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NEHA MANN | F&LA 4 | NIFT, New Delhi | 2014 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

OBJECTIVE OF MODULE 1. To map the persona of a subject consumer using the following tools: • Demographic Analysis • Psychographic Analysis • Activity charts • High Involvement Area 2. To define a consumer group derived from the persona mapping of subject

1 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

CONTENTS 1. Certificate 2. Acknowledgement 3. Design Brief 4. Demographic Analysis 5. Psychographic Analysis 6. Activity Chart 6.1. Working day 6.2. Non-working day 7. High Involvement Area 7.1. Quantitative 7.2. Qualitative 8. Observation 9. Design Brief- Redefined 10. Defining the consumer 11. Inspiration 11.1 Inspiration Board 12. Theme 12.1 Theme Board 13. Product 13.1 Concept 13.2 Relating to the theme 13.3 Detailing 13.4 Technical Drawing 14. Learning

2 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Ms. Neha Mann has successfully completed the work required for the module titled Design Process in partial fullfillement for the award of Bachelor Of Design specialising in Fashion And Lifestyle Accessories prescribed by National Institute Of Fashion Technology. This project is the record of authentic work carried out during the academic year 2013-2014.

Faculty’s Signature

3 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those who provided me the possibility to complete this report. A special gratitude to our subject faculties, Mr. Shakti Sagar and Ms. Preetha Hussain, whose contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement, helped me to coordinate my project. Furthermore I would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of Mr. K. Murugan, who gave the permission to use

all required equipment and the necessary materials to complete the prototyping process. A special thanks to Mr. Ramachandran, who gave suggestion about the technical aspects of my prototype. Most importantly, I am very grateful to my subject consumer, Mr. Roshan Roy, for spending his valuable time providing me with all the information required for the process of my study.

4 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

DESIGN BRIEF • To map the demographics and psychographics of an individual and identify areas of high involvement. • Also, to analyze design opportunities and constraints relevant to the consumer.

5 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS Name: Roshan Roy Gender: Male Date of birth – 15/09/1990 Age: 24 Height – 5’11 Weight – 77kg’s Nationality: Indian Place of birth – New Delhi Hometown: Kottayam, Kerala Current City: New Delhi Address – G1/285, 2nd floor, Dal Mill road, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi Father’s name – Roy Varghese Father’s occupation - Retired Mother’s name – Elsy Roy Mother’s occupation - Librarian Family members - 3 Marital status - Single Occupation: Music teacher at G.D. Goenka School, Rohini (since 2010)

6 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014


Founder and Bassist of since 2011. Genre: Psychedelic rock

7 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014


Bassist for Punkh since 2012. Genre: Indian rock/metal





• • • •

Non vegetarian Loves Butter Chicken Hates Salad Mostly eats outside at Dhabas • 5/10 times with friends, otherwise with colleagues, etc. • Never eats with family • Rarely goes to expensive food joints

• Used to play Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton. • Highest level of participation: • School (Football, Basketball) • Church (Cricket, Badminton) • Discontinued playing • Lack of time

• Not a free spender • Not a family person • Not health concious •

• Previously active in sports • Less physical activity now

8 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014





• Does not listen to music • Earlier used to listen to rock bands of the 90s. • Has no music collection • Says it hinders his thoughts when he creates his own music • Does not want to be influenced and produce original music

• Doesn’t have a TV • Hardly goes out to watch any movies • Likes comedy movies • Watches live performances by different artists on the internet • Also watches streaming of football matches online • He is a fan of Arsenal

9 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

• Firm on originality • Unique quality

• Interested in sports and music • Doesn’t have time to watch TV • Enjoys comedy


Likes to sleep in free time Started playing music at the age of 12 First major performance was at school in 2008 Can play Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard Can sing very well Practices everyday apart from jamming sessions with the band Practices individually during free sessions at work Has travelled to Guwahati, Jaipur, Kerala, Punjab, Kanpur for music performances He wants to be touring with his bands five years from now


Passionate about music Determined towards his interest Multi talented Overworked

10 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014





• Has a personal computer • Has Sennheizer earphones • 2 phones-Nokia X2 and Nokia Asha dual sim • WD Hard disk • Bass Guitar processor

He never goes shopping Relies on the clothing he already has Cuts his hair on his own every 2-3 weeks Doesn’t mind any brands or street clothing Favourite piece of clothing is jeans Always wears jeans Hates wearing socks Mostly wears graphic Ts Sometimes wears Blazers for a formal look at work

11 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Invests only in music equipment

Does not pay much attention to clothing Comfort is the priority

Performance get up

Different look with different band

Semi formals

Graphic t shirt

12 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014





Travels by bike Teaches at Rohini which is 18kms from his house After work goes for practices Usually comes home at 2-3 am Jam locations – Kalkaji, Safdarjang, Okhla

Doesn’t carry a bag to work For practices, his friend carries his guitar in a car To work he carries phone, earphones, wallet and the keys to his bike Sometimes needs to carry his guitar processor

13 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Hardworking Tiring schedule

Job doesn’t require carrying anything Inconvenient to carry guitar as he travels by bike

ACTIVITY CHART WORKING DAY 6am: Wake up 6-7am: Get ready 7am: Leave for school 730am: Reach school 7:30am-5pm: Teach at school/ Practice his instrument in free classes 5-11/12am: Practice with one of his bands/ eating out with friends 12/1am: Reach home and sleep


Indefinite timetable: Sleeps till late Practice with band Go out with friends to eat

14 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

HIGH INVOLVEMENT AREA QUANTITATIVELY Space: jampads (various) Activity: Practicing with bands, making music, recording. Product: Bass guitar Processor Hard drive USB Chords Plectrum

Interaction with instruments: • 730-5pm • 6-12am • Spends most of his time with them • Doesn’t carry because he travels on bike Scope of improvement: • Way to carry his instruments • while travelling • Way to keep above mentioned products safely

QUALITATIVELY Area: Music Specialization: Bass guitar and vocals Constraints: Doesn’t carry a bag Travels on bike

15 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Opportunities: Creating ways to keep his belongins carefully as he travels a lot A product which can help in coping with his carefree attitude

OBSERVATION • Not very attached to family • Spends most time with friends • Does not spend too much • Spends on music instruments • Patient • Introvert • Calm • Does not take stress • Friendly • Well Spoken • Passionate • Multi-Talented

16 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014


• Identify the target consumer group based on the previously performed analysis. • Select an inspiration relating its attributes to the kind of product that suits the consumer group. • Develop problem solving design concepts incorporating the inspiration chosen.

17 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Defining the consumer: • • • • • • •

Male Age group 20-25 years Carefree Artist (Musician, Photographer, etc.) Very Masculine Subtle tastes Multi tasks

18 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014


Tough skin Texturous Strong Masculine Dangerous Irregular Pattern

19 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Locking teeth

Strong tail

Sharp Eye

Irregular textures

Tough skin

Side profile 20 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

THEME: GEOMETRIC Sub story: Mathematic

• Design influences from maths and geometry, recalling numeric essence of all things and in nature. • A new graphic approach to all elements that surround us. • Basic and geometric shapes repeated and multiplied to generate new textures and volumes. • Futuristic optical and kinetic effect. • Metallic colours continue. • The harmony of neautral illuminated by touches of green and blue. • Importance of geometric cuts.

21 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

22 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Product: Wallet Key points

• Tough material-leather • Safe locking-zipper • Accomodates hard drive, earphones, money, cards, keys, plectrum, USB • Hard drive can be used while it is still zipped • Low maintenance • Properly winds earphones • Keys kept safely • Can be attached to any loop

23 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Concept Sketch

24 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Using the inspiration while incorporating theme Another approach to crocodile texture Ideology: Irregular patterns

25 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Final pattern

Etching on leather

26 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

TECHNICAL DETAILING Body: Cow Leather Texture: Etching Lining: Cotton Ear Phone Winder: Acrylic (2mm) Trims: Metal

FRONT VIEW (OPEN) Folding space

Card Space

Plectrum pocket


Money pocket

Finger space for earphone winder

Flap for USB

Earphone Winder

Hard disk


27 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Border Zip

Process of stitching leather

1.Cutting the parts

4.Add stitching grooves

2.Taper the edges using scalpel

5.Sew the parts together

3.Glue the parts together

Cut the edges to flatten them (if needed)

(Images and information from 28 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

LEARNING • A better understanding of designing a product targeted to a particular niche. • The process of persona mapping and hence analysing a consumer and their preferences. • The process of creating a prototype using tools like technical drawing, conceptual sketches, mock ups. • The process of stitching of leather.

28 Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

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Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Design Process | Neha Mann | F&LA 4 | 2014

Design Process  

Understanding the process of designing a consumer specific product using various tools to study the consumer.

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