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SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE | DECEMBER 4, 2022 AWARDING 595 BUSINESSES ACROSS 236 CATEGORIES BESTOFWICHITAKS.COM Inside Koch: A closer look at how its principle-based approach empowers employees and won the company the “Best Place to Work in Wichita.” Read more on page 2

How Koch’s culture won “Wichita’s Best Place to Work”

Over the decades, Wichita has seen major transformations in its community and culture. Innovation drives this progress, as Wichitans have stayed true to their midwestern values, such as mutual benefit, integrity, respect and meaningful work. These are the same values that have made Koch Industries one of the world’s largest and most successful private companies.

Koch’s headquarters has 1.3 million square feet of office space, two full-service cafes and a coffeehouse, as well as a reputation for good pay and benefits – but that isn’t why Koch employees love their jobs.

The real reason is the opportunity to be in a role that allows them to contribute more fully by applying their abilities and passions.

At Koch, one of the most important measures of success comes down to the individual employee and their journey to self-actualize – to become all they can be. The foundation for this is Principle Based Management™, the framework that has enabled countless success stories for Koch and its employees.

Lisa Loera is a great example of one of these stories. Her transformation from a professional accountant to a human resources analyst allowed


her to better apply her gifts and interests. Now, she’s analyzing big data – and leveraging her bilingual skills to translate between employees for Koch Shared Services Mexico, using her gifts to succeed by helping others.

Another example is Pedro Osornio, an employee who started at Koch as a member of the contract cleaning crew. Through a desire to grow and more fully contribute, he developed a talent for laser-cutting, a skilled position using a highenergy beam to precisely cut thick materials, such as steel plates. He now works as a machine programmer for Koch-Glitsch.

“I like my job,” said Pedro. “I like the challenge. It’s the first time I’ve loved Mondays.”

When these principles, such as respect for the individual and the opportunity to self-actualize, are applied consistently and correctly, employees become empowered. When they are able to use their gifts to do work they are passionate about, they can realize their potential and contribute more to the company’s success.

This results when employees practice mutual benefit, which starts with the recognition that they succeed when they help others succeed. The result is win-win for everyone involved.

As Charles Koch, chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, said: “The remarkable success of Koch and its employees is and has always been rooted in proven principles of human progress. The better we’ve understood and applied these principles, such as mutual benefit, the more we’ve prospered by benefiting others.”

By applying these principles, employees maximize their contributions and create value for Koch, its customers, the community and the world.

Principle Based Management™, Principled Entrepreneurship™, Koch and the Koch logo are trademarks of Koch Industries, Inc. in the United States, and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. © 2022 Koch Industries, Inc.


The successful holistic formula combined with her personable expertise and community trust won owner Melanie Hall the Silver Medal in the Weight Loss category of the Best of Wichita.

Located in Derby, Enhanced Wellness is set apart because Melanie shares her clients’ health goals from her own personal experience. She successfully lost 55 pounds on her medical weight management program. Additionally, Melanie has helped her mother achieve both weight management and aesthetic confidence. It is Melanie’s personal achievement that equips her to encourage her clients who come to her not just for a lower number on the scale, but for individual happiness on a meaningful level.

Melanie remains motivated to see others achieve success just as she did herself. Because this business owner has cultivated trust in those she serves and works with, Enhanced Wellness is promoted primarily through word-of-mouth. Melanie’s clients feel


and see the difference throughout multiple sessions. Their success invites others in the community to experience the same level of confidence and health.

Enhanced Wellness is designed as a full-service clinic for every part of the weight-loss experience, and it is successful because of Melanie’s emphasis on holistic personal success and beauty.

Melanie and her staff provide free consultations for all members of the community. After an initial consultation, new clients can begin a tailored medical weight management program. However, Enhanced Wellness also offers intravenous (IV) infusions that promote energy and help calm stress during the initial stages of weight loss.

Once a client has seen success in weight management, the clinic addresses other aesthetic goals

Enhanced Wellness offers a holistic approach to weight loss.
Our purpose is to enhance your natural beauty and to give you the confidence that you need and deserve.

such as wrinkle reduction, and skin rejuvenation. These aesthetic priorities are achieved using modern and non-invasive Morpheus8 and Lumecca technologies. This attention to the entire process is how Melanie sets Enhanced Wellness up to care for the client at every stage of their journey.

All treatments are designed to work toward meeting the client’s specific goals. Rather than settling for a baseline, Melanie seeks to bring out the best in her clients. It is achieved from a holistic and care-focused approach. Enhanced Wellness recognizes the nuanced ways clients need support. For example, the clinic works to combine testosterone therapy with male clients’ programs. Going forward Melanie plans to include women’s hormone treatments as well. These choices demonstrate how she values a curated and personal program over an impersonal treatment.

Melanie focuses on how she can personally develop her clients’ confidence while promoting friendship with them. She makes herself available not just as the professional operator of a weightloss clinic, but also as a friend to text between sessions about anything regarding well-being. She is there to hold her friends’ hands through every treatment step. Enhanced Wellness is designed by Melanie and her staff with integrated services that supplement the weight-loss process.

Her care extends beyond her business into the local community of Derby as well. As the community plans for the holiday season, Enhanced Wellness is making plans with upcoming goals for the New Year. This business is a winner because of the higher goals set and achieved by both its owner and clients. Melanie joyfully works for those around her because she is happy when happy people are successful.

THE WICHITA EAGLE 316 358 9780 enhancedwellnessderby.com 1701 E Madison Ave Suite E, Derby KS
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Genuinely local, always relevant

Welcome! We are thrilled to bring you our 2022 edition of Best of Wichita. This magazine showcases the effort to discover and celebrate the businesses, people, and places the community loves most—as voted by you.

Our readers and residents are proud of the community they live in and know the area the best. That is why The Wichita Eagle set out to deliver a “best of” program to help the community and support Wichita area businesses.

Best of Wichita has been a great extension of these goals, and we are proud of the voter turnout and engagement from local businesses. Best of Wichita had over 7,300 businesses, organizations, and individuals competing to be named in the top three spots of 236 categories.

Producing a contest this size takes a dedicated local team and committed businesses. They, along with all our advertisers made this possible.

We could not be prouder to salute and pay tribute to the great businesses that were voted the best in their individual categories. Thank you to all the folks who took the time to vote. We encourage you to explore BestofWichitaKS.com and engage with our winners. Some may be familiar, and some may be new to you. All will welcome your business. Please make sure to congratulate them for being voted Best of Wichita!

Enjoy! Eat & Drink 8 Education........................................................................................................................................................... 25 Financial ............................................................................................................................................................. 29 Health & Beauty ................................................................................................................................................35 Home & Garden 51 Law 71 Motors 74 Real Estate 79 Services 85 Shopping .............................................................................................................................................................91 Things To Do..................................................................................................................................................... 99 What’s Inside

Eat & Drink




Newport Grill

1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com

Bringing a unique oceanside experience to the heart of Wichita, Newport Grill provides an exceptional fine-dining experience for any occasion, offering lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch services with top-notch culinary creations. It serves fresh seafood, which is shipped in six days a week, as well as the finest steak, chicken and pork. From date night to large corporate events, Newport Grill checks all the boxes for every dining need.

Twelve Restaurant & Bar

12111 W Maple St Wichita • 316-440-2812 twelvewichita.com

Georges French Bistro

4618 E Central Ave Wichita • 316-831-1325 georgesfrenchbistro.com

Artistic Cakes

8985 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-729-0059


The mission of Artistic Cakes’ talented bakers is to offer the most delicious and best-looking event cakes, cookies, pies, desserts and more. Its cakes come in standard white or chocolate flavors, but customers can also spring for the more premium options like German chocolate, carrot cake, confetti, orange and coconut. The cookies come in a variety of different flavors as well and can be decorated with edible images to match any event.

Bagatelle Bakery 6801 E Harry St Wichita • 316-684-5662 bagatellebakery.com

Juarez Bakery 1068 N Waco Ave Wichita • 316-269-9410 juarezbakerywichita.com

The Rusty Nail 1155 S Washington Ave Wichita • 316-796-5900 therustynailict.com

The culmination of a dream shared between two best friends, The Rusty Nail incorporates its owners’ 40 years of combined industry knowledge to deliver the best drinks and tavern food in the area. Guests can sip on any of their fine, featured cocktails on tap, which include champagne classic mimosas, “manmosas” made with bourbon, bloody Marys with Reyka vodka and the Railroad Spike (Drambuie and hot or iced coffee).

The Artichoke Sandwichbar 811 N Broadway Ave Wichita • 316-263-9164 artichokesandwichbar.com

The Monarch 579 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-201-6626 monarchwichita.com





Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q

Multiple Locations gohogwild.com

Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q has a menu that offers award-winning beef brisket, ribs, tender pulled pork, pulled chicken, turkey breast and hot links. Customers enjoy its barbecue in many ways, including a single dinner, family pack, by the pound, sandwich, on a giant stuffed baked potato, a salad or a kid’s meal. Hog Wild makes specialty sandwiches like the smokestack, which is loaded with beef brisket and hot links.

B&C Barbeque

355 N Washington St Wichita • 316-263-8815 bbqwichita.com

Pig In! Pig Out! BBQ and Catering 1003 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-263-7474 pipobbq.com


Wichita Brewing Company

Multiple Locations


The whole team at Wichita Brewing Company has made it their life’s mission to craft creative beers that are uniquely twisty and hoppy. Guests can get a taste of both house brews that include the 5:05 amber ale, V.6 IPA and Valley View vanilla porter as well as seasonal offerings, which have included the Yumkin pumpkin ale and Oztoberfest.Wichita Brewing has worked to be the brewery of beer lovers everywhere.

Central Standard Brewing

156 S Greenwood St

Wichita • 316-260-8515


Nortons Brewing Company 125 Saint Francis St Wichita • 316-425-9009


Nortons Brewing Company

125 Saint Francis St Wichita • 316-425-9009 nortonsbrewing.com

The original recipes and bold brewing techniques that go into every beer at Nortons Brewing Company are an enjoyable assault on the palate. Its selection of brews includes the Tongue Punch raspberry smoked wit, Don’t Poke the Bear imperial milk stout, Luvbug hefeweizen, Polkadot Princess golden ale and more. Founded with a fighting spirit, Nortons’ mission is to make Wichita the destination beer city it is meant to be.

Public at the Brickyard

129 N Rock Island Rd Wichita • 316-263-4044 publicbrickyard.com

Central Standard Brewing 156 S Greenwood St Wichita • 316-260-8515 centralstandardbrewing.com


Twelve Restaurant & Bar 12111 W Maple St Wichita • 316-440-2812 twelvewichita.com

Though it only comes once a week, the Sunday brunch at Twelve Restaurant & Bar is packed with delicious items to last customers through the rest of the week. Dishes on offer include biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, potatoes, omelets, eggs Benedict, waffles, French toast, fresh fruit, salads, shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, pastries and more. Guests sip on a glass of housemade sangria while digging into their meal every Sunday.

The Belmont 3555 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-477-3555 thebelmontks.com

Newport Grill 1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com

HomeGrown Multiple Locations


Far more than just a morning breakfast joint, HomeGrown was opened for area residents to gather and enjoy staple breakfast dishes that are both fresh and sustainable. Customers enjoy multiple varieties of pancakes, omelets and scrambles made with cage-free eggs, housemade pop tarts, fresh-squeezed orange juice, French toast, and more. HomeGrown’s staff seeks to offer an exceptional breakfast and foster strong community ties.

Doo-Dah Diner

206 E Kellogg St Wichita • 316-265-7011 doodahdiner.com Livingston’s Diner 9747 E 21st St N Wichita • 316-686-0488 livingstonsdinerwichita.com


Dempsey’s Burger Pub

3700 E Douglas Ave #78 Wichita • 316-425-3831 dempseysburgerpub.com

The menu at Dempsey’s Burger Pub consists of both black Angus and Wagyu burgers with favorites that include the House Wagyu with shallot marmalade and Kangrow microgreens, Bourbon Apple Brie with bourbon-candied apples and brie cheese, Picante burger with pepper jack and jalapenos, and more. Its fresh, never-frozen beef and quality breads are sourced from state farms to ensure the best ingredients for the best burgers in town.

Fizz Burgers & Bottles 7718 E 37th Street N Wichita • 316-260-2888 fizzburgersandbottles.com

Burger Central 3302 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-295-3024 burgercentralwichita.com



Multiple Locations yodermeatsks.com

The best butcher shop in the area, Yoder Meats offers award-winning smoked meats, cheeses and exotic cuts. Apart from the usual offerings of high-quality beef, pork and poultry, the area’s premier butcher carries buffalo, lamb, elk and goat meats. Yoder’s staff will even process animals brought in by the customer, butchering and packing it. Yoder provides modern-quality meats with old-fashioned excellence.

Multiple Locations strootlockers.com

Sig’s Gourmet Butcher Shop 300 S Baltimore Ave Derby • 316-788-9494 facebook.com/sigsgourmetbutchershop


Nifty Nut House

527 Saint Francis St Wichita • 316-265-0571 niftynuthouse.com

Founded in 1937, Nifty Nut House is a third-generation candy shop that emphasizes quality products, great prices and friendly service. It sells a wide variety of candies and snacks, such as chocolates, caramels, fudge, malt balls, gummies, mints, licorice, taffy, toffee, yogurt candies and more. Nifty also sells a number of kosher, gluten-free and sugar-free items along with many other

Best Catering Best BBQ 13 years in a row! CUSTOM CATERING FOR ANY SIZE EVENT! THANK YOU for voting us Wichita (6 Locations) · Derby · El Dorado Hutchinson · Salina · Lawrence · Topeka Omaha & Lincoln NE · Council Bluffs, IA · Phoenix, AZ GoHogWild.com


Bella Luna Café

Multiple Locations bellalunacafe.com

Each dish at Bella Luna Café is prepared fresh to order and to perfection. Its diverse menu features a selection of American-Mediterranean fusion dishes, including its exciting salads, award-winning humus and variety of vegetarian dishes. If customers need to feed a party or events’-worth of people, its full-service catering will make the occasion “Bella Luna Special.”

Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q

Multiple Locations gohogwild.com

The Artichoke Sandwichbar

811 N Broadway Ave Wichita • 316-263-9164 artichokesandwichbar.com


Wings and Rings 2636 N Greenwich Ct Wichita • 316-999-9464 wingsandrings.com

Guests can enjoy a drink, watch the game and even bring the kids at Wings and Rings. Its menu features burgers, salads and made-to-order wings slathered in a choice of its many delicious, housemade sauces. The wings come traditional, boneless and veggie (made of fried cauliflower) and its sauces range from the usual buffalo, sweet barbecue and Cajun to the more unusual sweet Thai chili and ghost pepper ranch.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Multiple Locations buffalowildwings.com

Stroud’s Restaurant & Bar 3661 N Hillside Ave Wichita • 316-838-2454 stroudswichita.com

Taco Shop

Multiple Locations tacoshop.biz

The area’s fun and easygoing Mexican delight is known simply as Taco Shop. It provides the community a pleasant atmosphere where customers can relax and enjoy some of the area’s best Mexican food without paying an arm and a leg. Its traditional-style tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, burritos and quesadillas are made-to-order and packed with flavor. Plus, Taco Shop’s convenient drive-thru is perfect for when diners are in a hurry.

Burger Central 3302 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-295-3024 burgercentralwichita.com

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Multiple Locations freddys.com

Stroud’s Restaurant & Bar 3661 N Hillside Ave Wichita • 316-838-2454 stroudswichita.com

The chefs and staff of Stroud’s Restaurant & Bar make it their mission to provide customers a homestyle meal that will remind them of grandma’s cooking. The restaurant specializes in pan-fried chicken, and each leg, thigh, breast and wing comes piping hot and delicious. Stroud’s goal is to bring guests a home-cooked style meal that will remind them of Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house, in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Chick N Max Multiple Locations chicknmax.com

Pizza Ranch 2121 N Tyler Rd Wichita • 316-867-2007 pizzaranch.com

Excellence In Orthopedic Surgery Since 1993. Call us today! 316-631-1600 aoaortho.com THANK YOU FOR THE VOTES Our highly specialized and fellowship trained Orthopedic Specialty Physicians and their staffs provide services covering: Joint Replacement, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Hand and Wrist Surgery, Elbow Surgery, Knee Surgery, Shoulder Surgery, Sports Medicine, Trauma, and Fracture Care. MOVE BETTER. LIVE BETTER

Grandma Thuy’s

8728 W Maple St

Wichita • 316-295-3699 grandmathuys.com

The best Chinese food in town is served up at Grandma Thuy’s. Its menu features fried rice entrees with jasmine rice tossed in a mix with veggies and eggs, lo mein stir-fry, and other authentic items that keep customers coming back for more. Guests needing to feed a large group would be well-served by Grandma Thuy’s selection of large orders and platter trays, which feature chicken wings, shrimp and two different mix-and-match platters.

Buffet City

601 N West St #206 Wichita • 316-945-8388 buffetcitykstogo.com

Rice & Roll by Xing Xing 1920 E Pawnee St Wichita • 316-789-5060 facebook.com/riceandrollbyxingxing



Reverie Coffee Roasters




Whether it is to fuel one’s mornings at home, for the office or for the simple love of the beverage, Reverie Coffee Roasters makes coffee that leaves a lasting impression. In addition to its premium-quality Joe, Reverie serves delectable baked goods from its flagship bakery location. Each masterfully crafted item, including its croissants, pork belly hand pies, muffins, scones and cookies, is made with locally sourced ingredients.

Sojourner’s Coffee House

7130 W Maple St #280 Wichita • 316-201-6073 sojournerscoffee.org Leslie Coffee Co. 930 W Douglas Ave Ste A Wichita • 316-500-6868 lesliecoffee.co

Monica’s Bundt Cake of Wichita Wichita • 316-630-9555 monicasbundtcake.square.site

Specializing in from-scratch baked goods, Monica’s Bundt Cake of Wichita continues to adhere to the original recipes that have brought the success it enjoys today. Bakers use only the highest quality ingredients to create cupcakes that are both moist and dense. Its house made cream cheese frosting has been passed down through generations, gradually improving over the years to become the delicious mainstay it is now.

Milkfloat 535 W Douglas Ave #140 Wichita • 316-558-8440 milkfloat.com

Smallcakes 8338 E 21st St N Wichita • 316-685-2253 facebook.com/smallcakeswichita


Newport Grill

1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com

With incomparable panoramic lakeside views, live music, hand-crafted cocktails andgourmet meals, Newport Grill makes a perfect recipe for a fabulous date night. The menu has fresh and high-quality seafood, such as oysters and a long wine list with something for anyone’s preference. Along with the warm atmosphere and fine dining wait staff, Newport Grill is undoubtedly a favorite destination for a romantic evening.

Georges French Bistro

4618 E Central Ave Wichita • 316-831-1325 georgesfrenchbistro.com

The Artichoke Sandwichbar 811 N Broadway Ave Wichita • 316-263-9164 artichokesandwichbar.com

316-945-8388 | 601 N West St ( West& Central) You Come. You Like. Buffet City Chinese Restaurant Lunch Spot


Old Mill Tasty Shop

604 E Douglas Ave

Wichita • 316-264-6500 facebook.com/omtswichita

Founded in 1932, Old Mill Tasty Shop is the area’s original soda fountain station. Serving American deli staples, the menu features favorites like the hot turkey pastrami, club sandwich, seafood crab salad, Rueben, desserts, soups, two varieties of chili, potato salad, and even burritos and nachos. Guests of Old Mill Tasty Shop learn quickly why the place has been open for almost a century.

Cinnamon’s Deli

209 S West St

Wichita • 316-945-8770 cinnamonsdeliict.com

City Bites

3570 N Woodlawn #500 Wichita • 316-682-0007 citybites.net


Georges French Bistro

4618 E Central Ave

Wichita • 316-831-1325 georgesfrenchbistro.com

Delivering the authentic tastes and atmosphere of a French Bistro, Georges French Bistro brims with the rich aromas of French onion soup, steak frites, and freshly brewed press coffee and espresso. Its wait staff will thoughtfully select the perfect wine for the evening, or customers can sip a specialty cocktail. One’s trip through French culinary paradise is complete only after sampling the crème brûlée or Opera Cake.

Newport Grill

1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com

Twelve Restaurant & Bar 12111 W Maple St Wichita • 316-440-2812 twelvewichita.com


535 W Douglas Ave #140 Wichita • 316-558-8440 milkfloat.com

A fresh daily, small-batch bakery, Milkfloat serves a variety of delectable baked goods, including pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and pastries baked with fantastic flavors and ingredients often with a nostalgic twist. Milkfloat offers premium hand-dipped ice creams with homemade cones, bottled craft sodas, and ethically sourced coffees and teas. Its fresh items and sheer variety make Milkfloat an area staple.

The Popcorner

Multiple Locations thepopcornerstore.com

Cocoa Dolce Chocolates Multiple Locations cocoadolce.com

Lamar’s Donuts & Coffee

Multiple Locations lamars.com

The plump, golden donuts served at Lamar’s Donuts & Coffee have been described as the ultimate indulgence. Sweet and slightly crisp on the outside, tender and moist on the inside, these donuts are the result of years of perfecting the recipe. Lamar’s still gets emails and phone calls from customers applauding the quality of their delicious donuts. One try is all it takes for one to become hooked on the buttery flavor of Lamar’s Donuts.

The Donut Whole 1720 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-262-3700 facebook.com/thedonutwhole

Donut Palace 1235 N Broadway Wichita • 316-352-7218

THANK YOU FOR VOTING US BEST BREAKFAST LIVINGSTON’S DINER 316-686-0488 9747 E 21st St. N Wichita, KS 67206 A Wichita favorite for decades! Breakfast or lunch, our restaurant brings back memories of a simpler time.



Devour Food Truck facebook.com/devourfoodtruck

Devour Food Truck specializes in American staples but supplements that selection with a wide range of different street food style items. Its menu rotates frequently, but past offerings have included smash burgers, loaded fries, soups and sandwiches, chicken strips and mashed potatoes, California-style tacos and many others. Serving up quality wherever they set their break, Devour is the area’s top food truck.

Big B’s Beef Truck 121 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-942-2333 facebook.com/bigbsbeef

The Flying Stove 316-609-9016 theflyingstove.com

Georges French Bistro

4618 E Central Ave Wichita • 316-831-1325 georgesfrenchbistro.com

Customers visiting Georges French Bistro are taken on a charming trip through an elegant French culinary experience. Its menu features favorites like raw oysters, escargot served in stuffed mushroom caps, crisp calamari strips, beef tartare with truffle frites and many other quality dishes. Guests can enjoy a fine wine selected by its expert wait staff or order a craft cocktail to pair with any of the delicious, authentic dishes available.

La Galette French Bakery & Deli

1017 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-267-8541 facebook.com/lagalettefrenchbakery

Le Monde Cafe & Deli 602 N West St Wichita • 316-943-4347 lemondecafedeli.com

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Multiple Locations eatandys.com

Andy’s Frozen Custard serves the best quality frozen custard using only the freshest ingredients available. Guests can choose from favorites that include standard vanilla or chocolate cones, sundaes, concretes and seasonally rotating flavors like the pumpkin pie concrete or strawberry shortcake sundae. A quick-service shop, Andy’s goal is to distribute its items to as many mouths as possible through efficient, friendly service.


535 W Douglas Ave #140 Wichita • 316-558-8440 milkfloat.com Frost 3429 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-260-5616 frostks.com


Newport Grill

1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com

Guests at Newport Grill will be hard-pressed to find better deals anywhere else. The bar staff works for weeks crafting unique seasonal recipes for the crown jewel that is the Happy Hour menu which consists of house-infused cocktails and martinis. These mouth-watering cocktails feature fresh ingredients and showcase the talents and personal flairs of the bartenders. Happy Hour ranges from 3:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., and 9:00 P.M. to close.

Wichita Brewing Co & Pizzeria

Multiple Locations wichitabrew.com

The Belmont 3555 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-477-3555 thebelmontks.com

PAGE 14 | EAT & DRINK BESTOFWICHITAKS.COM Thanks for voting us BEST PLACE TO HAVE A BABY empowering women. supporting families. honoring birth. 316-295-3440 | bornmidwifery.com 910 S. Hillside | Wichita, KS 67211
THE WICHITA EAGLE EAT & DRINK | PAGE 15 WICHI TA STO R E S: 8000 W. Central 3236 N. Rock Rd., Ste 200 711 E. Douglas Ave., Ste 101 2696 N. Greenwich Ct. DER BY 1861 E. Madison, Ste 600 scan to join E A R N R E W A R D S like free smoothies & exclusive offers ge t $ 2 of f w h e n y o u s i g n u p e a r n p o i n t s o n e v e r y p u r c h a s e r e d ee m re w a r d s w h e n y o u w a n t o r com b i n e s k i p t h e li n e w i t h mo b i l e p a y an d o r d e r i n g © 20 2 2 S m o o t hi e K in g F r a n c hi s e s , In c BE ST SMO OTHI E I N W I CH I TA ! THAN K YO U F O R VOTIN G SM O OTHI E KIN G



Multiple Locations dognshake.com

Originally an exclusive burger joint, Dog-N-Shake came into its own after adopting delicious hotdogs as one of its staple items. Today, customers can try a standard toasted dog, chili cheese dog, Polish sausage, Chicago-style dog or kraut dog and pair it with a decadent milkshake. Available in a variety of flavors, including butterscotch, pineapple and cappuccino, its shakes are thick, rich and pair excellently with its savory hotdogs.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Multiple Locations freddys.com Wheat Street Dogs 316-290-9836 wheatstreetdogs.com


Passage to India

6100 E 21st St N Wichita • 316-691-8300 facebook.com/ptiwichita

The very best in Indian cuisine can be found at Passage to India being tirelessly prepared by its expert chefs and set out buffet-style for all to pick their fill. Folks come from all over the area to tuck into its delicious tandoori chicken, steamed rice cakes, sambar vegetable soup, palak pakoda, Gulab jamun, lamb madras and hot pooris. Passage to India’s varied, high-quality cuisine makes it the area’s go-to for authentic Indian food.

Kababs 3101 N Rock Rd #110 Wichita • 316-260-9999 mykababs.com New Paradise 1648 S Rock Rd Wichita • 316-927-3580 newparadisewichita.com

316.260.9999 | mykababs.com 3101 N Rock Rd No 110 | Wichita, KS We at Kababs offer a daily lunch buffet and in the evenings a menu of Indian and Pakistani specialties made with vegetables, chicken, beef and seafood. Our menu features popular items including, but not limited to, tandori chicken, samosas, curry and a variety of kababs. Please come and join us at Kabab’s for a flavorful and unique dining experience! Thank You for Voting for Us


5900 E Central Ave #100 Wichita • 316-612-9058 angeloswichita.com

With a long-standing reputation built on signature dishes made from scratch using the freshest ingredients, it is no wonder that Angelo’s continues to be the best Italian spot around. A few of its mouthwatering items include the mostaccioli, baked Sicilian chicken thighs, meatballs, manicotti, eggplant parmigiana and a wide range of different pizzas. For a delicious meal that is guaranteed to fill one’s belly, customers visit Angelo’s.

Napoli Italian Eatery

7718 E 37th St N #500 Wichita • 316-250-5859 napoliwichita.com

Albero Cafe 4811 E Central Ave Wichita • 316-260-9667 alberobistro.com




GangNam Korean BBQ

210 N Washington St

Wichita • 316-201-6400

At GangNam Korean BBQ customers order from their standard menu, and look on to enjoy the spectacle as a chef prepares their food right at the table grill. Serving kimchi, pork belly, ramen, japchae, steak and many other dishes that showcase the deliciousness of Korean cuisine, it is easy to see how their Korean barbecue is the best. With variable spice levels on all dishes, GangNam makes its guests experience amazing.

Manna Wok Oriental Restaurant

4865 E Harry St Wichita • 316-684-5512 facebook.com/mannawok

Hot Stone Korean Grill 3743 N Rock Rd #100 Wichita • 316-425-7082 facebook.com/hotstonekoreangrill

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse 8760 W 21st St Wichita • 316-558-3331 kobesteakhouse.us

The culinary experts at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse believe delicious foods start at the foundation with quality, fresh ingredients. Locally owned, Kobe ensures that all meats, seafood and produce meet high standards of quality. The Teppanyaki establishment serves steak, sushi, chicken, lobster, scallops, tofu and more, serving most items in front of guests. Kobe delivers a spectacle, amazing food and great customer service.

Wasabi East 3242 N Rock Rd #112 Wichita • 316-201-6885 facebook.com/wasabieast Yokohama Ramen Izakaya Multiple Locations wichitaramen.com

Smoothie King Multiple Locations smoothieking.com

Smoothie King continues its mission to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle through its Clean Blends initiative. It focuses on great-tasting smoothies with more whole fruits and vegetables while removing artificial flavors, colors and preservatives and added sugars from many of its blends. It runs on the belief that each day is filled with promise and possibility with a purpose to help customers get the most out of it.

Shape’n It Up Nutrition 841 N Tyler Rd #100 Wichita • 316-729-0440 facebook.com/shapenitupnutrition

86 Cold Press 316-347-3390 86coldpress.com

VOTED BEST GROCERY STORE dillons.com | 316 729 5200 13415 W Maple St Wichita, KS



Bella Luna Cafe

Multiple Locations bellalunacafe.com

Bella Luna Cafe knows how to do food fusion. Each dish at this American-Mediterranean spot is prepared fresh, to order and to perfection, including favorites like the chicken curry, almond-encrusted tilapia almondine, lobster ravioli, beef tenderloin tips, exciting salads, variety of vegetarian dishes and award-winning humus. It also offers full-service catering that will make any occasion “Bella Luna Special.”

Buffet City

601 N West St #206 Wichita • 316-945-8388 buffetcitykstogo.com

El México Cafe 2544 S Seneca St Wichita • 316-558-8220 elmexicocafe.com

Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant

Multiple Locations felipeswichita.com

Fueled by a dedication to family and great food, the owners of Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant are the sons of Felipe himself, continuing the tradition of quality Mexican food and great service. Its margaritas are the perfect drink to pair with any of their delicious entrees, such as the Felipe Deluxe, Arandas Special, Mexican Pizza and more. Customers can even buy Felipe’s margarita mix to make their own drinks at home.

El México Cafe 2544 S Seneca St Wichita • 316-558-8220 elmexicocafe.com

El Agave Mexican Restaurant Multiple Locations elagavewichita.com

Bella Luna Cafe

Multiple Locations bellalunacafe.com

The menu at Bella Luna Café features a delectable selection of fusion dishes that transport guests to the shores of the Mediterranean. Each dish is prepared fresh to order and cooked to perfection, including favorites like the chicken curry, tilapia almondine, lobster ravioli, beef tenderloin tips and award-winning humus. Owner Matteo Taha’s Lebanese roots inspired the culinary influences that infuse his restaurant.

Meddys Multiple Locations meddys.com

N & J Cafe 5600 E Lincoln St Wichita • 316-681-3975


El México Cafe 2544 S Seneca St Wichita • 316-558-8220 elmexicocafe.com

Delicious food and friendly staff that make customers feel like family are just a few reasons El Mexico Café is the area’s premier Mexican restaurant. Between delectable appetizers, chips and salsa, and its housemade chili con queso, El Mexico has the cuisine to transport one to the streets of Mexico City. Guests can tuck into a crackling plate of fajitas, crispy tostadas, three different kinds of tacos and much more.

Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant Multiple Locations felipeswichita.com

Chuyitos Birrieria 1611 S Meridian Ave Wichita • 316-737-9330 chuyitos-birrieria.business.site

785-827-2500 | HEARTLAND-DERM.COM Thank You for Voting us Best Dermatology


Public at the Brickyard

129 N Rock Island Rd Wichita • 316-263-4044 publicbrickyard.com

Public at the Brickyard is an all-inclusive farm-to-table eatery for the whole family. Adjacent to Brickyard, Old Town’s premier outdoor music venue, it first opened in 2012 for dinner service with the goal of serving fresh and regionally sustainable ingredients to create a unique take on the flavors of local cuisine. The courtyard is the perfect place to enjoy local cuisine, beers and cocktails while listening to live music.

Chicken N Pickle

1240 N Greenwich Rd Wichita • 316-535-7150 chickennpickle.com

Newport Grill

1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com


Doc Green’s Salads & Grill

Multiple Locations eatdocgreens.com

Doc Green’s Salads & Grill features many foods ranging from fresh salads, wraps and sandwiches to classic comfort food and savory sides like grilled zucchini and macaroni and cheese to offer a “healthy as you want to be” experience. Their signature salads include the Dr. Beeks with field greens and feta, Dr. Detroit with baby spinach and roasted button mushrooms, Dr. Buffalo with crisp romaine lettuce and buffalo tenders, and more.

Bella Luna Cafe

Multiple Locations bellalunacafe.com

Candle Club 6135 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-684-7281 candleclubwichita.com

Ziggy’s Pizza

Multiple Locations ziggyswichita.com

The homestyle pizzas prepared at Ziggy’s Pizza are created with the perfect combination of fresh ingredients, dough made from scratch daily and flavorful originality. In addition to pizza, Ziggy’s serves 11 different sandwiches, delicious wings, salads, cheesy garlic bread and more. Ziggy’s goal is to be the go-to pizza place for all ages, and its staff has established a welcoming atmosphere perfect for friends and family.

Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria

1706 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-800-9105 piattoict.com Picasso’s Pizzeria 621 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-267-5423 picassospizzerias.com

Bite Me BBQ

132 N Saint Francis Wichita • 316-729-2904 biteme-bbq.com

Bite Me BBQ is an eatery that offers a uniquely high-quality approach to their food. They are experts in all things barbecue, serving up smoked turkey, pulled pork, brisket and more. Customers dive into a plate of Bite Me’s huge spare ribs, which are so tender they tend to leave the bone behind entirely. With great drink options and the best meats around, it is easy to see how this barbecue restaurant has grown a huge reputation.

Two Brothers BBQ Multiple Locations twobrothersbbq.com

Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q Multiple Locations gohogwild.com



The Artichoke Sandwichbar 811 N Broadway Ave Wichita • 316-263-9164 artichokesandwichbar.com

A restaurant by day and a bar by night, The Artichoke Sandwichbar is in a league of its own. Their famous sandwiches include the Anne’s B Slap N BLT, Bambino Sandwich with a black bean patty, Chicken Bacon Cheddar Ranch Wrap, Hot 2 Mama buffalo chicken, Hot Links with sausage and many more fine choices. On weekends, the lively bar restaurant clears a few tables to make way for live music performances.

Bella Luna Cafe Multiple Locations bellalunacafe.com

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen 1725 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-267-7687 tskwichita.com


Newport Grill 1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com

Newport Grill offers premium seafood selections from all over the globe. Their seafood is flown in fresh daily and hand-cut in house to ensure the highest quality. Each dish is specially curated with local produce and ingredients. A Chef’s Special is featured each night to not only highlight the fish but showcase culinary artistry. No matter the occasion, a Newport Grill dining experience is unforgettable.

Blue Hook Cajun Seafood & Bar 2244 N Webb Rd Wichita • 316-260-5511 bluehookks.com

Wichita Fish 1601 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-265-3474

Thank you for choosing us as one of your top electricians of choice in the Wichita area! Our licensed electricians are dedicated to quality service and proudly serve the community day in and day out. If you have an electrical need, call us or visit our website today! MrElectricWichita.com 316.215.7100 License #09453 Independently owned and operated franchise. © 2022 Mr. Electric SPV LLC. All rights Reserved. Services include: Panel Changes Code Corrections Lighting Upgrades Complete Service Changes High Tech Troubleshooting And More...!


Mort’s Martini Bar

923 E 1st St N Wichita • 316-262-1785 mortswichita.com

Having crafted an impressive menu throughout its over 26-year history, Mort’s Martini Bar serves over 150 high-quality martinis, including their Dirty Martini, Dirty McNasty with blue cheese olives, 007 with Bombay Sapphire and Ketel One, and many more. While Mort’s specializes in martinis, they serve other cocktails from their specialty menus, such as award-winning Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules and seasonal selections.

The Belmont

3555 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-477-3555 thebelmontks.com

Newport Grill 1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com


Wasabi East

3242 N Rock Rd #112 Wichita • 316-201-6885 facebook.com/wasabieast

People in the market for the freshest sushi in the area would do well to visit Wasabi East. Winner of The Wichita Eagle’s Best Sushi award on three occasions, Wasabi East’s menu boasts many different rolls, such as the Albacore, California, Eel and Avocado, Yellowtail, White Tuna, Grab, Spicy Scallop, and much more. Wasabi East also serves a variety of stir fry plates, noodle dishes, teriyaki and other Asian staple dishes.

Ninza Sushi Bar 8428 W 13th St N #100 Wichita • 316-558-5111 ninzasushi.com

Sapporo 8065 E Peachtree Ln Wichita • 316-977-8808 sapporoks.com

Chicken N Pickle

1240 N Greenwich Rd Wichita • 316-535-7150 chickennpickle.com

Offering a unique sports bar experience, area sports fans can come by Chicken N Pickle for a drink, watch the game and even participate in games of their own. The indoor-outdoor entertainment complex features a game yard and pickleball courts in addition to their cold drinks, great food, live music and multiple large TVs. Guests can get their drink on, play hard and never have to miss a moment of their favorite sports.


825 E 2nd St N Wichita • 316-262-7867 pumphousewichita.com

Emerson Biggin’s Sports Bar & Grill Wichita • 316-866-2577 bigginswest.com

6S Steakhouse 6200 W 21st St Wichita • 316-361-6667 6ssteakhouse.com

Known for its mouthwatering steaks, towers of seafood and experience-driven cocktails, 6S Steakhouse is the community’s luxury fine dining steakhouse. Cut in house and locally sourced from Creekstone Farms, 6S steaks are perfect for all palettes. Its kitchen serves dry aged prime rib, wagyu, sirloins, filets, strips, bone-in steaks and more. It also features a lively bar with live music on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Chesters Chophouse & Wine Bar 1550 N Webb Rd Wichita • 316-201-1300 chesterschophouse.com

Candle Club 6135 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-684-7281 candleclubwichita.com

EMPOWERING YOU TO PURSUE YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS 316-721-5191 | tejedafinancial.com 1000 N Tyler Rd Suite 300 Wichita KS 67212 Securities offered through Securities America, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc. Tejeda Financial and Securities America are separate entities. BEST WEALTH MANAGEMENT THANK YOU WICHITA FOR ALL OF YOUR VOTES




El México Cafe

2544 S Seneca St Wichita • 316-558-8220 elmexicocafe.com

The exquisite menu and friendly staff helps El Mexico Café become the premier Mexican spot in the area. Its housemade chili con queso, delicious appetizers, and chips and salsa are well-loved staples, but its amazing tacos continue to win Reader’s Choice awards year after year. The menu mainstays come as beef, chicken or special monterrey-style, which means topped with seasoned, slow-roasted pulled pork and pico de gallo.



Multiple Locations tacoshop.biz

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Multiple Locations fuzzystacoshop.com


Thai Tradition

650 N Carriage Pkwy Wichita • 316-687-1500

Following family recipes that have been passed on for three generations, Thai Tradition carries on legacies in every dish. They are passionate about connecting with customers through their foods and find it to be mutually gratifying and exciting. At Thai Tradition, it is not just eating the foods, it is the experience of enjoying mealtimes with friends and family, that is their family tradition.

Thai House 969 N West St Wichita • 316-941-4777 thaihousewichita.com

Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant 3141 S Hillside St Wichita • 316-652-8910 chiangmaithaiwichita.com


Little Saigon

1015 N Broadway St Wichita • 316-265-0054 little-saigon-restaurant.cafes-city.com

An amazing Vietnamese restaurant with a fitting name, Little Saigon creates some of the very best Asian food in the area. It serves all the classic Vietnamese staples, including noodles, grilled rice dishes and fried rice. However, its standout hits are its deliciously filling pho, delightful sandwiches, savory egg rolls and vermicelli rice plates. Between quick, attentive service and clean, welcoming interiors, Little Saigon is the Asian spot to try.


1103 N Broadway Ave Wichita • 316-262-8134 wichitasaigon.com

Pho Cao 9203 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-239-1776

Newport Grill

1900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-636-9555 newportgrill.com

Since arriving in May, Newport Grill’s Sommelier Stephen Brumble has provided an approachable, creative and diverse glass and bottle list. They maintain a strong presence for the desired California Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons while also experimenting with many old world interesting varietals, some of which include Albarino from Rias Biaxas, Nero D’avilo, Nebbiolo and Super Tuscans from Italy.

Alzavino Wine Tavern 1001 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-260-8309 alzavinowinetavern.com

Candle Club 6135 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-684-7281 candleclubwichita.com

Bella Luna Cafe

Multiple Locations bellalunacafe.com

Bella Luna Café boasts a diverse menu centered around a delectable selection of American-Mediterranean fusion dishes. Guests who do not eat meat are well served by Bella Luna, as its menu features many vegetarian dishes, such as the cream of mushroom soup, six-cheese pasta, pasta diablo, grilled portobello sandwich and more. It also offers its full-service catering, which makes any occasion “Bella Luna Special.”

Wheat Street Dogs 316-290-9836 wheatstreetdogs.com

Lotus Leaf Cafe 251 N Washington Ave Wichita • 316-295-4133 lotusleafwichita.com


Grace Hill Winery

6310 S Grace Hill Rd Whitewater • 316-799-2511 gracehillwinery.com

Guests of Grace Hill Winery can come to relax and enjoy the grounds with no need for a reservation or they can enjoy a staff-led wine tasting featuring the best wines from the area and beyond. Grace Hill’s menu includes both sweet and dry wines, such as the Dodging Tornados, Fruit Bomb, Chloe’s Cuvee and more. To pair with its fine wine selection, a variety of charcuterie boards and paninis are available.

Jenny Dawn Cellars

703 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-272-6882 jennydawncellars.com Wyldewood Cellars Multiple Locations wyldewoodcellars.com

Small Class Sizes Outstanding Academics Thriving Fine Arts and Athletic Programs Voted Wichita's Best Private School The Premier Private College Prepa ratory Scho 8317 East Douglas, Wichita, KS 67207 Phone: 316.686.0152 EXT. 400 Fax: 316.686.3918 https://www.theindependentschool.com





WSU Child Development Center 3026 E 21st St N Wichita • 316-978-3109 wichita.edu/services/childdev

The Wichita State University Child Development Center is dedicated to serving needs of young children by providing a high-quality, culturally diverse early childhood program within a safe nurturing environment. The Child Development Center encourages the physical, social, emotional, creative, and cognitive development of each child through the use of developmentally appropriate practice.

Tree House Learning Center Multiple Locations treehouselearningonline.net

Rainbows United 3223 N Oliver Ave Wichita • 316-295-7855 rainbowsunited.org

Wichita State University 316-978-3456 wichita.edu

Since 1895, Wichita State has built a reputation on the innovation and achievement of Shocker Nation. Wichita State University provides unique pathways for research, applied learning and career opportunities to help every student thrive. The university views it as a duty and privilege to support and serve Kansas’ growth through vision and strategy, propelling the university and area toward a brighter tomorrow.

The University of Kansas 785-864-2700 ku.edu

Kansas State University 785-532-6011 k-state.edu

Wichita Collegiate School 9115 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-771-2203 wcsks.com

Wichita Collegiate School inspires students to be the best versions of themselves through an education based in academic excellence in an inclusive community. Its Lower School program is filled with activities that build a foundation for academic and social success. The low student-to-teacher ratios help create an environment of personalized teaching that promotes self-expression, problem-solving and collaboration for all students.

The Independent School 8317 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-686-0152 theindependentschool.com

Wichita Montessori School 8311 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-686-7265 wichitamontessori.com


Wichita Collegiate School 9115 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-771-2203 wcsks.com

An intellectually vibrant, college-prep high school, Wichita Collegiate School’s goal is that students’ experiences prepare them for not only at the next grade level, but also life and leadership in the world. Through real-world challenges and application, students develop interpersonal, collaborative and communication skills. Students will learn how to think independently, to set priorities and to be compassionate world citizens.

The Independent School 8317 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-686-0152 theindependentschool.com

Bishop Carroll Catholic High 8101 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-722-2390 bcchs.org


Wichita Collegiate School 9115 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-771-2203 wcsks.com

Wichita Collegiate School offers a college-prep curriculum of active and meaningful learning. This kind of learning can be seen throughout its program in simulations, re-enactments, and units that differ from normal classes and learning radiates from a particular topic. Through instruction, individual attention and support, the teachers ensure every child is inspired to learn and to reach their highest potential.

The Independent School 8317 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-686-0152 theindependentschool.com

Maize South Middle School 3403 N Tyler Rd Wichita • 316-722-0421 usd266.com/msms


Gordon Parks Academy 2201 E 25th St N Wichita • 316-973-7500 usd259.org/gordonparks

Named after writer, photographer, film director, musician and artist Gordon Parks. Gordon Parks Academy aligns its curriculum with the Wichita Public School district and the Kansas College and Career Standards. Offering a unique integration of applied media arts, including Photojournalism, Film Directing and more. Students will explore these arts and receive the skills to pursue them beyond the school walls.

Horace Mann

Dual Language Magnet Wichita • 316-973-3100 usd259.org/horacemann

L’Ouverture Career Exploration and Technology Magnet Wichita • 316-973-5050 usd259.org/louverture


Central Community Preschool 6100 W Maple St Wichita • 316-943-1800 centralcommunity.org/preschool

Central Community Preschool offers a quality Christ-centered early childhood education that speaks to the whole child. Through playful learning and meaningful experiences, children learn the skills needed to be successful while growing their relationship with Jesus Christ. It unlocks the potential in every child and sees each as an individual with unique strengths. The educators nurture a passion for learning and love for the Lord.

WSU Child Development Center 3026 E 21st St N Wichita • 316-978-3109 wichita.edu/services/childdev

TOP Early Learning Center Multiple Locations topelc.com

Best Day Spa -Hydrafacial - Anti-Aging facials - Massage - Manicure -Pedicure - Hair, wigs & toppers - Relaxation rooms 316-636-1214 lovebeaumonde.com/east 29th and Rock Road

Central Christian Academy 2900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-688-1161 ccalions.org

For four decades, Central Christian Academy has been providing students in the Wichita and surrounding area a well-rounded and innovative Christian education. The private religious school has a desire to partner with the Christian home and local church, equipping students to have devoted hearts, transformed minds and courageous souls.

Trinity Academy

Multiple Locations trinityacademy.org

Classical School of Wichita 6355 Willowbrook St Wichita • 316-773-9279 cswsaints.com


Eric Fisher Academy 6727 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-440-5555 ericfisheracademy.com

Founded by beauty industry innovator Eric Fisher in 2007, Eric Fisher Academy is one of the leading beauty schools in the country. Offering students rigorous education and training in cosmetology and aesthetics, Eric Fisher Academy strives to stay on the forefront by continually educating its instructors, bringing in renowned guest artists and teaching the latest techniques in hair and skincare.

Crave Beauty Academy 3804 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-943-5516 cravebeautyacademy.com

WSU Tech Multiple Locations wsutech.edu



The Independent School 8317 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-686-0152 theindependentschool.com

The Independent School provides personalized and holistic learning where individuals are valued. Its educators believe learning happens best when a student is engaged in studies, develops their own sense of thought and desires to impact the world. Their variety of sports and arts opportunities, STEM programs, and enrichment classes give students the chance to strive for excellence both in and out of the classroom.

Wichita Collegiate School 9115 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-771-2203 wcsks.com

Central Christian Academy 2900 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-688-1161 ccalions.org

Exploration Place 300 N McLean Blvd Wichita • 316-660-0602 exploration.org

Exploration Place, Kansas’ premier science center, sits at the edge of the Big and Little Arkansas rivers. Its mission is to inspire a deeper interest in science and technology through creative and fun experiences for all. Adventure, fun and science collide to make summers awesome at Exploration Place. Campers learn through hands-on interactive fun, making new friends and creating memories to last a lifetime.

The Art Park 7230 E 29th St N Wichita • 316-683-2500 theartparkwichita.com

CityArts 334 N Mead St Wichita • 316-350-3245 wichita.gov/cityarts

Thank you, Wichita FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Private Religious School Private School To learn more about what sets us apart call 316-688-1161 or email admissions@ccalions.org. www.ccalions.org | 2900 N. Rock Rd | Wichita, KS 67226
Thank you for voting us the BEST INSURANCE COMPANY Insurance. You know you need it, but finding the right agent for you personally or for your business can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We’re serious about helping our customers find solutions to their Home, Auto, Business, Farm, Life, and Health insurance needs. Call Us For A Quote 316-927-3800 or request online at tigks.com






1938 N Woodlawn Blvd Wichita • 316-685-1622 issvc.com

Keeping track of one’s own money is hard enough, let alone a business’ finances. At InfoSync, it provides innovative accounting solutions to every client. Its team of accountants, controllers, revenue and tax specialists, and accounts processors provide high-end consulting, payroll and benefits management, and operational reporting to keep businesses working and productive, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Adams Brown Strategic Allies and CPAs

Wichita • 316-262-6578 abbb.com

CGP Group 740 W 2nd St N #200 Wichita • 316-685-1040 cgp.llc

Emprise Bank Multiple Locations emprisebank.com

Emprise Bank works to exceed client expectations and go above the standard for area banking. It offers a full suite of financial resources for both personal and business banking, but also features specialty services that include investment management, employee benefits, retirement, embedded banking, merchant services and much more. Emprise Bank can help individuals and companies alike make great use of their cash.

INTRUST Bank Multiple Locations intrustbank.com

Community Bank of Wichita Multiple Locations 316-634-1600 communitybankwichita.com

The Insurance Guys Multiple Locations tigks.com

Area residents can count on The Insurance Guys for the know-how and expertise to help. Its skilled team can assist with a wide variety of insurance needs, such as home, personal, commercial, health, life, farm, disability, rental property, vehicle and more. Through quick responses and impeccable customer service, The Insurance Guys provide all clients a superior brand of insurance coverage for everything they value.

Family First Insurance Alliance 1735 W 21st St #300 Wichita • 316-444-3980 familyfirstinsurancealliance.com

Shepherd Insurance Group 12007 E 13th St Wichita • 316-869-1235 insurewithsig.com



Sierra Pacific Mortgage is a 37 year old Independent Mortgage Bank made up of some of the best in the industry. Founded in 1985 in Folsom California by Jim Coffrini, Sierra Pacific is a privately held business in the mortgage lending space. Sierra offers all types of Mortgage lending products available to consumers to help make the dream of homeownership a reality.

Locally, Brian McGinley and team joined Sierra Pacific in 2014 and have experienced tremendous success along the way. The local team is made up of the best Wichita and Kansas have to offer through leadership with Lauren Brown and Michelle Post. Both Lauren and Michelle have been in their roles as top producing leaders for many years and have mentored many junior LO’s along the way while maintaining top producer status themselves.

Locally, Sierra Pacific funds more than 1000+ first mortgage loans annually. Through the utilization of technology, Sierra is able to stay out ahead of the competition making the home buying process simple. They operate under 5 pillars: Do the Right Thing Always, Unsurpassed Speed, Create What’s Next, Wow Experience and True Ownership. Staying true to these is the basis for their success.


Meritrust Credit Union

Multiple Locations meritrustcu.org

As a member-owned cooperative, Meritrust Credit Union improves the lives of its members and the communities it serves. Meritrust’s services include electronic banking, direct deposit, financial education, safe deposit boxes, wealth management and much more. Its members are at the heart of all Meritrust does, and its dedicated staff serve them through sound financial services delivered by qualified professionals.

Wichita Federal Credit Union

Multiple Locations wichitafcu.com

Credit Union of America Multiple Locations cuofamerica.com


Josh Axline

Farm Bureau Financial Services 316-794-2285 joshaxline.fbfsagents.com

Offering a multitude of insurance and financial services, Josh Axline of Farm Bureau Financial Services helps area families protect their livelihoods. Specializing in commercial, farm and ranch, life, financial services and insurance, Josh forges lasting relationships by getting to know clients and their needs. Personal touch matters to him, and he believes nothing can replace the value of a face-to-face interaction with clients.

Karla Medina

Farmers Insurance 316-618-0000 facebook.com/karlamedinaagency

Cameron Carter 316 Insurance Group 316-773-5955 316insurancegroup.com

Sierra Pacific Mortgage 10111 E 21st St #200 Wichita • 316-260-5656 sierrapacificmortgage.com

The home mortgage experience with Sierra Pacific Mortgage is simple and uncomplicated. Its team provides an ease of process designed for the consumer. They use the latest technology, allowing them to navigate the mortgage process quicker and resulting in less paperwork and confusion. They give updates throughout the mortgage process and work with local realtors to aid in the process with excellent customer service.

JR Mortgage Group Inc. 12007 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-247-9639 jrmortgagegroup.com USA Mortgage Multiple Locations missourimortgagesource.com


We believe that every child should have access to quality speech and language therapy regardless of their language.

bstkansas.com 316 768 6718

for choosing Meriturst as Wichita’s Best Credit Union. THANK YOU


Our goal is to enhance and enrich lives through gymnastics by creating a fun, positive, and healthy environment for all athletes, parents, and coaches. We strive to help each athlete develop self-respect, self-worth, and self-confidence while building character and integrity through life lessons that will make each athlete a success in and out of the gym.

Accounting and Tax Services 3165 W Maple St Wichita • 316-945-7293 money-taxes.com

Accounting and Tax Services focuses on giving its clients a personal experience and explaining their options and tax situations. Their accountants offer tax preparation of personal and business returns, small business consultation, some bookkeeping and payroll services. They partner with a financial firm to give an overall perspective to clients’ financial health and help meet financial goals.

Koch Siedhoff Hand & Dunn 3580 W 13th St Wichita • 316-943-0286 kshd.com

Adams Brown Strategic Allies and CPAs Wichita • 316-262-6578 abbb.com


Tejeda Financial 1000 N Tyler Rd #300 Wichita • 316-721-5191 tejedafinancial.com

Angie Tejeda, owner of Tejeda Financial, takes a holistic approach to wealth management and financial planning by getting a full picture of one’s finances before crafting a plan customized to help clients accomplish their monetary goals. Experienced and personable, Angie enjoys building strong professional connections with her clients because it helps her better understand their needs.

William Benjamin Equitable Advisors 316-308-6118 kansas.equitableadvisors.com

Heidi J Bowen Edward Jones Financial Advisor Goddard • 316-794-2592 edwardjones.com

JAGGYMNASTICS.COM 316 733 7525 920 N ANDOVER RD, ANDOVER, KS VOTED BEST GYMNASTICS STUDIO The residents of Regent Park deserve nothing less than award-winning care. Every day. At Regent Park, the Legend Experts™ in Senior Living train hard and hold true to the Legend Senior Living® mission to provide independence, dignity and quality of life. These awards belong to them. SILVER WINNER MEMORY CARE Best of Wichita BRONZE WINNER ASSISTED LIVING Best of Wichita US NEWS BEST ASSISTED LIVING 2022-2023 AWARD-WINNING CARE DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN. 10600 E 13th St N Wichita, KS 67206 Call us to schedule a visit at: (316) 337-5400 or visit us at LegendSeniorLiving.com
PAGE 34 | HEALTH & BEAUTY BESTOFWICHITAKS.COM Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic provides speech-language and hearing ser vices to people across their lifespan. We believe that better speech and hearing improves overall well-being. hearing aid fitting and batter y replacement.
HE ARING CLINIC Clinic faculty specialize in speaking, hearing, swallowing, and spoken and written language impairments. | | 3 16 - 9 7 8 - 3 289 | We are open to the public and accepting new patients.

Health & Beauty




iCRYO 2616 N Maize Rd #102 Wichita • 316-330-7474 icryo.com

Created to spread knowledge of alternative health solutions, iCRYO seeks to help clients unlock their bodies’ fullest potential for wellness. Its cryotherapy service involves spending a short time in a cooled chamber to help alleviate pain, grant better sleep, reduce stress and improve circulation throughout the body. With a suite of other treatments, iCRYO has become the most cutting-edge alternative health facility.

Jordan Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Wichita • 316-269-2692 jordanchiro.com

Urban Routine Wellness 200 E Douglas Ave #300 Wichita • 316-260-5131 urbanroutinewellness.com

Avita Assisted Living & Memory Care

Wichita • 316-361-2500 avitarollinghills.com

Seniors searching for an active, engaging lifestyle need look no further than Avita Assisted Living & Memory Care. Its top-rated assisted living community offers residents a wide range of activities to keep them both entertained and socially active. Residents can enjoy a meal with family at Avita’s bar and grill, catch up with friends at its in-house salon and even bring the grandkids for games at the Boardwalk Theater.

Prairie Homestead Senior Living 1605 W May St Wichita • 316-263-8264 prairiehomestead.org

Regent Park Assisted Living & Memory Care Wichita • 316-202-7886 legendseniorliving.com

Razor Smooth Barber 12627 E Central Ave #304 Wichita • 316-288-3084 vagaro.com/razorsmoothbarber

Razor Smooth Barber aims to spoil every client with the best cuts around. It offers services such as a classic haircut, facials, waxing, scalp massages, shoulder massages, gray coverage color and facial hair grooming. Everything needed to keep someone styled and clean is found in this space. With three HD TVs, complimentary beverages and a comfortable waiting area, customers are sure to have a relaxing time at Razor Smooth.

Wichita Barber Company 1640 E 2nd St N Wichita • 316-304-3868 facebook.com/wichitabarbercompany

The Barber Shop at Standard Issue Co. Multiple Locations thebarbershop.life



Wichita State University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic Wichita • 316-978-3289 wichita.edu/slhclinic

The Evelyn Hendren Cassat Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic at Wichita State University provides audiology services; those include hearing evaluations, assistive listening devices, bluetooth accessories, hearing aid fittings, repairs and maintenance. The clinic also offers speech and language services for literacy, fluency and stuttering. As well as speech-language disorders following a stroke, head trauma or laryngectomy.

Wichita Ear Clinic 9350 E Central Ave Wichita • 316-686-6608 wichitaear.com

Ascension Via Christi Audiology Multiple Locations healthcare.ascension.org


Cancer Center of Kansas Multiple Locations cancercenterofkansas.com

At Cancer Center of Kansas, they provide innovative cancer care that is customized for the specific needs of each patient using the most appropriate and modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Its skilled medical oncology and hematology experts show their passion for cancer care in both their high-level expertise as well as their dedication to making the facility a compassionate and respectful environment for all.

Kansas Surgical Consultants Breast Center Multiple Locations kansassurgical.com

Victory In The Valley 3755 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-682-7400 victoryinthevalley.org

Best Audiologist/ Hearing Center WICHITAEAR.COM 9350 E. Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67206 | 316.686.6608 Congratulations to our Wichita Ear Clinic audiologists and hearing health care team for being voted Best of Wichita! Our mission is to diagnose your hearing loss and fit you with hearing aids that will improve your quality of life. Comprehensive hearing health care needs Hearing Aids • Medical • Surgical Wichita Ear Clinic Improving hearing health for over a century!


Heartland Cardiology

Multiple Locations heartlandcardiology.com

The unique business model employed by Heartland Cardiology allows the facility to hire the best doctors specialized in all facets of cardiovascular medicine. This dynamic and efficient system allows Heartland to adapt to all situations and be a leader in medical innovation. People can live longer, healthier lives due to improvements in medical technology and practices that are led by Heartland’s dedicated specialists.

Kansas Heart Hospital 3601 N Webb Rd Wichita • 316-630-5000 kansasheart.com

Cardiovascular Consultants of Kansas Wichita • 316-265-1308 ccofks.com


Optimal Wellness

3017 N Cypress Dr Ste B Wichita • 316-425-1911 mywichitachiro.com

Optimal Wellness has helped hundreds of patients in the Wichita area find relief from their back pain, headaches, neck pain, auto injuries and more. Their approach to overall health and wellness truly sets them apart and is possible by offering a diverse array of services, such as therapy, supplementation and chiropractic care to help patients’ to have all the ingredients they need to function at their best.

Engelken Chiropractic 2621 N Greenwich Rd #500 Wichita • 316-440-6888 drdavesoffice.com

Advanced Chiropractic Multiple Locations 316-202-0045 advancedchiroict.com

Associates in Women’s Health is dedicated to providing the highest quality obstetric and gynecological healthcare services to the women of Kansas. We are devoted to providing a professional, friendly, and comfortable environment and pride ourselves on making each patient a member of the AWH family.

East Wichita: 316.685.7234

West Wichita: 316.722.5141 Newton: 316.283.4153

With 3 Locations Serving Wichita, Newton & South Central Kansas
Thank You for Voting Us Best! 316-636-1277 quartersatcambridge.com 9911 E. 21st St. N. Wichita, KS 67206
bedroom apartment homes, as
2 &
homes with attached garages
fit your
life. Rated in the ELITE 1% NATIONWIDE for resident satisfaction. – J Turner Research, 2021 Power Rankings Elite 1% Designation
Thanks for Voting for Us
Our community offers a unique
experience that is second to none. Convenience coupled with elegance, Quarters at Cambridge offers distinctly designed 1 & 2
well as
3 bedroom garden and town
in a wide selection of floor plans to
way of


Detmer Family Dentistry 3965 N Maize Rd Maize • 316-721-8100 detmerfamilydentistry.com

New advances in dental technology at Detmer Family Dentistry have allowed them to provide multiple services in cosmetic dentistry for patients, including veneers, crowns, Invisalign, and implant crowns and dentures. Their staff knows that being happy and confident in one’s smile leads to better overall health in a positive way, physically, mentally and emotionally. They love bringing that confidence into every patient.

East Wichita Dentist 8150 E Douglas Ave #10 Wichita • 316-686-7395 eastwichitadentist.com

Humlicek Family Dental 231 N W St Wichita • 316-945-8367 humlicekfamilydental.com


Healing Waters

2000 N Rock Rd #100 Wichita • 316-262-2995 healingwaterslife.com

Healing Waters exists to empower clients to feel confident, prioritize self-care and engage in a healthier lifestyle. Dr. James Rieger, a board-certified plastic surgeon, performs the invasive cosmetic surgical procedures and oversees all procedures performed by the medical team at Healing Waters. Whether clients are interested in a face lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation or more, they achieve quality results in a safe environment.

James A. Rieger, MD

10111 E 21st St N Wichita • 316-652-9333 jriegermd.com

Plastic Surgery Center Multiple Locations pscwichita.com

316 721 8100 | detmerfamilydentistry.com 3965 N Maize Road, Maize, KS Voted Best Cosmetic Dentistry Let Our Family Give Your Family Something to Smile About Detmer Family Dentistry strives to establish lifelong relationships with our patients while providing comprehensive, compassionate, and quality dental care in a gentle and comfortable environment. Our passion lies in creating opportunities for our patients to feel confident in themselves, their smile, and their overall health. DETMER FAMILY DENTISTRY

Beau Monde Spa & Boutique

2939 N Rock Rd

Wichita • 316-636-1214 lovebeaumonde.com/east

With ten treatment rooms, nail area, full service hair salon featuring many wigs and toppers, Beau Monde Spa & Boutique is Wichita’s one-stop beauty boutique. Arriving at the spa, guests change into a comfy robe, enjoy hot tea and unwind in the relaxation rooms. Popular services include hydra-facials, derma plane, stress rescue massage, as well as the unbeatable warm oil manicure and eucalyptus pedicures.

Healing Waters

2000 N Rock Rd #100 Wichita • 316-262-2995 healingwaterslife.com

Triple Threat Skin + Body 4817 E Douglas Ave #200 Wichita • 316-364-3239 triplethreatict.com


Roger Unruh, DO

New Medical Health Care Wichita • 316-773-1212 newmedicalhealthcare.com

The providers of New Medical Health Care understand the challenge to find a comprehensive medical practice one can trust, which is why they recruit and retain high-quality physicians like Dr. Roger Unruh. Dr. Unruh has worked with New Medical since 2003 and has over thirty years of experience working in pediatric medicine. A former Director of Medical Education, Roger has the knowledge to keep all patients healthy.

Melissa Hague, MD

Heartland Women’s Group Wichita • 316-858-7100 heartlandwomensgroup.com

Phong T. Le, MD

Mid-Kansas Ear, Nose & Throat Associates midkansasent.com


Pauly Dental 4620 E Douglas #100 Wichita • 316-263-0889 paulydentalgroup.com

Pauly Dental is a family dental practice in the heart of College Hill. When someone is a part of the Pauly Dental family, they are treated with respect, honesty, and a genuine concern for their health and well-being. Dr. Pauly and her team take a comprehensive approach to dentistry while focusing on the importance of prevention and education. She works to provide the level of dental care that will result in strong, beautiful teeth.

Frankenbery & Johnson Dentistry

Wichita • 316-634-0990 wichitadentists.com

Wichita Family Dental Multiple Locations wichitafamilydental.com


Grene Vision Group

Multiple Locations grenevisiongroup.com

The advanced technology and skilled medical services of Grene Vision Group offer the most cutting-edge technologies that allow its caring providers to deliver on their high standards of care. With nearly a century in operation, Grene has the experience to cater to all vision needs. From an infant’s first eye exam to glaucoma treatments in the golden years, Grene provides a lifetime of quality eye care.

West Wichita Family Optometrists

Multiple Locations wwfoks.com

Opticology Eyecare 8677 E 32nd St N Wichita • 316-337-5500 visionsource-opticologyeyecare.com

Heartland Dermatology

Multiple Locations heartland-derm.com

Since 1977, the organizational vision of Heartland Dermatology remains the same: to change lives throughout the area through promoting ideal skin health. Its physicians provide some of the best medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services in the state. Staff members create a culture of contentment and safety that enables them to enjoy their role and bring about a more positive atmosphere and better overall care.

Wichita Dermatology & Aesthetics

Multiple Locations wichitaderm.com

The Dermatology Clinic, P.A. Multiple Locations dermclin.com


Wichita Vision Institute 2552 N Maize Ct #200 Wichita • 316-226-9263 wichitaeyedoc.com

Wichita Vision Institute is a premier vision correction facility offering state-of-the-art technology and delivering renowned patient results. Dr. Patel of the institute specializes in LASIK laser vision correction, cataract surgery, dry eye and glaucoma treatments, and others. She is board-certified and corneal-fellowship-trained at world-class institutions, ensuring patients are in trusted hands.

Grene Vision Group Multiple Locations grenevisiongroup.com

Vitreo-Retinal Consultants 530 N Lorraine St Wichita • 316-683-5611 vitreoretinal.net



In northwest Wichita we offer group fitness classes for all levels. Our classes incorporate dance cardio with strength training to sculpt and tone your muscles in the ultimate full – body workout. Whether you’re looking for physical results or a way to relieve stress and FEEL your best, our instructors will guide you every step of the way in your wellness journey!


Club Hope 11931 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-364-3672 clubhopefitness.com

Club Hope is a supportive health community meant to help people live their best lives. Its trainers focus on the whole person, specializing in active aging and functional training. Beyond group training, Club Hope offers a program called Survivor 2.0. where cancer survivors participate in a free 10-week program that helps them gain strength, build endurance, improve balance and helps them to emotionally recover from their diagnosis.

Anytime Fitness 215 S Maize Rd Wichita • 316-260-1254 anytimefitness.com

Jazzercise 8404 W 13th St #170 Wichita • 316-516-1175 jazzercise.com


No Coast Salon 300 N Main St #101 Wichita • 316-500-7676

The ultimate “laid back luxury” is provided by No Coast Salon which specializes in color, extensions and curly hair. Opened in 2018, the salon recently relocated and expanded in the heart of downtown. The environment is positive with hairstylists bonding through joking and laughter. No Coast Salon is soon adding lash and nail artists, making it truly a one-stop shop for all things beauty.

Curls Gone Wild Salon

313 N Mead St Wichita • 316-491-1163 curlsgonewildsalon.com Pins+Knots 1400 Terradyne Dr #302 Andover • 316-880-0127 pinsandknots.com

jazzercise.com • 316 516 1175 8404 W. 13th St. Suite 170, Wichita, KS Let the Jazzercise community inspire you to live your best life — on and off the dance floor. STRONGER. HAPPIER. HEALTHIER.

Home Instead

3122 N Cypress Dr #500 Wichita • 316-612-7541 homeinsteadwichita.com

Home Instead specializes in personal care, dementia care, hospice support, chronic illness care, and home helper and companionship care. Its experienced professionals knows that familiar surroundings play such a vital role in managing cognitive diseases and quality of life. Home Instead works to be the best provider available and is passionate about helping seniors age successfully.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice 3450 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-688-5511 phoenixhomehc.com

Always There Senior Care 2260 N Ridge Rd #250 Wichita • 316-946-9222 alwaysthereusa.com


Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice has a mission to enable people to live with dignity and hope while coping with loss and terminal illness. This is done through experienced, compassionate care, open and honest communication, and providing services that respect and uphold the dignity of its patients. Over the last 40 years, the hospice service has developed thousands of personalized care plans for patients and their families.

Choice Hospice

1608 E Lewis St #100 Wichita • 316-500-7679 choicehealthathome.com

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice 3450 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-688-5511 phoenixhomehc.com

Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice Multiple Locations hynesmemorial.org
BEST HOSPICE ChoiceHealthAtHome.com 316.500.7679 It's our honor to serve you Wichita!




Wesley Medical Center 550 N Hillside St Wichita • 316-962-2000 wesleymc.com

For more than a century, Wesley Medical Center has been meeting the diverse healthcare needs of patients across Kansas and Northern Oklahoma. It offers a wide range of advanced, specialized services, including labor and delivery services, award-winning cardiology, orthopedic, and cancer care. The hospital is also home to a Level 1 Adult Trauma Center and the region’s only dedicated pediatric emergency room.

Ascension Multiple Locations healthcare.ascension.org

Rock Regional Hospital 3251 N Rock Rd Derby • 316-425-2400 rockregionalhospitalderby.com


Aesthetic Solutions

2939 N Rock Rd #110 Wichita • 316-708-4451 aestheticsolutionsks.com

Aesthetic Solutions offers an array of progressive, non-surgical aesthetic treatments to make people look great on the outside and feel even better on the inside. Its staff considers clients’ conditions to help create effective custom treatments. From popular hormone replacement to skin repairing procedures, all services available will help people feel restored, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Healing Waters

2000 N Rock Rd #100 Wichita • 316-262-2995 healingwaterslife.com

GLOW 365

430 S Commerce St #200 Wichita • 316-425-0365 myglow365.com

The Regent

2050 N Webb Rd Wichita • 316-631-3900 legendseniorliving.com

The Regent is a Vibrant Independent Living residence that provides high levels of personal service and a warm active social environment to enrich lives. Its staff’s approach to care celebrates personalities and lifestyles with services designed especially for specific needs. Residents can thrive in an environment of friendship, family and support that values and respects their privacy, dignity and independence.

Oxford Villa Active Senior Apartments Wichita • 316-768-4739 oxfordseniorliving.com

Ascension Living Via Christi Village Georgetown Wichita • 316-223-4299 ascensionliving.org


West Wichita Family Physicians

Multiple Locations wwfppa.com

West Wichita Family Physicians provides compassionate, comprehensive and accessible medical care. They bring an environment consisting of many different services not normally found in a family practice setting. This allows physicians the ability to schedule and perform many of the necessary services efficiently, which results in a more timely diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s symptoms.

New Medical Health Care 2131 N Ridge Rd Wichita • 316-773-1212 newmedicalhealthcare.com

Hillside Medical Office 855 N Hillside St Wichita • 316-685-1381 hillsidemedical.com

Optimal Wellness

3017 N Cypress Dr Ste B Wichita • 316-425-1911 mywichitachiro.com

Helping patients find relief from their back pain, headaches, neck pain, auto injuries and more, Optimal Wellness offers a unique approach to overall health and wellness. Offering massages of all styles with a method of utilizing heated bamboo, it promotes deep spreading in muscles and refreshes connective tissue. Utilizing these tools, they educate and help patients get back to natural, healthy living.

Healing Waters

2000 N Rock Rd #100 Wichita • 316-262-2995 healingwaterslife.com

Triple Threat Skin + Body 4817 E Douglas Ave #200 Wichita • 316-364-3239 triplethreatict.com


Avita Assisted Living & Memory Care Wichita • 316-361-2500 avitarollinghills.com

When families have a loved one who is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s and need a place to give proper care, Avita Assisted Living & Memory Care is the answer. With a highly qualified staff, residents will be able to practice their cognitive abilities, stay connected in a community and enjoy daily activities provided. Families can have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being treated with the best care available.

Regent Park Assisted Living & Memory Care Wichita • 316-202-7886 legendseniorliving.com

The Oxford Grand Assisted Living & Memory Care Wichita • 316-252-0030 oxfordseniorliving.com

fastest-growing medical spas, Aesthetic Solutions offers
of progressive, non-surgical aesthetic treatments to make you look
on the
on the inside.
and feel! 316-708-4451 2939 N. Rock Road | Suite 110 Wichita, KS 67226 aestheticsolutionsks.com BEST MED SPA
an array
feel even better
popular hormone replacement
wellness therapies to state-of-the-art permanent skin-repairing procedures, all of our services are clinically proven to help you feel restored, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Come experience the Aesthetic Solutions difference. You’re going to LOVE the way you look

SOMA Therapy

Wichita • 316-201-6047 somawichita.com

SOMA Therapy is a holistic mental health practice of nearly 50 mental health providers. The practice provides individual, couples, family counseling, individual, couples and family counseling in addition to therapy, yoga and more. Soma has clinicians that specialize in nearly every niche of mental health diagnoses. It accepts all major insurances including, BCBS, United, Aetna, Tricare, Medicaid and Medicare.

COMCARE of Sedgwick County

635 N Main St Wichita • 316-660-7800 sedgwickcounty.org

KVC Health Systems 225 N Market St #225 Wichita • 316-618-5437 kansas.kvc.org



Multiple Locations midkansasoms.com

Mid-Kansas Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery provides patients with world-class care while creating a safe and comfortable treatment experience. Its team of experienced doctors are known for their precision and gentle approach to patient care. Each doctor specializes in the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, including wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, bone grafting, facial trauma and more.

Implant & Perio Center of Kansas

9100 E 29th St N Wichita • 316-600-7779 wichitaperiodontists.com

Wichita Oral Surgery 12611 E 21st St N Wichita • 316-742-1506 wichitaoralsurgery.com

Nails by Phoebe

2142 Collective Ln Wichita • 316-730-5412 nailsbyphoebe.business.site

When someone needs a manicure or pedicure for a day of pampering, Nails By Phoebe can help. From a mini fridge filled with beverages to soothing music, Phoebe has built a relaxing environment for her guests to enjoy and unwind. She takes her time to listen to exactly what her clients want and makes sure the outcome always exceeds their expectations for gorgeous nails.

Ciao Nail Company 930 W Douglas Ave Ste B Wichita • 316-348-3486 instagram.com/ciaonailco

Stella Nails & Spa 3204 N Maize Rd #108 Wichita • 316-295-3341 facebook.com/stellanailsandspaks


Advanced Orthopaedic Associates, PA Wichita • 316-631-1600 aoaortho.com

Advanced Orthopaedic Associates, PA hosts an incredible team of surgeons and support staff, each one of which has a passion for orthopedics and a genuine desire to see patients improve. Its 18 orthopedic surgeons are fellowship-trained, and most of them hold leadership roles with area hospitals and medical schools. To provide the best care possible, its physicians stay up to date on the latest technology and industry trends.

Mid-America Orthopedics 12112 W Kellogg Ave Wichita • 316-630-9300 midamortho.com

Kansas Joint & Spine Specialists Multiple Locations 316-219-8299 kansasjointandspine.com


Family Health & Rehab 639 S Maize Ct Wichita • 316-425-5600 familyhealthandrehab.com

Family Health and Rehabilitation is a unique skilled nursing facility designed to give each resident a sense of home and independence. Its facility features private bedrooms, warmly decorated living and dining areas, and a professional rehabilitation team for every resident. Its therapy and direct care staff create an environment inspired by service and provide therapy services for a wide variety of injuries and disorders.

Azria Health Wichita 7057 W Village Circle Wichita • 316-977-7015 azriahealth.com The Center at Waterfront 1541 N Lindberg Circle Wichita • 316-358-6400 centeratwaterfront.com


ICTeeth & Smile Safari Pediatric Dentistry Multiple Locations icteeth.com

From the moment patients enter through the doors, they are always greeted with smiles and helpful, friendly staff at ICTeeth & Smile Safari Pediatric Dentistry. Its entire team is passionate about children’s dental hygiene and makes it as comfortable as possible. Its highly trained dentists make it a priority to educate children on proper brushing and flossing etiquette, bringing a passion for pediatric dentistry that is unmatched.

Children’s Dental Professionals, LLC Wichita • 316-613-2077 jumpreachgrowsmile.com

Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry 3933 N Maize Rd #200 Wichita • 316-202-9629 tinyteethwichita.com

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
THE WICHITA EAGLE HEALTH & BEAUTY | PAGE 45 PROUD TO SERVE OUR COMMUNITY For more than a century, Wesley Healthcare has provided exceptional care from the most experienced physicians and healthcare professionals in Kansas. We’re proud to be the hospital of choice for thousands of families in Wichita and across the state, and extend our thanks to the friends and neighbors who continue to choose Wesley to meet their healthcare needs. VOTED BEST HOSPITAL & PLACE TO HAVE A BABY VOTED BEST PRIMARY CARE VOTED BEST WEIGHT LOSS CENTER WESLEY WOODLAWN BARIATRIC SURGERY CENTER More ways we can serve you, 24 hours a day: Find a Physician: (316) 962-3627 | Consult-A-Nurse: (888) 817-9087 | Learn more at WesleyMC.com THANK YOU FOR MAKING US YOUR FAVORITE HOSPITAL
respected provider of orthodontics
with convenient locations
to provide
highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable
Trimmell, Paul Anders, Kelsey White, Michael Nguyen
are orthodontic specialists,
We utilize the latest technological advances
you receive the most effective and efficient care
316-260-6566 | trimmellortho.com Extraordinary Smiles, Extraordinary People
Trimmell Anders & White Orthodontics is a
in Wichita, KS,
in East and West Wichita.
top priority is
environment. Drs. Justin
and Grant Snider
specializing in tooth and jaw alignment.
in the industry

Trimmell Anders & White Orthodontics

Multiple Locations trimmellortho.com

The physicians at Trimmell Anders & White Orthodontics are specialists with almost 40 years’ combined experience in tooth and jaw alignment. They offer metal braces, clear ceramic braces and Invisalign treatments to help patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. The team possesses active memberships with several medical associations, including The American Board of Orthodontics and the Kansas Dental Association. This ensures that the doctors remain up to date on the latest industry practices and methodologies.

Leading the industry in the use of innovative technology, the team operates in a highly modernized facility that features high-tech 3D imaging, intraoral digital scanning in place of traditional dental impressions, and 3D printing to properly diagnose patients and tailor their treatments.

For the Trimmell Anders & White team, the primary goal is to provide the highest level of orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable environment. They understand that every patient will have different needs. No matter the person’s age or background, the staff always provide excellent customer service both in person and over the phone. Likewise, the orthodontists make sure to deliver attentive care while addressing all questions and concerns that arise.

As lifelong area natives, Trimmell Anders & White physicians have a vested interest in supporting the community with their dedicated care services. Both skilled and personable, the clinic’s doctors make sure every patient gets the most effective and efficient treatment plan that is customized to suit their individual needs.

Dillehay Orthodontics

Multiple Locations dillehayortho.com

Santucci Orthodontics

1700 Waterfront Pkwy Wichita • 316-531-9536 hullingsandsantucciortho.com

THE WICHITA EAGLE HEALTH & BEAUTY | PAGE 47 West Office 3933 N. Maize Rd., Wichita, KS East Office 2143 N. Collective Ln., Suite A, Wichita, KS
West Office East Office
Best Orthodontist

Mid-Kansas Pediatric Associates

Multiple Locations midkspeds.com

Mid-Kansas Pediatric Associates has 10 pediatricians and six mid-level providers. They are the only private pediatric group in Wichita that still sees their own newborns at Wesley Medical Center. Mid-Kansas Pediatric’s staff returns phone calls promptly, has pediatric nurses that handle phone triage and follow pediatric protocols. The staff has compassion, adaptibilty and flexibility for patients’ concerns and appointments.

Redbud Pediatrics

Multiple Locations 316-201-1202 redbudpediatrics.com

Children’s Mercy Wichita 3243 E Murdock St #201 Wichita • 316-500-8900 childrensmercy.org

Dandurand Drugstore

Multiple Locations danduranddrugs.com

Dandurand Drugstore is a locally owned pharmacy that has been serving Wichita for more than 40 years. With six locations across the city, Dandurand’s pharmacists are able to accommodate many different needs for all patients, including but not limited to full compounding services, free compliance packaging, diabetes self-management and wellness classes, immunizations, auto refill, and more.

Consumer’s Pharmacy

1035 N Emporia Ave Wichita • 316-263-6233 consumerspharmacy.com Dillons Multiple Locations dillons.com



East @ Rock & Central Ave 7732 E. Central Ave (316) 685-2353

Dandurand Drugstore

Carriage Parkway 800 N. Carriage Parkway (316) 858-5890

Dandurand Drugstore – with Boutique

West @ 21st & Ridge Rd. 2233 N. Ridge Rd. (316) 729-6000

Dandurand Drugstore – with Boutique

E. Harry in front of the Wichita Mall 4183 E. Harry St. (316) 689-6100

Dandurand Wellness

Inside Wesley Medical Center 550 N. Hillside, Ste 3-100 (316) 962-4210

Dandurand Long Term Care & Hospice

Carriage Parkway 625 N. Carriage Parkway, Ste 170 (316) 358-0303

Physical Therapy By Phoenix

Multiple Locations 316-260-3311 physicaltherapybyphoenix.com

The locally owned group that started Physical Therapy By Phoenix wanted an uplifting outpatient culture where physical therapists provide one-on-one treatment in an engaging environment. Each of the facility’s patients receive hands-on manual therapy and exercise with tremendous improvement. The highly skilled team specializes in a variety of services ranging from sports physical therapy to pelvic floor therapy and more.

Natural Wellness Physiotherapy 309 S Greenwich Rd Wichita • 316-290-9158 teamnaturalwellness.com

Advanced Physical Therapy Multiple Locations aptclinics.com


Wesley Medical Center 550 N Hillside St Wichita • 316-962-2000 wesleymc.com

Delivering more babies than any other hospital in the region, Wesley Medical Center and Wesley Birth Care Suites offer advanced care in a friendly environment designed for safety and comfort. The award-winning, patient-oriented hospital also features a neonatal intensive care unit that provides 24/7 access to skilled neonatologists for babies born prematurely or with conditions or illnesses requiring specialized care.

Wichita Birth Assistance 105 S Andover Rd Ste A Andover • 316-655-7444 wichitabirths.com

Born Midwifery 910 S Hillside St Wichita • 316-295-3440 bornmidwifery.com

This pharmacy is independently owned and operated under a license from Health Mart Systems, Inc. Looking for a new pharmacy? Our highly trained staff look forward to providing you with the personal service you deserve!
Drugstore – with Boutique



Galbraith Sanchez Podiatry Group

Wichita • 316-686-2106 galbraithpodiatrygroup.com

Galbraith Sanchez Podiatry Group is a podiatry group with a total of three current certified and friendly podiatrists. Its skilled doctors focus on conservative and surgical treatments of foot deformities and pain. Its group treats patients like their own family members or loved ones and takes great pride in having the some of the best and friendliest staff in the state.

Central Kansas

Podiatry Associates Wichita • 316-269-3338 ksfootdoc.com

The Podiatry Clinic 400 N Woodlawn Blvd #211 Wichita • 316-685-3801 thepodiatryclinic.net


Bilingual Speech Therapy of Kansas

Wichita • 316-768-6718 bstkansas.com

Bilingual Speech Therapy of Kansas is committed to providing evidence-based practice treatment approaches and evaluations for English speakers, Spanish speakers and speakers of diverse languages. It provides therapy in areas such as articulacion, phonology, auditory processing, language delay and disorders, pragmatics, stuttering, cluttering, and voice.

Speech, Swallowing & Voice Center

Multiple Locations ssvcenter.com

Rainbows United 3223 N Oliver Ave Wichita • 316-295-7855 rainbowsunited.org

Primary Care Associates

7111 E 21st St N Ste A Wichita • 316-684-2851 pca-wichita.com

Primary Care Associates delivers personalized and quality medical care to every patient they encounter. Their goal is to form enduring relationships by combining excellence in medical care with heartfelt concern for people of all ages. As family physicians, they provide services for both acute and chronic conditions such as allergies, chest pain, diabetes, ear infection, influenza and more.

Lakepoint Family Physicians 8020 E Central Ave #200 Wichita • 316-636-2662 lakepointfp.com

Wesley Healthcare Multiple Locations wesleymc.com

The Center at Waterfront 1541 N Lindberg Circle Wichita • 316-358-6400 centeratwaterfront.com

The Center at Waterfront was created by local physicians to help patients reach their highest level of independence and wellness while recovering from injury and illness. The physician-driven, individualized care, and their caring staff maximize the quality of care. They serve patients needing rehabilitation or complex nursing care and provide help for patients achieve strength and functionality.

Family Health & Rehab 639 S Maize Ct Wichita • 316-425-5600 familyhealthandrehab.com Larksfield Place Multiple Locations larksfield.org

BEFORE AFTER VOTED BEST WAXING LOVE YOUR BROWS! Thank You! Brows by B is independently owned & operated by Brooke Bemis inside
Salon Studios in West Wichita! @browsbybwichita 2243 N Tyler Rd #115, Suite 513, Wichita, KS

Spray Me Golden

12627 E Central Ave #305 Wichita • 316-425-8993 spraymegolden.com

Spray Me Golden’s studio has regular, express and luxury options with natural looking spray tans in a no-judgment zone. Spray Me Golden offers many different formulas to compliment any unique skin type and tone. The salon gives clients a special spray routine that gives them a full coverage tan along with a complimentary spray of pH balancing primer to maximize results and the absorption of sunless solution.

Beautified Salon and Boutique

2525 W 13th St Wichita • 316-214-0052 vagaro.com/beautified21

Wildflower Beauty Bar 8981 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-807-8280 wildflowerbeautyict.com




West Wichita Family Physicians

Multiple Locations wwfppa.com

West Wichita Family Physicians is a medical organization providing compassionate, comprehensive and accessible medical care in an efficient manner. The local urgent care clinic specializes in minor injuries and illnesses with a lab and radiology capabilities as well as CT and SONO during the weekdays. They provide patients with an environment consisting of many different services not normally found in a family practice setting.

The Little Clinic 10515 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-721-7385 dillons.com/health-services Immediate Care 3311 E Murdock St Wichita • 316-274-8107 healthcare.ascension.org


20/30 Fast Track

Associates in Women’s Health

Courtney Taylor Esthetics 8414 W 13th St N #200 Wichita • 316-300-6722 vagaro.com/courtneytayloresthetics

Courtney Taylor Esthetics specializes in Brazilian Waxing as well as Eyebrow Shaping and Tinting, all provided in a comfortable, safe space. As a professional, Courtney walks her clients through the entire process regardless of the waxing service they choose. She also guides them through any aftercare necessary to maintain their chosen service. Courtney Taylor also treats the clearing of acne and pigmentation.

The Waxing Post 1603 W Douglas Ave #4 Wichita • 316-518-5411 facebook.com/thewaxingpost

Brows by B 2243 N Tyler Rd #115 Wichita • 316-833-7953 facebook.com/browsbybwichita


Hot Asana Yoga Studio


Wellness Wichita lisavermillionwellness.com

20/30 Fast Track Lisa Vermillion Wellness gives people access to the best wellness programs available anywhere. These products, programs and systems are proven to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing. Lisa is a licensed ‘contagious wellness expert’ Facilitator with The Donna Krech Companies. She has also attended the W.O.W. Wellness Academy and completed training to be fully certified as a coach.

Enhanced Wellness

1701 E Madison Ave Ste E Derby • 316-358-9780 enhancedwellnessderby.com

Wesley Woodlawn Bariatric Surgery Center Wichita • 316-858-8921 wesleybariatric.com

Multiple Locations awhobgyn.com

Associates in Women’s Health has provided high-quality and caring women’s healthcare to the women of Wichita since 2002. The core of its services are dedicated to comprehensive obstetric and gynecological care for women of all ages. In addition to basics like annual gynecologic exams. The clinic offers a full range of pregnancy services from preconception counseling and sonogram services to labor and delivery.


1040 N West St Wichita • 316-945-9400 embracewichita.org

College Hill Ob/gyn 3233 E 2nd St N Wichita • 316-683-6766 collegehillobgyn.com

Multiple Locations hotasanayogastudio.com

No matter the experience level, beginner to advanced and every place in between, everyone is welcome at Hot Asana Yoga Studio. Patrons of the studio can have an exceptionally heated practice and transcend the craziness of life to find peace within. The studio’s instructors invite everyone to experience the dynamic and inspiring classes in order to find support.

Limitless Yoga Studio

357 S Pattie St Wichita • 316-253-4260 limitlessyogastudio.com

Yoga Central 411 N Woodlawn St Wichita • 316-841-5169 facebook.com/yogacentral


Home & Garden





Napoleon Appliance Repair 316-409-1525 facebook.com/napoleonappliancerepairllc

Napoleon Appliance Repair has the best team of professionals for all appliance repair and installation needs in the area. The repair team promises to treat clients and their homes with respect, meaning they are always on time, give fair repair estimates and leave the home neat and clean. Napoleon Appliance Repair is known best for specializing in residential refrigeration and ice maker repairs.

All Brand Appliance Repair

9323 E Harry St #120 Wichita • 316-491-1790 allbrandkansas.com

Affordable In-Home Appliance Repair

Multiple Locations affordableinhomeappliancerepair.com

Metro Appliances & More 3545 N Hillside St Wichita • 316-941-4040 metroappliancesandmore.com

Metro Appliances & More has the buying power to offer the lowest possible price on more than 50 major brands. The store provides a large display of products, many showcased in kitchen cabinetry. Metro’s employee-owned company has expert people offering years of sales experience and customer service. Whether someone is a builder, contractor or homeowner, the store has the products to meet all needs.

Lytton’s Appliance Showroom 123 S Hillside St Wichita • 316-686-3331 lyttonsappliance.com

Mike’s Rent To Own 8542 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-681-0046 mikesrenttoown.com

Star Lumber & Supply Multiple Locations 316-942-2221 starlumber.com

Star Lumber & Supply provides the highest quality in products and services throughout the Kansas and Oklahoma region. Its team works to provide those who need flooring, cabinets, windows, decking, fencing, doors and more with the best service possible. From home builders, remodelers and architects to the general public, Star Lumber is committed to offering superior service and the latest products.

Wildhorse Stone 4323 W 31st St S Wichita • 316-944-3900 wildhorsestone.com

Sutherlands 2273 N Amidon St Wichita • 316-838-8200 sutherlands.com


Cosmetic Surgery Med-Spa Day Spa Massage

Healing Award Winning Medical Spa

Healing Waters was awarded Gold in Cosmetic Surgery and Silver in the Med Spa, Massage, and Day Spa categories.

Thank you to all those who voted for Healing Waters Spa in the Best of Wichita Winners Magazine. As a thank you to the community for your continued support over the last 20 years Healing Waters is offering a complimentary anniversary gift to all treatments booked in December.

Wichita Plastic Surgeon James Rieger MD, is the Lead Medical Director for Healing Waters and oversees the medical aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery department for Healing Waters Wichita.



Midwest Cabinetry & Design 201 E 6th St Cir Goddard • 316-794-2112 midwestcabinetryanddesign.com

At Midwest Cabinetry & Design, clients can view a wide array of beautiful cabinets the store presents in the showroom. Customers can meet with a Midwest Cabinetry & Design’s team helps create a space of clients’ dreams and make it uniquely theirs. Guests can also view prospective cabinet designs by using a specialized program to see how their selections will appear in their home.

Farha’s Carpet & Building Supply 808 W Harry St Wichita • 316-263-1649 farhas.com

Star Lumber & Supply Multiple Locations 316-942-2221 starlumber.com



Snow White Carpet Cleaning 406 S Laura St Wichita • 316-721-4441 snowwhitecarpetcleaning.com

Snow White Carpet Cleaning’s team of certified cleaning technicians have approximately 55 years of experience combined in residential and commercial cleaning. The cleaning service provides maintenance programs to keep all carpets fresh and clean using a fully involved process. Along with carpet, their other services include tile, hard surface cleaning, upholstery and area rug cleaning.

Higher Standards

Carpet Cleaning

Wichita • 316-600-7730 higherstandardscarpetcleaning.com

Color Brite Carpet & Restoration 316-943-3333 colorbrite.net


Designer’s Home Gallery 530 N Hydraulic Ave Wichita • 316-440-8888 nouglyfloors.com

A team of passionate individuals who work towards one goal, Designer’s Home Gallery helps make dreams and ideas turn into reality. Backed by its lifetime installation warranty, clients can rest easy knowing they are available for them today and tomorrow. The store is full of carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, LVP, laminate and many other flooring options that help transform any home or office space into a place everyone can enjoy.

Jabara’s Carpet Outlet 1816 N Broadway St Wichita • 316-712-5920 jabaras.com

The Floor Project Multiple Locations thefloorproject.com

Molly Maid of Greater Wichita 463 N Seneca St Wichita • 316-842-4008 mollymaid.com

Molly Maid of Greater Wichita prides themselves on providing families with industry-leading services tailored to fit their needs. The team of professionals makes sure to accommodate clients budgets, schedule and cleaning preferences for an easy experience. Taking cleaning seriously, they give busy families and individuals a clean, comfortable home to return to and enjoy.

Top Priority Concierge 340 S Andover Rd Ste A Andover • 316-691-2401 toppriorityconcierge.com

Margaret McHenry Maids 1200 E Central Ave Wichita • 316-612-9300 margaretmchenrymaids.com

CARPET CLEANING SINCE 1963 CUSTOMER SERVICE CARPET & FLOORING CLEANING 316.721.4441 SnowWhiteCarpetCleaning.com For 59 years, Snow White has upheld an excellent reputation as Wichita’s trusted cleaning professionals and the list of satisfied clients is ever growing. See the difference for yourself and let us clean your home or office today. PROFESSIONAL CARPET, UPHOLSTERY, TILE, AREA RUG CLEANING, & WATER RESTORATION We look forward to serving your commercial & residential cleaning needs


Tailored Living 316-226-9608 tailoredliving.com/wichita-ks

Tailored Living’s custom closet solutions can maximize the storage space in any home. The expert consultants at the company begin by discussing customer needs and design a solution for any closet size, including walk-in, reach-in and utility closets. With a wide selection of contemporary or traditional finishes, hardware, and storage accessories, Tailored Living’s team designs and installs the storage space of their customers’ dreams.

Storage By Design 316-461-5154 storagebydesign.com

Cabinets To Go 8909 W Kellogg Dr #123 Wichita • 316-243-9656 cabinetstogo.com


A&R Countertops

1542 N Mosley St Wichita • 316-409-3697 arcountertopsllc.com

Whether someone is looking to redo a guest bath or build a new house, A&R Countertops specializes in finding the ideal granite or quartz countertop material for any home. Its stock materials are hand-selected with customer preference in mind, although they can also bring in a countless number of colors from its warehouses around the Midwest. For A&R, no venture is too big or too small.

Countertop Concepts

6680 S Oliver St Derby • 316-440-7415 countertop-concepts.com

Artistic Marble & Granite 4325 W Harry St Wichita • 316-944-8713 artisticmarble.net

THE ART OF SURFACING Providing beautiful, high-quality countertops for 45 years. ARTISTICMARBLE.NET GRANITE • QUARTZ • MARBLE QUARTZITE • PORCELAIN • SINKS 4325 W HARRY ST, WICHITA KS, 67209


Wichita Home Works 225 S Ida St Wichita • 316-303-4485 wichitahomeworks.com

Wichita Home Works creates deck and patio spaces and believe it to be extentions of clients’ homes where friends and family can gather for any occasion. Its team works hard and relies heavily on an in-house crew of highly skilled craftsmen. This provides much more control over scheduling and greater flexibility when it comes to getting work completed in a timely manner.

Meadowlark Landscape & Design

Wichita • 316-880-0227 meadowlarklawn.com

Mr. Handyman 535 N Tyler Rd Wichita • 316-285-1217 mrhandyman.com/wichita-metro-area


Door Rescue 911 316-516-2576 doorrescue911.net

Door Rescue 911 is the go-to destination for garage door services in the area. Providing all garage door repair needs in one place, they ensure that no matter what kind of service, parts or accessories are needed for garage doors, one easy call gets it done. Just a few of the products and services offered are garage door installation, replacement, garage opener installation, garage opener repair and more.

Cheney Door Company 136 Lulu St Wichita • 316-262-2098 cheneydoor.com

Resource Door & Hardware 337 N Pennsylvania Ave Wichita • 316-202-2124

225 S. Ida Wichita, KS | 316-303-4485 wichitahomeworks.com Voted Best Deck & Patio Installer and Best Gutter Installation/Maintenance Wichita Home Works is your premier Construction, Remodeling & Exteriors professional.

Integrity Trade Services

225 S Ida St #102 Wichita • 316-249-4249 integritywichita.com

Integrity Trade Services technicians are licensed, insured and highly skilled to ensure every electrical project is completed on time and on budget. Its electricians are trained on a regular basis to stay up on all of the latest codes and regulations in the electrical industry. Integrity Trade Services uses all of the latest technology to help with efficiency, safety and cost for all installs, repairs, upgrades and maintenance services.

Elite Electric Company 1831 S Eisenhower Ct Wichita • 316-258-2166 eliteelectriccompany.com

Mr. Electric of Wichita 316-215-7100 mrelectricwichita.com


Gill Fencing 316-393-1000

In 2003, Jason Gill was building every fence by himself from start to finish. A few years later his brother David came on board and together worked through hundreds of weekends as the business started to grow. Today, Jason still runs the operations side, and his son, Gage, works as the crew chief. George, Brad and “little Gage” round out the rest of the crew, and has proudly produced some of the best fence work around Wichita.

Justin Empire Fences 534 S Lulu St Wichita • 316-883-8570 justin-empire-fences.business.site Whitebird Fence 316-214-2856 whitebirdfence.com


Wichita Furniture & Mattress 4502 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-789-7500 wichitafurniture.com

For over 30 years, Wichita Furniture & Mattress has offered more choices and bigger savings. With a massive new superstore, consumers will be able to shop Wichita’s largest display of in-stock furniture, mattresses, baby and kids furniture, home décor, rugs, outdoor furniture, and electronics at two locations totaling over 160,000 square feet of retail space.

Ashley Multiple Locations ashleyfurniture.com

Traditions 3220 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-684-2177 traditionsathome.com

Overhead Door Company of Wichita Wichita • 316-844-0993 ohdwichita.com

Overhead Door Company of Wichita brings unparalleled reliability and comprehensive service to homeowners across Southern Kansas. With a massive product collection and a highly experienced team, they help homeowners find lasting solutions to pain points facing their homes. The company works tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of homeowners and make sure all repair, replacement or installation needs are met.

Roberts Overdoors 6104 Southeast Blvd Derby • 316-788-1752 robertsoverdoors.com

Reddi Industries 6205 E Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-858-2083 reddi.com

TRUSTED IN WICHITA FOR 23 Years! Offers not valid with other discounts. Good thru 12/31/22. $89.95 FALL TUNE-UP • ONE price for up to three garage doors & openers • 26-point maintenance and safety inspection OHDWichita.com • 316-844-0993 3506 West Harry | Wichita, Kansas 67213 (4.9 Stars) (4.5 Stars) Offers not valid with other discounts. Good thru 12/31/22.




Johnson’s Garden Center




Johnson’s Garden Center is a fourth generation store that began as a small fruit and vegetable stand in the 1920s on the outskirts of town and has since grown into two year-round retail centers. It has a wide inventory of workshops, plants, trees, shrubs and houseplants for every level of enthusiast. Johnson’s Garden Center invites customers to stop in for something green and growing for all seasons.

Dutch’s Greenhouse

5043 S Seneca St

Wichita • 316-524-6666 dutchsgreenhouse.com

Brady Nursery

11200 W Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-722-7516 bradynursery.com

Wichita Home Works 225 S Ida St Wichita • 316-303-4485 wichitahomeworks.com

Wichita Home Works has an in-house exteriors crew and owns their seamless gutter machine to make quick work out of gutter replacement, gutter covers and new installs. Wichita Home Works is there with its clients every step of the way to make the project go smoothly. Having this skilled group of craftsmen provides control over scheduling and greater flexibility when it comes to getting work in a timely manner.

Eaton Roofing & Exteriors

3821 W Bounous St Wichita • 316-943-0600 eatonroofing.com

Guardian Roofing & Construction 333 W Wichita Ave Colwich • 316-302-4100 guardianroofingks.com

Dan’s Heating and Cooling

242 New York St Wichita • 316-264-8951 danshc.com

Dan’s Heating and Cooling has been providing HVAC services to the Wichita Metro Area since 1975. It handles professional installation of air conditioners, gas furnaces, hybrid heat pumps, duct work, water heaters, garbage disposals and more. Dan’s offers complete HVAC design and installation for both residential and commercial clients. Its team is committed to being the best in installation, customer satisfaction and employee training.

Comfort Systems

1840 S West St Wichita • 316-667-9709 comfortsystems.net

Integrity Trade Services 225 S Ida St #102 Wichita • 316-249-4249 integritywichita.com


Alert 360 625 S Anna St Wichita • 316-219-1295 alert360.com

Wichita’s home security systems company, Alert 360, started as a small installation and alarm monitoring business in 1973. Today, it is a top provider of home security systems and business security systems. Its security and automation technology is available to all of the Wichita area. With Alert 360, people stay connected, secure and in control with one of its complete home security systems that includes professional alarm monitoring.

Premier Security 316-264-4646 premierprosecurity.com

Dynatek 11124 E 28th St N #102 Wichita • 316-652-0160 dynatekcompany.com



Hardt Studio 316-226-4947 hardtstudio.com

Unlike other area design firms, Hardt Studio was founded with the goal of providing a more modern, transitional interior design style to the Midwest. The full-service firm provides assistance with everything interior design, including space planning, floor plans, finish selection, construction management and more. At the heart of it all, Hardt’s team of designers are creators of luxury spaces and crafters of atmosphere.

Thomas Grey Interiors 121 N Mead St #107 Wichita • 316-223-1118 thomasgreyinteriors.com

Megan McGraw Interior Design 316-554-6321 mcgrawdesign.com


Daniels Lawn and Landscaping Service

Wichita • 316-253-1782 danielslawnandlandscapingservice.com

Daniels Lawn and Landscaping Services provides a superior level of customer services and a commitment to make their customers’ properties the best they can be. Landscaping and professional lawn care make a world of difference for any home just by routine maintenance and elements of beautification. It brings instant curb appeal and increased value to properties as well as create an aesthetic paradise everyone enjoys.

Meadowlark Landscape & Design 3425 N Broadway St Wichita • 316-880-0227 meadowlarklawn.com

The Grounds Guys of East Wichita Multiple Locations groundsguys.com

Wichita is such a great place to live and play! If you are looking to buy or sell in this great city, or if you just want to talk about the market, give me a call! Gotta Love Wichita! Kara Winter REALTOR® 316-461-9819 429 S 119th St W Wichita, KS 67235 homesnap.com/Kara-Winter
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WEST LOCATION 316-722-5550 8088 W Kellogg Dr. Wichita, KS 67209 1900 E Pawnee Wichita, KS 67211 SOUTH LOCATION 316-264-2627
BESTOFWICHITAKS.COM 225 S. Ida Wichita, KS | 316-303-4485 wichitahomeworks.com Wichita Home Works is your premier Construction, Remodeling & Exteriors professional. Services Include: • Construction • General contracting • Remodeling • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling • Basement Finishes • Home Additions • Painting, staining and refinishing • Tile and grout • Flooring including carpet, vinyl, wood, ceramic and more • Carpentry, framing and cabinetry • Drywall and texturing • Lighting and fixtures • Electrical • Plumbing • Doors, windows, siding, gutters and roofing • Decks, fences and sheds • and more We back all of our work with a one year warranty, we are licensed, leadsafe certified, bonded and insured to protect you and your family. “Working with you, turning houses into homes.” Voted Best Kitchen & Bath Remodeler & Best Remodeler/Contractor THANK YOU, Wichita!

Wichita Home Works

225 S Ida St Wichita • 316-303-4485 wichitahomeworks.com

Kitchens and bathrooms are typically the main highlights of any home and are a huge comfort for living spaces. Wichita Home Works is up for the challenge of remodeling even the most intricate spaces. Relying heavily on their in-house crew of highly skilled craftsmen, they are with clients every step of the way to make sure the vision of their dream space becomes a reality.

Schneider Construction 316-755-6130 schneidercustomconstruction.com

River City Painting & Remodeling 4425 W Walker St Wichita • 316-789-5060 paintwichita.com


Meadowlark Landscape & Design

Wichita • 316-880-0227 meadowlarklawn.com

Meadowlark Landscape & Design defines outdoor living in lots of ways, ranging from outdoor rooms, patio spaces, fire pits, kitchens, fireplaces and more. Its designers make customers dreams become a reality, starting with a design that exceeds their wants and needs. By staying current with the latest trends and using the highest quality products available, Meadowlark can make any outdoor space beautiful.

Ultra Modern Pool & Patio

Multiple Locations ultramodern.com

The Outdoor Living Center 1202 N Andover Rd Andover • 316-733-6388 treescapeit.com



Accent Lighting 10322 Stonegate Ln #100 Wichita • 316-215-7618 accentlightinginc.com

Accent Lighting in Wichita was founded in 1979 and has become the largest lighting showroom in South Central Kansas. It provides quality lighting for residential and commercial properties all across the United States and has a staff of lighting experts to help improve any home space. No matter what someone’s lighting needs are, Accent Lighting can provide an exceptional product selection.

Kansas Lighting

Multiple Locations kansaslighting.com

Edison Lighting Supply 2815 W Pawnee St Wichita • 866-643-0555 edisonlightingsupply.com

Wichita Furniture & Mattress 4502 E 13th St Wichita • 316-789-7500 wichitafurniture.com

Wichita Furniture & Mattress offers free same-day delivery on any mattress set and one of the largest in-stock selections in the area. Sleep experts are available to help consumers find a great night’s rest from the best manufacturers, such as Tempur-Pedic, Purple, Sealy, Ashley Sleep, Stearns & Foster and BedGear. With the longest sleep satisfaction guarantee, it is a great choice for all mattress hunting needs.

Ashley Multiple Locations ashleyfurniture.com

The Mattress Hub Multiple Locations mattresshub.com

VOTED BEST APPLIANCE REPAIR Thank you to all of our customers in Wichita, and surrounding areas for taking the time to vote for us. We strive every year to keep are prices affordable and the quality of our service high. We not only want you as a customer today, but for many years to come. West 316-722-2011 | East 316-618-0434 | Derby 316-788-9275 affordableinhomeappliancerepair.com

No pressure. We just keep to the Legend Senior Living® standards of independence, a purposeful life, and vibrant, active lifestyle. Make the “Best of Wichita” the first place you look for Vibrant Independent Living. You’ll save a lot of looking if you start at The Regent. Come see a retirement reimagined on a private visit. Ask the people who live here why they chose us over all the other options in Wichita. You’ll see why we’re the gold standard. Call us to schedule a visit at: (316) 631-3900 or visit us online at

LegendSeniorLiving.com WHEN A WHOLE CITY SAYS YOU’RE THE BEST… YOU’D BETTER BE. 2050 N Webb Rd Wichita, KS 67206 4.7 Rating

Rightsize Moving Solutions

1635 E 37th St N #1 Wichita • 316-655-3281 rightsizemoving.com

Rightsize Moving Solutions movers are available to help with every step of the moving process. Before moving day, they customize Rightsize’s all-encompassing moving services into a moving plan that coordinates with movers and belongings to organize furniture and boxes in the new home or commercial space. Rightsize is ready to help someone’s moving transition become as seamless as possible.

Mighty Movers Moving and Delivery Service 316-685-5719 movingwichita.com

Two Men and a Truck 6920 W Central Ave #100 Wichita • 316-453-9218 twomenandatruck.com


BugBros Pest Control 316-201-9358 bugbros.com

The preventative pest control program at BugBros Pest Control helps prevent the intrusion of ants, spiders, wasps and any other tiny invader one imagines. If customers are not satisfied after a visit, its specialists will return until the job is done; and if they are not satisfied, they give their money back. BugBros strives for crazy happy customers. After receiving 400 reviews with a five-star rating, that mission is succeeding.

Serve ICT 1814 W Douglas Ave #2 Wichita • 316-500-6445 serve-ict.com

Heartland Pest Control Inc 316-262-2073 heartlandpros.com

owned and operated since
Moving and Delivery Service is an ideal choice when you need a dependable company to handle your upcoming move from
to finish. Our courteous, professional movers will take care of your belongings with the utmost care to ensure that the transition to your new location is well-organized and stress-free. Need Help with a Move? Call Today! 316.685.5719 • movingwichita.com
1998 from Wichita, Kansas, Mighty Movers


River City Painting & Remodeling Wichita • 316-789-5060 paintwichita.com

Founded in 2005 by Tony Lynch, River City Painting & Remodeling provides both residential and commercial painting services as well as remodeling. No matter what it is, every painting or remodeling project is always completed to the highest standard by any of its experienced crews. Clients also have a River City team member with them through every step of the project to ensure the best experience possible.

Wichita Home Works 225 S Ida St Wichita • 316-303-4485 wichitahomeworks.com

True Colors Painting 316-249-8659 truecolorspaintingwichita.com


Comfort Systems 1840 S West St Wichita • 316-667-9709 comfortsystems.net

Comfort Systems focuses on quality services given to customers every time. Its plumbers work hard to make sure systems are operating like they should. They ensure the client understands every step they are taking in the process and will never add pressure to buy services unnecessarily. With many years of service experience, its service department has seen almost everything and has handled it flawlessly.

Integrity Trade Services

225 S Ida St #102 Wichita • 316-249-4249 integritywichita.com

On Time Plumbing, Heating & Air 611 S Emporia St Maize • 316-330-1579 plumberwichita.org

Painting Contractor 316-262-3289 | paintwichita.com Kitchen & Bath Remodeler Remodeler/Contractor

Ultra Modern Pool & Patio Multiple Locations ultramodern.com

Ultra Modern Pool & Patio makes it their mission to deliver quality installation and repair services for all pools, spas, hot tubs and more. They conduct in-ground and above-ground pool installations, inspections, chemical analysis, winterizing, weekly maintenance and other services to ensure one’s backyard stays an enjoyable place to spend time. Ultra pools promote family togetherness, relaxation and wellness.

Edwards Pool Construction 13597 SW Butler Rd Rose Hill • 316-260-0757 edwardspoolconstruction.com

Superior Pools 316-247-6653 superiorpoolsks.com


PuroClean of East Wichita 11922 E Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-500-2288 puroclean.com

The restoration team at PuroClean of East Wichita understands the stress and anxiety associated with loss and are ready to restore any property and life with compassion and exceptional customer service. Using only the latest technological instruments in thermal imaging and more, its team detects and removes the presence of moisture throughout the affected areas after the initial inspection.

NCRI 8447 E 35th St N Wichita • 316-636-5700 ncricat.com

Stover’s Restoration 112 E Albert St 316-722-5005 floodandfire.com

Your Loved One’s Well Being is Our #1 Priority CONTACT US 316-361-2500 Scan for our website 629 S. Maize Court Wichita, KS 67209 Roofing Company Remodeler/Contractor 316-295-7978 griswoldroofing.com 316-295-7978 griswoldpropertysolutions.com THANK YOU FOR VOTING!
wichitahomeworks.com | 225 S. Ida Wichita, KS | 316-303-4485

Wichita Home Works 225 S Ida St Wichita • 316-303-4485 wichitahomeworks.com

Offering custom home builds, kitchen and bath remodels, home additions, basement finishes, roofing, siding, and window and door installations, Wichita Home Works has built a team of professionals to tackle any project no matter the size or complexity. The Wichita Home Works team shines when faced with large, intricate projects that other companies may shy away from.

All services offered by Wichita Home Works are delivered by its in-house crew of highly skilled craftspeople. The respectful employees are required to pass a thorough background check, skills test and reference verification to ensure that all workers are trustworthy and qualified. Nathan Svoboda, owner of Wichita Home Works, is himself highly qualified, having received certification as a general contractor and real estate agent along with his considerable construction background.

Nathan and the rest of the Wichita Home Works team place significant emphasis on the client’s experience before, during and after the project. Builds start with the in-house design team helping the customer render the entire project and pick their preferred materials. Estimators then put together a detailed, itemized price estimate. Once the client is happy with the look, feel and price of their design, the build begins. A dedicated project manager is assigned to keep daily tabs on the build’s progress, acting as a single reference point between the builders and the customer.

Construction and remodeling are inherently chaotic processes, so Wichita Home Works makes sure to be with the client every step of the way.

Griswold Property Solutions 316-295-7978 griswoldpropertysolutions.com


4425 W Walker St Wichita • 316-789-5060 paintwichita.com

HOME & GARDEN | PAGE 69 Wichita Home Works is your premier Construction, Remodeling & Exteriors professional. Services Include: • Construction • General contracting • Remodeling • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling • Basement Finishes • Home Additions • Painting, staining and refinishing • Tile and grout • Flooring including carpet, vinyl, wood, ceramic and more • Carpentry, framing and cabinetry • Drywall and texturing • Lighting and fixtures • Electrical • Plumbing • Doors, windows, siding, gutters and roofing • Decks, fences and sheds • and more We back all of our work with a one year warranty, we are licensed, lead-safe certified, bonded and insured to protect you and your family. “Working with you, turning houses into homes.” GOLD BEST Best Remodeler/Contractor Best Kitchen & Bath Remodeler Best Deck & Patio Installer Best Gutter Installation/Maintenance SILVER BEST Best Painting Contractor Best Window Company THANK YOU, Wichita!
& Remodeling
City Painting

Mid Kansas Exteriors

2909 W Pawnee St Wichita • 316-613-2377 midkansasexteriors.com

If hail, tree limbs, storms or any other factor has caused one’s roof to leak, the timely and thorough roof repair services of Mid Kansas Exteriors can take care of the problem. If one simply cannot wait for an appointment, Mid Kansas’ service department is available 24/7 to take care of all emergency roofing needs. All jobs are conducted under the guidance of a production supervisor, ensuring safety, accuracy and that all issues are addressed.

Griswold Roofing

316-295-7978 griswoldroofing.com

Eaton Roofing & Exteriors

3821 W Bounous St Wichita • 316-943-0600 eatonroofing.com

Huff’s Tree Services 2909 W 41st St N Wichita • 316-871-3841 huffstreeservice.com

Huff’s Tree Services offers pruning, removal of trees large and small, stump grinding, lot clearing, tree trimming, and even fertilization services. The crew of Huff’s Tree Services is composed of both ISA and KAA-certified arborists as well as quality tree care specialists. They utilize top-of-the-line equipment and possess a dedication to revolutionizing the tree care industry in the area.

Ryan Lawn & Tree

1957 N Mosley St Wichita • 316-773-5100 ryanlawn.com

Abe’s Lawn & Tree Service 3535 W 30th St #100 Wichita • 316-722-2348 abeslawnandtree.com


Pella Windows & Doors of Wichita Wichita • 316-686-6900 pellaks.com

Pella Windows & Doors of Wichita consider customers’ homes, personal style and architecture to find the best window fit. Founded in 1995, Pella is a family-owned, professionally managed, direct distribution business dedicated exclusively to the sale and service of Pella window and door products. Pella exclusively serves with a full heart and a laser focus on delivering excellent service to their friends and neighbors.

Wichita Home Works 225 S Ida St Wichita • 316-303-4485 wichitahomeworks.com

Integrity Siding & Window 316-993-6426 integrity-siding-windows.business.site


Kansas Window Tinting 3734 Mascot N Wichita • 316-755-1234 kansaswindowtinting.com

Kansas Window Tinting has been serving the state since 1997. Today, they have assembled a team of experts to help strengthen the window film industry. Kansas Window Tinting’s highest priority is to create superior value by providing quality window films and graphics. This is all done with product knowledge resulting in exceptional energy savings, protection and comfort for customers.

Schammerhorn 124 S Seneca St Wichita • 316-265-8659 schammerhorn.com

Made in the Shade Wichita 316-272-2173 madeintheshadewichita.com

VOTED BEST WINDOW TREATMENTS Thank you Wichita for the opportunity to serve you the last 25 years as your Window Film Experts. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come! 316 755 1234 kansaswindowtinting.com 3734 N. Mascot Wichita, KS 67204





Wiechman Law

727 N Waco Ave #278 Wichita • 316-267-6259

While many attorneys will work for their clients, the legal experts at Wiechman Law will work with clients, collaborating with them to achieve a favorable legal outcome. This law office has the attention to detail necessary for complex legal work, being known to notice discrepancies missed by other attorneys. Helping clients every step of the way, Wiechman Law ensures that clients never fight their legal battles alone.

Hulnick, Stang, Gering & Leavitt

310 W Central Ave #111 Wichita • 316-665-7227 hulnicklaw.com

Martin J. Keenan

Attorney at Law

Wichita • 316-883-8200 martykeenan.com

Fleeson Gooing Attorneys At Law

301 N Main St #1900 Wichita • 316-267-7361 fleeson.com

From simple wills and trusts to complex estate planning scenarios involving business succession, the estate planning attorneys at Fleeson Gooing Attorneys At Law provide guidance and legal services that meet all needs. This extensive practice involves planning and administering estates and trusts of all sizes. Its attorneys assemble resources and people to insure that clients’ needs are handled in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Penner Lowe Law Group

245 N Waco St #125 Wichita • 316-847-8847 pennerlowe.com

Martin Pringle Law Firm

645 E Douglas Ave #100 Wichita • 316-265-9311 martinpringle.com

Floodman Family Law

323 N Market St Wichita • 316-269-1950 floodmanfamilylaw.com

The attorneys at Floodman Family Law are dedicated exclusively to the resolution of family law disputes. Whether divorce, spousal maintenance, paternity, child custody, child support, property division, protection from abuse or other family law related matters, they can do it all. The attorneys believe that their representation and the support of excellent and experienced staff can make this difficult time a little less challenging.

Klenda Austerman

301 N Main St #1600 Wichita • 316-267-0331 klendalaw.com

Penner Lowe Law Group 245 N Waco St #125 Wichita • 316-847-8847 pennerlowe.com







Multiple Locations

800-227-7827 kscarstar.com

The experts in car care, CARSTAR specializes in auto body repair, glass replacement, collision remediation, and paintless dent and scratch repairs. The only locally owned auto repair shop in town with three locations, CARSTAR’s expert services have never been more accessible to Wichita residents. CARSTAR’s staff are experts in taking care of customers’ cars and pride themselves on their impeccable service.

Davis-Moore Auto Group 7675 E Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-618-2195 davis-moore.com

Kammerer Auto Body & Paint 307 S Washington Ave Wichita • 316-265-0211 kammererautobody.com

Davis-Moore Auto Group

7675 E Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-618-2195 davis-moore.com

Davis-Moore Auto Group provides automotive sales, service and parts for the greater Wichita area. It operates Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, FIAT, Mazda and Ram dealerships as well as the Clint Bowyer Autoplex. The Davis-Moore personnel treats every person as a potential lifetime customer, communicating a professional image that embraces honesty and concern for customers’ wants and needs.

Mel Hambelton Ford

11771 W Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-462-3673 mhford.com

Don Hattan Dealerships

Multiple Locations donhattan.com

HD Auto Sales 1501 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-300-0838 hdautocars.com

HD Auto Sales has the knowledgeable and friendly staff to show customers how easy it is to buy a quality used car in Wichita. The family owned and operated business offers the best customer satisfaction with the best cars that go above and beyond expectations. HD Auto Sales’ buying process has the reputation of being one of the easiest exchanges a customer will experience when searching for their new vehicle.

Car Store USA 9831 E Harry St Wichita • 316-202-5000 carstoreusa.com

Davis-Moore Auto Group 7675 E Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-618-2195 davis-moore.com


JS Detailing 316-708-7174 facebook.com/jsictdetailing

The Glassman

Multiple Locations heyglassman.com


Expert Auto Center

Multiple Locations expertautocenter.com

With the knowledge that the windshield is a vital structural part of the vehicle, The Glassman uses top-quality replacement glass to bring one’s vehicle back to normal and ensure the safety of its occupants. Its friendly staff truly care for their customers and provide the best service and glass remediation at the best price. Customers can come into the shop themselves or call for Glassman’s mobile replacement services.

A full-service auto repair center, Expert Auto Center specializes in preventative maintenance that has helped cars go the distance since 1997. Well-trained and educated on all things automotive, its technicians can deal with even the most challenging repair issues. Providing customers with a warm, friendly and professional environment, they ensure that the total repair experience exceeds expectations.

Davis-Moore Auto Group

7675 E Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-618-2195 davis-moore.com

Detail Dudes 455 N Water Ave Derby • 316-247-0315 detaildudes.co


Lewis Street Glass 743 S Market St Wichita • 316-263-8259 lewisstreetglass.com

The Windshield Shop 229 N West St Wichita • 316-264-6351 windshieldshop.net

Pro Automotive Repair & Sales 320 S Washington Ave Wichita • 316-263-4500 pro-automotive-repair-and-sales.business.site Nail’s Auto Service 1402 N Hillside St Wichita • 316-683-5143 nailsautoservice.com

Barry’s Westside Marine Service

Colwich • 316-796-0575 bkdmarine.com

JS Detailing is the perfect place to take any car, truck or motorcycle in need of a polish, new paint job or interior service. Every vehicle that drives off the lot looks brand new due to its technicians providing the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail. Once JS Detailing has handled one’s ride, the unmatched quality of service guarantees each customer will quickly become a regular. Let HD Auto Sales

Barry’s Westside Marine Service is a full-service marine repair shop that specializes in Mercury & Yamaha models from 1990 or newer. Its skilled technicians provide full engine repairs, sterndrive repairs, winterization and other seasonal services. They also do rebuilds, fiberglass gel coating services, jet-ski winterization and even steel flagpole sales and installation. Whatever the need, Barry’s has it covered.

Curt’s Trolling Motor Repair 5114 S Custer St Wichita • 316-529-2789 curtstrollingmotor.com

Design One Upholstery Fabricators 316-512-2011 wichitaksupholstery.com

show you how easy it is to
used car in Witchita. We believe fair prices, superior service, and treating customers right leads to satisfied repeat buyers.


All Elements Auto and Marine 6024 N Broadway Ave Park City • 316-943-8444 allelementsautoandmarine.com

All Elements Auto and Marine is a Nautique, Tige, ATX, Centurion and Supreme Inboard boat dealer. It also sells new Harris Pontoon boats and all service and repair work is done in house by PCM, Indmar and Mercury certified technicians. All Elements Auto and Marine also has a fully stocked pro shop with everything any boat owner and their friends and family need to have a great time on the water.

Marine World 7979 W Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-265-2628 marineworld.com Mid Kansas Marine 1114 Hwy 54 Andover • 316-733-9889 midkansasmarine.com


Club Car Wash

Multiple Locations clubcarwash.com

Club Car Wash has grown over its many years in operation to become the premier area car wash. There are multiple packages on offer that range from a basic, quality car wash to the “MVP” package, which includes the ceramic 3x shine, scented soap wash, full foam bath, tire shine and even an underbody rinse. Regardless of the wash package, customers are provided a free wipe down and vacuum each visit.

Charlie’s Car Wash Multiple Locations charlies.com

Tommy’s Express Car Wash

Multiple Locations tommys-express.com


ICT Cycles

519 N Anna St

Wichita • 316-409-6448 facebook.com/ictcycles

Technicians at ICT Cycles are experienced in buying, selling and repairing Honda, Kawasaki and Harley Davidson Master Tech motorcycles. Services include everything from carburetor cleans, tire changes and full-bike repairs to custom bike sales. Owner Rob has a reputation for bringing bikes back to life, so whether one’s ride has been languishing in a garage for a decade or just needs new tires, ICT Cycles has just the right touch.

Indian Motorcycle

8205 W Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-773-5000 indianmotorcyclesofwichita.com

Twister City Harley-Davidson 5427 Chuzy Dr Wichita • 316-440-5700 twistercityhd.com


1st Choice Trailers

19822 W Kellogg Dr Goddard • 316-550-6244


1st Choice Trailers is an RV and trailer dealership that carries a large selection of new and pre-owned inventory. When someone is ready to invest in a new trailer or RV, its friendly and knowledgeable sales, financing, service and parts departments are prepared to make sure the experience is outstanding all the way from decision making to ongoing maintenance and customization.

Harper Camperland

8550 N Hartman Arena Dr Park City • 316-358-0008 hclrv.com

Wichita RV 12828 SW Hwy 54 Wichita • 316-733-7777 wichitarv.com

Pro Automotive Repair & Sales

320 S Washington Ave Wichita • 316-263-4500 pro-automotive-repair-and-sales.business.site

An honest, independent, full-service auto repair facility, Pro Automotive Repair & Sales offers oil changes that exclusively utilize Mobil 1 synthetic and synthetic-blend oil. To make a car service experience as convenient for customers as possible, Pro Automotive features free loaner vehicles and shuttle services while the customer’s car is being serviced. Its technicians also inspect car’s battery, tires, hoses, belts, filters and fluids.

Econo Lube ‘n Tune & Brakes 3450 N Woodlawn Blvd Wichita • 316-618-4727 econolube.com

Tracy’s Automotive Multiple Locations tracystirepros.com


Mario’s Tire Shop

814 W 29th St N Wichita • 316-425-3100 facebook.com/2011mariostireshop

Mario’s Tire Shop’s technicians and staff are both knowledgeable and personable, delivering the best customer experience every time. Whether tires need balanced, patched, replaced or repaired, Mario’s Tire Shop is ready to help with any need. Mario’s goal is to make each customer feel like family and provide them with fast, friendly, quality service, at the best price in town.

Bosley’s Tire & Wheel 3948 S Broadway Wichita • 316-524-8511 bosleytires.com

Superior Custom Wheel & Tire 2010 S Broadway Wichita • 316-677-8205

THANK YOU AUTO SERVICE CENTER We offer complete automotive service and repair - we service all makes and models import and domestic. Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority! ▯ Heating & Air Conditioning Service ▯ Brake Service & Brake Systems ▯ Belts, Wipers & Cooling Systems ▯ Fuel & Engine Managment ▯ Preventative Maintenance Packages ▯ Transmissions And More... 316-440-6600 5230 E Central Ave Wichita, KS 67208 316-928-2550 9518 West Central Wichita, KS 67212 316-945-4500 2501 W 13th Wichita, KS 67203 316-290-9977 150 S Washington St Wichita, KS 67202 316-925-5005 3810 N Woodlawn Wichita, KS 67220
316-303-4485 225 S. Ida Wichita, KS wichitahomeworks.com Your go-to contractor for construction, remodeling and exteriors! Contact us today for your free consultation

Real Estate




Quarters at Cambridge

9911 E 21st St N Wichita • 316-636-1277 quartersatcambridge.com

Quarters at Cambridge has a sense of community that has translated into long term residents. It provides many fun events every year like the annual Red, White and Blue BBQ and a holiday party in December among others. The staff provides residents with friendly, professional service every day. Residents enjoy high speed internet and cable TV, in-unit washers and dryers, an exercise facility, and more.

River Vista Apartments

150 N McLean Blvd Wichita • 316-531-8670 rivervistawichita.com

LaCrosse Apartments

3650 N Woodlawn Blvd Wichita • 316-685-4111


Nies Homes

10333 E 21st St N #303 Wichita • 316-684-0161 nieshomes.com

Nies Homes is Wichita’s most awarded design-build firm, crafting custom homes since 1964. Through collaboration with their expert team of designers and craftsmen, clients are able to create something that is uniquely their own. Utilizing Wichita’s only in-house design studio, home buyers can make selections on everything from hardwood flooring to countertops and design a home that fits their own personal style.

Jeff Wiens Design | Build

7818 W Meadow Park Ct Wichita • 316-708-0731 jwiensdesignbuild.com

Paul Gray Homes 2024 N Woodlawn Blvd #200 Wichita • 316-990-0000 paulgrayhomes.com

Cedar Mills Property Management Wichita • 316-636-9339 cedarmillswichita.com

Cedar Mills Property Management is a full-service property management company offering a one-stop-option for property owners and tenants. It provides tenants a plethora of housing options in various price points and areas of town. Its focus on technology allows tenants to communicate with managers in a prompt and convenient manner by text, email and call to submit payments and maintenance requests.

Builders, Inc. 1081 S Glendale St Wichita • 316-684-1400 buildersinc.com

Century Property Management 3535 W 13th St N Wichita • 316-263-8110 centuryproperties.net


Landmark Commercial Real Estate

Wichita • 316-262-2442 landmarkrealestate.net

Landmark specializes in marketing all sectors of commercial real estate using the latest technology and first-class marketing materials. They set the bar for how transactions should progress and operate with a client-first mentality. Most of their agents hold the CCIM designation, and several have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Landmark also handles several retail and mixed-use development projects.

NAI Martens

1330 E Douglas Ave

Wichita • 316-262-0000 naimartens.com

J.P. Weigand & Sons Multiple Locations weigand.com

316-925-1663 tumblefactoryinc.com Gymnastics Studio 316-686-6900 | PellaKS.com 4055 N Toben | Suite 100 | Wichita, KS Proud Sponsor of Wichita State Stop By Our New Wichita Showroom! Best Window Company Thanks Wichita for Your Support Serving Wichita & Greater Kansas Since 1958


Bailey Hayden

Keller Williams Signature Partners Wichita • 316-648-1700 facebook.com/wesellict

An expert real estate agent with Keller Williams Signature Partners and a fifth generation Wichitan, Bailey Hayden offers all her clients professional, communicative and meticulous services for buying and selling homes. Bailey provides a “wow” experience for clients and focuses on building lifelong relationships. She tracks success not by units and volume, but rather by families helped.

Lisa Towle

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty lisawaupsh.com

Kara Winter

JPAR Real Estate - Leading Edge Wichita • 316-461-9819 homesnap.com/kara-winter


ERA Great American Realty Multiple Locations garkansas.com

In the complex world of home buying and selling, people can count on ERA Great American Realty to show them the way. Its agents have the market knowledge that allows them to know what to look for and assist clients through the buying or selling process. If a client is a first-time buyer or purchasing their forever home, its real estate experts will ensure that the process is smooth and enjoyable.

Keller Williams Signature Partners

12021 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-681-3600 facebook.com/kellerwilliamswichita

Collins & Associates

Real Estate Professionals Wichita • 316-500-6301 theteamyoucall.com

ThankYou Wichita! We are a local, veteran family, woman-owned and operated agency. We have no franchise fees so all the money stays here locally. There’s no corporate giant overseeing us so we have the flexibility to work for you and ways that other companies may not be able to. Thank you Wichita, for also Nominating the following Collins & Associates Agents Matt Birch Sherrie Curry Carla Phillips Sharon McCoy WHEN EXPERIENCE MATTERS WE ARE THE TEAM YOU CALL 316-500-6301 303 N. West St. Ste. 150 Wichita, KS 67203 theteamyoucall.com

Desiree Mesle

NAV Real Estate

316-993-8307 facebook.com/navrealestatewichita

Owner of NAV Real Estate, Desiree Mesle works long hours, nights and weekends to provide the premier real estate brokerage services in the area and because she loves what she does. NAV Real Estate is about more than just buying and selling homes; Desiree injects her enthusiastic positivity into each interaction, making the process fun and building client relationships that last. She gives each client the best experience possible.

Jeff Schnell

Keller Williams Signature Partners dwellwichita.kw.com

Tamra Provines The Carnahan Group 316-655-1818 ownitwichita.com


Green Light Homes

Keller Williams Signature Partners Wichita • 316-749-7000 facebook.com/wesellict

Green Light Homes is client-focused and are considered the most educated team in the business. If they are not showing homes or talking with clients about listing homes, then they are in the front row of a training. Building lifelong relationships with families served is a passion at Green Light. Their big client appreciation events are some of their favorite days of the year. Green Light Homes is a small team with big results.

The Eric Locke Team

ERA Great American Realty Wichita • 316-540-5478


Wichita Real Estate Group eXp Realty Wichita • 316-830-8897 wichitarealestategroup.com

316-830-8897 wichitarealestategroup.com Best Real Estate Team

Kansas Surgical Consultants is Wichita’s trusted leading team for breast surgery, general surgery, robotics, hernia care, trauma, and laparoscopic surgery. As general and breast care surgeons, our responsibility is to confirm the diagnosis of primary care physicians and radiologists, then perform the appropriate procedures to correct or improve the problem.

William A. Waswick M.D., F.A.C.S. | Scott W. Porter M.D., F.A.C.S. Diane L.S Hunt M.D., F.A.C.S. | Christina M. Nicholas, M.D., F.A.C.S. Andrew S. Hentzen, M.D., F.A.C.S. | Craig M. Sudbeck, M.D. Katrina Doll, A.P.R.N.

PAGE 84 | SERVICES OUR SURGEONS THE BREAST CENTER AT CYPRESS 316 219 9360 Cypress Medical Office Park 9300 East 29th North, Suite 203, Wichita, KS VISIT KANSASSURGICAL.COM WESLEY MEDICAL ARTS TOWER 316 685 6222 3243 East Murdock, Suite 404 Wichita, Kansas We provide the following treatment options for high risk or malignant breast conditions: • Lumpectomy • Mastectomy • Lymph Node Dissection • Lymph Node Biopsy • Genetic Testing SCREENING, DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT






Multiple Locations


PowerPortalz is the first of its kind in true safe-charging stations and interactive indoor billboards. Its has systems with guaranteed great use at no extra cost. Team members check weekly on each station to ensure all cables are working properly and are maintained. PowerPortalz is currently being asked by local businesses for its charging stations to be installed, growing the network and connecting with the community.

Adeas Printing

719 Saint Francis Wichita • 316-269-2494 adeasprinting.com

Snow White Carpet Cleaning

406 S Laura St Wichita • 316-721-4441 snowwhitecarpetcleaning.com

In The Bag Cleaners

Multiple Locations inthebagcleaners.com

From wash-and-fold laundry service to the way they handle the most delicate items, In the Bag Cleaners always exceeds expectations. With state-of-the-art facilities and great customer service, they work hard to ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Plus, the eco-friendly drycleaning equipment and cleaning agents at In the Bag are the safest available, so clients never need to worry about contamination.

Millers Dry Cleaners

Multiple Locations millersdrycleaners.com

Elite Cleaners

6161 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-651-5997 elitecleanerswichita.com

Tillie’s Flower Shop 3701 E Harry St Wichita • 316-687-0630 tilliesflowers.com

Since 1876, Tillie’s Flower Shop’s professional designers personally create and deliver the perfect arrangement for any occasion. When needing a cutting-edge contemporary piece or an elegant vase arrangement, Tillie’s can do it. Customers can send customizable roses for a birthday or a beautiful dish garden for a get well. Tillie’s Flower Shop makes moments last by also helping enhance anniversaries as well as any holiday.

Flowers by Rikki 1031 N Andover Rd Andover • 316-209-4641 flowersbyrikki.com

Free State Flora 2910 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-364-4015 freestateflora.com



Downing & Lahey Mortuaries & Crematory

Multiple Locations dlwichita.com

After losing a loved one, people rely on the funeral directors at Downing & Lahey Mortuaries & Crematory to help celebrate their loved one’s life. Funeral planning can be difficult and overwhelming. The friendly and compassionate staff at Downing & Lahey have experience planning a variety of funeral services and can assist families in honoring their loved ones no matter their personal preferences, budget, culture or religion.

Resthaven Mortuary & Gardens of Memory

Wichita • 316-722-2100 resthavengardensofmemory.com

Smith Family Mortuaries

Multiple Locations smithfamilymortuaries.com

CPR Cell Phone Repair Wichita 6810 W Kellogg Dr #100 Wichita • 316-942-3335 cellphonerepair.com

When someone comes to CPR Cell Phone Repair Wichita for an electronic device repair, customers can rest assured the CPR technicians have the professional experience to diagnose and fix the problem. They work to fix phones, tablets, drones, computers, data transfers and more. Additionally, CPR Cell Phone Repair offers free repair price estimates and affordable diagnoses estimates as well.

TkFast 437 S Hydraulic St Wichita • 316-260-2500 tkfast.com Pileus Technologies 800 E 1st St N #390 Wichita • 316-350-7101 pileustech.com

Wichita’s Littlest Heroes 203 N Mathewson Ave Wichita • 316-364-3354 wichitaslittlestheroes.com

Wichita’s Littlest Heroes is a nonprofit organization that provides hope, help and happiness to children ages newborn to 18 who are battling different life threatening medical conditions. Families meet monthly for a fun themed event, parent day out or education class. This gives the families a chance to connect, its “heroes” a time to interact and everyone to share their journeys.

Beauties & Beasts beautiesandbeasts.org

Bridget’s Cradles bridgetscradles.com


Midwest Dog Center 22215 W 29th N Andale • 316-300-6893 midwestdogcenter.com

Midwest Dog Center offers a variety of solutions to pet owners when they need a place for their dog to stay while they are away. All dogs stay in their climate controlled facility and socialize and interact with other dogs while playing in the fenced area. Dogs have access to experienced staff dedicated to keeping them safe, a kuranda bed in each suite for comfort and the luxury of feeling like they are on vacation like their owners.

Chisholm Creek Pet Resort 6260 N Hillside St Wichita • 316-744-0191 chisholmcreekpetresort.com

Woof’s Play & Stay Multiple Locations woofsplaystay.com

After losing a loved one, you can trust the funeral directors at Downing & Lahey Mortuaries & Crematory to help you celebrate your loved one’s life. Our staff has experience planning a variety of funeral services and can assist your family in honoring your loved one no matter your personal preferences, budget, culture, or religion. East Location 316-682-4553 6555 E Central | Wichita, KS 67206 West Location
10515 W Maple | Wichita, KS 67209 www.DLwichita.com Thank You Wichita for Your Votes! Best Funeral Home/Services
ShopWichitaKS.com YOU WON Huge Selection of Plaques, Banners, Window Decals, Apparel, Drinkware & More! Share the good news! All orders are placed online at ShopWichitaKS.com, your official Best of Wichita marketing site. © 2022 NERUS Strategies LLC & The Wichita Eagle. Best of Wichita and the unique logo is a service mark of The Wichita Eagle and may only be used with express permission. Best of Wichita is powered by Optimum by NERUS. SHOP NOW

Midwest Dog Center

22215 29th St N Andale • 316-300-6893 midwestdogcenter.com

The perfect solution for a dog owner’s busy day is the daycare service at Midwest Dog Center. Dogs can play the day away while their owners are busy working or running errands. The doggie day care is available Monday through Friday and allows pets to play and socialize throughout the day. Whether it is for a couple of hours or the whole day, dogs will enjoy playing in Midwest Dog Center’s spacious daycare.

Woof’s Play & Stay

Multiple Locations woofsplaystay.com

Northridge Playcare & Boarding 7351 W 33rd St N Wichita • 316-677-8107 northridgeplayandboard.com



Pet Supplies Plus

Multiple Locations petsuppliesplus.com

When looking for a groomer that will make pups look and feel their best, people go to Pet Supplies Plus. The groomers perform full-service grooming that includes packages for bathing, skin and coat treatments. They also have a variety of add-on options like teeth, ear and paw cleanings. Additionally, groomers perform a “Nose-to-Toes” assessment of the pups to ensure calmness prior to beginning their groom.

Muttamorphosis Dog Grooming 6810 W Kellogg Dr #150 Wichita • 316-358-0620 facebook.com/muttamorphosisdoggrooming

Celestial Pet Spaw 9352 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-617-4164 facebook.com/celestialpetspaw

Beautiful Embrace Photography beautifulembracephotography.com

Kayla, owner of Beautiful Embrace Photography, makes it her personal mission to capture a beautiful moment in time and portray her subjects’ genuine self or the beauty of their relationship. She works to deliver beautiful images and capture moments that are raw, real and that clients will cherish for generations. Kayla works with her clients to nail any vibe no matter how specific.

Neverland Photography neverlandphotographyict.com

T. Marie Photography 913-731-6361 tmariephoto.com


Koch Industries 4111 E 37th St N Wichita • 316-828-5500 kochict.com

Koch Industries employs 122,000 people worldwide to help provide life essentials such as food, clothing, transportation and technology. Its remarkable success derives from a philosophy that encourages its people to understand and apply principles of human progress within their roles and businesses. Professional opportunities are based on individual talents and skills, and employees are rewarded based on their contributions.

Textron Aviation 316-517-8270 txtav.com

Cargill Multiple Locations cargill.com

Our principles. Your potential. Learn how our principle-based approach empowers employees at KochICT.com. Gina, Assembler Koch-Glitsch © 2022 Koch Industries, Inc.


Walden Medical Staffing

10100 W Maple St #104 Wichita • 316-648-9070 waldenmedstaffing.com

Walden Medical Staffing brings healthcare professionals to facilities in need. Its goal is to fulfill medical facilities’ requirements with highly qualified and compassionate medical professionals. Walden Medical also has a diverse staff of providers who have a wide range of experience in the field. The agency positively impacts the lives of residents and patients to ensure success in healthcare fields.

Summit Employment


Wichita • 316-613-3808 summitemployment.com

Top Notch Personnel 787 N West St Wichita • 316-425-4501 tntpersonnel.com


Hall’s Culligan Water

10821 E 26th St N Wichita • 316-669-4921 culliganwichita.com

As the area’s water experts since 1939, Hall’s Culligan Water’s team has the experience to handle just about any water-related challenge that may come up. Every service is backed by the courteous, dependable Culligan Man service. Understanding that a water improvement system is an big investment, Hall’s stands behind every product with written limited warranties and unparalleled service.

Midwest Smart Water Solutions 316-333-7600


Moore Water Treatment 241 N Hydraulic Ave Wichita • 620-319-8827


Wichita Tattoo

418 N Washington St Wichita • 316-977-8800 icttattoo.com

Those in the market for a beautiful piece of body art that will last a lifetime would be well-served by a visit to Wichita Tattoo. Artist Tony specializes in all things black and white, and the subjects of his gorgeous work have included floral designs, sharply defined skeletal images, lifelike forests and much more. For those wanting something colorful, artist Justin creates vibrant American traditional designs that truly stand out.

Artist At Large Tattoo 1125 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-260-1200 artistatlargetattoo.com

Time Honored Tattoo 926 W 2nd St Wichita • 316-665-8549 timehonoredtattoo.com

Sisters-Herndon Veterinary Clinic Wichita • 316-722-6240 herndonveterinaryclinic.com

When a pet owner is looking for a veterinary care clinic, they can count on superior care and excellent service from Sisters-Herndon Veterinary Clinic. Their expert team of veterinary professionals assembled to bring pets and owners the best possible healthcare available. The local veterinary facility has an atmosphere that is homey, clean and cozy, so pets are comfortable and owners are left at ease knowing their pets are in good hands.

Indian Hills Animal Clinic Multiple Locations ihacvet.com

Cat Hospital of Wichita 6130 E Central Ave #100 Wichita • 316-686-2287 cathospitalofwichita.com


Without good representation, you probably feel like no one is telling your side of the story – like you’re guilty until you have to prove you’re innocent. The Bill of Rights says quite the opposite. You are innocent until proven guilty.


martykeenan.com 121 S. Whittier St. Suite 420, Wichita, KS



Lee Media Group 200 W Douglas Ave #777 Wichita • 316-239-6466 leemediagroup.com

Lee Media Group serves clients in a variety of industries quickly. Its team is known for fast response time and great client relationships. As a full-service digital marketing agency, many clients enjoy having a convenient marketing and web design all in one. Additionally, while they have many long-distance projects, its team has a serious soft spot for helping fellow Wichita businesses succeed.

Baseline Creative 110 N Hillside St Wichita • 316-260-5294 baselinecreative.com Sledgehammer Creative 316-469-5509 sledgehammer.agency


Prairie Hill Vineyard 3660 N 215th St W Colwich • 316-461-5445 prairiehillvineyard.com

Located just outside of the city, Prairie Hill Vineyard is a beautiful, 20-acre property featuring two ponds complete with water features, a fountain and, of course, a vineyard that makes for a picturesque wedding venue. The verdant scenery provides many options for outdoor ceremonies, including open air, tent and pavilion services. The vineyard’s interior features a large grand room, separate suites, kitchenette and double bar.

Eberly Farm 13111 W 21st St Wichita • 316-722-3580 eberlyfarm.com

Hidden Lake Venue 537 W MacArthur Rd Wichita • 316-871-0744 hiddenlakevenue.com

Thank you to our clients and friends for voting Lee Media Group Best in Web Design! Thank You! leemediagroup.com • (316) 239-6466 200 W Douglas #777, Wichita, KS 67202 Custom Websites • Catered Marketing Rewarding Results let’s get started.



Paramount Antique

Mall & Marketplace

Multiple Locations


With antiques, furniture, collectibles and more in a wide selection of styles, including mid-century modern, farmhouse and beyond, Paramount Antique Mall & Marketplace has been the premiere source for antiques and collectibles in Wichita since 1999. Its newest location also features fashion, jewelry, new home décor and gifts. Open seven days a week with local vendors, customers enjoy the Paramount shopping experience.

Rock’s Dugout Sportscards

3232 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-682-7902 rocksdugout.com

Generations Antiques & Artisans

767 N West St Wichita • 316-260-9589 generations-of-wichita.com

Bicycle X-Change

908 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-262-9878 bicyclex-change.com

Since 1973, no one has had more experience when it comes to helping customers with any cycling need than the bike experts at The Bicycle X-Change. With bikes and accessories from over 100 unique brands to choose from, the bike shop has the selection to make sure customers get exactly what they need to take their cycling experience to the next level. The shop is also one of the largest TREK dealers in the Midwest with a bike for everyone.

Apostle Bikeworks

2121 N Tyler Rd #201 Wichita • 316-201-6440 facebook.com/apostlebikeworks

Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop 1960 S Broadway Wichita • 316-264-3693 tomsawyerbicycleshop.com



Mustard Roots Boutique

8981 W Central Ave Wichita mustardroots.shop

Nestled in the Westlink Shopping Center sits a cute little boutique shop that sells women’s clothing called Mustard Roots Boutique. The store was created by fashion enthusiasts for the women who are ready to embrace themselves through fashion. The store sells a variety of clothing and accessories, including tops, bottoms, purses, jewelry and more to keep every customer feeling fashionable, confident and happy.

Boutique So Me boutiquesome.com

K. Lane’s Fashion Boutique 602 S Tyler Rd Wichita • 316-558-8840 k-lanes.com


Bridely Boutique

612 E Douglas Ave #100 Wichita • 316-440-0977 bridelybrides.com

Bridely Boutique focuses on all brides by highlighting their beautiful individuality, whether that be body type, ethnicity, personality or style. By using designers who allow customizations, the boutique’s brides get to have more creativity to express their unique personality in the most important dress they will ever wear. Bridely Boutique has curated a collection of the most unique and modern wedding gowns in the area.

Dress Gallery

1007 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-264-6688 shopdressgallery.com

Reni’s Bridal Boutique 2045 W 21st St Wichita • 316-832-0760 renisbridalboutique.com


Land of Oz CBD & Kratom

8639 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-737-7562 landofozict.com

Land of Oz CBD & Kratom opened in 2021 and offers only the highest quality products. The store has a wide selection of CBD and hemp infused products, Flying Monkey kratom, delta products, glass and accessories, locally made melts, candles, and more. When customers walk into Land of Oz, they are met with a brightly colored Wizard of Oz theme, sunflowers galore, tantalizing smells and a friendly staff.

High Hopes ICT

3108 W 13th St N Wichita • 316-518-1943 highhopesict.business.site CBD Plus USA Multiple Locations cbdplususa.com


Things 4 That 7130 W Maple St Wichita • 316-650-8222 facebook.com/things4that

Things 4 That is a handcrafted consignment gift shop with more than 200 local crafters with a passion for providing quality gently used and unique handmade items. The store has handmade signs, wall art, metal work and more that make for perfect gifts. Additionally, personalized and engraved items like hammers can be purchased. One visit to Things 4 That and customers are left exploring for hours.

Kids Closet

Consignment Sale Wichita Bel Aire • 316-308-0774 facebook.com/kidsclosetwichita

Dead Center Vintage 626 E Douglas Ave Wichita deadcentervintage.com


Multiple Locations 855-773-2779 specseyewear.com

Locally-owned, Specs is an inspiring story for anyone with a concept and a dream. Specs has evolved from a little kiosk to five stores specializing in fashion forward eyewear, sun wear and advanced prescription technology. Since its founding, it has been committed to diversity, embracing change and escaping comfort zones while producing fashionable eye wear for everyone and every situation.

Grene Vision Group

Multiple Locations grenevisiongroup.com

Eyewear Junkie 2300 N Greenwich Rd #400 Wichita • 316-260-3937 eyewearjunkie.com


Kids Closet

Consignment Sale Wichita

Bel Aire • 316-308-0774 facebook.com/kidsclosetwichita

A pop-up consignment sale that comes twice a year, Kids Closet Consignment Sale Wichita provides a great place to both sell and shop for clothes in sizes ranging from infant to 3XL and shoes from infant to adult’s size 13. Its staff serve the community by offering a space where families can sell unwanted items at a reasonable return. People can shop for 50 to 90% off usual retail prices and where leftover items are donated to a local church.

Kid to Kid Wichita 2243 N Tyler Rd #109 Wichita • 316-729-7020 kidtokid.com

New 2 U Kids 5400 E Central Ave #110 Wichita • 316-269-6942 facebook.com/new2ukids


Old Town Farm & Art Market 835 E 1st St Wichita • 316-337-5770 oldtownfarmandartmarket.com

From the beginning of April to the end of October, The Old Town Farm & Art Market is a weekly destination for thousands of area residents and a must-see for visitors to the city. The market is known for many local food, arts and handmade goods vendors as well as live performers and activities for kids. Visitors can enjoy an engaging shopping experience while supporting the local community.

Kansas Grown! Farmers’ Market Multiple Locations kansasgrowninc.com

Derby Farmers’ Market 512 E Madison Ave Derby • 316-706-5535 kansasgrowninc.com

THE WICHITA EAGLE SHOPPING | PAGE 93 At Land of Oz CBD, it is our mission to provide natural, effective, affordable, and healthy alternatives to people and their pets. A big part of that mission is also educating our customers on what our products are, what they contain, and how they work, so you can be comfortable with what you are putting in, or on, your body. We offer a large selection of 3rd party lab tested products along with locally made products from area artisans. If you’re looking for top-notch customer service in a shop that makes you feel like home, you’re just a heal click away. Thank you for voting us Best CBD Shop. 316-737-7562 • landofozict.com 8639 West Central Ave • Wichita KS 67212
PAGE 94 | SHOPPING BESTOFWICHITAKS.COM Asian Dry Goods | Seafood | Fresh Produce | Meat & Poultry | 960 East Pawnee Street | Wichita, KS 67211 Follow Us @kimsonasianmarket

KimSon Asian Food Market is a place where customers can find fresh produce, seafood, meats, and homemade delicacies with a welcoming cultural flavor. The local market embodies an emerging and flourishing Vietnamese culture that has called Wichita home since 2004.


Dillons Food Stores

Multiple Locations dillons.com

Dillons Food Stores’ full, fresh and friendly locations have served Kansas communities for over 100 years. Dillons is a beloved brand in Wichita for both customers and associates. Dillons has adjusted to customer’s shopping habits and offer many ways to shop including in store, pickup and delivery. The app and website offer great savings and connects customers to memory-making recipes and services for their family and friends.

GreenAcres Market Multiple Locations greenacres.com

KimSon Asian Market 960 E Pawnee St Wichita • 316-262-5235

KimSon Asian Market is a place where people can find fresh produce, seafood, meats, and homemade delicacies with a welcoming cultural flavor. Since 2004, the market has embodied an emerging and flourishing Vietnamese culture in Wichita. The market has aisles of noodles, desserts, sauces, and nearly any ingredient one would need to make dishes found at local Vietnamese restaurants.

Along with its impressive selection of perishables, the store excels with its lineup of seafood, including lobster, crawfish, tilapia, catfish, and more. A collection of exotic fruits and vegetables are also shipped in from all over the world.

KimSon Asian Market’s customer service is one of the best. The friendly staff always gives a warm welcome to everyone who comes into the store. Some days, customers see Mama Huynh, the owner, in the aisles greeting guests and offering her favorite cooking tips.



Sparkle Jewelry & Watch Repair

540 S Rock Rd Wichita • 316-305-2233 sparklewichita.com

If one is in the market for a brand-new, unique piece of jewelry or looking to get that beloved vintage piece to sparkle again, Sparkle Jewelry & Watch Repair is the place to visit. Owner Tim Bulloch has over 20 years’ experience as a jeweler for some of Wichita’s best jewelry stores where he worked meticulously to refine his craft. Each piece in Sparkle’s collection of finery is hand crafted to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

Jewelry Savers 2431 N Greenwich #109 Wichita • 316-683-9215 jewelrysavers.com

Carolyn Sayre’s Fine Jewelry 4730 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-683-2411 carolyn-sayre.squarespace.com


Jacob Liquor Exchange Multiple Locations jacobliquor.com

Jacob Liquor Exchange is an locally owned company that has been in business since 1981. Jacob’s carries everything from fine wines, unique craft beer and local selections from the areas favorite wineries, breweries and distilleries, making this the perfect stop for any special occasion. The friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff can assist with any alcoholic beverage needs.

Jt’s Liquor 3700 N Woodlawn Blvd #103 Wichita • 316-683-4000 jtsliquor.com

Auburn Wine & Spirits Multiple Locations auburnspirits.com

Thank You For All Of The Support And The Votes! 316-305-2233 | sparklewichita.com 540 S Rock Rd | Wichita KS




Standard Issue Co.

924 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-364-4958 getstandardissue.com

Standard Issue Co. was founded in June 2020 with a mission to create a place that carried high-quality apparel and goods for men. Every garment carried is carefully selected to go with anything in the store or a customers’ closet for effortless styling. The one of a kind clothing store sells not only apparel, but also custom-made leather goods, candles, toiletry items and even barbershop services.

Knockout Sneaker Boutique

4600 W Kellogg Dr Wichita • 316-616-8458 facebook.com/knockoutsneakerboutique

Dead Center Vintage 626 E Douglas Ave Wichita deadcentervintage.com


Pet Supplies Plus

Multiple Locations petsuppliesplus.com

With more than 600 locations, Pet Supplies Plus has a design that makes it easy to navigate its selection of natural foods and pet services. Friendly, knowledgeable staff get to know each pet and owner by name and love assisting with tips and tricks to help understand their animals better. The stores hold a vast amount of products and have something for every type of pet.


Multiple Locations petlandwichita.com

Happy Tails Pet Bakery 316-215-1810 happytailspetbakery.com

Garten’s Music

4235 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-942-1337 gartensmusic.com

Celebrating 53 years in business, Garten’s Music offers lessons through the Wichita Music Academy on several insturments, including piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drum, voice, ukulele, violin, viola and trombone, just to name a few. Garten’s also sells keyboards, organs, guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles and accessories. It also provides rental services for band and orchestral instruments.

Senseney Music

2300 E Lincoln St Wichita • 316-262-1487 senseneymusic.com

Damm Music Center 8945 W Central Ave Wichita • 316-773-9060 dammmusic.com

REI 2774 N Greenwich Ct Wichita • 316-768-8865 rei.com

Since 1938, REI has been the local outdoor co-op working to help people experience the power of nature. The franchise brings top-quality gear and apparel, expert advice, rental equipment, inspiring stories of life outside, and outdoor experiences to enjoy alone or share with friends and family. With every purchase made at REI, customers are supporting sustainability and the fight for life outside.

Cabela’s 2427 N Greenwich Rd Wichita • 316-854-3130 cabelas.com

Academy Sports + Outdoors Multiple Locations academy.com


Chateau Gifts

& Flower Preservation

Wichita • 316-895-0262 chateaugift.com

A little hidden treasure trove, Chateau specializes in unique gifts, holiday decor and flower preservation. The shop offers uncommon goods, gifts and holiday magic from vintage nostalgia and traditional to European flair. Offering preservation of wedding, memorial and special occasion flowers, every piece is customized, including hand-poured resin, pressed flower art and domes, shadow boxes, and petal gift hearts.


329 N Mead St Wichita • 316-264-1080 lucindas.net

Nifty Nut House 527 Saint Francis Wichita • 316-265-0571 niftynuthouse.com


1121 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-260-2622 upnsmoke.com

Up-N-Smoke carries a variety of vaporizers, packs, water pipes, hand pipes, butane, hookahs and products from Atmost, Volcano, Magic-Flight, Snoop Dogg and more. Its staff is very knowledgeable and can help anyone find exactly what they need. They also provide locals with every smoking accessory they could imagine to have a pleasurable experience at an affordable price.

42° Below 1203 E Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-440-3244

Orionz Outer Limits 1602 S Seneca St Wichita • 316-269-1167 facebook.com/orionzouterlimitsinc


The Heavy Hanger by Melons

650 N Carriage Pkwy #105 Wichita • 316-308-4022 theheavyhanger.com

The Heavy Hanger by Melons is a destination bra shop that specializes in large-cup bras. It carries a wide range of band sizes from 28 to 56. The staff offers top-notch customer service and a great fit. The owner, known as the Fairy Bra Mother, wants to ensure clients look and feel their best in what lies beneath. The store’s signature hashtag, “stay supported my friends” says it all, keeping all women supported and comfortable.

Grate Fill 2000 N Rock Rd #122 Wichita • 316-352-7476 gratefill.com GROW 320 S Market St #120 Wichita • 316-869-7474 growgiesenplantshop.com


Mustard Roots Boutique 8981 W Central Ave Wichita mustardroots.shop

Women looking to enhance their style go to Mustard Roots Boutique. The adorable and quaint boutique store settled in the Westlink Shopping Center was created by fashion lovers for women who are ready to embrace an amazing new look. It carries a variety of clothing and accessories, including tops, bottoms, bags, jewelry and more for all fashion tastes to keep customers feeling better than when they walked in.

Bling Glamour Multiple Locations blingglamour.com

Lyndon’s 2000 N Rock Rd #130 Wichita • 316-636-9020 lyndonsonline.com

316-721-5055 | plumberwichita.org Thank You for Voting us Best Plumber in Wichita



Things to Do


Short & Suite Nutcracker by Midwest Dance Mechanix Wichita • 316-337-5299 dancemechanix.biz/nutcracker

Midwest Dance Mechanix offers a holiday event featuring an abbreviated version of a classical ballet called the Short & Suite Nutcracker. The show is an interactive experience for families to enjoy. Featuring the classical holiday ballet with a variety of memory making opportunities, the production gives guests the sweetness of the season with a cast composed of students from MDM performance companies.

Illuminations at Botanica

701 Amidon St Wichita • 316-264-0448 botanica.org

Women’s Fair 8927 E Windwood Ct Wichita • 316-806-4595 womensfair.com

Wichita Art Museum

1400 W Museum Blvd Wichita • 316-268-4921 wichitaartmuseum.org

Founded in 1935, Wichita Art Museum has a distinguished history in South Central Kansas and the Midwest. The museum brings people, ideas and American art together to enrich lives and build community. Wichita Art Museum’s one-of-a-kind art collection includes work by Edward Hopper, Mary Cassatt, Dale Chihuly, Louise Nevelson, Henry Moore and other notable artists.

Mark Arts

1307 N Rock Rd Wichita • 316-634-2787 markartsks.com

CityArts 334 N Mead St Wichita • 316-350-3245 wichita.gov/cityarts

Sedgwick County Zoo 5555 W Zoo Blvd Wichita • 316-660-9453 scz.org

The Sedgwick County Zoo is dedicated to inspiring respect and conservation for wildlife and habitats from around the globe. Home to nearly 3,000 animals of more than 400 different species, it has been recognized with national and international awards for its support of conservation programs and successful breeding of rare and endangered species. Since 1971, the zoo has consistently been a favorite attraction in the area.

Botanica, The Wichita Gardens 701 Amidon St Wichita • 316-264-0448 botanica.org

Tanganyika Wildlife Park 1000 S Hawkins Ln Goddard • 316-553-4650 twpark.com


Delano Bed and Breakfast

305 S Elizabeth St

Wichita • 316-201-3120 delanobedandbreakfast.com

Featuring historical interiors, Delano Bed and Breakfast is furnished with antiques, original fine art and mission-style furniture, giving it a timeless look. Guests can sit out on the covered front porch or take a scenic walk through the garden, which features ample seating areas. A breakfast featuring local produce (when in season) is served at the time of guests’ choosing and can be modified to fit with any dietary restrictions.

The Alley

11413 E 13th St N Wichita • 316-618-1000 thealleywichita.com

The Alley is a local fun destination for friends, family and co-workers to enjoy a night out. The popular bowling alley features 32 lanes of bowling, indoor electric go-karts, escape rooms, arcade, Hologate VR, laser maze as well as the facility’s bar and grill, AJ’s Sports Grill. If someone is looking for a birthday party venue, group event or large company party, The Alley has all of the elements for quality entertainment and a fun experience.

Seneca Bowl 1909 S Seneca St Wichita • 316-267-7301 senecabowl.net

West Acres Bowling Center 749 N Ridge Rd Wichita • 316-722-5211 bowlero.com


Kansas Star Casino

777 Kansas Star Dr Mulvane • 316-719-5000 kansasstarcasino.com

The Kansas Star Casino has more than 1,700 slot machines, 50 table games, an 8-table poker room and five great new restaurants all on one property. Restaurants include An Pho, Tin Lizard Bar & Grill and The Star Deli. Additionally, The Hampton Inn & Suites is connected to the casino and offers 300 deluxe rooms, including 90 king studio suites, free hot breakfast and free high-speed internet.

CrossWinds Casino

777 Jackpot Way Park City • 316-768-2000 crosswindscasino.com

7 Clans First Council Casino & Resort Newkirk • 877-725-2670


Wichita Princesses 316-351-3848 wichitaprincesses.com

The Wichita Princesses is a locally-owned children’s character company that brings magic to every celebration they attend. They provide a variety of more than 40 beloved characters with professionally trained performers dedicated to giving children memorable experiences. They offer a variety of packages, including singing performances, coronation ceremonies, lessons, face painting, makeovers and more.

Happily Ever After Parties 316-737-9870 wichitakidsparties.com

Just Face It Face Painting 316-200-8600 justfaceitwichita.com

Clover Cliff Ranch

Midwest Dance Mechanix

3805 N Hydraulic Ave Wichita • 316-337-5299 dancemechanix.biz

From the first twirl to the final graduation performance, Midwest Dance Mechanix offers the training and life skills to help students discover their own unique potential. With a wide variety of classes and summer camps, there is something for everyone. Its instructors recognize each student for their accomplishments. MDM is based on a belief that benefits from dance training go far beyond the studio doors.

Kansas Dance Academy

6615 E Central Ave Wichita • 316-684-2848 kdadance.com

Kelcy’s Dance Studio Multiple Locations 316-990-6070 kelcysdancestudio.com


JAG Gymnastics

920 N Andover Rd Andover • 316-733-7525 jaggymnastics.com

JAG Gymnastics offers a wide variety of options for both recreational and competitive gymnasts. In addition to boys’ and girls’ gymnastics classes, there are tumbling, strength and conditioning, and ninja warrior classes, among others. Plus, JAG Gymnastics has options available for a variety of time and financial commitments, allowing more kids in the community the opportunity to pursue their love for gymnastics.

ICT Cheer Legacy

2668 N Greenwich Rd Wichita • 316-202-9441 ictcheerlegacy.com

Tumble Factory 600 S Tyler Rd #232 Wichita • 316-925-1663 tumblefactoryinc.com



Sedgwick County Zoo

5555 W Zoo Blvd Wichita • 316-660-9453 scz.org

Since 1971, Sedgwick County Zoo has been the go-to place for family fun. The zoo has more than 400 species of nearly 3,000 animals for every visitor to see. Although it is one of the biggest zoos in the country, spanning 250 acres, it is still easy to navigate, even for families with young children. With many exhibits to visit, there is no shortage of things to do at the Sedgwick County Zoo.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park 1000 S Hawkins Ln Goddard • 316-553-4650 twpark.com

Chicken N Pickle 1240 N Greenwich Rd Wichita • 316-535-7150 chickennpickle.com

Flint Hills National Golf Club

#1 Flint Hills National Dr Andover • 316-733-7272 flinthillsnational.com

Visiting Flint Hills National Golf Club means entering a world of high quality, beauty and privacy. Nestled in the gently rolling hills, the 18-hole golf course features greens designed by the renowned golf architect, Tom Fazio. As a private course, members get exclusive access to its luxurious space and the club’s deluxe clubhouse, which overflows with amenities for a premium experience.

Crestview Country Club

1000 N 127th St E Wichita • 316-733-1344 crestviewcountryclub.com

Terradyne Country Club 1400 Terradyne St Andover • 316-733-2582 terradynecountryclub.com


Ambassador Hotel Wichita, Autograph Collection Wichita • 316-239-7100 ambassadorwichitaks.com

Style, substance and luxury blend seamlessly at the Ambassador Hotel Wichita, Autograph Collection. The hotel’s thoughtful in-room comforts include free Wi-Fi and bottled water, elegant furnishings, gourmet room service, and plush robes. It has old-world charm and world-class service from its engaging staff and modern amenities. Services on site are sure to make one’s stay at the Ambassador Hotel Wichita a happy and memorable one.

The Hotel At Old Town 830 E 1st St N Wichita • 316-267-4800 hotelatoldtown.com

Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview 400 W Douglas Ave Wichita • 316-262-5000 druryhotels.com




650 E 2nd St N Wichita • 316-869-0689 waveict.com

WAVE is a concert venue and community space that welcomes eclectic crowds of 500 to 3,500 people for concerts and events in an indoor-outdoor space. Whether someone is kicking back under a sunny sky or a full moon, WAVE’s atmosphere is unforgettable. Since its opening, it has brought Wichita big name performances, including Wu-Tang Clan, The Flaming Lips, Snoop Dogg, Dru Hill, Blue October, Kansas, Shakey Graves and more.

The Artichoke Sandwichbar 811 N Broadway Ave Wichita • 316-263-9164 artichokesandwichbar.com

The Cotillion 11120 W Kellogg St Wichita • 316-722-4201 thecotillion.com

Music Theatre Wichita 225 W Douglas Ave #202 Wichita • 316-265-3107 mtwichita.org

Music Theatre Wichita was founded in 1972 and has earned an international reputation for excellence. Each year, the theater self-produces five Broadway-scale musical productions, utilizing a unique mixture of top-flight professionals from Broadway along with a stream of talented Midwesterners. More than 65,000 visitors attend each year. The theater is also very involved in youth theater productions, classes and camps.

Mosley Street Melodrama 234 N Mosley St Wichita • 316-263-0222 mosleystreet.com

Wichita Children’s Theatre & Dance Center Wichita • 316-262-2282 wctdc.org


Premier Martial Arts Multiple Locations premiermartialarts.com

Premier Martial Arts’ unique curriculum combines the styles of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga and Kickboxing to develop students into well-rounded martial artists. To better empower students to grow their confidence in themselves, do the right thing, and improve their school work, the gym emphasizes self defense, fitness, character development, self discipline, focus, respect for others and perseverance.

Hybrid Mixed Martial Arts 1650 S Meridian Ave Wichita • 316-992-0098 facebook.com/hybridmartialarts33

Empower Martial Arts Multiple Locations wichitasbestmartialarts.com

STAFFING AGENCY THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR US Walden Medical Staffing is a patient-centered medical staffing solutions partner, and our goal is to fulfill your facility’s requirements for highly qualified and compassionate medical professionals. 316.648.9070 10100 W. Maple St. Ste. 104 Wichita, KS 67209 waldenmedstaffing.com



Advanced Orthopaedic Associates, PA 11

Aesthetic Solutions 43

Affordable In-Home Appliance Repair 63

All Elements Auto and Marine 76

Artistic Marble & Granite 55 Associates in Women’s Health 37

Koch Industries 2, 88

Land of Oz CBD & Kratom 93

Landmark Commercial Real Estate........... 80

Lee Media Group 90

Regent Park Assisted Living & Memory Care 32

Exploration Place

300 N McLean Blvd Wichita • 316-660-0602 exploration.org

The mission of Exploration Place is to inspire a deeper interest in science and technology through creative and fun experiences for all. Inside, guests find dynamic and hands-on exhibits that emphasize aviation, Kansas geography, science and technology. It is a nonprofit institution supported by admissions, membership dues, public support and voluntary contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations.

Old Cowtown Museum

1865 W Museum Blvd Wichita • 316-350-3323 oldcowtown.org

Museum of World Treasures 835 E 1st St Wichita • 316-263-1311 worldtreasures.org


Fun Voyage Travel

924 N Main Wichita • 316-500-7766 fun-voyage-travel-llc.business.site

Fun Voyage Travel is a full service travel agency for planning vacations to domestic and international destinations. Its team is passionate about helping their customers experience the vacation of their dreams without the stress of planning. Fun Voyage specializes in cruises, tours, all-inclusives, honeymoons, destination weddings, Disney vacations and more.

A to B Travel Agency 316-208-1875 atobtravelagency.com

The Travel Junkie 2020 N Tyler Rd #106 WIchita • 316-519-5929 travelagentwichita.com

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Livingston’s Diner 13 Martin J. Keenan Attorney at Law ............. 89

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In-home care services can help people at any point within the aging process. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized care plan tailored to help fit your family’s needs. Our expert care provides all the support people need to live well wherever they call home for years to come.

Each Home Instead office is independently owned and operated. Dependable, Compassionate Elderly Care Services PERSONAL CARE HOSPICE CARE ALZHEIMER’S CARE MEAL PREP 316-612-7541 3122 N Cypress Dr Suite 500 Wichita KS 67226 HomeInsteadWichita.com
Thank you for voting us BEST SEAFOOD RESTAURANT A New Way To Seafood 316-260-5511 bluehookks.com 2244 N Webb Rd, Wichita, KS 67226
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