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3. Learn something new. Lack of experience in a field doesn’t preclude you from applying and a committee is a great way to learn from your peers about a specific facet of the business.

If you’re still not quite sold, here are 7 reasons you should apply for a 2023 NJ Realtors® Committee:

4 | NEW JERSEY REALTOR ® | September/October 2022

t’s that time of year again—committee applications are open! If you’re reading this and not quite sure what I’m talking about, let me explain. New Jersey Realtors® is governed by a set of 22 committees made up of volunteers from around the state. These committees help shape decisions on everything from education to government affairs. Each committee usually meets a few times a year and, since 2020, a majority of those meetings have been virtual so it’s easier to fit into your schedule.

4. Earn a NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence industry unit for 2023. Serving on a committee earns you one industry unit for the year you serve. Better to have and not need than need and not have.

1. There’s something for everyone. Maybe real estate is your second career and you have 10 years experience in another field—bring that expertise to the table.

2. Have a hand in decision making. Committees make real, applicable decisions to an organization you belong you.

5. Network with Realtors® from around the state. You might know all your local fellow Realtors®, but since committees are made up from all 21 counties, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with professionals from all around New Jersey.

7. Share your local experience. A benefit of this volunteer position is the ability to have your voice heard from your local area in a statewide setting and bring the issues that matter to you to a central forum. For a list of available committees and how to apply visit Applications due by Oct. 21, 2022. 2023 Committee BY ROBERT WHITE



6. Experience is beneficial for future leadership. Thinking about a leadership role in the future? A committee is the place to start.

If you know of a municipality not prepared for the new lead paint law requirements, please submit that information NJ Realtors®. The association will share submissions with the DCA. Visit for additional resources and updates.

NEW JERSEY REALTOR ® | September/October 2022 | 5

There are two types of lead-based paint inspections, and the requirements depend on the lead levels in children in the municipality of the rental property. A visual inspection looks for deteriorated paint, surface dust, debris, or residue, while a dust wipe sampling will collect a sample by wiping floors, windowsills, and more.

All information is from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs presentation slides. For more information, visit

New Lead RequirementsRemediation Now in Effect

After the initial inspection, unit inspection is required every three years or upon tenant turnover, whichever is earlier.

In cases where inspectors find lead paint hazards, the property owner has two remediation options. Remediators can use interim control methods such as paint stabilization and smoothing surfaces to reduce lead exposure temporarily. In cases where interim controls don’t suffice, remediators can use abatement methods—removing building components containing lead-based paint hazards.


The new law, which is now in effect, requires lead paint inspection and remediation for residential one- and twofamily rental properties upon tenant turnover or by July 24, 2024, if there is no tenant turnover. Currently, the law is not tied to time-of-sale requirements, and multiple dwelling units have long been regulated for lead.

Municipalities with a permanent inspector will be required to complete the inspections. Municipalities without a permanent inspector must hire a lead evaluation contractor. In either case, the landlord or owner can directly hire a lead evaluation contractor to perform the inspection.

F or the past several months, NJ Realtors® Government Affairs Department has been hard at work disseminating vital information regarding the new lead-based paint law, which went into effect on July 22 of this year. Before the law took effect, the association hosted a webinar with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and New Jersey Department of Health. Questions came in by the hundreds, and more than 2,000 members tuned in to further their knowledge about the law. For those who missed the webinar, the presentation is available to download at

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New Jersey Realtors® Position: OPPOSE We oppose this bill given the concerns about potential impacts for real estate transactions and are seeking an amendment excluding requests for housing purposes from this bill.

New Jersey Realtors® Position: SUPPORT WITH AMENDMENT We support this bill with an amendment to indicate the funding will come from HMFA funding as opposed to the general fund of the state budget.

Items Discussed in Bulletin 22-07

• Licensees can only accept commission payments through their broker of record, not from their team leader or a member of their team.

• Team webpages are permitted, as long as they comply with the Real Estate Licensing Act and REC regulations.

• Teams cannot operate out of separate, satellite offices unless properly licensed with the REC in line with applicable statutes and regulations. Teams must be supervised by a broker of record or broker-salesperson, and they must maintain normal business hours.

Real Estate Teams Update

• Brokers of record are responsible for supervising all licensees within their office, regardless of whether they are a member of a team or have a separate team leader.

Bill History: 2/10/2022 – Introduced in Senate and referred to the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee 2/28/2022 – Introduced in Assembly and referred to Assembly Housing Committee 5/9/2022 – Reported out of Senate Committee and referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee


Bill History: 1/11/2022 – Introduced in Assembly and referred to Assembly Environment and Solid Waste 5/12/2022Committee–Introduced in Senate and referred to Senate Environment and Energy Committee A2785 – Freiman (D16), Jaffer (D16) “New Jersey American Dream Act,” appropriates $25 million to provide down payment and home repair assistance to low and moderate income first-time homebuyers.

A3145 – Moen (D5), Danielsen (D17)/S919 –Beach (D6), Corrado (R40) Prohibits open public records request for commercial purposes.

New Jersey Realtors® Position: OPPOSE We oppose this bill as it adds a new timeof-sale requirement that can be costly and challenging depending on the time of year a home is sold.

New Jersey Realtors® urges members of real estate teams, brokers who have teams operating within their offices, or those Realtors® interested in forming or joining a real estate team to review the contents of Bulletin 22-07 to ensure they’re in compliance with all relevant statutes and rules.

• All applicable advertising regulations must be complied with by real estate teams including the name of the broker on record with the REC.

Over the years, there have been many questions about the operation of real estate teams in New Jersey as they become more popular within the real estate profession. While these are not new regulations, the NJ Real Estate Commission has adopted Bulletin 22-07 to provide guidance and clarification as to how real estate teams should operate. Bulletin 22-07 includes important guidance on how real estate teams can conduct business in New Jersey under the existing statutes and regulations of the REC. It includes information on broker supervision requirements, how members of a real estate team can be paid commission payments through their broker, the office location requirements where teams can conduct business, and the obligation to comply with the advertising rules.

Bill History: 1/31/2022 – Introduced in Senate and referred to Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee 3/7/2022 – Introduced in Assembly and referred to Assembly State and Local Government Committee A1755 – McKeon (D27), Calabrese (D36)/S2505 – Smith (D17), Greenstein (D14) Requires installation of operational automatic rain sensor on lawn sprinklers as condition of sale and on lawn sprinklers on commercial, retail or industrial property, and in common interest communities within specified timeframes.

Visit for more information.,2022

“The news that Amazon scrapped their plan to build a regional cargo hub at Newark Airport has pumped the brakes a bit on the industrial sector,” said Michael Schipper, senior executive director of The Blau & Berg Co. in Short Hills. “We’re also hearing that companies like Target have inventory they can’t sell so they won’t be ordering more.”


“Homes are taking a little longer to sell since mortgage rates began to rise. That’s leveling the playing field for buyers, but inventory is still extremely low, especially in Cherry Hill, Voorhees and Camden and Gloucester counties,” said Desai.

“Residential real estate agents may have more insight into migration patterns than commercial agents,” said Bronsnick.


W hile some real estate agents handle both commercial and residential transactions, most specialize in one market segment. Even within the commercial real estate industry, many agents focus on one property area. However, there are synergies between commercial and residential real estate and trends in each market that can influence others.

“Residential and commercial real estate are connected,” said Peter Bronsnick, executive managing director and managing principal for the New Jersey market at Cushman and Wakefield. “We watch trends in residential real estate that help us track labor migration that would impact commercial development.”

Typically, commercial real estate trends trail residential real estate by 18 to 24 months, said Bronsnick.

According to the June housing data reports from New Jersey Realtors®, residential closed sales dropped 12.9% compared to this time last year.

“For example, we saw a big migration into suburban New Jersey from New York when COVID-19 started, which brought next generation talent and executives to the outer suburbs who are now figuring out what they want to do next.”

“Development of residential areas drives retail development,” said Ken Richardson, executive director of Vantage Commercial Real Estate in Cherry Hill. “When you see a new 55+ community under development, investors will look at purchasing a nearby shopping center and switching it to medical tenants who can serve the residents of that new community,” said Richardson.

New Jersey’s residential real estate market has been robust since the pandemic began despite low inventory and a lack of new development, said Raki Desai, Realtor® with Vantage Residential Real Estate in Cherry Hill.

New Jersey’s strongest property sector–and the most attractive commercial real estate sector for investors has been the industrial market. “We’ve seen unprecedented growth in rents, high demand, and low vacancy rates,” said Bronsnick. However, supply chain issues and recession fears are impacting the industrial sector.

10 | NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022

Trends in Commercial Real Estate Sectors Inflation and rising mortgage interest rates are impacting all parts of the real estate market. Here’s a look at several commercial real estate sectors.

“Since COVID-19 we’re seeing more demand for event spaces for 75 people or less. The business model for some of these places is just a space with tables and chairs. The event planners need to bring in everything else.”


NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022 | 11

Despite the competition from e-commerce, retail in walkable areas or near dense residential neighborhoods is doing well, said Schipper.

There’s a backlog of clients who want to purchase industrial properties, said Richardson. Ninety percent of Vantage’s commercial business is within a 30-mile radius of Cherry Hill. “We sold three industrial sites in the past 18 months, but we could have sold 30,” said Richardson. “There’s more supply of industrial space in Northern New Jersey, but it’s still limited in our area.”

The office market is struggling because many employees still prefer to work at home.

Schipper thinks the U.S. is already in a recession and the oversupply issue will exacerbate the cooling off in the industrial sector. “More tenants will push back on rent increases, especially in the secondary and tertiary markets,” said Schipper.

“Shopping areas with a strong anchor tenant and service-oriented shops such as nail and hair salons and dry cleaners have low vacancy rates and good values,” said Schipper.

“However, we have tremendously low vacancy rates in warehouses in New Jersey and a densely populated, affluent region, so investors are still extremely interested in the industrial sector here.”

There’s a shift in focus from larger warehouses to smaller distribution sites that provide “last mile” services and address demand for same day delivery, said Bronsnick. Meaning more warehouses are needed close to residential areas.


“We’re likely to see more vacant commercial real estate properties converted to residential use,” said Desai.

Bronsnick said retail markets in downtown areas in markets such as Ridgewood, Summit, Chatham and Red Bank are “Mom-and-popthriving.retailis strong and we’re also seeing some larger shopping center sites converted into use for dental offices and even event spaces,” said Richardson.

Working from home has had a big impact on the residential market, increasing demand for larger apartments and homes with room for more than one office, said Desai.

“The New Jersey industrial market is cooling a little, but that only means it’s shifting from white hot to hot,” said Bronsnick.

“Employers need to find innovative ways to improve the culture and environment in their space so the office becomes a place where employees want to be,” said Bronsnick. “The suburban office market is a little more active than urban locations because of labor migration to the suburbs. The challenge for urban locations is that people are still hesitant to use public transit.” Office vacancy rates are up to 9.3% in southern New Jersey, said Richardson. “Investors are staying away from the office sector until companies figure out how to get workers back into the office,” said Richardson. “There’s a disconnect because workers want to be at home 100% and companies want them in the office, so some are compromising on two days a week.”

The lack of inventory for homebuyers, high prices and rising mortgage rates combined to increase demand–which was already high–for rentals, said Chris Cervelli, a broker and Realtor® with Cervelli Real Estate and Property Management in North Bergen.

“We’recosts. seeing a narrower group of institutional investors and high-networth individuals in multifamily development because of these higher costs,” said Bronsnick.

When inventory of homes is low, Desai recommends staying connected with builders and thinking outside the box for opportunities.

Sellers still think they’ll see multiple offers and higher prices, but buyers are pulling back a little.”

“Regional malls are suffering throughout New Jersey because of competition from e-commerce, so owners are looking to create experiential retail as a reason to shop,” said Bronsnick. “Some of them are turning over some space for medical outpatient use to create some synergy for people to come in for a doctor visit, have lunch at a restaurant and shop.”

“And now with interest rates up, there’s a disconnect between buyers and sellers of multifamily properties.

Sales of multi-family buildings have slowed because of higher rates, but Cervelli is optimistic once mortgage rates stabilize in the 4% to 5% range, the velocity of the market will ramp up “Theagain.demographics are strong for multi-family purchases because we have baby boomers selling their buildings to pass their money on to their heirs and 25 to 40-year-olds who are raising capital to buy them,” said Cervelli. “There’s also elevated demand for rentals because of the lack of homes to buy.”

12 | NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022

In southern New Jersey, the investor market for duplexes and triplexes continues to be strong, said Desai. “We have a lot of buyers who will live in one unit and rent out the rest as well as some who buy a building and rent out all the units,” said Desai. Taxes are a big issue for landlords, along with increased operational costs, said Cervelli. In Jersey City, for example, property taxes will rise 26% in the third quarter of 2022, according to “RentCervelli.growth is likely to continue but it won’t necessarily cover higher taxes and insurance, rising interest rates, higher utility costs and wage increases for staff,” said Cervelli. Rising interest rates and supply chain issues are also increasing development

Bronsnick anticipates seeing more malls repositioned as owners try to monetize their real estate and convert malls for multi-family or hospitality use.

A good broker or agent should be tied into their market and keep up with all the local development news, said “YouRichardson.needto be networking every day so you know what’s going on in your market,” said Richardson. “Agents should be looking at things with a vision for the possibilities, including converting commercial space for other uses.”

Linking Residential and Commercial Trends


“People may not appreciate the correlation between the realms of residential and commercial real estate,” said Bronsnick. “Both sides need to know about demographics, communities, migration patterns and Whiledevelopment.”bothsides of the real estate market may be buffeted by inflation and higher mortgage interest rates, Bronsnick is bullish on the future of New Jersey real estate.

“The problem is that we still lack enough quality rental properties in Northern New Jersey,” said Cervelli.

Shopping malls are a different story.

“There’s plenty of money out there to invest in real estate, but people are waiting for a correction,” said Bronsnick. “Investors see a correction as an opportunity to buy property. 2023 is anticipated to be a difficult year for business, but I expect it to plateau rather than for prices to drop. After that, real estate will continue to flourish because it’s a hard asset that people can rely on to build and preserve wealth. Real estate lends itself to a stability that can’t be replicated in the stock market.”

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Geography plays a role in the secluded feel as there are only three ways into the town, which is surrounded by water, forest, hills, and the mountains. In fact, one theory as to the town’s name is it is truly encircled by woods. When in Ringwood, you truly feel encompassed in nature. During the height of the pandemic, this made the area extremely appealing. As people sought ways to spend time outside, it became clear Ringwood could offer it all.

Deputy Mayor Jaime Landis said since that time, they have seen a boom in Ringwood’s housing market.

14 | NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022 TOWN SPOTLIGHT


According to NJ Realtors® June 2022 housing data reports, single family homes in Ringwood were on the market for just 29 days and received an average of 107.1% of the list price. Homes prices throughout the state are on the rise, and Ringwood is no different with its median sales price clocking in at $450,000, a 15.1% increase Councilwomanyear-to-date.Michelle Kerr said she always wanted to raise her family in a town where “people waved back”—and she found that in Ringwood. She said anytime she’s out walking with the kids, everyone waves—whether they know her or “Ringwoodnot. is also a place where kids can be kids—spending all day outside instead of stuck indoors,” said Kerr. “It’s a friendly town where everyone really has a sense of community spirt, which is something often lost these days.”

Landis agrees and said although there’s no question the area is special due to its connection with the environment, it’s

RINGWOOD A Nature Lover’s Paradise BY LINDSEY GETZ

ingwood has been called a nature lover’s paradise—and for good reason. Situated among the Ramapo Mountains and surrounded by lakes, the town has an ecotourism draw. Those seeking a connection with the outdoors can find plenty to do—while the town’s friendly community spirit often draws people to take up roots and stay. Ringwood holds a key place in history because of the area’s large deposits of iron ore. During the Revolutionary War, Ringwood Ironworks produced arms for the Continental Army. Today, residents and visitors are drawn to the natural beauty of the region and the recreational opportunities this affords. Though a mere 40-minute drive from Manhattan, Ringwood feels a lot like a hidden gem full of appealing green space and soothing water.

NEW JERSEY REALTOR ® | September/October 2022 | 15

Ringwood Manor Photo courtesy of Michelle Kerr hosts Victorian Christmas open house weekends with tours, holiday tea, and fine arts sales. It’s also difficult to go far in Ringwood without seeing water. The region is home to the Monksville Reservoir, which is surrounded by forest and offers paddle boarding and kayaking lessons and rentals. Visitors can also rent a dragon board, a four-person racing style paddleboard, to tour the Reservoir.

the people that set Ringwood apart. “The magic of Ringwood comes from the people,” said Landis. “It lies in the spirit of our volunteers and the way that we are all there for one another.”


Whether coming for the day or looking for a home, Ringwood has much to offer. This provides the opportunity to take in a show, enjoy a top-notch meal, or just enjoy the sights of the city. Ringwood also provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle— where life is enjoyed at a slightly slower pace and people are truly connected to their natural surroundings. To many, Ringwood is a place to live in the present moment and enjoy the magic of community.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Kerr

State Park is a key draw to the area. According to the New Jersey State Park Service, it boasts shimmering ponds and streams, specialty gardens, and an intricate trail system. It also has The State Botanical Garden and Ringwood and Skylands Manors, which make lovely day trip destinations. During the holiday season, the manors are decorated beautifully and draw people in for tours.

For those who move to Ringwood, the town is made up of private lake communities residents can join, much like they would a local pool. These communities host recreational swimming, ice cream socials, and more old-fashioned fun. For visitors or those without a private lake membership, there is Shepherd Lake, part of Ringwood State Park. This public lake offers boating, fishing, and a stunning backdrop to hiking, biking, and Ringwoodpicnicking.




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16 | NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022 TECH COLUMN



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“I choose to make my clients my family in this business,” said Shah.

“When a new buyer or seller comes in, I add them to the group,” said Shah. “It’s like one big family. We help each other out.”

“It’s has over 2,000 residents involved. It’s non-political and nonbullying. We celebrate wins and share community events,” said HeLevine.believes when people get to know Mike at the bagel store or Jerry at the local mechanic shop, people begin to understand knowing these people is a bridge to knowing more people.

18 | NEW JERSEY REALTOR ® | September/October 2022

Selling one’s community in innovative and authentic ways involving local businesses and individuals has been many New Jersey Realtors®’ biggest strengths. Realtors® across the state have found their own unique approaches to boosting or enticing others to visit or come live in their cities and towns. They become unofficial ambassadors where they live, work, and play.

S elling real estate is more than just selling homes. As Realtors®, it’s about connecting people and being involved with the community.

Shah also is very active on social media, and has grown his group on Telegram, an instant messgage platform, to over 3,000 members.

Levine was born and raised in the same town he now works, and does as much as he can to help his community thrive. He volunteers with the local government and his town’s Little League. Levine also produces videos of local businesses to help new residents meet some of the best townsfolk.

“Business comes from relationships, and relationships come from shared experiences–a phone call, pushing the elevator button at the same time, a cup of coffee together, or a game of golf.”

If someone needs a good dentist or is looking for a plumber, he stops what he is doing four times a day for about 15-20 minutes each time to answer the questions.

“It offers tons of value and gives a community feel,” said Levine.

Small Backyard Get-Togethers Nikunj (Nikki) Shah is a Realtor® and used to host client appreciation parties every year. Since COVID-19 put a hold on those, he decided to invite small groups each weekend to his backyard oasis for small barbecues to help people meet others.

Levine began a Facebook group during the height of the pandemic called We Are New Milford, and it continues to grow. He invites his clients, even those who haven’t bought a house yet, to join. It connects people with local attorneys, financial advisors, small business owners, and so many more to help them feel they belong and have friends.

“They become friends. Most are new here, and that’s how we get connected,” said Shah, Realtor® at Long & Foster Realty, Cherry Hill. “We have the pool, drinks, and food. They call me Mr. Connector in South Jersey.”


“I help people find their place in the world,” said Jason Levine, who co-owns ONE94 Real Estate Group in New Milford.

Creative Ways to Sell CommunityYour

She also keeps a long list of painters, dentists, restaurants, inspectors, and more.

“One of my clients said, ‘Just seeing your name on my phone calms me down,” said Gonen, Realtor® with the Better Home and Gardens Real Estate Green Team of New Jersey Realty.

Judith Weiniger

As a member of the Economic Advisory Committee in Vernon Township, Gonen recognized the need for more business in her town.

Gonen also serves on the town’s Beautification Committee. There are only five citizens on it, and “we do everything together,” said Gonen. “We make Vernon more pleasing to the eye, and hopefully, other people will want to move Shehere.”suggests putting together a list of local businesses in the area so you have recommendations to provide your “Ifclients.they want a bee keeper, I even have a bee keeper that I direct them to,” said Gonen.

She’s collaborated with the School Board of Education to create videos about Warren schools.

“It was a smart business decision and a human decision. We are all in this together,” said Weiniger. She paused creating videos during the pandemic, but she has 12 new videos about her community coming out soon. In her videos, she highlights some of the best neighborhoods, areas with new construction, luxury neighborhoods, and so much “It’smore.all very local and very detailed,” said Weiniger. She feels all Realtors® can just take their own smart phone, find a good video app, and start filming.

Video Ventures

“The best way for a Realtor® to get to know people in their community is to get involved,” said Weiniger. “Be that community expert.”

After growing up in Israel, Keren Gonen has moved 28 times, so she understands the stress of moving and selling on a very personal level, and tries to be a steady and tranquil source during their selling or buying experiences.

“TheyRealty. want to work with you if they know you, like you, and trust you,” said Weiniger. She recomends posting videos on Instagram stories. Before someone picks out a house to live in, they usually choose a community to live in so, in 2012, Weiniger began creating business community videos.

Community Involvement

“I wanted to highlight small businesses to get their name out there because many of them didn’t know how to do it, said Weiniger, “It’s was all about how I can show what it’s like to live in Warren — the restaurants, shops, and parks.”

Consumers need to know who you are as a Realtor®, according to Judith Weiniger, founder and broker at Weiniger

Making connections and becoming the go-to community expert in your town can help your business and your community thrive.

NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022 | 19 Extending Far Beyond A Conventional Brokerage Firm.

Three Up-and-Coming Towns

NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022 | 21


While the commercial and residential market segments are vastly different, they also impact one another in more ways than one. Population influxes, increased job openings, or redevelopment projects impact a town’s real estate industry and economy. These three towns have undergone changes in the past decade and will likely see continued changes in the next few years.

Secaucus, Hudson County

This suburban town is known as one of the best places to live if you commute into New York City. It’s just six miles from Times Square, 8.6 miles to the Lower East Side, and 14.5 miles to Yankee Stadium. While proximity to New York City could be a downside, the New Jersey’s Meadowlands and the Hackensack River surround the town and provide countless recreational opportunities. There are walking paths along the river for residents and visitors to enjoy, and its’ community ties are strong with community gardens and recreational sports teams for all ages. According to the U.S. Census, the population was estimated at 21,295 in July 2021, an increase of more than 5,000 since 2010. The town is split in two by Route 3 with most of the town’s commercial real estate on one side, and homes, schools, and the marsh trail on the Homesother.are mostly ranch and split-level, with some sporadic modern-style newer homes. According to NJ Realtors® June data, there were 24 single family closed sales year-to-date, and the median sales price clocked in at $664,500.

Glassboro, Gloucester County Edgewater, Bergen County

22 | NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022

At the edge of the state, practically in New York City, you’ll find the town of Edgewater. The Hudson River lines the length of the borough, which is just moments away from the George Washington Bridge. With 14,647 residents, according to the U.S. Census, Edgewater has the lowest population of the three towns, but in the past 10 years, they’ve gained more than 3,000 residents. It is also the smallest at 0.94 square miles. First established in 1894, Edgewater has strong roots in history. Many of the town’s buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places such as Borough Hall and the Edgewater Public Library. Brownstone and narrow homes line the brickpaved sidewalks throughout, and according to New Jersey Realtors®, Edgewater’s median sales price in June was $845,000, and there were six single family and 144 townhousecondo closed sales year-to-date. With redevelopment plans underway, Edgewater will look different in the next few years. In December 2021, the Borough of Edgewater Planning Board approved the plans for a mixeduse development with 1,200 residential units and up to 20,000 square feet of retail floor area and public open space. The location, 615 River Road, was the former Hess Corporation petroleum storage terminal and has since been torn down.

Over the past decade, Glassboro has been a town to watch. Once a commuter-focused college, Rowan University has grown in size and Thereputation.downtown has followed suit, and according to, public and private investors put more than $400 million into the downtown area. There is plenty of retail space, office space, and a growing arts and entertainment district. According to the State of New Jersey, Rowan University’s enrollment in 2010 was 11,300 total students. In 2020, the State of New Jersey reports there were 15,963 undergraduate students enrolled, an increase of nearly 5,000 students in 10 years, making Glassboro a good option for businesses looking to recruit, young home buyers looking for an up-and-coming downtown, or for someone looking for employment Residentialopportunities.streets are tree-lined and homes are a mix of ranch and colonial-style. According to New Jersey Realtors® June data, the median sales price was $262,000, and there were 84 single family closed sales year-to-date.

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Wherefast.exactly our

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Learn to

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26 | NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022

The Realtor ® Difference Checklist

Give this page to your potential clients so they better understand the difference.

Subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics. New Jersey Realtors® are part of a family of professionals and are members of the National Association of Realtors® , a global real estate trade association with more than one million members, and they adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that not all agents are bound to following. Access to updated to real estate practices, laws, and contracts. Realtors® can take additional continuing education classes and supplementary resources about the latest industry news and topics. They also have evolving contracts to abide by New Jersey law, and can obtain answers to day-to-day legal questions with New Jersey Realtors® Legal Resource Library. Have access to comprehensive and proprietary housing data. Only New Jersey Realtors® can research municipality real estate markets and have access to the most comprehensive housing data in the state. Whether you need help pricing your home competitively or are looking for a town in your price range, New Jersey Realtors® have just what you need to help make informed buying, selling, and renting decisions. Experienced guide that can help you through the home buying, selling, or renting process. Realtors® are there to help you navigate the market and are experts in the town that they sell. They’re unmatched in their quest toward satisfying their clients’ needs and making the American Dream of Homeownership a reality for all.


Not all agents are Realtors ®.

NJHMFA’s Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program provides $10,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance to first-time homebuyers. These funds need never be repaid if the borrower lives in their new home for at least five years without selling, refinancing, or defaulting. more at

For New Jersey residents looking to buy their first home, saving enough money for a down payment often comes second to more immediate costs of living – student loans, childcare, rent, insurance, and additional expenses.



There is a significant income-ready segment of the New Jersey population poised to buy a house, yet the initial down payment and closing cost hurdle are the # 1 impediment to becoming a first-time homebuyer. New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency can help them over this hurdle.

To partner on homebuying webinars for your current and potential clients, email



GSCBR enjoying recipes from “The Real Realtors® of South Jersey Cookbook.”

Realtors® Participate in Habitat for Humanity Project

Realtors® volunteering with the Habitat for Humanity.

Gloucester Salem County Board Realtors® Dish Out Cookbook for a Cause Realtors® served up a batch of delicious recipes in “The Real Realtors® of South Jersey Cookbook.” 100% of the proceeds of the cookbook were donated to NJ Realtors® Fighting Hunger initiative—a statewide project addressing food insecurity and raising hunger and poverty awareness in local communities.


The North Central Jersey Association of Realtors® Young Professionals Network participated in a team build day in June with the Morris County Habitat for Humanity— an organization that builds and rehabilitates houses for families in need. In the fall, NCJAR is hosting a Casino Night to further benefit the Morris Habitat.

NEW JERSEY REALTOR® | September/October 2022 | 29 Licensing, Continuing Education & Exam Prep Courses & Seminars Salespersons, Brokers, Appraisers, Mortgage Loan Officers Life, Health, Property, Causality & Title Agents INCLASSwww.AmericanSchoolNJ.comONLINEONSITE Call 800-288-5154 Offering a variety of programs to fit each client’s needs since 1989 MULTI FAMILY . MIXED USE . OFFICE . RETAIL INDUSTRIAL . SPECIAL PURPOSE . & MORE! Looking for a Commercial Mortgage? CALL DIRECT! 732-714-2300 CommerCial mortgage assoCiates COMMERCIALMORTGAGENJ.COM MARKETPLACE @njrealtors For the Latest Industry News, Follow Us On Puzzle provided by Get the answers to the puzzle on page 2. SUDOKU Have a few minutes? Challenge yourself!

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