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A short film by Neshka Karadzhinska | Based on the story “Pawnshop” by Deyan Enev


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Zalozhna kashta (Заложна къща) Pawnshop Le prêteur sur gage Casa de empeños

Fiction 08:42 min. Bulgaria, 2011

Log Line

An old lady is taking her most precious possession to the pawnshop owned by Kalin Banderov.


Empty streets, empty town square… At a time when the dried out leaves are still withholding at the scorching heat of the ending summer, an old lady is taking her most precious possession to the pawnshop owned by Kalin Banderov.


It’s a hot summer day and the streets are empty. Just a little boy is playing with his ball. The owner of the pawnshop, Kalin Banderov, turns out to be a very unpleasant man. The old lady, who appears mysteriously, makes him irritated (even the bell over the door doesn`t produce any sound when she comes in). But, what actually does she want from him? What she brings is priceless, a family treasure, heritage… At the time when the old lady tells with a husky voice about how her husband passed away shortly after their son was born, Kalin Banderov is calculating in his mind the value of the object… An unusual story telling about motherhood, impossible expectations and destiny.

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The town of Lovech, Bulgaria 35 mm DCP 2K, Beta-SP PAL, Blu-ray 1080p, DVD PAL / NTSC Stereo

Director Director`s Statement

I was very anxious to film Deyan Enev’s narrative “Pawnshop”, because the story is very touching and meaningful. I consider the characters represented in it, as well as the specific circumstances and the whole plot, fairytale - like but in a modern setting. That is exactly how I wanted to develop it. Dramatic combination of the place and the act itself in a split second. The mere happening – the spontaneity of the moment – that was of my interest. I could not afford to condemn or explain the characters. What provoked me was the idea of destiny and superior justice, and two “strangers” rambling in the mist of doubts and illusions while the time passes by. I still remember how the tears were dropping on my face reading again and again the short story with so unexpected ending. Than I saw in my mind the film`s atmosphere: unusual, fatal, poetic, a frozen world in which every small move gives a big dynamic. So fascinating contrast with the well known vision of the contemporary reality! I felt it was perfect for a social drama. Pawnshop, my first fiction film, is a true love to me.

Director`s Biography and Filmography

NESHKA KARADZHINSKA was born on 8th of April 1986 in Sofia. She dedicated her childhood to singing in the worldwide famous Childrens Choir of the Bulgarian National Radio, conducted by Prof. Christo Nedyalkov. Her interests in photography, writing and stage presence lead her to the cinema. Neshka currently graduates in “Cinema and Television Directing” and “Cinematography” in New Bulgarian University. Working as a freelance camera operator, she develops some ideas for future films and looks for a challenging opportunity for a Master`s degree. Her documentary about the art of performance “Does it make sense when it doesn`t make sense”, 30 min., has been selected in several national programs and international festivals. “Pawnshop”, based on the original story by Deyan Enev, is her graduation film as a director and her first fiction experience. It brings her Nomination for KODAK Student Scholarship Award 2011, Nomination for Best National Film in the Film Palace Fest 2011 in Balchik, Bulgaria, Diploma for Specific Individual Achievements in the festival Golden Rose in Varna, Bulgaria, Award for Best Film Directed by a Woman in Quest Europe Festival in Poland and Award for Best First Short Film in Cyprus Film Festival 2011. Revelation - in script development, short fiction /director/ Innocense - in script development, short fiction /director/ Nirvana - 2012, 12 min., directed by Vladimir Belov, short fiction /cinematographer/ Pawnshop - 2011, 9 min., 35 mm, fiction, based on the story by Deyan Enev /director/ Does it Make Sense When it Doesn`t Make Sense?! I.М.Е. in the Context of an Event - 2008, 29 min., documentary /director, camera/ P 02

Cast The Old Lady: Kalin Banderov: The Boy with the ball: The Young Mother:

Bistra Tuparova Kalin Sarmenov Aivan Angelov Diana Atanasova

BISTRA TUPAROVA was born on the 22nd of July 1947 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. She graduated puppet theatre acting in NATFA (National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts) in 1972. After three years she established the puppet theatre in her home town. Since 1980 Bistra Tuparova has been actress in the Drama Theatre of Blagoevgrad and was conferred with many prizes, amongst which we could note the First prize for acting of the annual Review of Bulgarian Drama and Theatre in 1984. Climbing to The Top - 2007, dir. Valentina Fidanova-Kolarova Lonely Hearts - 2007, dir. Valentin Goshev Many features for TV with director Margarita Polezhanova Bye Bye, Love - dir. Mariana Evstatieva-Biolcheva Echelons of Death - 1986, dir. Borislav Punchev One Day Mister - 1983, dir. Nikolay Volev Equilibrium - 1983, Lyudmil Kirkov Adaptation - 1981, dir. Valo Radev Captain Petko Voyvoda - 1981, dir. Nedelcho Chernev Crime in Yellow - 1981, dir. Mariana Evstatieva-Biolcheva The Hamlet - 1978, TV serials, dir. Ivan Terziev Sunday Games - 1975, dir. Todor Andreikov

KALIN SARMENOV was born in 1963 in Sofia. He graduated from the Sofia Art School Ilia Petrov (1982) and from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (1988), subject "Drama Theatre Acting". He was in the theatrical troupe of Pazardzik Theater for one season. Then he established the private theatre Alternativa. From 1990 to 1998 he is a member of the rocking rock bands Control and Chuval Chuval. In 1993 he becomes a member of the troupe of the Sofia Satirical Theatre Aleko Konstantinov. In 2001 he graduated “Film Directing� and established the company for full advertising service Zlaten Vek Studio. Sedem Chasa Razlika - 2011, TV serials, dir. Magardich Halvadzhiyan The Service - 2010, short, dir. Boris Nikolov Church for Wolves - 2004, dir. Nikolay Lambrev-Mihailovski P 03

Crew Original Story “Pawnshop” - Deyan Enev Written and Directed - Neshka Karadzhinska Cinematography - Dobromir Nikolov Music - Stefan Dragostinov Production and Costume Design - Michaela Lackova Edited - Yana Slavcheva Sound Technician - Georgi Cvetkov Producers - ARS Digital Studio – Ivan Tonev, New Bulgarian University Assistant Directors - Kliment Hristov, Lora Hadzhidimieva, Nina Pehlivanova Assistant Operators - Yonko Balevski, Rumen Dertliev Lightning Technicians - Ivan Nikolov, Cvetan Nikolov Script Supervisor - Petya Nakova Still Photographer - Angel Balakchiyski Production Sound - Yuri Hinov Props Master - Krasimir Peychovski Make-up Artist - Violeta Lazarova Music Designer - Neshka Karadzhinska Sound Designer - Georgi Cvetkov, Neshka Karadzhinska Digital Post-production - Krasimir Vodenicharski Production Assistant - Kliment Hristov Production Manager - Neshka Karadzhinska Titles and Advertising Materials Design - Kalin Varbanov

In the memory of Nesho Karadzhinski and Martin Ivanov Main Partners

National Culture Fund, Kodak Cinelabs Bulgaria, NU Boyana Film Studios, Magyar Film Laboratorium, Jelfilm, Audio-Video “Orpheus”, The Municipality of Lovech, Hotel “Cariana” and Luchano” restaurant in Lovech, The Student Council of New Bulgarian University Production Details

“Pawnshop” is a low budget film, made by voluntary work, great reductions, free services - and personal savings. The biggest financial support is from The National Culture Fund. It is a graduation film for Neshka Karadzhinska (Director) and Dobromir Nikolov (Director of Photography). P 04

Festivals, Nominations, Awards Cyprus International Film Festival, Official Selection, 2011, Nicosia, Cyprus – AWARD FOR BEST FIRST SHORT FILM International Authors' Film Festival QUEST EUROPE, Competitive Selection, 2012, Zielona Gora, Poland – AWARD FOR BEST FILM

DIRECTED BY A WOMAN “V obektiva” Festival for Short Films. Clips and Images, 2012, Assenovgrad, Bulgaria – AWARD FOR BEST SHORT FILM Bulgarian Feature Film Festival Golden Rose, Official Selection, 2011, Varna, Bulgaria - DIPLOMA FOR SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL

ACHIEVEMENTS FOR NESHKA KARADZHINSKA Hull International Short Film Festival GLIMMER, Official Selection, 2011, United Kingdom – SPECIAL MENTION FOR


ANTHONY MINGHELLA AWARD FOR BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM "A great example of the short film form, it was compelling to watch featuring very good performances and great direction - perfect in its simplicity." International Festival of Local Televisions, Official Selection, 2012, Kosice, Slovakia – HONORABLE MENTION OF THE JURY

"Chosen by the jury for its successful adaptation of a Bulgarian short story about the mystery of life and death." First short film festival SHORT FORM, Competitive Program, 2011, Gornji Milanovac, Republic of Serbia – SPECIAL MENTION FOR

BEST FILM PRODUCTION Film Palace Fest, Official Selection, 2011, Balchik, Bulgaria – NOMINATION FOR BEST NATIONAL FILM

"A nomination for the beautiful directorial debut of Neshka Karadzhinska telling a story with sensibility and skill." KODAK Student Scholarship Award 2011, USA – BULGARIAN NOMINATION

Video Festival Imperia, 2013, Competition Programme, Italy

Ljubljana International Short Film Festival, 2013, Official Selection, Slovenia

ArteCareyes Film & Arts, 2013, Official Selection, Mexico

New York Bulgarian Film Festival, Official Selection, 2013, USA

SKENA UP International Student Film and Theatre Festival, 2012, Competitive Selection, Prishtina, Kosovo P 05

Istanbul International Short Film Festival, Official Selection, 2012, Turkey

National Festival of Arts, Official Selection, 2012, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Abuja International Film Festival, 2012, Nigeria

Short Shorts Film Festival México , Official Selection, 2012, Mexico City, Mexico

Shortini International Film Festival, Competitive Selection, 2012, Augusta, Sicilia, Italy

“L'écran s 'écrit” Film Festival, Competitive Selection, 2012, Allevard-Les-Bains, France

Maremetraggio International Short Film and Debut Works Festival, Official Selection, 2012, Trieste, Italy

Irpen Film Festival, Competitive Selection, 2012, Irpen, Ukraine

Kyiv International Short Film Festival, 2011, Ukraine

Annual Student Film Festival of New Bulgarian University, Official Selection, 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria

Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes CINE, CULTURA Y VIDA, Official Selection, 2011, Toluca, Estado de Mexico

Early Bird Student Film Festival, Official Selection, 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria

THE BULGARIAN EUROPE Media Production Festival, 2011, Rousse, Bulgaria

Tashkent International Film Forum, Official Selection, 2011, Uzbekistan

International Student Film Festival Písek, 2011 , Czech Republic

Yasujiro Ozu International Film Festival, Italy, 2011

Sofia International Film Festival, Jameson Plus Program, 2011, Bulgaria

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Producers IVAN TONEV has over 20 year experience in documentary and feature film industry as a producer, director and cinematographer. Manager of ARS Digital Studio since 2000, Board Member Outward Bound BG since 2004, President of BULGARIAN ASSOCIATION of CINEMATOGRAPHERS since 2006, Vice President IMAGO since 2008 During the last 10 years ARS DIGITAL STUDIO (Production Studio) has become one of the major producers, delivering world-class artistic and technical Film, Video and TV production and post-production services and full music supervision, coordination and production in Bulgaria. The company has been the major producer in more than 30 documentaries and features distributed on the territory of Bulgaria and in European countries. ARS Digital Studio has been a co-producer in many film projects and postproduction partner in numerous international ones. Interpreter of Black & White Films - 2007, dir. Tedi Moskov - The Special Prize of the Bulgarian National Film Archive, Award for first film of the Bulgarian Filmmakers Union, Special Prize of the President of Italy Private Investigation - 2007 / 2008, dir. Antoniy Donchev - Golden Rhyton 2007 – Honourable Mention, Detective Fest – Special Prize, Moscow 2009 The Group - 2008, dir. Stanislava Kalcheva Night in Sofia - dir. Stanislava Kalcheva The Hornet – dir. Blagomir Alexiev - First Prize at the Eurasian Film Festival Moscow Bridge Over the Wall - 2008, dir. Konstantin Zankov Djazzta Prasta - 2009, dir. Andrey Slabakov Last Journey - feature, 2008, dir. Vassil Barkov Inner Voice - 2009,feature, dir. Milena Andonova, etc.

NEW BULGARIAN UNIVERSITY (co-producer) Cinema, Advertising and Show Business Department is established in 1994. The department is a community of the teachers in the spheres of Dramaturgy, Directing, Camerawork, Fine Arts, Design, Animation, Digital Imaging Devices, Photography, Advertising, as well as other professionals, related to the creative process of realization and analysis of the film and other visual arts and their application in advertising. The department organizes cinema festivals and exhibitions, where it presents the work of its teachers and students. The created within the university audiovisual works of art are periodically exhibited at internal, national and international forums. The results of the public activities of the department are wide-spread within the professional, academic and cultural circles. P 07

Autor of the original story Pawnshop DEYAN ENEV (August 11, 1960) is one of the most reputed contemporary Bulgarian writers. He is one of the big names in the Bulgarian literature since 1989, and one of the most well-known artists of his generation in the country. He graduated from First English School, and after that did Bulgarian Philology at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Married with two children. He has done various jobs: painter at Boyana Movie Center, night hospital attendant, teacher, copywriter in an advertisement agency, and journalist. He has published 11 books, mainly collections of short stories: Readings for the Night Train (”Chetivo za noshten vlak”) - 1987 Konsko evangelie - 1992 Man Hunter (”Lovec na hora”) - 1994 winner of the Annual Award for Fiction of "Hristo Botev" Publishing House, translated in Norway (1997); The Slaughtering of the Rooster (”Klaneto na petela”) - 1997 Heads or Tails (“Ezi-tura”) - 2000 National Award for Bulgarian Fiction "Hristo G. Danov" and the Annual Award for Literature of the Bulgarian Writers Union; Have Mercy on Us, Oh Lord (”Gospodi, pomilui”) - 2004 the Big Award for New Bulgarian prose "Helikon; Everyone on the bow of the boat (”Vsichki na nosa na gemiyata”) - 2005, 2007, 2009 A town named Mendosino (”Gradche na ime Mendosino”) - 2009 Men of Feather (”Mazhe na peroto”) - a collection of portraits of writers - 2009

His English translation of short stories “Circus Bulgaria” (“Portobello books”) is nominated for Frank O’Connor Short Story Award.

P 08

Director of photography / Composer DOBROMIR NIKOLOV (Drector of Photography) Born in 1983 in the town of Pleven, Bulgaria. Student in New Bulgarian University, graduates in Master`s degree in “Cinema and television cinematography” in 2011. BOX TV - since 2010 /DP/ The big 50 - television show in City music TV, 2009 /DP/ Geracite - 2008, feature, based on the story by Elin Pelin /DP/ - Sofia International Film Festival, Official Selection Music video clips - since 2007 /Director and DP/

STEFAN DRAGOSTINOV (Composer) (born 1948, Sofia) is a composer and conductor whose works have won top positions in the international ratings all over the world. A series of international awards have consolidated his authority on the concert stage: 1978 - First Prize at the Gaudeamus Competition for his cantata “The Fair” 1980 - First Prize at the Stockhausen Competition for his “Piano Concerto” 1982 – Second Prize at the Bolivar Competition in for his “Symphony-Monument” 1984 - Laureate of the Arthur Honegger Award of the Foundation France for his composition “Politempi 3” 1986 – His “Ode to the Sea” was the winner of the only award at the Fernando Pessoa Competition.

Stefan Dragostinov’s music ranges over a variety of genres from the song miniatures to the monumental symphonic canvases. The composer’s works are performed in major music centres by outstanding companies, such as the Ensemble InterContemporain – France, the Symphony Orchestra of R. A. I. – Milan, the Bolshoy Theatre Company, the Choir and Orchestra of the Netherlands National Radio, the Sofia National Opera Company, and others. In 1985, for its 80th anniversary, Rotary International assigned to Stefan Dragostinov to compose “Peace Symphony” – a work that after its triumphant premiere in Venezuela and broadcast on radio stations worldwide became one of the symbols of the Rotary movement. In 1998, Stefan Dragostinov took part in the BBC initiative on the Millennium and composed the cantata “Happy Music” that became the Bulgarian salute to the world on the third millennium. The folklore and its evolution by way of the composer’s creative work have been one of the branches in Stefan Dragostinov’s activities as a composer and conductor. After a series of concert tours in Germany, France and Japan under the artistic direction of S. Dragostinov, the Victor Publishers in Japan have been propagating the unique Bulgarian singing and instrumental music by releasing three CDs in a total number of over one and a half million. For his contribution in keeping and preserving Bulgarian national musical traditions, in 2007 Stefan Dragostinov was awarded the title World Master by the International Organization World Master’s Festival in Arts &Culture, Seoul. At present Prof. Stefan Dragostinov is realizing an Anthology of the Bulgarian folklore under the title of “Sonic Icons of Bulgaria”. He teaches composition, orchestration and contemporary technique of composition at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia. P 09


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Neshka Karadzhinska (Director, Contact Person)

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