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Take a break from your world. And reconnect in ours. We’re just secluded enough, with a beguiling mix of diversions that will take your minds off your cares and focus them firmly on each other. Charming guesthouses, B&Bs and inns. Delightful wine tours. Lazy carriage rides. Luxurious His and Hers spa treatments. Live music of all kinds. And soft candlelit dinners with surprisingly diverse cuisine. All set in the natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere of the Texas Hill Country. So take your partner. And come dance to the heartbeat of Fredericksburg. H





Ferrari of Austin 4108 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78756 | 866.259.7452 |




Brian McKnight SOULAR ENERGY 60 Kyle Park 66 Sway Modern Thai Restaurant




10 LETTER FROM THE TEAM 13 THE A* LIFE The best of everything

Austin has to offer


Can I Still Wear...?





Ed Burns




The Great Outdoors


Party of Friends


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WHEN THE NEW YE AR COMES, THE WORLD PROVIDES P L E N T Y O F R E A S O N S T O S TA R T A N E W, G I V E S U S INSPIRATION TO MOVE FORWARD AND DELIVERS HOPE FOR AN EVEN BET TER YEAR THAN THE L AST. Admittedly, it is going to be tough to top the year that 2012 was for the city of Austin and the millions that call it home.

However, rather than provide exhaustive lists of what was and wasn't the best of 2012 (we cover that in our online edition!), we'd rather keep our eyes looking toward the horizon. Austin is growing faster than anyone could have imagined— not only in populace, but in food, music, culture and global influence. There has been a lot of change within the city limits, and most of it is for the good. Our city shines with each new year and the coming months SHAWN LIVELY show no signs of slowing that trend. And Austin Lifestyle Magazine stands poised to embrace all these new offerings, as well as the things that Austin has consistently held dear. It's like our cover subject explained of Austin, saying, “I was there years ago and then revisited, and it's not the same city. It's somehow more like its soul, with all that's been added.” From someone who's been revealing his soul for more than twenty years, it's fair to say it is a grand compliment. The evaluation is apt, as well. And, like Mr. McKnight, our evolution has just begun as a city, as a culture and as a collective force for all things independent, eccentric and inspiring. So, get ready for another year of new discoveries in fashion, food, music and art, as we see exactly what 2013 has in store. I know that we at Austin Lifestyle Magazine can't wait. Take in all this city has to give, Shawn Lively, Publisher & the ALM Team





Shawn K. Lively

EDITORIAL TEAM EDITORS Carlo Bligh and Daniel Ramirez ASSOCIATE EDITOR Amber Groce COPY EDITORS Kayla Elliott and Tracy Stewart FASHION EDITOR Edith Henry CONTRIBUTING WRITERS  Kelly Benson, Carlo Bligh, Rachel Brock, Kayla Elliott, Marika Flatt, Rachael Genson, Amber Groce, Steve Habel, Rory Patrick McNeill, Emily Pellerin and Daniel Ramirez KEEP AUSTIN WELL Tracy Ganske, Richard Kelley, Fred Sassani and Lisa Talev INTERNS Kristen Bramblett and Taylor Butler ART & PRODUCTION Kim Vo WEB DESIGN  Stone Slade-Wet Media Designs CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Alia Michelle Alsaffar, Jordyn Campbell, Kimberly Davis, Joann Dost, Sheila Garvey, Sarah Havard, Michael Johnson, Eric Lenington, Chris Martin, Kelsey Orr, Kevin Ou, Lonni Pechacek, Photo Divine, Daniel Ramirez, Ben Sassani, Shawn Kennedy Photography, She-N-He Photography and Design, Stevan Alcala Photography, Lyndsay Stradtner, Jeff Swenson, Peter Tung, ulovei and David Wheeler ART DIRECTOR 

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Bacon Investments, Inc.

Great OutDogs - Healthy and Active Lifestyles Unleashed

Over 30 years experience selling Hill Country and Central Texas ranches.

Austin's first Mobile Pet Store for dogs — Run, Hike, Bike, Travel or Swim? Let your dogs be a part of all your excursions. Follow us on Facebook for locations, hours and planned events around town!



Texas Treasures

Need it Delivered? No problem.

Located in the Oasis, Texas village on Lake Travis, Texas Treasures features art & furnishings with a Western flair. Yet, the collection abounds beyond western for those with a taste for eclectic, contemporary, or antiques. Visit us daily from noon until sunset; by appointment on Monday and Tuesday.

We assist Austin business owners with their delivery + distribution. Pre-scheduled deliveries, hot shots, distribution, local gifts and courier service. Serving Austin, Texas.

6550 Comanche Trail Austin, TX 78732 512-266-3381

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Austin's newest Italian restaurant, Trento, channels the delectable culinary experience from Trento, Italy. Chefs Alex Kahn and Andreas Exarhos have teamed up to create a menu that focuses on fresh, casual Italian dining using the highest quality of food and ingredients. Located at 3600 N. Capital of Texas Highway and

The Domain 11011 Domain Drive, Suite 112 Austin, Texas, 78758 512-386-1429

3600 N. Capital of Texas Hwy. Austin, TX 78746 512-328-7555



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As long as you can "pinch an inch", the Exilis can help you reduce the fat in any area. The skin tightening can be used alone to help sagging skin anywhere on the body.



4300 N Quinlan Park Rd. #225 Austin, Texas 78732 512.266.0007




Noteworthy happenings, reviews and openings that highlight the best of everything Austin has to offer

Swimsuit Season


By Rachel Brock

Joining the elite in the Domain, Blue Glue Bikinis opened its doors on December 3rd. When browsing through the store, which is decked out in shades of aqua, turquoise and white, you’ll find yourself wishing you were in the water. Blue Glue Bikinis offers luxurious yet affordable swimwear. The line has two distinct beach-chic lines. "Glam" focuses on the fashionforward female, featuring signature hardware, laser-cut detailing and embossed fabrics. "Chill" draws in the laid-back modernist, consisting of graphic prints and solids. Blue Glue Bikinis are designed to fit all shapes and sizes: from infants to women, from petite to voluptuous. Both lines are constructed using innovative, recycled

microfiber fabric that is sand-resistant and fits like a “second skin” for optimal comfort. Local resident Liz Stevenson chose to bring the global style of Bali to Austin by opening Blue Glue Bikinis. Stevenson notes, “After spending 20 years in Corporate America, I decided to pursue my dreams as a young girl to open my own boutique! I’m so excited to bring beautiful swimwear to Austin that caters to all of the city’s fun water activities.” Visit for more information about the swimwear and for store hours and information. ALM



The 4-1-1 on Cinema41 With a True-to-Austin Mentality, Local Film Collective Cinema41 Boasts A Diverse 2013 Season Line-Up By Emily R. Pellerin

Austin is a petri dish for film talent, having bred or hosted many renowned directors, screenwriters, actors and actresses over the past many decades. Part of what makes Austin such a breeding ground for creative accomplishment is the communal sensibility of its participants. We are a city that encourages locality, that fosters fledgling projects and whose industries’ established folks are generously supportive of nascent endeavors. As a newer organization, having gotten started only a couple of years back, Cinema41 has experienced this city’s characteristic support and carries it into an upcoming 2013 season. ALM featured Cinema41 a year back when we first found out about it. Its mission is true to the indie-loving spirit of Austin: screen independent, overlooked films; inform viewers by contextualizing each film with a conversation by a guest speaker, filmmaker or scholar; share the love of an art that its creators are passionate about; and garner attention for an underappreciated sector of a much-loved industry. Cinema41 is an independent film collective, volunteer-run and fundraiser and donation supported. Its free screenings take place on the last Thursday of each month at the Salvage Vanguard Theater on Manor Road. The space accommodates no more than 50 people; the screenings are always intimate, and because the SVT is BYOB, it maintains a very casual, comradely feel. That sense of convivial community is exactly what Cinema41 strives for. There is no effort to polarize movie-watchers; it is, on the contrary, an opportunity for the cinematically literate to share a wealth of knowledge and a wealth of under-distributed or underrecognized features with everyone. At the same time, it’s an opportunity for discussion—a forum for anyone who’s curious, for anyone who’s interested and for anyone who’s appreciative. After a hiatus spent off the radar and under development, Cinema41’s season kick-off event will take place January 31st at Austin Film Society’s Austin Studios. C41’s Executive Director Ryan Darbonne is excited to produce the upcoming event, which will be a screening of Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench. The 2009 musical film portrays the romantic fluctuations and visceral livelihoods of two Boston-based main characters. Jazz performances and choreographed snippets embed themselves into their realities, making for a Cinema41 season debut that appropriately exhibits how dramatic power can ensue from the cooperation of different forms of art. Following the screening, the film’s director, Damien Chazelle, will Skype-in for a conversation and Q & A with the audience. To top it all off, Lone Star will be there pouring brews for the event’s guests and Austin-based Wunder-Pilz Kombucha will be serving up its fair trade, organic, small-batch kombucha teas. 2013 foresees a big year for Cinema41. The season’s diverse line-up of screenings includes The Rage in Placid Lake, one of Rose Byrne’s earliest


Australian films; Castaway on the Moon, a South Korean “dramedy;” Steven Soderbergh's Schizopolis; acclaimed director Tom Kalin’s Swoon; 1943’s fantasy horror film Carnival of Sinners; and the controversial documentary A Time for Burning, which was nominated for Best Documentary Feature in 1967. In addition to showing films, Cinema41 hosts Austin’s only all-film pub trivia, called Trivia41, once a month at Dive Bar. For more information on upcoming films, local industry goings-on, events and more, visit ALM

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805 E. 32nd Street, Suite 101 Austin, TX 78705 170 Deepwood Drive, Suite 102 Round Rock, TX 78681

(512) 244-1444

Prices listed reflect starting costs for procedures including surgeon fees, anesthesiologist, hospital OR fees, implants where applicable, and cash discount. Additional fees may be incurred. Complimentary consultation required to determine eligibility for procedures.


With Love, From Paris Korbella Jewelry brandembodies all that is Paris using the Eiffel Tower as inspiration.. Owner and Chief Creative Officer Paul Bedell explains it all on the company’s website: “I set out to create truly unique and beautiful pieces that would touch people’s hearts and let them connect with the romance and mystique of Paris.” Paul started the company in 2011 after he and his wife, Janel, took their 9-year old daughter, Samantha, to Paris. It was a monumental trip for the family and they wanted to find the perfect souvenir, but t-shirts and keychains didn’t hold any significance. They took back an article about Christie’s auctioning off a piece of the Tower in Paris, just days before they made their trip. Upon returning home to the States, Paul began his search to locate and purchase a Tower section to use to make fine jewelry, a lasting and suitable souvenir to help cement memories for his family and others forever. “When I think about Korbella's Eiffel Tower line of jewelry, a number of words spring to mind. Dreams, memories and passion are at the top of the list.” Each piece in the collection (aside from the accessory earring) has a piece of the original Eiffel Tower. The precious and rare artifacts are made of iron from the Eiffel Tower, framed within sterling silver, vermeil (18K yellow gold over sterling) or other precious metals by special order. After careful consideration and various focus group studies, Paul decided to work with the original metal and not to melt or dilute it. The beautiful bronzed, brown patina of each Eiffel Tower artifact stands out prominently against the silver and gold palette in each piece. “I had always enjoyed and appreciated fine jewelry, and had grown up in an entrepreneurial household, so this pursuit was well-aligned with my interests and aspirations,” Paul said. “Moreover, there was something tremendously energizing about working with this phenomenal piece of romantic history [the Eiffel Tower] and finding ways to share it with others. My passion for this pursuit is fueled by many sources, including a love of France, in general, and Paris in particular, an admiration for beautiful things, especially jewelry and an appreciation for the importance of celebrating special memories of times we share with loved ones.” Korbella is currently sold online only. For more information, visit



By Amber Groce




The Reimagined Tea Party Growing up, every little girl fancies herself a tea party connoisseur—a love that tends to diminish as we age…unless you hail from the UK, where the love of a good tea never fades. Sophie Parrott is one of those individuals, and recently brought her love of tea across the pond with her company, The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co. Created in 2011, The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co. gives Austinites the chance to experience a true tea party, complete with all the fixings. A self-titled Tea Party Mistress and Preservationist, Sophie has a passion for helping others fall in love with tea. “Tea is a massive conversation—it’s when time stops, no matter what you are doing,” Sophie says. “It’s a time to chat with your friends, stop stressing about your life and just be in the moment with your company.” She adds, “However dreary your day is, a cup of tea and a slice of cake will no doubt make it better.” Every tea party at Marvelous Vintage Tea Party is unique. Whether the party consists of two people or 200; whether the hostess has an unlimited budget or none; whether you prefer morning tea at the park or evening tea at your house, Sophie and her staff are ready. Once Sophie has helped each woman (or man— these reimagined tea parties can really be for any gender) determine their desires for the party, no detail goes unnoticed. Each party is complete with hand-picked decorations, table settings and china, costumes and music to accompany the selected theme, tea and finger foods, and a party hostess to ensure the enjoyment of every guest. No matter what the plan, you can rest assured knowing that decadence and vintage glamour will reign supreme—Sophie guarantees it. If you can’t seem to get enough of Sophie Parrott and her Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Company, fear not because she is currently in the process of producing a reality show and writing a step-by-step guide to throwing the ultimate vintage tea party. To learn more about planning your own vintage event, visit their website at

Deliciously Sweet. Created by expert chef Rebecca Rather (formerly of Rather Sweet Bakery), The Pink Pig in Fredericksburg is the newest culinary venture to make Texas Hill Country residents squeal. Housed in wine country, The Pink Pig offers a welcome respite for both locals and tourists making their way to and from a day in the vineyards. While so many people expect great new culinary ventures to be opened in larger cities, Rather loves her small town, and said she wouldn’t have it any other way. “So many of my fans are [in Fredericksburg], and I love them for their support throughout the years,” Rather said. “And Fredericksburg continues to attract people from bigger cities looking for the small-town charm that we offer.” The Pink Pig is the epitome of a small town venue, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner in a rustic 19th century building. The plans to soon open a beautiful wine bar will provide diners with a more romantic, intimate setting that overlooks the Texas Hill Country, allowing them to really experience all that Fredericksburg scenery has to offer. Rather has owned bakeries previously, but she’s not looking to make The Pink Pig a recreation of her past. At this point, she is more interested in reinventing herself as a chef, while still improving on a few old favorites. Although a self-taught (and extremely talented) pastry chef, Rather has become successful in various types of food, using the local Southern, Mexican and Texan cuisines as inspiration for her dishes. If you prefer sweet treats, don’t leave the bakery without taking home a few of their signature pink pig shortbread cookies. Next time you find yourself make a trip near Fredericksburg, be sure to make a pit stop at The Pink Pig to get a taste of their delicacies.



The recent rise in healthy living has created an increased demand for better food options. For many, eating healthy requires time, which is something many of us just don’t have. Consumers need a company that can bring a healthy dining experience directly to their front door, ready to eat. Enter Beetnik Foods. Opened in 2012, Beetnik Foods wants to be Austin’s (and the nation’s) go-to source for quick and convenient healthy food. Co-founders David Perkins and Britt Hager were looking to accomplish three things, each of which is simple to achieve on its own, but more difficult in combination. They wanted to deliver food that tastes good, is convenient, and above all is healthy. And thus far, they seem to have accomplished their goal. Using all-natural ingredients, and the highest quality grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, the team at Beetnik Foods works meticulously with their specially trained chef and their in-house nutritionist to develop a menu that would be comparable to any top-rated restaurant. The result? A mouth-watering dish sure to appease even the pickiest of eaters. Although Beetnik Foods can be shipped anywhere within the continental United States, Perkins and Hager were adamant about setting up shop in Austin. “Texas is a great place, but people far and wide really love Austin,” Hager said. “We may be a national company, but we’re all extremely excited to live and work in this city, and we’re trying to bring the culinary culture of Austin online with Beetnik Foods.” Their commitment to offering the best food in the best way just can’t be overlooked these days. So whether you are the kind without a minute to spare, or someone just looking to try something newer and healthier in the New Year, Beetnik Foods is a must for 2013.


Delicious. Delivered.



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B rio i

A* S T Y LE | FA S H I O N

CAN I STILL WEAR................ I

n Austin, the calendar changes but the weather may not always follow! What does that mean for our fashions? CAN I STILL WEAR those summer dresses, and tops? What about shorts? YES! By incorporating layers and some hot fall/winter trends, you can get MORE out of your wardrobe this season!

PHOTOGRAPHER Peter Tung, | STYLING Edith Henry, MAKEUP/HAIR Kelsey James, | MODEL Sarah Creel | STYLING ASSISTANT Amy Darveau

CORAL DRESS Chelsea & Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria SWEATER Kensie, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria CORAL DRESS Chelsea & Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

LEATHER CUFF Natasha, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

WHITE BELT Ralph Lauren, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

SCARF Golden Bones Boutique & Salon

BANGLES Jessica Simpson, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

TIGHTS, HAT, SOCKS Stylist's own

FLORAL WEDGES Gianni Bini, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

BOOTIES Gianni Bini, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

NECKLACE Golden Bones Boutique & Salon

FUR CLUTCH Golden Bones Boutique & Salon

HANDBAG COACH, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria



A* S T Y LE | FA S H I O N

WHITE SEQUIN DRESS Gianni Bini, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria FAUX LEATHER JACKET Golden Bones Boutique & Salon FAUX FUR HAT Dillards, Hill Country Galleria BLACK & GOLD VINTAGE CHAIN NECKLACE Golden Bones Boutique & Salon WHITE SEQUIN DRESS Gianni Bini, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria PEWTER SHOES Jessica Simpson, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

GOLD & RHINESTONE NECKLACE Dillards, Hill Country Galleria EARRINGS Anna & Ava, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria BOOTS Lucky, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria


CLUTCH Golden Bones Boutique & Salon

NECKLACE Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

TIGHTS & SOCKS Stylist's own

BOHO TUNIC TOP Chelsea &Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria DENIM SHORTS Model's own HAT Stylist's own SHOES Sperry, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria FEATHER EARRINGS & BELT Golden Bones Boutique & Salon HANDBAG Patricia Nash, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria LEATHER CUFF Natasha, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria



BOHO TUNIC TOP Chelsea &Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria SWEATER Chelsea & Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria SUEDE SKIRT Golden Bones Boutique & Salon HOT AIR BALLOON NECKLACE Golden Bones Boutique & Salon TIGHTS, SOCKS, HAT & GLOVES Stylist's own BOOTS Donald Pliner, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

A* S T Y LE | FA S H I O N

A* S T Y LE | FA S H I O N

LEOPARD SHIRT DRESS Colletive Concepts, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria GREEN BELT Ralph Lauren, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria ENAMEL BRACELETS Anna & Ava, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria WATCH Fossil, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria HAT Stylist's own SCARF Esther Schoeneck, The Sugar Factory

LEOPARD SHIRT DRESS Colletive Concepts, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS Chelsea & Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria FAUX FUR VEST Chelsea & Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria BLUE SUEDE BOOTS Jessica Simpson, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria FINGERLESS GLOVES & RING Golden Bones Boutique & Salon


CLUTCH Kate Landry, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

SHOES Model's own


WHITE LACE TOP Chelsea & Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria TAN SHORTS Model's own

WHITE LACE TOP Chelsea & Violet, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

NECKLACES Golden Bones Boutique & Salon

LEATHER SHORTS THML, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

SUNGLASSES COACH, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

BLACK FAUX FUR SHAWL Cejon, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

BELT (from the Leopard Tunic) Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

TIGHTS & SHOES Stylist's own

SHOES Stylist's own

HANDBAG BRAHMIN, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria

ENAMEL BRACELET Anna & Ava, Dillards, Hill Country Galleria






magine standing on the deck of a spectacular home, custom built with massive Douglas Fir logs that were imported from British Colombia. On the deck you are looking out at your

private, huge, deep lake. You might think you are in Colorado, but the Cross Bar Ranch is an incredible 343 acres, just 45 minutes from Austin. The land has rolling topography, with good elevation changes, and grand views, but is not too rugged. The ranch is high-fenced and is home to elk, oryx, axis, black buck antelope, white fallow, red stag, and white tail deer. There is a Parks and Wildlife MLD permit in place. Much of the cedar has been cleared, leaving a good cover of hardwoods. Miller Creek meanders through the ranch and a multi-acre lake (owner says over 25 acres) is stocked with bass and crappie. The crown jewel of the ranch is the magnificent 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, custom log home, overlooking the lake. Constructed in 2008, everything in the home is first class. The main floor is open, with lots of windows, and is perfect for entertaining. Amenities include a gourmet kitchen, granite counters, slate floors, water treatment system, 7 CACH units, commercial metal roof, game room, and a huge ironwood deck. In addition to the main home there is a 4 year old, 2 bedroom, 2 bath guest house with a beaded ceiling made from aromatic red heart cedar. Adjoining the guest house is an insulated barn/workshop. This premier Hill Country ranch is ideal for a primary residence, hunting/recreation, or a corporate/family retreat. Priceless memories await anyone privileged enough to experience the Cross Bar Ranch. List price $5,900,000. For more information, please contact Bacon Investments, Inc.

PO Box 201330, Austin, TX 78720 (512) 335-0071




keep an ongoing mental bucket list related to travel. Germany was never on that bucket list. However, when I heard about a new chic and contemporary riverboat cruise launching to the North American market in 2013 called A-ROSA, my curiosity was piqued. What I soon discovered is that riverboat cruising is one of the hottest travel trends and those finding it trendy are not just senior citizens; the typical age of a cruiser ranges from 40-65. Established in 2000, A-ROSA ( operates river boat cruises throughout Europe on the Rhône/Saône, Rhine/Mosel/ Main and Danube rivers. 2013 marks the first time that the brand’s ships will be devoted exclusively to the North American market. After researching A-ROSA’s website and getting plain giddy looking at the information about German Christmas markets, I quickly booked the trip to set off to the land of beer and lederhosen. Here’s how your trip works with A-ROSA: 1. You pick your cruise (length from 7-14 days, river you’d like to cruise, and excursions into the ports of call). 2. You book this trip in its entirety with one swift click of the mouse and it’s done! What I mean by this is that A-ROSA riverboat cruises are all-inclusive (yes, just like your favorite Mexican resort).


And, this will really make you want to say “Danke Schoen” (thank you in German). A-ROSA is out to make this your easiest vacation ever. They book your flight, your hotel, all your transfers, and you hop aboard and are delivered to various excursion cities where they’ve even set up tours for you. 3. Austin is approximately 12 hours of travel time from Germany (which would include one stop). So, you fly over and enjoy hours of movies you never got to see at home and a drink that tastes better than the one you have at home, and enjoy the ride. 4. You spend one night in the departure city with time to sightsee. For us, this was Frankfurt and we had a fascinating time exploring various areas of the city, including the Christmas market, a shopping center and historic districts. We had plenty of time to enjoy local beer and bratwurst, too. 5. You board the A-ROSA riverboat and set off to sail away, sail away, sail away (insert music here). As a cruise first-timer, I felt much safer on a riverboat than out in the great big ocean. I knew that, worst-case, I could swim to shore. Now having cruised down the Danube, I actually could have jumped on to shore in several places. This storied river is quite a bit narrower

than I imagined it to be (I was picturing the mighty Mississippi.). Another reason this riverboat cruise was ideal for an outgoing gal like me is that we had the opportunity to meet some fantastic new friends aboard the boat who we had a ball with every day—eating meals together (dining is open seating), taking city tours (walking tours of Regensburg and Nuremberg), and dancing the night away to live music in the bar. After spending a few days with these folks from all over the U.S., I felt like I made some lifelong friends. Here are some other highlights of the A-ROSA riverboat cruise: • Because the cruise was all-inclusive, we did not have to worry about paying for anything once we boarded except our spa treatment. All of our food and alcoholic beverages were included, which provided a stress-free adventure. • The cabins onboard (there are a few options) are larger than the typical ocean cruiser. You have plenty of space and a delightful view of the German countryside (we even woke up to snow-covered ground one morning!) • Spa A-ROSA features massages and a dry sauna that hit the spot after a frigid day in town. The sauna is co-ed and they don’t like swimsuits, but North Americans are allowed to wear towels. (Of course, their European cruisers typically don’t.)

• As someone who spends her life planning, I enjoyed that each daily excursion was planned out for us so all we had to do was dress warmly, follow the tour guide and find our way back to the boat afterwards. We enjoyed a very educational tour of Regensburg, followed by shopping at the Christmas market, and then finding a small pub called Picasso’s where we happily ducked in for warmth, a local beer and to check email on their Wi-Fi. In Nuremberg, we had an entertaining bus tour of this historic city, and then witnessed the opening ceremony of their famed Christmas market. A few friendly reminders: • Don't forget your passport! • Make sure to pack your own European adapters for any electronics. • If you’re cruising during the winter months, make sure and bring layers, coats, hats, scarves and gloves (temperatures average a high of 45 and low of 30 in early December.) • Exchange USD for EUR in advance so that you have cash on hand when you arrive. You can do this at most airports, large German hotels and some U.S. banks before you set off. Each currency exchange will take a different percentage (i.e. 7% at the Houston airport/ 10% at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt).







• The dress code aboard the ship is "country club casual," which means no jeans or sneakers in the evenings and jackets for men, although you can dress comfortably for the daily excursions. The only word of caution is to make sure you treat this as an untethered vacation, not expecting to log onto the Internet. To say the WiFi coverage was spotty is being generous. So unplug from our North American connected world and enjoy easy cruising down the river. ALM Marika Flatt, owner of PR by the Book (, has been a freelance travel writer since 2002, writing for publications such as:,, Plate & Vine and Her travel writing has also appeared on She lives with her husband and 3 children (who also love to travel) in Austin. She recently launched a travel blog at





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We service Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Land Rover & all European Brands.



Hand-picked by Marika Flatt, Contributing Writer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>







1 Women's Down Sweater Full-Zip Hoody, $250. Patagonia, 2 Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj Fragrance, $59. 3 College Rose Collection Bouquet, $90 for 12 stems. FTD, 4 Retro 80s T-Shirts, $10-50. 5 Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow, $80. 6 ShedRain Fashion Umbrella, $26.







1 Zoubaby Monogrammed Rain Boot, $98. 2 ON Cloudracer Running Shoe, $129. RunTex, 3 A l e g r i a P a l o m a H a p p y P i n k C l o g s , $ 1 2 0 . K a r a v e l , k a r a v e l s h o e s . c o m . 4 To n y L a m a M o k a S i e n n a B o o t , $ 2 0 0 . A l l e n s B o o t s , a l l e n s b o o t s . c o m . 5 A e t r e x Ta l l E s s e n c e R i d i n g B o o t s , $ 2 0 0 . a e t r e x . c o m .




he days of living at the mercy of the moods of Mother Nature, a cruel and tempestuous vixen notorious for ruining picnics and shuttle launches, are nearly over. Coming this March, The University of Texas Golf Club, nestled in the Steiner Ranch lake side community, will unveil the Edgar O. and Melanie A. Weller Tennis Center. This is not a case of identity crisis for the Golf Club, but a continued effort by the University of Texas to bring world class athletic facilities to Austin. As a sport of Scottish origin, golf was made to be played in the worst possible conditions, given that a caddy and cocktails are present. Tennis however, is the past time of the pristine day, and with the wild climactic extremes that Central Texas unleashes upon us, the Weller Tennis Center guarantees its members the best playing conditions every single day. At a facility as state of the art and world class as the Weller Tennis Center, it is no surprise that this enterprise is the scene of a collision of Texas tennis legends. The Center’s namesake, Edgar Weller, was a UT tennis letter winner, and this facility will be the tangible expression of the dream espoused by the charitable trust founded by Edgar and his late wife Melanie. The Weller Center is steered under the expert guidance of its Director of Tennis, Steve Bryan, who, amongst other things accomplished in his lifetime, won a NCAA Singles National Championship and was titled an All-American while at UT. Now Mr. Bryan has the simple task of creating the best tennis programs in the world to develop young talent and run an elite facility like no other for its members. The Whaling/Snyder Indoor Courts, which boast six different courts and makes it the largest facility of its type in Central Texas, draws its inspiration and identity from Graham Whaling, a former Longhorn tennis team captain, and Coach Dave Snyder, the secondwinningest men’s tennis coach in NCAA Division I history. Director Bryan is a stand out of the ranks of the tennis all-stars that were trained under Coach Snyder, showing that the Weller Tennis Center

is staying true to its Texas roots and keeping the operation well within the Longhorn family. It is thus fitting that the Weller Tennis Center will naturally be the home of University of Texas tennis program as they continue the legacy of producing the top players in the nation. With the a state of the art facility and a cast of legends at the helm, it is just a matter of meeting basic expectations that the Well Tennis Center will offer an experience that cannot be rivaled by any other tennis club, court, or program in Texas. In addition to the six indoor courts, the Center also holds four outdoor courts (all of which have official US Open-colored surfaces), the capacity for 600 spectators, tournament quality lighting, and luxurious locker rooms­—naturally. While the University of Texas Golf Club may be subject to droughts, hurricanes, and meteor showers, the Edgar O. and Melanie A. Weller Tennis Center will not only protect you from t he element s , but will give you the best possible condit ion s for your game. As for the quality of your own playing… please stop by Steve Br ya n’s office, he can help with that. ALM

The Weller Tennis Center is owned by the University of Texas. However, The UT Tennis Club will manage both the indoor and outdoor facilities. The Tennis Club will offer many popular tennis programs such as women’s leagues, men’s leagues, mixers, and beginner to high level junior programs. Fun for

the whole family. Like it’s “big brother” The UT Golf Club, The UT Tennis Club will offer memberships to fit your needs, whether it be a tennis only membership or one that has all amenities including golf, pool, dining and fitness. Memberships are limited and are certain to sell out.


TENNIS ANYONE? We’re courting new members. In the past we have been known for our exemplary golf club experience, but we’re about to be known for much more. With the additions of indoor and outdoor courts, as well as a family friendly pool, our facilities will have something fun for the whole family. Introducing and opening in early 2013, the Edgar O. and Melanie A. Weller Tennis Center featuring the Whaling/Snyder Indoor Courts. Our new facilities will feature a limited number of both Local and Regional memberships. For more information on how you can join The UT Golf Club, contact us at or call 512-266-6464.






t’s that time of year when Austin finally reaches temps warranting layers. I’ve always thought of it as a blessing when winter arrives here— it’s never painful and offers the chance to mix it up. After years dealing with Chicago’s winters I’ve come to the realization that our winter is really just one long fall. Austin’s foliage, while never all that intensely colored, slowly changes in a soft manner, as if choosing to fade away instead of going out with a bang. With our massive variety of plant life something always seems to be starting anew as others retire. The leaves are simply a tree's accessory of the moment, so I suppose that, in this moment, we honor them with our own accessory-the scarf. In the spirit of change, the time is right to add some fresh appeal to these most wonderful of accessories. They serve, after all, the rare purpose of decorating our bodies and keeping us comfortable. I spent some time researching new ways of adorning ourselves with scarves and a funny thing began to appear...little signs of Austin. It is only fitting that I called on our local gem of an artist, Lacey Richter, to give us the renderings. Now go, try them all on for size and find out what neighborhood you should be spending more time in!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SOCO BOHO Effortless and urban, this knot has the makings of something anyone can slip on. (1) Fold a square scarf into an oblong shape and let it drop down your neck equally on each side. (2) Make a knot the left side. (3) Bring the right side towards the left. (4) Let the right pass through the left to form a knot. (5) Tighten and get a handsome knot.

E AST SIDE STRONG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Strong lines with a graphic feel lend itself to top off any funky outfit. Throw it under a blazer to dress things up. (1) Fold the square scarf accordingly on the bias and let it hang around your neck equally on each side. (2) Cross over both sides. (3) Give the sides another cross. (4) Bring both ends towards the back of the neck. (5) Pass one end through the other and tie a simple knot.


A* S T Y LE | B E AU T Y

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SMART IN HYDE PARK Footloose and fancy free. Take an intentionally flirty feel and be the professor's pet. (1) Fold a square scarf on the bias. (2) Let it hang around your neck with roughly one third of the scarf on the left side and twothirds on the right, then cross the right over the left. (3) Bring the left upwards to make it pass through the cross so that a sort of loop is formed. (4) After tossing the left underneath the right, let it pass through a second look again. (5) Pull one end firmly; your Hyde Park style is ready to go!

DOWNTOWN DASHING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Make your mark with a classic feel. This twist on the iconic ascot is sure to mean big business. (1) Fold a square scarf once to form a triangle. (2) Let it dangle around your neck from the front so that the scarf ends hang on your back. (3) Cross both the ends at the back and bring them forward, equally on both sides. (4) Now take both sides and tie them in a small bow in front. Voila!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< TARRY TOWN CHIC Sophistication and worldly feeling. Confidence oozes while sporting this breezy look. (1) Fold a square scarf on the bias. (2) Center the scarf in front of your neck. Wrap around, crossing ends behind neck and pull forward. (3) Tie a single knot centered underneath your chin. (4) Twist scarf jauntily to one side of neck so the knot is off-center. (5) Finish by tying a double knot and let ends hang loosely. Be mindful that the idea is to keep the twist loose. ALM

For more beauty tips from Rory McNeill, visit


T H E A* L IF E | E V EN T S

J A N U A RY 1 6

J A N U A RY 2 6

Lucinda Williams

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Paramount Theatre






J A N U A RY 1 6

J A N U A RY 2 5

F E B R U A RY 2

F E B R U A RY 1 6

Lucinda Williams Paramount Theatre

Kyle Park Midnight Rodeo Austin

North Mississippi Allstars The Parish

Blanton Museum Gala Blanton Museum of Art

J A N U A RY 1 6

J A N U A RY 2 6

F E B R U A RY 3

F E B R U A RY 1 7

Disney's The Lion King Bass Concert Hall

What Made Milwaukee Famous Antone's

Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro Long Center for the Performing Arts

The Nobelity Project Artist & Filmmakers Dinner Honoring Kris Kristofferson Four Seasons Austin

J A N U A RY 1 8

Los Lobos Acoustic ACL Live at the Moody Theater J A N U A RY 1 8

The Scabs Antone's J A N U A RY 1 8

Led Zeppelin 2 Emo's J A N U A RY 1 8

Eddie Money One World Theatre J A N U A RY 2 3

Calexico Emo's J A N U A RY 2 3

Gregg Rollie (of Santana) One World Theatre J A N U A RY 2 5

Drive-By Truckers Emo's


J A N U A RY 2 6

MomCom Austin The Oasis J A N U A RY 2 6

Dell Children's Gala Austin Convention Center J A N U A RY 2 6

Zappa Plays Zappa Stubb's J A N U A RY 2 6 â&#x20AC;&#x201D;2 7

Le Garage Sale Palmer Event Center J A N U A RY 3 0

Diana Ross ACL Live at the Moody Theater J A N U A RY 3 1

The Residents Scottish Rite Theater

F E B R U A RY 7

F E B R U A RY 1 9

JB Smoove Cap City Comedy Club

Dave Mason One World Theatre

F E B R U A RY 9

F E B R U A RY 2 0

G. Love and Special Sauce Stubb's

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Mohawk

F E B R U A RY 9

F E B R U A RY 2 0

3rd Annual CharityBash Masquerade Ball Scottish Rite Theater

Ra Ra Riot The Belmont

F E B R U A RY 1 1â&#x20AC;&#x201D;1 2

Dropkick Murphy's Stubb's

The xx ACL Live at the Moody Theater F E B R U A RY 1 3

Morrissey with special guest Kristeen Young Austin Music Hall F E B R U A RY 1 6

Bill Maher ACL Live at the Moody Theater

F E B R U A RY 2 7


Lone Stars and Angels









1 Presenting Sponsors Auburn and Shara Dennis. 2 Cory Morrow. 3 St. Jude Patient Darcy Cassidy (far right) with event Chairman Scott Nietschman and her siblings. 4 Lauren Honeycutt, Tamara McDonald, Susannah Causey (St. Jude), Natalie Riser and Megan Fults. 5 Megan Berryman, Rich Coffey, John Hay III, Christy and Brad Compere. 6 Emily Mickelson and Sponsor Eric Cullen. 7 Judge Marily Aboussie and son John Hay III. 8 Scott Nietschmann, Shara Dennis, Aubry Dennis and M.C. Ron Oliveira.



A Christmas Affair

2 1

5 3





1 Brooke Tootah, Amy Hurt and Tami Anders. 2 Jennifer Angen, Linda Traylor and Jacquelyn Noack. 3 Cathy McHorse and Marilyn Willson. 4 Joe McDermott. 5 Sleigh. 6 ACA Committee. 7 Liz Fazio, Marylin Willson, Jessica Stathos and Cynthia Mattiza.


2 Plays, 2 Stages. 2 Unforgettable Experiences! “I cannot describe to you how much we enjoyed the casita you found for us. It was everything I had hoped for & your help was invaluable. Thank you ever so much!” - Betty F., Texas

By Jay Presson Allen Directed by Larry Randolph Starring Jaston Williams

“How great your suggestions are!! I was raised there but my parents moved SELECT ION SELECTION to Colorado about mobile & online guide 20 years ago, so I’m out of touch...Thanks again for your wonderful help!!!” - Susan H., Colorado

A revealing and often hilarious portrayal of Truman Capote, the charming, acerbic and enigmatic author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Starts January 9 in ZACH’s intimate Whisenhunt Theatre

Santa Fe is my home. My free visitor’s guide takes you straight to the best activities, sights and places to stay, dine and shop with easy reference maps and mobile friendly tools.

PLUS... Your Local Connection to the Authentic Santa Fe

By Moisés Kaufman • Directed by Dave Steakley


Maria Johnson 505-470-2991

Starring Anton Nel and Beth Broderick

Regional Premiere. Starts January 23 in ZACH’s Topfer Theatre Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations come life in this inspirational Broadway play about a passion for music! 40 SFS_Austin.indd 1

1/21/13 8:12:31 AM


512-476-0541 x1


Dancing with the Stars Austin







1 Graham Quinn, Rebecca Rooney and Craig Comeaux. 2 Wendy Har vey and Mike Top e l . 3 G inny Jon es an d Ran d y Ferguson . 4 Taletha Jouzdani and Clayton Aynesworth. 5 Michael Torres, Sandra Martin, Mary Herr Tally and Karen Shultz. 6 Matt Stewart and Carol Adams.


S o m e w h er e,


m ov ie

s ta r



I t ’ S l I k E t O b E y O u.

At Lantana Spa, our job is simple. We’re here to provide you with luxury and treat you to a holistic wellness experience unlike anything on Earth. To deliver on this promise, we have 26,000 square feet of world-class facilities plus signature treatments like the Texas Caviar Facial to ensure we succeed. When you’re ready to be pampered like never before, visit

23808 Resort Parkway San Antonio, TX 78261 210.276.2300



Cattle Baron's Ball



The American Cancer Society is pleased to announce its 18th annual Cattle Baron’s Ball, to be held Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 7 p.m. at Star Hill Ranch, located at 15000 Hamilton Pool Road. Chaired by Austinites Pam and Todd Gilmour, the Cattle Baron’s Ball is an opportunity to support lifesaving cancer research and important services for Central Texans with cancer while enjoying a one-of-a-kind Texas-style celebration. “As a cancer survivor, I recognize and appreciate the crucial role the American Cancer Society plays in our community, and Todd and I are honored to chair the upcoming Cattle Baron’s Ball,” Pam Gilmour said. The 2013 Cattle Baron’s Ball will feature live music from Bob Schneider and the Texas Bluegrass Massacre; raffles; silent and live auctions; southern gourmet cuisine and CATTLE BARON'S BALL cocktails; and uniquely Texas activities and February 23 games. Star Hill Ranch “While the Cattle Baron’s Ball supports the vitally important mission of the American Cancer Society, attendees can expect an evening that is nothing but fun,” Pam Gilmour said. “Dress for the ball is still Texas chic, and we have an exciting new location—Star Hill Ranch, a distinct Hill Country destination that will allow attendees to kick up their boots and enjoy a little stargazing.” Beyond having a night to remember, event organizers cite two main reasons to support the American Cancer Society Cattle Baron’s Ball: 1. Research—In Austin, the American Cancer Society is currently funding two researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, with a total investment of $1.6 million. Statewide, the American Cancer Society is funding $32 million in research, including $11.9 million at MD Anderson Cancer Center. The American Cancer Society dedicates more money to cancer research than any other nonprofit in the United States. 2. Services—Last year, the American Cancer Society provided services—ranging from counseling to critically needed transportation—to more than 4,800 Central Texans who are battling cancer. Cattle Baron’s Ball tickets begin at $350, and underwriting opportunities range from $5,000 to $50,000. For more information, please contact the American Cancer Society (Shannan Rolfsen, 512.919.1961) or (Anna-Melissa Cavazos, 210.595.0217) or visit To date, 2013 Cattle Baron’s Ball major underwriters include St. David’s HealthCare; Texas Monthly; Stacie and David Keliehor; Ryan Perry, Turnquist Partners Realtors; Tiny Pies; Texas Hospital


Insurance Exchange; Independence Title, and Ben E. Keith Co. For 100 years, the American Cancer Society has worked to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. The movement for more birthdays is about everyday people coming together to make a difference. This year, more than 11 million cancer survivors will celebrate another birthday, thanks in part to the progress we’ve already made. But we can't stop there. With every person who joins the movement, we get closer to the day when cancer never steals another year from someone’s life. In 1913, 15 prominent physicians and business leaders founded an organization to target a disease steeped in a climate of fear and denial, and rarely mentioned in the public. Today, the American Cancer Society is the nation’s largest community-based volunteer health organization, playing a role in virtually every groundbreaking cancer advance realized. Without volunteers, the success of the American Cancer Society would be minimal. The generosity of sponsors, patrons and friends is making a difference in the lives of cancer patients in our community. The proceeds from Cattle Baron’s Ball support the American Cancer Society’s mission to eliminate cancer as a major health problem by helping people stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back through research, education, advocacy and service.


Beyond Batten Run to the Sun Relay The Beyond Batten Disease Foundation was created by Charlotte and Craig Benson of Austin, Texas, in 2008 after their then five-yearold daughter was diagnosed with Batten Disease. Batten Disease is a fatal, inherited disorder of the nervous system that begins in childhood. Early symptoms of this disorder usually appear between the ages of 5 and 10, when parents or physicians may notice that a previously normal child has begun to develop vision problems or seizures. In some cases the early signs are subtle, taking the form of personality and behavior changes, slow learning, clumsiness, or stumbling. Over RUN TO THE SUN RELAY time, affected children suffer mental April 20 Enchanted Rock to Laguna Gloria impairment, worsening seizures, and progressive loss of sight and motor skills. Eventually, children with Batten disease become blind, bedridden, and physically and mentally incapacitated, requiring 24-hour care. Batten Disease is often fatal by the late teens or twenties. The mission of the Foundation is to raise awareness and money to accelerate research to find a cure for Batten Disease, and develop an easy and inexpensive blood test to detect the gene mutations for the disease, and hundreds of other rare conditions like it, that claim the lives of thousands of children each year. The Beyond Batten Disease Foundation is uniquely positioned to accelerate the pace of progress towards developing treatments, and one day, a cure, for Batten Disease. The founders and board members have extensive contacts and relationships in the scientific and medical


research communities. As a result, the Foundation is working to build a broad collaborative network of researchers that will bring a fresh and innovative perspective to accelerate the development of successful treatments. Today, there isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a cure for Batten Disease, but on April 20, 2013, you can help. Join us for the Run to the Sun Relayâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;an overnight, long-distance relay from Enchanted Rock to Austin. Stand with us at sunrise while we celebrate the strength and determination of those impacted by Batten. They are determined and focused on finding a cure and living life to the fullest every single day. They serve as the source of inspiration and motivation for the runners, their supporters, the volunteers, and everyone involved with Run to the Sun. Teams of runners will run the relay overnight, making their way to Mt. Bonnell. The run will end with a one-mile group run to Laguna Gloria. The finish line will be a celebration with food and entertainment and will give hope to those fighting Batten disease. Each relay team will consist of 8-10 team members, will have a designated Team Captain and will work over the next 6 months to raise $5,000 for the cause. This event will bring together over 300 community members of Austin including social, business, and running leaders for a fun and memorable experience. Fundraising events like Run to the Sun help provide funding for research to find a cure. For more information about Run to the Sun, to register as a team or individual or to receive sponsorship opportunities, visit It is difficult to imagine a worse fate for a child, but with your support, there is hope. Join us in our mission to find a cure. For many families, this is truly a race against time.



what happens here lives with you forever. There is a place where the memories grow in abundance. And last forever. At the luxuriously untamed Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa, every room, every meal, every day is designed to make the most of every moment. And to make each moment a memorable one.

1 800 55 HYATT (49288) The trademark HYATT and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Corporation. Š2012 Hyatt Corporation. All rights reserved.

Champions to CureDuchenne CureDuchenne was founded by Paul and Debra Miller in 2003 after their son was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The Millers applied their professional backgrounds to create a fiscally responsible and strategically focused business model, and assembled a seasoned staff and an expert Scientific Advisory Board, to lead the charge for a cure. Today, CureDuchenne is a national leader in affecting change worldwide. Duchenne is a devastating muscle disease in children. Historically, most boys who have it do not survive beyond their mid-twenties, and those who do will be wheelchair bound by age 12 and experience social isolation. The simplest tasks become difficult, and in the later stages, heart and breathing muscles begin to fail. Nearly 2,000 boys are living with the disease in the United CHAMPIONS TO States alone and over 300,000 worldwide. CUREDUCHENNE But that is just another statistic until you April 27 put a face behind it. University of Texas Golf Club Muscular dystrophies are a group of genetic disorders characterized by muscle weakness. Duchenne is the most common and severe form, caused by loss of dystrophin, beneath the sarcolemna. The molecular mechanisms of the disease have been extensively investigated since the discovery of the gene in 1986. The good news is that new genebased therapies have recently emerged with noted advances in using conventional gene replacement strategies, RNA-based technology, and pharmacological approaches. In particular, antisense-mediated exon skipping has shown encouraging results and holds for promise for the treatment of dystrophic muscle. CureDuchenne is a national nonprofit based in Newport Beach, California, that raises awareness and funds research to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. CureDuchenne’s mission is its


name…to cure Duchenne. Their vision is to save this generation of Duchenne boys and their goal is to fund research to find a cure for all boys impacted by the disease. They focus on high-impact research projects and help accelerate them through the clinical trial process. CureDuchenne is leading the charge to find a cure and, to date, seven research projects have made their way into human clinical trials with their support. Despite the disease’s devastating impact on its sufferers, Duchenne research is severely underfunded compared to other pediatric diseases. The funds raised by CureDuchenne have been used wisely and have made a tremendous impact within a short period of time. Today there isn’t a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but on March 22, 2013, you can help. Please join us for Champions to CureDuchenne – Austin Gala hosted by Vince Young at University of Texas Golf Club – Austin, Texas. Vince is proud to host the 4th Annual Champions to CureDuchenne, an event featuring some of Austin’s favorite chefs, and some great celebrities benefiting CureDuchenne. With your participation in this year’s gala, we will fund critical research into treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. While supporting CureDuchenne, enjoy a dinner, live and silent auctions, and great entertainment. The dress code is fun; Cowboy Chic/Business Casual. No coat required. Boots encouraged! Join us! Sponsorship opportunities, tables, and individual tickets are available. We hope that you will team up with us and help give these boys the chance for a lifetime. Your support will go a long way in helping to save the lives of thousands of young boys affected with Duchenne, the most common muscle disease in children. For more information about Champions to CureDuchenne, to purchase tickets or to receive sponsorship opportunities, visit



Photography: Aimee Leach

Model: Victoria Whitworth

MUAH: Shaun Fitzgerald

Y o u n g & Fa b u l o u s

Hill Country Galleria

12821 Hill Country Blvd Ste C2-110

Bee Cave, Texas 78738

5 1 2 2 6 3 111 7


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t is 2013 and you've survived the holidays, survived the parties and the awkward gifts, hurdled the family reunions and listened to no end of carols. You may have also watched no end of sappy movies, shimmering in a soft focus wonderland. But, coming in under the radar was a movie that presents a more realistic depiction of family drama. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas found its way into theaters and video on-demand (VOD), and marked the return of a few favorites of indie film— namely, Connie Britton and Ed Burns. Austin Lifestyle Magazine had a chance to catch up with Burns as he reflected on a "real" Christmas movie and his return to a genre he helped succeed.

What was it like to make a film that follows in the steps of the film that launched your career, and what prompted that decision? The Fitzgerald Family Christmas is kind of a return to that milieu that my first few films took a look at—Irish-American working class families and the dysfunction that goes along with all of that. I was working with Tyler Perry on the set of Alex Cross and he basically just asked me, given how successful both Brothers McMullen and She’s The One were, why hadn’t I ever returned to that world. He talked about the need to serve my niche. And I had no explanation as to why I hadn’t gone back and written another film about an Irish-American family. The minute he mentioned it, I got inspired. Normally, a screenplay will take me from three to six months to have a first draft I feel good enough about to do the work to turn it into a feature film. With this film, at the end of six weeks, I had a draft where I felt like this was absolutely the next film I was making. The opportunity was a homecoming for me, going back into that world as a writer. I not only knew the characters so intimately— the sounds of their voices and what they were thinking, but I knew the world and its locations, from the kitchens to the living rooms to the bar. It just poured out of me. I called up my producer and a bunch of my actor friends and said, “Guys, I’ve got what we’re going to do next, so make sure you’re available in December and January.” You’ve been in big budget films and then making things like Fitzgerald Family Christmas and Nice Guy Johnny. Where does your heart lie? I’m one of the most fortunate indie filmmakers, because I have this acting career that affords me opportunity. You make a hell

of a lot more money as an actor in an action film than you do as an indie filmmaker. That affords me the freedom to make these small movies. Until I embraced micro-budget filmmaking a couple of years ago with “Nice Guy Johnny” and new forms of digital distribution, I didn’t make any money as an independent filmmaker. And now you can. Do you think that the new avenues will reinvigorate the independent film industry? Right now, it’s easier than it’s ever been to go out and make smaller independent films, because of the advances we’ve had in digital technology. I go speak at film festivals and film schools all the time and there are thousands of kids who are grabbing these inexpensive cameras and telling their stories. I don’t think the medium needs to be reinvigorated at all. There are lots of hungry, super talented kids out there. The challenge, as it was for me before “Brothers McMullen,” Kevin Smith before “Clerks,” and Richard Linklater before “Slacker,” is how are these kids going to find their audience? There’s no easy answer for that, other than a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. You’re busier than ever now. How do you still maintain balance? I’m lucky in that, because I like to make small movies and I make them inexpensively and I adore New York City, I get to control my own destiny. I get to stay home in New York and write, direct and make these smaller films. Now that I’ve figured out a financial model that I can make a little money with, I’ve figured out how to create a nice balance with everything going on in my life. What is your next exploration in film? My next feature is called “In The Summertime.” It’s a big budget, ensemble comedy that is a love letter to growing up on the south side of Long Island. But, when making Fitzgerald, I worked with a lot of the same actors I’ve worked with before, and we got to talking. Two of those actors were Connie Britton and Michael McGlone, so we all got to talking and I asked them if they would have any interest in returning to the world of McMullen, because I had an idea for a sequel. They’re both excited about it, so I’m outlining that. The idea is to have the film ready for 2015, for the twentieth anniversary of Brothers McMullen. Are you headed back to Austin anytime soon? I was sorry I couldn’t make it this year. I was all set to go and then something came up where I couldn’t leave New York. So, if I can’t make it next year for a festival, I’ll get down there some time during the year, itself. ALM



MUY FABULOSO THIS IS THE HIGH LIFE Making memories while playing big and living life large at Puerto Rico’s fabulous Royal Isabela. BY S TE VE HABEL PHOTOS BY JOANN DOS T


icture this: a fabulous luxury resort and golf community lined by jungle and defined by high cliffs above crashing waves, a place of greens and blues and sandstone, all working in harmony with nature and where luxury is the absolute norm. No expense has been spared to provide guests and residents memories made by the minute. With that description, did the northwest coast of Puerto Rico come to mind? It should, as that’s the calling card of Royal Isabela, the overthe-top, must-visit target that’s taken the luxury travel and golf world by storm in the past three years. There is nothing small about the experience you’ll find at Royal Isabela, a 426-acre property with its challenging and dramatic golf course perched on cliffs that soar from 150 to 350 feet above the Caribbean Sea. The $100 million project, which has been two decades in the planning, ranks among the world’s top golf destinations and is highlighted by one of the most dramatic golf courses anywhere.


More than 20,000 native trees and indigenous, ornamental plants have been propagated and grown in Royal Isabela’s on-site nurseries using seeds and cuttings gathered on the property. Other than the golf course’s putting surfaces, every blade of grass and every plant within the confines of Royal Isabela is from their own resort grounds. The private, gated complex includes a spacious clubhouse, a huge pool, a golf shop, tennis courts, a wonderful restaurant with sightlines of the ocean and a separate outside bar/dining area. There also are 28 home sites on the property and there is room for up to 50 fairway villas. In the fall of 2012, Royal Isabela began welcoming visitors to the property’s 20 plush 1,500-square foot casitas, each with a private terrace, a salt-water plunge pool, and indoor/outdoor space with vistas of the blue water and breaking waves on the beach below. The casitas have bathrooms to die for, with showers opening up to the deck and the ocean view.


VISIONARY IDEAS AND DOGGED DETERMINATION Puerto Rico has many great golf destinations, but almost all are focused near the bustling territorial capital of San Juan or along the northeast coastline. Royal Isabela, located about 75 miles west of San Juan, is the initial attempt to call attention to the more relaxed northwest corner of the island, which until now has been a somewhat remote destination for surfing, bicycling, fishing and those who embrace a more laid-back culture. Brothers Stanley and Charlie Pasarell and business partner Edwin Pérez own Royal Isabela, which took ten years to develop and build. The Pasarells are both world-class tennis players who later fell in love with golf and vowed to develop a world-class golf course and exceptional community in Puerto Rico. The Pasarells are part of a multi-generational Puerto Rican family which has always been dedicated to treating the land with the utmost respect. “Our commitment to the environment here is genuine and comprehensive,” Stanley Pasarell said. “Puerto Rico has been good to us, and our dedication to Royal Isabela is born out of our family’s heritage on this beautiful island. There is no ‘end’ to Royal Isabela for us. We live this project. Royal Isabela will be our legacy and is our gift to Puerto Rico.” Every aspect of the project, from their conservation efforts to the farming and nursery operations, is meant to protect the land. Their high standards for preservation and sustainability contribute to their sense of environmental stewardship. Their organic farm supports Royal Isabela’s restaurant’s farm-to-table philosophy. Throughout the complex’s and the golf course’s construction, the vast majority of the work was done by hand, reflecting the desire to disturb the land as little as possible. Lakes and ponds were naturally found in the property and enhanced, always maintaining the property’s natural characteristics. No tree, plant or shrub could be removed without specific, written approval from Stanley Pasarell. More than 100 acres along the cliffs and seaboard zone have been preserved in their natural state for perpetuity via the El Pastillo Conservation Trust, a non-profit entity formed to take the responsibility to protect, preserve, conserve and educate about all the conservation areas that Costa Isabela has established. Almost as amazing as the land on the cliffs is the unspoiled beach below, with warm water and heavy surf among the rocks, dunes and myriad palms. Royal Isabela’s private beach extends as far as the eye can see to both the east (where the surf gets milder the farther you go) and to the west, which is marked with huge rocks ripped from the side of the island through the eons. A GOLF COURSE WITH A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING The Pasarell brothers traveled the world together to play at many historic golf courses, and Royal Isabela’s golf course was loosely modeled after the great layouts of Britain.

When it came time to design their course, they enlisted the aid of noted golf architect David Pfaff (who formerly worked with the legendary Pete Dye) and routed the track on land that took very little manipulation. “The golf course design was not about moving the earth, but how the earth moved us to tread gently,” said Charles Pasarell, whose connection to the Royal Isabela landscape dates back to the 1980s. “We are not the creators of Royal Isabela, we are its caretakers.” One of the most dramatic golf courses to be built in many years, Royal Isabela’s natural elevation changes accentuate the invigorating setting, as wide fairways stretch over the various undulations, hugging the edges of the Caribbean Sea. The result is a demanding test of golf, with a hilly front-nine routed through jungle-like flora and an attention-grabbing back-nine with a links-style design and three holes perched high on the cliff that should be considered among the best ocean-side holes in the world. Along the way, numerous vertical sod-face bunkers add a traditional Scottish flair to what is otherwise a tropical golf paradise. Together with the nearly always-blowing trade winds these elements play a role in shaping the character of the golf course. Quite notable are the island green at the par-3 ninth hole and the double green perched on the edge of a cliff that is in play for No. 12 and No. 14. Even more creative—and inspired by the landscape—is the sixth hole, uniquely designed with two separate fairways and greens, resulting in both a par-4 and a par-5 at No. 6. Starting from the same teeing ground, the hole shares a landing area but then splits in two distinctly different directions—one playing to an uphill fairway to a par-4 on the right, the other along a canyon to a par-5 on the left. Many elements were added to enhance Royal Isabela’s entertainment value. On the daunting 12th hole, a 435-yard par-4 that plays across the sea below, a special tee was built from 300 yards away to entice golfers to attempt to drive the green—if they think they can. Then there’s the par-3 17th, which seems suspended over the ocean and is an all-or-nothing carry from the tee. Royal Isabela is not limited by one signature moment and there are six sets of tees, which stretch the layout to a maximum of 7,667 yards as a par 73, and 7,538 yards as a par 72 (depending on how No. 6 is played). Once the golf is done, head to Royal Isabela’s dining room, The Restaurant at La Casa, which features farm-to-table dishes that make use of many local ingredients including vegetables, herbs and seafood from nearby waters. The restaurant also boasts a wood-burning oven and a large, diverse wine collection. When ordering from La Casa’s kitchen, the question at hand isn't a matter of what's cooking, but rather one of what's growing. Each day, chef José Carles Fabregas visits the property’s River Farm and Organic Gatehouse Garden to see what’s ready and ripe. Every aspect of Royal Isabela pays tribute to a majestic partner: Mother Nature. A legacy has been created here—one of appreciation for the environment and of respect for its history, making the Royal Isabela experience truly one-of-a-kind. ALM




urn on the radio, Austin, and tell us what you hear. In the past two decades, the sound has clearly changed. Stations, whether traditional or digital, exist in genre silos and play to very specialized preferences that are predetermined for the listener. This is to say nothing of the talent level, which isn't always a prerequisite to success. Rewind the clock a few decades and the radio landscape is far different. Crossovers were common and a talented voice could be as easily found on a country station as on a pop station or, for ballads and heartstring-pullers, an easy

listening station. The voice and music were the focus, and the target of each song was any audience that could connect, regardless of demographic. It is from this musically fertile environment that a signature voice emerged, full of soul and substance, breaking across boundaries and genres and forging a path of hard work, passion and dedication that would span all the days from then to now. And, with a twelfth album to add to a collection about to hit shelves, Brian McKnight shows what can be done with a...




t’s a sunny day with moderate temperatures in the middle of winter, so it’s clear that this is not a typical Texas scene, although our fair state isn’t too far in the rear view mirror. McKnight has settled into a short winter’s break from a tour that included a stop at One World Theatre in Austin; and already he is back to honing his talent. Of course, this particular rehearsal takes place not in a studio, but rather on the links. And rather than microphones and guitars, the practice session involves a nine iron and a tough bunker. McKnight is an avid golfer, and when Austin Lifestyle Magazine caught up with him, he was teeing off another drive down the fairway. “I’m in single digits,” he responds when asked about his handicap. “I’m a tinkerer. I have a putting green in my backyard and I’m on the course whenever I can be, doing a few golf-related things a week,” he continues. McKnight isn’t exactly relaxing, as each shot commands his full attention; and his modesty clearly understates his ability. He is clearly practiced and refined at the sport and it’s plain to see that he is not only gifted with lyric and melody, but athletic ability, to boot. Unbeknownst to most, Brian spent a few years playing professional basketball with an Ontario team. And though he likely still possesses the skill to drain jumpers—standing an impressive six-foot-four—he seems to favor the soft greens and quiet calm of the golf course. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it’s a leisurely pursuit. “I just want to be good enough to beat my friends when we go golfing, and I can do that,” Brian casually


throws into the conversation. His handicap speaks what his modesty won’t allow to be said. It is difficult to imagine that McKnight became popular some twenty years ago, given his continued exuberance and his sustained passion for music, all of which seem unaffected by the decades that followed his first appearance on the scene with hits like “One Last Cry,” “Anytime” and the modern classic, “Back at One.” In that time, McKnight never took more than three years off between projects, making twelve albums and relentlessly touring to support those recordings. It sings of how much music is a part of his life, ever since he was first influenced by the greats. “I’m about thirty percent Stevie Wonder, thirty percent Steely Dan and the rest is all me,” McKnight explains. He confesses that it took time to find his own true voice, admitting, “At fifteen, I wanted to be just like Stevie Wonder, but you have to distinguish yourself for a career. If you want to be pop, just do what everyone else does. But when you hear a Brian McKnight song, you know it’s him.” This, then, is the distinguishing factor that has contributed to his years of success. Combine that with the ethic that feeds his songwriting and his expressive performance and you have a roadmap for connecting with your audience. McKnight’s famous ballads all stem from the same place, where his cry is the cry heard by the hearts of millions. “We all want to love someone and be loved at the same time,” Brian considers. “I make music for your soul, from my soul,” he humbly proclaims, echoing

some of the humility his golf game might evidence. His path has been long and adventurous, leading to collaborations with the likes of Vanessa Williams, Nelly and Josh Groban. McKnight even recalled his favorite collaboration, a rare find that united him with Broadway and television star, Wayne Brady, and an upstart boy band front man. “You can still find my favorite collaboration on YouTube. It was me, Wayne Brady and Justin Timberlake. Wayne and I have been friends for a long time, and it was great to be on stage with the level of talent that he and Justin brought to it.” The impressive and comedic clip is more than worth the time, but also captures a moment, before the industry finally shifted. The modern music scene is no longer a place for only the talented, as it now finds the full spectrum of talent on display. Thus, it begs the question as to how McKnight manages to continue making successful records and filling venues on national and international tours. It seems only right to seek counsel on how the music industry has changed and how to manage rough tides from one who has survived so long within its rather turbulent waters. And, on this subject, McKnight’s wisdom shines. “The industry is different. You used to hear Willie Nelson, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Lionel Richie on the same station. We’ve now been forced to compartmentalize music and we shouldn’t.” But radio isn’t the only place to find an audience anymore, and McKnight has adapted to new outlets and new philosophies of reaching the ear of the listener. “No

one walks up and tells you, ‘Hey, you’re talented. Let’s go make a record.’ I had to come to know that there isn’t anyone out here as passionate or forthright about my music as I am.” Social media provided just the conduit for McKnight’s dedication, allowing him to interact directly with those who are drawn to his soulful sound. “The good and bad thing about social media,” he says, “is that you can and can’t reach everyone. You can, because they’re all out there, but not all of them are going to listen unless you put it in front of them; which means you have to be that guy who inundates people.” Brian reflects on this new age with regret in his demeanor, suggesting that it isn’t his preference to be in everyone’s Facebook feed as often as the modern music industry demands. Still, it hasn’t negatively affected his career; and his new album, More Than Words (due out this year), is poised to be yet another hit to add to his oeuvre. When asked about what his audience can expect from the new album, he can’t help but differentiate it from the bulk of what makes it on the airwaves. “It’s very musical album; but when people hear ‘musical,’ they think it means ‘jazzy.’ Music these days is just a loop; and on the album, I create chord changes and melodies,” McKnight explains. He’s defending what has become a lost art, as the artist plays more instruments than most popular bands. His live performances often feature multiple instruments around a single microphone, where this modern-day Renaissance man weaves his tapestry of rhythm, harmony and soul.


There aren’t many artists who have this level of dedication, and McKnight is keenly aware. “It’s been a journey. If you’re familiar with Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, that’s my life,” he says. In continuing to make music the way he was inspired and driven to make it, he insists, “I haven’t always taken the right path—I’ve taken the different path.” Sticking to this ethic, it isn’t as though McKnight wants to change the industry or the audience. He simply wants to show them what music, when soulfully and honestly presented, can sound like. “You can’t change people’s minds,” he says, “but you can try to change their perspective; and that’s what I’m still trying to do. And, if you want to be good at something, you have to work at it.” For over two decades, Brian has worked exceedingly hard at being


good at music, pairing his natural talent with a drive and dedication that spills over into other hobbies and talents. But, when pressed about where we’ll find him two decades further along on his journey, he laughs and regards the concept almost as excitedly as one would consider the back nine of a particularly good round of golf. “I don’t know,” McKnight says. “It’s like dominoes, when you set them up to fall in a row, the way they’re all in place and tumble the right way. And the past has been just where it starts.” “I’m only in my second decade of my dominoes,” McKnight proclaims. And with the talent at his command and clear proof of his ability to succeed, it is no stretch to think that the next two decades and beyond will prove at least as fortunate, if not more so. ALM

Brian McKnight's new album,

MORE THAN WORDS releases March 5.

The first single, "Sweeter" is available now on iTunes.




A native of Austin suburb, Leander, Kyle Park has made a name for himself in country music by writing and producing his own songs on his own record label. He didn’t go far from home after high school, spending two years at Texas State University before deciding to record his first album. He took his music on the road, first to college towns and then to bigger venues, playing with bigger names. Park’s fourth album is set to be released in early 2013 and he already has singles riding high on the charts. Blending his smooth voice with his down home charm, it is easy to see why Park has such a steady following. Park writes and sings about topics that everyone can relate to, ranging from love to everyday life. Listening to his songs or hearing the passion he puts into all aspects of music, it’s easy to be pulled into his world. Park wants his fans to simply have a good time at his shows. “I love songwriting, so to see people in the crowd singing along means a lot to me,” said Park. Drawing inspiration for his own writing from singers like George Strait, Clint Black and Chris LeDoux, Park appreciates when fans quote his own words back to him. He said, “I know I’ve tried my hardest on those songs, so to have people learn them is such a great feeling.” Being able to produce his own music has been a great accomplishment for Park. He owes much of this to other songwriters, particularly Texas country musicians who encouraged him to go out on his own. Being able to simply go for it and to do it from Texas is something Park has been able to really pride himself on. When asked what his most memorable shows have been, he said usually the last one he played is the first one to come to mind. “It’s like that with favorite songs too, isn’t it? Usually the first one that comes to mind is the last good one you heard,” he tells me with a laugh. One of his first shows was at the Dell Diamond, which meant something to him because it was so close to home and was attended by so many people. But other shows had an effect, as well. France, Whitewater Amphetheater (where his music video was shot) and the sold out show with Randy Rogers at the Concrete Street Amphitheatre in Corpus Christi—all of these had an impact.


Park’s latest album, which will be released on March 19, is his second album to produce. He said he has changed since his first album, in that he’s not as shy or nervous this time around. He feels the way his first album turned out gave him confidence as both a writer and producer and has helped him become a much better songwriter. One of his favorite songs on the new album, “The Night is Young,” was written around a campfire one night. And it bears noting that the single climbed to #3 on the Texas Country Charts. Park said, “Another good one is, 'Like Nobody Will.' It’s a love song that says, 'I may be a nobody, but I’ll love you like nobody will.'” The inspiration for Park’s songwriting comes from all manner of places: listening to people talk, having a conversation with someone, a one-liner he heard. He added that he also sometimes plays the guitar and finds something he likes and goes from there. “Some songs come from the way I was feeling about something. Or, you know, some girl who hurt my feelings. I wrote the song 'Tag' about Facebook. We can’t hide from anything because someone can just tag you in something on Facebook.” Because Park travels so much for his career, he likes to embrace the laid-back lifestyle of Austin when he gets a chance to come back home. “I really like to just be home and see my family," he maintains. He likes to get out and golf, particularly at Onion Creek. “I like to watch football games, but I’m rarely at home on a Saturday, so that doesn’t happen too often.” He added that he likes to make sure and eat, of course. Talking to Park is like chatting with an old friend. He’s down to earth and so easy to talk to, that you just want to sit on a porch and drink a beer with him. For now, I’ll settle for sitting on a porch, drinking a beer and listening to his music. Park will be playing at Midnight Rodeo on January 25 and at the Austin Star of Texas State Fair and Rodeo on March 22. His new album, The Night Is Young, will be released on March 19. For more information on Kyle Park and his music, visit




EXCEPTIONAL FURNISHINGS FOR OUTDOOR LIVING 5604 Bee Cave Road | Austin, TX 78746 512.263.5115 |



Reviving 5,000 years of civilization “If heaven is the way we saw it tonight,

“A mesmerizing performance ...

count me in!”

reclaiming the divinely inspired cultural heritage of China.”

—Nathaniel Khan, Academy-nominated filmmaker

—Donna Karan, creator of DKNY BUY NOW FOR BEST SEATS

April 11 - 13

the long center Hotline: 888-974-3698 | 512-474-LONG | Online: |


A* S T Y LE | H OM E

TURNING DESIGN INSIDE OUT Austin Outdoor Design Perfects The Great Outdoors

BY DA N I E L R A M I R E Z P H OTO S CO U R T E S Y O F AU S T I N O U T D O O R D E S I G N WH E N A N AUS T IN H OME IS B EIN G BU ILT, there are infinite details considered, debated and reconsidered at every moment from permits to framework and from floor plan to final walkthrough. Few, if any, questions remain unanswered. For the discerning homebuilder, every facet is pored over to ensure that, when the doors open to welcome Austinites home or greet guests from housewarming to holidays, the house is inviting, comfortable and an accurate reflection of the homeowner’s style and personality. Lighting, color choices and angles all play a part in crafting the perfect setting and define what the resident calls “home.” The home’s exterior isn’t necessarily an afterthought, but other than sprinkler systems, tree placement and flower beds, the same attention to detail isn’t often extended to the outdoor spaces that are just as much a part of “home” as any other aspect. Enter Austin Outdoor Design, a local firm celebrating its fifth year in making as much a home of a building’s exterior as many strive to make of the interior. Founded by Jose Roberto Corea and John David Fitzpatrick, AOD began, as so many success stories do, with a labor of love. Fitzpatrick was improving on his own home as the economy stalled and ground new home development to a near halt in the Austin area, when he and Corea realized that not only was this realm of


remodeling soon to become a trend, but that their combined talents were uniquely equipped to forge a business and creative outlet from such endeavors. It was a new direction that would change Austin’s design aesthetic—and their lives—forever. Fitzpatrick recalls, “My personal and work life balance became increasingly difficult for me because my wife and I had started our family and my travel for the company was about every other week keeping me away from my loved ones. My partner, Jose and I worked together on an outdoor living project at my house in Lakeway and enjoyed the process so much that, not too long after we finished, we formed Austin Outdoor Design.” It took the voices of each to create a cohesive company, and the synergy achieved in their partnership created an ideal environment for their work. “It was predestined. Arranged, you might call it,” Corea explains. “My weaknesses are John‘s strengths. We have a great trust in each other. Trust helps us focus more on the important things in growing our design firm. I believe that the success of our firm and our projects is directly tied to our ability to work together and respect each other.” The product of their pairing is apparent in the inspired and

impressive quality of their work. They take simple outdoor spaces, intended for relaxation or brief periods of entertaining and transform them into inviting living spaces that prompt any visitor to linger and make the space their home. All the while, each design maintains the unique personality of the owner. “Spaces have a character of their own just like people do,” Jose declares. “None of our designs have the exact same personality just like none of our clients have the exact same personality.” Their design innovations quickly extended from their own personal preferences to finding out what other personalities wanted to say, a design ethic that persists in their day-to-day tasks. No project, be it a canvas canopy, built to let in just the right amount of light or a sunken fireplace without a hint of traditional brick enclosure, is pursued without an in-depth study of the client’s wishes, inspirations and moods. The process isn’t a turnkey operation. “Sometimes a residential design can take up to 6 months,” Fitzpatrick insists. “Most of the discovery process to determine the needs and desires of a client takes place in the beginning of the design.” Their methods of accessing a homeowner’s ‘true north’ seem far too nebulous to be sold, en masse, at a Lowe’s or Home Depot. “We have listened to one client’s favorite music to draw inspiration for their design,” John says. “For another client, we observed their art collection for direction. With almost every client, we try to have them take us on a tour of their home so we can see their home’s décor and style.” As the pictures attest, what this deep investigation of space, soul and scheme evoke is nothing short of an oasis, both from the harshness of daily life and even from the constrictive confines of one’s own home. Rather than basic furniture, simple gardening and attention to shrubbery, AOD offers a creative expression that will impress far more than a porch swing and landscaping could ever dare. With attention paid to every minute detail, including the color of wood selection and how it will interact with the color of the vista these spaces overlook, it is no wonder that business has been thriving. Take a still closer look at the spaces AOD creates. That hard angle, contrasted against the pillowy foliage, enhanced by the chiaroscuro of dark wood against either bright sky or moonlight, has been intentionally created. That fire rests near a seating area, to convey the warmth of a hearth and have the visitor imagining what it is like to curl up for a late afternoon with a book and a hot toddy. These are intentional decisions, painstakingly made over discussion after discussion.

“As Mies van der Rohe used to say, ‘God is in the details,’” Corea proclaims. “The details are where it all comes together. It is where you have to consider material interaction and make sure that you don’t detract from your original source of inspiration.” They find the pattern and scheme, and design every microscopic facet to address that scheme, thus maintaining an integrity of expression that is unrivaled in outdoor design. “The design has to abide by a specific set of rules,” Corea says. “Yes, we make up the rules, but once established they must be followed.” Their success has extended beyond personal spaces and into businesses that wish to cultivate a more peaceful environment or encourage connectedness to the cultural environment in which the businesses live. The team at AOD considers their commercial spaces like a home away from home, though such spaces must embrace greater numbers in their appeal. “In commercial work, we tend to create spaces that appeal to the broader community,” Fitzpatrick says. “Whether it’s a restaurant or an apartment community, we want it to develop a buzz in the community on how cool the space is.” Founded on these principles, whether the space is for private or public use, Austin Outdoor Design has generated a buzz that ensures that public spaces feel private and that the popularity of private spaces can soon render them very public. Partner with Austin Outdoor Design and create your home or office respite at ALM


Sway 66

Brings Modern Thai to South Austin Jesse Herman and crew fire up their newest, boldest restaurant experience yet.


The warmest colors of the spectrum are classically identifiable with Southeast Asian beauty. Subdued yellows, vibrant saffrons, and the piercing red of Thai chili peppers. Each of these, recognizable in either the architecture, the flanking adornment of Thai King Rama IX’s portrait, or the presentations of edible artistry, contributes to the identity of the elevated deliciousness, as its name denotes, of Sway modern Thai restaurant—Austin’s freshest façade on the foodie front. When you’ve got a kitchen team headed by acclaimed Executive Chef Rene Ortiz, Chef de Cuisine Alexis Chong, Food & Wine’s “Best New Pastry Chef” Laura Sawicki and mixologist Nate Wells, there’s a certain level of splendor you’re expecting. And when this crew is in cahoots with restaurateurs Jesse Herman and Delfo Trombetta, there’s a certain level of splendor you’re going to get. Aside from Chong, who is a veteran of Shoreline Grill, each of these culinary virtuosos is of La Condesa renown. Sway, however, takes the La Condesa ideology of eco-conscious innovations on haute cuisine and removes it from downtown and from a familiar genre of cooking. Sway’s modern, hybrid cuisine bears inspiration from Australia’s take on Thai; Herman and Trombetta have both spent time in Australia and Thailand. “Some of the most innovative Thai food in the world is being cooked in Australia,” Herman proclaims, drawing a comparison between its ubiquity there and the ubiquity of Mexican food here in Austin. “Chef Ortiz,” Herman says, “worked under some of the most famous Australian-Thai chefs in Sydney and has continued to develop his craft.” The craftiness of Ortiz’ menu resonates both with those in tune with and un-introduced to Thai culture. Dishes include the likes of chili tamarind caramel chicken wings, flavored with ginger and Thai basil; crispy pork belly stir fry, made with glazed daikon and shitake mushrooms; Jungle Curry, employing Texas wagyu beef, eggplant, red chili and coconut cream; an intact fish, served with jasmine rice; seafood platters that feature prawn and lobster, to name a couple; and tamarind glazed beef fried rice, prepared with caramelized onions. These are just a few of the ambrosial items on the menu, which, if dependency on seasonality and locality come into their likely play, will be evolving with the availability of regional agriculture. Perhaps even more beautiful than its culinary concept is the mystical pulchritude of Sway’s architecture. The conceptual design rings familiar in its pastiche tendencies, though is entirely original in its attribution to traditional Thai culture. Beget by the team of Michael Hsu, vestiges of the firm’s Uchi, Olivia, and Fino designs, to name just a few, can be recognized in Sway’s building. There is ample use of natural light and deliberate use of space and natural materials, both in- and outdoors. The design grants a wealth of that natural light to the interior through windows, which, innovatively, even find themselves in the kitchen. The kitchen is a grand innovation in itself—it is an entirely open quadrant of the restaurant, set-up behind a bar top that patrons have the extreme

luxury of sitting at. Herman describes how the theatrics of the culinary arts are in themselves a show. Diners can watch, up close and personal, the evolution of their orders from conception to fruition to—most enjoyably—consumption. The grounds of the venue present an architectural dichotomy. From the street perspective, the corner lot at South 1st and Elizabeth Street seems to host a private garden. The fence-like façade barricades the public eye from its contents in an alluring, almost seductive display of deep gray cinderblock pores. Entering the premises is, in fact, very similar to setting foot in a private garden. A graveled area with chairs curves closely around the building to the spirit garden. This intimate area houses one table of communal seats, a Thai spirit house—complete with spirit guardian—imported from Thailand and a canopy (by summertime, at least) of Texas wisteria. The location, in the heart of a burgeoning South Austin has, as Herman puts it, “become more of a restaurant destination.” With neighboring prodigies such as Lenoir and Elizabeth Street Café sharing the region with classic Austinite go-tos like Polvos, Sway is looking forward to having its own identity amongst a community of other restaurants. “It’s great to be around like-minded small business owners,” says Herman of the area. He does, however, appreciate the ability to reside in a stand-alone building. Coming from New York City venues and downtown Austin locales, it’s a refreshing accommodation to have the “experience completely defined by us,” Herman says. With Thai ideograms everywhere from the entryway to the restrooms, it’s an experience that, yes, is completely defined as uniquely “Sway.” Sway, as an idea, has been executed with a commendable comprehensiveness. A meticulous three years in the making, let us now relish in the nuances of cultural splendor, the graces of superb culinary talent, and the indulgences of a regionally unique flavor. ALM



Party of Friends: How to Make a Memorable Evening

The site of the inspirational evening, Lenoir, accommodates a small seating of no more than 30 or so. A long table dominates the dining area and immediately invites thoughts of spirited conversation and passing bottles of red. The decor, complete with chandeliers, could pass for a movie set all by itself. But it is the bar that runs the length of Lenoir's small kitchen that brought to mind LENOIR the evening with a perfect party of friends. Watching, 1807 South First talking and eating haute cuisine comes naturally to (512) 215-9778 any dinner party, but the food at Lenoir is more than good enough to dominate the conversation. With a seasonal menu, the offerings will change with the climate, but the quality will never dip for even a moment. On our "Big Night," we were delighted by the best bite of 2012, enjoying the most succulent slice of antelope, just after sampling the most splendid radish and onion sofrito to grace a plate. To say that the delicacies and decor at Lenoir sparked for a great evening is to understate. Grab a group of friends, make a reservation and enjoy a night to remember. For the most part, fine dining in Austin is difficult to procure. White linen tablecloths are reserved for far more pretentious locales and the faded memories of yesteryear. But tucked away in a converted Austin home just west of MoPac and north of Lake Austin Boulevard sits Fabi & Rosi, a monument to fine dining FABI & ROSI in cozy spaces. Decorated in a style that suggests both 509 Hearn Street French elegance and impeccable taste, framed mirrors (512) 236-0642 and white leather booths against clean colors and linens invite the food and the conversations to steal the show. Luckily for this modern Austin mainstay, the food manages exactly that. Focusing on European basics, executed with the highest quality, Fabi & Rosi sets the stage for not only stealing the show, but stealing the breath of the guests. Of course, nearly all the dishes are locally sourced and it shows not only in the freshness of items like Arugula Salad or Roasted Beets, but shines in traditional comfort



The notion occurred to your Accidental Epicurean while dining at an engagement party. The restaurant was perfectly adorned with dinner decor and the entire establishment felt as though it was ripped from a movie scene, where the camera pans to find the couple smiling coyly across a table or the new friends finding they should have been friends for years. Even the waitstaff is invited to partake, although one can't always count on them to break into song (that was reserved for a particular couple of opera-singing guests). It's a Big Night and it got us to wondering where such an evening can be found for a party of friends. dishes like the sinfully warming Schnitzel + Sp채tzle. There will be great sharing among the guests and the end result will be a night well remembered, in a cozy home that no guest or host need clean after the celebration is done. For the boisterous crowd and the laughter-laden gathering, there is really only one solution. If the decor, which we have long heralded in the pages of Austin Lifestyle Magazine, is not enough to kick off the proper festive evening, the music will surely get the ball rolling. Always full of sound but rarely overpowering, the mood at East Side Showroom comes ready-made. The antique taps behind the bar, the red velvet curtains and the ancient piano in the corner all ready the party to get off to a EAST SIDE SHOWROOM rollicking start. 1100 East 6th Street The menu is both simple and refined, (512) 467-4280 focusing on the best ing redients and expressions that Austin has to lend to classic dishes. But, even before the Mac & Cheese can send your party into an Antonelli's-designed dream of noodles and cream, the cocktails are the perfect opening note. East Side Showroom is one of the epicenters for Austin cocktail culture and their take on a chai and gin mixture called "The Imperialist" is all one need witness to prove the point. The cocktails loosen conversation and the music breaks down stressors, all while the food is passed, shared or coveted, until your table is at last full of mirth and memories, both old and new. A matter of note: All of these experiences benefit well in days and years to come from the enlistment of a professional photographer, quietly capturing every moment with a brilliant eye. For our photos, Melanie of She-n-He Photography made the evening sing, well beyond the music and merriment provided. Visit to commemorate your own evening. ALM

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The Best of 2012 Many publications spend the majority of their new year and year-end issues extolling the infinite lists of the best of everything. But, since Austin Lifestyle Magazine already brings you the "best of everything" (after all, it is our motto), we decided to bring you the best of the smaller moments for the last year. We have the best single bites of the many meals, the best songs played live, the best fashion finds and the miniature moments that made us smile, laugh, rejoice or marvel at all that is Austin.

SXSWHOA Every year, we get on board the SXSW crazy train and bring enough energy drinks to power through events like Rachael Ray's "Feedback", Perez Hilton's "One Night In Austin," as well as all of the events that we can (and some that we shouldn't) share. And that doesn't even include the official SXSW events and appearances, which grow brighter and brighter with every March. Join us for our LIVE coverage of SXSW 2013 and we will meet you out in the all-too welcome chaos.

Award Season Review Grammy, Globes and Oscar, oh my! Austin Lifestyle Magazine has a fashion staff and an eye for what is good and what is trés gauche. Follow us online as we give our look at the form and fashion of this year's awards. Because, while we will be happy to tell you which movies moved us, we know the couture is just as important as the cinema.

Have Our Style Become Your Style Austin Lifestyle Magazine is planning to feature our readers in an upcoming issue of the magazine. You'll be properly outfitted and styled by our own Fashion Editor, Edith Henry, who has created the amazing fashion looks that capture and define Austin couture. Men and women are both free to submit an email to, telling us why you or someone you know should be featured in the style pages of Austin Lifestyle Magazine. Whether it is a woman who is oblivious to her own beauty or a man whose look and character cannot be contained, we're looking to hear from you—our readers—and show precisely how stylish Austin truly is.




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January & February We can expect to feel more mentally adventurous and curious about the world around us now. Outings, art shows, cultural events, and parties keep us engaged. Below the surface, we encounter power dynamics with others as we learn where we stand in our connections. Secrets can be revealed now, but it's ultimately for the better as it leads to more secure foundations.


MAR 21—APR 20


JUL 23—AUG 22


NOV 23—DEC 21

This is a critical time of owning up to your

Attentions turn to your innermost personal

Connections with others are rewarding, Sagittarius! This is a wonderful time to share your insights and

responsibilities and being accountable, Aries.

and domestic life, Leo. Residential changes, or

Connections with friends and family will be

renovations and redecorating projects might be in

your deeper belief systems with those close to you.

illuminating as you learn more about yourself

the works. You are willing to make a commitment to

You can learn a lot from others. As well, coworkers

through your personal connections. Travel is

a relationship and take things to a more meaningful

and business partners are glad to have your input.

exciting and fun! Destinations that can expand

level. It's all about creating a solid home base for

You're likely to be validated or acknowledged for

your knowledge are a must. Adventure, vacations,

yourself as you prepare for your long-term future.

your efforts in some way!

walking tours, plus museums and history outings will call your name.


AUG 23—SEP 22

Things are taking an upswing, Virgo. You're



DEC 22—JAN 20

You're learning how to integrate your personal

entering a new phase of your life where you're

values with those of a group, Capricorn. You're

You're ready to work hard, Taurus (you like taking

going to be curious about pretty much everything.

ethics and morals not only represent you, but

APR 21—MAY 20

the bull by the horns, don't ya?). Business is

Areas connected to education, training, research,

those that you're involved with. You want to make

expanding since you've been perfecting your craft

study, writing and teaching are blessed now. Close

a difference in something and you want a win-win

this last year. Others are taking note of your past

relationships benefit greatly from increased clarity

outcome. Guess what? With your innate Capricorn

actions and they're impressed! Relationships can be

in your communications. A deeper sense of

sense of drive and ambition ­you'll get just that!

rewarding. Conversely, if you're in a situation you're

bonding will bring you a lot of joy.

not happy with you're going to bust outta Dodge.


SEP 23—OCT 22

JAN 21—FEB 19

Your work scene improves in a big way as your

You're ready to make some lasting investments,

birthday approaches, Aquarius. This a hot time to

Opportunities are heading your way, Gemini. You're

Libra. You want to create more security for yourself

promote yourself, your product or whatever it is

going to be busy (hey, you're a Gemini—when are

and your future. Relationships with key people

you believe in. Day-to-day activities in your career

you NOT busy?). However, this kind of busy is about

(life partners and business partners alike) deepen.

and at the workplace will run more smoothly as you're streamlining your efforts. Your creative

MAY 21—JUN 21

being efficient and effective as you streamline your

You're selective about who and what you spend

day-to-day activities. You're meeting people from

your time and energy on. A teacher or mentor may

insights will serve you well (you out-of-the-box

different walks of life, and getting a taste of the

come across your path soon.

thinker you)!

future you want to create.


OCT 23—NOV 22


FEB 20—MAR 20

You're ready to sharpen your tools and commit

Your focus moves away from deep personal

You're getting more serious about everything

yourself, Scorpio. Major relationships can bond

development to learning more about the world

that you produce, Cancer. Any and all artistic

on a very deep level. Don't be surprised if your

around you. Interests in education, research,

pursuits can benefit greatly when given structure

powerful Scorpio nature is triggered (things just

documentaries, foreign cultures, religion, politics

and discipline now. You might push yourself

feel more intense since Saturn is traveling in your

and world issues will keep you fascinated. People

very hard, so be sure to carve out the time you

sign). Use this intensity to your advantage and

from backgrounds that are different than your

need to play and connect with loved ones;

channel it into work, health, recreation or creative

own may cross your path and have something to

and don't forget to make a little "you time."


teach you.

JUN 22—JUL 22

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There ’s a l i ne for h a l f t he t read m i l l s a nd pe ople h ave to t a ke t u r n s on weig ht mach ines. New energ y a nd ent husia sm abou nd, t ra iners a re busy a nd r ush hour is more insa ne t ha n usua l. Flash forward to Februar y, and it’s mostly back to normal. For t he m i l l ion s of A mer ica n s who swore t hat t h is yea r t hey would ta ke cont rol of t heir hea lt h, t here seems to be a m issing piece of t he puzzle: how to fa ll in love w it h new habit s t hat become pa r t of your lifest yle nat ura lly. What happens bet ween ea rly Ja nua r y a nd late Febr ua r y is a perfect illustration of human nat ure. We all get excited about new t h ing s: new love, new project s, new purcha ses, new promises to ourselves. We think, “This time, I’m going to g ive it my a ll. Th is t ime I w ill ma ke it work…” A nd t hen it stops being new a nd we sta r t unconsciously w rit ing our list of compla int s: Rea sons why t h is new t hing isn’t what we t hought it would be. Maybe, we t hink, t hese goa ls were just not rea list ic for us. How c a n we h ac k ou r ow n br a i n s , move s ome w i r e s a round, a nd keep reinvent ing t hose new habit s when we f ind t h ing s get t ing sta le? Here’s my list of best pract ices, to keep your f it ness goa ls f resh, yea r-round: CO M E S A N D T H E P L ACE I S PACK E D.

1 . S TART WITH SOME THING FUN: The days you lea st wa nt to work out a re t he days you need it most . So pick somet hing t hat ’s ea sy to get sta r ted at , so t hat once you sta r t , auto pilot will propel you forward. If you always loved swimming, t he rit ua l of suit ing up w ill t rig ger posit ive a ssociat ions t hat get you in t he pool w it hout much ef for t. On t he ot her ha nd, if you feel awk wa rd in a bat h ing suit a nd don’t like ch lorinated water, forcing yourself to sw im a f ter a rough day w ill feel like tor t ure—see how long you ca n ma ke t hat new habit la st! 2 . R E WA R D YO U R S E L F I N N E W WAY S : M a n y o f u s le a r n e d f rom a n ea rly age t hat “Treat = Guilt y Plea sure.” Why not redef ine a t reat to be somet h ing f un, t hat ma kes you feel g o o d now—a nd even b et t er lat er? G et t i ng a m a s sa g e or p e d ic u re a s a rewa rd for w i l l p ower, soa k i ng i n a bat h ,


da ncing, st retching, spending more time na ked…t he list of g uilt-f ree sensor y indulgences a re longer t ha n you t h in k. Find something that ma kes you feel a ma zing, then set it up so you “ea r n” t he right to indulge by accomplish ing lit t le steps towa rd you r g oa ls. The more f u n you ma ke it , t he ea sier it w ill be to keep com ing back to t he ac t ion steps required by your Resolut ions. 3. C H O O S E YO U R S O U N D T R A C K W I S E LY: L i s t e n i n g t o n e w music is key to staying motivated. Music vibrates the water in our bodies to the rhy thm of the sounds. Your whole body w ill feel t ired if you listen to sad, slow music or song s t hat you’re sick of. Load up your iPod w it h song s t hat ma ke you sm i le, song s t hat m a ke you fe el l i ke you’re on vacat ion , songs that ma ke you feel sexy and in love. Hit shuf f le of ten, add new music mont hly. Don’t let a sta le playlist t urn your workouts into Groundhog Day!

Few t hing s a re a s punishing a s using workout t ime to dwell on t he t hought s t hat dra in you. Yet for most of us, over 80% of the automatic thoughts i n ou r he a d s a r e r ep e t it ion s of t he s a me - old ne g at i ve musing s. Use t he heightened state of awa reness brought on by exercise to choose wh ich t houg ht s to cu lt ivate. If you f ind yourself com ing back to old wor ries or negat ive s el f-t a l k , br i ng you r at t ent ion back t o you r breat h a nd rememb er : You a re A l ive, r ig ht here, r ig ht now. Li fe i s shor t. A ll t hat ’s rea lly rea l is t his moment, right now. How would you most like to feel?


5. COME BACK TO YOUR SENSES: My favorite menta l exercise during workout s is to t une into my physica l senses f ully, let t ing linea r t houghts fa ll away. Like a ca mera t hat let s you sof ten focus all around to zoom in on the subject, zoom your m ind into your ow n sensor y exper ience. Sta r t w it h your breat h, ex ha ling a ll t he way out unt il you a re t h irst y for a ir. Sca n your body for tension a nd plea sure, breat hing f ully into places t hat feel t ight , sof ten ing a ll over a s you ex ha le. The more you lea r n to relea se ten sion , t he more you experience t he joy of liv ing in your body. ALM

Suprisingly more than what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d expect from a dental visit.

4200 North Lamar, Suite 145 (next to Uchiko) 512.459.5437 |



Out of the Darkness and Into the Light BY T R AC Y G A N S K E , P H . D P H OTO BY LO N N I P E C H AC E K

There a re s ome p e ople who a re so sp e cia l , s o u n ique t hat t heir life impact s ever yone w it h whom t hey come in contact . A nd she wa s just t hat person. She wa s a beaut if ul soul who wa s k ind, g iv ing, gent le a nd could f la sh a sm ile t hat would melt even t he ic y cold of a Min nesota w inter ’s day. When ot hers spoke, she listened. A nd when she spoke, it wa s genuine a nd engag ing in a way t hat made you feel l i ke t he on ly p er s on i n t he ro om a nd t he on ly one t h at mat tered. She wa s t hat ra re kind of f riend, one who would allow others to be v ulnerable and who would think nothing of traveling ha lf way across the countr y if needed. She was t he k ind of sister some on ly w ish t hey had, t he daughter who made pa rent s proud. A s t he pat ient a nd lov ing single mot her of t wo lit t le boys, she sur v ived a dif f icult divorce a nd focused on being t he on ly t r ue pa rent t he boys ever had. It was she who taught them how to ride a bike, throw a footba ll, kick a soccer ba ll a nd she who showed up to cheer t hem on at lit t le leag ue ga mes a nd school plays. When one of her boys wa s relent lessly tea sed at school she wa s t here to g ive t he hug s, t he st reng t h to hea l h is hea r t a nd t he


courage it took to face t he bullies t he nex t day. Ever yone big or sm a l l m at tere d to my f r iend ; why d id n’t she fe el l i ke she mat tered? How cou ld she not see t he va lue she brought to us a ll? Not long ago, I received a ca ll t hat cha nged my life a nd broke my hea r t into a m illion pieces. My sweet , beaut if ul f r iend h a d g i ven up a nd t a ken her l i f e . The no t ion of t h i s v i br a nt , lov i n g wom a n lo si n g t he w i l l t o l ive wa s u n f at hom a ble to me. Ch a ng e ca n b e over whel m i ng a nd d i f f ic u lt f or a nyone a nd t he 5 ye a r s si nce t he d i vorce had robbed her of con f idence a nd se c u r it y. A c ycle h ad developed of choosing a sim ila r t y pe of ma n who t hat lef t her feeling lonely, f r ust rated a nd st uck. “ Why is my picker br oken? ” she wou ld a lw a y s q ue s t ion . A f t er t wo f a i le d relat ionships, t he self-doubt bega n to creep in. We of ten start to believe we are not good enough and that there must be somet h i ng w rong w it h us. Most of us, w it h t he r ig ht cou n seli ng ca n lea r n to love ou rselves a g a i n a nd reg a i n t hat conf idence. Unfor t unately, t hat ’s not what happened, nor is it how t his stor y ends.

O ver t ime, she fell into a deep depression a nd no mat ter wh at me t ho d s were employe d t o t re at it , t he d a rk ne s s e cl ip s e d t he s u n l ig ht i n her l i fe . I n t he d ay s si nce she pa s s e d , I ’ ve t r ie d to w rap my m i nd a rou nd t he f i n a l it y of her de c i sion . It ’s h a rd t o comprehend why a mot her would aba ndon her children, fa mily a nd count less f riends. F rom t he out side, t he rest of u s cou ld ea si ly se e a l l t he amazing, positive things worth f ighting for. Trag ically, the dept h of t he despa ir a nd neg at iv it y were more power f ul a nd over whelm ing. Si nce her de at h , I h ave r e cei ve d s ome muc h-ne e de d cou n s el i ng of my ow n . I h ave come t o u nder s t a nd t h at people who suf fer f rom t h is level of depression feel like t her e i s no w a y out . The f e el i n g s of hop ele s s ne s s a r e consta nt a nd a ll-consum ing, of ten described a s liv ing in “a black hole." She lef t let ter s t h at desc r i b e d t h i s exac t fe el i ng. Her la st word s were ca ref u l ly sele c te d to spel l out her feeling t hat t here wa s not h ing a nyone could have ever sa id or done t hat wou ld have cha ng ed t he way she felt , including medicat ion or cou nseling. The way I now understa nd it is t hat it ’s a lmost a chem ica l imba la nce of sor t s, wh ich ma kes sen se to me f rom t he perspec t ive of a resea rcher. Her bra in wa s w ired dif ferent ly, ma k ing it dif f icult to t ur n of f t hese t hought s. I would be rem iss if I didn’t say I did feel g uilt for not k now ing how da rk she felt, but were there warning sig ns I missed? A nd why didn’t she tell me? The professiona ls rea ssure me t hat t houghts of g u i lt a re nor m a l reac t ion s to some one who com m it s suicide, but rea ssura nce doesn’t replace t he void. Today, the sun is shining through my off ice window and I can only pray she is at peace. I hope she feels t he sun light shin ing upon her beaut if ul face; t he face of one who w ill be loved a nd never forgot ten. Since her pa ssing, I have become acutely awa re of how ma ny people have been impacted by someone t hey loved who has taken their own life. Our world is more demanding, complicated a nd unforg iv ing t ha n ever. St ress comes f rom a ll a ngles a nd wh ile most people f ind rea sonable coping me c h a n i s m s , o t her s s t r u g g le on a d i f f er ent le vel . Pa y at tent ion to t hose a round you a nd k now t he sig ns.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Experiencing dra mat ic mood cha nges. Abusing dr ug s or a lcohol. Ex hibit ing a cha nge in persona lit y. Act ing impulsively. Losing interest in most act iv it ies. Experiencing a cha nge in sleeping habit s. Experiencing a cha nge in eat ing habit s. Per for m ing poorly at work or in school. Giv ing away prized possessions. Writ ing a w ill. Feeling excessive g uilt or sha me. Act ing reck lessly.

It should be noted that some people who die by suicide do not show a ny wa r n ing sig ns. However, 75 percent of t hose who ta ke t heir ow n lives do ex hibit some cha racterist ics, so it ’s best to be aware of what they are and recog nize them i n you r sel f or ot her s . If you not ice some one ex h i bit i ng wa r n ing sig ns, plea se ta ke t hem seriously. Qualif ied help is available and for more infor mat ion on thi s topic go to If you are struggling yourself, please call 1- 800 273 -TA L K (8255). ALM

COMMON WARNING SIGNS OF SUICIDE • A pp e a r i n g de pr e s s e d or s a d m o s t o f t h e t i m e . (Unt reated depres sion i s t he nu mber one cau se of suicide). • Ta lk ing or w rit ing about deat h or suicide. • Wit hdraw ing f rom fa m ily a nd f riends. • Feeling hopeless. • Feeling st rong a nger or rage. • Feeling t rapped—like t here is no way out of a sit uat ion.




Starting 2013 with a Stronger Core BY F R E D S A S S A N I , C P T P H OTO S BY B E N S A S S A N I , S A S S A N I P H OTO G R A P H Y.CO M

Wit h ever y t h i ng t hat you've got goi ng on i n your life, taking time to change up your workouts is probably not a high priorit y. Sure, you'd love to lose t he hol iday pou nd s a nd have t ig ht a bs, but if you keep doing t he sa me old workout , you w ill get t he sa me old resu lt s. Ju mp -st a r t you r workout a nd result s in 2013 so you ca n f ina lly lose t hat unwa nted w inter fat.

A n ea sy way to jump-sta r t a nd incor porate a tota l body workout t hat w ill y ield result s is to add the following 8 exercise ball moves into your exist ing rout ine. The size of ba ll you use should be based on your height and weight. When sitting on a ba ll, your t highs should be pa ra llel to t he g round. ALM

Ball Sit-Up

Using the ball for sit-ups works your abdominal, core and hip muscles. Sit on the top front of the ball and place your hands behind your head. Lie back until your back is touching the ball, and then slowly sit back up straight, lifting with your abs and not your neck.

Ball Push-Up

A great way to work your chest, triceps, upper pectoral and core muscles is the ball push-up. Rest your shins on the ball and place your hands on the floor shoulder width apart. Lower your upper body toward the ground until your arms are bent at 90 degrees, and then lift back up. This inclined position really

Ball Arm-Leg Extension

targets your chest.

This move targets nearly every major muscle groupâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;especially the buttocks, hamstrings, upper and lower back muscles. Get on all fours with the exercise ball placed under your abdomen. Simultaneously lift and straighten your left leg and right arm. Extend them away from the body's center while keeping your hips stable and balancing on the ball. Finally, bring your leg and arm back toward the ball. Perform eight extensions before switching sides.


your head, feet against a sturdy object. Squeeze your glutes and lift your torso up until your body forms a straight line. Hold for one or two seconds. Slowly return to start. Repeat

One-Legged Ball Squat

for eight to ten repetitions.

Great alternative for working your quadriceps

Ball Leg Curl

Lower Back Extension

Lie face down on a Swiss ball, hands behind

To work your hamstring muscles, lie on your

and buttocks. Stand up straight and place your right ankle on top of the ball behind you so your weight is on your left leg. Slowly lower your body until your left leg is bent at the knee at 90 degrees and your right leg extends behind you. Rise back up and lower again. Alternate sides after 10 squats.

back and rest the back of your calves and thighs on the ball. Squeeze the ball by pushing your feet toward your buttocks. Release and repeat.

Simple exercise that works many muscle

Ball Table Top

groups, including your abdominals, shoulders, chest and back. Sit on your knees and lean over onto the exercise ball, placing your forearms on the ball. Keep your back straight and bend your elbows at 90 degrees. Roll the ball forward and raise off your knees onto your toes. Extend your legs straight. Then return to your knees after 30 to 60 seconds for 4 rounds.

Ball Jackknife

Great exercise that targets your abdominal and hip muscles. Place your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart, arms extended, ankles on the ball, and legs extended. Put your weight on your arms and roll the ball in toward your arms by bending your knees and waist. Extend your legs back out straight. Repeat.

F re d Sa s s ani i s the fo un de r of Bo die s By D e s i g n Pe rs on al T rainin g Se r v ic e s , Nat ion ally Ce r t if ie d Pe rs on al T raine r an d Nut r it ion Sp e c iali st. For comments or quest ion s you can reach Fred at get f it@t rainer f or visit his website at t rainer f


RESULTS NOT REGRETS Cosmetic and Holistic Dentistry

Comprehensive care with a personal touch... • General and Cosmetic Dentistry • Limited Root Canal Treatment WEIGHT LOSS: 37 lbs. BODY FAT LOSS: 12% INCHES LOST: 28”

• Limited Oral Surgery • Teeth Whitening • Non-surgical Treatment of Periodontal Disease • Safe Metal Removal • Laser Therapies Available

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Change your Mindset and Your Lifestyle in 2013 BY R I C H A R D K E L L E Y, M . D.

We've all heard it before. If you really want to lose weight, get f it and keep that weight off for good, you've got to ma ke a lifest yle cha nge. But what if you’re someone who ha s t he best of i ntent ion s to ma ke cha nges i n you r l ife, but you just ca n't seem to f ind t he com mit ment to ma ke it happen? Fa r too of ten, we beg in by looking only at what the shor tter m outcome of our desire may be, a nd we just ca n't get our head w rapped a round t he idea t hat reaching our idea l weig ht a nd ach iev i ng a phy sica l b o dy t h at we're h appy w it h is more t ha n just cut t ing back on ca lories, watching t he ca rbohydrates a nd wa lking a couple of t imes per week. One t hing is cer ta in; w it h a whole-hea r ted com m it ment to 'liv ing in f it ness,' it is possible to a r rive at a profound sense of rea ssura nce, about t he cont rol we act ua lly exer t over t he physica l body, a nd our abilit y to cha nge it. What I mea n by t h is is fa irly simple. When we’re able to get pa st t he recur rent 'I’m going on a diet because I need to lose 25 -pounds for my reunion in 4 mont hs,' approach, a nd move on to a place where you r foc us on eat i ng wel l a nd exercising a re a da ily unwavering com m it ment , it is possible a nd high ly likely to f ind a sense of peace a nd, yes, rea ssura nce t hat accompa nies t hat menta l shif t. For ma ny of us, the struggle to lose weight has been longsta nding, but episodic in nat ure. Mea ning, we f requent ly a r r ive at a poi nt where we've reached cr it ica l ma ss a nd de c ide , " I' ve g o t t o g e t t h i s weig ht of f now," t hen we d ive i nto some ra ndom diet , w it h lit t le foret houg ht a nd com mit ment. We soon f ind, t hat a f ter depriv ing ourselves for several weeks on end, coupled with a burst of exercise or t wo, we fall of f course when the results a ren't forthcoming i n t he shor t t i mef ra me t h at we ’re conv i nce d shou ld b e t he ca se. In fact, losing weight and getting f it require real, internal commit ment a nd resolve, a nd of ten, we’re simply not f ully prepared, mentally, to make the lifest yle changes that make la st ing t ra nsfor mat ion a probabilit y. There have been t i mes i n my prac t ice when , a lt houg h I’m delivering t he infor mat ion t hat I k now ha s t he power to inf luence positive cha nge. Only one patient out of t hree may act ua lly apply what I a m adv ising. In rea lit y, I rea lize

t hat a percent a g e of t he pat ient s t hat I come i n cont ac t w it h , t houg h t hey h ave m ade t he app oi nt ment t o come see me, a re simply not at a junct ure in t heir lives where t heir w ish to cha nge is consolidated into com m it ment on a menta l, emot iona l a nd inter na l level. I n f a c t , I ’ ve h a d o cc a sion a l pa t ient s t h r ou g hout m y ca reer who have gone mont hs w it hout prog ressing, u nt i l one d ay s ome t h i ng ju s t cl ick s a nd t he y m a ke t he menta l com m it ment to f ina lly ma ke it happen. They a l re a dy h a d t he i n f or m at ion a nd t he g u id a nce , but f or whatever rea son, t hey were not ready f rom a menta l a nd emot iona l sta ndpoint. There is truth to the adage that says, “when the student is ready, t he teacher w ill appea r.” However, t r ue a nd la st ing ch a ng e on ly o cc u r s when t he st udent h a s bot h reache d a place of recept iv it y, a nd a lso beg in s to apply what t he teacher has taught. This only comes about when we cha nge our interna l env ironment in such a way t hat we a re able to com m it f ully a nd emot iona lly to t he goa l at ha nd. In fact, if we’re able to arrive at that place where positive intent intersects w it h proper menta l a nd emotiona l recept iv it y, a nd we become f ully com m it ted to reach ing a healthy long-term outcome, any thing may truly be possible. Any outcome can be achieved, so long as we are committed to t raveling t he road t hat ta kes us to t he dest inat ion we desire. Ma king t he menta l com mit ment to t ravel t hat road is equa l ly a s i mpor t a nt a s t a k i ng t he f i rst physica l step dow n t he pat h t hat you have chosen. Continue to look upwards with faith, hope, optimism and determination. Keep your eye on the prize in a ny thing that you do. Losing weight is no dif ferent tha n the achievement of a ny ot her goa l in life. It is not out of you r reach . You ca n do it! ALM R icha rd Kelley, M.D. Aut hor of The Fitness Response a nd The 3 Hour Appetite series Physicia n's Way Hea lt hy Weight Loss in Aust in, Texa s Physicia R icha rd KelleyM



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Austin Lifestyle Magazine January/February 2013  

Austin Lifestyle Magazine chronicles the Best of Everything in the Austin area. With an eminent focus on the ideals, culture, and lifestyle...

Austin Lifestyle Magazine January/February 2013  

Austin Lifestyle Magazine chronicles the Best of Everything in the Austin area. With an eminent focus on the ideals, culture, and lifestyle...

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