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Newman Students’ Union Strategic Plan Survey

Strategic Direction; continued Which of the following statements should apply most to a Students' Union?

Results Summary 2013/14 During the period Sept. ‘13 to Jan. ‘14 NSU conducted a survey to gauge students’ feelings and opinions on how the Students’ Union is currently performing and where it should focus it’s effort in the future. Interviews were also held over the summer period ‘13 with key members of university staff to gauge how the institution saw and understood the role of the Students’ Union.

Other comments: PS. I think that if ANYONE agrees with the last point "The Union should work in partnership with the University" they really need to think about what a union actually IS. It should not wilfully work against the university, but it should ONLY have the student body best interests in mind, and this (possibly o(en) would mean gra*ng up against the Uni.

When using the Students' Union how would you like the overall experience to be?

This research will be carefully considered by NSU’s Board of Trustees who will create a Strategic Plan. This document will outline the type of organisation Newman Students’ Union should aim to be and key objectives set over a period of years to ensure it is working hard for the benefit of all students studying at Newman. This summary shows the main results from the online survey. If you would like to know more please contact the NSU President, either by calling into the Office located in the Hub, emailing or visit our website, for updates and progress as it happens. Do you live in the Do you see yourself as a Birmingham area?

Life Circumstances:

student? 9.25% 9.25%


20.5% 59%




21 49

In a week, how many hours do you spend in academic study (Lectures, private study, personal tutors)?

20 Other comments: Contentment. That the Union is working for the students be that in a fun, academic or poli*cal way; Effec ve

2 6

Other responses: To become a teacher; I had no vision of university when I was in primary school as it was not men oned; Boredom; Gaining more technical skill and exper se; Future career; To prove to my family I could do it

Who completed the Survey? Programme of Study Age

Survey conducted through ‘Survey Monkey’ September 2013 - January 2014, promotion via all 189 total responses student emails, Facebook/Twitter, on campus: in 131 completed the survey (69.3% completion rate) the Atrium using Atrium Computers, and using flyers.

29 3 0 10 5 1 50 44 0 1 0 0 1 0 3 1 1 11 2 0 15 1 10

Apart from completing your studies, how do you use your spare time?

How limiting are the following to both your academic and extra-curricular student experience? (Scale 1-10, 1 least limiting, 10 most limiting)

Scored 1 4 7 10 N/A

Key Performance

To what extent do you agree that Newman Students’ Union is having a positive effect on your time here at Newman?

Are you a member of Newman Students’ Union?


How would you prefer communication from NSU?

sa come e b e on when Every U S N er of course memb a n o nrol they e . wman e N t a

How would you prefer to communicate with NSU?


49% 34%

Current Services: How far would you travel for these services?

How important is NSU to you?

1 9

NSU is unimportant to my university life


I know it’s there but rarely use services I use the services but it’s not important to me


1. Campaigns 2. Course Representa*ves. 3. Entertainment 3 4. Forums

5. Advice 6. Trips 7. Socie*es 8. Sports 9. Website

Where would you like NSU to focus it’s efforts in the future?

Important part of my university life Central to my entire university life





Do you use these services offered by NSU? Are you aware of these services offered by NSU?

Other responses: Support with people with children/other care needs; budge ng help; Driving social policy; None of these par cularly stand out to me, but the survey wouldn’t let me carry on without picking them. I imagine they are vitally important to some younger students who really need this help. Careful of cross over with the student support services though. It could get very confusing; representa*on, either academic or financial; improving the standard of teaching given by lecturers.



How often do you come into contact with NSU (including all services listed)? Everyday 2-3 times a week Once a week Every couple of weeks Every few months Once a year

Based on he previous questions, how involved would you say your are with NSU overall? (158 responses)

, bility a y o l p n em o s for s s u e c c c o su ld f emic shou d a U c S N and a s l l i k life s nts. stude

NSU shou ld be the d awar ivers e of t e stude he ne form nt bo s of s eds o dy an uppo f d the rt the varie y ma y req d uire.


Community Which aspects of your union would you like to have more of an understanding on?

Very Somewhat Not at all

How much do you feel a part of these communities? Course



Students’ Union

care Students w their o h t u o b a spent. is y e n o m How important do you think it is to be a part of these communities? Course

Strategic Direction



What are the top three most important values you think a Students’ Union should have?

Pick the top services NSU should continue to provide in the future:

If you have used these services how would you rate their quality?

Of the services that other Student Unions have, what would you like to see here at Newman in the future?

Other responses: Should set a good example, academically, should focus on their academic work too.

How important would you rate these services?

The Stu dents’ Union should be acce ssible.

Other responses: I really cannot comment; We already have a bar and Café; A Student Union (or Student Government to put it another way) should represents the interests of students within its own university. Perhaps a good star*ng point is to look at your student body, and then design services around that demographic. Not all students are sporty, young and fit, enjoy drinking and partying, and not all students need academic help. Not all are interested in poli*cs, but they should be, and that should be one of the unions areas of focus in the future. raising awareness is half of the baBle; Cafes should be open longer in the evenings for the part me students; evening events, not too late; more academic support; more variety of sports and socie*es; opportuni es for master-classes/training; a summer-ball, outside of campus.

Students’ Union

Academic and Future Path

Tick top three factors that will help you on your chosen path after University?

What grade do you expect to achieve in your degree?

Will your degree help you on your chosen path after University?

nts stude y n a M hould s U S feel N t them r o p p su ally in c i m e acad ety of i r a v a ways.

How should NSU be involved in supporting you academically?

Leadership/involvement in Student Groups (inc. sports and socie*es)

Democracy How often do you vote in the main NSU elections?

Photo questions: Who is this and what do they do? If you haven’t voted in every election, please tell us why:

Do you know who your Course Representative is?

Do any of the elected officers or representatives have an impact on your life at Newman?

Other responses: I don’t live in Birmingham; As a distance learner I have no idea what is happening in the Union; No candidates have referenced part- me/mature students; Candidates don’t campaign to me; Mature student, never been to university before; Don’t hear much of the candidates before vo*ng; When I’ve looked all candidates/issues seem to be aimed at young students and not relevant to me; Candidates say it but never do it.

n por"o o r p h A hig s have t n e d of stu a ed in t o v r neve an Newm n ' Unio s t n e Stud n. elec"o

How would you like to give feedback to the Executive regarding the work of NSU?

Other responses: Anonymously; Survey monkeys—easiest way; I don’t; N/A; It doesn’t affect me, I’m only in once a week; Mee*ng—if I have *me.

Approx. 30-40 responses in, the Sports Officer was changed from Will to Nathan following a change in role in the October elections. During this Rebecca (Bekki) was accidentally deleted and so 30-40 results were lost to ‘skipped question’.

How much do you think your views and opinions are taken into account by the Union?

How much do you think your views and opinions are taken into account by the University?

Do you think it’s important for you to be able to have a say in the design and delivery of your academic learning?

96% of stu dents feel it ’s im portant to have a s ay in the design and delivery of their ac ademic learning.

Strategic Plan  
Strategic Plan