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'The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.' Carl Gustav Jung

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We all want to be the best we can and often we will speak about our “Dream” Self or at least think about the possibility of our future existence. So, why don’t we reach there? Why is it mainly a dream and not so much a reality? In New Acropolis we speak about the difference between Imagination and Fantasy. In accordance with the ancient teachings, imagination is; seeing the target and all the steps leading to it. Most importantly, it is to take those steps and bring our target to life. Then after its manifestation we know we used our imagination! If it is not manifested and only remains a mental image thought about in moments of nostalgia - or despair with the life we lead - then it is fantasy. So how will we become our "Dream” Self, or, if I may, our “Ideal” Self? In order to take those imaginary future steps, we must really know where we are starting from. Otherwise our first step will be a fantasy. In order to start this path of the rest of our lives well, we must be AUTHENTIC with ourselves. Making the first step where we are really sure we can. We must accept ourselves where we are, in order to be able to truly find and reach the future that we would like in our life.


About Us

Philosophy Philosophy, when practical, helps us to know and improve ourselves. It is a way of life, not an intellectual attitude; committed to the best aspirations of humanity.

Culture Culture broadens our understanding of life, and fosters a spirit of mutual respect and solidarity, strengthening human dignity and facilitating harmonious coexistence.

Volunteering Volunteering is the natural expression of a spirit of union with life and humanity, which manifests in the practice of values such as unselfishness, commitment and striving for the common good. 5 5


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Restless, Seeking Truth, Annoyed with what the world has to offer? Looking for Change and Revolution?

Activism: It starts at the root.

19h00 Tuesday 14th April 2015 New Acropolis, Free entrance 9

I am of course speaking about The Borg. For those who are unfamiliar with the many Star Trek television series and movies, The Borg are an extremely expansive and aggressive civilization who frequently cross paths with humanity in the Star Trek setting. They are a Collective, made up of humanoids who have been assimilated into a hive consciousness through the use of technology. Once assimilated, an individual becomes a “drone� within the Collective; who has no concept of individuality, and shares a mind with all the other drones in the Collective. They always act in unison. 10

The Borg are portrayed as cadaverous humanoids, with various body parts replaced with high tech machinery. Everyone is scared of them as they are extremely dangerous, technologically superior, and act without any compassion. They simply continually seek to expand the Collective by assimilating any civilization they encounter with ruthless efficiency. Their quest is perfection. Their underlying ideology is that every species / civilization / individual is flawed by itself, so, by adding it to the Collective they improve both themselves and the individual being assimilated.


To us, The Borg are repulsive they are humans with their humanity cored out and replaced with a computer chip. They have no sense of self, no name, and no individuality. We on the other hand, prize our individuality above all else. We want to choose what we want, when we want it, and have the right to change our minds when we please. We do not appreciate being told we have to conform to any standard.

Every time we choose the clothes we wear, the hairstyle we want, what food we eat or even the stores where we shop, we are deliberately constructing our identity. We are our identities. They are representative of our concept of ourselves as an individual. One of the most important concepts linked with identity is of course authenticity. Is that leather accessory real leather, or is it vinyl? Is that a Gucci handbag, or a knock off from China mall? Is that his real hair, or is it a toupee? Is that her real nose, or has she had work done/cosmetic surgery? 12

Since when did we allow these material items to become associated as significant markers of our authentic selves? What makes it even worse is that often we do not even choose these items based on our own personal preferences – although of course we like to think we do. In reality we unconsciously conform to the standards prescribed to us in beauty magazines, television adverts or the latest youtube

video that went viral. Sadly this phenomenon is not limited only to our physical appearance but also to our thoughts and emotions. We adopt attitudes and beliefs from the media, our social circles, the subcultures with which we identify, and the religious and cultural environments in which we exist. Our opinions are often subject to fashion, and change rapidly from one day to the next; and just like with our fashion items, authenticity is a key factor. We question; Do they really agree, or are they just saying so?

Does he really care, or is he just trying to make me feel better? Is what I’m hearing genuine, or am I just being taken for a fool? When we hold an opinion one day and change it the next week to an opposite one - do we say we were less authentic then, than we are now? Yet, if someone were to argue against either of the said opinions how quickly would we get onto our soap-boxes to declare “This is what I think. This is what I believe. This is who I am and how I choose to live my life…” So now I ask you – who are The Borg, and where are the Humans? Are you what you think, or what you feel, or what you wear? Where is the authentic you? Can we unite to form a humane Borg consciousness?


THE KEY TO INNER WISDOM Taught by New Acropolis globally, this course compares the major systems of thought from the East to the West. Discover how ancient wisdom can be practically applied today. Develop the skills to govern yourself, and reconcile emotions and thoughts which lead to a proactive existence. Exercise your free will to live your potential. Take a 16 class journey through a landscape of philosophical thinking that embraces the unity of existence and finds meaning in life.


RS U O C NEXT Tuesday, 5th May 2015 at 19h00


Attend the first class for free New Acropolis, 413 Vale Avenue, Ferndale Course Fee: R980 (Students: R380)



g P hil oso p



Ethics and Morality Voices of the personality Dealing with inner conflicts My destiny? Happiness or suffering? Leader lead thyself


Cycles of time Connecting history and mythology Our future...



A new man for the new millenium Individual, society and community; universal ubuntu Myth of the cave; my place in society? Utopia, possible? Morality and social law Exploration of political theory RSVP: 072 300 1274 |


“Do not be afraid of your difficulties.Do not wish you could be in other circumstances than you are. For when you have made the best of an adversity, it becomes the stepping stone to a splendid opportunity.� -HPB 16

Hear ye, hear ye!

The New Acropolis court cordially invites you to our

L TOURNAMENT MEDIEVA Come one, 25TH come all: knight and burgher, fire dancers and children, lord and dame for a festive day filled with games, merriment and silliness. Great fires will be lit for the hungry, whom are asked to bring their own meats and mead for the celebrations. Drinks will also be sold.


Saturday 25th April 14h00 Free entrance


PHILOSOPHICAL ACTIVISM: Many of us feel the need to take concrete action, with the hope that our children may have a better place to live in. However, without contemplating the deeper reasons for our problems, activism can become a Sisyphean task – acting repeatedly, without making any real change. Wangari Maathai, the late Kenyan Nobel prize winner, spoke about certain aid campaigns that completely missed their purpose. As an example she presented a problem they had with disease-infecting mosquitoes. This problem was “solved” by the donation and installation of mosquito nets in the villages. The problem is that the nets will decompose in time, and again the humanitarian groups will have to come to the rescue. She offered a better solution – educating the people so they can develop solutions on their own and not be dependent anymore on external aid. That is, teaching them to fish instead of giving them fish. Contemplation or thought without action, does not change anything. However, action without thought or contemplation is as dangerous and futile, it will seem to be a solution in the eyes of spectators, but will not bring any long lasting change. It is necessary to search for the roots of our problems, and these roots are usually not in the visible, physical sphere, but within man. For example, tooth cavities are a physical problem. But if we dig deeper we will find that it is a result of bad nutrition, “sweet-tooth”. If we dig even deeper, we may find emotional reasons for the unbalanced consumption of sweets. And digging deeper we may find even deeper roots – mental patterns which lead to these imbalances. Of course we would like to fix the cavity first, because it is painful. But if we will not treat the roots of the problem, we will eventually need to remove the roots of the teeth. 18

FOR BEST RESULTS, START AT THE ROOT In the same way, many of our problems are symptoms of our cultural mindsets, of the way we perceive nature, the world, and ourselves. We need to prevent the pollution of our environment, but first we need to uproot the mindset that has separated us from nature in the first place. We need to fight against war, but how can we redirect warring nations, when we cannot even solve small conflicts with our friends, family or neighbours? We speak about economical disparity, but are we innocent of the mindset that puts matter over values, gains over brotherhood? Therefore, the first step to understanding our problems, is to understand the human being. Real social change always begins with a change of the individual. The great philosopher and leader Mahatma Gandhi said that the Indian people are a bigger enemy to him than the English one, because more than just fighting the English people, it is crucial to educate the Indian people to believe in their right to freedom and autonomy. He also said his biggest enemy is himself, because a person should be the change he wants to see in the world. That, actually, is the greatest and most profound challenge of every true idealist and philosopher. We need to re-think Activism. It is essential to integrate activism with philosophy. We need to seek after the roots of reality, and to gradually change our perception, and as a result our behaviours as well. It is necessary to integrate action and contemplation and to bring to light a form of philosophical activism. by Gilad Sommer 19

Testimonial New Acropolis; a special place in my heart. Thank you for giving me the freedom and space to change. - Garrett


Advanced Studies

Following on from the foundation course (The Key To Inner Wisdom), we offer classes in successive levels which cover topics including: • Psychology • Eastern and Western wisdom • Rhetoric (3 levels) • The Pranic body • History of philosophy (4 levels) • Symbolism (Egypt, Inca, Aztec, Hindu, African…) • Comparative study of religions • Philosophy of Science • Aesthetics and Metaphysics • Anthropogenesis • Cosmogenesis


South African Heroes

Caro Allum


“My deep connection with the spirit and energy of nature, a force that connects everything in the universe, is the main stimulant that goes on the canvass.� Caro Allum To view more visit


NEW ACROPOLIS INITIATIVE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! As a section 18aPBO (for public benefit organisation) NGO, we are structured as follows:  The Philosophy School: Ancient wisdom, culture and volunteering  Healthy Beginnings Montessori Pre & Elementary School: the financial support of the organisation; and  A Youth Leadership Programme titled: “DWYL: Do What You Love, Don’t Waste Your Life” New Acropolis is a non-profit seeking self-sustainability, YOU CAN HELP: By supporting any one of these initiatives you ensure that we can continue to do our work... We are in need of the folloing:  Join our Key To Inner Wisdom course  Rent our space for a workshop, yoga or  Montessori equipment and school dance class materials, from paper, art supplies, books  Advertise in this magazine, 2000 - 4000 and stationery copies  Donate and get a portion back.  Cash or equipment donations gain tax benefit receipts

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INTERSTELLAR Movie Screening Thought Provoking, Science and Philosophy intertwined. A Must See! Short Discussion will follow. Friday 12th June 19h00 2015. Free entrance, Boerewors Rolls and Drinks will be sold. New Acropolis 25

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