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Why should you pay $25 a month for an Empower Network Blog? Empower Vs WordPress Blog





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Posted by Neil Ball on October 24, 2013 Backlinking (19) Business (32) Comedy (2) Computer (14) Consumer Electronics (16) Employment (1) Empower Network (114) Gaming (1) Health (24) Internet Marketing (155) Why should you pay $25 a month for an Empower Network Blog? Empower Vs Wordpress Blog - Video Transcribe Below Hello its Neil Ball, your online marketing coach from I am going to look at why you pay $25 a month for an Empower Network blog when you can get a Host Gator shared hosting account for less than $10 a month and then use a free Wordpress blog? Now, that is a really good question and one that many people seem to struggle with. As I look on the internet, I see many people are toying with this and they really can’t understand why you should pay more to get what is essentially a Wordpress blog. And so, what I am going to do now is, I am going to go through a number of reasons why I think it matters and why it is worth spending the money and I think it is worth spending the money, so when you set up a new blog on a new domain with a web hosting provider such as Host Gator, the domain has no credibility in the eyes of Google. Assuming it is a new domain and it is not one that you have bought and it is not an old or previously used domain. And as a result of that it is unlikely to see much free traffic for quite a while. Now, even if a

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back linking strategy is followed to improve the domains reputation in Google’s eyes. First of all you are going to have to take care not to overdo it, with too many back links too early. And what is going to happen is, it is going to trigger alarm bells and Google will actually give you a lower ranking potentially. Because they will look at the activity on that domain as looking unnatural.

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domain as looking unnatural. And secondly even with this type of backlinking strategy, the domain is unlikely to see a significant amount of free traffic initially. The benefit that the Empower Network blog will bring to you straight away is that the domain is a mature domain and it has a good reputation in Google’s eyes. The Empower Network blog domain is over 12 years old, so how does this benefit your new Empower Network blog? The first benefit is that it means initially you are more likely to see

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organic free traffic from Google, and the second benefit is that you don’t need to be as careful in any back linking strategy that you adopt. The reason for that is because an in Google’s eyes an aged domain such as the Empower Network’s domain will be expected to

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have lots of new backlinks coming to it each and every day. Whereas a new domain which has not had that previously is not going to look natural with a similar strategy. Also because of this when you do adopt a backlinking strategy the effectiveness of it will be

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instantly greater than it will be with a new domain hosted with somebody like Host Gator. So, you have really got two benefits. Because first of all, you are starting off with a better position in Google’s eyes and secondly, it allows you to actually apply more backlinks to generate or improve your position in the search engines. Then you will be able to deal with a Wordpress type of blog, say Host Gator, so you are getting a double benefit. So the effectiveness of it is going to improve. Now I am not just telling you this from theory. I am telling you this from fact. I have actually tested this. I have a blog of my own, which is a Wordpress type of blog that I have got hosted on a server, it is not actually with host gator but it is on a rack space server somewhere I have also got an Empower Network blog, and what I have done is I have done a direct comparison by posting the same content on both of the websites. And then what I have done is, I have applied the same backlinking strategy to both and the result has been that on every occasion the Empower Network blog has outranked my word press blog. Now some people might say, well that is duplicate content or whatever, which is a debate in itself, but I don’t think it is. But if you think about it, even if it is duplicate content, Google has to make a choice. Does it take the Wordpress blog, the free Wordpress blog on the non empower blog or does it take the empower blog? And when everytime it is taking the empower blog, it doesn’t matter what your argument is whether it is duplicate content. They have both been posted at the same time, have both had the same backlinking strategy and the Empower Network absolutely outranks it every single time. And in most cases the Empower Network will be on the first page of Google fairly quickly. Whereas the other blog is nowhere to be seen, you know it could be 5, 6, 7, 10 pages back. It is going to take quite a long time for those pages to be bought back to the front page of Google. So if the objective is to get free traffic to your blog, the Empower Network blog is the obvious choice. It just makes your life easier. You may be thinking to yourself, but if I am paying that how much more is it worth? I will answer this with another question. How much is your time worth and how soon do you want to see a return on your efforts? Because you will have to spend more time back linking on a non-Empower Network blog than you will ever have to spend on a Empower Network to get the same results. I am not talking about an hour or two either. You will have to spend many, many hours or use some kind of automation tools which will cost you considerably more that $25 dollars a month. To start to see any sort of attempt at making inroads at the advantage of the Empower Network blog. For the small amount of money that you are saving, and the big amount of time that you are going to put into there, you time is just not worth the effort and you have to put a value on your time, otherwise, you are just wasting your time doing things that are non-productive. And I think that the other consideration is that it will take longer to see the results. So, the other thing you have to think about is that whilst it is going to cost you more each month with the empower blog. You are going to have to pay for more months on the free blog to get the same results and, you are going to have to put extra time into it to get that outcome. So, you have got a double price that you are paying, because you are not seeing the results and you are having to put more time in. So you are paying for longer. You are putting more time in for longer, and if you are monetising your blog with some kind of offering it will also take a lot longer to see the amount of conversions on your non-Empower Network blog compared to your Empower Network blog. Plus the Empower Network comes with the possibility of 100% commissions which means you will start to earn a lot more than the 2% to 50% that you may earn with other affiliate offers. This will extend the amount of time that, if you decide with Empower Network, you can use it to promote other products, or you can use it to promote the Empower Network. But if you were to take the decision that you were going to promote the Empower Network because if

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you decided you were going to monetise it in the best way that you could. Then in that situation, compared to the free cheaper alternative, it is going to further increase the difference in the effectiveness and the results that you get when you compare the Empower Network blog to the free one. Because you are getting a lower return on each time you make a sale. Also the Empower Network blog comes ready to go as soon as you sign up. All you need to do is add content. You don’t need to learn anything technical to get set up and going which you may have to do if you are setting up a Wordpress blog for the first time. Also you get a blog that looks good straight away. You don’t need to worry about themes and layouts and various things because it has al been simplified for you, with a theme and layout that works. This is a great time saver especially if you don’t have any previous experience. If you decide to use paid traffic you may think that what I have talked about so far does not apply. But even if you pay for traffic it is still nice to have the added benefit of free traffic so it does sort apply. Regardless of which way you look at it for both free and paid traffic the quality of the hosting is also important. When you use the cheap Host Gator type of account or similar shared hosting facility, you are sharing a server that is occupied with many other users and websites. It is much more likely that you will see server outages because of activity that they may be taking part in. Also some of the other domains, that you don’t own, that share the same server and IP address, could have a low reputation in Google’s eyes. That could affect your sites ranking making it even more difficult for you to see good search engine positions, which will mean it could take even longer to see the free traffic results on top of everything that I have talked about at this point. So, the Empower Network hosting on the other hand, is high quality enterprise class hosting and does not have any other websites on there, so the other thing that you will find, is that when you start seeing significant traffic to your cheap ‘unlimited’ Host Gator or similar shared hosting, you will discover that the word ‘unlimited’ is not quite what you would assume, and you will be referred to the fair usage policies and then you will be forced to upgrade. The Empower Network charge is a flat charge regardless of how much traffic you get to your blog. The Empower Network also comes with a free sales funnel that includes sales pages, sales videos and follow up emails. There is also additional advanced training available when you are ready for it. If you have money available and can afford the $25 a month, but and you are just wondering if you are better off saving the money and using a ‘free’ Wordpress blog on a cheap shared hosting service such as Host Gator. Then apart from the obvious time saving that I have mentioned above there is also another consideration, rather than wasting your time doing the stuff to try and get free traffic in the first place you would be better off using your time and learning how to generate business using paid traffic from Facebook, or media buys etc so that you get the results quicker. I think the reasons to use the Empower Blogging platform to promote the Empower Network or another product or other products is compelling. To find out more about the Empower Network go to Again that is If you have found this video useful please like it on YouTube and Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter and subscribe to my channel. Until next time, Good bye. Why should you pay $25 a month for an Empower Network Blog? Empower Vs Wordpress Blog


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