen-printing techniques. Text by Regina Cole I Photography by Lesley Unruh


Special Marketing Section:

Professional Profiles

18  New England Home | July–August 2017

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5/24/17 6:46 PM

photos by Greg Premru

truly hand-crafted cabinetry and furniture 244 Needham Street | Newton, MA (617) 559-0003 |

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5/23/17 4:23 PM




custom building KEVIN renovation CRADOCK BUILDERS millwork

PHOTOS: Narin Oun




Kevin Cradock Builders


617-524-2405 \ \ Boston, MA

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Editor’s Letter

Summer In Translation


f you were to take a poll on some steamy July or August afternoon, quite a lot of people might tell you that blue sky, bright sun, and an expansive prospect out across the nearest body of water—with perhaps a big, butter-dripping chunk of lobster tail skewered on a fork and waiting to be popped into the mouth—are the things that best define their ideal New England summer. When I look at what we are serving up for you in this issue of New England Home, the list isn’t entirely dissimilar—those sparkling vistas across lake and bay are definitely in evidence, and many a table clearly stands ready to bear its burden of shellfish, steamed corn, and watermelon—but our lineup of seasonal delights also embraces things like weathered shingles and dappled shade, lavender and beach roses, and a few sprawly sofas just calling out for a nap or a good read. The task we face in putting together a mix of stories for a hot-season issue is really an act of translation. What can we do to evoke the idea of summer’s charms, without simply showing endless

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22  New England Home | July–August 2017

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variations on one hackneyed set of images? It’s a challenge similar to the one that comes up every time we photograph a home to feature in the magazine. The lens of a camera and the human eye see things quite differently. When we occupy a space, we actually focus on relatively small areas at any given time, and our brain stitches those partial views together into an overall conception of our surroundings. Photography, however, tends to show everything at once. Consider, for instance, the difference between a real estate ad and the feeling you get of the dwelling depicted when you visit. Rooms shown in our pages, by contrast, will often appear as several smaller scenes rather than one big panorama, and in each case the arrangement of the furniture and the positioning of the camera will be adjusted to give a result that feels as much as possible like physically being there. Three dimensions are being transformed into two, but the goal is to remain faithful to the impression the original place gives its lucky inhabitants. So a New England summer, as you will see it here, isn’t just a straight-on take. It’s more a collection of tantalizing glimpses that together allude to the totality of the season. There will be swimming pools and trellises, yes, but also a collection of unexpected items made of paper, some breezy, retro printed fabrics, and a residence full of elegant surfaces that nonetheless call to mind driftwood or sand. Taken all together, they add up to a portrait of summer leisure, as interpreted by the imaginations of many architects and designers and adapted for your easy enjoyment, wherever you may be. —Kyle Hoepner

Find more at

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Portrait by Hornick/Rivlin Studio

5/22/17 5:30 PM









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5/23/17 12:18 PM

Editor-in-Chief Kyle Hoepner Homes Editor Stacy Kunstel Senior Editor Paula M. Bodah Creative Director Robert Lesser Digital Content Director Lynda Simonton Copy Editor Lisa H. Speidel

dimauro architects

W W W. R O N D I M AU R O A R C H I T E C T S . CO M

Contributing Editors Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz Karin Lidbeck Brent Contributing Writers Fred Albert, Regina Cole, Bob Curley, Julie Dugdale, Megan Fulweiler, Robert Kiener, Maria LaPiana, Erin Marvin, Louis Postel, Nathaniel Reade, Debra Judge Silber, Lisa H. Speidel Contributing Photographers Trent Bell, Robert Benson, Tria Giovan, Sam Gray, John Gruen, Keller + Keller, Michael J. Lee, Richard Mandelkorn, Laura Moss, Michael Partenio, Greg Premru, Nat Rea, Eric Roth, James R. Salomon, Brian Vanden Brink •

Editorial Submissions Designers, architects, builders, and homeowners are invited to submit projects for editorial consideration. For information about submitting projects, e-mail ­ Letters to the Editor We’d love to hear from you! Write to us at the above address, fax us at (617) 663-6377, or e-mail us at ­ Upcoming Events Are you planning an event that we can feature in our Calendar of Events? E-mail information to, or mail to Calendar Editor, New England Home, 530 Harrison Ave., Suite 302, Boston, MA 02118. Parties We welcome photographs from design- or architecture-related parties. Send high-resolution photos with information about the party and the people pictured to

24  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Design with a Natural Touch Carpet and Rugs


Window Treatments

16 Charles Street, Needham Heights, MA 02494 781-455-0505

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A fresh and revitalizing color, Greenery, in a bespoke wool stair runner.

Since 1992, we’ve been setting the bar with our exceptional products. Decorative Carpets | Handcrafted Area Rugs | Custom Window Treatments Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring | Blinds, Shades and Shutters

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26  New England Home | July–August 2017

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5/24/17 6:48 PM

Woodmeister_ New England Home MayJune‘17_Trim size: 8 x 10.875

Gary Sloan Photography

A Legacy of Extraordinary Craftsmanship Since 1980

How are you BUILDING Your Legacy?




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• NE





Distinctive homes and interiors that will be cherished for generations to come.





3/17/17 10:43 AM

Prospect Hill Antiques & Home Furnishings Art Gallery

Add Style and Character To Your Home Custom Dining Tables & Furniture Quality Antiques & Handcrafted Reproductions Wicker & Outdoor Garden Furniture Lamps, Mirrors & Rugs Simon Pearce Glassware

P.O. Box 383 | 247 Prospect Hill Road | Georges Mills, NH 03751 Open Daily 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or by appointment

603.763.9676 |

ProspectHill-JA17.indd 1

The Gallery at Prospect Hill Featuring: Peter Batchelder • Ron Brown • J. Koron Vicki Koron • T.M. Nicholas • Tom Pirozzoli Ken Schuster • Marilyn F. Wendling

5/23/17 4:24 PM

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5/9/17 11:16 AM





W W W. D OV E R R U G . C O M

every morning you’ll thank your lucky bronze tipped star

photo: joseph keller

When it comes to joy and comfort, we want to help you shine. Custom interior design. Furnishings. Lighting. Accessories. The sky’s the limit.

luxe home furnishings & custom interior design 240 commercial street / provincetown, ma / 508.487.7467 /

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high design meets high tide

5/10/16 3:29 PM

Crafted of cardboard, lacquered paper, and wood veneer, the newest member of the Dutch company Moooi’s Paper Collection, Paper Cupboard Patchwork by Studio Job, celebrates classic furniture forms using paper as the prime material. $5,736. Casa Design Boston |

•Elements The Things That Make Great Spaces

Paper Trail

Before the advent of smart phones and scans, before the days of digital and desktop, “going paperless” wasn’t an option. Ticket stubs, love letters, store receipts, and restaurant tabs were stuffed into pockets and shoved into drawers. Kids made paper dolls and paper airplanes, snowflakes and daisy chains. Cutouts had nothing to do with cell phone reception. Paper was ephemeral, meant to be disposed of or squirreled away. But the paper products here aren’t relics of a bygone era. Besides being great looking—and often downright clever—they’re sturdy, reliable, and reusable. Totally un-hackable, too.

| edited by cheryl and jeffrey katz |

July–August 2017 | New England Home  31

JA17 Elements.indd 31

5/22/17 5:48 PM


Paper Trail


1. Pile paperwork perfectly on Moooi’s Paper Desk from Studio Job, fashioned from cardboard and wood and finished with paper and polyurethane lacquer. $4,800. Casa Design Boston


2. Strong, sculptural, and simple, architect Frank Gehry’s Wiggle side chair is built with corrugated cardboard and has edges made of naturally textured hardboard. $1,175. Lekker Home, Boston  | 3. The brainchild of designer Piet Hein Eek and NLXL founders Rick and Esther Vintage, the Scrapwood Wallpaper collection has no repeat and can be glued directly to the wall. $299/roll. Lekker Home


32  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Elements.indd 32

5/22/17 5:48 PM

P O L H E M U S S AV E RY DA S I LVA What makes an exceptional design and building experience?



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5/11/17 12:23 PM


Paper Trail





1. The Formakami Pendant JH5 from &Tradition takes its inspiration from Japanese lanterns. Designed by Jaime Hayon, the lamp is crafted of handmade rice paper with black stained oak details. $329. Lekker Home


Paper Wannabes

2. For the graphic, modern City carpet from Woodnotes, paper yarn is spun from kraft paper and then woven to create carpets that feel great underfoot. $45/square foot. Showroom, Boston |

A group of porcelain products that suffer from paper envy

A. Gluttony Collection coffee cup, $85, and B. Gluttony Collection plate, $42–$85,  K Collette, Portland, Maine  | K C. Kiki votive holder, $15, and D. Vase bag, $35, Lekker Home​


34  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Elements.indd 34

5/22/17 5:48 PM

Š2017 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Franchises independently owned and operated. CALIF*876OK

Create a new way to live in your space.

Reclaim old or unused spaces and experience the impact California Closets can have on your life! We can create a storage system custom designed for you and the way you live. Visit us online today to arrange for a complimentary in-home design consultation.

800.225.6901 B R I G HTO N NATI C K






Main Office & Manufacturing: H O P K I NTO N

See more stories #CCBeforeAfter

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4/24/17 9:23 AM 5/15/17 3:35 PM


Paper Trail


2 1. Available in a host of colors and patterns, Japanese Washi tape is made from rice paper and can be torn, stuck, repositioned, and written on. Shown here, the original MT Washi Tape, $3.50/roll. Pod, Cambridge, Mass. | 2. Light up the room with this sunny floor lamp from Moooi’s paper collection. $4,284. Casa Design Boston


3. Stow ephemera in acid-free, archival storage boxes in a range of sizes. $10–$25. Blick Art Materials, Boston and Cambridge, Mass., Providence, R.I., and Plainville, Conn. |

36  New England Home | July–August 2017

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5/22/17 5:49 PM

P h otograp h y b y E le v in S tudios


STUDIOADESIGN Boston | New York | San Francisco

A N N - M A R I E F I L L E S , P R I N C I P A L | 617.759.6563 | A@S T U D I O A D E S I G N L L C .COM

Studio-A-MJ17.indd 1

4/6/17 1:17 PM


Paper Trail

Bold and beautiful handmade paper flowers from Mexico are as pretty as the real thing. $12/bouquet of 12. Nomad, Cambridge, Mass.  |

Cheryl and Jeffrey recall that, in the 1960s, their mothers sent away for paper dresses (cost: a coupon and $1.25) from the Scott Paper Company. A year later, major department stores would sell thousands of paper dresses for $8.

38  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Elements.indd 38

5/22/17 5:49 PM




2:01 PM

Additions, Renovations and Custom Homes

Newton, MA • 617-969-1112 •

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5/12/17 12:15 PM

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5/23/17 3:12 PM

ERIC ROTH photography

We make wood beautiful

Dedicated to the fine craft of finishing and restoration of architectural woodwork and furniture.

Since 1980

WayneTowel-Ja17.indd 9

166 Crescent Road | Needham, MA 781-449-1313 |

5/23/17 4:39 pM


Fabric of Our Lives

A Vermont textile artist creates dreamy, evocative scenes that capture quiet moments in nature.

Henderson’s artwork isn’t what it • Karen seems at first glance. From a distance, the can-

vases look as if they were layered with brushstrokes in muted, natural shades to create delicate landscapes: a fog-shrouded field or a forested path or a sunrise over a pond. Each is hazy yet familiar, like a vision in someone’s dream. But a few steps closer and you realize the evocative imagery isn’t simply painted on a canvas: it’s woven cloth, hand-dyed, stitched, and sometimes layered or pieced together to create the rich texture of a moment in nature.

The Montpelier, Vermont-based textile artist has been fascinated by fabric since childhood, when she’d watch her mother sew and her grandmother knit and relish a trip to the fabric store to lose herself in the endless colors and patterns. Henderson studied fine arts and immersed herself in batik—an Indonesian cloth dyeing method that uses wax resistance to create patterns on the fabric—then studied textile design at the Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. After a stint designing for a wallpaper company, she ran two fiber studios in a New Jersey craft center,

Almost Twilight (2012), handwoven linen, cotton, and silk, with polyester and silk organza. 12"H × 12”W.

| By Julie Dugdale | 42  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Artistry.indd 42

5/24/17 2:46 PM




4:02 PM

Home. LUXURY RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION, RENOVATIONS AND HISTORIC RESTORATIONS Building and restoring noteworthy homes of all sizes with intense focus on quality of construction, craftsmanship and materials.

Newton, MA • tel: 617.964.9900 •

Youngblood_JA17_1.00.indd 1

5/16/17 3:26 PM


“I’m trying to capture things that are not substantial, but rather, fleeting and ephemeral, fuzzy around the edges,” says Karen Henderson. which is where she learned to work on a loom—the jumping off point for her art today. Henderson begins by making her own cloth. Starting with plain, neutral yarn of different weights and textures, from linen to silk, she decides how wide and dense she wants the fabric to be and “dresses the loom” accordingly. “I really use the simplest process of weaving,” she says. “Basically, I’m creating a canvas. There’s so much you can do on a loom to create the imagery—but I’m not using it that way.” That’s because she likes to craft the imagery herself by hand, stitching and layering to control the textures in the material she built on the loom. “If I’m using a simple fabric, I can achieve a different visual quality I can’t bring with a loom. I can really push the textures a little further.” Once she has her canvas, dyeing is next; Henderson selects from techniques like batik or shibori, a

44  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Artistry.indd 44

Japanese method similar in concept to tie-dyeing. Instead of looping rubber bands around twisted fabric, she accordion-folds her cloth and runs it through a sewing machine before dyeing it then ripping out all the stitches. “It’s like a Christmas present,” she says. “You’re dying to see what it looks like when you open it.” Depending on the piece, she might use the entire swath of material or cut it up and combine it with a few other fabrics of different qualities. “Silk and cotton will take color differently, which is exciting,” she says. So what drives all this weaving, stitching, and dyeing? In a word: nature. Sometimes she takes photos—quiet moments in special places—for inspiration. “I’m trying to capture things that are not substantial, but rather, fleeting and ephemeral, fuzzy around the edges,” Henderson says. “I find fog really beautiful and mysterious. It’s metaphorical.” That dreamy, misty vibe comes through in pieces such as Storm Lifting, Early Winter, and Almost Storm Lifting photo by Jeff Clarke, Distant Hill photo by John Sterling Ruth

5/24/17 2:22 PM

BELOW: Memory, from Skipping Stones Series (2012), silk organza and cotton, 6"H × 6"W. FACING PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Early Winter (2008), mended vintage linen and silk gauze, 20¼"H × 32⅛"W. Origin, from Source Light Series (2012), silk organza and linen, 6"H × 6"W. Distant Hill (2007), handwoven linen and silk, 20"H × 16"W. Storm Lifting (2016), handwoven hemp and silk, with cotton gauze, linen, and metallic fabrics, 40"H × 70"W.

experience our re-imagined


Be Inspired.

Twilight—each a part of a series grouped by themes such as Elements, Light, and Reflect. Fueled by the deliberate rhythm of textile work that lets her achieve just the right effect in the image, she calls it “a way of marking time.” Currently, she’s experimenting with mixed media, using tools such as colored pencils for added texture and depth, and considering more technical woven structures like lace-weaves. Henderson’s work hangs in several corporate and private collections around the country, but she particularly enjoys personal commissions. “I get to visit a spot that has meaning for a person, and based on interpretations, come up with an image for that. I get to bring it to life for them.” The best part, she says, is that her textile images help people experience those special moments in time and nature even when they’re inside their homes. “I hope people connect with my art on a level that’s emotional, from their own place, wherever they are,” the artist says. “There’s a calmness to all the things I’m drawn to. That’s also what I hope people are drawn to in my work. That it brings them to a little sanctuary.”  EDITOR’S NOTE: To see more of Karen Henderson’s

be sure your

Nantucket Home

is perfect for the season.

We offer the most luxurious textiles, kitchen and bath design, and custom carpets.



ext. 1152

134 Orange St . Nantucket, MA 02554

work, visit

July–August 2017 | New England Home  45

JA17 Artistry.indd 45

5/24/17 2:22 PM

Tony Scar​petta

Seaside Luxe Diana James | 34 C Atlantic Avenue, Marblehead 781-990-5150 |

Design Expertise

East Coast Design-CI17.indd 1



Wall Coverings

Art & Decor

5/2/17 5:01 PM

full page.indd 1

5/23/17 12:04 PM


Good Bones

Winged Victory

A shingled cottage on a Connecticut island is winning combination of classic and modern. Estes and Peter Twombly wrote • James the book on Yankee Modern (well, technically

it was written about them), a movement celebrating “simple, innovative designs with firm roots in the New England tradition.” The Newport, Rhode Islandbased architects believe that logical and direct solutions, the use of traditional materials and methods, and thoughtful siting inevitably result in good design. This home is a classic example. Described by the homeowner as “a three-winged ranch,” it was designed by Estes to sit on a long, narrow waterfront acre on tiny Mason’s Island, just off the coast of Mystic, Connecticut. Although clearly inspired by iconic New England architecture, with its cladding of white cedar shingles, standing-seam metal roof, and gray-stained cedar trim, the home is distinctly modern. Members of the island’s close-knit community since the early 1990s, the clients wanted to replace their 1950s cottage with a casual home that would

ABOVE: The house is a study in simplicity—and problem solving. It was a tough site, says architect Jim Estes: “Not much room and close neighbors.” To make the most of the lot, he took the house up to the setback lines, which created a courtyard on the street side. RIGHT: Lots of doors and fixed floor-to-ceiling windows blur the lines between indoors and out.

| Text by Maria L a Piana | Photography by Warren Jagger | 48  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Good Bones.indd 48

5/22/17 6:01 PM

full page.indd 1

5/1/17 3:04 PM

Good Bones


TOP LEFT: Horizontal

lines and a mix of light wood finishes, including walls clad in pale yellow sugar pine, contribute to the home’s seamless look. The dining area can accommodate a crowd. The kitchen features form and function in equal measure. Slats and boards on the waterside deck mimic the interiors.

be low-maintenance and high-quality. Building on the good bones of a simple and balanced design, Estes insisted on the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship, and that was fine with builder Steve Ray, who notes that it’s the details that make the difference. “The home was very interesting to build, and challenging—in a good way,” he says. The unusual site with abundant views (and strict coastal regulations) gave the home its structure, informing the footprint, which at 3,000 square feet is relatively small. Three single-story, gabled buildings are organized in a kind of splayed “U” with glass connectors. There’s an entry court on the street side, while rooms in the bottom leg of the “U” enjoy the best views. This wing houses the kitchen/ living area and the master suite, and can serve as a self-contained home. The second wing holds three bedrooms, and the third wing serves as a utility space that includes the garage and exercise room.

The team used advanced framing techniques to save lumber and installed an HRV system to keep heat in while moving stale air out. Each wing has its own heating and cooling zone, but the most energyefficient feature of the house may well be its comparatively small size, says Estes. A clean-lined interior with built-ins, including benches and shelves with cantilevered tops, gives the house the beauty and functionality of a luxury yacht. A light palette of interior materials throughout includes maple floors and cabinets, and natural pine windows and doors. White ceilings both high and low float above the sugar pine walls and trim. This a home designed for getting away—and getting together. The kitchen has an island so wide

50  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Good Bones.indd 50

5/22/17 6:01 PM












ROOMSCAPESINC.COM • 781-616-6400

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5/15/17 2:11 PM

Good Bones The natural landscape design incorporates an abundance of native plants; the long, bottom leg of the “U” (the back of the house) is oriented to take full advantage of the water views. FACING PAGE, LEFT:

The soothing neutral palette makes any touch of color pop, as seen in this bedroom. FACING PAGE, RIGHT:

The clean and serene master bath features a floor-to-ceiling window and maple cabinetry.

the wife says she can’t reach across it. The dining table (one piece of very heavy wood) can seat twelve people. The living and dining areas open to the deck to expand the space, contributing to the indoor/outdoor connection. Landscape architect Anne Penniman was charged with creating what she calls “a minimal, no fuss landscape,” using native stone for walls, paths, and curbs. “The crisp, designed lines of the hardscape give way to the softer, more natural lines of meadow, shrubs,

and eventually the tidal wetland at the water’s edge,” she explains. At a turning point in the project, she says, “the owners decided to embrace the natural beauty of their spectacular coastal grassland landscape, understanding that it would make a perfect pollinator habitat.” So Penniman used native plant communities—from shrubs and grasses to attractive perennials—to create a pollinator-friendly landscape. It’s a multi-year project in its infancy, but the owners plan

Everything you can imagine, is real

- Pablo Picasso

52  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Good Bones.indd 52

5/22/17 6:01 PM

to expand it further along the coastline. The homeowners agree that Penniman’s landscape design, Estes’s “quiet Yankee” style, and Ray’s penchant for precision were a perfect match for their vision. The wife says they absolutely love their “minimalist, lean, and clean” home—as well as the

enchanting views that drew them to the island from the start: “the morning sun, the beautiful shine onto the water from the setting sun, and the rising moon, which always makes us think of a giant penny ascending above the skyline.”  RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 196.







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E N HOFD gl aNd de eN

• gN si


Landscape Architects Interior Designers Design + Build


Boston | Washington DC | 800.834.6654

July–August 2017 | New England Home  53

JA17 Good Bones.indd 53

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BOSTON | 617.266.1710

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MARTHA’S VINEYARD | 508.939.9312


5/23/17 3:06 PM

In Our Backyard

Screen Stars

Four generations of Tilletts have created beautiful fabrics for the home, using time-honored screen-printing techniques and a fresh perspective on pattern and color. Sheffield, Massachusetts, a small town • Inin the Berkshires, Tillett Textiles maintains

a screen library. Part of a rambling manufacturing building, the space measures some 8,000 square feet and holds innumerable screens. “We have screens that date back to the 1950s,” says Patrick McBride, who represents the family’s fourth generation producing screen-printed fabrics for the design trade. Having that archive was to the company’s advantage when Hollywood came calling. The 2016 movie Jackie, a biographical depiction of Jacqueline Kennedy’s life shortly after President John Kennedy’s assassination, was filmed on sets replicating the Kennedys’ Sister Parish-designed White House living quarters and their home in Hyannis Port. The First

Lady, who used Tillett Textiles for both her decor and her dresses, was a fan of the bright, casual, yet sophisticated patterns. When the filmmakers wanted accurate set materials, it was just a matter of going to the library and pulling out the appropriate screens. “In the Hyannis Port house, the dining room drapery was made from our Chrysanthemum pattern,” McBride says. “Jackie’s White House bedroom used our Daisy fabric for the headboard and the curtains. About 50 percent of the movie takes place in that bedroom,” he adds, smiling at the happy product placement. It all started with McBride’s great-grandfather, who pioneered silk-screen printing in England. “It was actually a less expensive, more streamlined printing process than block printing,” McBride explains.

Patrick McBride, the fourth generation of his family to produce silk-screened Tillett Textiles, poses beside a table in the western Massachusetts studio with one of the company’s custom fabrics, a blue and white checkerboard. The apron is an early Tillett promotional item.

| Text by Regina Cole | Photography by Lesley Unruh | 56  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 IOBY.indd 56

5/24/17 7:18 PM

Live Life B E AU T I F U L LY A home is where life is lived. Transform your outdoors with Unilock paver and wall products and create the perfect setting for memories that last a lifetime. From traditional to modern, Unilock offers an unrivaled variety of colors, styles, and textures you can’t get anywhere else. For more outdoor inspiration, or a referral to a trusted Unilock Authorized Contractor, connect with us at or 1 800-UNILOCK. Umbriano® pavers and Rivercrest® Wall.

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In Our Backyard

This page, cLOCKWISE

FROM TOP LEFT: The company’s screen library dates to the 1950s and holds countless patterns. With each screen, another color is added to what eventually becomes a lively, colorful pattern. Tillett Textiles’s operation is located in a rambling assortment of old manufacturing buildings in Sheffield, Massachusetts. In an old photograph, Jacqueline Kennedy sits on a chaise longue upholstered in the Chrysanthemum pattern. The perennial bestseller has been produced in a number of different colorways. opposite page: Tillett Textile stripes. Jim and Leslie Tillett at work in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

“Then, in 1932, my grandfather, Leslie Tillett, and his brother went to Mexico, where they launched the family business.” Patrick’s grandmother, D.D. Doctorow, was a photojournalist sent to Cuernavaca, Mexico, by Harper’s Bazaar to shoot a feature about the brothers and their graphic, colorful fabrics. She and Leslie fell in love; she quit her job and joined the silk-screening operation. McBride talks about his groundbreaking grandparents with special fondness. “I can always tell if it was my grandmother’s pattern,” he says. “She was prolific with florals.” The best-selling Chrysanthemum, one of her designs, has never gone out of production. “Everything she created has a hand-drawn quality to it,” McBride adds. “My grandfather’s patterns, on the other hand, are much more precise.” In the 1940s, D.D. and Leslie moved to New York, where their globally influenced fabrics came to the attention of chic trendsetters. Their daughter, Kathleen, and Patrick’s father brought the business

to the Berkshires in 1969. For the past twenty-eight years, the company has continued in its present location with four employees and a far-flung clientele. McBride, who took the reins in 2010 after heading up the company with his mother for twelve years, is the natural heir to the tradition. “I always liked to go to the factory to play when I was young,” he says, “My siblings avoided it.” He has grown the company so that its fabric is in more showrooms, including at Webster & Company in the Boston Design Center. Tillett employs traditional techniques of the trade, such as hand-striping, a method in which a worker uses a shoe-box-shaped tool to apply pigment to a long length of fabric spread out on a table, while walking backwards. McBride also likes to push the envelope a bit, producing old patterns in new colorways on different fabrics. For example, Tropical Floral, originally printed in vibrant greens and yellows, takes on a new personality when printed on linen in soft blues. “People respond mostly to color; it’s one of the most

58  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 IOBY.indd 58

5/24/17 7:19 PM

producTs Made using

It is what’s on the outside that matters. Make sure the details of your house are crafted by the right people using the right materials.

sullivan + associates architects_July 2017_NEH_Layout 1 5/9/17 12:52 PM Page 1


Toll Free: 855.740.0384 |

Tillett Textiles & T4 Sheffield, Mass., (413) 229-8764

Dan Cutrona photo

reliable indicators of any specific period,” he says. “So, when we take an old pattern, re-color it, and print it on different fabric, it takes on a whole new life.” Today’s fabric choices are mostly linens and cottons, he adds. “It used to be wool, then polished cotton and cotton duck, then chintz.” While the company still uses its historic designs, new ones are created constantly. “We have released twenty-five new designs in the last sixteen months,” McBride says, including Sierra Flora and Barcelona, inspired by Spanish tile, as well as a line influenced by irregular African wood blocks. He has also developed his own fabric line, T4 Textiles, named in homage to four generations of Tilletts. “T4 is our way of trying different things,” he says. “We use the line to discover new aesthetics. For us, it’s the fun part: exploring what to do next.”

sullivan + associates A R C H I T E C T S

martha’s vineyard | boston July–August 2017 | New England Home  59

JA17 IOBY.indd 59

5/25/17 11:10 AM

Stops maintenance and neighbors in their tracks.

Our durable 100% cellular PVC trim gives your home all the character of wood, with none of its painting, rotting, peeling or cracking. That’s impossible to ignore. Learn more at or call Zane Swanepoel at 866-721-3092

Š 2017 Royal Building Products | A Westlake Company

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5/23/17 1:28 PM

when great design meets world-class expertise

Visit our new showroom

Coming Soon 604 pleasant street watertown, massachusetts

97 river street

full page.indd 1

| beverly, massachusetts | 5/23/17 3:09 PM

ENCHANTING ONLY CUMAR Exotic. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. Experience slab upon slab o f t h e w o r l d ’s f i n e s t m a r b l e, g r a n i t e, l i m e s t o n e a n d e xo t i c s t o n e s i n N e w E n g l a n d ’s l a r g e s t w a r e h o u s e a n d s h o w r o o m . T h e r e ’ s o n l y o n e c h o i c e . C u m a r.

61 7. 3 8 9. 7 8 1 8



© Images by Jessic a Delaney Photography

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An Insider Look At The Region’s Top Design Professionals


Special Marketing Section

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5/24/17 3:19 PM



Anthony Catalfano WHAT IS YOUR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY? I don’t do trendy work; my designs last a long time. I don’t assume any particular look, color, or style for my clients, but rather, I discern what they love, how they live, and how their home design can enhance their lifestyle.

Richard Mandelkorn

Most weekdays you’ll find Anthony Catalfano working out of his Back Bay interior design studio, envisioning and creating the luxurious homes that have been delighting his clients since he established Anthony Catalfano Interiors in 1989. Come the weekend, he heads north to Wells, Maine, where he revels in the beauty of the coastline and oversees the goings-on at Anthony Catalfano Home, the design boutique he opened in 2013. Both his interior design work and his shop speak to Anthony’s passion for classic design with a fresh and personal touch. His projects throughout New England, as well as in New York, Florida, and California, are known for their luxurious fabrics, sumptuous colors, and deft blending of textures. His shop is celebrated for its carefully curated, ever-changing selection of unique and stylish furniture and accessories. Whether he’s working with a client or hunting for new product for his boutique, Anthony has one aim: “I’m always striving to make things beautiful!”

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR WORK? Beautiful textiles, the great classic architecture I see around me in Boston and in my travels to Europe and around the globe, and the Maine seacoast. I really love the Maine area, and have been a member of the community for a dozen years. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM COLLABORATION? Working with the architect, builder, and client from the initial concept phase through complete installation to create a unique and fully interpreted final project. I love working with anyone who sustains a high level of energy, passion, and focus throughout the process.

64  Special Marketing Section

Anthony Catalfano_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 64

5/25/17 8:47 AM

Anthony Catalfano

portrait by: Bruce Rogovin

Anthony Catalfano Interiors 160 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02116 (617) 536-3776 Anthony Catalfano Home 2190 Post Rd., Wells, ME 04090 (207) 646-1110

Anthony Catalfano_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 65

5/25/17 8:47 AM



Design: Meyer & Meyer; Photo: Sam Gray Photography

Back Bay Shutter Co., Inc.

Design: Anthony Catalfano; Photo: Jeff Roberts

Bill Morton Began his retail sales career in the audio business working for Brookline-based Tweeter Etc. in the mid-1980s. He enjoyed great success on the sales floor, which led to a management position; eventually he ran one of the largest stores in the company. In 1989, Steve Kontoff founded Back Bay Shutter Company, and by 1998 he had grown the business to the point that he needed sales and management help. “Steve and I have been close friends since we were teens, and over the years I was totally impressed with Back Bay Shutter’s quality and reputation. The timing was perfect (I’d been in retail for 14 years), and Steve convinced me to try something new. I was trained on product, configuration, and installation for more than a year before I went out on my own first measure! “Joining Back Bay Shutter gave me the opportunity to work with the design community, and it has been the greatest experience of my life. I am so blessed to work for the best designers and architects and their world class clients. “This industry is all about building relationships based on quality work, trust, and loyalty. I can’t imagine doing anything else for a living!”

What is your design philosophy? Ask your clients many questions pertaining to how they will be using your products. Be a good listener and completely focus on their answers. Great design begins with rapport and a total understanding of the clients’ needs, because they will be using and admiring our shutters and shades daily. What inspires your work? I sometimes joke that interior window treatments have not changed much since the 18th century, and for the most part it’s true! I am inspired when I’m asked to recreate shutters for historic homes, where they hinge backwards into splayed pockets so they “disappear,” or to install shutters into the curved windows. I am also inspired by designers and architects who have clients who want motorized shades to be concealed in ceilings or pockets. WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? I collect early American pocket watches, wrist watches, and clocks. My favorites are Waltham watches, which were made by the American Watch Company, the first assemblyline watches made in America. As someone who hails from Waltham, I am fascinated with the American Industrial Revolution. Waltham was at the forefront of manufacturing and innovation, which fueled the rapid growth of our nation in the early 1800s and beyond.

66  Special Marketing Section

BackBay_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 66

5/25/17 12:53 PM

Bill Morton

Some things don’t last.

Some things do.

Choosing our stunning, hard-working shutters makes you a smart cookie. So, if your project requires craftsmanship, quality and products that offer longevity, you’ve met your match. i

Back Bay Shutter co. Inc. A DESIGNER’S BEST FRIEND.

Ne Ew W




BackBay_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 67

E e’Ss M m O o

BBS_MA17_1.00.indd 1

0 5

ANd DH La Gl g eEN




Back Bay Shutter Co., Inc. 169 Merrimac Street Woburn, MA 01801 (781) 221-0100

O 75 sSP ON sS o o

1/27/17 3:35 PM

5/25/17 8:58 AM



Bertola Custom Homes & Remodeling

Joe Bertola moved to the United States in 2002 to study at Berklee College of Music. To help with his studies, Joe began to work as a carpenter’s helper and, by the end of his college career, he realized that life in the building industry would open more professional doors than a musical career. From a carpenter’s helper, he progressed to lead carpenter, and then project manager until he was the company’s prospective vice president. After nine years of work, Joe opened his own business. His passion for construction led Joe to thoroughly explore the Boston area and travel to other countries to study architectural construction and understand the traits and idealizations of each building. Joe integrates comfort, technology, and beauty into traditional environments and adds a touch of modernity to his works. Excessively detail-focused, he identifies the needs, tastes, and lifestyle of each client, thus creating beautiful customized homes. His work has been featured in architecture magazines and interiors in Boston and Brazil. Text by Leila Petersen Almeida

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CITY? Barcelona. Between ancient and modern features, it is possible to walk through this city and find a unique magic. The city has the spectacular architecture of Gaudí; the artist brings life to his works. Barcelona is filled with inspiration and renewal. WHO ARE YOUR GREATEST PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCES? Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture. It is indisputable how his sculptural buildings are influential not only in Brazil, but also in the United States, France, Germany, and other countries. His ideas have brought evolution to building and have made us all move to another level. WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? Wristwatches are par excellence a passion and a fascinating toy for me. Complex mechanisms, and mysterious and precise gears, almost always exaggerated, make me feel complete. A watch is more than just functional, it’s an expression of one’s personal style.

68  Special Marketing Section

Bertola_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 68

5/25/17 12:54 PM

Joe Bertola

Bertola Custom Homes & Remodeling (781) 975-1809

Bertola_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 69

5/25/17 12:39 PM



Boston Stone Restoration What is your favorite city? Rome is my favorite city because you can see the history in the every day. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon to the ubiquitous water fountains, there is beauty and majesty at every turn. The fact that most everything is made of marble or natural stone is a bonus. And I love Italian food, too!

Owned by Paul Bunis and his wife, Melissa, Boston Stone focuses not only on the highest quality of craftsmanship, but also in exceptional customer service. Initially trained by renowned Italian stone expert Maurizio Bertoli, Paul has provided education and stone restoration solutions for years. We work with homeowners, architects, designers, and general contractors, offering the best service and attention to detail in the area. Because stone is our passion, we are able to provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to even the most challenging issues. Our commitment to ongoing training and education through The Stone and Tile School in Florida and at MB Stone Care in New Jersey ensures that all of our technicians are constantly perfecting their skills and keeping up to date with the latest industry developments and standards. Boston Stone Restoration is also committed to educating our clients in the proper care and maintenance of their marble or natural stone counters, floors, and other surfaces.

What is your proudest moment? Aside from the birth of my children, the opportunity to work in some of Boston’s finest and most historic buildings, such as the Boston Public Library or the Wilbur Theatre, has been a moment of honor and pride for me. To be entrusted to care for the stone in these significant landmarks feels pretty amazing! What is your favorite room in your house? I love to be in my kitchen cooking and entertaining. Whether I’m making omelettes to order for my kids or preparing Thanksgiving for thirty people, I am happiest surrounded by family, food, and good friends.

70  Special Marketing Section

BostonStone_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 70

5/25/17 9:05 AM

Paul & Melissa Bunis

Boston Stone Restoration 265 Franklin St., Suite 1702 Boston, MA 02110 (781) 793-0700

BostonStone_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 71

5/25/17 2:43 PM



Cape Associates, Inc.

Cape Associates, Inc. is a third-generation family business now owned by the grandchildren of founder Lester F. Langhans, Jr. The executive committee is made up of Matthew Cole (President & CEO), Mark Kinnane (Executive Vice President), and Rich Bryant (Executive Vice President). Cape Associates is a full-service custom home builder that offers design, permitting and costestimating services, as well as renovation and improvement services like painting, tiling, and millwork. Now with more than 120 full-time, year-round employees, the team is proud of the path they’ve taken and where they are today. Ranked number 15 on Remodeling magazine’s list of the nation’s top 550 remodeling companies in 2017, Cape Associates strives to build life-long relationships with customers as well as employees, based upon an uncompromising commitment to quality and integrity. Cape Associates works on residential and commercial projects from Plymouth to Provincetown, and operates from offices in Eastham, Chatham, and Yarmouth Port.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM COLLABORATION? We’ve recently celebrated a “dream” collaboration with the completion of a new mixeduse building in Eastham that we named after our long time leader, Michael H. Cole. This building provides additional management offices for the Cape Associates team as well as two one-bedroom apartments on the second floor. The area needs more yearround rental housing for young professionals and families, it is great to be able to have this component as part of our building. The project team consisted of Cape Associates as the builder, Brown Lindquist Fenuccio & Raber as the architect, and ZeroEnergy Design for HVAC design, energy modeling, and LEED certification consultation. The building has achieved Gold level LEED certification. WHO ARE YOUR GREATEST PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCES? Michael Cole and Lester Langhans, Jr. were true inspirations to so many of us at Cape Associates. Over four decades they built a solid foundation, and it’s a privilege to carry the torch with the group we have here. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN SOURCES? This region is full of truly talented architects and we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best. It’s an honor to execute such inspiring design plans and meticulous drawings. WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? Old hardware—doorknobs, latches, handles—it’s fascinating to see these classic pieces renewed with new construction. We have more than we will ever be able to use!

72  Special Marketing Section

CapeAssociates_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 72

5/25/17 12:26 PM

Left to Right: Matthew Cole, Richard Bryant and Mark Kinnane.

Cape Associates, Inc. 345 Massasoit Road Eastham, MA 02642 (508) 255-1770

CapeAssociates_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 73

5/25/17 12:26 PM



Shelly Harrison

Catamount Builders

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CITY? Boston, you’re my home! I feel lucky to live in a city that allows me to rejuvenate historic brownstones one day and create totally new buildings that are trimmed out with the latest technology the next. Although, it is nice to visit San Diego for a winter getaway. WHAT INSPIRES YOUR WORK? Each project provides us with an incredible opportunity to give families a home that will be the foundation for a lifetime of memories. We are driven to execute every detail of the job, knowing that they will live with the results on a daily basis.

In 2004, backed with the desire to follow his dream, Steven Deering founded Catamount Builders. Since then, the company has continued to grow and thrive, expanding into one of the most well-known companies in the Boston area. The root of Steven’s success lies with his passion for his work. Every person is different, every home is different, and to have the ability to make someone’s dream into a reality, and translate those likes and dislikes into a piece of physical work, is one of the most satisfying aspects of the work he does. Catamount Builders has the ability to construct anything, ranging from residential and commercial buildings in crowded cities, to luxurious summer homes on the coast of the North Shore. Catamount’s keen eye and personal touch provides a different construction experience. Home is where the heart is, and as a company, Catamount Builders is determined to give each and every one of our customers that feeling. Catamount is not just a group of construction workers—we are builders, we are crafters, and we care deeply about our clients. Your project will be approached and met with exceptional care and unmatched quality. At Catamount, you and your home are our number-one priority.

HOW DO YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? My approach is to be honest and meticulous in every aspect of our business. We come across new challenges almost every day, so proactively sharing information with clients and vendors is a top priority. WHAT WAS YOUR PROUDEST MOMENT? The day I decided to make Catamount Builders my fulltime job. I started out doing renovations for friends and family, while working another job, but I knew that owning my own company was my real passion. Today, I still treat all of my projects as if my friends or family were going to live there.

74  Special Marketing Section

Catamount_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 74

5/25/17 1:59 PM

Steven Deering

Catamount Builders 472-A West Broadway Boston, MA 02127 (617) 315-7430

Catamount_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 75

5/25/17 1:59 PM



Jeff Soderbergh

Out of my studio based in Newport, R.I., I’m focused on creating one sustainable heirloom at a time. Each piece is exceptionally crafted, using timeless joinery, the finest hand-selected reclaimed materials, and family-friendly finishes for years of enjoyment and easy care. I love any challenge that has a basis in beautiful materials, from bronze and driftwood to windfall trees and reclaimed stone. For more than 25 years, my clients have come to me to commission something special. Our projects range from providing stunning reclaimed materials for flooring, beams, wall paneling, or architectural details for both residential and commercial applications to creating bespoke pieces that fit a very specific use and space. I have a small and dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen and -women who all love making things as much as I do. My only goal is to listen to my clients and be forever proud of the pieces we produce. My showroom/gallery on Cape Cod is the perfect place to start a conversation, peruse a mix of styles and materials, and see the work of internationally collected artists with a similar mindset. The new green is clean!

What is your design philosophy? Very simple: listen and deliver timeless craftsmanship. My job is to turn ideas and inspiration into a functional, beautiful reality. Choose stunning materials and they will speak for themselves. Keep the design simple and let it sing. And lastly, no one wants to live in a museum. Make beautiful pieces that are easy to care for and live with. What inspires your work? My materials. For more than 25 years, I’ve been gathering, sorting, and stockpiling gorgeous pieces of wood, metal, stone, and glass that have an incredible texture or depth or color or grain, something that calls out. They tell a story of a simpler time and give a place to gather around and share time. What motivates you? My beautiful family. Two boys who know themselves and live out loud and a stunning woman that I am so amazed by. My wife, Natasha, and I are trying to raise our children to find their own happiness and then pursue it for life. In this way, I am always learning what is truly important. Worms, the ocean, Chicken Mirabella, and rope swings are among them. What are the emerging trends in your industry? Thankfully the ideals of reclaiming, reusing, and being green have surged into the forefront of design. Reclaimed doesn’t have to mean rustic; we can achieve both sleek and green. I opened my showroom/gallery specifically to showcase incredibly talented contemporary artists who have sustainability on the mind and work in modern themes and materials.

76  Special Marketing Section

Soderbergh_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 76

5/25/17 1:41 PM

Jeff Soderbergh

Jeff soderbergh

C u s t o m S u s ta i n a b l e F u r n i s h i n g s

Cape Cod seasonal showroom and gallery 11 West Main St., lower gallery (below Karol Richardson) Wellfleet, MA 02667 P.O. Box 3362 | Newport, RI 02840 (401) 845-9087

Soderbergh_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 77

5/25/17 1:41 PM



work photos by Dan Cutrona

M. Duffany Builders, Inc. Mike Duffany: What inspires your work? Being able to manage expectations and deliver quality that the homeowners appreciate. Establishing long-term relationships has always been my inspiration. What is your proudest moment? When Todd said he wanted to join the business. Todd has a strong work ethic, which means Duffany Builders has a great future under his leadership. Todd Duffany:

M. Duffany Builders is a full-service building company with a quality-over-quantity approach. They provide quality work on new homes, bathroom and kitchen remodels, complete home renovations, and additions, as well as property management. Their personalized attention to detail is why clients return to M. Duffany Builders. Mike Duffany founded his family-owned Cape Cod company 35 years ago and is still involved. He has always prided himself on employing top-quality craftsmen. He is passing his legacy down to his son, Todd, who he knows is more than capable of maintaining, continuing, and improving what his father has worked so hard over the years to build. Todd Duffany has been around his father’s construction sites for more than 30 years. He joined the team, working through high school and college. Now he is the one leading Duffany Builders in transitioning from one generation to the next.

What is your favorite space in your home? The sunroom. It is a nice gateway to the outdoors, which is where I love spending my free time working around the yard or having a nice campfire. What motivates you? Challenges. We are regularly faced with situations that have a number of different variables. This stimulates creativity and improvisation depending on what is necessary for a positive outcome of a project.

78  Special Marketing Section

M Duffany Profiles-2017.indd 78

5/25/17 12:35 PM

Left to Right: Todd Duffany, Mike Duffany

M. Duffany Builders, Inc. 200 Palmer Avenue Falmouth, MA 02540 (508) 540-3625

M Duffany Profiles-2017.indd 81

5/25/17 9:21 AM



The M-Geough Company, Inc. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CITY? We both love walking through Paris. We love everything about it—the architecture, the museums, the parks, the fashion, the food, the lifestyle, and the people. What is your business philosophy? To provide the best products and services to our interior design clients to help them realize their design visions. To treat our clients, our staff, and our manufacturers honorably with the utmost respect and care. To continue to learn and evolve, to keep up with the changing needs of our customers.

Courtesy of Erinn V

Representing a diverse group of exceptional furniture, lighting, and accessory manufacturers, M-Geough offers a distinct mix featuring contemporary and transitional styles, as well as 18th- and 19th-century reproductions. Our commitment to client satisfaction, excellent service, and quality products over the past half-century has made us a staple in the world of interior design. We look forward to providing the New England design community with the best in fine furnishings, lighting, and accessories that have characterized our showroom throughout its history. Our trade-only showroom is located on the fourth floor in the Boston Design Center, which is part of the Innovation and Design Building in South BosCourtesy of McLain Wiesand ton’s flourishing Seaport district.

Who are your greatEST professional influences? There are too many to name, but the most important are those from our M-Geough extended family, starting with Jim’s grandmother who was an interior designer, Jim’s father who started our business, his mother who joined him in the effort, our wonderful showroom family, and the craftspeople who make the products we proudly represent and the owners of the those companies who are the driving force behind them. What are your favorite activities outside of work? We love the outdoors. We love sailing, we love spending time traveling, especially in Europe and in the Caribbean. Jim loves tractors, maintaining our Vermont property, and skeet shooting; I love walking our dog in the Vermont woods, reading, and hosting our friends for relaxed dinners.

80  Special Marketing Section

MGeough_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 80

5/25/17 1:45 PM

Susan and Jim M-Geough

New at

M - GEOUGH a luxurious destination for furniture, The M-Geough Company, Inc. lighting, accessories, and wallcoverings

One Design Center Place, Suite 410 Boston, MA 02210 (617) 451-1412

One Design Center Place, Suite 410 Boston, MA 02210-2313 T 617-451-1412 F 617-451-0065

MGeough_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 81

5/25/17 12:36 PM



The MacDowell Company What motivates you and inspires your work? Designing and building within the landscape are true passions of mine and are the root of my motivation to carry on the legacy of a great company that was founded by my family. I also find it truly rewarding to create something tangible that adds richness to peoples’ lives and that will persist long after I am gone.

The MacDowell Company is a family-owned and operated landscape architecture and construction firm that has been serving the New England region for over 50 years. The company was founded on and maintains two central driving principals: deliver the highest quality product and provide the best client experience possible. Bruce S. MacDowell Jr. has been involved in the company nearly all of his life. He grew up under the tutelage of his father, Bruce Sr., a master mason and nursery owner, and continued to gather experience working in the field alongside his master mason uncles, Lance and Brian MacDowell. While remaining active in the company, Bruce received a degree in environmental science with a concentration on environmental planning and design. About 15 years ago, Bruce refocused his professional efforts on landscape design, project management and business management under his uncle and The MacDowell Company founder, Roy S. MacDowell Jr. Several years ago, Bruce acquired ownership of the company from Roy. “Our paramount objective is to surpass the expectations of our clients in both the design and construction phases of every project. We measure our success by the value we bring to our clients’ homes and the enjoyment we bring to their lives.”- Bruce S. MacDowell Jr.

What is your design philosophy? This depends upon and is uniquely applied to each individual project. Our team approach may combine many design philosophies together or we may focus on a particular philosophy if the situation dictates it. We find great value in a collaborative design process, where our clients’ input and vison are central and all of our designers are free to express their ideas on any project. In simple terms, we feel that the art of designing within the landscape is highly situational and requires not only artistic vison, but pragmatic skill to meld the functional with the objective aesthetic.

What are the emerging trends in your industry? Outdoor kitchens and fire features have been popular now for several years and are great elements as they allow for an extension of the time people will enjoy their outdoor living spaces. We are also seeing more requests for edible gardens, wild flower meadows and smaller lawn areas.”

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Bruce S. MacDowell Jr.

The MacDowell Company 21 Center Street Weston, MA 02493 (781) 899-9393

MacDowell_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 83

5/25/17 9:33 AM



My Estate Concierge What motivates you? We want to be different, and we want to be better. We want to be easy to do business with. It’s not about building a better mousetrap; it’s about setting new standards. We listen, and our success is built one client at a time.

An emerging trend that is a cornerstone of our business is the notion of managed services. The concept has taken the business world by storm and allows for efficiencies and scale that are otherwise unattainable. As it applies to My Estate Concierge, we provide a single point of contact solution that affords our clients (whether industry partners or homeowners) access to comprehensive maintenance solutions with accountability, control, and desired results. Our managed services are clientcustom and continually evolving.

What do you collect? Chris: Alex and I grew-up together on a lake, and neither one of us has ever left that behind. Being on the water is a passion of mine, and with that comes the boats; whether it’s refurbishing a Chris-Craft, Hacker-Craft or simply tinkering with a Whaler for the kids. Collection or obsession is an ongoing debate in my household. What was your proudest moment? Alex: I think most parents would answer this question the same way. Rooted in everything we do is family. Proudest moment would definitely be becoming a dad. Chris and I both have two children, and watching them grow on a day-by-day basis is a great source of pride.

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5/25/17 9:58 AM

Chris Boucher and Alex Woodbury

My Estate Concierge 50 Sun Street Waltham, MA 02115 (781) 899-5676

MyEstateConcierge_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 85

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Platemark Design What is your design philosophy? Good design will make you look and feel younger in your adult playground. What is your dream collaboration? I would have loved to design a home for Joan Crawford. I’m told that I have a genius ability to work with demanding clients who have an eye for extreme attention to detail—and hostility toward short-cutting. What do you collect? Brilliant designs that have yet to see the light of day, waiting for their moment in the limelight.

Platemark Design, founded by Craig Tevolitz in 2006 on Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay, has become a well-established interior design firm for clients who desire exceptional personal residences. Unmoved by any ordinary design approach, Craig creates highly customized interior design solutions for luxury homes with a style that evokes an effortless, painterly quality—bold and adventurous yet always steeped with texture. Craig has a keen artistic eye and technical sensibility that lends itself to perfecting the aesthetic in every project. With the goal of transforming clients’ wishes into reality, Craig takes a front seat on every single design endeavor and ensures that each project is meticulously conceived, detailed, and executed under his constant guidance. Projects include private homes, vacation and seaside homes, rural estates, urban town homes, and condominiums. His approach can be summed up as concierge level service and turn-key, making the design process fun and enjoyable for his clients.

What is your favorite space IN your home? The dining room represents for me the place to gather, celebrate, and share our beautiful home with family, friends, and hungry dogs.

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5/25/17 2:14 PM

Craig Tevolitz

Craig Tevolitz Platemark Design 45 Newbury Street â„– 503 Boston, MA 02116 (617) 487-4475

Platemark_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 87

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Ryan Associates What inspires YOUR work? I was trained as a modernist, but I also have great respect for the classic American gardens of the 1920s and before. The gardens that reach you emotionally are always an inspiration. How would you describe your style? That is hard to say. We tailor our approach and style to what our clients need and want. One’s personal garden should be a reflection of the owners and not us.

Tom Ryan is a transplanted Midwesterner, who came to Boston for school more than 30 years ago, fell in love with the region, and stayed. He has worked in many of the most prominent landscape architectural firms in Boston during his career, but has spent the last 15 years with a smaller practice to focus on a more personal approach to design. He teaches and lectures widely on design and the art of detailing landscape designs through drawings. He and his associates are passionate about their craft and about their clients. The work they do is imaginative and grounded in the site. They often perform best on the most challenging sites, creating unique landscapes that blend the inside with the outside, making the most of every site’s attributes and their client’s needs.

What motivates you? I have the best job in the world. People love landscapes. It is the perfect combination of art and ecology, where every day is something new. What do you collect? I have a soft spot for old books on gardens and landscapes. I have a few dating back to the 1800s. They provide a real insight into the thinking of the time.

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Tom Ryan

Ryan Associates Landscape Architects and Planners Bldg. 4, 144 Moody Street Waltham, MA 02453-5332 (781) 314.0401

Ryan_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 89

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work photos by Tony Luong

S+H Construction, Inc.

Sarah Lawson’s first construction job was building multileveled, cantilevered decks on her family’s house when she was in college. She and her sister managed to make the decks level and true, even though the deck beams embedded in the foundation by another builder were not! From that early start in construction, Sarah detoured into a more traditional business career, but about 15 years later returned to her first love—buildings and design. She initially had her own small construction company, but moved to S+H Construction 10 years ago as a project manager. In that capacity, she worked on projects ranging from small porches, collaboratively designed with the homeowner, to multi-million-dollar renovations involving architects, landscape architects, interior designers, extensive engineering, and Cambridge Historical Commission oversight. A few years ago, Sarah initiated and implemented S+H’s transition to digital project management and budget tracking, and she has worked on operations since then. In June of 2016, Sarah purchased the award-winning firm from founders Alex Slive and Doug Hanna and is carrying on S+H’s proud build tradition.

Who are your greatEST professional influences? My father, who is an engineer and taught his three daughters how to build things. And the founders of S+H, Doug Hanna and Alex Slive. Not only did they run a significant business with high standards, they are really nice guys. That shows mastery. What is your design philosophy? Design is all about elevating the human experience. It makes space and processes work and feel better, and it brings beauty to the world. What could be better than that? It’s practically transcendental. WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? I’m trying to un-collect! But, let’s be honest, I seem to have a fairly significant number of shoes—running, hiking, summer, winter, flats, heels, boots, gym, sprinting, biking, work site, sailing—so I guess that’s a collection. And I do love vintage purses—clutches in particular—and they do have their own shelves. What inspires your work? I like the technical and business challenges of building, but I’m really motivated by how great it’s going to be for people to live in their houses once the work is done. It’s funny that we have to take houses apart before we can make them wonderful, but all through the process I can image how much people are going to enjoy the end result.

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Sarah Lawson

S+H Construction, Inc. 26 New Street Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 876-8286

S+H_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 91

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work photos by Jeff Allen

Seldom Scene Interiors

What inspires your work? The outdoors—skiing in deep snow in the quiet woods. Team input—gathering ideas and thoughts from all the members of my team. Travel—to exotic places or rustic, quaint towns. Feeling and absorbing ever-changing textures, colors, and landscapes. Architecture, food, hotel design, beautiful linens, intoxicating scents. What is your favorite city? Paris. Undeniably, Paris. Now and forever.

Wendy Valliere grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, where her grandmother instilled in her a love and appreciation for delicate, beautiful things. An avid sense of adventure and devotion to excellence parlayed into an illustrious career in the Olympic-level equestrian world. However, as she traveled the globe, Wendy’s innate sense of design and love of architectural beauty intensified. The transition to interior designer was inevitable, and in 1999 Seldom Scene Interiors was incorporated. Seldom Scene Interiors is a company that devotes itself to clients’ needs and believes in working in unison with like-minded associates intent on delivering an exceptional product. As president and principal designer, Wendy brings dreams to life for clients the world over. Wendy believes that everything is in the details—in design as well as customer service. Outside of the design studio, Wendy can be found skiing through the woods on snowy slopes, or graciously entertaining at her enchanting heritage home in Stowe.

What motivates you? The process of design. Gathering ideas, building the image in my mind, formulating the look, drawing on past experiences, delighting the client. I am driven by an intense need to please my clients. I am deeply gratified by the wonder on their faces when they experience the transformation of their home. Their joy is my joy. Best day ever! What is your dream collaboration? A client who is open to new, fresh ideas and is bold and eager to step into nontraditional design. An architect who designs from the inside out with great flair. A builder with boundless energy, capable of creating whatever is designed and able to deliver perfectly executed space on time and on budget. A dream collaboration embraces all the best ideas, best design, and best delivery, resulting in a dream project exceeding our client’s expectation and imagination. Do you have a coveted item? Yes! My Stöckli skis!

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Wendy Valliere

Seldom Scene Interiors 2038 Mountain Road Stowe, VT 05672 (802) 253.3770

SeldomScene_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 93

international design firm

5/25/17 10:46 AM



Eric Roth (photo) & Nina Farmer (interior design)

Tyler & Sash Custom Window Treatments

What inspires your work? While I have New England roots, travel and life experiences have inspired my professional work. I have been fortunate enough to have lived in and visited many countries, where I was able to absorb the inspiration of their various cultures and style. What is your favorite City? Essaouira, Morocco is one of my favorite “cities.” A place where color and fabric shine off of the sun-drenched walls of an ancient city.

What is your favorite space within a home? The powder room, because it gives an opportunity to create the unexpected experience with wild/fun wallpaper and a classic shutter.

Eric Roth

As the owner and lead designer of Tyler & Sash Custom Window Treatments, I constantly strive to create beauty in our clients’ homes. Through a balance of both form and function, we try to remove the utilitarian history of window treatments, creating a balance of decor reflective of the uniqueness of the homeowner and their home. At our showroom here in Winchester, Massachusetts, we offer every potential option of window treatment solutions. A library of the finest design-center-quality fabrics and wallcoverings gives us the tools and resources to create any fabric solution. Additionally, you can see samples of our custom hardwood shutters, which we paint to match your trim color, as well as a full service Hunter Douglas Display Gallery. While we joke about not making “Grandma’s Drapery,” we are serious about producing, for both designers and clients alike, current and conscious window treatment solutions for our modern life.

What is your dream collaboration? My dream is to work with the most innovative designers in New England, creating lasting beauty in the most memorable homes.

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Shaun Tyler Burgess

Tyler & Sash 880 Main Street Winchester, MA 01890 (781) 729-6639

TylerSash_Professional Profiles-2017.indd 95

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Michael J. Lee

Curl Simitis architecture + design WHAT IS YOUR DREAM COLLABORATION? Our next client! A dream collaboration doesn’t involve anyone famous or a big name from the design world, only open-minded and engaged clients, builders, consultants, and tradespeople. WHAT DESIGN PERIOD DO YOU FIND MOST ENGAGING? The period when Modernism was as much an idea as a style— when designers were curious about the rich possibilities of testing new approaches on existing forms.

Partners Matt Simitis and Richard Curl have A deep appreciation for New England’s long tradition of craftsmanship and a love of contemporary design—Curl Simitis architecture + design’s work is unapologetically eclectic. We especially enjoy working with our clients to review options and help them sort out what’s really important. We strive to express our clients’ personality and character through our work, collaborating with them to create spaces that are comfortably contemporary. Every project is a unique challenge, and figuring out the right solution to suit our clients’ needs in a thoughtful, creative, and elegant way is Richard Curl and Matt Simitis what we do best.

WHAT IS YOUR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY? We consider ourselves Contemporary Contextualists. We work a lot with existing homes, love old detail and materials, and appreciate a correctlyinstalled shutter, but we’re Modernists at heart.

Curl Simitis architecture + design Eastman Building 533 Main Street, #6 Melrose, MA 02176 (781) 620-2736

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Rosemary Fletcher

Elza B. Design, Inc.

How do you describe your style? I create organic, streamlined, yet welcoming interiors that reflect my clients’ personality. My style could be described as a blend of eclecticism with alternation between transitional and modern sensibilities. What is your dream collaboration? I’m a strong believer that art is pivotal in personalizing interiors. My ideal collaboration involves clients open to using art to make their space sing.

Ben Gebo

Barbara Elza Hirsch is a French-American interior designer and principal of Concord, Massachusetts-based Elza B. Design, Inc., created in 2007. Barbara spent her childhood in Europe and Washington, D.C., but moved to Paris as a young adult to pursue studies in art, fashion, and literature. At Elza B. Design, our goal is to make the design process as seamless and pleasant as possible. We collaborate as a team with everyone from our clients to architects, builders, and tradespeople to ensure success. There are specific steps, developed over years of experience, which we go through to support the infrastructure of the project. Clients are encouraged to keep an open mind and trust in the process. We know how Barbara Elza Hirsch hard it is to imagine the outcome when the kitchen is down to the studs, or the perfect fabric is backordered, but the truth is, we are professionals, and we will not let you down. That’s our promise!

Who or what is your biggest design influence? Inspiration is everywhere! Interior Designers: Axel Vervoordt, Katie Ridder, Steven Gambrel, Betsy Browne. Architecture: Frank Ghery, Mcalpine Tankersley. Painters: Bonnard, De Kooning, Matisse. Photography: Vivian Maier.

E L Z A B. D E S I G N, I N C.

Barbara Elza Hirsch Elza B. Design, Inc. 91 Main St., Suite 302 Concord, MA 01742 (781) 859-7817

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ElizaB-Professional Profiles.indd 97

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Longfellow Design Build How do you describe your style? We definitely have a signature style, but I think our style also reflects what our clients ask for. Project after project, we find Cape Cod homeowners want a similar casual-but-elegant design aesthetic that includes open floor plans, lots of windows, natural light, quality materials, and nautically inspired finishes, with carefully chosen custom millwork and artistic focal points. What motivates you? I’m motivated daily by the creativity and dedication of our team. When we hand over the keys to a new home, we want our clients to feel that we not only achieved, but far exceeded, their original vision. It’s an honor to provide people with a new kitchen or home that will enhance their day-to-day life for years to come.

Cape Cod Custom Architect & Builder. With our full-service, team approach, Longfellow is able to consistently deliver high-end quality work at a reasonable cost. Our in-house staff of 60 employees includes architects, designers, and tradesmen who are customer-focused and care about the fine details. It’s our people that make the difference. Longfellow’s three design centers, in Falmouth, Osterville, and Chatham, cater to a Cape Cod clientele. For many of our clients, living on Cape Cod represents a lifestyle and sensibility that they want to be integrated into their home. We achieve this “casual elegance” by incorporating unique materials and finishes that reflect Owner Mark Bogosian with the Cape’s natural beauty, family Jeanie, Jack, and Ryan. and with custom lifestyle features such as a wine cellar, bunk beds for the grandkids, or a meditation room.

What are emerging trends in our industry? The overarching trend that we see is providing smarter, higher quality homes at a lower cost that are customized for the homeowner’s lifestyle and the demands of our Cape Cod climate. From a design standpoint, trends include open floor plans, carefully planned sight lines, and smart customizations for storage and placement of appliances.

Longfellow Design Build 367 Main Street, Falmouth (774) 255-1709 866 Main Street, Osterville (508) 428-3999 578 Main Street, Chatham (508) 945-1710

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Celebrating over 30 years of award-winning landscapes

Land Selection & Planning

Fine Gardening

PELLETTIERIASSOC.COM Pellettieri-JA17.indd 1


Landscape Architecture & Construction

888.862.2275 5/23/17 4:21 PM

To help the house blend into its natural surroundings, the design team kept the existing woodlands wherever possible, supplemented with native trees and plants. Red cedar shingles and stone enhance the home’s connection to the land.

lake effect

100  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 100

5/22/17 6:26 PM

Skillfully designed and cleverly nestled into its wooded lakefront site, a New Hampshire house makes an enchanting getaway for a Boston couple. Text by Robert Kiener  |  Photography by Jim Westphalen  |  Produced by Karin Lidbeck Brent July–August 2017 | New England Home  101

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 101

5/22/17 6:26 PM

102  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 102

5/22/17 6:26 PM

LEFT: The entry hallway sets the tone for the home with natural touches such as the twig-like door handle. BELOW: Entry sideboards sport pulls that resemble mushrooms. FACING PAGE: The colorful, custom-designed runner was inspired by the lake setting.


ike McClung and John Gassett both smile as they recall an early visit to the lot on New Hampshire’s Lake Sunapee where they would soon build a second home for their Boston-based clients. “It was snowing

Project Team Architecture: Michael McClung and John Gassett, Shope Reno Wharton Interior design: Jan Chenault, Chenault & Associates Builder: Kenneth Vona Construction Landscape design: Keith Wagner and Jeffrey Hodgson, Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture

and chilly, and we must have looked like a couple of Boy Scouts as we marched around, clambering over boulders and around trees with a compass in one hand and a topographic map and pen in the other,” says McClung. The men, architects with the Connecticut firm Shope Reno Wharton, were looking for views—distant and near—to help them orient the home on its site. They also had to consider the sloping topography and how the solar angles change through the seasons. And, like many lakeside properties, the lot was subject to a slew of regulations about storm water runoff, setbacks, and the number of trees that could be altered to open up views. “At this early stage, there is always a Rubik’s Cube of issues that have to be balanced and sorted as you develop a concept and orientation for a new house,” Gassett says. “It’s both fun and challenging.” The owners had wisely also enlisted landscape architects H. Keith Wagner and Jeffrey Hodgson and general contractor Brian Vona from the very beginning of the project to work together on the home’s design. “Getting a team together from day one is an excellent way to foster collaboration,” says Vona. “When everyone is on the same page, things can go smoothly and problems can quickly be solved.” July–August 2017 | New England Home  103

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 103

5/22/17 6:26 PM

BELOW: The great room’s sitting area is anchored by the massive fireplace built with locally sourced stone. Furniture keeps a low profile, the better to focus on the views. RIGHT: Elegance meets rusticity in the dining room, where a dramatic chandelier hangs above a live-edge walnut table.

“I love the way this chandelier evokes the unexpected and, at the same time, blends in with traditional design,” says Jan Chenault.

Wagner realized speedily that, given the lot’s nearly forty-foot grade change, he and Hodgson would have to address water runoff issues. “I knew we’d need several rain gardens to keep the water from reaching the lake,” he says. “There were also wetlands that needed to be protected.” Vona noted that an existing road to the property would have to be replaced. “We’d never get the trucks and machinery we needed for site preparation over that road in mud season,” he remembers. The entire project was a huge undertaking; Vona would work with more than eighty subcontractors from some sixteen states. Beyond all the logistics, the clients

had their own list of requirements. Chief among them: a house with timeless style that would blend into its surroundings. “They wanted the home and the outdoor areas to look as if they grew organically from the land,” says Hodgson. They also hoped their lakeside home would be a year-round destination for frequent gatherings of their large extended family. “They didn’t want just a ski house or a summer house, but something that was all-season,” McClung says. Other requests included using locally sourced natural materials, creating a nostalgic camp feel, and embracing indoor/ outdoor living.

104  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 104

5/22/17 6:26 PM

July–August 2017 | New England Home  105

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 105

5/22/17 6:26 PM

106  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 106

5/22/17 6:26 PM

RIGHT: Cream-colored ceilings and island add a light touch to the kitchen. BELOW: Sunset-colored furnishings give the library its warm ambience. FACING PAGE: The windows in the light-washed breakfast area, like those in most of the house, are left bare to forge an indoor-outdoor connection.

“We went with a fairly sophisticated, earthy, organic color palette inside, punctuated by splashes of color,” says Chenault. McClung and Gassett came up with a novel, three-story, three-building, classic shingle design that is tucked neatly into the hillside. The structures—a guest wing, the main house, and the garage and entry area—are linked to one another but oriented differently to take full advantage of the views and to help break up the mass of the home. “Instead of one big building that may look inappropriate on the lot, we went for smaller elements that we joined together,” explains McClung. “By orienting them differently, we were able to preserve many of the views we had identified when we first walked the property,” Gassett adds. The home boasts drop-dead distant views of sunsets and Mt. Sunapee as well as nearer lake views neatly framed by existing trees. Western red cedar shingles for siding and roofing, and expressive brackets and rafter tails on the overhangs, give the home the camp-like feel the owners wanted. Dark green trim paint and foundation walls of regional granite in tans, browns, and grays enhance the sense of connection to the land. The sloping site meant that it would have to be excavated for retaining walls and terracing so the home could be nestled into it. This was a challenge (“We needed a lot of concrete,” says Vona) but July–August 2017 | New England Home  107

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 107

5/22/17 6:26 PM

108  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 108

5/22/17 6:26 PM

The homeowners “wanted the home and the outdoor areas to look as if they grew organically from the land,” says Hodgson. CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE LEFT: The house nestles into the dramatic slope of the lot. The boathouse deck makes a pleasant gathering spot. The home’s lower level opens to a broad bluestone terrace overlooking the lake.

one that offered dividends. “Because of the hillside slope, all three floors of the home, including the basement level, have great views,” McClung says. The lower level opens onto an outside entertaining space that features a fire pit, a broad bluestone terrace, overlooks, and a lawn area. “We like to extend the form and function of the home’s design out into the landscape,” Hodgson says. A series of gardens filled with native sedges and perennials look pretty and catch rainwater runoff. For the stylish but relaxed look and feel they wanted inside, the owners turned to Colorado-based interior designer Jan Chenault. “We went with a fairly sophisticated, earthy, organic color palette inside, punctuated by splashes of color here

and there,” says Chenault. Ceilings and walls sport pale creams and whites to, as the designer explains, “help lighten the woodwork and raise the ceilings.” Touches of color—blues and greens to echo the lake, sky, and woods, and hints of reds and yellows that call to mind a late-day sun— show up in sofa and chair fabrics and in the water-inspired patterns of the wool and silk rugs Chenault designed. To keep the hybrid post-and-beam home light-filled and not obstruct its numerous views, she used window treatments sparingly and outfitted the space with low-backed furniture. Nods to nature abound, from the mushroom-shaped drawer pulls on the sideboards in the entry hall to the branchlike handles of the front door, to July–August 2017 | New England Home  109

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 109

5/22/17 6:26 PM

LEFT: The master bath features an oversize tub of marble and limestone tucked into a windowed niche. BELOW: The master bedroom opens to a private balcony. RIGHT: The owners enjoy their second-story porch all year long.

the raw-edged slab of walnut that tops the dining table. But there is elegance, too, as in the show-stopping chandelier of acrylic and brass wire mesh that floats above the rustic dining table. “I love the way this chandelier evokes the unexpected and, at the same time, blends in with traditional design,” says Chenault. How do the owners feel about their new house? Mike McClung relates that the couple called him after their first big family get-together in their lakeside retreat. “It is magical,” they told him. Could a design team ask for a nicer ­compliment?  RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 196.

110  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 110

5/22/17 6:27 PM

July–August 2017 | New England Home  111

JA17 SRW-LakeSunapee.indd 111

5/22/17 6:27 PM

Rescue Mission Yankee ingenuity and creative vision join forces to breathe new life into a historic home on Cape Cod. Text by Bob Curley  |  Photography by Nat Rea  |  Produced by Kyle Hoepner 112  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 112

5/22/17 5:21 PM

A sunny screened-in porch is cooled by Cape Cod breezes and scattered with comfy chairs atop a Stark area rug. FACING PAGE: Owner Robert Bagshaw and his Sussex spaniel, Selah, relax in the backyard. The pergola extending off the house was built with wood salvaged from the original structure.

July–August 2017 | New England Home  113

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 113

5/22/17 5:21 PM

114  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 114

5/22/17 5:21 PM

The star of the terraced backyard is the swimming pool with its natural rock diving platform. J.P. Zigante Landscaping kept plantings simple with lavender and grasses that dance in the wind.


he Amos Otis House, a centerchimney cape, has stood alongside Route 6A—Cape Cod’s Old King’s Highway—in Barnstable since 1745. By the time Robert Bagshaw and David Lancaster discovered it for sale, however, the old place had seen far better days. Wildlife had moved in, and nature was taking over the property. “It was so overgrown you couldn’t see it from the street,” Bagshaw says.

July–August 2017 | New England Home  115

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 115

5/22/17 5:21 PM

The problems were structural as well as cosmetic. “There was a nine-inch pitch in the front bedroom because the sills were rotted,” Bagshaw recalls. “Our builder says we could have built this house three times for what we spent to renovate it.” A teardown of a 270-year-old house wasn’t an option, of course, and Bagshaw and builder Adam Hostetter had to work under the watchful eye of the local historical society, which required that the exterior appearance of the Otis House remain intact as viewed from the road. “Obviously we had our share of challenges working with the old 1700s building in front, but we were able to jack it up as needed to take the un-level floors out of the equation while providing a solid foundation that will last for generations,” Hostetter explains. Turning constraints into advantages, Bagshaw and Lancaster collaborated with

The original Amos Otis house, above, is still recognizable in the remodeled home (top). Now, the old house, which holds guest quarters, is connected to the barn-style addition by the Royal Barry Wills-inspired entrance hallway. FACING PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Reclaimed bullseye windows were used in the entry hall’s transoms. Sandberg wallpaper from Stark graces a guest bath. In the guest quarters, a custom-built table and vintage Klismos chairs upholstered with Stark leather cozy up to one of the Otis house’s original fireplaces.

Hostetter on a clever repurposing of the 1,400-square-foot original house into guest quarters for the men’s extended families, who enjoy frequent summer visits. A frame-out reconstruction retained the original structure’s hardwood floors, fireplaces, low doorways, and other salvageable structural elements. Bedrooms were added on the ground floor and upstairs, including a whimsical bunkroom for kids decorated in red, white, and blue and featuring a pair of rope-hung beds. Off the back of the house sits a brickpaved entry hall, inspired by the designs of legendary architect Royal Barry Wills, that provides an unobtrusive transition between the guest quarters and the addition that serves as Bagshaw and Lancaster’s new living space. Passing by a dining room and laundry room—both making extensive use of sheathing and paneling taken from the original house—the entry hall leads to

A teardown of a 270-year-old house wasn’t an option, says Robert

Bagshaw, even though “there was a nine-inch pitch in the front bedroom because the sills were rotted.”

116  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 116

5/22/17 5:21 PM

Project Team Builder: Adam Hostetter, Hostetter Homes Landscape design: J.P. Zigante, Zigante Landscaping

July–August 2017 | New England Home  117

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 117

5/22/17 5:21 PM

118  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 118

5/22/17 5:22 PM

ABOVE: A midcentury sideboard

forms a stylistic bridge between the living room (left) with its contemporary furniture and the dining room (right) with its traditional Windsor chairs. below: The open kitchen

features a Thermador Pro Series gas range and hood and granite countertops. FACING PAGE: Beams from an eighteenth-century New Hampshire barn frame the view from the living room to the backyard.

the heart of the new home, an open living room and kitchen occupying a cavernous space with twenty-two-foot-high ceilings. Like the rest of the project, this space was conceived by Bagshaw, who describes it as having “the feel of an old barn turned into a living space,” including beams and posts reclaimed from a 1789 New Hampshire barn. “The best part of the main area is the reclaimed timber frame,” says Hostetter. “It really makes a dramatic impression and gives some character to the newer part of the house so it ties into the older portion out front.” Original barn proportions were used for reference, and authentic interior flourishes include board-and-batten wall treatments, sliding barn doors to the pantry and master suite, and, hung on a wall, an antique rake that hails from a barn on the farm where Bagshaw grew up outside of Exeter, New Hampshire. “As a kid I spent as much time building forts in the barn as in the house, so this was a lifelong vision I had,” he says. The decor isn’t all rural and rustic: oiled European-oak floors provide an elegant foundation, and a midcentury modern sideboard roughly divides the July–August 2017 | New England Home  119

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 119

5/22/17 5:22 PM

above: The master bedroom sits in a quiet corner of the addition with views out to the backyard. Facing page, top: An upstairs guest room in the original house sports bright primary colors. Bottom: A soaking tub nestles between shiplap walls in the master bath.

barn between the dining and living areas. In the former, Windsor chairs surround a wooden-topped table, while the latter holds a contemporary sofa and lounge chairs along with a pair of cowhide ottomans. “It’s a juxtaposition of the traditional and non-traditional,” says Bagshaw. Just as antiques collected over a lifetime keep company with contemporary pieces, high-end and budget-friendly (think Ikea, Home Goods, and Etsy) also coexist. Bagshaw turned to the Boston Design Center’s Stark showroom, where he is the manager, for many of the home’s carpets and wallcoverings. French doors and transom windows flood the space with light, carrying sunshine all the way back to the kitchen designed by David Ricardi Designs of Dennis, Massachusetts, which includes Absolute black granite countertops and a Thermador gas stove. The kitchen’s island was

built three inches taller than standard to accommodate the height of Lancaster, who does most of the couple’s cooking. The east side of the barn has a wet bar in its own small room (“it keeps people out of the kitchen during parties,” notes Bagshaw). A screened-in porch has a banquette for naps cooled by the Cape’s famous southwest winds, and an outdoor fireplace graced with a copper pig—a nod to the heritage swine raised on the 150-acre public farm that wraps around Bagshaw and Lancaster’s one and a half acres. The master suite sits at the very back corner of the barn, as far away from the road noise of 6A as possible, and includes a bath that features a soaking tub, walk-in closets, and separate vanities for the two men. “There’s lots of space, so we can have a lot of people here and still find a place to hide away,” says Lancaster, who, like Bagshaw, grew up on a New England farm.

120  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 120

5/22/17 5:22 PM

“We built this

as a living house, not as a showplace,” says David Lancaster. “I love my kitchen and the outdoor living component of the house. I’m always in the pool and always pushing Bob to open it in March.”

The living room and the master suite look out to a two-level deck and an inground pool, and a step outside reveals the men’s attention to historical authenticity. Cedar shingles—red for the roof and white for the sides—and a pergola built with the same beams Otis used to build his modest home thirty years before the American Revolution help the home blend seamlessly with the rural landscape without overwhelming the comparatively diminutive original house. “We built this as a living house, not as a showplace,” says Lancaster. “I love my kitchen and the outdoor living component of the house. I’m always in the pool and always pushing Bob to open it in March,” he adds with a laugh. The home is just a quarter-mile from where the couple docks their boat, within walking distance to Barnstable town— and a million miles removed from downtown Boston, where Bagshaw spends his work week. “I’ve been living in the city since graduating college, so it’s great to have a place with space and quiet,” he says. “This has been the realization of a lot of life dreams.” With a look back at the project’s ramshackle beginnings as well as another salute to their porcine neighbors, the couple dubbed the house Sow’s Ear. “It was a bigger project than anticipated, and it took on a life of its own,” Bagshaw says, “But we just jumped in with both feet and moved forward.”  RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 196. July–August 2017 | New England Home  121

JA17 Bagshaw-Barnstable.indd 121

5/22/17 5:22 PM

An opening on the second floor offers a dramatic view of the clerestory that runs the length of the living room. At the far end, a window strategically set into the chimney provides a water view. RIGHT: In the living room, artwork collected by the client dictated the blue, white, and yellow palette.

122  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 122

5/23/17 9:53 PM

Magic Moments

At this coastal family retreat, memories are made in unlikely spaces. Text by Debra Judge Silber Photography by Tria Giovan  Produced by Karin Lidbeck Brent

July–August 2017 | New England Home  123

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 123

5/23/17 9:53 PM


said that we don’t remember days; we remember moments. The same might be true of houses. It’s not usually whole rooms, but rather those fleeting architectural delights that stick in our memories. It’s the soothing repetition in a row of brackets, or that unexpected window that frames the scene beyond like a still life. It’s the protective shelter of that built-in bench that invites us to lose ourselves in thought only to find ourselves again. It’s why so many in the practice refer to these memorable spaces, so appropriately, as “moments.” It’s also the word that interior designer J­ ennifer Palumbo uses to describe the delights found throughout this new Shingle-style home in Westerly, Rhode Island. Along with a stunning waterfront location and enough room for an extended family, it was these kinds of memorable moments that her clients, a Boston couple with two teenage daughters, sought in their “forever summer house.” The unique

above: Architect Lyman Goff worked closely with the clients to design a moderately proportioned Shingle-style home. LEFT: A view from the mudroom into the tower captures the lighthouse-inspired newel post and the cushioned hideaway beneath the stairs. FACING PAGE: In the front entry, bold artwork and grasscloth wallcovering introduces an interior that’s both edgy and traditional.

124  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 124

5/23/17 9:53 PM

July–August 2017 | New England Home  125

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 125

5/23/17 9:53 PM

Project Team Architecture: Lyman Goff Interior design: Jennifer Palumbo Builder: Ben Field, Field and Co. Landscape design: Barbara Peterson Landscape Consultation and Design

The wife’s love of bold geometry plays out in the living room’s rattan chairs. A piece of art above the fireplace conceals the TV.

126  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 126

5/23/17 9:53 PM

July–August 2017 | New England Home  127

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 127

5/23/17 9:53 PM

LEFT: Kitchen designer Donna Venegas and interior designer Jennifer Palumbo collaborated on the kitchen, where subtle color gives classic elements a fresh look. BELOW: A glassed-in gable and clerestory windows splash sunlight onto a seating area in the “away” room. facing page: Wicker seating and a custom sideboard featuring panels made of birch rounds introduce an organic element into the dining room.

“We worked closely with Lyman to marry that cottage feel with the wife’s modern and bold aesthetic,” says Jennifer Palumbo. spaces were also what attracted them to Westerlybased architect Lyman Goff. “They love those spaces,” Palumbo says, “and Lyman loves to create those spaces.” To Goff, inventive spaces are a natural occurrence in the traditional Shingle-style homes he designs. “Shingle houses allow you to do anything you want to do that’s fun and whimsical,” he says. Goff ’s creative nuances had caught the attention of the couple more than a decade ago, when they were searching for an architect to design their first home in Westerly. Unable to find an architect whose style suited them, they passed a house under construction that stood out from the mundane designs they’d seen. Peeking inside the unfinished structure, they saw plans on a table and were able to make out Goff ’s name. They promptly enlisted him to design their home, and when the opportunity came to build a larger house on the bank of sprawling Quonochontaug Pond, they called him back. It’s Goff ’s old-school process as much as his product that the couple values. “He draws everything by hand before it’s put into CAD,” says the husband. “It’s

128  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 128

5/23/17 9:53 PM

July–August 2017 | New England Home  129

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 129

5/23/17 9:54 PM

The screened porch on the third floor invites relaxation with swinging daybeds and a bird’s eye view of Quonochontaug Pond. facing page, LEFT: White grasscloth woven in a herringbone pattern gives the walls of the master bedroom an understated texture that blends with the mild lemon-yellow and gray of upholstered pieces. facing page, RIGHT: Pecky cypress and a Saturn chandelier from Iron Accents draw attention to the top of the stair tower.

130  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 130

5/23/17 9:54 PM

like a work of art. He owns every little piece of it, and pours his soul into it.” Designing the new house—a process complicated by permitting and sitework on the undeveloped lot— took four years, during which the house expanded and contracted several times. “We wanted to have plenty of room, but we didn’t want it to feel like a ridiculously big house,” the husband says. The final design is classic, but simple, featuring a prominent front gable and wide wraparound porches on the front and back. A tower resembling a squat lighthouse anchors the corner next to the front door. Inside the tower, a staircase winds up to the second floor—a nice touch in itself, but then you notice that the newel post is a miniature replica of the tower, and beneath the curved staircase a framed opening reveals a hidden room lighted by a window. It’s the first of many moments that give the roughly 6,000-square-foot house the intimate charm of a cottage. So, too, do the home’s solid beams and tongueand-groove walls, a hallmark of Goff ’s style that the clients embraced, with a few departures to satisfy the wife’s more modern taste. “We worked closely with Lyman to marry that cottage feel with her modern and bold aesthetic,” says Palumbo. The front entry is one place where the couple chose to depart from traditional wood-clad walls in

The best reason for climbing to the third floor: a screened porch furnished with two wooden daybeds suspended from the ceiling by ropes. “It’s like you’re a bird up in the trees,” Palumbo says. favor of textured grass cloth accentuated with a piece of contemporary artwork from the wife’s collection. Here, as in other rooms, art dictates the palette. From the entryway, a wide hall leads through the house to the back porch, opening along the way to the living room and sunroom on one side and the kitchen and dining room on the other. On the far side of the dining room is a three-season porch with a fireplace and dining area. An adjacent hall leads to the “away” room—a comfortable, out-of-the-way outcrop that pairs casual sectional seating with a baby grand piano. The kitchen’s central location reflects the family’s preference for dining in, and Palumbo called on Donna Venegas of Boston-based Venegas and July–August 2017 | New England Home  131

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 131

5/23/17 9:54 PM

Company to work through the details. “We needed a highly functional space, classically styled, but ABOVE: In the screened porch, the vibe is casual, inviting lingering on slipcovered chairs and a large infused with some color,” circular daybed from JANUS et Cie. facing page: Palumbo says. The result A raised boardwalk (bottom) protects delicate is a white kitchen with a native vegetation while allowing access to a floatwooden island top, blueing dock (top) at the pond’s edge. gray backsplash tile, and lemony-colored upholstery on the counter stools. Summery citrus colors reappear through the house, with a visual boost from some assertive blues in the living room and dining room. Upstairs, the master suite offers its own views from a small balcony. It shares space on the second floor with two more bedrooms and two baths, but the most memorable moment is revealed in the second-floor hall, which opens into a clerestory above the living room. At the far end, a window centered in the stone chimney frames a view of the water. It’s one of many places where Goff refused to let his architecture get in the way of a view—and ended up

making the architecture more memorable for it. As Palumbo describes it, “All through the house, you get these little peeks of stunning views where you least expect them.” The three bedrooms on the top floor are served by an oversize communal bath—an approach Palumbo says works surprisingly well. “There are two separate vanities, two separate showers, and two water closets. It’s almost locker-room style, but in the most attractive sense of the word.” Even here, she notes, Goff found a way to capture the view with strategically placed windows. The best reason for climbing to the third floor, though, can be seen at the top of the stairs, where double doors open to a screened porch furnished with two wooden daybeds suspended from the ceiling by ropes and decked with popsicle-striped cushions. “It’s like you’re a bird up in the trees,” Palumbo says. It’s a special summer spot, one that’s made for a glass of lemonade and a good book. That is, provided you look up now and then to take in the moment.  RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 196.

132  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 132

5/23/17 9:54 PM

July–August 2017 | New England Home  133

JA17 Palumbo-Goff-WesterlyRI_12pp.indd 133

5/23/17 9:54 PM

Hillside Haven

A family getaway nestles comfortably in the rise and fall of the landscape on Martha’s Vineyard’s north shore. •••

Text by Megan Fulweiler  |  Photography by Eric Roth

134  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 134

5/22/17 6:14 PM

The architecture of the poolhouse complements the home, while native New England stone enhances the property. Boulders were chosen for “their aged, natural worn faces, some with lichen growing on them,” landscape architect Kris Horiuchi says.

July–August 2017 | New England Home  135

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 135

5/22/17 6:14 PM

LEFT: Wood decking links the nearby parking area with the dairy barn. The barn door is just one of many thoughtful details reinforcing the home’s farm narrative. BELOW LEFT: A boon to entertaining, the butler’s pantry is accessible to the kitchen and screen porch. BELOW RIGHT: The wife orchestrated the placement of the engaging cow photos—a nod to the home’s pastoral nature. FACING PAGE: Reclaimed vintage white oak rafters add a rustic touch to the cedar-clad great room.

The green, rolling hills of Martha’s Vineyard are often overlooked, but they’re every bit as picturesque as the beaches for which they play a supporting role. Under an electric-blue sky or swathed in mist, the undulating landscape tugs at the heart. Romantic thoughts aside, though, this same topography can make building

•••••••••••• 136  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 136

5/22/17 6:14 PM

July–August 2017 | New England Home  137

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 137

5/22/17 6:14 PM


“The kitchen was a labor of love,” says interior designer Liz StivingNichols. The room’s wood ceiling links the space to the adjacent great room. FACING PAGE: The screened porch provides views of the poolhouse (which also functions as guest quarters) and the water. Stiving-Nichols and furniture maker Jeff Soderbergh collaborated on the design of the handsome reclaimed cypress dining table, one of several he crafted for the house.

challenging. Such was the case for the team from Hutker Architects, who were recruited to design a retreat for a couple who’d fallen in love with a slice of the island’s north shore. The cinematic views more than made up for a sloping site and the outdated ranch house that sat there, and not even the fact that the existing driveway would have to remain where they found it—between the house and the water—could deter the couple who dreamt of family vacations here.

Project Team Architecture: Philip Regan and Matthew Cramer, Hutker Architects Interior design: Liz Stiving-Nichols, Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design Builder: Leo DeSorcy, DeSorcy Company Landscape design: Kris Horiuchi, Horiuchi Solien

Spurred on by their clients’ enthusiasm, Hutker principal Phil Regan and project manager Matthew Cramer devised a glorious solution. Down came the aged ranch and in its stead, with the talents of builder Leo DeSorcy, a stunning barn-like dwelling that riffs on the island’s agrarian history was nestled into the hillside. A pool and pool house sprang to life across the drive which, no surprise, is not at all like it used to be. Landscape architect Kris Horiuchi cleverly reinvented the route to be a magical journey, with two pea-stone tire treads paralleling a grass strip that winds around the house to the parking area and garage. Visitors make their way via boardwalk through the north wing of the new building, known as the dairy barn, into a protected fieldstone entry courtyard. Not until the front door opens on the main house and one steps into the great room do the staggeringly beautiful vistas come into play. A continuous wall of windows

138  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 138

5/22/17 6:14 PM

July–August 2017 | New England Home  139

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 139

5/22/17 6:14 PM

140  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 140

•• 5/22/17 6:15 PM

showcases Vineyard Sound. “When you’re in the house or on the lawn, you’re drawn to the sweeping panorama of the shore, while the driveway passes unobtrusively fifteen feet below you,” Horiuchi explains. The great room’s timber framing and soaring stone hearth speak to the rugged surroundings. Light spills from all directions, furthering an indoor/outdoor bond, and nowhere are there jarring colors to lessen the blissful union. Interior designer Liz Stiving-Nichols has conjured a harmonious palette that resonates with tones of driftwood and sun-bleached shells. “It’s important we honor the owners’ lifestyle,” she says, “but also that we respond appropriately to the architect and support his vision.”

To accommodate the couple and their grown children, not to mention a horde of family and friends, the great room is subtly divided into areas for living and dining. “Scale was a critical component,” says Stiving-Nichols. “In order not to be engulfed by the large space, the furniture had to stand on its own.” To that end there’s ample seating ringing the hearth, including stalwart twin Flexform sofas. Ottomans on concealed castors can zip wherever needed. And generous consoles—one of woven coconut shells, the other of reclaimed oak and steel—provide a stage for reading lamps and summer bouquets. Maintaining similar colors throughout, from the tidy mudroom to the book-

•••••••• JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 141

TOP: Glass bi-fold doors open wide to the master bedroom’s porch. BOTTOM: The master bath’s generous mirrors act as additional windows to reflect the views. FACING PAGE: The paneled volume at the master bedroom’s center holds his and hers dressing rooms and also serves as a headboard with built-in night tables.

July–August 2017 | New England Home  141

5/22/17 6:15 PM

To integrate the pool with the landscape, “We conceived of the rectangular pool as a farm relic—perhaps the foundation for a farm structure,” says Horiuchi. Behind the pool, plantings on the sloping lawn will grow lush over time.

142  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 142

5/22/17 6:15 PM

A continuous wall of windows showcases Vineyard Sound. “When you’re in the house or on the lawn, you’re drawn to the sweeping panorama of the shore,” says Kris Horiuchi.

••••••••• July–August 2017 | New England Home  143

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 143

5/22/17 6:15 PM

Visitors make their way via boardwalk through the north wing of the new building, known as the dairy barn, into a protected fieldstone entry courtyard.


Guest bedrooms and the family room occupy one wing of the home. The oversize windows light the staircase to the owners’ second-floor sanctuary. FACING PAGE, TOP: The random sizes and shapes of the paving stones further the natural look of the landscaping. FACING PAGE, BOTTOM: Stone mason Eben Armer hand selected each locust branch for this outdoor shower he designed and built.

lined study, the designer has concocted a serene ambience that helps unify the spacious house. Richness is derived from a wealth of textures, including a stash of casually elegant, durable fabrics. Natural fiber rugs dot the reclaimed oak floors, and woven baskets in myriad styles (one a vintage baby basket) pop up here and there like wildflowers. Even the accessories—personal mementoes as well as a sprinkling of treasures from StivingNichols’s Vineyard Haven boutique Bespoke Abode—are carefully edited. In this well-ordered home, every detail is purposeful. Even the height of the pleats on the granite-floored porch’s slipcovered dining chairs was calculated to catch the breeze, says the designer. There’s an oversize table for crowds in the great room. But sleepy heads craving coffee or swimmers wanting to refuel

gather around the artful breakfast-area table crafted by Jeff Soderbergh. As if the blue water rippling in the distance wasn’t heaven enough, the cushioned seats draw raves. The room’s opposite end shelters the efficient kitchen with its foggy-gray concrete-topped island and concrete counters. A sleek steel hood designed by the architects slips neatly between a series of open shelves. And flanking the cast bronze sink—a thing of beauty in itself— are sliding windows opening to a thriving herb garden. A staircase of white oak and metal leads to the owners’ second-floor haven with its private porch. Relaxing there, or on the Verellen sofa so perfectly proportioned to match the bed’s height, the couple have a bird’s-eye perspective on the lovely marshes and dunes. There’s another praiseworthy feature as well: “We derived a story,” says Regan, explaining the room’s attention-getting centerpiece. “Old homes always had an attic, and summer visitors would end up using it. The core element we added is like a storage box you’d find up there.” Hardly a box, the ingenious horizontally paneled volume contains the couple’s walk-in closet and water closet. And

144  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 144

5/22/17 6:15 PM

•••• behind unfolds their tumbled limestonefloored bath. “We wanted the bath to be a spa-like experience,” says Stiving-Nichols, who forged space at the limestone-topped vanity for a dressing-table-like area complete with make-up mirror and dainty linenclad chair. The winter suite—the couple’s hideaway for cold-weather stays when they have the place to themselves—is located on the first floor along with three additional bedrooms. Stiving-Nichols has thought out each as meticulously as she has the rest of the house. Even an understated room like the daughter’s nest with its just-so built-ins, custom Olympia sconces, and pillow-strewn window seat makes a statement on good design. Things done well last, and this familyfriendly home will only get better with time. The building’s cedar facade will weather to silver, mason Eben Armer’s magnificent stonework will patinate, and myriad native plants and flowering shrubs will thicken. Never for a minute will anyone ever doubt this was the most idyllic place on all the island for the owners to have set their dream.  RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 196. July–August 2017 | New England Home  145

JA17 Hutker-StivingNichols-MV.indd 145

5/22/17 6:15 PM

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•Perspectives New England Design Considered From Every Angle





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Night Lights

Amp up your home’s curb appeal with lanterns that add both drama and function to outdoor spaces. 1. Paris Street Light hanging lamp by McLean Lighting Works, M-Geough, Boston Design Center |

2. Grande Isle outdoor gas ceiling lantern by Elk Lighting, The Symphony of Light, Dedham, Mass. | 3. Ladera outdoor lantern by Minka Lavery, Ferguson, various New England locations | 4. Brantley lantern by Visual Comfort, Wolfers Lighting, Waltham and Allston, Mass. | 5. Henry outdoor pendant by Hubbardton Forge, City Lights, Burlington, Vt. | 6. Mason outdoor ceiling fixture by Hubbardton Forge, Rockingham Electrical Supply, various New England locations | 7. Millesime lantern pendant by Meyda Tiffany, House of Lights, Scarborough, Maine |

| edited by lynda Simonton | July–August 2017 | New England Home  149

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Urban Electric Globus pendant

Style Scheme

“The Globus pendant is classic in its style and finish offerings, yet appears as a contemporary piece of jewelry when combined with other pieces in this space.” |

The Swingrest Collection SwingMe

Pool Pavilion

This pool house designed by Ken Dietz ensures that everyone will have as much fun out of the water as in.

“Every room needs a little fun, especially a pool house!”  | Dedon, Showroom, Boston, s­


Throw pillows made with Perennials Fabric

“I like to introduce complementary colors as accents in a room.”  | Studio 534, Boston Design Center, Fabric #1: Tangled in Red Coral

The Rayn Collection Three-Seater

Fabric #2: Sticks in Mandarin


“A substantial sofa that has an airy lightness to it. The neutral-colored weave harkens back to wicker deck furniture, and the linen fabric feels soft and cool on the skin.” | Dedon, Showroom





Viccarbe Shape table

“Who doesn’t love a pop of color any time of the year? This bright, zig-zag-shaped side table holds its own in any room.”  | Showroom

Ken Dietz, Dietz & Associates, Boston,

| edited by lynda simonton |


(A) Floor: Carlisle Wide-Plank Floors’ Farmhouse Collection. White Oak in Horseshoe with a hand-distressed finish | (B) Walls: Benjamin Moore #2061-30 Bermuda Blue in matte finish (C) Ceiling: Benjamin Moore #794 Paradise View in gloss finish (D) Trim: Benjamin Moore #OC-57 White Heron in semigloss finish |

150  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Five Questions

Life on the water can be every bit as elegant as on land, says Candace Langan, an interior designer who specializes in yachts.


How did you get interested in the field of marine interior design? I’ve been around boats all my life. I grew up in a boat-loving, sailing family in New Jersey and worked for Yachting magazine for a decade. In college I studied fashion design but discovered I was happiest designing and decorating spaces. After marrying the

yacht designer Bill Langan, I started working with him, designing boat interiors. The combination of my love of boats and my interest in interior design proved to be a great fit. I attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where I studied interior design, then ran my own yacht interior decoration company. Recently I joined the Jamestown, Rhode Island, firm

| Interview by Robert Kiener | Photography by john soares | 152  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Five Questions

Taste Design, where I specialize in yacht interior design.


How does yacht interior design differ from residential design? First, there is the obvious difference in size. No matter how big the boats are, furnishings need to be scaled down. The big challenge is to make a yacht interior feel large, comfortable, and inviting. Also, unlike in a home, everything on a boat— from furniture to cabinetry to beds—is custom made and must be specially designed. And because a yacht is always moving, sometimes in rough seas, everything has to be built-in or fixed. Dining tables, beds, and furniture are all designed to be bolted down. Even window coverings such as Roman shades and blinds need to be able to be secured.


Has yacht interior design influenced residential design? Yachts have long been known for their efficient use of space, and I see that

Rhode Island

residential design is adopting the idea that it’s important to use every inch of available storage space. Consider that everything yachts carry—from crystal to glassware to cutlery—is organized and stored in custom-fitted shelves or drawers. I am seeing more and more homes that include this type of storage. For example, residential kitchens are using more drawer storage, even in refrigerators or dishwashers; these are ideas that are borrowed from yacht interiors. It all makes for clean, minimal lines. Also the skilled craftsmanship and millwork featured on yachts translates beautifully into custom homes. More teak and mahogany, long a mainstay of yachts, is being used in homes.


What trends are you seeing in yacht interior design? I see some of the same trends we are seeing with residential design. For example, two recent yacht refit projects involved changing very formal main salons, which are similar to a home’s living room, into less formal places. Just as homeowners often opt for a great room instead of a living room, boat owners are asking for


more relaxed, informal spaces. Bars are also increasingly popular. Color palettes are changing, too. Admittedly, there are still a lot of blues, but the trend is toward lighter decors with the use of different woods and finishes such as limed oak instead of darker woods. Clients are also asking for sofas and upholstered furniture with more of a residential look than custom built-ins.


What are some special challenges of yacht interior design? In addition to designing interiors that ensure there is a place for everything and everything can be put in its place, we think about things like soundproofing and wear and tear from the salt air and sunlight. Materials on a yacht have to be top of the line. A yacht must have all the comforts of an elegant home, and look like a home, but still be nautical. Also it is important that yacht decor not be overdone. It should never detract from the main view: the beauty that is outside the window. You don’t want your design to compete with Mother Nature. | Taste Design, Jamestown, R.I., (401) 423-3639,


154  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Access this one-of-a-kind experience at

New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen Boston & Milford, MA • South Norwalk, CT • 800-845-8247 •

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Local Assets 1


Material World

These New England artists express themselves in fabric, creating unique textiles that make a beautiful statement in the home.


Carter Smith’s shibori silk fabrics and carpets have a dreamy quality. And why not, given that his dreams often inspire his design ideas? Creativity, he suggests, comes from opening oneself and letting inspiration find its way in. “There’s a vast universe. Why wouldn’t it all already be out there?” he says. “I absorb it from the universe. I get to a place where I feel like a conduit.” Magic gives way to reality in his exacting production process. His fabrics are hand-dyed or hand-printed, and his carpets are crafted with 1.5 to 2 million hand-ties. Carter Smith Designs, Nahant, Mass. |


As the child of scientists, Amelia Poole grew up expecting to become a scientist herself. Ultimately, the pull of art proved irresistible, and Poole earned an MFA in textile design. Her fascination for botany and chemistry figure prominently in her work, however. She scours the woods around her Maine home for

the leaves, blossoms, and barks that she uses to create fabrics through the technique of botanical contact printing. And she has spent years perfecting her process for indigodyed shibori fabrics. Ecouture Textile Studio, Brooksville, Maine  |


Simple geometric forms are an endless source of attraction for Oliver Blumgart. His wallpapers and fabrics are seemingly infinite variations of designs that spring from his geometric paintings. “It’s fun,” he says. “It’s that simple. To sit down and do the paintings is just a total break from everyday life.” Fun, too, is the process of manipulating the designs, changing the image size, the scale of the repeat, playing with colors. He produces both hand-printed and digitally printed textiles, and some of his designs find their way onto accessories such as toss pillows and laminated trays. Oliver Blumgart Designs, Beverly, Mass. |


| By Paula M. Bodah |  156  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Images courtesy of the designers

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Handmade pasta, perfectly cooked steaks and fresh seafood expertly prepared using the finest ingredients.

�oston | �o��orough | Chestnut �ill | �ynn�eld | �raintree Philadelphia | King of Prussia | Atlanta | New York City | Irvine

888 %"7*04 $0. ] Ç?45&7&%*'*--*110

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What Makes It Work

A lofty terrace overlooking Boston’s Back Bay skyline mixes round and square, black and white, to dramatic effect.








A checkerboard of paving slabs—some natural, some painted dark gray—was the initial inspiration for the design.




Regularly spaced zinc benches and planters from the Belgian firm Domani continue the grid-like theme.

Taller Lion’s Head Japanese maples break the visual horizon line of the glass railing, echoing the profile of the cityscape beyond.

Plantings of boxwood and white verbena also play on the idea of dark versus light, and will remain lovely even in the summer sun.


A circular Atelier Vierkant fountain, in a warmer sandstone hue and filled with water hyacinth, keeps things from becoming too monotonous.

Project Team

Matt McKenna, Creative Director of Garden Design | Winston Flowers, Boston, (617) 541-1108,

| By Kyle Hoepner | Photography by Rosemary Fletcher | 158  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Handcrafted in New Hampshire Custom cabinetry for every room in your home

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Available direct, nationwide 800-999-4994 •

Work with one of our in-house design professionals

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Trade Notes By Paula M. Bodah

2 3

4 entire collection will be housed on both company’s websites.  I,


1) Adolfo Perez's award-winning fireplace design makes a glowing statement even when the fire isn’t lit. 2) Divine Design Center's new Battery Wharf digs 3) Siemasko + Verbridge's Katherine Fisher and 4) Izabela Kennedy


Quite a few contractors whose work has graced the pages of our magazine were honored when the Eastern Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry held its annual CotY Awards recently. Winners in the residential construction categories include Platt Builders, of Groton; Woodmeister Master Builders, which has offices in Holden, Boston, Nantucket, and Stowe, Vermont; Adams + Beasley Associates, based in Carlisle; Cutting Edge Homes, an Ashland company; Medfield’s Mitchell Construction Group; and Roomscapes Cabinetry & Design Center, of Rockland.  I  For a complete list of winners, see


The New England Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) held its annual awards gala at Boston’s beautiful Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the spring. More than 250 interior designers and industry partners celebrated the five design professionals recognized for their achievements: designers Barbara Bradlee, Jeanne Finnerty, and Tania Kratt took honors in the category of Residential and Commercial Interior design, while Rosemary Porto was recognized as Industry Partner Representative for her work with Poggenpohl, and designer Nancy E. Hackett was honored in the Educator category.  I


Those of us who love the fabrics from the Robert Allen Group and Duralee are happy to learn that the two companies have merged to become The Robert Allen Duralee Group. The new firm aims to be a powerhouse in the home furnishings industry. The new CEO, longtime Duralee executive Lee ­Silberman, hopes to leverage the rich history and deep resources of both companies to offer design professionals a broad array (upwards of 45,000 items) of inspired fabric, furniture, and home services. The

160  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Spark Modern Fires holds an annual design competition called Site Specific, open to design professional nationwide who use a Spark product in their work. The grand prize winner of this year’s contest is Newton, Massachusetts-based architect Adolfo Perez. His show-stopping fireplace for a Boston-area home has an oversize mantel made up of backlit onyx panels.  I  Newton, Mass.,; Bethel, Conn.,


Talk about a growth spurt! Divine Design Center has moved from its Boston Design Center location to a spacious new place on Battery Wharf. At 8,000 square feet, the new showroom is five times larger than the old one, and owners Mariette and Magued Barsoum offer complete design services for the kitchen and bath as well as furniture and other products for living and dining rooms, bedrooms and wardrobes.  I  Boston,


Interior designer Heidi Pribell has a fresh outlook, thanks to a move to the historic HooperLee-Nichols house, on Brattle Street in the Reservoir Hill section of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The house, headquarters of the Cambridge Historical Society, is one of the city’s oldest homes, and its location makes perfect sense for Pribell, given that several of her recent and current projects—including the refurbishing of a home reputed to be the first Colonial Revival house in America—are based in the neighborhood. I  Cambridge, Mass.,


Happy thirtieth anniversary to Siemasko + Verbridge. Three decades of success doesn’t mean resting. The company continues to grow, recently adding to both its architecture and design departments. Izabela Kennedy comes with a master’s in architecture from the Boston Architectural College, while Katherine Fisher holds a B.F.A. in interior design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I  Beverly and Chatham, Mass.,  Fireplace photo by John Horner. Portraits by Alyse Gause.

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The Downsview cabinetry collection is custom crafted in North America and available exclusively through select kitchen design showrooms For complete listing visit our website:

To experience the Collections visit one of our flagship showrooms DOWNSVIEW of BOSTON One Design Center Place - Suite 629, Boston, MA (857) 317-3320 DOWNSVIEW of DANIA 1855 Griffin Road - Suite B212, Dania Beach, FL (954) 927-1100 DOWNSVIEW of JUNO 12800 U.S. Highway 1 - Suite 100, Juno Beach, FL (561) 799-7700 DOWNSVIEW KITCHENS 2635 Rena Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4T 1G6 Telephone (905) 677-9354 Fax (905) 677-5776

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Allied-ASID 603-566-0977

CREATING BEAUTIFUL SPACES to enhance your lifestyle. Residential Interior Design Serving Southern New England.

The Art of the Piano

The extraordinary Schönbrunn pays tribute to the Viennese palace’s magnificent architecture and design, displaying a dazzling snapshot of nature. This Collector’s Edition is limited to nine instruments with an individually numbered solid brass plate celebrating Viennese piano craftsmanship experienced exclusively through Bösendorfer.

New England’s premiere home for Yamaha, Bösendorfer, Estonia and Vintage Steinways. 579 Worcester Street | (Route 9 West) Natick, MA 01760 | 508.655.1117

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Schönbrunn No. 5 piano now available in our Natick Showroom

5/24/17 5:17 PM

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Design Life

edited by Tess Woods

Networking Event

May–June Networking Event at Design Group 47



Members of the New England Home family from near and far gathered in Peabody, Massachusetts, for a networking event in celebration of our May–June issue. Host Design Group 47’s space felt like it was made for an evening like this, with gorgeous decorative vignettes in every corner and showrooms to stroll and explore. Guest speaker Suzana Azevedo’s “International Design Trends” presentation was a crowd favorite, and one lucky raffle winner took home a $1,000 gift card.








| 1 . New England Home’s David Simone, Jason Clairday of Designer Bath, and guest speaker Suzana Azevedo of Nejaim Azevedo | 2. Nancy Sorensen and Bill Morton of Back Bay Shutter with Pierre Matta of Newton Kitchens & Design | 3. Lana Nathe of Light Insight Design Studio and Meg Moy of Meyer & Meyer  | 4. Peter Alfe of Design Group 47 thanking his guests for attending | 5. New England Home’s Kim Sansoucy and Kathy Bush-Dutton, Josema Richter Lecce, Rick Lecce, and Natalia Dias Barroso of Detail Woodworking | 6. Claire Federman of Sewfine Drapery Workroom | 7. New England Home’s Tess Woods with Stacey Marino and Robin Mays of The Rug Company | 8. Karl Ivester of New England Shutter Mills, Renee Albano of Jewett Farms + Co, and Rob Henry of Audio Video Design | 9. Matt Remeika of Audio Concepts and Dennis Lawlor of Woodmeister Master Builders

164  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Photography by Tara Carvalho

5/24/17 6:36 PM

DXV Lyndon Collection, by American Standard

A design collaboration is a very special relationship. It’s a pleasure when our passion for quality products becomes part of the creative process. As an addition to the wide assortment of brands that homeowners have come to enjoy in our showrooms, we’ve recently curated new collections to help architects and designers distinguish their work when transforming baths and kitchens. Product knowledge, detailed coordination and an accessible, friendly staff are added values we offer to ensure your project goes smoothly. Visit to find your nearest showroom. Architects & designers are encouraged to visit

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Design Life Boston Design Week

The fourth annual Boston Design Week comprised some eighty events in thirteen Boston neighborhoods. More than 12,000 people—design professionals and the general public alike—gathered during the week to view products, network, and get inspiration.












| 1. Laura Dowling presenting a special demonstration and book signing at the AD 20/21 show | 2. The French Cultural Center’s annual Le Bal embodied a surrealist soirée inspired by the Dada movement, held in Boston’s Back Bay | 3. A special Boston Design Week edition of Fashionably LATE, held at the Liberty Hotel | 4. Tony Fusco, co-producer of Boston Design Week, making his opening remarks to the guests at the AD 20/21 Gala Preview | 5. Artists for Humanity hosted its “Open Studios” event | 6. Marilee Boyd Meyer, Ann Mayers, and Titi Ngwenya at the AD 20/21 Gala | 7. The Boston Society of Architects hosted more than 250 families for a two-day KidsBuild! event, where young participants experienced building a city from the ground up | 8. The MIT Museum gave visitors a special look at the drawings and presentation of the Monsanto House of the Future at Disneyland | 9. The panel of industry experts for the “Lunch Date with a Designer” event in Jewett Farms + Co.’s Boston Design Center showroom | 10. Fuller Craft Museum Director Jonathan Leo Fairbanks with guests at the AD 20/21 Gala | 11. Bob Ernst, Andrew Sidford, Leslie Fine, and Duncan Hughes at “How to Avoid the Building and Remodeling Nightmare,” presented by FBN Construction

166  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Photography by (4, 6, 10) Tara Carvalho, (2) Pierce Harman Photography, (7) Ben Gebo, (3, 5) Lynne Coran-Bookey, and (8) Jackie Swisshelm, (1, 11) Robert Four, (9) Boston Design Center

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Hardscape Design & Installation Hardscape Design & Hardscape Design & Installation Installation

W W W. T R I A D A S S O C I AT E S I N C . C O M W W W. T R I A D A S S O C I AT E S I N C . C O M W W W. T R I A D A S S O C I AT E S I N C . C O M

Pavers Pavers Pavers

Exposed Aggregate Exposed Aggregate Exposed Aggregate

Natural Stone Natural Stone Natural Stone

Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete

Certified Techo-Bloc Installer Certified Techo-Bloc Installer Certified Techo-Bloc Installer

Block Walls Block Walls Block Walls

(978) 373-4223 (978) (978) 373-4223 373-4223


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3/4/16 4:25 PM

Design Life EM NARI CotY Awards

The Eastern Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (EM NARI) CotY Awards were held at the gorgeous Clarke Showroom in Milford, Massachusetts, where attendees celebrated the region’s finest remodeling professionals and their recent work. Members competed across twenty-four categories, and a total of forty awards were given to both commercial and residential contractors.



| 1. Mike Hoban, 4 Peter Freeman, and Matt Remeika of Audio Concepts with Sean Reynolds of Woodmeister Master Builders | 2. The Mitchell Construction team | 3. The Cutting Edge Homes team | 4. The Adams + Beasley team  | 5. The Platt Builders team  | 6. The Feinmann team

Bulfinch Awards



Guests had a ball at the New England Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA)’s Seventh Annual Bulfinch Awards. Award winners were honored at the reception, dinner, and gala at the Harvard Club of Boston’s Harvard Hall, originally designed by the noted firm Parker, Thomas & Rice.



168  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Design Life.indd 168





| 1. The ICAA committee  | 2. The 2017 winners  | 3. Award winners Russell Schleipman and Corina Belle-Isle | 4. J.B. Clancy, Stephanie Reid, and Dan Gordon | 5. Award winner Leslie-jon Vickory and Louise Vickory

CotY Awards photography by On Site Studios Bulfinch Awards photography by Elise Sinagra

5/24/17 6:36 PM

Custom Steel Doors & Windows 805-653-1943

• • • • • •

100% Custom & Handcrafted NFRC Certified Custom Patinas & Finishes Any Opening, Any Door, Any Window Thermally Broken & Precision Solid Steel Narrowest Sightlines and Best Energy Values Instagram @RivieraBronze

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4/25/17 2:37 PM

Design Life Heart to Heart

The Rhode Island School of Design Museum presented Heart to Heart, an intimate evening with British designer Nina Campbell. She gave a presentation on how she developed her international brand while still maintaining her client design work. A book signing and cocktail reception followed.

| 1. A magical view inside 1 the museum | 2. Denele Willett, Laird Elting, and Kate Jackson | 3. Ewa Metcalf, Alicia Hamblett, Nina Campbell, and Zoe Hart | 4. Alicia Hamblett, Pamela Robertson, and Heidi Derbyshire  | 5. Maureen O’Brien, curator of painting and sculpture, giving a tour entitled “Inventing Impressionism”

Tim Gosling Book Signing at The Rug Company







| 1. Tim Gosling and Lucinda Magraw | 2. Gosling signing a copy of his book | 3. Guests perched on stacks of rugs during the event | 4. Meichi Peng and Ken Dietz | 5. Guests mingled among the beautifully decorated tables at a dinner following the book signing

The Boston Design Center opened its doors to international design celebrities Stacey Bewkes and Susanna Salk for a lively lecture. As part of a tour to promote their hit video series “At Home With,” they presented behind-the-scenes stories and tricks of the trade to the local design community.


170  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Guests gathered at The Rug Company’s Boston showroom for a talk by noted London furniture designer Tim Gosling. New England Home’s editor-in-chief Kyle Hoepner led a Q&A session, after which Gosling signed copies of his third book, Classic Contemporary: The DNA of Furniture Design.


Stacey Bewkes and Susanna Salk at the Boston Design Center




| 1. Susanna Salk and 2. Stacey Bewkes on stage  | 3. Susanna Salk signing a copy of her book Decorate Fearlessly!

Heart to Heart photography by Ruth A B Clegg, Tim Gosling Book Signing photography by Damian Hickey, Stacey Bewkes & Susanna Salk at the BDC photography by Caitlin Cunningham

5/24/17 6:37 PM

l o u I s W. M I A n , I n c . BosTon, MA

Importer, fabricator, and installer of all types of natural stone and quartz.

547 Rutherford Avenue Boston, MA 02129 (617) 241-7900 louIsMIAn.coM

m a k e l t d.

architectural metalworking

m a k e a r c h m e t a l . c om 5 0 8 . 2 7 3 . 7 6 0 3

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5/24/17 5:18 PM

Design Life ASID New England Awards Gala

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) hosted its annual awards gala at the Isabella ­Stewart Gardner Museum. Guests strolled the galleries and enjoyed cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and dinner stations. Five winners were honored at the event, which was emceed by Sean Solley, director of interior architecture and design at Suffolk University’s New England School of Art and Design.




| 1. Looking up in the museum’s 4 courtyard garden | 2. The 2017 selection committee | 3. Sean Solley with honoree Tania Kratt | 4. Honoree Rosemary Porto and husband Mike Jarjoura | 5. Debra Burke and New England Home’s Kyle Hoepner  | 6. Honoree Jeanne Finnerty thanking the crowd



Photography by Pretty Instant

Summertime and the entertaining is easy with Audio Video Design + Coastal Source

Lighting & Climate Controls ▼ Automated shades ▼ State-of-the-Art Audio & Video Systems Westwood - 617-965-4600 ▼ ▼ Osterville - 508-428-1435 172  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Fe n c e s | G a t e s | R a i l i n g s | Pe r go l a s | A r b o r s | A rc h i t e c t u r a l M e t a l | A c c e s s o r i e s

Let Us Design, Build & Install Your Perfect Outdoor Living Solution



Interior Design by Patricia Fortunato, ASID


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edited by lynda Simonton


1 1) Nooks and Crannies offers a different perspective on the Sleeper-McCann House 2) Explore beautiful blooms at the Province­town Art Association and Museum’s Secret Garden Tour. 3) The country’s top dealers gather for the annual Newport Antiques Show.


JULY Digging Deeper: Inspired by Gertrude Jekyll with Susanne Clark July 8 Susanne Clark, owner of the Jethro Athearn Homestead Garden in Chilmark, Massachusetts, will share her experience of creating a garden inspired by Gertrude Jekyll. Clark will talk about her process for refining the garden, favorite resources and plants, adapting to climate, and much more. I 2 p.m. $30 members, $35 nonmembers. Visit for registration details. Brimfield Antique Show July 12–17 The Brimfield Antique Show is considered one of the premier antiques and flea markets in the country. Visit the show this summer and see what all the hoopla is about! The show features more than 6,000 dealers selling everything from funky collectibles to fine antiques. Show hours and admission vary depending on field and venue location. I Brimfield, Mass., Nooks and Crannies July 15 and 28 This in-depth tour allows visitors to explore all the details of the Sleeper-McCann House in Gloucester, Mass. Take the opportunity to peek in places not usually open to the public such as closets, passageways, and other intriguing spaces. I July 15, 9 a.m.–noon; July 28, 1:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. Registration is required, $20 Historic New England Members, $35 nonmembers, 25th Annual Rock River Artists Studio Tour July 15–16 This annual tour explores the breathtaking scenery and artwork surrounding Newfane, Vermont. Begin at the Old South Newfane Schoolhouse, and then hit the road for a self-guided tour that takes you to the studios of 14 world-class artists. I 10 a.m.–6 p.m. (802) 348-7865, Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s Secret Garden Tour July 16 Delight in a day exploring some of the most beautiful gardens in Provincetown’s East End. After

the tour you can enjoy a visit to the museum, as admission is included in the price of the garden tour. I 9 a.m.–3 p.m. $30. Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, (508) 487-1750, Ninth Annual Nantucket Garden Festival July 18–20 Gardening ethics, sustainability, and conservation will be the focus of this year’s Nantucket Garden Festival, which encompasses a variety of events, including garden tours, workshops, and family activities.  I Nantucket, (508) 228-0427, Vermont Antiques Dealers’ Association 42nd Annual Show July 21–22 Forty dealers will be displaying Americana, art, silver, and fine furniture at Stratton Mountain’s Base Lodge. I Stratton, Vermont, July 21 noon–8 p.m., July 22, 9 a.m.–2 p.m. $10. (802) 989-1158, Garden Conservancy Open Days Merrimack Valley, New Hampshire July 22–23 Enjoy some of Merrimack Valley’s most outstanding gardens at the Garden Conservancy Open Days. Three gardens will be open to the public including a large private perennial garden, farmhouse garden, and an “idealized” woodland garden designed by Robert Gillmore. I $7 per garden nonmembers, 50 percent off for members. Advance admission tickets can be purchased at a discount. Newport Antiques Show July 28–30 Whether you are a serious collector or a casual enthusiast, the annual Newport Antiques Show is a must-see event. The show launches with a gala preview party on Thursday, July 27, and continues through-

174  New England Home | July–August 2017

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5/24/17 2:38 PM

Surroundings... Surroundings... Because you want it to be beautiful.

Because you want it to be beautiful.

Best Furniture on the North Shore Bestinterior Furniture on Best design theinNorth Shore store Marblehead Best interior design Outstanding customer store inservice Marblehead award Outstanding customer 96 Washington St. service award Marblehead, MA 781-639-0676 96 Washington St. Marblehead, MA 781-639-0676

The Wickham Winery Collection is offered in multiple species (Maple Red Oak, Cherry and Walnut) with a UV-cured oil finish, and available in ten colors. It is manufactured exclusively from the highest quality of Northern Lumber, precisionmilled, and subject to stringent quality controls. Wickham Hardwood Flooring retains the highest respect for the environment, ensuring that there is zero waste and zero VOC’s, and we only source wood from the most recognized sustainable sawmills.

(888) 494-2542 |

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Photo: Susan Teare

Calendar out the weekend. $15 per person for one-day admission; $20 for a three-day ticket, which includes admittance to the exhibit, a daily lecture, and the chance to shop at more than 40 booths from the country’s top antiques dealers. I July 28 and 29, 10 a.m.–6 p.m., July 30, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. The Stephen P. Cabot and Archer Harman Ice Center, St. George’s School, Middletown, R.I., (401) 846-2669, ­


802-253-2169 |

Chandelier SM-Ch-906

V er mont


e a r ly american

lig H ting

Authentic Designs West Rupert, Vermont 05776 • 800 844-9416

Nantucket by Design August 1–5 This five-day event boasts lectures and social events celebrating creative and inspiring interior design. The muchanticipated Design Luncheon features Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams. An all-star design panel moderated by Hutton Wilkinson and featuring Kirsten Fitzgibbons, Kelli Ford, Gary McBournie, Michelle Nussbaumer, and Richard Mishaan takes place on Thursday, and the event will be capped off with “The New Party at the Oldest House” under a tent at Nantucket’s historic Jethro Coffin House. I Nantucket, (508) 228-1894, for a full schedule of events and ticket information.   36th Annual Maine Antiques Festival August 4–6 This long-held antiques show has been a tradition for Mainers and tourists alike for more than 35 years. The largest antique show in Maine features dealers from more than 20 states displaying fine antiques, vintage pieces, and collectibles. Attendees can take a break from the heat at the Maine Craft Beverage Beer & Wine Garden. I Union, Maine, Saturday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m.–4 p.m., $10 per day, $25 for an early bird weekend pass, Garden Conservancy Open Days York County, Maine August 5–6 Three of Maine’s most outstanding gardens will be open for the public to explore at their own pace. Pondfield, Braveboat Harbor Farm, and the Boardman Vegetable Garden are all interesting and unique in their own way. I  $7 per garden nonmembers, 50 percent off for members. Advance admission tickets can be purchased at a discount. Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair August 5–13 Come and experience the oldest continually running craft fair in the United States. More than 350 New Hampshire

176  New England Home | July–August 2017

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5/24/17 2:38 PM

2017 CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS Residential Kitchen Under $50,000 Gold Award: Masters Touch Design Build | Silver Award: Masters Touch Design Build Residential Kitchen $50,000-100,000 Gold Award: KitchenVisions, LLC | Silver Award: Masters Touch Design Build Residential Kitchen $100,001-150,000 Gold Award: New England Design & Construction Silver Award: Team of Encore Construction and GMT Home Designs Residential Kitchen Over $150,000 Gold Award: Mitchell Construction Group Silver Award: Team of Gallagher Remodeling, Inc., Amy McFadden Interior Design, and GMT Home Designs Residential Bath Under $30,000 Gold Award: Design 1 Kitchen & Bath | Silver Award: Essex Restoration Residential Bath $30,000-60,000 Gold Award: Doucet Remodeling & Design, Inc. | Silver Award: Miller Construction Photography by: Warren Patterson Photography

GOLD AWARD WINNER Residential Kitchen Over $150,000— Mitchell Construction

Residential Bath Over $60,000 Gold Award: Thorson Restoration & Construction | Silver Award: Platt Builders Residential Interior Gold Award: Platt Builders | Silver Award: Masters Touch Design Build Residential Specialty Interior Gold Award: Adams + Beasley Associates Silver Award: Metropolitan Cabinet and Countertops Residential Addition Under $200,000 Gold Award: Harvey Remodeling Residential Addition $200,000 and Over Gold Award: Feinmann, Inc. | Silver Award: Barnes Building & Remodeling Residential Exterior Gold Award: Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel Residential Specialty Exterior Gold Award: Woodmeister Master Builders Silver Award: Thorson Restoration & Construction Entire House Under $500,000 Gold Award: Masters Touch Design Build Silver Award: Team of Landmark Associates, Inc. and KitchenVisions, LLC Entire House $500,000 and Over Gold Award: Feinmann, Inc. | Silver Award: Cutting Edge Homes, Inc. Entire House – Condominium Gold Award: Roomscapes | Silver Award: Lee Kimball Residential Historical Renovation/Restoration Gold Award: Thorson Restoration & Construction Silver Award: Archambault Construction, Inc. Commercial Project Gold Award: Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel Residential Basement Gold Award: Mitchell Construction Group Silver Award: Masters Touch Design Build

A Contractor of the Year (CotY) award honors the work of the region’s finest remodeling professionals. Members of the Eastern Mass. Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (EM NARI) competed in 19 categories for the distinction. The awards presentation gala was held at Clarke in Milford. For information about your next project, or to find a remodeling professional, visit:

2017 CotY.indd 1

GOLD AWARD WINNER Residential Bath Over $60,000— Thorson Restoration & Construction

5/23/17 4:23 PM


design consulting drafting and detailing Project management Fabrication Finishing installation

603-402-3022 12 Park Ave Hudson, NH

m o d e r n - m e ta l - s o l u t i o n s . c o m


244 Needham St. Newton, MA


WITH PRICES THAT LET Appointments Welcome YOU BREATHE 800.696.6662

244 NEEDHAM ST NEWTON, MA AfďŹ liated Showrooms A FFI L I AT ED S H O W R O O M S P R O V I DWorcester, E N C E , R I MA • Saco, ME • Providence, RI


craftspeople will display their work at this popular fair. Almost every type of medium is represented, including furniture, glass, pottery, prints, and woodcarvings, along with daily demonstrations and workshops for all ages. Enjoy the wares and meet the makers. I 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Mount Sunapee Resort, Newbury, N.H., (603) 224-3375, 63rd Annual Nantucket House and Garden Tour August 9 This annual tour offers a glimpse into the island’s beautiful homes and gardens. This year, homes in the Cliff area are featured. Tickets sold at various island locations one week prior to the tour and at each participating house the day of the tour; free bus transportation from town. I 11 a.m.–4 p.m. $60, Nantucket, (508) 325-9979, 60th Annual New Hampshire Antiques Show August 10–12 Enjoy everything antique at this show, held at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester and featuring more than 60 national exhibitors showcasing a wide range of items, from folk art to formal furniture. I August 10, 10 a.m.–7 p.m., admission free to people under the age of 30, otherwise admission $15; August 11, 10 a.m.–7 p.m., admission $10; August 12, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., admission $10. 2017 Ellsworth Antiques Show at Woodlawn August 16–19 The historic Woodlawn Museum, Gardens and Park hosts this annual antique show comprised of 27 dealers from the United States and England. The show features a wide variety of fine antiques. The event launches with an opening-night cocktail party and dinner on August 16 (see website for party pricing). There will also be wine tastings, beer tastings, and music throughout the weekend. Attendees have the opportunity to tour the historic home. I August 17 and 18, 10 a.m.–6 pm, August 19, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. General admission $10 per person or $15 for both the show and a Woodlawn Tour, Ellsworth, Maine, 26th Annual Antiques Show at the Osterville Historical Museum August 17 Forty-plus dealers from around New England will showcase unique items at this popular show. I 9:30 a.m.–4 p.m. $10 for adults, children free. Osterville, Mass., (508) 428-5861,  EDITOR’S NOTE: Events are subject to change. Please confirm details with event organizer prior to your visit.

178  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Calendar.indd 178

5/24/17 2:39 PM

Photography by Michael J. Lee

summer is upon us... enjoy!

5 militia drive, lexington, ma 781.861.0086

Area Rugs From Around The World

Contemporary | traditional | Broadloom | rUG CleaninG 175 ANDERSON STREET | PORTLAND, ME | 800.292.4388 | 207.553.7700


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5/24/17 5:23 PM

New In The Showrooms 1 2

3 1. Pillow Talk Fun and fresh, pillows from Balanced Design are perfect for perking up a space in need of some positive vibes. | Kreatelier, Providence, R.I.,


2. Shed a New Light Tracy Glover’s Cloche pendant reimagines a garden favorite. It is shown here in blue, one of twentynine colors available. | Lucía Lighting and Design, Lynn, Mass., 3. Beach Style We’re always on the hunt for a shapely wingback chair, so we were thrilled to find this coastal-chic Kingston chair. | Surroundings, Marblehead, Mass.,


4. Worldly Possession Earthy and textural, Jamie Young’s Zion vase adds sought-after global style to your home. | Bespoke Abode, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., 5. Wright at Home Schumacher honors the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth with the launch of a fabric collection inspired by the original line Wright and his team designed for the company in 1955. | Boston Design Center,

| edited by lynda Simonton | 180  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 New In the Showrooms.indd 180

5/23/17 9:28 PM

Landscape Construction & Site Development Sherborn MA & Cape Cod 781-400-1721

Custom Woodworking to Fit Your Lifestyle



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New In The Showrooms

1 2 3


3. Experiences Underfoot Rug guru Larry Hokanson’s latest collection, Istorii, was inspired by his travels and a lifelong passion for Russian history and culture. | Scott Group Studio, Boston Design Center, 4. Antique Inspo Bunny Williams spotted the inspiration for her Asta side table at a favorite antique shop. | Lee Jofa, Boston Design Center,



1. Truly Riveting Rivets reminiscent of vintage airplanes punctuate Aviator—part of the Grand Tour collection from Artistic Tile. | DiscoverTile, Boston Design Center, 2. Artisan Ottoman You can tuck the Formations Flores ottoman anywhere you need some extra seating, but don’t expect it to fade into the background. A beautiful hand-painted finish and delicate stitching make this piece a showstopper. | Webster & Company, Boston Design Center,

5. Out in the Open David Phoenix’s new line for Hickory Chair features the curvy Athena sofa. | Simply Home, Falmouth, Maine, simplyhomepage. com, and Ailanthus, Boston Design Center, 6. All Aglow Interior designer Jay Jeffers’s latest additions to his capsule collection for Arteriors include the Huey desk lamp in etched and polished brass. | Yale Appliance and Lighting, Dorchester, Mass.,, and Robin Gannon Interiors and Home, Lexington, Mass.,

182  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 New In the Showrooms.indd 182

5/23/17 9:29 PM

George Herbert

spending less makes it sweet.


15 Dexter roaD, e. ProviDence, ri 02914 • 401-438-5105 •



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Premier Properties By maria L a piana

Household Name

New Home in Old Newport

Into The Woods

Household Name

If you like presidential history—or cool vintage homes—you may have more than a passing interest in this property in Hull, Massachusetts. Its indisputable claim to fame is that it is the original “Honey Fitz” mansion, the former home of John F. Fitzgerald, the maternal grandfather of President John F. Kennedy. It’s the original Kennedy compound (not the family enclave in Hyannis Port). Built in 1892, it underwent restoration by previous owners, but was “renovated to modern perfection” by its current owners, according to listing agent Gail Petersen Bell. The home is a full 8,000 square feet of elegant rooms and comfortable family spaces. There’s the requisite huge, well-­ appointed kitchen with butler’s pantry (the current owner says a lot of effort went into repairing and matching original details). There’s a master suite with

184  New England Home | July–August 2017

JA17 Prem Prop.indd 184

fireplace and balcony overlooking the ocean, and six other bedrooms with charms of their own. There’s a game room, a library, a sunroom, and maid’s (or nanny’s) quarters on the top floor. The house is a showstopper, but the current owners also rave about the captivating ocean and city views, ROOMS: 12 beach access, and the sunsets. 7 BEDROOMS 7 FULL BATHS Duly Noted: Quick history lesson: 1 HALF BATH The mayor of Boston (from 1906–1907 8,000 SQ. FT. and again from 1910–1914), John Francis $2,195,000 Fitzgerald, bought the mansion in 1915

| Continued on page 194

Household Name photos by Brian Doherty; New Home in Old Newport photos by Kindra Clineff; Into The Woods photos by Rob Karosis

5/24/17 2:42 PM

LIFE IMITATED ART Bristol, rhode island 10:41 hours

$2,950,000 MLS #1157652 | 401.789.8899


full page.indd 1

5/23/17 1:54 PM


WESTON, MASSACHUSETTS Exquisite family compound set on 4.60 acres comprised of a 15,000 sq. ft. residence, pool with pool house, tennis court, 8 car carriage house with apartment and playroom, and caretaker’s barn. Price upon request.

WOLFEBORO, NEW HAMPSHIRE Amazing Lake Winnipesaukee Lakehome set on 7+ acres with 600 ft. of frontage, 8 bedrooms, walls of glass, 2-story great room, chef’s kitchen, home theater, 36x50 barn, docks, and boat house. $11,900,000

Represented by: Paige Yates, Sales Associate C. 617.733.9885

Represented by: Susan Bradley, Sales Associate C. 603.493.2873 | O. 603.581.2810

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Iconic Back Bay penthouse duplex with stunning views, 6+ bedrooms, 6 full baths, elegant spaces, elevator, parquet floors, and 3 parking spaces. Separate au pair suite. $10,495,000

WEST NEWTON HILL, MASSACHUSETTS Spectacular entertaining estate on a private acre, 20 rooms, 5 bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, banquet-size dining room, cathedral library, elevator and indoor sports court. $7,188,000

Represented by: Michael Harper, Sales Associate C. 617.480.3938

Represented by: Jeff Groper, Sales Associate C. 617.240.8000

GILFORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE Impressive Lake Winnipesaukee home set on 1.5 acres with 270 ft. of frontage, sandy beach, huge dock, 6 bedrooms, chef’s kitchen, 2-story great room and sweeping views. $5,800,000

WESTON, MASSACHUSETTS Exquisite shingle and stone home set on 2.85 acres with 16 rooms, 6 bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, chef’s kitchen, 3rd floor, theatre, wine cellar, patio, and 3-car garage. $5,195,000

B M g f

Represented by: Susan Bradley, Sales Associate C. 603.493.2873 | O. 603.581.2810

Represented by: Kathryn Alphas-Richlen, Sales Associate C. 781.507.1650




MANCHESTER-BY-THE-SEA, MASSACHUSETTS Direct waterfront estate with stunning views, 360° turret, granite chef’s kitchen, cathedral great room, 4 en suite bedrooms, expansive deck, tidal dock, and guest house. $4,450,000

WESTON, MASSACHUSETTS Secluded 8,000+ sq. ft. Manor set on a 6.7 acre Kingdom Lot offering stunning design, open floor plan, soaring great room, 6 bedrooms, in-law suite and 4-car garage. $4,368,000

Represented by: Lynda Surdam, Sales Associate C. 978.764.7474

Represented by: Kathryn Alphas-Richlen, Sales Associate C. 781.507.1650

WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Magnificent Georgian Brick Colonial home with 4 levels of sophisticated living, chefs kitchen, library, 7 fireplaces, 6 bedrooms, 6½ baths, media room, and 3-car garage. $4,175,000

WESTON, MASSACHUSETTS Patrick Ahearn custom home rebuilt in 2015 on 1.34 acres with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, chef’s kitchen, vaulted family room and library, games/media room, 4-car garage. $3,795,000

Represented by: Donna Scott, Sales Associate C. 781.254.1490

Represented by: Claire Callewaert & Paige Yates, Sales Associates C. 508.808.8234 | P. 617.733.9885

BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS Majestic 6,600+ sq. ft. home, with spectacular carved wood detail, stained glass, 7 bedrooms, state-of-the-art kitchen, rooftop green garden patio and 60 ft. stone terrace. $3,699,000

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Sleek & Sunny, fully updated Beacon Hill 4-bedroom townhome offering custom details, double parlor with fireplace, kitchen and top floor master suite with spa-inspired bath. $3,375,000

Represented by: Jill Streck, Sales Associate C. 617.510.0771

Represented by: Lisa Macalaster, Sales Associate C. 617.429.9939

©2017 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury logo service marks are registered or pending registrations owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. 96539 5/17


WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Restored c.1886 residence offering 16 rooms, 7 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, chef’s kitchen, formal rooms, period details, in-law apartment, indoor pool, and English rose garden. $3,195,000

BELMONT, MASSACHUSETTS Gracious Clark Hill Manor with original details, 4 bedroom suites, high-end kitchen/family room, wine cellar, newer garage, deck, and patio large lot near Center. $2,828,000

Represented by: Donna Scott, Sales Associate C. 781.254.1490

Represented by: Lori Orchanian, Broker Associate C. 617.413.6770

LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS New grand scale residence offering 4 finished levels, 13 rooms, 6 bedrooms, 7½ baths, smart technology, superb craftsmanship, chef’s kitchen, stone patio, and 3-car garage. $2,698,000

WESTWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS Restored Classic stone and brick home overlooking Lyman’s Pond with preserved period details, 6 bedrooms, lofted spaces, gourmet kitchen, patio, and manicured grounds. $2,595,000

Represented by: Elizabeth Crampton, Sales Associate C. 781.389.4400

Represented by: Elena Price, Broker Associate C. 508.577.9128

MARBLEHEAD, MASSACHUSETTS Renovated mid-century modern residence offering 10 rooms, 3 bedrooms, fireplace, open layout, chef’s kitchen, cathedral ceilings, redesigned grounds, and 2-car garage. $2,595,000

SUDBURY, MASSACHUSETTS Spectacular 6,500+ sq. ft. sunlit Contemporary Cape with 5 bedrooms, soaring ceilings, walls of glass, chef’s kitchen, plus indoor pool and indoor basketball court. $1,995,000

Represented by: Jude Toner & John Toner, Sales Associates JT: 781.704.6592 | JT. 781.704.6593

Represented by: Doris Christelis & Lisa Williams, Sales Associates D. 617.335.1180 | L. 617.721.9094

COLDWELLBANKERLUXURY.COM ©2017 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury logo service marks are registered or pending registrations owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. 96539 5/17

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5/15/17 3:37 PM


WWW.401BEACON.COM Providing a new level of style in one of the most iconic and culturally sophisticated neighborhoods, Boston’s venerable Back Bay. Two garage parking spaces per residence | Direct elevator access and daytime concierge Three and four bedroom homes available, on single floor and two floor configurations. Priced from $5,995,000 to $14,200,000





Page 1

Wareham Waterfront Marion, Massachusetts

Contemporary WaTerFronT on conVerse PoinT

WELCOME HOME TO NINIGRET POND Build your dream home on this exceptional waterfront lot on Ninigret Pond. Offers shared dock and permitted mooring on the salt pond where a short paddle or boat ride across brings you to a sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean. $1,400,000 | RI MLS #1158758 401.364.6700

This Contemporary home, set on over 13 acres in Rare opportunity ownBay a 2.24 East Wareham, offers gorgeous waterviews of ShelltoPoint waterfront with and surrounding marsh. Builtacre in 1989, its 3,250property square feet include firstof floor master suite, 3 additional bedrooms,outer 3-1/2harbor baths, 239 feet sandy beach located on Sippican’s laundry room, formal dining room, den with gas fireplace, in Marion’s ultra-private enclave, Converse Point. and large living room with gas fireplace and spectacular views. Ownership of this magnificent property includes Modern kitchen includes granite countertops, Thermadordeeded ovens, rights to use of Converse Point pier, beach and andbeach Sub-Zero refrigerator. Also complete with large finished walk-out basement, deck, and 3 for car this garage tennis court.wrap-around Moorings are alsopatio, available with unfinished roomsthe above. Alarm system, generator, community. Restore current Cape Cod-style home central vacuum, outdoor shower, and workshop. or rebuild a new dwelling outside of the flood zone! Professional landscaping adds to this private, serene home.

Exclusively $2,950,000 Exclusively listed listed atat $1,600,000



Converse Company Realtors 166 Front Street, P.O. Box 416 Marion, Massachusetts 02738 Tel: 508-748-0200 | Fax: 508-748-2337


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What What it it means means to to “Experience the “Experience the JJ Barrett Barrett Difference” Difference”

Our Our Website Website Makes Makes It It Easy Easy

The J Barrett & Company website Company isThe yourJ Barrett “go-to” & when you arewebsite looking isforyour “go-to” when you are looking a new home. Our site offers easy for a new home. Our site easy and concise searches for offers the most and concise searches for the most current listings throughout the current listings the North Shore andthroughout Massachusetts North Shore and Massachusetts that includes weekly Open Houses that includes weekly Open Houses and community information right and community information on our homepage. right on our homepage. Whether it’s a first-time home, ocean Whether it’s a first-time home, ocean front residence, equestrian property front residence, equestrian property or investment opportunity, the investment opportunity, J or Barrett & Company websitethe has J everything Barrett & Company website has you are looking for. everything you are looking for.

Beverly Cove Offered at $3,990,000 Beverly Cove at $3,990,000 Phenomenal panoramic views.Offered 2013 stunning oceanfront Phenomenalcustom panoramic views.Exceptional 2013 stunning oceanfront 5-bedroom residence. chef’s kitchen. 5-bedroom residence. Exceptional chef’s kitchen. Family roomcustom has 2-sided fireplace. Also 2-bedroom guest Family room has 2-sided cottage, deep water dock. fireplace. Also 2-bedroom guest cottage, deep water dock. Alle Cutler

Manchester Offered at $2,850,000 Manchester Offered3atbedroom, $2,850,000 Ocean and marsh views. Lovely 3.5 Ocean and marsh views. 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath Contemporary on 2 Lovely acres. Fireplaced family bath Contemporary on 2 acres. Fireplaced family room/kitchen with spacious sunroom. 2 bedroom room/kitchen with spacious sunroom. 2 bedroom suites on 2nd level. Patios surround home. suites on 2nd level. Patios surroundMimi home.Pruett

Gloucester $2,624,000 Gloucester $2,624,000 Direct oceanfront estate located on Eastern Point with Direct oceanfront estate located on Eastern with private dock has been renovated & features Point a gourmet private dock haspaneled been renovated features3 abedrooms gourmet kitchen, wood den with & fireplace, kitchen, wood paneledaden with guest fireplace, 3 bedrooms & 3.5 baths including separate house. & 3.5 baths including a separate guest house.Fabyan Holly

Gloucester Offered at $1,885,000 Gloucester Offered at $1,885,000 Stunning oceanfront views! Totally renovated, Stunning oceanfront views! Totally renovated, 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath Backshore home with 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath Backshore with contemporary flair and many amenities.home Open floor contemporary flair and many lower amenities. floor plan, chef’s kitchen, finished level,Open gazebo. plan, chef’s kitchen, finished lower level, gazebo. Joyce Fossa

Gloucester Offered at $1,749,000 Gloucester Offered at $1,749,000 Beautiful Colonial on Gloucester’s Back Shore. Beautiful on Gloucester’s Backoutdoor Shore. 1.66 acresColonial with extensive gardens and 1.66 extensive gardens outdoor sittingacres areas.with Spacious layout with and 4 bedrooms, sitting areas. Spacious with 42-car bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Fenced yard, layout pool house, garage. 3.5 baths. Fenced yard, pool house, 2-car garage. Nancy Sclafani

Beverly Offered at $1,595,000 Beverly Offered $1,595,000 Elegant 1929 stone mansion on 3.5at acres has direct Elegant 1929 stone mansion on 3.5 acres frontage on Beaver Pond. Lovingly caredhas fordirect and frontage on Beaver Lovingly for and enhanced with everyPond. amenity. Offerscared 6 bedrooms. enhanced every amenity. 6 bedrooms. 5.5 baths, with 8 fireplaces, Gunite Offers pool, spa. 5.5 baths, 8 fireplaces, Gunite pool, spa. Crowell Team

Alle Cutler

Holly Fabyan

Mimi Pruett

Joyce Fossa

“Experience the J Barrett Difference” “Experience the J Barrett Difference” isn’t just our motto – it’s our promise. isn’t just our motto – it’s our promise.

& C O M PA N Y & C O M PA N Y Find us on : Find us on : JBarrettRealtyNorthShore JBarrettRealtyNorthShore

Nancy Sclafani

Team Crowell

Prides Crossing 978.922.2700 • Marblehead 781.631.9800 • Beverly 978.922.3683 Prides Crossing 978.922.2700 • Marblehead 781.631.9800 • Beverly 978.922.3683 Manchester-by-the-Sea 978.526.8555 • Gloucester 978.282.1315 • Ipswich 978.356.3444 Manchester-by-the-Sea 978.526.8555 • Gloucester 978.282.1315 • Ipswich 978.356.3444

J Barrett_JA17_2.00.indd 2

5/23/17 1:34 PM

Experience Experience the the JJ Barrett Barrett Difference Difference

& C O M PA N Y & C O M PA N Y

Marblehead Offered at $1,450,000 Marblehead at $1,450,000 Spectacular custom-built Offered 5-bedroom Colonial. Spectacular Colonial. Offers open custom-built concept floor 5-bedroom plan, granite/stainless Offers concept floorroom plan,andgranite/stainless kitchen,open fireplaced family Master suite, kitchen, family roomFenced and Master 3rd floor fireplaced bonus room, full bath. yard. suite, 3rd floor bonus room, full bath. Fenced yard.Team The Cressy

Gloucester Offered at $1,250,000 Gloucester at $1,250,000 Folly Cove. Unique Offered waterfront multi-unit Folly Cove. 2-unit Unique waterfront multi-unit opportunity. dwelling. 2 bedrooms each, opportunity. dwelling. bedrooms each, updated open2-unit floor plan, decks.2 Also guest/rental updated Large open barn floor for plan, decks.Seaside Also guest/rental cottage. storage. retreat. cottage. Large barn for storage. Seaside Mandyretreat. Sheriff

Essex Offered at $1,189,000 Essex at $1,189,000 Panoramic marsh views.Offered 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath Panoramic marshhome views.on4-bedroom, 2.5-bath Craftsman-style 2 acres. Fireplaced Craftsman-style home on 2 kitchen, acres. Fireplaced living room. Granite/stainless 1st floor living room. master suite. Granite/stainless Barn with 2, 1st floor master suite. Saporito Barn with& 2 bays. Lynne Beth Buckingham

Ipswich Offered at $1,195,000 Ipswich $1,195,000 Elegant, well-maintained Offered home atatTurner Hill. 3 Elegant, well-maintained home at Turner bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 half-baths. Open 1stHill. floor3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 room, half-baths. Open 1st suite, floor plan, fireplaced living luxury master plan, fireplaced living room, luxury master suite, office/library. Granite eat-in kitchen. office/library. Granite eat-in kitchen. Josephine Baker

Newbury Offered at $1,150,000 Newbury at $1,150,000 Newbury Gem. RenovatedOffered main house with living Newbury Gem. Renovated main house with living space for possible au pair/in-law suite. Bright, airy space for possible pair/in-law Bright, airy open floor plan, au chef’s kitchen.suite. Separate Guest open plan, uses. chef’sDistant kitchen. Separate Housefloor has many water views. Guest House has many uses. Distant views. Annwater Marie Ciaraldi

Revere Offered at $1,100,000 Revere Offered at with $1,100,000 Stunning Stone/Brick Colonial Ocean Stunning Stone/Brick Colonial with views, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Built in Ocean 1900, views, 3 bedrooms, baths. Built in 1900, completely renovated3.5 2008-2011. Open floor completely 2008-2011. plan, radiantrenovated floors. Deck, garage. Open floor plan, radiant floors.The Deck, garage. Lopes Bridge Group

Offered at $989,000

Wenham Offered at $949,000 Wenham OfferedColonial at $949,000 Beautiful updated ca. 1900 and Beautiful updated ca. 1900 Colonial and finished, heated barn on 1.88 acres. 4 bedrooms, finished, heated barn on 1.88kitchen, acres. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Custom chef’s fireplaced 3.5 Custom chef’s kitchen, fireplaced livingbaths. and dining room. Private yard, patio. living and dining room. Private yard, patio. Deb Evans

Magnolia Offered at $975,000 Magnolia Offered Oceanfront Residence at Shore Cliff at by$975,000 Windover. Oceanfront Residence at Shore Cliff by Windover. Beautiful 2013 Townhome. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths. Beautiful 2013fireplaced Townhome. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths. Open concept living-dining room-chef’s Open concept living-dining kitchen. Masterfireplaced suite private 2nd floor room-chef’s deck. kitchen. Master suite private 2ndMichele floor deck.Vivian

The Cressy Team

Josephine Baker

Middleton Middleton Joseph Fuller

at $989,000 House.Offered Original details, Joseph Fuller House. Original details, handcrafted paneling, wide plank heart pine handcrafted paneling, Includes wide plank floors, 5 fireplaces. 5+ heart acres pine for floors, fireplaces. Includes 5+ acres for possible 5subdivision/development. possible subdivision/development. Anne LeBlanc-Snyder Anne LeBlanc-Snyder

Mandy Sheriff

Ann Marie Ciaraldi

J Barrett & Company, LLC supports the principles of both the Fair Housing and the Equal Opportunity Acts.

Deb Evans

Lynne Saporito & Beth Buckingham

The Lopes Bridge Group

Michele Vivian

J Barrett & Company, LLC supports the principles of both the Fair Housing and the Equal Opportunity Acts.

J Barrett_JA17_2.00.indd 3

5/23/17 1:35 PM

The Randall Family of Companies

Coastal Southern New England Property Specialists



$6,500,000 WATCH HILL, RI

Branford: Potato Island - captivating 3871 sq ft 4 bedroom 3.5 bath residence on private island. Renovated to perfection.

$6,500,000 CHATHAM, MA

Traditional design and transitional appeal is discovered at this beautiful newly renovated home with ocean views & just steps away to East Beach.

Willard Finkle 203.453.6511 x2123 Elizabeth Douthit


5,700 square foot North Chatham estate built by James Gable. Heated pool, wine cellar, 2 bedroom guest house. Deeded beach rights.

203.962.3424 Chatham Office



OLD SAYBROOK, CT $2,400,000 WICKFORD, RI Extraordinary attention to detail defines this hilltop residence. Sweeping views of Long Island Sound and Old Lyme estuary.

Waterfront home with magnificent views from most rooms and 185 ft of private sandy beach and mooring on Wickford Harbor! Recently renovated.

CT River Properties Team 860.767.5390 Lauraine Holden


full page.indd 1

$1,699,000 FALMOUTH, MA

Water view Colonial in Falmouth Heights. Beautiful property directly across from Central Park. Oversized lot, 2-car garage.

401.294.4000 Falmouth Office



Coastal Luxury Spotlight 5/23/17 12:06 PM

The Randall Family of Companies

Coastal Southern New England Property Specialists


AUG 2 - AUG 26 JUL 5 - JUL 29

GET YOUR 207.646.5511



page - half horizontals.indd 1 Rte 1 Ogunquit, ME

5/24/17 5:40 PM

Premier Properties

Continued from page 184 |

as a summer home. His daughter Rose married Joseph P. Kennedy in 1914; they were the parents of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Edward M. Kennedy, whose height notch marks can still be seen in the formal living room today. Contact: Gail Petersen Bell, Gail Petersen Bell Home Center Sotheby’s International Realty, Hingham, Mass., (781) 844-3277, ­, mls# 72148879

New Home in Old Newport

We get it: sometimes, you just want to buy new. This stunner of a home in historic Newport, Rhode Island, has all the trappings of classic New England— and we mean all of them—but with not one single worry. This is a brand-new grand dame in the city’s famed Ocean Lawn community, which was originally part of the famous Firestone Estate. It was completed in 2016 by the Horan Building Company. The house itself is a stone and shingle beauty with 12,000 square feet of living space, eight bedrooms, nine full baths, and one half bath. Its features include a kitchen worthy of a professional chef, multiple sitting rooms, a theater, fitness center, and game room. Designed to bring in lots of natural light, it has floor-to-ceiling windows (and a southern exposure). Exceptional millwork and architectural details take this home to the next level. It sits on a beautifully landscaped three-acre lot with in-ground pool, hot ROOMS: 23 tub, and spacious entertaining area in 8 BEDROOMS 9 FULL BATHS a gated community with easy access to 1 HALF BATH local beaches, the Cliff Walk, and down12,040 SQ. FT. town Newport. $6,975,000 Duly Noted: This home comes with a prominent Newport address: Ocean Lawn Lane. The street was named for Ocean Lawn, an estate built by the renowned Boston firm of Peabody & Stearns in 1889. Its most famous residents, who moved in during the 1950s, were the tire tycoon Harvey S. Firestone, Jr. and his wife. Contact: David Huberman, Gustave White Sotheby’s ­International Realty, Newport, R.I., (401) 848-6729, ­, mls# 1157876

Into The Woods

SoHo loft, meet the Maine woods. A rich use of industrial materials (including reclaimed bricks from New York City buildings and reclaimed pine timbers from nineteenth-century mills) is just one compelling reason to give this home a look. It’s both rustic and loft-like, a little bohemian, and very responsibly built. Secluded on eighteen private acres in York, near the southern tip of Maine, this distinctive home was completed in 2016. It features a post and beam design, an open plan, and dozens of interesting details. The cabinetry was constructed of reclaimed wood, customdesigned for function first but beautiful, too. Natural light enters through generously scaled windows and doors (by Lepage, a company based in Quebec and known for exceptional millwork). The back-to-back stone fireplaces with granite hearths extend to the ceiling. For smooth continuity, the flooring is made of yellow birch wood throughout. The master suite has an Italian granite sink, Honey Onyx floor, a marble shower, and sauna. But this isn’t just a materials story; the surprisingly compact living space includes two other bedrooms, a kitchen with Viking appliances, and a four-season sunroom cantilevered for a tree-house effect. The natural landscape ROOMS: 9 is designed around rock ledges and stone 3 BEDROOMS 2 FULL BATHS patios. This is a Maine woods getaway 1 HALF BATH of the highest order, ideal for a family 3,614 SQ. FT. that likes to be together and yet have its $3,250,000 own space. Duly Noted: This retreat in the woods is intriguing in its own right—but it’s also fully sustainable. The clients wanted to minimize the use of fossil fuels in every way possible, so the list of energyefficient and sustainable features reads like a textbook. The highlights: a highly insulated building envelope; geo-thermal radiant heating and cooling systems with back-up gas-ducted HVAC system; an on-demand water heater; native plantings and a fescue lawn that require less water and maintenance; and twenty-four photovoltaic solar panels providing 6,800 kwh/year to offset electricity costs (total energy and electricity costs average $165 per month). Contact: Jane Morris, Bean Group in York, Maine, (207) 752-0843, mls# 4624157

194  New England Home | July–August 2017

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5/24/17 6:23 PM | 781-888-6263 | Cape Cod | Martha’s Vineyard | Boston | California

Boston | Cape Cod 781.934.9100

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A guide to the products and professionals in this issue’s featured homes


Architecture: James Estes, Estes Twombly

Architects, Newport, R.I., (401) 846-3336, Builder: Steve Ray, Steve Ray Construction, West Greenwich, R.I., (401) 440-0631 Cabinetry: Joseph Yoffa Custom Woodworking, Newport, R.I., (401) 846-7659 Landscape design: Anne Penniman, Anne Penniman Associates, Essex, Conn., (860) 767-7540,; cocktail table from Gregorius Pineo,; chandeliers from Boyd Lighting,; dining table from Sentient Furniture, sentientfurniture. com; dining chairs from Hutton Home, ­hutton ­, with fabrics from Opuzen,, and Pierre Frey, Page 106: Breakfast area table from Gregorius Pineo; dining chairs from McGuire, mcguire; chandelier from Paul Ferrante. Page 107: Kitchen barstools by Holly Hunt with Edelman Leather upholstery, edelmanleather. com; counters and backsplash by United Marble Fabricators,; library rug from Edward Fields,; swivel and recliner chairs from Gregorius Pineo with Edelman Leather upholstery; chandelier from Hilliard Lamps,; cocktail table from Dessin Fournir, Pages 108–109: All outdoor furniture from JANUS et Cie, Pages 110–111: Master bath tub and flooring by United Marble Fabricators; rug from Edward Fields; chandelier from Holly Hunt; master bedroom rug from Tai Ping; chaise from Dennis Miller Associates,; chandelier by McEwen Lighting Studio, mcewenlighting. com, through Dennis Miller Associates; sunroom furniture and fabric from Kravet,; chandelier from Paul Ferrante.

Page 50: Sofas from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams,; living room rug from Ikea,; dining table from Hive Modern, Page 53: Nightstands and table lamps from Ikea; Case Study bed from Hive Modern; wall light from Leucos,; Chroma bathroom panels and counter tops from 3form,



Architecture: John Gassett and Michael McClung, Shope Reno Wharton, South Norwalk, Conn., (203) 852-7250, Interior design: Jan Chenault, Chenault & Associates, Edwards, Colo., (970) 390-8836 Builder: Kenneth Vona Construction, Waltham, Mass., (781) 890-5599, Landscape design: H. Keith Wagner and Jeffrey Hodgson, Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture, Burlington, Vt., (802) 864-0010,

Page 102: Custom-designed rug from Tai Ping,; sideboards from Ralph Pucci,; lighting from Paul Ferrante, Pages 104–105: Custom-designed rug from Tai Ping; sofas and chairs by Holly Hunt,

Builder: Adam Hostetter, Hostetter Homes, Osterville, Mass., (508) 428-2828, Kitchen design: Dave Ricardi, David Ricardi Designs, East Dennis, Mass., (508) 619-7384, Landscape design: John-Paul Zigante, Zigante Landscaping, Mashpee, Mass., (508) 737-2216 Swimming pool contractor: Chris Dittrich, Shoreline Pools, Harwich, Mass., (508) 432-3445,

Page 112: Adirondack chairs from DutchCrafters,; Gullholmen rockers from Ikea, Page 113: Custom rug from Stark, starkcarpet. com; chairs from, with cushions from JANUS et Cie,; side tables from Grandin Road,; hanging lanterns from Candelabra, Pages 114–115: Teak chaises by Oxford Garden through Hayneedle, Page 116: Arc iron fire pit from Thos. Baker,; Adirondack chairs from DutchCrafters; custom lantern and lamppost by Northeast Lantern through Val Maitino Antiques,

Page 117: Entryway reception table from Noir,; chandelier from Shades of Light,; reclaimed bulls-eye transom windows from East Dennis Antiques, East Dennis, Mass., (508) 385-7651; powder room wallpaper from Stark; mirror and sconces from Restoration Hardware, ­restoration ­; faucet by California Faucets through Moniques, moniquesbathshowroom. com; towel bar from Arteriors, arteriorshome. com; dining chair leather, wallcovering, welting and nailhead trim, goatskin rug, drapery fabric, and wingchair fabric all from Stark; chandelier from Gabby Home,; sconces from Restoration Hardware. Pages 118–119: Living room custom rug from Stark; Visual Comfort sconces, visualcomfort. com; cocktail table from Grand Rapids Furniture,; high-back chair and ottoman by Lee Industries through Grand Rapids Furniture, with fabric from Stark; Windsor chair from D.R. Dimes,; side tables from Noir; sofa from Restoration Hardware with Perennials fabric,; lounge chairs by Lee Industries through Grand Rapids Furniture, with fabric from Stark; dining table from Restoration Hardware; chairs from D.R. Dimes; custom lanterns through Lucia Lighting,; kitchen stools from One Kings Lane,; pendant lamps from Ethan Allen,; Thermador Pro Series range and hood through KAM Appliances,; granite counters from American Stone, Page 120: Bed linens from Anichini, anichini. com; bed from Heirloom Bed Company,; chair and ottoman from Ethan Allen; carpet from Stark; storage stools from Home Goods, Page 121: Cannonball beds from East Dennis Antiques; sisal carpet from Stark; vintage Hudson Bay blankets from eBay,; Kohler tub through Moniques; porcelain floor tile from Tile Showcase,; towels from Restoration Hardware; antique runner from Stark.


Architecture: Lyman Goff, Goff Architecture, Westerly, R.I., (401) 348-9955 Interior design: Jennifer Palumbo, Newton, Mass., (617) 332-1009, Kitchen designer: Donna Venegas, Donna Venegas and Company, Boston, Mass., (617) 439-8800, Builder: Ben Field, Field and Co., Mystic, Conn., (860) 415-9089, Landscape design: Barbara Peterson, Barbara Peterson Landscape Consultation and Design, Roxbury Crossing, Mass., (617) 731-2320,

196  New England Home | July–August 2017

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Architecture: Phil Regan and Matthew Cramer,

Hutker Architects, Boston, Falmouth, and Vineyard Haven, Mass., (508) 540-0048, Interior design: Liz Stiving-Nichols, Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design, Vineyard Haven, Mass., (508) 687-9555, Builder: Leo DeSorcy, DeSorcy Company,


to our online


Eric rOth PhOtOgraPhy

Page 122: Living room ceiling light by Large Lighting, Page 123: Console custom designed by Jennifer Palumbo and Chilmark Design, chilmarkwood; Laura Kirar barrel chair from McGuire,, with Black Zella fabric from Romo, Page 124: Diamond Bratta bench fabric from Lee Jofa,; Zari and Zola pillow fabrics from Romo; wall sconce from Currey & Co., Page 125: 3form table top from Altec Plastics,; Cleo table lamp from Worlds Away,; Serena Bowl ceiling light from Oly,; Minoa rug from Landry & Arcari, Pages 126–127: Living room sofas and seating cubes by Jennifer Palumbo and Partners in Design,; pillow fabric from Designers Guild,, Schumacher,, Galbraith & Paul,, Romo, and Lee Jofa; coffee table from Xavier, Page 128: Madison kitchen counter stools from Desiron,; pendants from Tech Lighting,, and Circa Lighting,; range from Wolf, subzero; custom hood by Jennifer Palumbo and Venegas and Company; wood countertop from Grothouse Lumber,; “away room” custom sectional by Jennifer Palumbo and Partners in Design with Marius fabric from Manuel Canovas,; pillow fabrics from Jacques Bouvet et Cie,, C&C Milano,, and Schumacher; Bruna ceiling light from Made Goods, Page 129: Rug from Merida,; dining chairs from McGuire with fabric from Romo; pendants by Caleb Siemon, siemonand; bowl by Lawrence McRea, Page 130: Porch swing is from Rachel Halvorson Designs,, with fabric from Link Outdoor,; pillow fabrics from Link Outdoor and JANUS et Cie, janusetcie. com; Frank Gehry Left Twist Cubes from Design Within Reach, Page 131: Master bedroom ceiling light from Regina Andrew Design,; chair fabric from Romo; footrest and occasional tables from Oly,; Saturn stairwell chandelier from Iron Accents, Page 132: Sunroom chairs by Jennifer Palumbo with Partners in Design, with Chella fabric,; sofa from Dedon,; pillow fabrics from Gaston y Daniela, gastony, and Bernhardt Textiles, bernhardt; Tosca wicker daybed from JANUS et Cie; rug from Robert Allen Design, robertallen; blue lamp by Lawrence McRae; ceiling fan from Modern Fan,

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Vineyard Haven, Mass., (508) 693-0071, Landscape Design: Kris Horiuchi, Horiuchi Solien, Falmouth, Mass., (508) 540-5320 Interior and exterior lighting design: Doreen Le May Madden, Lux Lighting Design, Boston Design Center, Falmouth and Belmont, Mass., and Kennebunk, Maine, (617) 484-6400,

Antiques, Art & Exquisite Objects JULY 28-30, 2017 GALA PREVIEW PARTY THURSDAY, JULY 27

St. George’s School, Purgatory Road, Middletown, Rhode Island To benefit the Newport Historical Society and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newport County 401-846-2669 198

Page 136: Mudroom bench and pillows through Etsy, Page 137: Euro sofas from Flexform, flexform. com; cocktail table by Bausman, bausmanand; stone bowls from Club Cu,; swivel chairs from Verellen, verellen. biz; custom woven coconut shell console from Nusa Furniture,; custom oak and steel console by Design Workshop, designworkshop. us; ottomans from Della Robbia, dellarobbiausa. com, with fabric by Larsen,; raffia side tables from The Furniture Guild,; rug from Fibreworks Taj Collection,; table lamps from Blaxsand, Page 138: Counter stools by McGuire, mcguire, with custom Holly Hunt fabric slipcover,; pendants from Ann Morris Antiques,; plumbing fixtures including hardware and cast white bronze sink from Rocky Mountain Hardware, Page 139: Custom round extending dining table of reclaimed cypress by Jeff Soderbergh,; Ghost arm chairs and sofa from Gervasoni,; chair fabric by Chella,; sofa fabrics by Holly Hunt and Pindler,; chairs by Lee Industries,, with fabric by Holly Hunt; four cocktail tables (forming coffee table) from Crate and Barrel, crateandbarrel. com; Groove stools as side tables from Roost, Pages 140–141: Custom bed by John Thayer Cabinetmakers,; blanket from Brahms Mount,; rug from Steven King,; settee from Verellen,, with fabric from Chella; Sari accent bench from Made Goods,; Frost window shades from Conrad, conradshades. com; porch swivel chairs and ottoman from Lee Industries with fabric by Chella; woven pouf from Serena & Lily,; master bath plumbing from Cifial,; Opus sconces from Waterworks,; Frost window shades from Conrad. Pages 142–145: All outdoor furnishings by Kingsley Bate,; outdoor shower crafted by Eben Armer, Contact Stone,

New England Home | July–August 2017

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Ad Index

A guide to the products and professionals in this issue’s featured homes

Louis W. Mian, Inc. 171 M. Duffany Builders, Inc. 78–79 M–Geough Company, Inc. 80–81

oriental | contemporary | vintage

The MacDowell Company, Inc. 82–83 Make Architectural Metalworking 171

A.J. Rose Carpets & Flooring 163 A.W. Hastings 21 Anthony Catalfano Interiors 64–65 Archwright, Inc. 195 Audio Video Design 172 Authentic Designs 176 Back Bay Shutter Co., Inc. 66–67 Bertola Custom Homes & Remodeling 68–69

Marc Hall Design 14–15 Marine Home Center 45 Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design, LLC inside back cover Merida inside front cover Mid-Cape Home Centers 183 Modern Metal Solutions 178 Morehouse MacDonald & Associates, Inc. 10–11

Boston Stone Restoration 70–71

Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty 185, 189

Bradford’s Rug Gallery 199

Mougalian Rugs 179

Brookes + Hill Custom Builders 179

My Estate Concierge 84–85

C.H. Newton Builders, Inc. 49

The Newport Antiques Show 198

Cabot & Company 189

Newton Kitchens & Design 19

California Closets 35

Ogunquit Playhouse 193

Cape Associates 72–73

Patrick Ahearn Architect, LLC 55

Catamount Builders 74–75

Pellettieri Associates, Inc. 99

Cathy Kert Interiors 162

Perfection Fence 173

Clarke Distributors 155

Platemark Design 86–87

Coldwell Banker Previews International 186–188

Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders 33

The Converse Company Realtors 189

Prospect Hill Antiques 28

Cosentino N.A. 147

The Randall Family of Companies 192, 193

Crown Point Cabinetry 159

Riviera Bronze 169

Cumar, Inc. 62

Roche Bobois 4–5

Curl Simitus Architecture & Design 96

Roomscapes Luxury Design Center 51

The Cushman Design Group 176

Royal® Trim and Mouldings 60

Cypress Design 183

Ryan Associates 88–89

Daher Interior Design 1

S+H Construction 90–91

Dan Gordon Landscape Architects 151

Salem Plumbing Supply Designer Bath 61

Davio’s 157

Seldom Scene Interiors 92–93

Design Group 47 54

Shope Reno Wharton 40

DiMauro Architects 24

Shor Home Furnishings & Interior Design 30

Dover Rug & Home 29

Splash Kitchen and Bath Showroom 178

Downsview Kitchens 161

Studio A Design 37

Elms Interior Design 8–9

Sudbury Design Group, Inc. 12–13

Elza B. Design 97

sullivan + associates architects 59

EM NARI CotY Awards 177

Surroundings 175

Falcetti Pianos 162

TMS Architects 6–7

FBN Construction Co., LLC back cover

Triad Associates, Inc. 167

Fortunato, Inc. 173

Tyler & Sash 94–95

Frank Webb’s Bath Center 165

Ugol Woodworks, LLC 181

Garage Headquarters 154

Unilock 57

The Hambelton Company 181

Wayne Towle Master Finishing & Restoration 41

Hampden Design+Construction 39

Whitewood Millwork 59

Holly Hudson Designs 195

Wickham Hardwood Flooring 175

Hutker Architects 47

Woodmeister Master Builders 27

J Barrett & Company Real Estate 190–191

Youngblood Builders, Inc. 43

Jeff Soderbergh Custom Sustainable Furnishings 76–77

ZEN Associates, Inc. 52–53

JW Construction, Inc. 16 K. Powers & Co. 26 Kenneth Vona Construction, Inc. 2–3 Kevin Cradock Builders, Inc. 20 Kistler and Knapp Builders, Inc. 146 Kitchen Views at National Lumber 153 Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting 23 LDa Architecture & Interiors 148 LeBlanc Jones Landscape Architects, Inc. 25 Living Swell 46 Longfellow Design Build 98

New England Home, July–August 2017, Volume 12, Number 6 © 2017 by New England Home Magazine, LLC. All rights reserved. Permission to reprint or quote excerpts granted by written request only. New England Home (USPS 024-096) is published 6 times a year (JAN, MAR, MAY, JULY, SEP, NOV) by New England Home Magazine, LLC, 530 Harrison Ave, Ste 302, Boston, MA 02118, (617) 938-3991. Periodical postage paid at Boston, MA, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to New England Home, PO Box 5034, Brentwood, TN 37024. For change of address include old address as well as new address with both zip codes. Allow four to six weeks for change of address to become effective. Please include current mailing label when writing about your subscription. 297 Forest Avenue Portland, ME p: 207.772.3843 | f: 207.773.2849 July–August 2017 | New England Home  199

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Sketch Pad

Design Ideas in the Making

designed this front entry gate for a circa-1900 Chapman & Frazer • We home in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood just outside of Boston. The gate not

only separates public and private spaces, but also provides the opportunity to create a first impression that celebrates the character of the property. A loose, freehand sketch shows one of many gate concepts that were drawn during design development. We worked closely with the local Historic District Commission to consider the look and scale of the gate within the context of the site, striving to complement both the Craftsman-style home and the surrounding community. (This initial sketch includes a decorative transom that was removed, at the commission’s request, to reduce the height of the gate.) Drawing inspiration from the original driveway, we fabricated new monolithic stone piers, with a drove-tooled finish and sandblasted margins, from a block of reclaimed Quincy granite, to provide the structure from which the gate hangs on two bronze hinges. Local carver Noah Gordon created a high wood relief from which the floral-inspired rosette was cast; negative space incorporated into the gate’s top rail playfully repeats the motif. At night, a backlit bronze address numeral helps guide guests to the premises.  | Dan Gordon and Patrick Taylor, Dan Gordon Landscape Architects, Wellesley and Edgartown, Massachusetts, (781) 237-5751,

200  New England Home | May–June 2017

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Gate photo by Greg Premru

5/24/17 6:42 PM

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Great Partners…

Photographer: Eric Roth Designer: Leslie Fine Art Consultant: Jacqui Becker

... Great Projects

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