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May 16, 2011

Dear Friends, Take a few moments to close your eyes and relive the exhilaration of giving birth to a healthy baby. Recount your relief when hearing the baby’s first strong cries. Remember those joyous moments of counting fingers and toes. What simcha, what elation. Now try to visualize the fear and panic of parents when all does not go well. The tense moments of waiting to hold their baby for the very first time, only to be told that their newborn was whisked off to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit… The aching feeling of coming home empty handed while baby is being cared for by strangers… The endless hours of noting every breath, every heartbeat, every tick of the monitors… The overwhelming feeling of caring for a family at home while shuttling to the hospital back and forth… The shattered illusions of a dream lost… All hopes, all plans put on hold… The confusion of medical terminology… The questions… Whom should they ask? Whom should they trust? Unfortunately, all this and much more are true for parents of a child born with a congenital heart defect, a malformation of the hearts structure that is present at birth. Defects can range from minor, such as holes in the heart, to severe, as abnormalities of the valves, vessels, and heart chambers. The staggering statistic: In the United States, a child is born with a heart defect every 15 minutes, that makes it one in every 120 babies. CHD is the most common birth defect in the world. Yameitz Libechu or known as YL Hearts is the “Premier Organization for Children and Adults with Congenital Heart Defects.” Founded in 2003, Yameitz Libechu began because of one mother’s desperation. Lost in the tangled web of medical jargon, emotional turmoil and societal pressures, an idea was born. “Never should another mother need to carry this difficult burden alone!!” Whether before birth or soon thereafter, from the moment a baby is diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, YL Hearts steps in to provide guidance, support, and direction. By literally holding the parents hands as they go through the emotional turmoil of a challenge of this magnitude, we help them navigate the complexity of pediatric cardiology. Yameitz Libechu offers many support events throughout the year for fathers, mothers, and the family. By sharing and meeting at events, the families gain much chizuk from seeing the miracle babies grown up. This allows the families the opportunity to see beyond the present medical condition and gives them much hope that they too will see much nachas from this child. As one mother so aptly put it “without Yameitz Libechu two hearts would have been shattered.” Will you join us as we help them go through life’s “Seasons with Heart”? Perhaps, hand in hand, we can ease the fear of the unknown and enlighten families facing this burden alone.

Elky & Chaya Yenty

Yameitz Libechu Presents

Seasons With Heart Monday Evening May 16th 2011

The Menorah Hall 5000 14th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11219

An event for Women Only Auction Doors Open 6:00 PM Program Starts 8:00 PM $20 admission entitles you to a $15 ticket Lavish Hot Buet & Salad Station


Rebbetzin S. M. Teitelbaum Introducing Yameitz Libechu

Guest Speaker

Rebbetzin F. Teitelbaum Wife of Hakadosh Reb Arye Leibish Teitelbaum

Strengthening Hearts with Simcha Hear her Message of Healing through Song

Community Service Award Dr. Rivka Y. Stein, M.D. FAAP Stepping Stones Pediatrics

Support, Hope, Guidance Referrals and Patient Advocacy:

Referrals to top cardiologists, specialists and treatment centers based on the specific needs of each individual patient/and situation.

Help Line:

At Yameitz Libechu there is always someone available to answer any questions or concerns, giving support and guidance to anyone who turns to us for assistance. All calls are kept strictly confidential.

Welcome Packet:

When your world suddenly turns confusing, information is critical. Our welcome packet is a comprehensive guide that aids patients and their parents to know what to expect after the initial diagnosis. Thorough information is the most critical element for a family to be a confident, active participant in care decisions.

Lending Library/Resource Center:

Knowledge is empowering, that’s why we maintain fi ve updated branches in the tri-state area. This gives patients and their families seeking information related to their condition the resources they need.

Parent Networking:

Matching families with similar diagnoses and/or experiences.


Our own bi-yearly publication featuring informative articles, uplifting first-hand stories, as well as information on medical advances and research innovations in the field of pediatric cardiology.

YL Hearts Website:

YL’s website,, is another source for information. The forum gives you the prospect to connect with members worldwide. Medical questions posted are answered by our medical advisory board.

Care Packages:

Our beautifully presented packages brighten up a hospital stay. Caregivers are not forgotten. Packages include something special for the parents. Our exclusive Shabbos packages are complete with a becher, decorative dishes, zemiros and cutlery, plus the extras it takes to elevate a Shabbos stay in the hospital.

Family Support Services:

Services are customized to tailor each family’s individual needs and situation. Services include, but are not limited to; family care packages, sibling support and professional intervention.

Shevas Achim:

Inspiring gatherings for fathers, giving them a chance to meet and gain chizuk from each other.

Mothers Retreats:

Enabling mothers to relax and rejuvenate, while they share their everyday concerns with those who understand.

Weekend Retreats:

The climax of the year is our inspiring weekend getaway for the parents, patients, and their siblings. It gives them an opportunity to speak to other families in similar situations and witness first-hand the miracle babies grown up, at the same time giving the family a much needed break from the constant day to day struggles.

Medical Advisory Board:

Our advisory board is composed of distinguished doctors and leading cardiovascular surgeons affiliated with the nation’s most respected medical centers.

Adult Chapter:

Our adult chapter meets the needs and new challenges CHD’ers face as they reach adulthood.

Contact number 718-486-2895 • 718-501-7537 •


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wheel of Heart Every spin is a win!

Our Heartfelt Appreciation Seasons With Heart

Created by dedicated individuals. Our success is a reection of your devotion and generosity. We thank all of you for contributing to this event. May you always be able to give with good health and abundance.

Special Thanks To Mr. & Mrs. Landau, Reb. S.M. Teitlebaum, The Weber Family, and to all dedicated & devoted volunteers for opening their hearts and helping us. We couldn’t have done it without you. May the Ribono Shel Olam reward you.

Mrs. Faigy Weber, Mrs Elky Fried & Mrs. Chaya Yenty Waks ______________________________

In recognition of their amazing talents and expert professionalism:

1 for $5 3 for $10

Rachel Waldman 347-228-3413

Yameitz Libechu parents have witnessed miracles and therefore can strengthen others.


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6 Tickets to Kids-N-Action 5 Tickets to The Jewish Childrens Museum 4 Tickets to The Living Torah Museum

Yameitz Libechu steps in immediately at birth to calm & explain medical prognosis.


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Yameitz Libechu provides financial, spiritual & emotional support.


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Yameitz Libechu helps mend tiny broken hearts.

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Yameitz Libechu helps sort out so much medical confusion.


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Yameitz Libechu is there throughout the entire healing process.


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Yameitz Libechu shares the pain & wipes away the tears.


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‫ווינטער תשע"א‬


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With Yameitz Libechu’s support parents can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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Yameitz Libechu helps parents see the joy of the children growing strong.


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Double Discount If purchased by May 12 2011

Buy tickets for $100 or more and double your chances.

Donation amount $ Double Discount total $

Place your orders: PHONE: 917-475-2800 FAX: 718-436-7948 WEBSITE: MAIL: YL Hearts 1545 39th Street Brooklyn, NY 11218 Disclaimer: Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Prizes may vary from pictures, and are not exchangeable. We are not responsible for typographical errors. Mail orders received after auction will be considered as donations. All prizes must be picked up by Tuesday May 17, 2011, 11:00 a.m. Proper ID required at time of prize pick up.

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