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YOUR EUROPEAN PARTNER IN HIGH QUALITY MAGNETS Though founded in 1995, Neorem Magnets’ roots are further in the past. Now our position in the European magnets production is stronger than ever. Neorem Magnets Oy is a Finnish company, which manufactures sintered NdFeB permanent magnets and magnet assemblies under the Hitachi Metals’ global (including Japan) license. We are a part of the German Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG and have our factory and head office in Ulvila, Finland. Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise on magnet production and related technology. Our high-quality products are made for long-term usage in demanding conditions. We specialize in the production of NdFeB magnets and pole elements for large electric motors and generators, especially for renewable energy applications. Our strength lies in the long experience of manufacturing big magnets, difficult shapes and assemblies with highly automated processes. Our magnets are also used for example in servo and linear motors and in mobile equipment. Neorem Magnets has a subsidiary company Neorem Magnets Ningbo in China for the further processing of magnet material made in Finland and the assembly of magnet pole modules.

Outokumpu Magnets Oy is founded.

Pilot plant in Pori is built.

Neorem Magnets Oy is founded.

New factory in Ulvila, Finland.

Outokumpu starts the production of NdFeB magnets.

Outokumpu’s plant is equipped with stateof-the-art equipment.

The ownership of Outokumpu Magnets Oy was expanded and Neorem Magnets Oy was established.

Today, the factory is the most modern NdFeB magnet factory in Europe.

Neorem Magnets



tons / year

Ulvila, Finland

Modern facilities



Ningbo, China

Neorem Magnets Ningbo is established in China.

Neorem Magnets is acquired by VAC.

Updated global License Agreement with Hitachi.

Neorem Ningbo concentrates on machining sintered NdFeB blocks and electroplating NdFeB magnets.

Vacuumschmelze GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and related products.

Hitachi Metals is a recognized worldwide leader in the field of sintered rare earth magnets.

CONSULTANCY Schedule, mechanical and magnetic specifications



Control documentation

Delivery on set schedule, with secure packaging

Additional tooling, fixtures Subcontracted metal parts


Clean areas for measurements and assembly operations

Transverse pressing, Diffusion treatment, Shape tolerances

Mechanical and magnetic quality control measurements with automated instruments Preparing planned quality control procedures


Neorem Magnets

EXCELLENCE AT YOUR SERVICE Our magnets are produced using powder metallurgy methods in a modern, automated factory. Quality inspections are performed at each manufacturing step. We are proud of our process, which has enabled us to create extraordinary results for our customers. For your benefit The mission of Neorem Magnets is to manufacture high-quality NdFeB permanent magnets in close co-operation with the customers in order to find the most suitable and cost effective solution. Neorem Magnets supports the customer from the very beginning of the project. Our experts will help in finding the best possible solution from functional and pricing point of view. After consultation, the production design begins, specifying needed additional tooling and fixtures. With our certified quality process, we prepare and plan control procedures for each project from design to delivery. Our modern facilities and high level of experience enable the production and delivery of even the most demanding projects.

STRONG PARTNERSHIP WITH GOLD CERTIFICATE Since 2010, we have been a gold class supplier for KONE, the global elevator and escalator industry leader. As a recognized partner to one of the most valued companies in its sector, Neorem Magnets meets high standards in its daily operations. Since KONE begun the development of the EcoDisc® elevator motor, Neorem has been a close partner and magnet supplier in the process. Specially designed for KONE, Neorem’s permanent magnets have made the whole EcoDisc® motor family possible. Kone audits its suppliers annually and grants Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates for the highest performing partners. Criteria include delivery accuracy, co-operation flexibility, product quality and suitability for their purpose, as well as risk and environmental issue management.

Operating according to the highest standards Neorem was the first company in Finland and the fifth globally to achieve this level of supplier excellency. Neorem works closely with KONE, to meet and exceed the high standards and continue to build a longterm partnership. KONE audits its suppliers and uses standardized agreements with defined code of conduct and ethics. The high quality is ensured through supplier performance assessments and certifications.


Neorem is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of big NdFeB magnets. Our application engineering will support your design process to help you find the optimal solution and our modern facilities provide flexible manufacturing possibilities.

When needed, we can also perform the magnet assembly according to our customer’s specifications. Our skilled experts have decades of experience from highly demanding assemblies.

KONE Gold Supplier Excellence Neorem Magnets



As a leading supplier of NdFeB permanent magnets for renewable energy applications, sustainability is our key driver of innovation.

Our ambition is to provide the best service throughout, from initial ideation to the delivery of the product.



We strive to make our processes and products environmentally sustainable.

We never settle for mediocre. Our certified quality and environmental management systems guarantee the highest level of operation.

Neorem Magnets has many years of experience on magnet element assembly and therefore a deep understanding of the challenges related to the design, assembly, mounting and corrosion protection of magnets and elements.

Neorem Magnets

NEOREM MAGNETS - HIGHEST QUALITY Both Neorem Magnets and Neorem Magnets Ningbo have quality management systems certified according to ISO 9001 and environmental management systems certified according to ISO 14001. Neorem’s quality policy is to guarantee that our products and operations meet the customers’ requirements and the products are delivered on time. We actively seek opportunities for continuous improvement in all of our actions and operations in order to ensure constant customer satisfaction. Our high-quality products are made for long-term usage in demanding applications. Neorem’s environmental policy is to be fully aware of the impacts of our operations on the environment and we aim to continuously develop our processes in order to further minimize these impacts. We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, are committed to ethical standards and we respect human rights. We operate in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We deliver only safe products, with materials coming from ethical and environmentally responsible sources.

Personnel committed to occupational safety The Neorem Magnets personnel are committed to improving occupational safety on a daily basis through safety improvement suggestions which are analyzed and implemented together to improve the overall working environment. Occupational safety issues are handled in daily discussions.

Positive core values Our values are based on customer-oriented policy and thus our first and foremost aim is to provide our customers with the best possible service all the way from the preliminary ideas until the delivery of the final product. In addition to the magnets and assemblies, we supply a complete package of design assistance and magnetic know-how.

Cell phones

Motor cars, airplanes and hybrid motors


Choosing permanent magnets saves raw material and reduces energy consumption globally. Once installed, the magnet is service-free. Magnet is recyclable material. We constantly develop the related processes in our production, research and development work.

Neorem Magnets

Electric elevator motors

MAGNETS ARE EVERYWHERE Ranging from very small magnets in sensor applications and cell phones to big magnets in the aviation industry, magnets truly are everywhere. Permanent magnets contribute to many aspects of modern life, industry and transportation. Permanent magnets are used in hybrid car motors and renewable energy production, which makes magnets an important resource for a more sustainable future. We are the leading supplier of NdFeB permanent magnets for renewable energy applications in Europe and participating in the fight against climate change.

High-speed train motors

FOCUSING ON THE PRODUCTION OF BIG MAGNETS Neorem Magnets can offer both sintered NdFeB magnets and magnet assemblies. All our NdFeB material is manufactured at our factory in Ulvila, Finland. We are focused on the production of big magnets, radial and axial flux machine magnets and very small magnets for sensor applications. Our coating options include nickel, tin, Al, TiN and various epoxies.

MAGNET ASSEMBLIES Magnet assemblies, for example magnet pole elements for wind turbine generators, are manufactured at our automated factories in Finland and in China. We have all the special equipment needed for magnetizing, handling and measuring large-scale magnet systems. // Designed with experience // Flexibility in design // Profound magnetism knowledge

PERMANENT MAGNETS The normal manufacturing method used by Neorem Magnets is axial pressing, which is the most cost effective solution. However, all our grades can also be transversally pressed. The transversal pressing gives a higher remanence, but creates some restrictions regarding the magnet’s shape. // Multiple magnet choices

Special products and services In addition to NdFeB permanent magnets, we can supply SmCo, AlNiCo and ferrite magnets sourced and quality controlled by our subsidiary in China. Furthermore, we can offer technical and consulting services related to permanent magnets and their applications.

Neorem Magnets




Multiple magnet choices Neorem Magnets has also developed new grades with low heavy rare earth metal content. These magnet alloys are available from various sources. Low heavy rare earth magnets are suitable for applications where relatively high coercivity is needed, but which are extremely price sensitive for magnets.

MAGNET ALLOY Hydrogen is introduced to the alloy and removed by heat the alloy becomes brittle and can be easily crushed.


MAGNETIZING & PACKAGING The final products are magnetized and packed ready for delivery.

JET MILLING Grinding is accomplished in a jetmill utilizing high pressure gas flow. The alloy is ground against itself, and the particles become single crystals.


PRESSING & ORIENTATION Magnet circuit aligns the particles, and die pressing gives a form to the green compact.



The final product is coated with nickel, tin or epoxy.

Green compact is sintered in high temperature and vacuum.

MACHINING The sintered piece is machined into final dimensions.

Neorem Magnets

STATE-OF-THE-ART PROCESSING Our magnets are produced using powder metallurgical methods by die pressing and sintering. With our well refined quality process, we are able to produce excellent and consistent magnetic properties. The process starts from the hydrogen decrepitation and jet milling of the magnet alloy. The resulting powder is then compressed into the wanted shape and at the same time its particles are aligned using a magnetic field. The compacted blocks are then sintered and machined into the final dimensions before coating and magnetizing. Neorem Magnets produces sintered NdFeB permanent magnets in all forms with various coatings (passivated, Ni, Sn, Al, TiN, epoxies)

Perfect touch Quality inspection at each manufacturing step together with highly automated production provides a stable and well-controlled process, high yield, and homogenous and consistent magnet properties.




NEOREM 500 series general grades with moderate magnetic and corrosion properties. Available in any shape and size.

NEOREM 700 series grades are characterized by improved remanence, coercivity and corrosion resistivity.

NEOREM 800 series grades are suitable for most demanding applications with extreme magnetic properties.


Visiting address Friitalantie 5 FI-28400 ULVILA FINLAND

Tel. +358 2 5227 1 Fax +358 2 5227 227

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