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Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? 2013/2014

Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? By Nina Zimič Warning: the information in the following file is confidential. No flattery or offense intended. Mrs. Jana Štojs is a Slovene language teacher at our school. She’s always loved working with teenagers, and she’s always loved Slovene language. She was thinking about studying history, but when she went to the information day she met a professor at the university who was stern and unfriendly. So she decided to study Slovene and she says teachers were nicer there. She also believes that teachers have a very important role, and that is the proof for it. In her free time she likes reading books, dancing, skiing and going to the mountains, but not really high ones. I chose to write about her because she is one of my favourite teachers. I think she’s a very good teacher, she knows how to explain the subject matter, she has a good sense of humour, she’s nice, she’s very patient (she didn’t get really mad at me the whole last year, although I forgot to do my homework very often and other things like that) and I think these are the most important qualities all teachers should have. She is also a very good class teacher, she cares about us and our wellbeing, marks and so on, probably more than some other teacher would, to be honest.

Ms. Vesna Kosmač is an English language and geography teacher at our school. She wanted to be a tourist guide, and that’s why she studied English and geography. She studied three directions – translating, touristic and pedagogic. But a tourist guide only spends about fifty days a year at home and the rest of the time abroad, which makes it kind of impossible to have a family and live a normal life. There was also a possibility to work half of a year as a tourist guide in the same country, for example Greece, and the other half of the year at home, doing nothing. She decided that didn’t suit her very well either, so she became a teacher. She says she loves passing her knowledge to the next generations, but she doesn’t like the paperwork. She spends as much free time as possible outside, usually with her dogs, Bučman and Brut, she goes skiing in winter and likes cycling in summer, she reads a lot of books, she likes crocheting and lace making. She doesn’t watch TV much, she says she has it only because otherwise there would be a hole in the wall. I chose to write about her because she is also one of my favourite teachers. She is a very good teacher, she’s usually nice (but, believe me, you don’t want her to be mad at you), she knows how to explain the subject matter and she has a good sense of humour, which some people apparently don’t understand. She’s patient too, but, to be honest, I think we were a bit scared of her in our 6th class.

That’s a joke!

Ms. Florina Erbeli is an English and German language teacher at our school. When she was at the university, she studied the pedagogic direction, so she became a teacher. She likes her job. In her free time she likes doing sports, she goes skiing to Austria, she likes fast cars and big cities, especially New York City, Dubai and Tokyo. She loves the film Hitchcock. I chose to write about her because she is also one of my favourite teachers, she is a very good teacher, she knows how to explain subject matter, she has a sense of humour, she is also very patient (proof: I told her everything about Harry Potter and she didn’t say she had had enough of me, although I sometimes think she was just too nice to tell me that I was annoying). She’s sometimes kind of mysterious. She can also be quite ‘’scary’’ sometimes - she has a very good memory and she usually knows when students lie to her (A/N: no offense intended, teacher, I don’t mean that in a bad way), so you might want to think twice before doing that.

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist putting this here.

Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? By Eva Mlinar Mrs. Elizabeta Mlinar is an administrator. She orders brunches for all children in our school, she checks the invoices every day. Every month she charges parents for nourishment and other activities, which are charged, for example sports days, trips and so on. She chose this job because she always liked to work with people. And she likes working at school. In her free time she likes gardening, she likes going for a walk and she likes reading. I chose her because she is an important person at school.

Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? By Maja Kralj I was walking around our school and thinking how many different people work here to make this school full of knowledge, to make it clean, safe, to lead this school and there are a lot of people who give advice to students and who help to solve their problems. I chose two teachers and asked them a few questions. The first one is Mrs. Nevenka Mandelj. I chose her because I wanted to know more about her profession and because I like the subject that she teaches. She told me her story. Since she was just a little girl she knew she would become a teacher, she just needed to make a decison which subject she was going to teach. She likes to work with a group of teenagers and it doesn't matter if that's a group of children in a class or a librarian group. She loves her work and she likes to prepare for it. She likes to learn new things and she writes about her and the library in a librarian blog. She does European projects about different things for example: Around the world in 80 books. She spends more and more time on her computer doing those projects and looking for new ones. She doesn't have much free time but when she has some time for herself she reads books, gardens and sometimes she goes on a karate training. She is a teacher, always here to help you, make you smile and always full of perfect advice.

The second one is Mr. Alen Divjak. I chose him because he teaches the subject that I don't really like but I wanted to know why he is so impressed about mathematics. Many times I heard that he's got it in his heart. In the sixth grade his teacher inspired him and mathematics became his favourite subject. His class teacher gave him a mission to help his schoolfriends with mathematics. And I guess that from here comes the idea to become a teacher. Even though he doesn't have much free time he likes gardening, growing fruit, feeding little animals and likes everything that is connected to the nature. He definitely is a teacher with a big sence of humour and he said he talks too much but when he writes he saves the words. Last year I had some problems with mathematics and he was ready to help me any time and for that I'm grateful.

Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? By Sanil Safid If you like music or if you don’t, you need to like our music teacher. In my opinion he is the nicest teacher in our school. So because of that I want to introduce you to Mr. Tomaž S. Gartner- the music teacher. He’s been working in OŠ Litija for 8 years and before that he was working in the Primary School OŠ Negova and as a solfeggio teacher. He wanted to become a teacher before he even went to school himself. He and his sister were often playing ˝school˝. He enjoys in his job. He says: ‘I like to be in touch with people and I can’t imagine that I would work alone in an office.’ In his free time he likes watching good movies, specially comedies or horror films. He likes playing the guitar and singing popular songs. He says that there is at least one funny thing that happens in our school every day. The funniest thing he remembers was when the student who was marked was crying and laughing at the same time. Unbelievable!

Mrs. Alojzija Boncelj is our geography teacher and the assistant of the headmaster. She’s been working in the Primary School OŠ Litija for 20 years. She always wanted to become a teacher, because she had a lot of good teachers. Her favourite subject at school was geography and because of that she wanted to become a geography teacher. She loves her job. She likes to work with students. She says: ‘I think that geography is interesting and very important for young people who are just getting to know the world around them.’ As the assistant of the headmaster she takes care of organization at our school, but because all the teachers are very hardworking and nice she has an easy job with that. In her free time she likes reading books, going for a walk or on trips and she also likes hanging out with people that she likes. She says: ‘There is always something going on at our school. Always something funny happens. For example, ‘’I remember one boy who was trying to hide a balloon full of water from me and he put it in his pocket...’’- you can only imagine what happened next...’

Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? By Lara Jamšek I chose one of the maths teachers who is funny. Mr. Alen Divjak became a teacher in 1999. He said that the thing that makes him one of the happiest people alive is when his students understand what he is talking about. He first started teaching or helping his schoolmates with solving maths problems back in the 6th grade when his teacher ''made him'' help other students who weren't doing so well at maths. Although he loves his job there are some things that he is not very pleased about. For example he doesn't like students who are not willing to make any effort to get good maths grades, he also doesn't like when students interrupt him while speaking. When he's not busy teaching or helping students he likes going out, walking around spending time in the nature, growing, gardening or going in the woods trying to find some mushrooms. One of the workers at OŠ Litija is Mrs. Elizabeta Mlinar. She works as an administrator. She works from Monday to Friday from 7am till 3pm. She likes her job very much because it is never boring. If you want to unsubscribe from lunch or snack you have to tell her, so she can do her job. She is in charge of every invoice. When she doesn’t worry about our snacks and lunches, she takes her time to read a good book, does some gardening or she goes for a walk.

Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? By Gabrijel Voje Mrs. Blanka Erjavec is the advisor at our school. By education she is a teacher of education. She chose this job because she wants to help others. In her free time, she reads, she likes to go for a walk, she works in the garden. She loves dogs, especially breed Alaskan Malamute. She likes her job.

Mrs. Mateja Lamovšek is a business secretary. She chose this job because she likes to work with people, especially with children. In her free time, she likes meeting her friends, she picks mushrooms. Generally, she likes her job, because she likes diversity which is offered by this job and her job is very dynamic.

Mrs. Vida Juvan is a cook. She chose this job because she likes cooking and she likes children. In her free time she watches TV and goes for a walk. She likes her job because she loves children. She arranges our snacks and lunches at school.

Mrs. Renata Kralj is the teacher of science and chemistry. She chose this job because she likes to work with children. In her free time she reads and she likes singing in a choir. She wanted to be an English teacher but now.... She likes going to school.

Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? By David Vrančič May be your favourite teacher is Mr. Tomaž S. Gartner, so he's my favourite one, too. He has worked at this school since the year 2006. He really likes his job and he loves doing it. He plays the guitar and sometimes during the lessons he plays or sings a song to us. In his free time he likes going for a walk or he watches a good comedy and sometimes he watches a horror film. His favourite class is the legendary 9.b, he just loves us. I suppose we are so nice and friendly or just because we have a good sense of humour. He is really good at drawing. I really like the pictures that he draws. His talent was discovered by his art teacher when he was in the secondary school. He also works at the Primary school in Sava and he enjoys working there. When I was a student at that school, he was my favourite teacher. We had a choir and we sang all days long. He still does that and apparently he enjoys it very much. His favourite sport is football. He's a fan of FC Barcelona, just like me. I remember that in the school Sava he thought us football on Thursday afternoons. We had a really good time there. Because he is a music teacher I also wanted to ask him, what is his favourite music genre and he answered it's the classic that he loves. So I think that me and Mr. Gartner have a lot of interests in common.

The next teacher that I wanted to interview is a teacher who teaches us P.E. His name is Mr. Urban Hauptman. He is one of my favourite teachers. He has worked at this school for seven years now and he likes his job very much. Before he became the teacher of sports he was a trainer of a basketball club and now he works in OĹ Litija. From this year on he also teaches the P.E at the Sava primary school. His favourite sport is of course basketball. His uncle was a basketball player and he learned a lot from him. His favourite club in Slovenia is Olimpija, just like mine but in the league NBA he is a fan of the Chicago Bulls. He decided for this job because in his youth he was very good at all sports. He still is. In his spare time he cycles and plays basketball when there is an opportunity. He also loves to travel. Now he is a father and he rather stays at home and plays with his son and daughter.

Who is Who at The Primary School Litija? By Jure Cirar Mr. Peter Strle is the headmaster at our school. He also teaches volleyball. He chose this job because he likes children. In his free time he plays volleyball. He is a great person who runs our school. When he was a student at a school he also played volleyball for the school team.

Who is who at primary school litija?