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Age: Cornelio GarcĂŠs Molinar

23 years

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Home: 6490-3119 AIESEC eXPerience

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Date Panama Panama

2009 2009

Panama Panama

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Academic and Professional eXPerience Studies Career Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer Work Position Sales Rep. Support and Monitoring Eng.

University Technological University of Panama

Employer Dell Panama Cable Onda

Date 2010

Date 2007 2010

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How does the Brand Experience relate to the Exchange and Talent Management areas and the overall performance of our organization? Why it is important to work in synergy between these areas? Specially in 2011.

The Brand Experience is the promise and the way to understand how our members, supporters, experience AIESEC as a brand. Is what we offer them in AIESEC, what AIESEC can give them. It is related in an internal and external way, with both Exchange and Talent Management, in an internal way with Exchange it encourage the member to go on exchange, and in Talent Management creating job descriptions, talent allocation and planning, and in conference creation. In an external way for Exchange, it is use in EP recruitment and in Exchange sales and for Talent Management in recruitment campaigns. Working in synergy with both areas is very important, creating campaigns in recruitment, exchange programs, internal jobs, will give members and outsiders a good brand experience, fulfilling the promise that AIESEC offers. This will not only fulfil the promise but it will make AIESEC more attractive to the outsiders, increasing our membership and our exchange participants which is one of our priority goals if we want to be full status this year. Achieving this will not only benefit us as a committee but will help the organization in demonstrating the fact that we really offer a good experience around the world and in our region, making companies and students look for us as their first alternative. 2. How do you see this role contributing to improve the sales performance, the number of support partners, the number of exchanges and the awareness of AIESEC products in the external environment?

We have to work in synergy with the Sales and ER team, making a good campaign that can make companies more interest in what AIESEC can give them, what benefits they will have, possibly making them want to be part of AIESEC as partners or asking for interns. In my time in the Sales team I have learn that many companies read the email with the basic information of AIESEC, and when you call them, they are more interest in what AIESEC is, and what we can offer them as an NGO. When a company is interest in AIESEC having a sales meeting or a partnership is more easy, giving the sales team more confident when they need to go and sale. In my opinion a good email with the basic information of what AIESEC is, what we do, and what we can give, could be use as a follow up, an introduction to AIESEC or else promoting ourselves between companies.

By doing this I think it will not only help ER but the other areas in achieving their goals.

3. Which is the main strength and the main weakness of our internal communications processes and how would you improve them in order to achieve our 2011 goals? (focusing on the importance of communications in every area, not only MKT&COMM)

In my opinion overall we are good in ways of communicating inside our Committee, but still I think we have weaknesses, but in my consideration our main weakness is that our communication is not constant, not just inside of our LC but between CAS committees. Still we have a strength, and is that we have so many ways of communicating like the Social Media, myAIESEC, and we just need to use it more effectively. We have to reinforce the way we communicate first inside the LC, make it more effective, and try to do it in a constant way giving the chance to everyone to participate and learn from other areas inside the LC, and then do it in a regional way, and then we will not just learn to communicate more effectively but we will have a learning environment. 4. How would you cover the gaps left by the EB 2010? specifically the ones left by the LCVP MKT&COMM.

We need to make more promotions inside UTP first, I don’t think we need an event to promote ourselves, people already know who we are, or at least have heard from us, and we need to take advantage of that and make effective promotions that captivate the students making them more aware of what is AIESEC, join us or go for an internship. When we are well positioned inside the UTP, then we go for the outside trying to get more appearances in the media, working with ER in planning a way of promote ourselves in companies giving them a great AIESEC XP and a good follow up, supporting the Sales team so they don’t lose communication and have a better tracking and promotion making the companies more interest in AIESEC.

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