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Welcoming you

Beginning with your Induction Week, Newbold residential staff will help you settle in to your new life at Newbold, and there is a range of activities to help you get to know people and gain confidence in your new environment. Get to know staff and fellow students as you settle in to classes, join trips around the local area and to popular tourist attractions during our annual weekend retreat in September, and take part in the programme of social events designed to help you settle in to life at Newbold. If you have never lived away from home, overseas, or in the United Kingdom before, then our staff can help you with cultural adjustment and with administrative tasks such as registering at the local doctor’s surgery.

Personal support

If you are worried and need to talk to someone, whether it is personal, academic, financial or spiritual, our student support staff and Chaplain are available to listen, support and provide confidential advice. We can also refer you to an independent counsellor if you would like.


If you are struggling spiritually or personally, are having trouble settling in or just need someone to talk to, then our Chaplaincy team is here to listen. You may also like to discover and learn more about the Bible one-on-one with our Chaplain, and these studies can help support you spiritually and increase your biblical knowledge.

Academic support

Newbold’s Roy Graham Library offers a wide range of resources both electronically and in print.

It provides vital support for students, academic staff and researchers. Library staff are on hand to arrange access to information, online or in print, and provide training and support in how to make the most of all our services – including software used to collect, manage, cite and store your research, and academic style manuals. Our library enables you to access digital and online resources and academic content, including full-text eBooks and international electronic journals. Our rich collection of books and other print resources will support your studies and research. Our staff will be able to locate additional resources for you through the Library’s participation in an interlibrary loan/ document delivery service, which provides access to material held at other universities. Wireless internet, computing and printing facilities will also be available


Profile for Newbold College of Higher Education

Newbold Prospectus 2020/21  

The official College Prospectus for the academic year 2020/21

Newbold Prospectus 2020/21  

The official College Prospectus for the academic year 2020/21