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FELON: How many titles have you won and in what division? FM: If you wanna be honest, I’m really a four-time world champ. I beat Angel Manfredy, Angel beat Auturo Gotti, Auturo had the IBF (International Boxing Federation) title. There are three major titles: IBF, WBA, and WBC. Diego Corrales knocked out Roberto Gracia then I knocked him (Gracia) out and he had the IBF but I never received it. I beat Genaro Hernandez from East LA (WBC) so that was the first title I really won. I beat Jose Luis Castillo for the WBC belt but they said the fight was controversial so I came back and done it again. Can’t none of these ‘cats’ beat me. I’m the best and my record is 29-0 with 20 knockouts. FELON: How old are you? FM: Twenty-something. FELON: Did you fight in the Olympics? FM: I went to the ’96 Olympic game. I lost on some controversy. FELON: What kind of controversy? FM: I lost by one point. I was up by 2-3 points and going to the last round I lost by one point. I fought the defending world champion; the dude who was the favorite to win the Olympics. I really beat him but I put it all in God’s hands and he was showing me something with that fight. Never take your skills for granted. FELON: I saw your last fight. How do you make your work in the ring look so easy?



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