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Choose Hot Tuna Sushi Bar & Grille for Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, and More! By Carla Selby Hot Tuna Sushi Bar & Grille is already known as one of the hottest sushi restaurants in town, but did you know that some of their most popular dishes include steak, scallops and homemade chicken wings? It’s true, and while the sushi is delectable, the rest of the menu is just as worthy! “We are more than just a sushi place. We have steak, chicken, shrimp, teriyaki bowls, bento

boxes, and other tasty entrées,” says owner Hanh Ho, who runs the place with her family. “Some people don’t like sushi, so we strive to offer many options, so people in your party aren’t feeling left with only sushi to choose from.” Open since 2013 for both lunch and dinner, Hot Tuna Sushi Bar & Grille is one of those unique dining experiences that can be perfect for a quick lunch with See “Hot Tuna” on page 16

Modern Tech for Pain-Free Treatment at Tidewater Foot and Ankle Associates By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Dr. Megan Johnson

Tidewater Foot and Ankle in November 2018, and has Tidewater Foot and Ankle been practicing in the Tampa Associates, the name a callout Bay area for five years. to the coastal Chesapeake, An avid sportswoman Maryland region where its her whole life, she sustained founder was born, strives to numerous ankle injuries in her fill a need in the Westchase youth treated by a local foot community where Dr. Megan and ankle specialist. She has Johnson has set down roots. experienced rehabilitation On staff at Mease firsthand and she knew that Countryside Hospital despite being in a maleand Countryside Surgery dominated profession, Center, Dr. Johnson opened See “Tidewater” on page 6

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Hi readers! I have been focusing my editorials on bringing awareness to specific causes and movements every month. In July I focused on Minority Mental Health Awareness, and I received a lot of positive feedback and heartfelt written letters from readers who felt moved or identified with my case. I want to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for your caring words and for sharing your own personal stories with me. It’s a good feeling knowing that what you write can touch people, even if it’s just one person, makes it all worth it. August happens to be National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). Immunization, just like Mental Health, is a very delicate subject, but I still wanted to bring it to your attention. There seems to be a strong immunization opposition with the “anti-vaxxers” movement, and while I am pro vaccines, I respect both sides. I believe it is the parent’s right to choose what they think is best for their child. I know parents who vaccinate without hesitation and those parents who are afraid to vaccinate both have their children’s best interest at heart, so I am not here to judge, just to share my own point of view, which I hope you can respect as well.

As I said, I am provaccines and believe them to be beneficial for kids, adults, and even our pets, after all, they are our family too. Thanks to vaccines, we can protect young infants against whooping cough and other preventable life-threatening diseases. Pregnant women can pass on protection to their newborns by getting vaccinated against whooping cough during their third trimester every pregnancy. Family members and caregivers can strengthen that protection by getting upto-date on the whooping cough vaccine, which helps prevent the spread of this life-threatening disease to infants and their mothers.  Whooping cough is just one of several vaccinepreventable diseases that threaten Americans. Outbreaks continue to occur, and many vaccinepreventable conditions remain common.  That is why I urge the members of our community to be persistent in raising awareness about immunizations and encouraging timely vaccination. No child or adult should ever lose their life from a preventable disease.  Let’s all use this month to raise awareness about

vaccines and share strategies to increase immunization rates in our community. Here are just some ideas on how to do this: • Talk to your relatives, friends, and coworkers about how vaccines are not only for children. Shots can protect people of all ages from dangerous diseases like the flu, measles, and pneumonia.  • Get a flu vaccine every year, and encourage others to do the same. Remember, it is not just about protecting yourself. Getting a flu vaccine can also help protect others you may come into contact with, especially young children and individuals with compromised immune systems who are at higher risk of getting sick. • If you own a business, please invite a doctor or nurse to speak to your employees about the importance of vaccines. • Big on social media? The American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging you to take photos and use the hashtag #Ivax2Protect when you share vaccine information content on your social media accounts. As always, thanks for your support and readership. Carla Selby.


Continued From Page 1 podiatry was how she would help others. “The number of women in podiatry is growing; however, in this region, it is a predominately male field. I think some people are looking for female doctors, so I think that I am filling that need in the area. I also chose Westchase because I wanted to practice close to home.” After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from Towson University, Dr. Johnson received a medical degree from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, IL. She went on to complete a 3-year Foot and Ankle surgical residency in Washington, DC. with specialized training in

6 AUGUST 2019

limb salvage at Georgetown University Hospital. However, Dr. Johnson treats all conditions of the foot and ankle, including conservative and surgical care of tendon and bone injuries, fractures, sprains, Achilles tendon tears, arthritis, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, nerve pain, wounds, ingrown toenails, skin conditions such as plantar warts and fungal toe nails, and elective procedures like bunion correction, hammertoe correction, and removal of neuromas (painful, enlarged nerves in the foot). Other common conditions diagnosed and treated by Dr. Johnson include infections related to diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, and neuropathy. She is proud to distinguish herself from others in the field by

offering her patients the latest state-of-the-art inoffice technology like EPAT shockwave therapy and Laser therapy. Using acoustic waves, EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activated Technology) helps to restore the body’s normal healing processes and tissue regeneration. “I offer alternative treatment options that patients may not have had available to them before. I use EPAT for tendon problems, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and neuromas. EPAT provides excellent results with no downtime,” she said. “I also perform laser treatment for fungal toenails and for treatment of chronic pain. Patients are pleased with the results when after months of self-care or other treatments fail.” [More information on

EPAT and Laser therapy can be found at https://www.] Dr. Johnson stresses that education and time spent with the patient is the key to success. “It is imperative to explain to the patient what exactly is going on with the foot and ankle both anatomically and

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mechanically, how we are going to make it better, and how we are going to prevent the problem from coming back in the future. I think that patients really do appreciate the time I spend with them to help them fully understand the problem.” Dr. Johnson admits that her true passion is sports medicine. Having completed

many half-marathons, she stresses that foot or ankle pain is not normal, and should always be evaluated. “I strive to provide complete expert care of the foot, ankle, and lower leg for patients of all ages and activity level. Westchase and Tampa Bay is such an active community, and I intend to keep it that way.” Tidewater Foot and Ankle Associates is located in Westchase Commons at 13019 W. Linebaugh Avenue, Suite 101, Tampa, FL 33626. Hours of Operation are Monday through Wednesday 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 3pm, closed Thursday and weekends. For more information on Dr. Johnson and Tidewater Foot and Ankle Associates, visit https://www.tidewaterfoot. com or on Facebook.

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Vivid Theatre Productions Strives to Give Voice to Women in Inaugural Season By Deborah Bostock-Kelley Vivid Theatre Productions’ mission statement reads, “when likeminded individuals come together to make art, we truly create something honest, sincere, and thought-provoking. Through this and every aspect we allow our audiences to be not only engaged, but also immersed in the true magic and art form of theatre, through which we can truly experience every facet of the human condition.” Conceived out of the desire to create a semiprofessional theatre company that is the antithesis of repeated themes of recent musical and nonmusical productions, founder Drew Eberhard has a vision. Like Kevin Costner’s famous, oft-repeated quote from “Field of Dreams,” Drew knows “if you build it, they will come.” And building it, he is. With a solid background working in theatre and Bachelor’s degree in theatre from Ball State University in Indiana, Drew is looking to take his company to the next level. Drew seeks only plays and musicals that create an extraordinary theatre experience, fostering a culture of collaboration with his cast and crew, creating theatre that resonates with timeless stories and universal truths.

10 AUGUST 2019

“We don’t want to always do the same type of shows and cast the same people. It’s allowing a different perspective in theatre in Tampa Bay area,” he explained. “Vivid Theatre Productions is doing stories that are culturally-relevant, grounded in the idea of providing thoughtprovoking work and doing it in an artistic manner.” A traveling company – one that does not have a set venue

– Drew is excited to be able to bring theatre to a diverse groups of people throughout Tampa Bay, depending on the venue location. In July, Drew gave Tampa patrons a taste of what is to come with the musical cabaret Broadway Miscast, a fundraiser for the inaugural season, hosted at Powerstories Theatre in Tampa. An entertaining mix of twenty-six different Broadway

shows, a diverse variety from Pippin and Newsies to Hadestown and Hamilton, the cast from teen to adult sang parts for the opposite gender. A testament to Drew’s recognition in the theatre community, joining Drew for the fundraiser on stage were the talents of Brilee Gold, Sean McKinley, Heather Mendoza, Kidany Camillo, Lena Morrisseau, Jason Ensor, Erica Garraffa,

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Topher Warren, Chonesty Montgomery, Sonali Balan, Bri Filippelli, some well-known voices in Tampa Bay musical theatre. “We had a great night taking popular known Broadway songs and flipping them, giving a performer a chance to sing a role that they normally wouldn’t get cast in singing,” he said. Vivid Theatre Productions’ season will consist of two

musicals and four non-musicals. Following the theme of “A Season of Extraordinary Women,” Drew’s inaugural season will showcase and empower women, in strong contrast to the current political landscape of devoicing women. His second season speaks to revolt, revolution and standing up for what you believe in. “In many stories women tend to be looked past in a maledominated society. I don’t feel like women’s stories are being told in the right manner or being told enough,” he said. “It sets us apart from other companies because of the different variations of the shows we’re picking. I’ve talked to people in the area who have seen or heard my announcement of the season and of all of the theatres in the area, my theatre seems to have the most unique and well-rounded shows. I picked my shows to give for not only the relevance, but to give the audience something to take away and make them think.”

Opening with Yasmina Reza’s God of Carnage at Stageworks Theatre, 1120 East Kennedy Boulevard in the Channelside District on September 6-15, the season follows with In the Blood by Suzan-Lori Parks on November 8-17; Sweat by Lynn Nottage on March 6-15, 2020, and A Doll’s House Part 2 by Lucas Hnath on June 5-14. Two musical are planned in the schedule, but until licensed, Drew will not reveal. Having worked in 2018 as an actor in an alleged semiprofessional company that took advantage of its talent, Drew has firsthand knowledge of what not to do when forming his own theatre company. “I’ve been successful getting all the rights for all the nonmusical shows, have financials in order, working on sponsorships, and have our venues. I will announce my musicals once I have the rights. It’s the steps that one needs to take to succeed because I’ve learned from having been

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through the ringer from a new company I thought was headed in the right direction, but was not. We’re doing things the right way from the beginning to make sure this succeeds for the longterm.” A prism logo represents Vivid Theatre Productions and Drew explained the significance of both the design and the company name. “When you refract light from a prism, all different colors and aspects of light are reflected. The name Vivid was selected because we are pushing cultural relevance to the forefront of the spectrum. In doing so, we are inviting people from all backgrounds, all genders, and all walks of life to help tell these stories.” To learn more about the Vivid Theatre Production’s first season and upcoming auditions, visit www. or follow on Facebook.

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12 AUGUST 2019

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Grout Tech - Your Tile and Grout Specialist! Before you spend thousands of dollars remodeling and retiling your bathroom or kitchen be sure to call Grout Tech for a FREE estimate on cleaning or repairing old dingy tile and grout. Grout Tech can breathe new life into your existing tile work, making everything shine like new at a fraction of the cost. Grout Tech is a family owned business serving Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Grout Tech specializes in cleaning and sealing tile and grout, re-coloring grout, re-caulking showers and tubs, and repairing grout and broken tiles. Grout Tech will renew existing grout and tile to its original beauty by cleaning and maintaining the tile and grout lines. Jeremy G. and his wife were ready to re-tile their entire bathroom before calling BJ at

14 AUGUST 2019

Before Grout Tech. “Our bathroom tile was over 40 years old it was looking grungy and very dull. We called Grout Tech and we are extremely pleased with our results! We saved so much money by having the grout in our shower resurfaced and the tile cleaned and it looks brand new.” BJ is happy to set your appointment, come out and

After give you a free estimate. She stresses, “It is important for me to be respectful of our customers’ time so I will always arrive at the time we set.” In addition to always arriving in a timely manner, BJ says that they can keep their prices low because they are a family owned business and not a franchise. She explains, “What many people don’t understand is that

franchises are often forced to charge more for their services because they have to maintain their franchise fees, but not with Grout Tech.” Not only does Grout Tech keep its rates competitive, but the company will also honor any other quote as long as it is in writing. Because grout is a porous material, trying to remove stains is seemingly impossible. BJ

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explains, “Color sealing grout lines is one of the many services we offer and it is definitely the most effective way to create a perfect, new look.” Using a step-by-step process, Grout Tech begins by using a cleansing

product to remove all bacteria and surface dirt with special machinery. They will then apply a color seal (of your choice). Once the sealer is applied the grout lines will be permanently protected from any

stains. The color seal also guarantees against cracking, chipping and peeling. Additionally, they will also cosmetically fix or replace chipped or cracked tiles, making your bathroom or kitchen tile like new again. Kathy G., a satisfied customer, shares her experience, “When BJ came out to give us a quote, she looked at the job and I could tell immediately that she knew what she was talking about. We had our family room, kitchen and dining room regrouted. They also re-grouted the tub, shower and base of our toilet in our bathroom. They were fantastic! Not only were they professional and reliable but they also completed the job much faster than we had anticipated.” Excellent Service Leads to Referrals Throughout the years, Grout Tech has grown through its many referrals from happy customers.

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People really appreciate that Grout Tech saves them time and money, but it is the excellent service provided that has really helped this business grow. Grout Tech’s success stories say that before calling Grout Tech, their bathrooms, guest bathroom showers and floor grout, had deteriorated over time and the tiles were dull and stained. “The tile was in good condition but it was stained so we had Grout Tech come out and clean them and they turned out very well.” They were so pleased that they have already referred Grout Tech to neighbors in their community. Grout Tech can also remove and re-caulk around sinks, baseboards, tubs and showers serving to clean up old moldy areas and keep your dry wall free from water damage. From old to new in just one day! To find out more about Grout Tech’s services or for a free estimate call BJ at 727768-6828.

AUGUST 2019 15

Hot Tuna

Continued From Page 1 friends, a relaxing dinner with your family or a romantic date with that someone special. Conveniently located at 3689 Tampa Road in Oldsmar, Hot Tuna features beautiful lighting, a stylish sushi bar, miniature rock gardens and intimate table settings in a tastefully decorated fashion. Upbeat music plays throughout the restaurant at the perfect level; guests feel as if they have entered an upscale, yet casually swank restaurant. The staff is always attentive and charming and make you feel welcome the moment you walk in. Hanh and her relatives share a dedication to always serving fresh food with top-quality ingredients, and when it comes to sushi, freshness is vital. Hanh says, “We are all about quality first, and our fish is always fresh.” She adds, “We have a simple principle, being a family-owned business, that we do what’s right. I believe in good karma, and when you do things the right way, you’ll reap the benefits.” Well, it’s the customers who seem to be reaping the benefits at the restaurant! The food is seriously scrumptious. There’s truly something on the menu for everyone, even those in your party who haven’t learned to love sushi yet! When you go to Hot Tuna Sushi Bar & Grill, the meal is more than lunch or dinner; it’s an opportunity to reconnect, enjoy the beautiful food on your plate, and to eat with all of your senses. Lunch specials are served MondayFriday from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm and feature many delicious options like the Teriyaki bowls, which are served with steamed rice, veggies and your choice of meat for less than $10.00!  Combo Bento Plates are served with steamed rice, house salad, half a California roll and your choice of Panko Chicken, Korean Short Ribs, Panko Crab Cake, Sushi & Sashimi or Shrimp and Veggie Tempura. And they are all under $10.00! They also have a lunch special that includes two classic rolls and soup or salad, also for under $10.00! “This is the best sushi spot in Oldsmar, hands down,” says Local Food Guide Paul H. “Their food is incredibly fresh, and they offer a great drink

16 AUGUST 2019

selection. They have great happy hour sushi specials with a friendly wait staff. This place is perfect for a date night or a healthy and delicious lunch. Hot Tuna has quickly become our go-to sushi place due to the consistent quality and incredible service.” Hot Tuna features a delicious array of cold and hot appetizers. Traditional favorites include; steamed edamame, tuna tataki, gyoza, and homestyle

eggrolls. If you’re into seafood, I suggest you try the T-N-T mussels with Japanese wasabi mayo and wasabi tobiko or the Panko Crusted Crab Cakes. Customer favorites include the stuffed mushroom caps, tempura fried and stuffed with signature spicy tuna mix topped with garlic-teriyaki drizzle and the Hi-Five with rice, tuna, fresh salmon, whitefish, shrimp and krab stick nigiri. Salads at Hot Tuna are crafted to

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C.R., “The fish is very fresh, which is the most important thing when eating raw fish. They offer a great selection of rolls and surprisingly low prices for such high-quality sushi in such nice decor and atmosphere. Service was perfect. Greeted at the door and seated by a friendly host. Our server was perfect! Nice, attentive, and super helpful. We will become regulars here now as the whole Hot Tuna experience was fantastic from start to finish.”

Drinks, Desserts, and More!

Hot Tuna offers an outstanding selection of Sake. Sake can be enjoyed hot or cold; it all depends on your particular preference. Recently they started offering a wide variety of Japanese beers from the Kiuch Brewery like the White Ale and the Red Rice Ale Kitachino Nest. Do you have a sweet tooth? I do too! Leave room for their fantastic Tempura Ice Cream. Creamy vanilla ice cream wrapped in pound cake and fried to perfection then drizzled with chocolate and strawberry syrup over a slice of pineapple and surrounded by mountains of whip cream. Yum!

Hot Tuna Specials

perfection. My favorite is the Sunomono Salad, with sliced cucumbers and assorted fresh seafood with rice wine vinaigrette. If you like Salmon, I suggest you try the Popeye’s Salad, with spinach, broiled salmon, crispy onions, sliced almonds and strawberries with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Love Sushi? You’ll LOVE Hot Tuna!

Local food guide Jeff R. says, “5-star sushi, 5-star service. Hot Tuna blows away 99% of other sushi places on the west coast of Fl, and in Tampa Bay.” There are nearly 50 sushi rolls on the menu to choose from, so whether you’re coming for a roll or two or want to partake in the famous Hot Tuna Party Boat, a.k.a. “The Ship Load of Sushi,” which serves

four people, there’s sushi here to suit every taste. My favorite sushi rolls include; the Volcano Roll; tuna, cream cheese, cucumber topped with avocado, baked seafood dynamite, ell sauce, and spicy mayo. The SUMO SLAM Roll; made with Krab delight, tempura shrimp, asparagus, topped with fresh salmon, avocado, eel sauce, and spicy mayo. The Scorpion roll; made with crab claw, cucumber, avocado, tempura shrimp, topped with tuna, jalapeño, black tobiko, and paprika oil. And last but not least the Hawai’i Five-O Roll; prepared with tempura shrimp, cream cheese, sweet potato fries, asparagus, topped with mango, avocado, tempura chips, and coconut marmalade. It’s as exotic and unique as it is delicious! “Outstanding sushi!” says local guide

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Hot Tuna has fabulous food and specials for you every day! Happy Hour is from 5 – 7 p.m. every Monday through Friday and features ten different Happy Hour Classic Rolls for $4 each, $1 nigiri (with rice) pieces and $2 sashimi (no rice) – these specials are for dining in only, and there is a $10 minimum order. Half-priced Appetizers are offered Monday through Friday from 8:00 pm to close. As well as 2 for 1 Saketinis & Sake Sangria, $2 House Wines, $2 Domestic and $3 Imported Beers. 

Enjoy the modern style and freshness of Hot Tuna Sushi Bar & Grille, located at 3689 Tampa Road in Oldsmar. Hot Tuna is open Mon. – Thurs. From 11 a.m.–2 p.m. and 5–10 p.m.; Fri. from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. and 5–10:30 p.m.; from 12 –10:30 p.m. on Sat; and 12–9 p.m. on Sun. For more information, call (813) 818-TUNA or for the full menu! Hot Tuna gift cards are great gifts!

AUGUST 2019 17

By Deborah Bostock-Kelley A chiropractic student and foster parent, and a California commercial realtor, two 29 years olds on two very different career paths, had their lives changed by mother. Not the capital M Mother, but the kind used to create a delicious, healthy live sparkling fermented drink called Sunny Culture. In 2015, Rany Bochi had been perfecting a water kefir recipe in his mother’s kitchen, testing flavors out on friends and family, not really thinking beyond his familiar circle.  Unlike dairy kefir which is detrimental to anyone with lactose intolerance or the bitterness of pungent vinegarbased drinks, water kefir is fermented by filtered water, organic superfoods, and organic cane sugar which is used to feed the mother culture. Caffeine free, gluten-free, and organically certified, with no added sugar post fermentation, water kefir is functional and refreshing.  “We found a product that combines the benefits of all. As a non-dairy kefir, it still has the wide spectrum probiotic, but it has a lighter, refreshing aspect unlike other beverages,” said Rany. “Many moms who wanted to give something healthy to their kids haven’t been able to do that because of caffeine or high sugar. We’re like a probiotic fruit juice for kids.” Rany reached out to his childhood best friend and his passion and enthusiasm about this new product motivated Patrick Whitner to change careers to become a partner and official taste tester of the fledgling new company. “When we tried the Hibiscus that’s when we looked at each other and we knew we had a product that could go to the mass consumer,” said Patrick.  The next step was trialing the water kefir at the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market. From the many raves and positive reviews of

18 AUGUST 2019

Drinking With Purpose local taste testers, Sunny Culture was officially born. “Our goal first and foremost is to educate about the importance of gut health. We are part of the solution and we get excited when people intake a variety of different fermented foods. We want our company to be part of our customer’s healthy lifestyle.” said Patrick. “It’s a privilege to be part of that for people.” Named Sunny Culture – a callout to the Sunshine State – the bottle features a symbolic mangrove tree representing strong roots. This Tampa Bay independent business has a mission to make gut health accessible to all, especially children, and particularly children in low income areas.  The startup’s goal is to partner with local organizations that work with foster children and local schools to provide probiotics to children. “Most kids in low income areas are eating many processed foods. A little bit of probiotics go a long way, especially because of the wide spectrum nature of our live probiotic.” Recently certified organic, bottled in eco-friendly glass in flavors of Ginger, Blueberry, Elderberry and Hibiscus, each product is handcrafted locally. Never using any concentrates or extracts, Sunny Culture is made from real blueberries, elderberries, hibiscus, and ginger. “We use whole organic real ingredients – the way it’s supposed to be,” he said. “We call it ‘no shortcuts.’ That’s how you get the true benefits of all the ingredients. We want to be the probiotic of choice and provide a guilt-free sparkling water experience.” Some customers drink Water Kefir as a refreshing beverage while others drink it for the functionality. “Each flavor that we’ve chosen is with functional intention,” Rany explained. “The

biggest thing we are trying to do is to encourage people not only to drink our product because it is refreshing, but also to drink with purpose.” Rany and Patrick chose water kefir product rather than another dairy kefir because the sugar in commercial dairy kefir was alarming. “We’re kind of the stepping stone for people to start experimenting with fermented foods. We call it ‘the gateway to fermentation.’ Probiotics are a big part of digestion as a whole and we are extremely passionate about sharing that message with our community.” Sunny Culture’s Hibiscus is featured in Hibiscus Negrone, a signature cocktail at the Hall of Franklin. The team is also looking to expand into other bars as healthy mocktail options for nondrinkers. Already successfully sold in local yoga studios and health food stores like Abby’s Health

and Nutrition, Duckweed Downtown, Rollin’ Oats Market, Lucky’s Market, among several others, Sunny Culture is celebrating a local Metro launch in Whole Foods in South Tampa, Carrollwood, and Clearwater locations. “We hear stories at farmer’s markets – that’s why we, the two founders, are out there in the Florida sun every weekend,” said Patrick. “It’s about us being able to connect with the community and listen. It’s humbling when we hear testimonials about our products and it just ignites our fire even more why we are doing what we are doing and why we changed both of our lives to go on this mission together. We want to be part of people’s lives. That’s a gift to us. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.” To learn more about Sunny Culture visit, or

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20 AUGUST 2019

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Profile for Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles Magazine

Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles. Westchase. Vol. 8, Issue 8, August 2019  

Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles. Westchase. Vol. 8, Issue 8, August 2019