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Puppy love swamps our family

Parish priest told to leave


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Mall renovations have traders worried BRUNSWICK Street Mall traders are concerned whether their businesses will stay afloat before its scheduled completion in June. The $4 million project was fast-tracked to January following extensive consultation between Brisbane City Council and traders so that work would be undertaken as quickly as possible during their quietest period. Traders have been interacting with local councillors face-to-face as well as receiving weekly updates about construction progress which are hand delivered and also sent out via an email distribution list. Although the works are currently on track, 7-11 owner Aruna Deo

where we made the same as last year, so either people are getting used to it or they don’t mind the work,” he said. Since the renovations, Mr Hueston has had to put franchising and training on hold as well as cutting back on staff hours. While he hasn’t been given a rent discount, his ‘biggest concern’ was whether the new pods to be installed in the center of the mall, will increase competition for food traders. “We have to suck it up, I suppose. For me, as long as anyone can trade at night, they will make enough money to survive but some people are finding it extremely difficult,” he

The $4 million project was fast-tracked to January following extensive consultation between Brisbane City Council and traders so that work would be undertaken as quickly as possible during their quietest period. has become “completely paranoid” about the future. She braced herself for losses but with business down 40 per cent to last year, she is “extremely worried” – even night business on weekends has dwindled. “It is killing us,” she said. “I know it is good in the long run but what’s happening in the short term? The rent doesn’t go down, our overheads don’t go down, everything stays the same. The losses are a lot more than we expected.” Ms Deo said that more should be done by Council to support struggling traders, such as compensation or rent discounts, but according to her, nothing has been done. For Five Dogs owner Rob Hueston, his three-year-old business has been able to survive due to night trading on weekends. “We had a Saturday recently

said. Axel Wong, director of Cosmo Cafe was one of the few traders Village News spoke to that was optimistic about the future. The cafe has also lost 40 per cent trade but Axel was always employing new ways to attract more customers, such as introducing Shisha during night trade. He heralded the renovations as a positive move which would “hopefully” solve past safety issues regarding transients and drunken hooligans. However, he was dissatisfied with the accuracy of the information presented by Council every week – which he has had to clarify on more than one occasion. Several other traders echoed the same fears for their uncertain future but hoped that the public, and the Council, would continue their support.

May Advertising Deadlines A monthly magazine for the residents, workers and visitors of New Farm, Fortitude Valley, Teneriffe, Newstead, Kangaroo Point, Spring Hill and Petrie Bight. The Village News is personally hand-delivered to all homes, apartments and businesses in those areas.

Advertising: Fri 18th Apr Artwork: Tue 22nd Apr Distributed: Mon 28th Apr Distribution: 20,000

Published by Village News Publishing Pty Ltd ACN 162090431

3254 4965 PO Box 2551, New Farm Q 4005 Election material responsibility, M Hawke 50 Macquarie st Teneriffe.

The mall was virtually empty when Village News visited during the day. A Brisbane City Council spokesperson encouraged all traders to voice any issues to the contact centre or via the Malls Management office. The spokesperson said the mall has been promoted as open for business via social media and events in the Valley Precinct, including Chinatown Mall which attracts additional foot traffic to Brunswick Street Mall. “Council has installed twelve large signs at each of the entry points to the Brunswick Street Mall and throughout the Mall itself to identify that businesses are

operating throughout construction,” the spokesperson said. “Council continues to explore a wide range of marketing and promotional activities in partnership with local traders for the relaunch of the Brunswick Street Mall. Valley Fiesta is being brought forward to assist in promoting the Brunswick Street Mall revitalisation.”

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The Market Place

Engine Room restaurant proposal draws a mixed response


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villagenews April 2014

Jim Graham and Ken Hoy at the proposed 60 seat restaurant. Inset: Inside the engine room. MACQUARIE Street residents have raised concerns over the development application from Brisbane City Council to turn the historic Engine Room into a ‘small scale restaurant’. Long term New Farm resident Ken Hoy lives in the direct vicinity of the Engine Room and is worried about the scale of the project, which proposes to add an external deck and kitchen to the 1487m2 lot. With a proposed seating capacity of 60, it is larger than nearby Brunswick Street cafe End of the Road with 50. “The real objection is having an operational restaurant in a small residential area like this, in between two buildings. There are no facilities for any additional car parking, noise control and smell,” Ken said. “If it is going to be a restaurant with a fully operational kitchen, how will garbage trucks come in to clear the grease trap? All they show you on the plan is some wheelie bins. There has been no electrical, plumbing, lighting or drainage information provided.” The proposal also includes an acoustic timber screen to shield the service access and bin storage, an awning roof over the attached deck and public toilets inside the building. Ken supports the Council’s desire to reuse the site, which has been vacant for 20 years and is publicly inaccessible, but believes it would be better suited for other purposes. “Has Council looked at making the Engine Room into offices for local groups such as the (New Farm) Historical Society and/or leasing out space to community businesses? Even including a small cafe or kiosk?

If not, why not?” he said. According to Ken, he received no consultation from the council but the development application found online states that the council made 700 letter box drops to nearby residents and businesses, of which they received 13 objections out of 33 replies. “We seem to be powerless. There is no redress as we cannot afford to take on the government,” he said. A council spokesperson said the development application was still in assessment phase, which does not yet include public consultation. “As part of the assessment phase, Council has requested further information from the applicant about some aspects of the proposal. Once Council has received a response to its Information Request, public notification will occur for 15 business days. The public notification phase is when Council will receive feedback about this application,” the spokesperson said. Public notification will include signs being placed at the development site to inform residents about the proposed development. During this time any member of the public can make a submission to Brisbane City Council with their views about the proposal.

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Community fight continues through mediation

THE second Pride of Workmanship awards were held by the Rotary Club of New Farm on March 19 at Eves on the River. The event brought the New Farm community together, with six outstanding winners who were recognised for their commitment and dedication to their work. Caption: Kent Maddock – New Farm Neighbourhood Centre - President, John Whitlock of Australia Post Parcel Courier, Michael Cosgrove Manager at Eves on the River, Patricia Swell - Access Arts - CEO, Carmel Harrison, Charlton Brown - Childcare Trainer and Assessor, Robyn Smedley - Cerebral Palsy League - Research and Evaluation Officer for Services.

Friends of Florence Street find Facebook

THE community around the wonderful Florence Street in Teneriffe have now got their own Facebook page, created by Teneriffe Progress Association said president Ben Pritchard. “You could live your whole life in Florence Street and never leave, there are so many varied businesses in that street,” Mr Pritchard said. “The reason for the page is to build an awareness of the street, and to get people to appreciate it, and we’re hoping the local traders will step up and we’re hoping to engage in some collective marketing for the street,” he said. “Then we can build some campaigns for the street, get things done such as footpath re-laying, some additional traffic calming and some street improvements we could get council to do for us if we had enough support,” he said. The Facebook page can be found at: friendofflorencestreet

THE residents of the Kangaroo Point community are digging deep to keep the fight against what they call a “non-compliant development” by Metro Property Developments moving forward. The appeal moved through its first stage, where Judge Rackemann ordered the parties - the Kangaroo Point residents, the developer David Devine and Brisbane City Council meet for mediation. No agreement was reached and both parties remained committed to maintaining their ground. The next phase of the appeal involves engaging with experts and preparing those reports to support the case. The reports were due to be presented to Judge Rackemann in the Planning and Environment Court in May. “On the back of this first mediation the (KPRA) Steering Committee is more committed than ever to stopping this non-compliant development in its current form,” a group spokesperson said. The residents are raising money for the fighting fund and are appealing to the community for help. The group has embarked on extensive fundraising activities but is hopeful that donations will be forthcoming from body corporates and the community of

residents. “The contributions to the fund thus far have allowed us to participate in this first mediation, however as we now look ahead to the completion of the expert reports and our second mediation meeting we need more; $30 000 more,” a spokesperson said. The building, Riverview Towers, is approved to a height of 20 storeys in a part of Kangaroo Point that is limited in the Neighbourhood Plan to just 10 storeys. Other conditions of the proposed development contravene the Neighbourhood Plan and the residents are fighting to make sure council approves developments in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan. “What we are concerned about is the precedent that it sets for the Brisbane City Council to ignore its own City Plan at will and according to the whims of developers. And that’s really serious,” said Karen Williams, one of the residents appealing the decision. To make a donation contact Karen Williams: 0412683681 or email:

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Deery family helps Nudgee take river double header By Gary Balkin A UNIQUE three-generation link connecting an iconic Brisbane family with two historic institutions - St Joseph’s Nudgee College and St Joseph’s College (Joeys), Sydney - was celebrated when the end of season Head of the River rowing battle was waged recently.

Well done to our Open First VIII and their coaches as they executed a near-perfect race plan. St Joseph’s Nudgee College defeated all-comers in a stunning show of strength to claim the O’Connor Cup and the Old Boys Cup, and in doing so, won seven of the 15 races. Among those victorious Nudgee rowers were Thomas and Isaac Deery, sons of Story Bridge Hotel coowner Richard Deery and grandsons of the first of the family to own the Story Bridge Hotel in 1957, Barrie Deery. Thomas was in the First VIII,

claiming the prestigious O’Connor Cup with Isaac in the Year 10 Division 8 Quad. “Thomas was in the bow seat, thereby claiming the inner circle honour, or the added glory of being first rower over the finishing line,” Nudgee Director of Rowing Christian Oneto said. “Well done to our Open First VIII and their coaches as they executed a near-perfect race plan. To stay calm and composed when you are nearly a boat-length down at the halfway mark on the final race of the season takes a special kind of confidence and composure,” Mr Oneto said. He praised rowing coaches John Bowes, Graham Leddie and Tom Moloney for their achievement. “We are fortunate in that John Bowes is unquestionably the best schoolboy coach in the country. He is also the Australian Schoolboys representative coach,” Mr Oneto said. When Thomas and Isaac’s father, Richard, attended Nudgee College, there was no rowing team. He established himself as a distinguished footballer, a star of the Second XV and a bench-warmer

Inset: Richard Deery. Thomas and Isaac Deery with Director of Rowing Mr Christian Oneto. Photo courtesy Sportography. (reserve) for the mighty First XV. Later, Richard played rugby with Brothers U-18s and U-19s in Wallaby Tony Shaw’s era. If there had been a rowing team at Nudgee when Richard attended, it is likely he would have continued the family’s distinguished rowing tradition, begun by his father, Barrie, when he attended St Joseph’s College, Sydney. Barrie rowed for the school’s First VIII, claiming Head of the River, some decades before his grandsons would go on to achieve the same honour. Barrie is no longer around to see his grandsons carry on his rowing

prowess, but his widow Mrs Deery Snr, now in her 90s, is believed to be thrilled with her grandsons’ successes. What a connection – St Josephs, Sydney, to St Josephs, Nudgee! First and third generations in Head of the River, First VIII. Richard Deery is as proud as punch, of course, and is seemingly more pleased with his sons’ success than his own most recent award when he was inducted to the Australian Hotels Association Hall of Fame as a leading hotelier. All eyes will be on young Isaac to see if he can replicate the First VIII win in 2016!

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Ferry terminals repaired following 2011 floods THE Brisbane City Council has begun a $70 million project to improve eight ferry terminals in Brisbane after they were destroyed during the January 2011 floods.

(Kangaroo Point), Sydney Street (New Farm), the University of Queensland (St Lucia), Regatta (Toowong), North Quay (CBD), Maritime Museum (South Brisbane) and QUT Gardens Point (CBD). With the CityCat fleet a “key component” of the city’s broader public transport network, it was important that the new ferry terminals were “stronger and more accessible than ever before”. “After being severely damaged in the 2011 flood, temporary terminals were installed to get services up and running as quickly as possible,” she said. “Each terminal will have a slightly different design to suit its specific location, however they will all be built to have a flood resilience of one in 500 years, compared to the previous standard of one in 100 years, as will the Milton terminal.” The concept design for all terminals, excluding the Maritime Museum, includes: • a flood-resilient dual-berthing pontoon; • a robust pier with the capacity to deflect heavy objects in flood waters; and • a state-of-the-art gangway that

After being severely damaged in the 2011 flood, temporary terminals were installed to get services up and running. Seven terminals will be upgraded from their temporary structures that were erected following the devastating floods while a new facility at Park Road in Milton will also be built. Designs for the terminals which will have large, robust piers ranging from nine to six metres high to deflect heavy objects in flood waters were released last year, but the upgrades are estimated to take two years. Central Ward councillor Vicki Howard said design group Cox Rayner, Derlot, Aurecon created a template for the seven terminals, which include Holman Street

An artist’s impression of the new flood-resistent ferry terminal. detaches from the waiting area in commuter is and which direction the event of a flood to avoid being they can travel to other terminals struck by debris. and designated seating for people The Maritime Museum terminal with mobility impairments,” she is smaller and doesn’t require a said. pier, instead it will have radial Council received the $70 arms which will rise with the river, million from the Federal and State preventing the pontoon from governments through the Natural submerging. Disaster Relief and Recovery Cr Howard said the new Arrangements (NDRRA) to realise terminals had been designed to the project. provide greater accessibility for people with a vision or mobility impairment. “For example, the Milton Ferry Email us: Terminal will include tactile ground surface indicators, journey maps or with braille to indicate where the


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Artist arrives in New Farm NEW FARM was furthest from Jan Jorgensen’s thoughts when seeking a home where she could paint and display art. Expo ’88 was on and Paddington prices were far too daunting.

historicalsociety by Gerard Benjamin “When my solicitor suggested New Farm,” says Jan. “I thought, ‘Who’d want to live there? It’s so dangerous. It’s so scruffy!’” “Well, we came, we looked, and as soon as we saw the house on the corner of Oxlade Drive and Brunswick Street, it took us five minutes. We sat in the ferry terminal and asked ourselves if we could own that. We came home and sold everything we had. It was a huge risk.” While the location was ideal, this self-confessed architect-at-heart had uncovered a gem. Though the house was run-down and divided into four flats, two years of assiduous cleaning, sanding and painting revealed the home’s splendour. Designed by architect George Rae, this 15-room residence had been built in 1938 for Les Dodwell of Austral

Motors, and his new bride Betty (Carr). “It had a circular driveway and portico so that motor cars could sweep in and deliver their guests. It was obviously a home of elegance – which we couldn’t have afforded if it hadn’t been so run down,” New Farm’s Heal Street provides plenty of scope said Jan. for Jan Jorgensen’s love of painting houses. About this time, the new arrivals had spotted a big old (Moreton Club and Briar House). home on a trailer about to be removed “We restored the ornate fence by to Pullenvale from the block next to inserting a panel which had been Tom Welsby’s Amity House. “River missing, and we re-named the house House” had once been the CSR refinery Fernside, from its 1920s days.” manager’s residence. Jan loves painting houses, especially “We decided to give this name to our those in Paddington and New Farm. newly-renovated abode, so Riverhouse “Sometimes I go through a street, Galleries was born and we were soon and I think, I’ve got to have that. hosting exhibitions. At one launch, we The light is just right. It might even had 300 guests,” said Jan. “Even the be someone’s backyard. Something Premier and Governor were among the mysterious makes me choose that visitors.” scene – but somebody always relates Many Jorgensen paintings which to it in a special way. I’ve had people in grace Brisbane walls came from the tears, ringing me to say what it means studio in Riverhouse. to them. I think that’s fantastic!” By the year 2000, Jan and Martin Jan Jorgensen is exhibiting from 26 shifted to Villiers Street just across April at Lethbridge Gallery, 136 Latrobe the road from Holy Spirit Church. This Terrace, Paddington, phone 3369 was to be their home for the next three 4790. years. * Would you enjoy a walking tour “We were charmed by the 60ft of historical Teneriffe? Phone Bright ballroom which some say could have Learning on 3103 2413. Time: been by architect Andrea Stombuco 9-11.30am, Saturday 12 April.



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The great escape AUTHOR of The Real Great Escape, Author and Jacqueline screenwriter Cook, will Jacqueline Cook. be the guest speaker at the coming meeting of the New Farm and Districts Historical Society. The book relates the remarkable WWI story of how a group of Allied prisoners-of-war tunnelled their way out of the German camp of Holzminden. The book draws on personal anecdotes, wartime journals and unpublished photographs contributed by descendants of Holzminden POWs. Also at the meeting will be the executive producer of the 2010 film Beneath Hill 60, Ross Thomas, with whom Jacqueline is working as screenwriter on a WWI drama feature film entitled The Enemy Within. All are welcome on Saturday 26 April at Merthyr Road Uniting Church Centre, 2-4pm. Entry: $5 including afternoon tea ($4 members). For more information, please contact Ross Garnett on 0409 498 402.


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Support homeless during winter New festival honours the Duchess Want to help Brisbane’s homeless?


Homeless Connect is a FREE event for people who are homeless or at risk. For details on how you can help, please call Brisbane City Council on (07) 3403 8888 or visit

Your donation can make a difference. You can now donate at the following locations: Council libraries • toiletries Local ward offices • non-perishable food goods.

Donations open Monday 24 March to Friday 2 May 2014 Event – Wednesday 28 May 2014 J2014-03591 © Brisbane City Council 2014

WINTER is just a few months away and for homeless people this can be a brutal time of year, so blankets are in demand, along with toiletries and non-perishable food items. Council’s Homeless Connect event brings together volunteers, business services and providers with the homeless, on May 28 at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Cr Vicki Howard (Central Ward) said Homeless Connect was vital because it gave those who needed it, access to necessities and employment services. “With many thousands of people helped through this event in the past six years, we know there’s a strong need for this type of support in our city,” Cr Howard said. “It’s one of the positive steps we’re taking towards helping Brisbane become a more accessible and inclusive city. “But we can’t do it alone. We’re extremely grateful for the community’s support in the past and are looking for contributions again this year. Donations of toiletries are specially needed, as are nonperishable food items. “These goods can be delivered to my office in Chinatown until Friday 2 May when all items will be collected for distribution. Vicki said the homeless would be

Proudly supported by

offered free meals, canned goods, clothing, blankets and toiletries, as well as access to medical and optical care, accommodation referral advice, employment information and haircuts. “We’re getting into the colder months now so it’s even more important that those in need take advantage of this event to help them cope through winter,” she said. For further information about Homeless Connect, visit www. or phone Council on 3403 8888.

THE vibrancy and traditions of Spring Hill are being brought back to life with the creation of a new street festival, called Spring Hill Alive! “This festival is inspired by the fact that Spring Hill needs to have some new life injected into what we all know to be a historical and fantastic suburb – Spring Hill Alive will do just that,” Basis Group director Murray Sutherland said. “All of the specific details are still being worked through, however the festival will include a majority involvement of local businesses, community groups, a full lineup arts, crafts, entertainment and more,” Mr Sutherland said. Festival chair Ryan Pinkerton said it was part of a broader plan to create a vibrant calendar of events for Spring Hill to attract visitors to the suburb, which would benefit the local businesses. “We chose October because it fits around other local festivals and is a good time of year for some great weather,” Mr Pinkerton said. “This is a great area with real vibrancy, so we can’t wait to bring that

back to life. We’re now going to visit the local traders and get their support,” Mr Pinkerton said. Cr Vicki Howard (Central Ward) said the council was tipping in $10,000 and wanted to support the festival to perpetuate the great tradition begun by Spring Hill identity Cecilia McNally. Saturd In her speech to 4 Octobeayr council, Cr Howard highlighted the legacy value of the festival. “The Duchess of Spring Hill was a great philanthropist who gave generously and often to charities, in particular the Mater Hospital , which inherited her property. She raised enormous amounts by organising the annual two-day Spring Hill Fair, a project she started in 1973 and that, sadly, died with her. The festival will be hosted on the weekend of October 4 and would encompass Boundary St, although the exact details have yet to be decided. Spring Hill Alive is a joint initiative of the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce, Brisbane City Council through Cr Vicki Howard and the State Government through local MP Robert Cavallucci.

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New Farm resident wins prestigious women’s award

Peacewomen Awards planning committee A Women’s International League South Australia for three years. for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Ms Balmain went on to manage Peacewomen Award has been Austcare Queensland for a further granted to New Farm resident Virginia six years, where she spearheaded Balmain for her lifelong dedication the Tertiary Preparation Program to the United Nations Association of scholarships for refugees with the Australia. University of Southern Queensland Ms Balmain is one of four and continued to develop vital Queensland women who will be programs to raise awareness for the publicly recognised for their important plight of refugees. work promoting peace, justice and She has also been a board member human rights at the official ceremony of several organisations including on May 2. Young Women’s Christian Association The former secondary school (Adelaide), Regency TAFE College teacher was elected as the UNAA and Cora Bartley Centre for Hearing National Vice Impaired President Children This year’s chosen theme is Freedom, a in 2004 Volunteering following concept with many connotations ranging from Australia nine years of (South holding UNAA freedom from war and oppression to freedom Australia). Queensland Other of speech, or freedom of expression. presidency. recipients She said of the that it was important to educate Peacewomen award includes young people about the values of refugee rights advocate Frederika the UN and that, in a country like Steen, Toowoomba International Australia, it was “easy” to take Multicultural Society president Gitie freedom for granted. House, Andean culture advocate “Through UN interns, the UN Youth Claire Maizonnier. Association, Universities Students Awards convenor Patricia Dwyer Associations, Young Entrepreneurs said uplifting ceremony would not only & Young Professionals the UNAA award of the efforts freedom fighters encourages young people to but also encourage more women to understand the UN values of peace participate in peace processes. and freedom,” Ms Balmain said. “This year’s chosen theme is The UNAA committee and its Freedom, a concept with many members host a range of activities connotations ranging from freedom and conferences annually, including from war and oppression to freedom the UN Peacekeepers Service which of speech, or freedom of expression,” is celebrated in May to pay tribute to Ms Dwyer said. peacekeepers from around the world. The cocktail evening will kick off Ms Balmain’s impressive tenure with a high profile guest speaker and of community designations is a live entertainment from the Brisbane testament to her lifelong dedication Combined Unions Choir. to several international and national Cost is $40 or $20 for full time organisations. students and includes wine and Before becoming involved with the canapes. Registrations by 22 April UNAA, she was an executive for the essential. Log on to Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for ten qld-peace-women-awards or contact years, before moving on to public Norma Forrest on 0407 768 873 for relations manager for the Red Cross more information. 10

villagenews April 2014


Seniors provide the solutions to our ageing population NEW Farm branch of the National Seniors celebrated its 24th birthday last month, with a cake presented by State MP Robert Cavallucci and raffle prizes presented by Cr Vicky Howard (Central Ward). Last month, I talked about

support, addressed to the President OPSO at PO Box 1037, Mount Gravatt QLD 4122 with an email to is important.

seniorsvoice by Tony Townsend

why we need a charter on the Rights and Responsibilities for Older Queenslanders. We seniors are part of the solution to the issues arising from the ageing of Australia’s population, not a drain on the economy, and we need to be consulted and listened to, so this month I am delighted to relay some very positive developments. 1. National Seniors chief executive Michael O’Neill has joined a small group of eminent people on the Advisory Panel on the Blueprint for an Ageing Australia. Originally established by the former Labor government and then disbanded by the current Government late last year, the panel has been taken under the wing of progressive

National Senior Roy Pike cutting the birthday cake with State MP Robert Cavallucci and Cr Vicky Howard. Sydney-based think tank Per Capita. Panel chairman, Everald Compton, said the Blueprint would chart a course for Australia which would turn the ageing population into an economic and social asset. The Panel will conduct community consultations around the country on the key research themes of the Blueprint, starting in Melbourne in April. Final recommendations are due in September.

Nations Convention on the Rights of the Older Person, so it would appear that momentum is building.

2. COTA in Victoria are leading an Australian contribution to a Global Alliance on the Rights of Older Persons and are very interested in the Charter. One of the first tasks of this alliance will be to draft an agenda for the proposed United

3. In the meantime, grass roots support for the Charter and the Convention is vital to getting them off the ground. Per Capita has given us a voice at the national level, the Charter will provide the impetus at the State level and your

Flu SHotS now aVailaBle

We seniors are part of the solution to the issues arising from the ageing of Australia’s population, not a drain on the economy, and we need to be consulted and listened to, so this month I am delighted to relay some very positive developments.



aPPointMentS now aVailaBle!

we offer a wide range of modern medical services, delivering high quality healthcare. we are committed to promoting wellness and disease prevention to our patients. HourS oF oPeration: Monday – Friday 8.00aM – 6.00PM (Saturday & Sunday and PuBlic HolidayS cloSed)

16/421 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley Ph: 3852 2733

We will remind you when:

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For further information on any of our activities, obtain a copy of the Charter, or to learn more about National Seniors, please visit our website www.nsanewfarmbranch. com. This is the last column for a few months.



2 new doctorS HaVe juSt joined our teaM.

As April includes both Easter and Anzac Day celebrations, Branch plans include: • Lunchtime cruise on the Kookaburra Queen on Tuesday 15th. • Mahjong (Eastern Style) every Thursday morning from midday at the Library. • The monthly General Meeting on Wednesday 7th May at 09.30 for 10.00 at the Merthyr Uniting Church in Merthyr Road when we will hear from Bob Dodd, curator of the Roma Street Parklands

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Puppy love swamps our family I’m falling in love. My eyes are seeing things they’ve never noticed before, my words simplified to tonal values, my pace set to a different rhythm. Our new puppy, Grace, has finally landed. After years of proposing the possibility


by Beth J Leach

of dog ownership, months of research into breeds, breeders and litters, it has happened and the entire family are almost bursting with gushing adoration for her. Except, that is, for our beloved feline companions who respond to the playful, naive and somewhat aloof Grace, with a satirical, face-slapping tango that Morticia and Gomez Addams would be proud of. Apart from this predictable snag all is ‘just peachy’. We did our homework, chose a breed that suited the fitness level, pace and habits of our family as well as our location and yard. We settled on a gorgeous rhodesian ridgeback. We downloaded puppy training manuals from the internet and have a strict, daily schedule, dissected into

distinct segments which I am attempting to deftly incorporate into my already busy week. What I’m noticing is that there’s a different world out there, the world of ‘dog ownership’. A bit like when you fall pregnant and are suddenly conscious of every other pregnant woman within a 100km radius as if they weren’t there before but now the world is full of them! Everywhere I look there are dogs; dogs on leads, owners walking, riding or running with their dogs, dog parks, pet shops, dog-friendly holidays and conversations I’d never been a part of. But it hasn’t always been beer and skittles with me and dogs. I grew up on Tugun Hill and there was a public easement between our home and our neighbours who bred german shepherds. I would have to get past our neighbours’ property coming home from school, and occasionally the gate was not latched and the dogs would escape, chasing me and terrorising me. I have also seen a dog attack an elderly lady’s face, tearing the skin from her eyebrows to her lips. The hidden scars from those times have taken a long time to heal. To get to where I am has taken forgiveness, understanding and courage and I did it because I don’t like being scared of things - it’s limiting. Grace, for us is many, many things. And whilst sharing our lives together and loving each other I’ll also personally be celebrating my silent liberation.

CNR Commercial Road & Doggett Street, Newstead QLD 4006 12

villagenews April 2014

A nastier woman you’ll never meet

SHE is mean at the beginning and even meaner at the end. A more repellent personality would be hard to imagine, and yet Hedda Gabler is one of the eternal fascinators of the world stage. Since she sprang from the imagination of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in 1890, this cold-hearted anti-heroine has maintained a tight grip on the attention of audiences across the globe. So what is the mystery of her attraction? No matter how many times we encounter her, Hedda remains strangely inscrutable. Hedda is trapped inside a conventional life: she married the scholar George Tesman but money is short, Tesman’s old rival Eilert Lövborg has turned up again, Judge Brack is visiting with alarming regularity and Hedda’s volcanic boredom is reaching boiling point. So begins a dangerous game of finding purpose in a purposeless existence. Life just isn’t good enough for Hedda Gabler. For Hedda, actions do speak louder than words, and all her actions are destructive. The list of distinguished actresses who have portrayed Hedda is a long one: Ingrid Bergman, Diana Rigg, Glenda Jackson, Claire Bloom and Annette Bening to name a few. In Australia there was Cate Blanchett of course and this year Sydney’s Belvoir Street Theatre has cast a man, Ash Flanders in the role, though it seems a pity to deny an actress the opportunity to play the role of a lifetime. New Farm Nash Theatre is proud to bring this wonderful play with its fascinating ‘heroine’ to our stage and we hope that you are looking forward to experiencing it as much as we are looking forward to performing it for you. For more information visit

Open Monday to Friday 8:00am-4.30pm

Ph:3253 5698


Riverwalk mark II takes shape

Construction on the Riverwalk, mark II, is expected to be completed mid-year, weather permitting. PHOTOS: Nino Lo Giudice PROGRESS on the $72 million Riverwalk replacement project is continuing as expected, with major milestones reached when the first of 30 girders were placed last month. The new Riverwalk is designed to be an improvement on the original, with segregated walkway and cycle paths of 2.5m and 3.5m in width, respectively, according to a council spokesperson. The Riverwalk will also feature shaded rest and viewing spots along the way. “The new alignment will take users

further out into the river for the majority of the walkway to improve the river experience and privacy for nearby residents,” a council statement said. The original Riverwalk was washed away in the 2011 floods. This Riverwalk is designed to be flood resistant and is supposed to last 100 years. It’s a fixed walkway and flood waters will simply rise over it. Lighting and CCTV are additional features of the new Riverwalk. Funding for this new Riverwalk came from State and Federal Governments.

Boost for Queer community

A permanent sculpture will be installed outside the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre as part of a collaboration project with the Inner City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersexed and Queer (LGBTIQ) community. The Neighbourhood Centre was successful in its application to the Brisbane City Council Community Development and Capacity Building Grant to undertake the project, which aims enhance the visibility and Karl de Waal, Clare Lindop, Fiona inclusion of the Queer community in Hunt & Phil Browne inner-city Brisbane. of awareness and recognition to the Centre Community Engagement broader community,” he said. Worker Clare Lindop said the sculpture “Thank you to New Farm would be created out of a series of Neighbourhood Centre for your three April workshops, discussing the strong commitment to LGBT citizens history, place and space of the LGBTIQ - including hosting community. social BBQs for “From these HOW TO PARTICIPATE LGBT mental discussions NFNC Workshop health/suicide sculpture artist Karl Beginning April 7 at 5:30 at the support group de Waal will create New Farm Neighbourhood Centre. Rainbow OK?, a piece of work that enthusiastically will represent and supporting the drawing of a DIY celebrate our Queer community,” Ms rainbow crossing at their front entrance, Lindop said. introducing an LGBT category into LGBTIQ community advocate your CAN awards, and now this great Phil Browne said the artwork was a artwork.” “powerful symbol” of respect, validation Telephone Clare on 3358 5600 or and pride to many LGBT people who email clare@newfarmneighbourhood. may be living with prejudice and org for more information. Online Survey discrimination. “Additionally, it will serve as a beacon

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New chamber president appreciates golden handshake

Dog park gag not funny

John Grace at New Farm Park with Rosie, Buddy, Jessie and Snoopy. VISITORS to the dog park at New Farm Park have been forced to supply their own doggy bags after the waste bin was removed from the area last month. John Grace has frequented the dog park several times a week for many years with his four dogs and has seen a rapid decline in visitor numbers since the bin and its complimentary waste bags ‘disappeared’. “While there are usually a few people in the park, even at the quiet times, yesterday the park was almost empty. Although it was overcast, when I arrived it was not raining and for nearly an hour we were almost the only people there,” he noted on March 26. Village News has spoken to other users of the dog park and it is a standard joke that they watch as newcomers walk around at a loss to where to find the waste bags after their dog finishes their business. They said they were forced to exit the park to get a bag and then leave the park again to put the waste in the bins provided. At one entrance, the bin is “hidden” behind some trees, they have said.



$ .95 A WEEK

NEW Teneriffe Chamber of Commerce president Anita Jakins believes her country childhood has yielded the most valuable lessons in business and life. She has only been part of the chamber for two years but her business ethic and drive to forge community connections has seen her flourish in her new role with organisational charm. “I am very much community minded because I think that it makes for a better future for everybody - it’s vital to know your neighbours personally and professionally. There are a lot of new businesses starting up in the local area and becoming involved with the chamber is a good way of meeting people effectively,” she said. Alongside newly appointed secretary Miling Toyle, both women are spearheading new projects to allow the Teneriffe branch to become an “effective communication platform” for its member network. Their new vision for growth and further collaboration with the Spring Hill and Fortitude Valley chambers will ideally see the Teneriffe branch double its membership of 50 by 2015. This year’s diary has already been filled with a number of high calibre events and guest speakers, including a sold-out LinkedIn event in April, bimonthly breakfasts at Eve’s on the River, a meet-and-mingle at Newstead Brewing Co in June and a Christmas function at Spicers Balfour Hotel in November. “I’d like to see our meetings become more interactive as members invest their time with us. I would like the opportunity for members to give us ideas for future events and topics,” Anita said. “We have an alignment with the other two chambers so you have a big consortium of professional bodies that can support a member in any business facet. You don’t need to be part of the Valley chamber with its 400 members; you can feel comfortable in a smaller membership like ours and still have a major support network.” Having her book-keeping/accounting

Anita Jakins company, Eyes on Business, bolstered by the chamber gave Anita first-hand experience to help other new and existing companies in their ventures. In 2011, she opened another branch in Teneriffe in addition to her Gold Coast office with eight staff, but admitted it was “a little overwhelming” coming to the city. “Working for the Teneriffe Festival was a good way of showing our expertise and how our product is delivered. Since then, other businesses have joined due to my own merit and my involvement with the chamber,” she said. “I’m very fortunate to have Miling who has previously managed her own small business and has consulted to several others. She now works for the Corporate Traveller division of Flight Centre and we’re building a nice relationship together,” Anita said. “As business owners, we know how tough it can be out there. I respect the ‘old school’ value of meeting people personally and having an opportunity to interact in an environment that is presented for you allows us to have a ‘golden handshake’. We have all the resources to support our members effectively. We thank Richard Bodley and the committee members for the vote of confidence in us.” Like many other locals, Anita is a proud supporter of the Gerard ram statue to accompany Gloria the Ewe in Teneriffe. Eyes on Business has become his corporate sponsor, donating $2500 towards realisation of the project. “If it wasn’t for the efforts of Jillian Kingsford-Smith and her impassioned influence, I would have been more hesitant. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and would like to leave a permanent memory that I’ve had community and corporate involvement in the area that I like so much.”

This will be an ideal opportunity to promote your firm and the services you offer to the businesses and residents in the peninsula suburbs.

BOOKING DEADLINE: FRIDAY 18th APRIL Call us on (07) 3200 9598 or visit our website at 14

villagenews April 2014

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Jeweller handcrafts meaning into each piece Kerry Gillett interviews Matt Dwyer The history of jewellery is older than the history of painting, and more diverse than the history of sculpture. Jewellery exists within the value system of mankind, and one cannot underestimate the power of jewellery to enhance self-image and to alter social perceptions. Contemporary jewellery along with sculpture embraces innovative techniques, may reference bygone eras, and strives to capture our imagination. Fio: Contemporary Jewellery & Design is a magical shop on James Street. Fio, a Latin word meaning to be made, comprises a retail gallery and workshop, specialising in readyto-wear, custom handcrafted jewellery, and objects. Jewellery cases are brimming with creative designs that will become someone’s keepsake. The space is engulfed with warm light from a remarkable polyurethane light fitting made by Matt Dwyer who founded Fio in 2010. Matt completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in gold and silversmithing at Griffith University before travelling the world to expand his skills, winning awards, lecturing and working collaboratively along the way. As a child he was a dreamer always living in his own world. His favourite childhood memory was sitting in the Visual Arts department at QUT aged 4, carving a small wax sculpture that his

‘Dad’ cast in bronze. He still has that sculpture today. Though his father is a sculptor, painter and art teacher, Matt decided to work in jewellery. It became the perfect avenue to use his sculptural interest in a commercial way, particularly as he sees jewellery as small sculptures. When Matt is creating objects or jewellery he says he ‘is obsessive, in fact anal, to ensure that every detail is perfect, not rough or rugged’. During his studies Matt looked at jewellery as adornment. The period that fascinates him the most is the Victorian era. He doesn’t recall a specific designer or artist from this period but the incredible techniques; innovation spurred on by travel and exploration of ancient sites; and interesting materials. He recalls one artist who made everything out of beetle wings. His fascination with the Victorian era led him to exhibit at The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects - Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 2008. “The Tea Party” is a whimsical collection of sterling silver and ebony tea related objects. They push the visual boundaries of functionality whilst referencing bygone times, particularly the Victorian habit of tea parties, and memories that are so important to Matt. For Matt, when a client commissions a piece of jewellery or an object, his goal is to get to know them by breaking down barriers so the client is not intimidated

Top Left: Bloom Ruby Ring. Below: Curiouser, Curioser Tea Set & Lighting by him or what he thinks of their ideas. Matt believes their input drives the creative process, which in turn creates a sense of ownership for the piece they want. Conceptually, he will design something that is different – something out of the box – that push the boundaries of design using precious metals, resin, ebony and natural gems of interesting or unusual cuts and colours. His work though intuitive will display elements of concept and intelligence that is rarely found in mass-produced jewellery. Matt’s jewellery may be a decadent gold and ruby Victorian-style

ring or a contemporary twist on a beautiful bangle based on memories. Yet, his core business is pragmatically about crafting jewellery that is accessible to the average person as well as spending time on very special pieces using ‘old style’ techniques from bygone eras. Though Matt is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary designers, he likes to give back to the community. With the other jewelers that he exhibits at Fio, they are creating items for The Mater Hospital charity auction, which will raise funds for cancer research. Images courtesy of Fio Contemporary Jewellery & Design.

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Popular long-standing padre asked to leave after 22 years

Now in my fifth year of writing Village People, telling the stories of people in eight suburbs of Brisbane, I have written 50 profiles. And, of course, as time moves on, sad things and happy things can happen.

villagepeople by Gary Balkin

Today I write the first of three stories about people with very different occupations. I wrote about them in 2010 and they have since undergone notable changes. This one is quite sad. The next issue carries good, happy news of the others. The departure of Fr Leo Coote Father Leo Coote, after 22 years of serving his Catholic parish of New Farm, has been displaced by his superior, former Archbishop of Canberra, and now Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge , a man who resides in lofty Wynberg, next door to the humble padre. Since his elevation to succeed Stanthorpe man John Bathersby, “The new Arch” has apparently or inadvertently disrupted several parishes, without true consultation, by moving other popular entrenched and happy priests, all who were seminary-trained at Banyo from the days of their Queensland youth. Hardly inspiring, one would think, for aspiring young local men to consider such a Catholic vocation for life, which usually means until age 75. The Arch may not be resident in our community for long. Coleridge is the bookies’ favourite to soon succeed Cardinal Pell, a move that would propel him back to Sydney, or even his birthplace Melbourne.

Word about Coote’s treatment has spread like wildfire over Brisbane . I do know one Brisbane priest who stated that many of the clergy he knew were baffled and feel uneasy, and said that the parishioners should have been consulted. “He would have been amazed at the extent of Leo’s following,” he added. The Arch has signified that his place and his residence will be filled by three priests of the Scalabrinian order of Italian origin. However it may be only a base for wide-spread missions to outer suburban migrant communities. Three may be required, indeed, as in our Leo’s 22-year term, he has overseen the Holy Spirit convent enrolment jump from 80 pupils to 260, including a pre-school, the now magnificent parish hall and other renovations and maintenance activated at a cost of up to $3 million, and has seen many lapsed Catholics return to Sunday Mass because of their faith in Father Leo. The Arch has been touring The Holy Land in Israel , from where he heard reports of marked unrest amongst a number of Brisbane Catholics, which has motivated him to email a belated explanatory letter re Coote’s removal. The letter has been distributed to Holy Spirit Mass-goers, stating that the matter was settled with the padre’s “preparedness” and “willingness” to comply. As many priests know, anything suggested by the Archbishop is a fait accompli, and it is widely believed that the mild, loyal priest would be quite shattered. Coleridge’s aspiring legacy appears to be via a left-over chess move from his days working in Rome , and he must feel that he can achieve much with this Order. That all seems fine, but why should Father Leo Coote be led as a lamb to his possible early retirement? To not have a central parish yet

We speak to every potential purchaser or tenant at open homes, informing them about the advantages of your property, answering questions, building relationships with them and providing brochures to take away and show friends. That’s our style 16

villagenews April 2014

A photo of Fr Leo Coote from our 2010 Village People profile. on offer to Coote seems demeaning to this padre of great soundness of body and mind, still seven years short of the retirement age of 75. If there is an unwittingly, disarmingly celebrity priest in Brisbane it is probably Leo Coote, known to leading business and sports people, and many of both the wealthy and the battlers of Brisbane and beyond. Fr Coote would not comment personally, but some disgruntled parishioners volunteered their thoughts, which led this writer to research the powerful Most Reverend’s life. Coleridge’s reported quotes on Jesus Christ compared to those of the former Archbishop Bathersby, who I have written about previously, seem just a little apart. The now retired Bathersby had spoken thus to me: “ I have a great love for Jesus Christ. He lay down his life for us. My love for Jesus has kept me going.” In turn, Coleridge spoke on his appointment as Archbishop of Brisbane, reflecting on his life and saying he had never dreamed of achieving that: “Jesus offers surprises, but never disappoints.” That was a stunning remark, in my opinion. It reminded me of two events, one a famous quote from President Kennedy, something to do with what one can do for one’s country, rather than etc… The second thought was for the humble Leo Coote: how ‘disappointed’ he must have felt after receiving his impending departure orders, no new parish, just to pack his bags and wait a while (if) another parish is found. And we can only wonder if Leo thinks it was a nice ‘surprise’ from Above. Many New Farmers think not. Father Leo Coote, as many readers may recall from our Village People story of October 2010, was born in Beaudesert, was educated at Marist College, Ashgrove, with distinction, and quickly became a priest of the people to not only New Farm, but to many “clients” and friends travelling from near and far to shower him with requests to

officiate at baptisms, weddings and funerals. He is a priest who still proudly has a blue card, and who has been on record as stating his disgust at the “very few” who have sexually abused the vulnerable, young and old. Father Leo reminds me of Pope Francis for his humility. Shanks pony is his quick way of travel. Father Leo is a man who walks among our precincts’ habitats, climbs mountains (real and metaphoric), has run 10 marathons, authored a book about Shakespeare, once held the Guinness book of records mark of 1,586 push-ups in 30 minutes, delivers good, relevant homilies, and is considered a most approachable man for a chat or advice by thousands of Brisbane residents of not only Christian but of varied cultures and beliefs. It seems everyone knows this ecumenical man of the people. I quote again from my story on ‘Arch’ Bathersby: asked if he ever visited Father Coote next door to say hello. “Not more than half a dozen times in my 20 years here. I read his book on Shakespeare and I know he enjoys marathon running. And when I climbed Mt Barney (between Beaudesert and the border, and the state’s second-highest peak) to celebrate Mass up the mountain with the Catholic Bushwalkers Club for its 50th anniversary, I saw from his name in the commemorative book, that he’d been the guest of honour himself twice.” Archbishop Coleridge states in his belated explanatory email from afar that this all hinges on approval from the Scalabrinian Superiors in Rome , within a month. Why then does Father Coote already have his humble possessions packed as ordered? It is suspected that the Arch did not consult Father Coote as he states in that same email (see a copy on our Facebook page), and that the fait accompli seems quite certain. Sad.


Care for hair is this winter’s top fashion tip WINTER is just around the corner next season’s must-have pieces are appearing in shop windows. The cool snap is a welcome change for our wardrobe, but it is not always such a cheerful time for our tresses.

villagefashion by Lisa Rutter In search for chic trenches and faux fur vests, it is just as important to keep an eye out for the best antidote to reduce the inevitable dull, dry strands that are caused by bitterly cold winds and lack of vitamin D. They say, a change can be just as good as a holiday and this is particularly so when it comes to hair. So perhaps a change of hairstyle is on the cards for you? Transforming your flowing mane into an edgy face-framing bob? Or maybe taking the leap of faith and moving away from icy blonde, to a chic deep brunette. Be warned - these significant transformations are not always as easy as they look in fashion magazines, and can require hours in the colourist’s chair. So it is important to be sure that

you hair stylist is up to the task and well equip with knowledge of the latest hair trends. For the team at James Street salon Lyla Clare it is just as important to provide a highly personalised and unique experience for every client as it is to ensure the health and maintenance of your locks. Director Lyla has more than 13 years’ experience working with hair and will be a key speaker at the upcoming National Hair Expo in Sydney. Colour tips “It is so important to keep up the maintenance on colour every 6-8 weeks as colour expires, fades and looks dull,” Lyla says. A dramatic hair update will not only give your tresses a new lease on life but will also elevate your style, and transform you from the girl-next-door to glamazon du jour. Lyla says for this next season we should expect to see more “coppers, deep tones on roots, depth around hairlines and softening blondes with pastel tones”. Go organic Another great way to revive limp locks is with the use of organic and natural products. When looking for hair products you want to find something that will work overtime on nourishing

Lyla Tuwhangai, Director and owner of the James Street boutique hair salon LylaClare. your hair without hard chemicals. sometimes just as hard as finding the Salons that use organic products perfect partner. But they are out there! such as Aveda are a great option. Just ask! Next time you find yourself “Being an Aveda salon means all admiring the local news reader’s hair products are at least 97% organic, colour, get on to Google and search which gives me the peace of mind that which salon she visits. Don’t be afraid the product will deliver optimum results to ask the girl with the glossy mane for my clients, without treating locks who sits next to you on the ferry where badly with nasty harsh chemicals.” she gets her hair done. You will not only make her day with a compliment but How to find the right stylist you have just scored yourself a fabo Finding the perfect hair stylist is new hair stylist!

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In her own words, Marthe de Florian tells her story

September 1864 - January 1871 I wasn’t always known as Marthe de Florian. I began life with the far less aristocratic sounding name of Mathilde Heloise Beaugrion. My parents, young, carefree and in the first flush of their love for each other, were ill-prepared for my birth in September, 1864.

tonyjonesdiary by Tony Jones Married barely 12 months, they believed their love would sustain them through the hard times, the good times and the bad times. My arrival quickly put an end to that romantic misconception. It wasn’t long before the dreary realities of parenthood began to erode the shallow foundations of my parents’ happiness. By the time I was five my father had abandoned his small family and returned to the domicile of his parents, thus leaving my mother, the chatelaine of the small, cramped flat squeezed snugly under the mansard roof of shabby block of flats in disreputable Montpamasse. My mother, still young and very pretty, now entered into the intoxicating but perilous world of the demimonde. As a seamstress she had dealings with some of the very successful courtesans of the day. It was while attending to the wardrobe of the most notorious of them all, the very beautiful, and wilfully capricious Cora Pearl, that she met Monsieur Henri Delacourt. He was very much taken with the pretty seamstress and before long my mother and I were ensconced in a rather grand apartment on rue Saint Lazare. It was a liaison that was to last for six years. A time of ease and largesse. My mother acquired pretty clothes, valuable jewellery and some good furniture, while I received an education, of sorts - an education in life.


villagenews April 2014

I could see even at the tender age of five my mother wasn’t a natural coquette, she was too soft hearted and too ready to acquiesce and the most fatal flaw of all, she was too sentimental. It was during this time, that the protracted conflict between Prussia and France took an alarming turn. The French were defeated at the Battle of Sedan and as a consequence the road to Paris was left undefended. The Prussian army marched triumphantly and unchallenged through France, reaching Paris in September 1870. The Siege of Paris was about to begin. It was a time of gruelling hardship and deprivation. So severe the shortage of food, the citizens of Paris were forced

to slaughter whatever animals they had at hand. Rats, cats, dogs, horses, not even the much loved - at least by me elephants, Castor and Pollux from the Paris Zoo were spared. In January, 1871 the Germans began bombing Paris, firing some 12,000 shells into the city. For 23 nights this terror fell from the sky, killing 400 citizens and injuring countless others. Then, on January 28, the city finally surrendered and the Germans took up station. While these worldly matters were taking place I had a more personal horror to contend with, for by siege’s end, large swaths of hair had begun to fall from my head. This startling development - caused no doubt by the combination of malnutrition and

enduring the month-long, unrelenting terror - continued until I was left as bald as a billiard ball. Although my hair had been fine and lacklustre, I grieved deeply for its loss. Had I but known the glory that was soon to become mine, I would have rejoiced at its departure instead. It was six months before my hair grew back and its growth was miraculous. Instead of the fine mousy stuff that covered my head prior to the siege, in its place grew a luxurious dark mane with golden-blonde highlights. It was perhaps from that moment on I began to believe that great beauty was to be mine and it would deliver to me fame and fortune.

1871 - 1880 In the spring of 1877 my mother’s protector, the kind and generous Monsieur Delacourt died suddenly from a heart attack. It was a terrible shock for my mother, an event from which I don’t think she ever fully recovered. We were once again cast adrift upon the choppy seas of uncertainty. With Monsieur Delacourt’s unexpected death, my mother was forced to look for another protector. This precarious state of affairs was to continue for another four years with each subsequent protector a little less generous than his predecessor and his protection shorter in tenure. It wasn’t before long my mother found herself without a patron at all. The jewellery slowly disappeared, sold piece by piece, to pay the rent, put food on the table and fund my mother’s ever increasing dependency on the seductive but ruinous green fairy, absinthe. Her fragile prettiness began to fade. Eventually our position became most dire, so parlous our circumstances the landlord was determined to have us on the street if we didn’t immediately settle the monies due to him. There wasn’t anything left of value to sell and my mother’s reliance on absinthe had left her insensible and incapable of rational thought or deed. Our survival was now in my hands and I was determined to succeed where my mother had failed. Never again would I go without, never again would I be at the mercy of irate debt collectors and implacable landlords. Where my mother had timidly entered

into the world of the demimondaine and had been almost destroyed by its insouciant sophistication, I would enter it with fanfare and accolade and take my place confidently as one of its premier courtesans. Mathilde Heloise Beaugiron would exist no longer. In her place, rising like the phoenix from its ashes would emerge, the beautiful, talented and ambitious Marthe de Florian. I was just 16 years old and was about to embark on a long career as a successful, La Grande Horizontale. I wouldn’t, like so many of the less successful and some very successful courtesans of the day, start my career as a common prostitute, hoping fate would eventually provide me with a wealthy protector. No, I believed you left nothing to chance. I had seen my mother destroyed by being at the mercy of adventitious fate. I had a plan, and part of that plan came in the rather splendid form of the spectacularly wealthy and handsome Jules, Duc de Saint-Gabriel. The Duc, I had decided, was going to be my amant en titre. He would provide an escape from the dreadful tyranny of poverty and pave the way to the wonderful world of fame and fortune… Olivier Choppin-Janvry closes the journal, carefully sliding its silk ribbon between the pages. He feels tired and somewhat emotional, perhaps the consequence of startling discoveries and the day spent in the beguiling atmosphere of the de Florian apartment. Placing Marthe’s journal on the bedside table he turns off the reading light and settles back into yielding pillows. He needs to be rested, fresh for tomorrow and the exhaustive task that lay before him, cataloguing the contents of the apartment. Marc Ottavi had rung just as he was finishing a solitary dinner in his flat, reminding him of the importance of finding a link tying the portrait to Boldini. Ottavi reassures Olivier that he too, Octavi, along with his research team would also be exploring all avenues outside the apartment in an endeavour to find some documentation proving that the portrait was indeed painted by Boldini. Marthe, or more precisely, the spirit of Marthe had, for whatever reason revealed the journals presence to him and to him alone. He felt certain that within the volume’s handsome cover lay the answer to an intriguing mystery. Olivier eventually drifts into a deep sleep; a sleep where the beautiful face and voluptuous figure of the fascinating Marthe de Florian is hauntingly present. And as his head sinks into the pillow, Olivier’s lips slowly curve upward into a beatific smile. To be continued.....


villagevoice Letters to the editor

Engine Room restaurant horrifies

AS residents of Macquarie Street we are horrified at the proposal by Council to convert the Heritage listed Engine Room to a “small scale restaurant” with public toilets attached. The proposed restaurant is actually to seat 60 people with 10 staff - not a small business. The accompanying noises, pollution etc associated with such a restaurant to open seven days a week from 8am to 10 pm does not sit well with residents in the area. Does anyone really think we need more coffee shops/restaurants in Macquarie Street? Is the council considering traffic, parking, garbage collection, health issues with smoking in nearby areas? I think not. Barbara Graham A QUICK glance at the website shows that Council’s proposal is not a café, but a 60 seat restaurant - clearly not within the Council’s own guidelines for such a small parkland space in a residential zone. Council’s statement that this proposal is in a ‘similar vein to the recently opened café at the end of Brunswick St is disingenuous at best. The “End of the Road” is a coffee shop-style café, not a restaurant with a kitchen, etc and is at closest some 40 metres from the nearest habitation. The heritage Engine Room should remain as close as possible to its original look and purpose. Adding covered decks, ventilation devices to the roofline for the kitchen, and changing windows into doors and doors into windows as the plans show, does not remain true to

looking after our local history and heritage. Has council looked at making the Engine Room into offices for local groups such as the Historical Society and/or leasing out space to community businesses? Even including a small café? If not, why not? And the public toilets so coveted by council, (but not mentioned anywhere else along this part of the river) could still be part of that idea. Even if the existing toilet at the Teneriffe Ferry terminal should be the obvious contender? As a longtime resident of Teneriffe, I wonder at the sudden desire to install a restaurant in and around the Engine Room? Particularly when there is no consideration in the proposal of plumbing, lighting, drainage, parking, garbage removal, etc. I urge the council to rethink this. Ken Hoy IN regard to your article about the proposed new “cafe” in the engine room, let’s be quite clear - it is not cafe it is a restaurant with seating for 60 patrons and proposed staff of 10. The proposed opening hours are 8am to 10pm and so clearly there will be a myriad of foreseeable problems associated with this project. Customers obviously smoke outside the restaurant in the park area which would be expected pollute the area and affect those persons allergic to tobacco smoke. The patrons would leave at 10pm and mostly likely continue to regroup on the Submariners Memorial walk, drinking and partying on till who-knows-when. Pollution, pollution, pollution, NOISE, TOBACCO SMOKE, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. William Graham

Following a lengthy court battle, won by developers, the iconic Love Love Studio has been demolished. Offices and apartments will be built in its place.

Congratulations! The Village News family was thrilled to welcome Arielle Rose Pulitano, the first daughter for our photographer Chelsea Sipthorpe and her partner Adam Pulitano. Arielle arrived two weeks early, on March 9, weighing 3.1kgs. Congratulations to all three from your Village News colleagues and community.

Thank-you Gasworks and Cavallucci

Congratulations and thank you to Gasworks at Newstead and our hardworking Local Member Robert Cavallucci for organising such a fantastic health and well-being day on Saturday (22/03). It was great to see local businesses, health organisations and community groups speaking to locals about how to live healthier lives and be active. It’s community events like this that make living in the inner city so great. We are fortunate to have someone as dedicated as Robert Cavallucci working for us and being the driving force behind community events like this. Robert’s support for local community groups who participated on the day and his efforts in brining the forum together and advertising the event are certainly appreciated by local residents. Let’s hope this becomes an annual event! Alessia Maruca

by State MP Robert Cavallucci. This was a great forum with speakers from both sides of the debate and was attended by around 100 locals. It was great to see an MP engaging with their constituents and hearing first-hand their opinions. I got the chance to have my say and was glad to be able to put my views directly to an MP. I am happy to read this morning that the Government has ruled out restricting trading hours. Thanks to Robert Cavallucci for his work in making sure the rights of those of us who want to head into the Valley and never cause trouble aren’t denied by the few who do. Great result! Michael Hall

Please keep letter’s brief. The editor reserves the right to edit or reduce the word count.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Email us:

I RECENTLY went to an alcohol-related violence forum at Cloudland, organised or

April 2014 villagenews


villagefood Food • Wine • Dining • Food • Wine • Dining • Food • Wine • Dining

Villagefood by Alisa Cork

Start your engines

The coffee beans are roasted and the cacao is grated. The cappuccino is ready to be poured and as far as I’m concerned, Fifth Battery in Spring Hill is coffee heaven. I almost missed this unassuming industrial-style edifice in the shape of airport hangar as I drove past it in Warry Street. It was built originally as a Nissan Hut in World War II and has been many things since. This building lends itself to the roasting of 250kg of coffee beans


villagenews April 2014

from across the world each week, supervised by head roaster Quinton Smith (pictured), and supplying Brother Espresso and other cafes across Brisbane. Apparently, people flock to Fifth Battery just for the cappuccino and the 75% cacao that laces it. I can understand why.

Urban Hotel

Like most people when eating out for breakfast, I habitually look to the protein-laden section of the menu. A hot brekky is a bit of a treat, but recently sitting on the terrace at the Urban Hotel’s Gazebo Bar & Restaurant overlooking the Spring Hill park, I was tempted by something different. The fresh fruit and bircher style muesli dishes on the menu sounded divine and so it was the fruit platter for me. Out came generous slices of seasonal fruits served on a white platter with a dollop of honeyed ricotta. An unexpected and deliciously cool change.

Time to breathe

Buzz at the Gasworks is more than just an open-air dining experience. It’s quite the breath of fresh air. Open, airy and light, it’s a place

where people seem to stop and take a break from the world. Those wanting to build their own breakfast will love Buzz for offering this option. I tried the eggs Benedict with salmon for a change to the standard bacon variety. Their fresh produce, all locally sourced and the outdoor ambience might be what attracts patrons for that sought-after wellness factor.

Quaint and quirky

you will find a plethora of tantalising condiments, including do-it-yourself cheese and yoghurt making kits, and deli goods such as the dukkah and carrot relish sourced from local small-good producers. Not only will you enjoy breakfast, lunch and coffee here, you can also pore over jewellery and homewares. Grab a grassy table out front to complete the down to earth cafe experience as you watch Teneriffe go by.

High standards

Walking into Samson & Sophie’s cafe and deli on Macquarie street is a sensory delight. Immediately hit with a collection of aromas including coffee, homestyle cooking and, surprisingly, body products, this new place is hip and has a homestyle food and healthy body focus. Here

If it’s truffles you want, head to the Standard Market Company at the Gasworks. You will find a plethora of truffle products to include in your cooking and inspire your dinner party menu. Along with this highly prized food, you will find the largest range of deli products, fresh produce and all the aged meats you could wish for. A gourmet cook and foodie’s wonderland.

Where is Escobar?

Building on the successfully established Pablo cafe in Brunswick Street, the owners are furiously working on a new establishment, Escobar in Merthyr Road. Opening in

villagefood the evenings from 4pm, this boutique bar will feature Pablo’s own brand of rums and gins, and while the menu is still under discussion, there will definitely be some random classics thrown in for good measure. Pablo Escobar was a notorious Columbian criminal from late last century and was known for his favours to the underprivileged. Watch this space for more news about the launch of this cool new character to grace New Farm.

fish tacos with a coriander dressing were very tasty and unusual – and they were just the special. The menu has a pub feel to it but it’s essentially modern fare. On order for my next visit will be one of their cheese boards teamed with a glass of the rarely seen sangiovese straight from the barrel. This place might be all ‘sixes and sevens’ but they are a 10 in my book.

What’s at the end of the road?

All sixes and sevens

Sixes and Sevens is a ‘public house’ with a difference. Not in the usual James Street formula, the décor is relaxed and somehow retro with a modern flair. The establishment itself charming and its people friendly, but the best part is that the menu is delightfully different. The soft shell

Adjacent to New Farm Park at the end of Brunswick Street is a new place to reflect on the world, over a coffee or a light snack. Away from the city vibe you get served at most cafés in the Valley and New Farm, the End of the Road Cafe is quietly nestled beside the river. Their menu options, whilst minimal now will hopefully develop over time making the End of the Road just the beginning for this picturesque slice of New Farm. What a great vantage point for a cafe.

Casa Italia Community Centre Authentic Italian Pizza and Pasta

Your Local Award Winning Restaurant in Spring Hill

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 pm Weekday private receptions/functions Phone 3358 4150 26 Gray Street, New Farm

Open 7 dayS Ph: 3832 9787

Email: 442a Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill April 2014 villagenews



villagesocialite Chelsea Sipthorp




Rotary Club Casa Italia

Photos by

The rotary socials at the Casa Italia Club in New Farm was an information and new members evening.

Jennifer Egan & Daniele Williams TO PURCHASE SOCIAL PHOTOS VISIT:

Kristen Wale, Denise Buckby & Bruce Hunter

Cindy & Andrew Jones

Available at our Roasting Warehouse or online at Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse Bowen Hills 82 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills, QLD, 4006

From Crop to Cup...We Know Coffee. 22

villagenews April 2014

Wayne Ellis & Susan Ball

John O’Bryne, Fiona Hunt, Phil Brown & Howard Hall

JOB Opportunity We are looking for a photographer and a sales person to work locally for the Village News. Freelance position. Preference given to local resident.

if you are interested please contact the editor. Phone 3254 4965 or email

villagesocials Alliance Hotel turns 150

Life, Body and Soul Opening

Photos by Vanessa Fang

The owners of the Alliance Hotel in Spring Hill celebrated its 150th anniversary by throwing a private party for all those involved in making the business a success on March 20.

To celebrate the Official Opening of Body Life + Soul Newstead Terrace, Newstead on Saturday 8th March, 2014.

Cathy Fitzgerald & Dr Carlos Sanchez

n Cathy Fitzgerald, Leona Mirtschin, Tracy Madde & Sally Freestun

Cheryle & Ron Dowling

r Sarah Egan, Meagan Miller and Kimberly Gardne

Karryn Wheelans, Julian Gardner & Ev Cornelius

Kristen & Evie Sanders & Dr Cathryn Alexander

Veronica Best (with Moses), Sally Freestun & Georgina Bishop

Brisbane Modern Art Gallery opening

Shelley Thompson & Chrisanthi Demos

Lauren Slater, Deborah Makin & Kerri-Ann Charlton

New Farm Nash Theatre Inc. PRESENTS

Photos by Vanessa Fang

Queensland governor Penelope Wensley opened the Brunswick Street gallery on March 20 to over 200 guests, praising director Emma Goulder keeping the artistic history of the site alive.

Candy Peterson & James Lamar Peterson

Hedda Gabler By Henrik Ibsen Directed by Brenda White

all Adrienne Olsen, Jayne Hodgson & Sarah Brownh

Zuzana Mero & Councillor Vicki Howard

May 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 & 31 at 7.30pm 2pm Matinee on May 18 6pm Twilight Performance on May 25

P: 3379 4775


Lars Vester & Governor Penelope Wensley

Zyggi Libucha & Alexandra Matthews

Merthyr Road Uniting Church 52 Merthyr Road New Farm April 2014 villagenews


villagesocials Deerys Restaurant Kangaroo Point much loved restaurant Deery’s Restaurant and Smokehouse celebrated its impressive facelift on March 12. A red carpet line up of Brisbane socialites, hospitality personalities and big media were treated to Deery’s famous tasting plates of pork belly, ribs and tasty morsels.

John & Rachael Carter

Luis Nheu & Ivo Kornel

Justin O’Connor, Kate & Kim Hannricks

Darren Cosgrove & Brad Williams

Scott Wilkie & Sophie Formica

Georgie Barry, Richard Deery & Kellie Prescott

Christa & John Gerard

Mark Peterswald, Michelle Fallon & Anita Jakins

SMSF - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! Ever wanted to know how to purchase property with a Self Managed Super Fund? I have a Free audio CD that will give you a clear, concise plan in 10 simple steps.

Free Audio Cd

Why not take some time out this easter. Simply email, call or text me your postal address and I’ll send you a copy as a free gift for Easter.

Glen Boyle



Paul’s Property Maintenance High pressure water washing of driveways, courtyards and patios.


t 3358 4377 f 3358 3176 e 629 Brunswick Street New Farm Let’s connect:

m: 0431 766 567

Sales & Marketing Consultant

new farm






Jack Ross Gala hosted by Nudgee College Old Boys’ Association in support of the Jack Ross Bursary Trust Saturday May 31, 2014 at 6pm

Senior DiScountS Apply

Call today for a free quote: PHoNe Paul oN 0423 480 756. 24

villagenews April 2014

Victoria Park Golf Complex Ballroom & Marble Bar Join your fellow Old Boys for the inaugural Jack Ross Gala and enjoy a night of great food drinks and entertainment. Black tie.

Tickets: $300 per person ($100 tax deductable donation per ticket) RSVP: Hugh Hamilton or 30096400

villagesocials Reef Oyster Bar and Cocktails

Newstead’s Gasworks welcomed the opening of the new Reef Oyster Bar and Cocktails with the established Reef Seafood and Sushi.

Sophie, Gracie, Daisy, Arabella & Lisa

Greg Kay & Greg Harris

Robin Parkin & David Lyons

Sally & Dr Greg Gillett

Ryan Kay, Jade Meakin & Ben Hall

Damon Warat, Richard Didcott & Alex Shean April 2014 villagenews


villageclassifieds sayso

Do you need a Personal Assistant?

speech pathology

BOOK NOW and double the amount of time you have in your day. WEDDING SEASON IS lOOmING, bOOk NOW!


Time Squared Solutions assists you


by managing all those on going daily tasks that take up so much of your valuable time, and gives you back time for you, your family and friends.

M: 1300 762 004

I provide a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for your wedding ceremony, that everybody loves and talks about for a long time afterwards. Phone Robin on 0418 156 793 E: robinwestcelebrant

Book in for Term 2! speaking listening reading spelling communication dimity williams t: 0413 307 167



Now Offering: • • • • • • •

Pet tags Pens Plastic name badges Trophies Jewellery Glass Plastic signs made to order PHONE: 3358 2580 88 Merthyr Rd, New Farm

Proposed development Have your say From: To:

At: On: By: Ph: web:

House Extension to a House in a Demolition Control Precinct (Carport) 71 Sedgebrook Street, Spring Hill Lot 1 on RP10256 M Farrelly C/- Ken Ryan & Associates P/L (07) 3876 0533

Approval sought: Application No.:

Material Change of Use - Development Permit & Carry Out Building Work - Preliminary Approval Under s241 A003829070

Comment period: 7 April to 30 April 2014 Written comments to: The assessment manager Brisbane City Council GPO Box 1434, Brisbane Qld 4001. (07) 3403 8888 Copies of the full application can be viewed or obtained from the assessment manager Submissions may be made electronically at

Public notification requirement per Queensland Government-Sustainable Planning Act 2009 Form 5 version 2.0


villagenews April 2014


Batteries and Chargers to suit: • • • • • • •

Mobile Phones and Battery Expanders Cordless Phones Digital Cameras Laptops/Netbooks Watches/PDA/Game Consoles Power Tools and Hobbies Eneloop Rechargeables

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The Write Way

New Farm Shoe Repairs



New Farm Shoe Repairs

New Farm Unit Specialist & Body Corporate Specialist

With over 30 years experience in the plumbing industry, specialising in New Farm and inner city Brisbane area.

SErviCES iNClUdE: Bathroom renovations • Blocked drains • drain Camera inspections • Hydro Jetting • Hot Water Services • Burst Pipes • leaking Taps • Backflow Prevention devices • Garden reticulation • dishwashers • Commercial installations

Mobile: 0411 181 173

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coMMunicaTionS SPecialiST

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CAll todAY for A free quote:

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World class residential offering 28 24 MAcquarie street, TENERIFFE ARE YOU MISSING ANY MONEY?


Historic TC Beirne building to be redeveloped




World Class Residential Offering


Teneriffe, 24 Macquarie Street

From $1.9M

Property is all about position - Prestige property is all about attention to detail and quality of finish - The impeccable Macquarie Street Residences epitomize both! Set atop the iconic Australian Estates Woolstore building and occupying awe-inspiring panoramic views, these magnificent homes are being constructed and perfected utilizing the finest materials and world-class innovations available. This exclusive enclave of 9 rooftop residences has privacy, security and lifestyle paramount to its design. Each 2 level home offers an outlook of either the Brisbane CBD or the Brisbane River. No other location promises so much, nor delivers it so completely.

Simon Petrie 0439 668 867 Daniel Argent 0402 214 900




Lis Just

Grand Elevated Queenslander




11 Cintra Road, Bowen Hills


Nestled in the ever changing Bowen Hills precinct this well maintained Queenslander is perfect for a modern & growing family.

By Negotiation

690m2 block walking distance to the Gasworks Precinct, Home Maker Center and Empourim

High ceilings, timber floors, recently painted

An excellent canvas to put your own touch on

Ray White New Farm

Simon Petrie 0439 668 867 07 3254 1022

r Unde t c a r t Con

r Unde t c a r t Con

Absolute Charm in New Farm


NEW FARM 61 Villiers Street

Under Contract

It’s not often that you come across a property with such character that it warms the heart. This masterpiece of a bygone era is a property that exudes a classic charm in the heart of New Farm.



Matt Lancashire 0416 476 480 07 3254 1022

Ray White New Farm

Sought after in Cutters Landing




Under Contract

NEW FARM 4521/40 Hollins Crescent This flow through apartment on the 5th floor of Cutters Landing’s ‘Cook’ building has been styled by award winning stylist John Croft.

Matt Lancashire 0416 476 480 Simon Petrie 0439 668 867 07 3254 1022

Ray White New Farm

SOLD mmer a the H nder


Beautiful Cottage, Huge Potential and Amazing City Views


NEW FARM 215 Arthur Street

Under Contract

Opportunities like 215 Arthur Street, New Farm rarely unveil themselves. Perfectly positioned and tastefully updated, this home still offers huge potential to add value. With original features, this is without hesitation one of the best opportunities on the Peninsula with the owners having committed to selling on or before auction day.

Ray White New Farm



Matt Lancashire 0416 476 480 07 3254 1022

While selling our property at 70 Sydney Street in New Farm, Brandon proved to be an exemplary agent. He is a credit to the industry and also to Ray White New Farm. He has a true passion for what he does, but of a high level you do not see very often. He cared for the property and the family and was respectful and diligent at all times. I can see that he has an outstanding real estate career ahead of him. Most importantly, we were absolutely thrilled at the price we received and it was a true reflection of Brandon's vigilance, tenacity and hard-work. - Ross Neller (Vendor)


AucTiON Of ThE YEAR! • 3 WEEk cAmpAigN! • 209 BuYER iNspEcTiONs! • 28 REgisTERED BiDDERs!



e idd


e eR



g Re

70 Sydney Street, New Farm After such an immensely successful campaign, there are a huge number of buyers who either missed out or have requirements which were not perfectly suited to this property. Buyer demand is at record high levels across all types of property at all price points, and the current selling climate is the most prosperous in years! If you are considering selling, or would simply like an obligation-free opinion of the value of your home, please contact me any time.

BRANDON WORTLEY 0447 269 591 3358 0669


Unusual build moves forward in Macquarie Street ONE of the most unique developments to take place anywhere in southeast Queensland is the Macquarie Street Residences, being built right on top of the existing Australian Estates Woolstore in Teneriffe. The build is unusual, partly because the apartments - all nine of them - are being built on top of a woolstore and partially into the side of a hill. “We’ve basically peeled the roof off,” developer Dan Williams said. “The building is now watertight and progressing on schedule,” he said. “We’re so happy we beat this rain,” he said. The build is expected to be completed in November, weather permitting. Two of the nine apartments were offered for sale to satisfy bank funding arrangements. “We will do a soft launch, and release the rest through the market, on sites such as,” he said. “We’ve got a couple listed there now. “We’re just hoping to get a few enquiries. It takes time for people to get their house in order, if they’re going to move. And these are fair

dinkum houses. There’s a shortage of stock on the market in this area. “The apartments are 340m2, twostorey houses with two-car lock-up garages and two levels of security to just get into the building,” he said. Mr Williams said the idea for the unusual project came about because he was looking for somewhere for his family to live in the area but nothing was available. So he decided to build it. One of the nine apartments will be retained by Mr Williams as his own primary residence. The apartments sell for around the $2 million mark each and Mr Williams said the project was coming together well. “People couldn’t really understand what I was doing, what the concept was but now they can see. We’ve had the Australian Institute of Engineers come through because the building is so unique. They wanted to show their students what it looked like - it’s made of steel, which doesn’t happen anymore,” he said. Marketed by Simon Petrie at Ray White New Farm and Daniel Argent at Urban Property Agents. www.


D r SOtLhe Hamme er


Macquarie Street Residences in Teneriffe

• • • •

SALE PrICE $1,110,000 8 rEGIStErED BIDDErS $115,000 ABOVE rESErVE rESULtS mAttEr

537 LOWEr BOWEN tErrACE, NEW FArm SOLD Under the Hammer




villagenews April 2014

“absolute commitment

for sale



NICHOLAS GIVEN | 0439 193 920 | 07 3358 0622 |


We appointed Tom Lyne of Ray White New Farm to sell our property. Tom was success� ful in getting us a buyer at a price higher than we thought we could achieve in the current market. Tom was very professional at all times. I always felt that Tom was on my side and working for me with my best interests at heart, striving to get the price that I wanted. I would recommend Tom to any of my friends and family and I plan to utilise Tom's expertise again in my future real estate dealings.

Doug Tritton - Vendor


Auction: 12 APRIL 2014 45 Dalrymple St, Wilston

Auction: 12 APRIL 2014 6/41 Griffith St, New Farm

FoR SALE: 26/46 Arthur St Fortitude Valley


19/25 JAmES St FortItude VALLeY

29/45 moRAy St NeW FArM

30 HAwtHoRnE St NeW FArM

107 ViLLiERS St NeW FArM

214 moRAy St NeW FArM

7/13 ELFin St eASt BrISBANe

Right now is the most exciting time in property that we’ve seen in many years. Ultimately, its supply and demand that fuels the market, and with limited properties currently up for sale, prices are staying firm and in my cases exceeding my clients expectations. I welcome you the opportunity to have a confidential and private conversation with me, to provide you some clarity and discuss the options and opportunities available to you and your family.


0423 696 862

073358 0603



Is it a result you re looking for ? 9 Houses sold by us in 2014 valued at $8,030,000 7 Units sold by us 2014 valued at $5,700,000 Ivo Kornel l 0412 301 439 l

Scott Darwon l 0401 151 090 l


Are you missing any money? There’s always a few tricks in every trade. In the property management world when an owner is looking to save money the first place we tell them to look is their home loan. It’s the ‘back of the couch’ in the real estate

TALKING ProPerTy With Haesley Cush world. It’s rarely checked and usually has a few bucks hidden down there. Let’s consider the facts, interest rates are low and your bank won’t call you to tell you about their cheapest offer. so it’s up to you to be active and curious. Week after week I ask clients: have you redressed your loans? Are you missing the low rates? They say ‘it all seems a bit hard’ or ‘I’ve got a good relationship with my bank, they’ll look after me’. Well not always. Last week a young couple who had just bought a home from us were rejected by their bank of 10 years. Obviously they were fairly distraught, due mainly to the considerable battle to even secure a home in this market. Their initial elation turned to devastation

when they got knocked back. We told them to try a broker. They were sceptical, given their relationship with their bank, but they were desperate so they called him. Obviously (because I’m telling the story) they got the loan. But here’s the kicker. It was with their bank and it also turned out one of them was an employee of that same bank! These sort of stories are not as rare as you would think. We’ve had a number of peculiar cases along similar lines. Many of these stories relate to refinancing. Why? I’m not exactly sure, but it did seem like a number of years ago that the banks were looking to move away from independent brokers. They weren’t giving them the same access or deals. But today it feels like the

cross institutional knowledge is allowing them to negotiate better deals and advise clients of which product will suit their circumstances. Now sure I work with brokers and I can hear the emails ‘of course you’d promote their services’. But this is not an ad to talk to a broker, more to ‘health check’ your current home loans. Call a broker or your own bank and shop their current offering. These exercises and comparisons may ease some financial frustration and alleviate some stress. You must always take the advice of a professional, but just make sure you’re asking for it! so if you feel a little uncomfortable every time a tenant is late with their rent or when you get a call about a maintenance job. Do

Week after week I ask clients: have you redressed your loans? Are you missing the low rates? They say ‘it all seems a bit hard’ or ‘I’ve got a good relationship with my bank, they’ll look after me’. opposite. From what I’m seeing the brokers seem to be getting better deals, mainly because there is competition in the market. They also seem to be more ‘up to speed’ with products in the market (even compared to some bankers about their own products). This

something proactive, take ownership of your loans and you may find that there is some deal that you can do that will rid some stress. A lower rate or some new product that suits you and who knows, you may find more money there than you were looking for!

renTal opporTuniTieS 0 $7



2 30th fLoor views 301/420 Queen STreeT, BriSBane



0 14


4 mAjestic retreAt 194 arTHur STreeT, new farm

0 $6


962sqm Of Direct Riverfront Living



0New Farm


9 Griffith Street



2 2 fuLLy furnished 191/170 leicHarDT STreeT, Spring Hill


6 Auction







An iconic site not only in Brisbane, but across QLD & Australia, 9 Griffith St will raise eyebrows from every inch to every corner of the country.

Sat 20th July 11am on site if not SOLD prior

962sqm direct riverfront

21.3 metre frontage with private pontoon

Matt Lancashire 0416 476 480

3 2 one of A Kind • Medium density zoning 2/19 HarcourT STreeT, new farm


Ray White New Farm 3606 8300 241 Arthur Street, Teneriffe

View Sat 11-11.45am & Wed 6-6.30pm

3 2 2 2 1 Penthouse APArtment two LeveLs 627/16 Skyring Terrace, Teneriffe 8/9 DoggeTT STreeT, forTiTuDe Valley

To view our continually updated rent list please scan the QR code or visit



IF you’re looking for a Sign to put your property on the market...

Market Share of New Listings Houses

Other Agencies

59.4% 40.6% RWNF

1st out of 24 agencies


Other Agencies

80.2% 19.8%



1st out of 58 agencies

Market Share of sold Listings

Other Agencies


56.5% 43.5% RWNF

1st out of 12 agencies


Other Agencies

78.4% 21.6% RWNF

1st out of 46 agencies * All data is compiled from our core trading areas; New Farm, Newstead & Teneriffe

Days on Market

auction success rate


QLD AveRAge: 41% RWNF AveRAge: 80%

9 1 Total volume of properties SOLD so far in 2014

$ 66,283,168.00 Ray White

New Farm


Ray White New Farm

@RayWhite NewFarm

Total value of properties SOLD so far in 2014

Disclaimer: This information is being provided by Australian Property Monitors, Price Finder and MyDesktop , (Ray White New Farm’s CRM System) based on settled sales as of 30 March 2014. It’s accuracy can not be guaranteed. Parties should rely on their own enquiries and Ray White New Farm will not be liable for errors or admissions herein.

Your Peninsula Specialists. it’s exciting times in the New Farm real estate market - the hottest i have seen it in many years. Properties are selling within days of listing and our auctions have been huge, with many properties reaching $100,000 over the reserve price and have had a record number of registered bidders. The first round of figures from RP Data for January 2014 revealed price growth in every capital city – the first time that’s happened in four years. This continued in February (with the exception of Darwin), showing strong positive signs for a continuing nationwide recovery. We’re also seeing record levels of new borrowing across the country, with latest figures showing a 27% jump in February compared to 2013. Rock bottom interest rates continue to have a strong effect, with no signs the RBA is intending to increase them any time soon. Brisbane is an exciting market right now. The city is experienced phenomenal growth with overall values (houses and apartments) up. Prices in the Brisbane market are moving in the right direction (up 3% YOY) and the signs for growth are there – increasing investment and first home buyer activity, more people turning up at open inspections and greater enquiry from developers looking to capitalise on the imminent upswing. Vendor confidence has definitely increased in Brisbane, with a 25% increase in Ray White New Farms listings compared to 2013. Average days on sale have also decreased by over 10 days from the same time period last year. More sellers are also choosing the auction method to leverage the strong competition among buyers right now. On behalf of the RWNF team we would like to wish you a happy and safe easter. Matt Lancashire and the entire RWNF Team


Sale Opportunities

Historic TC Beirne building to be redeveloped

Investments - Development - Occupation

1. Central Brunswick Premium Investment - International Tenant on new 5 x 5 year lease. - Passing Net Income $242,820 p.a (fair market). - Potential for upward reversion at option in late 2018. - Solid securities. High grade contemporary fit out. - Split floors allow for future diversification. Total 643m². - Signature development.

2. Masters Street, Newstead - Develop or Invest in the the shadow of Gasworks. - Prime residential development opportunity. - Or retain as mixed use investment. - Passing Net Income $267,720 rising to $295,750. - Two level building - 854m² L.F.A. GFA 1,376m². - Level 930m² land - frontage 24.4m - depth 38m.

3. Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley - As new, two level walk up building - 716m². - Ground floor (351m²) leased at $122,000 p.a net. - 5 x 5 years lease. - Top floor (367m²) partitioned offices, good natural light. - On site parking, two street access. Land 533m². - Opposite Emporium and Citygate.

Peter Smailes 0411 339 083 38

villagenews April 2014

Cr Vicki Howard and Lord Mayor Graham Quirk at the TC Beirne building. THE heritage-listed TC Beirne the site for mixed uses. The hotel building, linking Chinatown and development is expected to cost Brunswick Street malls, would be about $20 million and create 100 redeveloped following Council’s jobs. approval of the plans. “In conjunction with this A council spokesperson said the development, local Cr Vicki new hotel, with more than 100 Howard is working with Council on rooms, would be a boost to the reinstating two, five minute short Valley’s economic development term car parks on the Chinatown that included $1 billion worth of Mall adjacent to the carp new construction in the area. sculpture,” he said. “Fortitude Valley has seen “This will provide access for hotel renewed guests and momentum in also allow recent years the delivery The Valley is experiencing a billion – we’ve had of goods for dollars of construction through 23 a $9 million traders within refurbishment Chinatown.” new buildings that are either under of the “As part of construction or about to commence. Chinatown the approval Mall a few conditions, years ago developers and we are currently undertaking will preserve one of the area’s a $4 million refurbishment of the most iconic heritage structures, adjoining Brunswick Street Mall,” with the building originally the spokesperson said. constructed in 1902 as a “This development approval will department store operated by Irish deliver a much-needed modern draper Thomas Charles Beirne.” hotel facility to cater to Fortitude Cr Quirk said the adjacent Valley’s ever-growing number of redevelopment of the Brunswick visitors and residents. Street Mall had been fast-tracked “The Valley is experiencing a to give the mall and its traders an billion dollars of construction economic boost while minimising through 23 new buildings that are construction impacts. either under construction or about Works have started on laying the to commence which will provide footings for the catenary structures many new jobs and residents and that will hold the public art and the opportunities for local businesses.” laying of underground services. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said New pavement will soon be laid the new hotel was proposed to along with the installation of street include 112 rooms across three furniture, artwork and signage. levels and occupy the middle Construction works are scheduled section of the TC Beirne building, for completion around the middle preserving other components of of the year.

new farm


GARRY HONE “PREmium PROPERtY” Specialist

NEw FARm - NEwstEAd - tENERiFFE M: 0408 741 418 E: 2014 is the start of an exciting period of growth for our agency, with the redevelopment and expansion of our existing offices to best service our clients in our ever growing sales, investment and property management divisions. As the full benefits of the BCC Urban Renewal Program are realised and appreciated, there has been an immense re-gentrification in the New Farm, Newstead and Teneriffe precinct. We have witnessed a greater diversity in property styles and price points right across the spectrum, from designer, entry level properties to exquisite homes and apartments attracting buyers who not only appreciate the lifestyle on offer but also add to the spirit of our community. In recognition of the ongoing development of prime apartments, homes and the regeneration of existing homes, we are the only mainstream agency to take the initiative to dedicate a specialist sales force to service these specific markets, within the boundaries of the area. Garry Hone, a long standing friend and an exceptional, experienced licenced real estate agent, has been appointed to develop a specialist, Premium Property desk as a centre-point, specific and exclusive to New Farm, Newstead and Teneriffe. Garry is as accomplished as he is educated in the real estate profession and is an agent of the highest calibre with a personal, down to earth approach and an impeccable reputation for results. Although we have been in business here since 1988 and have already seen some great things happening in the area, we genuinely believe that the best is yet to come. We foresee an exciting future of our Precinct as it further evolves into one of Brisbane’s most desirable, vibrant and valuable communities and welcome Garry to our team.

Andrew Clough Andrew Clough Principal

Professionals New Farm 629 Brunswick Street New Farm t 3358 4377 f 3358 3176

new farm t 3358 4377 f 3358 3176 629 Brunswick Street New Farm

229 Moray Street $260/wk

56 Moreton Street $260/wk

142 St Pauls Tce $320/wk




129 Merthyr Rd $325/wk

120 Sydney St $340/wk

111 Merthyr Rd $380/wk

313 Bowen Tce $410/wk

















95 Charlotte St $430/wk

191 Kent St $430/wk

172 Oxlade Dr $435/wk

102 Langshaw St $460/wk













376 Bowen Tce $460/wk

33 Sargent St $490/wk

235 Boundary St $490/wk

133 Moray St $495/wk








102 Little Chester St $700/wk

70 Hope St $750/wk












29 Hewitt St $1200/wk

25b Maxwell St $1400/wk







new farm

Licensed To ThriLL

AmAziNg OverSized WArehOuSe APArtmeNt! 302/351 Brunswick St, Fortitude valley




AuCtiON: Onsite, 5th April @ 3pm • • • • •

225 sqm of Living Space!!! Private terrace North Facing, great views Penthouse Level Light Filled, Breezy Apartment

Owner will meet the market on this unique Apartment. Open Wed and Sat, or, call Julie (0420 309 557) for an inspection.

Julie Jackson-Lemaire 0420 309 557

george mcAteer 0416 721 026

Professionals New Farm 629 Brunswick Street New Farm t 3358 4377

If you’re thinking about selling your home… then it’s time to get all your ducks in a row, and there’s no one better to help than Raine & Horne New Farm. Plus now there’s the chance to win $50,000* – and we’re sure that’ll help with a few bills. Simply list your home for sale with us before the 31st May 2014 to go into the draw for your chance to win! So, it’s off to Raine & Horne New Farm to list your home where you’ll get all the assistance you need for a great result and you can be sure that with Raine & Horne working for you, all your ducks will be in a row.

Call Raine & Horne New Farm on 3358 5444 Contact Lee Paul 0418 733 818 or Lorna Bailey 0410 609 789 today! * Terms & Conditions apply, for full details visit Entries close at 5pm EST 31st May, 2014. NSW Permit No. LTPS/14/00691 VIC Permit No. 14/3317 ACT Permit No. TP14/00284 and SA Permit No. T14/143

If you’re thinking about selling your home… then it’s time to get all your ducks in a row, and there’s no one better to help than Raine & Horne New Farm. Plus now there’s the chance to win $50,000* – and we’re sure that’ll help with a few bills. Simply list your home for sale with us before the 31st May 2014 to go into the draw for your chance to win! So, it’s off to Raine & Horne New Farm to list your home where you’ll get all the assistance you need for a great result and you can be sure that with Raine & Horne working for you, all your ducks will be in a row.

Call Raine & Horne New Farm on 3358 5444 Contact Lee Paul 0418 733 818 or Lorna Bailey 0410 609 789 today! * Terms & Conditions apply, for full details visit Entries close at 5pm EST 31st May, 2014. NSW Permit No. LTPS/14/00691 VIC Permit No. 14/3317 ACT Permit No. TP14/00284 and SA Permit No. T14/143

For Sale

New Farm 172 Oxlade Drive






Iconic Penthouse at ‘Glenfalloch’ Rarely does an opportunity like this present itself; In fact this property is offered for sale for the first time in over 30 years.

While these spaces have direct access to both balconies, they also flow seamlessly to an additional living space.

Penthouse A in New Farm’s iconic ‘Glenfalloch’ is the larger of only two ‘sky apartments’ in this historic riverside building. Featuring glorious panoramic views from The Gabba to the Gateway Bridge, the extensive use of windows ensures there is ample natural light from dawn to dusk. This property is unmatched by anything else on offer and is situated on the 14th floor covering approximately 240sqm, ensuring you really do feel on top of the world.

As expected with a property of this calibre, each of the three bedrooms are generously proportioned and come with built-ins and a view. The bedrooms are serviced by three bathrooms with the master featuring an ensuite.

The standout feature, and undoubtedly where the majority of your time will be spent, is the open plan living area comprising of a study nook and dining room with full room-width picture windows.

If the view from the living room is not enough, head to the magnificent sun room which overlooks Brisbane City and the Story Bridge. This view is spectacular day and night and is a breathtaking panorama. Some say that this is the best view in Brisbane!

Penthouse A is for sale by expression of interest closing on 13th May 2014 with documentation available from the agent. Please call to register for viewing times.

For Sale Expressions of interest by 13th May View By Appointment

Selling Agent Brett Greensill 0410 506 695 4/599 Brunswick Street, New Farm • Ph: (07) 3146 5400 • • All information contained herein is gathered from sources we consider to be reliable. However we cannot guarantee or give any warranty about the information provided and interested parties must solely rely on their own enquiries.


New Farm 140-142 Oxlade Drive




Ultra Premium Riverfront - Landmark New Farm Development Site Once in a lifetime does an ultra-premium estate like 140-142 Oxlade Drive present itself to the Australian market. Located on one of the most exclusive streets in New Farm - Oxlade Drive - this iconic river front site is ready to be developed. Whether you intend to take advantage of the zoning options, renovate the current dwelling or sub-divide the double block - the possibilities are endless!! Situated on two lots spanning 810 square meters in total (405 sqm each block on separate titles), this exceptional piece of New Farm real estate offers a plethora of options. 140-142 Oxlade Drive is suitable to family home buyers, land bankers and more importantly developers. Capitalise on one of the last vacant blocks in New Farm along the Brisbane River.

This large dual site is zoned medium density by the Brisbane City Council and it can be confirmed that this allows future development of multi-level dwellings (subject to Council approvals). With a very attractive a 20.2 metre frontage on the water, you can let your imagination run wild with the most spectacular designs to create your own private masterpiece. This site is positioned in the absolute heart of New Farm - arguably Brisbane’s most desirable property address - and only a short walk directly into the Brisbane CBD along the new floating river walk (currently under construction). Amenities are aplenty with New Farm Village, shops, cafés, restaurants and bars all within a short stroll. New Farm Park is also only moments away, as is the Powerhouse, Merthyr Bowls and other local attractions.

With the phenomenal value that this property presents one must really consider what’s on offer here as the list is endless

Auction Onsite Saturday 5th April at 10.00am For more information, to arrange a viewing or to obtain a copy of the INFORMATION MEMORANDUM - please email or phone the Agent - Jed Dziuma & Brett Greensill.

Selling Agent Jed Dziuma and Brett Greensill 0409 888 190 4/599 Brunswick Street, New Farm • Ph: (07) 3146 5400 • • All information contained herein is gathered from sources we consider to be reliable. However we cannot guarantee or give any warranty about the information provided and interested parties must solely rely on their own enquiries.

























The newest places sold from one NEW FARM

















Built in 1912 as an open air Cinema, since then the Rivoli Theatre building has been a theatre, skating rink, dry cleaners and mechanical workshop. This photo shows a local fancy dress ball regularly held during its time as a skating rink.






of New Farm’s oldest places. Proudly a part of our history. Place New Farm 3107 5111 FORTITUDE VALLEY




PLC-NF0814 PLC-NF0290

Profile for Village News

Village News April  

Meet the New Chamber Boss for Teneriffe

Village News April  

Meet the New Chamber Boss for Teneriffe