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Cornhusker Compass

In your hands is the pride of all Nebraska! A successor to the Cornhusker Yearbook, which disappeared in 1973 (and briefly reappeared in 1999-2001 and 2004), the Cornhusker Compass also serves as your guide to UNL traditions and campus life – connecting you with the details every student should know. Go beyond your experiences in the classroom and use this book to meet new friends, explore campus and make each tradition your own.

Written And Produced By Scarlet Guard And The Nebraska Alumni Association.


Scarlet Guard Students Today. Alumni Tomorrow. Huskers Forever.

Our mission is to engage with students while they are on campus and help them build a lasting relationship with our university, other current students and successful alumni.


Open to All Current UNL undergraduate or graduate students can join! About Us Scarlet Guard, UNL’s student alumni association, was founded in 1974 and is the largest student organization on campus. We host more than 30 networking, mentoring and social events throughout the school year including: the Homecoming Pep Rally and Jester Competition, Alumni Masters Week, Third Thursday Socials and BEAT shirts during football season. We also work closely with our parent organization, the Nebraska Alumni Association, to help students develop relationships with successful alumni and stay connected after graduation. Board of Directors Comprised of 25 students each year, the Scarlet Guard Board of Directors is the governing body of SG. Board members help plan all SG events, promote the organization throughout campus and have exclusive mentoring and leadership opportunities. All BOD members must be a member of SG for a minimum of one semester before applying. Look for an application this spring! Programs and Events

Member Benefits

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Third Thursday Socials Homecoming Parade/Jester Competition Alumni Masters Week BEAT T-shirts for football All Stressed Out Exclusive “Life 101” Seminar The Big Event Scarlet Spotlight End-of-the-Year Renewal Party Official Tradition Keepers Networking and leadership opportunities Thank You Thursday Gear Day Big Red Riot

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Scarlet Guard T-shirt Membership card Cornhusker Compass Student discount card Front row seats at NU volleyball games Opportunity to be on the field for a Husker Tunnel Walk Monthly infographic Invitations to exclusive networking events Other Scarlet Guard memorabilia


Official Tradition Keeper

To keep track of the traditions you’ve completed, include keepsakes like photos, ticket stubs, programs and receipts on each page. Then, bring your book to any Scarlet Guard event to get it stamped and receive credit for each tradition you complete. Once you’ve reached OTK status (50 or more) you’ll be presented your medallion at our endof-year party prior to your graduation!

UNL's Official Tradition Keepers

2010 Kristin Hiebner Kelsey Hohlen Kori Underwood

2011 Tara Alber Tessa Alber Adam Brown Jenna Busboom Rachel Friedman Alexandra Law Wade Thornburg

2012 Elizabeth Erikson Brooke Herbig Mitchell Kohout Lydia Merkel Ryan Pryor Chance Raichart Amanda Rosenthal Danielle Tucker

2013 Kayla Abel Alex Cerveny Myriah Christian Elli Fugate Jonathan Geier Jenny Green Morgan Gruebele Whitney Hansen Kayla Morgan Ryan Mueksch Emily Pribyl Heidi Rogowski Grace Sedlacek Danielle Simpson Paula Sloan


By taking full advantage of your Cornhusker Compass and completing 50 of the 65 traditions, you can become a UNL Official Tradition Keeper (OTK). You’ll receive an OTK medallion, engraved with your name and date of graduation on the back, to wear at your commencement.

OTK Approval

Start Building Your Legacy Today


Table of Contents Introductions Pages 2-19

Campus Life


Pages 20-39

Academics Pages 40-53


Pages 54-69


Pages 70-87

Give Back

Pages 88-101


 Traditions Checklist                  

Bags And Bags Of Free Stuff Guardian Of Campus Never Kiss And Tell King, Queen And Jester Dip, Dive, Duck And Dodge Pump Up Or Wind Down Get In The Game Fountain Of Youth Archie’s Lucky Elephant Foot Pose On The Perin Porch Nebraska Underground Neihardt “Ghost Tours” Score A Strike...Or Shoot A Turkey We All Scream For Ice Cream Tastes Like Chicken The 8 Wonders Of The World Renewal Party

Academics            

Alumni Masters Week Broaden Your Horizons We’re Here To Help Cream Of The Crop Flippin At The Gaughn Get Lost In The Stacks Write Your Own Story Civic Engagement Keep Up On Current Events University Bell Jump Start Your Career At Life 101 All Stressed Out

Give Back


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Walk This Way Sea Of Red Husker Hoops Cornhusker Cathedral Road Trip Beat Shirts Pass. Set. Kill. Point. A Perfect Ten Kick It Up A Notch Out To The (Soft)Ball Game Race To The Finish Line 1, 2, 3, Pin Herbie And Lil’ Red

Culture                

I Know My A-B-Cs Extra! Extra! Read All About It! 5 Minutes To Places It’s Showtime She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy Get Art Smart Free Freezing Fun Husker Idol Nisei Plaza Miniature Marvels Yeehaw! Reach For The Stars Standing Ovation UPC Stands For Free Sew Amazing All Jazzed Up

        

A Greek Affair Legend Photo Op Donate Big Red A Pretty Big Deal Dance For The Kids Pull An All-Nighter Chosen For Leadership Spread The Good News Pay It Forward


Campus Life


UNL History Timeline


A Look Back

1869 The university is chartered on Feb. 15 and the cornerstone of the first building, University Hall, is laid on Sept. 23. 1874 The Nebraska Alumni Association is formed by the first five graduates of the university. 1877 Baseball becomes the first sport at the university with the organization of a baseball association. 1883 The first yearbook, the Sombrero, is published. 1884 The first fraternities (Sigma Chi and Phi Delta Theta) and the first sorority (Kappa Kappa Gamma) appear on campus. 1890 A football team is formed when Dr. Langdon Frothingham arrives from Harvard to join the faculty and brings along a football. 1895 Basketball is the first sport played by women at the university. 1900 The athletic teams are nicknamed the Cornhuskers. 1901 The Hesperian Student and the Weekly Nebraska merge to become the Daily Nebraskan. 1912 The first Homecoming is celebrated and the first May Queen is crowned. 1918 Spanish influenza hits the campus, claiming the lives of 85 students. 1923 Memorial Stadium is erected, paid for by pledges from students, faculty, alumni and friends. 1929 The first identification cards for students, complete with photos, are issued. 1936 The University of Nebraska Foundation is established to receive and administer gifts and bequests to the university. 1938 The Student Union is completed and furnished through contributions from alumni. 1940 A Hollywood crew comes to campus for the making of “Cheers for Miss Bishop,” based on a novel by Nebraskan Bess Streeter Aldrich. 1941 Nebraska’s football team makes its first appearance in a bowl game, losing to Stanford in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1. 1948 The Carillon Tower becomes part of the campus landscape, built through a gift from Ralph S. Mueller, ’98. 1958 George W. Beadle, ’26, receives the Nobel Prize for studies on the relation of genes to biochemical reactions.

1963 The Sheldon Museum of Art, designed by internationally renowned architect Philip Johnson, opens. 1970 The Cornhusker football team wins its first national championship. 1974 The Student Alumni Board (now Scarlet Guard) is formed by Jack Miller, executive director of the alumni association. 1976 The Bob Devaney Sports Center is completed at a cost of $13 million, financed largely by a tax on cigarettes. 1979 The men’s gymnastics team wins the first of what will become eight national championships. 1982 Merlene Ottey, ’84, sets the world record in the 440 and leads the women’s indoor track and field team to the first of three consecutive national titles. 1985 The Milton I. Wick Alumni Center, designed by Gwathmey Siegel after a nationwide architectural competition, and built with donations from more than 4,000 alumni and friends, opens. 1987 Alumnus Donald Cram, ’48, shares the Nobel Prize in chemistry. That same year, the Farm Aid III concert, headlined by Willie Nelson, is held in Memorial Stadium and broadcast to people across the nation. 1995 The football team wins its second consecutive and fourth of five overall national championships, and the volleyball team wins the first of three national titles. 1998 One of the largest gifts in school history leads to the establishment of what is now the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management. 2000 Alumnus Alan Heeger wins the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his pioneering work on increasing electrical conductivity. 2004 Bowling becomes a NCAA-sanctioned sport and the Husker women’s team captures the first of four NCAA national championships, after winning 5 IBC national titles. 2006 The Extreme Light Laboratory, home to the Diocles Laser, opens, putting UNL at the forefront of international high field physics and laser research. 2010 The Big Ten Conference Council of Presidents/Chancellors votes to approve the application from UNL for Big Ten membership and shortly thereafter, UNL is invited to join the prestigious Committee on Institutional Cooperation, which includes the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago. Both memberships take effect in July 2011. 2013 The first on-campus, shared academic/athletic research facility in the nation opens in the modernized East Stadium with the Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior plus the Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab.




Do you know... The Retired Traditions Of UNL They once lived in the hearts of Nebraska students – these tried and true traditions of the past. Although their time has come and gone, we honor them here as a small sampling of our heritage, a tribute to the students who early on trod the same campus paths today’s students cross, and a reminder that we are the keepers of today’s traditions.

Mascot History

Herbie Husker 1980s, 1990s

Harry Husker 1963

Corn Cob Man 1955

Herbie Husker 1974

Lil’ Red 1993


Huskie the Husker 1962

Herbie Husker 2003-Present

The Palladian Literary Society

Twenty young men and five young women founded the Palladian Literary Society in 1871 just a month after the University of Nebraska opened its doors. In UNL’s first student organization, members convened weekly at University Hall for social and intellectual activities, including plays, orations, debates, recitations, music, promenades and refreshments. The group remained active in various forms until the late 1960s.

Twins Club

One of UNL’s most exclusive clubs of all-time, the Twins Club limited membership to twins and triplets. Purely a social club, the 1925 Cornhusker yearbook read: “Stunts, games, and dancing, followed by a luncheon, always make up an enjoyable evening. Picnics and hikes also furnish many enjoyable times.” The Twins Club also raised 75 dollars in the wake of World War I to support a pair of French orphan twins.

The Kosmet Klub

When “A Message from Mars” was performed on the stage of the old Oliver Theater in Lincoln by the junior class in 1910, it became such a hit that the Kosmet Klub was born. A club that celebrated the music and comedy of Broadway plays, the camaraderie of the group was unmatched. The stage fell silent in 1973, ending a great tradition of plays and performing alumni, including Johnny Carson.


University Night

It was known as “The student night when fun and truth reign supreme.” Beginning in 1910, University Night was an opportunity for students and faculty to laugh and delight in their misdoings. Often the night was raucous and unearthed minor scandals. Very satirical songs, skits and quips were the creative form that students used to cleverly aim “some not-too-blunted arrows at campus personages.”

Dandelion Day


Any last words, flower? A tradition discontinued around 1924, Dandelion Day featured the intense trial and conviction of the “Dandelion.” After the sentencing, all the seniors would dig every yellow flower off the campus.

Farmers' Formal

An affair restricted to Agriculture College students, the Farmer’s Formal tradition began in 1926. Guys wore overalls and husking mitts, while their dates wore corn necklaces. Students brought hay and corn inside the old Student Activities building and fashioned the dance floor into a hayloft.

The Cornhusker

For decades, the graduating class produced a yearbook, often controversial. In 1912, the university asked students to hand in their books, only to return them with streaks of black covering cartoons and other mischievous material. The very first yearbook was called the Sombrero, but it only ran for eight issues before Cornhusker became the name. The publication continued through 1972, when it became unprofitable to produce.


Deutsch for “Witches Night,” Walpurgisnacht was an all-night winter festival held to relieve tension before the upcoming Dead Week. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, UNL kept this tradition, featuring comedians, hypnotists, local bands and fun competitions, like a Jell-Oeating contest.


Letter From Harvey Perlman Chancellor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dear Students,


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Big Ten university ranked among the nation’s top 50 public research universities. Like all Big Ten universities, UNL is known for both strong academic and athletic programs. Our commitment to providing you as a student with a world-class education and undergraduate experience has never been stronger. You are becoming a part of this university at a particularly exciting time. UNL is a part of the national and international conversation on issues of significance for our state, nation and our world. For example, the Daugherty Water for Food Institute is fast becoming the global focal point for the effort to provide more food with less water. UNL researchers lead the Big Ten in many areas, most recently through the new Center on Brain, Biology and Behavior, serving as lead with Big Ten and Ivy League researchers to conduct an extensive study of concussion injuries in student athletes. Nebraska Innovation Campus is taking shape as a new section of the university that invites private businesses to become partners with university researchers in the evolution of marketable innovations and the generation of internships and jobs for students. All of these endeavors, and many more, involve students. This is a place where you can shape your own story – by taking advantage of the enormous array of course offerings, internships, study abroad experiences, and student organizations. UNL offers a vibrant student life and many avenues to pursue your own dreams. By joining Scarlet Guard, you have already begun your lifelong relationship with UNL among students who together can write a whole new chapter. Good luck in your future endeavors,

Harvey Perlman Chancellor University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Letter From Diane Mendenhall

Executive Director, Nebraska Alumni Association Dear Huskers,

The NAA’s goal is to help alumni maintain a lifelong connection with the university, and that begins as a student with membership in the Scarlet Guard. Please, take advantage of your membership. Attend the meetings regularly; you’ll make good friends and gain mentors. Participate in career development and networking opportunities with alumni. Study at the Wick Alumni Center during finals week. Read the Cornhusker Compass and learn about campus traditions sacred to generations of NU graduates. Walk in their footsteps; make new traditions. Leave here having experienced campus life to its fullest. And when that day comes, we’ll still be here for you. Through membership in the Nebraska Alumni Association, you gain access to a network of 24,000 members across the country who share a special connection with you – people you can call if you need help adjusting to a new city or finding a job; and fellow fans you can join at a Husker watch party. We’ll also keep you updated on what’s happening at this university and help you support the next generation of students as they begin their journeys at Nebraska. No matter where life takes you after graduation, please remember that the Wick Alumni Center will be your campus home, just as it will be during your time as a member of Scarlet Guard. Our doors are always open. We hope to see you often. Enjoy your journey,

Diane Mendenhall Executive Director Nebraska Alumni Association


I am thrilled to welcome you to the University of Nebraska and the Scarlet Guard. You are about to embark on what I hope will be one of the most exciting journeys of your life. And from the first day of your first class, to the moment you earn your diploma, the Nebraska Alumni Association (NAA) will be here to support you.


Conference University of Wisconsin Madison, Wis. Badgers 65 Student Alumni Members


University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. Gophers 800 Student Alumni Members

University of Nebraska Lincoln, Neb. Huskers 1,250 Student Alumni Members

University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Hawkeyes 3,272 Student Alumni Members

Northwestern University Evanston, Ill. Wildcats 30 Student Alumni Members


For more information about Big Ten schools, visit University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Ill. Fighting Illini 60 Student Alumni Members Purdue University West Lafayette, Ind. Boilermakers 3,500 Student Alumni Members

All statistics are as of February 2013.


Michigan State University East Lansing, Mich. Spartans 6,000 Student Alumni Members

University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich. Wolverines No Student Alumni

Penn State University State College, Pa. Nittany Lions 11,840 Student Alumni Members Big Ten membership effective July 1, 2014.

Rutgers University New Brunswick, N.J. Scarlet Knights No Student Alumni

Big Ten membership effective July 1, 2014.

University of Maryland College Park, Md. Terrapins No Student Alumni

The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio Buckeyes 117 Student Alumni Members

Indiana University Bloomington, Ind. Hoosiers 2,000 Student Alumni Members


35 under 35


35 Things To Do In Lincoln Before You Turn 35 1. Graduate! 2. Drag yourself out of bed on a summer Saturday and visit the Haymarket Farmer’s Market. 3. Take a walk through the Sunken Gardens at 27th and Capitol Parkway. 4. Soak up culture by taking in an outdoor concert at the Pinewood Bowl inside Pioneers Park. 5. Take a tour of the iconic Nebraska State Capitol. Tours run every hour (except noon). 6. Cheer on the Lincoln Saltdogs baseball team at Haymarket Park. Enjoy Weiner Wednesdays with discounted hot dogs and watch dachshunds race. 7. There are nearly a dozen coffee shops within a few blocks of campus. Grab a cup and perk up! 8. Tasty tacos come cheap every Tuesday at 12th Street Pub when tacos are just 50 cents each. 9. Hungry for a taste of Cajun country? Dig into gumbo, jambalaya and po’ boys at Buzzard Billy’s. 10. Get scooped at Ivanna Cone, and enjoy some of Lincoln’s best original ice cream flavors. 11. There are 150 bike sculptures around Lincoln from a community project. See how many you can spot. 12. Work off that freshman 15 by taking a ride on Lincoln’s 131 miles of bicycle trails. 13. Get really serious and enter the Lincoln Marathon (full or half). It’s run every spring. 14. Tour Lincoln cheap. Get on a StarTran public bus and don’t get off for a couple hours. 15. Cheer on the Lincoln Stars hockey team at the Ice Box (located north of the Bob Devaney Sports Center) but watch out for flying pucks. 16. There are Valentino’s Pizza locations all over Lincoln but hit up the buffet at the original spot – 35th and Holdrege, right across from East Campus. 17. Jam out for free at one of SouthPointe Pavilions free Friday summer concerts. 18. Catch an up-and-coming music act downtown at the Bourbon Theatre so you can say you saw them before they got big.

19. Check out Country Swing Sundays at the PlaMor Ballroom, as far west as you can go on O Street. 20. Grab a late-night burrito at D’Leon’s, with several locations. The original is drive-thru only. 21. Chow down on a Runza sandwich on Temperature Tuesdays in the winter when each sandwich is the cost of the 6 a.m. temp. 22. Channel your favorite race car driver at the go-kart track at Champions Fun Center. 23. Create personalized pottery at Paint Yourself Silly, a date-night staple. 24. Take your two left feet to the Del Ray Ballroom for dance lessons including ballroom and salsa. 25. Enjoy local and national artists for free on the monthly First Friday Art Walk, when Lincoln galleries open their doors gratis. 26. Is your X-Men collection lacking? Browse the latest issues at Trade-A-Tape Comic Center. 27. Stick your nose in a used book at A Novel Idea, Lincoln’s downtown discounted book store. 28. Go as far west as San Francisco or east to Philadelphia on an Amtrak from Lincoln Station. 29. Try one of the new restaurants in the recently developed Railyard in the Haymarket. 30. See one of your favorite performers in the new Pinnacle Bank Arena in downtown Lincoln. 31. Grab a magnifying glass and see if you can spot the elusive Salt Creek Tiger Beetle. 32. The undead come to life every August during Lincoln’s Zombie Walk. Paint your face and stumble around downtown, but remember to obey all traffic signals. 33. Visit the National Museum of Roller Skating, dedicated to the history of four-wheeled footwear. 34. Spend an afternoon at Roper or Tierra parks playing Frisbee golf. 35. Get in the know by applying for the Nebraska Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Academy.


Nebraska Fight Songs Cheer On The Huskers "Hail Varsity"

Hail to the team! The stadium rings as everyone sings The Scarlet and Cream Cheers for a victory echo our loyalty So on mighty men! The eyes of the land upon every hand Are looking at you Fight on to victory Hail to the men of Nebraska U!

"There is No Place Like Nebraska" (Played after the point after touchdown)

There is no place like Nebraska Dear old Nebraska U Where the girls are the fairest The boys are the squarest Of any old place that I knew There is no place like Nebraska Where they’re all true blue We’ll all stick together in all kinds of weather For dear old Nebraska U.


(Official fight song, Played after a Husker touchdown)







Letter From Jenny Green Adviser, Scarlet Guard Dear Fellow Huskers,


Welcome to the University of Nebraska and congratulations on joining Scarlet Guard! I promise you, this will be one of the best experiences of your college career! Over the next few years, you can expect to grow in every aspect of your life and in ways you never anticipated – making lifelong friends, discovering your career passions and creating memories on campus you will reminisce about for years to come. For many, you have four short years here; so make them count. Scarlet Guard is your connection, outside of the classroom, to help you embrace “college life.” This organization is open to all UNL students and hosts various events throughout the school year. Together, we will experience traditions from your Cornhusker Compass, share laughs at Third Thursday Socials and network through our fun Life 101 Seminar. You won’t want to miss our Homecoming Pep Rally and Jester Competition and you’ll always have a quiet place to go during finals week at “All Stressed Out.” Our board of directors is comprised of students dedicated to making Scarlet Guard, and the university, the best in the Big Ten Conference. During college, I was a student athlete here at Nebraska, as well as a member of the Scarlet Guard Board of Directors and numerous other organizations on campus, and I must say, some of my fondest memories came from activities I experienced through Scarlet Guard. Stop by the Scarlet Guard lounge at the Wick Alumni Center anytime between classes or just to relax and play our Wii. Cherish every campus moment, new friend, helpful professor and Husker tradition, as I can assure you, your undergraduate years will fly by! Take pride in the fact that you are now a Husker and start telling your story at the University of Nebraska today. Good luck and GO BIG RED! Sincerely,

Jenny Green Scarlet Guard Adviser


Bags And Bags Of Free Stuff


Insert memory here.


For some reason, it feels good to be wanted, even when being wanted means accepting far more free T-shirts, cups, pens, Frisbees and bright pink slips of paper than anyone could ever need at Big Red Welcome, in the horseshoe east of Memorial Stadium the weekend before fall semester starts. Then, with your arms full of stuff and your belly full of food, you get to set it down and pick it up again and again when you sign up for clubs. Don’t forget to come check out the SG booth and say hello! And if you miss out on this opportunity in the fall, don’t worry: there’s a similar event in the spring! Visit Get Rec’d on city campus at the start of spring semester and get even more free swag.

OTK Approval

Activities And Involvement Opportunities... And Did I Mention Free Stuff?


Guardian of Campus


OTK Approval

Check Out The Gate That Once Kept Cows At Bay Imagine with me, if you will, a small university surrounded by prairie and roaming cattle. The image that comes to mind is probably comparable to the University of Nebraska of 1892. That year an iron fence was built around the four-block campus to keep cows and “town loafers” off the grounds so serious learning could take place. The fence was removed in 1922, when the campus had outgrown its boundaries. Today, the main gate remains and protects the entrance to the university’s columns while the rest of the fence borders Wyuka Cemetery at 40th and O streets. A replica fence also surrounds the Nebraska Champions Club, directly west of Memorial Stadium. FREE

Insert memory here.


Never Kiss AND Tell


Originally planned to be part of an “Avenue of a Thousand Columns,” the 24 Doric columns – each weighing nine tons and standing 24 feet tall – were placed outside the northeast corner of Memorial Stadium in 1930. They were a gift to the university from the Burlington Northern Railroad. The columns are said to crumble if a girl graduates having never been kissed during her college years. This is a good place to take that mushy photo you’ve secretly desired.

OTK Approval

Walk Through The Columns


Insert memory here.



Tell Your Own Story.



Alumni Masters Week


OTK Approval

Meet UNL Grads Who Have "Mastered" Their Field

Have you ever dreamed of having lunch with one of the New York Times’ leading reporters? What about picking the brain of a neurosurgeon? Well now you can at Alumni Masters Week, an event hosted by the Nebraska Alumni Association, Scarlet Guard, Innocents Society and Mortar Board. This event takes place every fall and celebrates outstanding alumni who have been nominated by their former college. These Masters share invaluable knowledge and advice about their work, meeting with students in their classrooms and sometimes even teaching the class. The Alumni Masters Week reception is open to all UNL students but SG members have the opportunity to eat lunch with the masters and learn why they love what they do. FREE HUSKERALUM.ORG/ALUMNI-MASTERS-WEEK

Insert memory here.


Broaden Your Horizons


Insert memory here.


Bonjour! Many people believe that they’ll only see the Eiffel Tower or the Mediterranean Sea in pictures or in movies but lucky for you, UNL’s International Affairs program makes these experiences possible! With hundreds of study abroad programs in countries such as France, Italy, China, Spain and Australia, you have the opportunity to visit all corners of the earth. Check out UNL’s yearlong, semester-long and summer opportunities at the Study Abroad Fair in September. Studying in another country will strengthen your social skills, increase cultural awareness and build your resume. Don’t pass up this invaluable opportunity to learn who you are, what you believe in and possibly a new language. Adios!

OTK Approval

Study Abroad




   



ATHLETICS introductions

Letter From Shawn Eichorst

Director Of Athletics, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln Dear Fellow Huskers,


Like many of you, I am a newcomer to the University of Nebraska family, and I am certain that you will soon discover what I did in my first few months as a Husker – that UNL is so much more than just a place to learn. It is a community offering more than 500 campus clubs and organizations; a robust and vibrant campus recreation department; and, of course, more than 200 home athletic events offered by our 24 varsity athletic programs right here in Lincoln. Our Husker football games in Memorial Stadium have been sold out for 50 consecutive years and volleyball has enjoyed 12 straight years of sellouts, making these events a hot ticket for all of Husker Nation. However, you can get great seats to football, volleyball and men’s basketball at a discounted rate. In addition, as a UNL student, you are invited to attend men’s and women’s track and field and cross country, gymnastics, tennis and golf, men’s baseball and wrestling, and women’s basketball, softball, soccer and rifle at no charge simply by presenting your NCard. In 2013, you will have a front row seat at the brand new Pinnacle Bank Arena for men’s and women’s basketball and like at any event, we hope you will enjoy the experience of game-day and supporting our Husker teams. Our student-athletes enjoy being engaged on campus and involved in the community as they strive to maximize their potential both academically and athletically. Within higher education, Nebraska Athletics is widely considered the gold standard as we lead the nation in academic All-Americans. Our more than 600 student-athletes, coaches and staff will work diligently to pursue excellence in academics, athletics and life as we proudly represent UNL each and every day. We appreciate your support and we encourage you to get connected on campus and make our journey a part of yours. You will soon see, there truly is “No place like Nebraska.” Go Big Red! Shawn Eichorst Director of Athletics University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Walk This Way

Insert memory here.


Get the experience of a lifetime that 92,000 fans dream of every game day – being a part of the Husker Tunnel Walk. Viewable on the big screens and accompanied by the Alan Parsons Project’s “Sirius” and the deafening roar of the crowd, the Tunnel Walk is something that players and fans never forget. Now you have the chance to be a part of this tradition. Scarlet Guard holds a drawing every year to pick members who will watch the Tunnel Walk from the sidelines. Get your name entered into this drawing by attending UNL athletic events other than football and write your name on the ticket stub to become eligible for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don’t miss your chance to live the dream!

OTK Approval

Live The Dream By Participating In One Of UNL's Most Exciting Traditions


Sea Of Red Every entrance to the mighty Memorial Stadium welcomes its guests with this message: “Through these gates pass the greatest fans in college football.� You are a part of this! The Huskers hold the NCAA record for the most consecutive college football game sellouts dating back to 1962. In 2009 our homecoming game marked the 300th sellout. In 2012, fans celebrated the 50th year of this streak. On game day, Memorial Stadium is the third largest city in Nebraska, housing more than 92,000 loyal fans dressed in red. Maintain the sellout streak by joining the other Husker fanatics.


OTK Approval

Be Part Of The Consecutive Sellout Streak At Memorial Stadium


Insert memory here.


husker hoops


The women’ basketball team opens the 2013-2014 season in their new home, the Pinnacle Bank Arena, located in Lincoln’s historic Haymarket. Under head coach Connie Yori, the Husker women have enjoyed much success, earning NCAA tournament bids in three of the last four years and making it to the Sweet 16 twice. In 2010, when the Huskers went 29-0 during the regular season and finished 32-2, Coach Yori was named Big 12 and National Coach of the Year, and in March 2013 she was named Big Ten Coach of the Year. The Huskers also have had several All-Americans and players in contention for “Player of the Year” honors.

OTK Approval

Attend A Women's Basketball Game


Insert memory here.




 ***********




I Know My A-B-Cs Mark di Suvero’s “Old Glory” sculpture has sparked a popular legend on campus: it supposedly contains every letter of the alphabet. Given to the university in 1986, the big red sculpture is a popular landmark at UNL. It represents freedom. The bright red sculpture, paired against the blue sky and white Nebraska clouds creates a resemblance to the American flag, which its title references. By lying underneath “Old Glory,” you should be able to view the letters A through Z. Myth or fact? Decide for yourself.


OTK Approval

Home Of The Red, White, And Blue


Insert memory here.


Extra, Extra! Read All About It


Insert memory here.


The main publication at UNL is the Daily Nebraskan, an independent newspaper published each school day. The century old newspaper features breaking news, sports, a fashion column, classifieds and events on campus. Make yourself known on campus by submitting a personal ad to recognize your induction into the Innocents Society or your nomination as a homecoming candidate. There is also a newly formed, yet drastically different newspaper: the satirical DailyER Nebraskan. Created in 2008, this newspaper is comparable to “The Onion” or “The Daily Show.” Whether you want humorous or actual news, pick up a copy of both publications in paper form or online to stay updated at UNL.

OTK Approval

See Yourself In The Daily Nebraskan





 



A Greek Affair It’s possible to eat, be entertained and give back to the community all at once at a greek philanthropy. Be on the lookout for chalk on the sidewalks or banners hanging from the houses announcing their events. All greek houses on campus host several of these philanthropies or charitable activities a year to help our community and support different organizations worldwide. So get familiar with the terms “Wing Fling,” “Chips-N-Dip,” “French Toast Feed” and many more because these philanthropies give you the opportunity to raise money for a local battered women’s home, kids’ after-school programs and cardiac care research just to name a few.


OTK Approval

Attend A Greek Philanthropic Event For Food, Entertainment And A Good Cause


Insert memory here.


Legend Photo Op


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Brook Berringer, a former Husker quarterback, was an amazing example of community service and high achievement. His tragic and premature death in an airplane crash will be remembered by Husker fans forever. His legacy lives on in the Brook Berringer Citizenship Team which honors players who display a similar love and dedication for volunteering in the community. Some recent recipients of this honor include Rex Burkhead, Jake Cotton, Alex Henery, Lance Thorell, Adi Kunalic and Cody Green. Don’t leave UNL without getting your photo taken with the bronze statue of Brook and Coach outside the Tom and Nancy Osborne Athletic Complex on the north side of Memorial Stadium.

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Have Your Picture Taken In Front Of The Brook Berringer And Tom Osborne Statue


letter from brian hastings

President And CEO, University Of Nebraska Foundation Dear Huskers,


Welcome to the University of Nebraska tradition. You are now part of an amazing university with generous and committed alumni, many of whom volunteer their time, share their talents or commit their financial resources to make the University of Nebraska the great place it is today. For more than 75 years, the University of Nebraska Foundation has had the honor of connecting alumni with meaningful philanthropic opportunities across campus. Gifts from alumni have established scholarships for our students, purchased equipment for labs, supported greek life and other student organizations, and even assisted with construction of facilities including the Gaughan Multicultural Center, the Lied Center, the Ross Theater, the recent renovations of Memorial Stadium and many other buildings that you study in each day. Our campus, and your student experience, would not be the same without the generosity of our alumni and friends. While you may not hear much from the foundation during your student days, we want you to know we will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure your University of Nebraska experience is as rich and rewarding as it was for all who came before you. And, in turn, we look forward to welcoming you to that group of generous and committed alumni who will do the same for the next generation of students. As you have the opportunity to meet alumni, please take a moment to thank them for all they have done and continue to do for the University of Nebraska. We are most grateful for their support. Go Big Red!

Brian F. Hastings President & CEO University of Nebraska Foundation


Pay It Forward


Did you know that alumni donations helped build Memorial Stadium, the Nebraska Union and dozens of other buildings on campus? The support of alumni also helps fund scholarships, faculty positions, academic programs and more. Suffice it to say, thousands of students have benefited from the generosity of UNL donors over the years. Soon, it will be your turn to pay it forward. Get an early start today! Donate $1 or more to the University of Nebraska Foundation’s “Campaign for Nebraska,” a fundraising effort to generate $550 million for UNL campus priorities. Start making a difference today! Visit to give. Place your receipt here.

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Start Giving Today And Make A Difference For The Students Of Tomorrow

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Congratulations College Is Over, But Your Life As A UNL Alum Has Just Begun


You are now part of a powerful, worldwide network of University of Nebraska-Lincoln alumni. There are approximately 70 chapters and groups nationwide and 24,000 Nebraska Alumni Association members who share a special connection – people you can call if you need help adjusting to a new city, finding a job or locating the closest Husker football watch party. Alumni Association members also network and stay connected through events and programs around the country, our careerfocused LinkedIn group, monthly e-mail newsletter and four alumni magazines a year. In addition, association members receive discounts on things like auto and property insurance, auto rentals, Husker gear and other merchandise, and rental of the Nebraska Champions Club and Wick Alumni Center (perfect venues for a wedding reception). NAA members can also receive free career counseling from our alumni career specialist. Also by joining, you’ll continue to support Scarlet Guard and many other association programs that support the advancement of the university. As a recent grad, you can purchase a $15 annual membership (regularly $50) or a $750 lifetime membership – a 25 percent discount! The lifetime membership is only available at this reduced price for three years after your graduation, so act quickly! Visit today!


Get Involved After College Nebraska Alumni Association Programs

Your involvement with Nebraska can continue after graduation. Stay connected to the university and build your network by participating in the NAA’s programs and events! Visit to learn more! Young Alumni Academy

Husker Huddles

Alumni Chapters


Postcards of Pride

Alumni Masters Week


Future Huskers

There are more then 60 Nebraska Alumni Chapters serving alumni and friends across the country and around the world. Join one, meet other Nebraskans and support UNL in a variety of ways, from raising scholarship money for students to attend UNL to cheering for the Huskers at football watch parties.

As a volunteer, you will be given a list of prospective UNL students, along with postcards featuring campus scenes. Encourage the students to attend UNL by sharing your favorite college memories and life lessons.

All alumni and fans are invited to stop by campus for homecoming festivities, including the parade and the homecoming pep rally and jester competition.

Football Fridays

Join other Nebraska fans on selected Fridays before home games to hear from assistant football coaches, former Huskers and local media. Events also offer food, drinks and giveaways.

Join us for pre-game parties at select Husker road games. Huddles typically include appearances by former players and university and athletic department VIPs, music, food, drinks, games and more.

Accomplished alumni, promising students and a retired faculty member are recognized at the annual Alumni Awards Banquet, An All-University Celebration. Includes specific categories for young alumni. Nominate someone, or read about past award winners at

Each fall, outstanding alumni who have shown great promise, success and leadership in their fields return to campus to share their experiences and knowledge with students as part of Alumni Masters Week.

NAA members can enroll children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren in the Nebraska Legacy Program. Once enrolled, they will receive free, Husker-themed, age-appropriate gifts or personalized postcards on each birthday through age 16.


Recent graduates are invited to apply for the Young Alumni Academy, a series of events that offers participants an inside look at UNL’s successes and progress. Young alumni will also network with university leaders, and with each other.

Special Thanks Special thanks to the following contributors to the 3rd edition Cornhusker Compass:


Scarlet Guard Board of Directors Chancellor’s Senior Administrative Team Alumni Engagement Committee Pat McBride of UNL Admissions Nebraska Athletics

Also a special thanks to those who support and partner with Scarlet Guard programs throughout the school year: Career Services Academic Affairs Nebraska Athletics UNL Admissions and New Student Enrollment UNL Student Involvement Center for Civic Engagement William H. Thompson Scholars ASUN


My Favorites

Save Your Favorite Memories From College My ultimate college memory was _______________________ ___________________________________________________. My favorite professor was ________________________________ because he/she _________________________________________. The most unusual thing I ever ate in a cafeteria was ___________________. If I had to guess, I skipped______classes my entire time here.

Favorite Dairy Store Ice Cream Flavor: Scarlet & Cream Maple Bacon Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Bubble Gum Other______________ My best friend in college was_____________________________________________. We met at____________________________________________________________. My favorite Husker athlete was ___________________________________________. My favorite restaurant in Lincoln was _______________________________________. The best free event I attended was_________________________________________. Funniest Registered Student Organization on campus: NUTS (Nebraskans for the Upgraded Treatment of Squirrels) Soap Carving Club Lumberjack Club Other__________________ If I could do it all again, I would change ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________.


The longest time I stayed up without sleep was ________________________.

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The Cornhusker Oath


Students Today. Alumni Tomorrow. Huskers Forever. As a student entering the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I acknowledge the sacrifices made and encouragement offered by my parents, friends, schools, and citizens of the state which enabled me to enter this academic community. I commit, in advance, to engaging in my scholarly work with integrity and to participating in those co-curricular and social activities which make for good citizenship. I commit to being fully prepared for classes, to working with the faculty to maximize my educational potential and to valuing the diversity of ideas and people. I pledge to connect in thoughtful, meaningful and innovative ways with the learning environment at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. * Original Cornhusker Oath was recited at the New Student Convocation in 1933. Records indicate that it was still in use in the 1950s. The current oath was modified using concepts from the Transition to the University Taskforce and UNL Core Values.



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