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NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals (NPH) is a system of hospitals that specialize in the treatment of patients who have serious acute psychiatric events and comorbid medical and/or neurological disorders. NeuroPsychiatric Hospital patients are too medically and/or neurologically ill to go to a traditional psychiatric hospital for treatment; and, at the same time, they are too psychiatrically impaired to be admitted to a traditional medical hospital. One example of a patient that would need to go to a NeuroPsychiatric Hospital facility would be a 55-year-old patient who is acutely psychotic, a danger to self and others PLUS has an infectious disease such as AIDS. Another example would be a 20-year-old who suffers with extreme mood swings, is very violent and has Autism. A third example would be an 85-year-old with a severe dementia, is violent towards others and has acute kidney disease and diabetes.