Neal Gerber Eisenberg Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022

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NGE | CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2022 IN REVIEW p.01 PRO BONO 5,623 pro bono hours worked $3.6M value of pro bono hours worked 100% attorney participation in Chicago Bar Foundation Investing in Justice Campaign 6 Sponsorship Initiative participants 1 Mansfield Certification 71% of associates promoted to partner in the past 3 years belong to underrepresented demographic groups 75% of the 2022 summer associates belong to underrepresented demographic groups DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION
NGE | CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2022 IN REVIEW p.02 SUSTAINABILITY 195 LBS of plastic bags and soft plastics collected and upcycled into a park bench 2 TONS of single-use coffee pods diverted from landfills 385 LBS of trash and debris gathered from the forest preserve grounds in 2 hours 2,860 LBS of waste diverted from the landfill and into compost in 4 months


Neal Gerber Eisenberg is a values-driven business, and we continue to prioritize making the world a better place for our people, clients and communities. As Managing Partner, I am committed to being intentional and to guide the firm at all times by our principles, vision and integrity. Those principles and vision demand that we promote environmental sustainability, advance diversity and meaningful inclusion, improve access to justice and support community initiatives.

In this report, you will discover the myriad ways our attorneys and staff have connected with each other in a hybrid work environment, served our communities and made sustainable changes to protect our planet. We wrote letters to encourage voting, hosted events to empower girls and women and launched a firmwide composting program to reduce food waste in landfills. You will also read inspiring stories of how NGE attorneys purposefully paired with mission-driven organizations to provide access to justice to the most vulnerable in our communities and beyond. We partnered with clients and local

community stakeholders to provide legal education and free legal services to local entrepreneurs operating in historically under-invested communities of color. We obtained tax-exempt status for a pro bono client that provides humanitarian relief and evacuations to Ukrainians in the active war zone.

Thank you to our friends and clients who support this work—we hope these stories encourage and engage you as we move forward to co-create our future and change our communities for the better.

Access to Justice. When applied to law firm pro bono programs, the phrase evokes thoughts of volunteer lawyers representing indigent or otherwise vulnerable clients in litigation. But justice is not just found in courtrooms. Justice occurs when legal assistance helps baby formula reach infants in a war-torn country. Justice occurs when a fledgling nonprofit obtains tax exemptions that enable it to devote more of its resources to expanding its operations and serving its charitable ends. Justice occurs when a small enterprise in an underserved community adopts contracts and business practices that comply with legal requirements, protect its interests and improve the vibrancy of both the business and the community it serves.

At Neal Gerber Eisenberg, our lawyers devote thousands of hours each year to helping pro bono clients in litigation. But as chronicled in these pages, our efforts to promote access to justice also include countless ways in which we dedicate our talents and our time to helping pro bono clients obtain other, equally important types of justice. I hope you are inspired by the broad range of these activities, and perhaps gain new insight into the true meaning of “justice for all.”

Pro Bono Committee Chair STEVEN F. PFLAUM



At Neal Gerber Eisenberg we recognize the importance of taking meaningful action to address our impact as a business on our shared natural environment and resources. With the goal of running our firm in an environmentally conscious manner, we have embedded environmental best practices into all areas of the firm’s operations in order to reduce our environmental footprint, operate more efficiently and engage all our personnel as we continue to optimize our impact. We deepened existing sustainability partnerships, created new connections, hosted interactive events for employees and clients and provided practical recommendations to enact lasting change. We believe the influence of changes we make as a firm will extend into our homes and communities, and we have seen that come to fruition in many ways.

This year we partnered with the Green Project to measure our Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions and set new targets to keep us accountable in reducing our carbon footprint. As outlined in the pages that follow, we have taken active steps to conserve natural resources, decrease our carbon footprint and operate in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Thank you for engaging with us as we work towards a greener and more prosperous future.


In an ever-changing legal landscape, Neal Gerber Eisenberg’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has been unwavering. DEI remain critical to the firm’s goals of providing the most sound and sophisticated legal counsel to clients, and attracting, retaining and promoting exceptional people.

This year, we continued to deepen our understanding of others’ experiences and to learn from each other. We responded to the changing needs of our people and supported their holistic development through efforts such as our Sponsorship Initiative. We welcomed diverse speakers who challenged assumptions and mindsets and who helped put into historical context the difficulties of individuals who belong to traditionally underrepresented groups. And we continued to partner with and support organizations committed to DEI in the legal profession and beyond—through innovative programming and community outreach efforts.

We recognize that workplace diversity, equity and inclusion require constant vigilance and continuous effort, and we are grateful for the support and contributions of our clients and community members. Effective inclusion is, as the saying goes, a journey and not a destination. We are happy to share the path with you and are pleased to report some of our travels over the past year.

Director of Talent & Diversity

Sustainability is a key component of NGE’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. This year, NGE embedded sustainable best practices into all areas of the firm’s operations and promoted ways to reduce consumption and waste. We deepened existing sustainability partnerships, created new connections, hosted interactive events for employees and clients and provided practical recommendations to enact lasting change.


In 2022, we kicked off a firmwide composting program. NGE is proud to partner with Collective Resource, Inc., a woman-owned compost and food scrap pickup service, to compost in-office food waste, soiled containers and paper and all NGE disposable food products. We have made great strides with our firm’s recycling efforts and added composting to significantly reduce what we send to the landfill. As part of our composting program, we redesigned our waste signage firmwide to help NGE employees make informed choices when disposing trash. Since launching our composting program in July, NGE has composted food waste, soiled containers and paper and disposable food products (plates, bowls, cups, lids and cutlery). By doing so we diverted 2,860 pounds of waste from the landfill.

Firmwide Composting 2,860 LBS

C omposting Webinar

NGE welcomed Mary Beth Schaye, Zero Waste Consultant from partner Collective Resources, Inc., to offer an informative presentation about ways to compost and its importance. As a result of that webinar, firm Managing Partner Robert G. Gerber was inspired to switch to only use compostable coffee cups while working in the office. Junior Paralegal Lindsey M. Hegarty has long composted at home, and she previously brought her compostable waste home from the office. Lindsey is grateful the firm started its composting program so she can seamlessly continue her composting practice in the office.

of waste diverted from the landfill in 4 months

Growing Pollinator Friendly Gardens

The firm welcomed clients and employees to “Growing Pollinator Friendly Gardens,” a workshop led by Phoebe Piper of The Hive Tribe. In this presentation, Phoebe provided thoughtful guidance on how to create and sustain gardens attractive to many types of pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, birds, beetles and bats. After the presentation, the NGE Sustainability Committee shared planting guides and other helpful resources to facilitate floral diversity, highlight native plants and protect pollinators. Sustainability Committee member, Counsel Andrew S. Fraker took information from this presentation and is planning to make changes to his home garden next spring, such as adding native flowers to attract and nourish the bees that his neighbors keep in their backyard hives.


We gathered again this fall for our second annual clean-up event with Clean Up - Give Back.Org for NGE attorneys, staff and their families to connect and better the community. In October, NGE employees met outdoors to make a positive impact at Schiller Woods in River Grove, Illinois. In two hours, NGE volunteers picked up 385 pounds of trash and debris from the forest preserve grounds.

- 30 Bags - 2 Heavy Metal Bars - 1 Bucket of Tiles - 1 Box of Tiles - Grill Pieces - Cement Planter


NGE is proud to announce that Chief Operating Officer Sonia Menon, chair of the firm’s Sustainability Committee, was selected among Crain’s Chicago Business 2022 Notable Leaders in Sustainability. The list honors senior business executives driving corporate stewardship to create measurable impacts that enhance the environment.

Crain’s recognized Sonia for her work as leader of NGE’s Sustainability Committee. During her tenure, the firm has achieved numerous quantifiable sustainability goals, such as reducing energy consumption by 40 percent and transitioning to using 100 percent renewable energy. Sonia saw 2020’s transition to remote-work environments as an opportunity to reimagine office operations, and she worked to create a fully digital, virtual working environment with energy performance improvements. Last year, Sonia helped lead the firm to earning a Gold Rating from the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS), and she is working to connect with and educate firm clients to exchange environmentally friendly ideas and support sustainable ingenuity across industries. NGE salutes Sonia for her leadership of our Sustainability



NGE is committed to improving energy performance across our business by continually conserving energy and reducing consumption and waste. This year, NGE continued our leadership role in the legal industry as a member of the Law Firm Sustainability Network, sharing our vision with other green law firms to improve the entire industry’s sustainable practices. Last year, we joined the EPA’s Green Power Partnership and its mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We remain committed to buying 100 percent of our energy needs from green power sources, with 600,000 kilowatt-hours of our annual energy needs coming from 100 percent wind Renewable Energy Credits, purchased from AEP Energy.


NGE increased our engagement with local nonprofit partner Clean Up - Give Back.Org. In April for Earth Month, NGE joined with Clean Up - Give Back.Org to conduct a Plastic Bag Drive and prevent plastic bags from ending up in landfills. We collected and diverted 195 pounds of plastic bags and soft plastic from the landfill, which were then upcycled into a park bench.

195 lbs of plastic



As NGE employees returned more frequently to work in the office this year, they participated in “Return to Office Bingo” to reduce clutter, reuse old supplies and recycle paper and equipment.


NGE also replaced single-use coffee pods in office cafes and kitchenettes with bean-to-cup coffee machines. By upgrading all office coffee machines, we were able to divert two tons of single-use coffee pods from landfills. NGE employees also connected with colleagues over coffee after following a treasure map to discover specific flavors and brands of coffee throughout different office floors.


Finally, this year NGE attorneys also swapped their paper business cards for smart, mobile business cards. As our world continues to embrace smart technology, NGE changed how we connect with our clients, colleagues and new networks. We transitioned to an eco-friendly, paperless business card option with new digital business cards through Mobilo . This tree-friendly transition matches NGE values: it’s a sustainable way to help us limit our carbon footprint by reducing reliance on paper business cards; it’s an innovative way to make new connections; and it provides an accessible, fast option to exchange contact information.

Returned 20 personal printers

Securely shredded and recycled 36,000 sheets of paper

Returned more than 500 items to Office Services

Scanned more than 4,000 sheets of paper


Diversity, equity and meaningful inclusion have been, and continue to be, critical to our firm’s mission. We recognize that effective inclusion requires constant vigilance, continuous effort and innovative programming and initiatives. We are committed to the hard work required for real progress, and we hold ourselves accountable—both individually and collectively—for fostering a culture of belonging.

At NGE, the responsibility for promoting an inclusive workplace is everyone’s. The firm supports attorneys and staff year round by offering information, programs and events that provide historical frameworks for biases and discrimination, that encourage open dialogue around important issues, and that equip people to navigate difficult situations.



This year, we welcomed back Michelle Silverthorn, recognized expert in organizational inclusion and Founder of Inclusion Nation, for a deeper dive into the concept of equity. Through scenario-based discussions, Michelle helped our partners and senior staff learn how they can promote equity through the allocation of work, information, opportunities and resources.

In January, we partnered with the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center to offer a virtual tour of their exhibit “Rise Up: Stonewall and the LGBTQ Rights Movement.” This interactive tour brought together NGE employees and clients for a discussion of the modern gay rights movement in the United States. In June, the firm hosted distinguished speaker and University of Pennsylvania professor Dr. Mary Frances Berry for an interactive program on Juneteenth. Dr. Berry discussed laws related to the enslavement and emancipation of people in America, the experiences of slaves in Texas and elsewhere after the Civil War and lessons for everyone today.

The firm also invited Rachael Bosch, founder and managing director of Fringe Professional Development, and Jacqueline Wilson Cranford, founder and principal of Cranford Advisory Services LLC, for “It’s Not Just Semantics: Why Your Language Matters.” This firmwide program focused on the creation of inclusive spaces and how language constantly evolves as our awareness increases.

In honor of heritage and history months throughout the year—such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month and Pride Month—the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee continued to publish internal newsletters. The newsletters provide information about the challenges, contributions and successes of the honored groups, and include cultural and historical insights as well as inclusion best practices.

To provide our attorneys with an opportunity to share perspectives and takeaways on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court decision, we held a moderated roundtable discussion. We also invited Mini Timmaraju, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, for a fireside chat co-moderated by Managing Partner Robert G. Gerber and Partner Sonya Rosenberg, co-chair of our Women’s Network leadership team. Mini shared thoughts about effective leadership, her perspective on diversity, equity and inclusion and the work of different arms of NARAL at the national and state levels.

Michelle Silverthorn Rachael Bosch Jacqueline Cranford Dr. Mary Frances Berry Partner Sonya Rosenberg, Mini Timmaraju, Managing Partner Robert G. Gerber


We recognize that the commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment must come from the top. Managing Partner Robert G. Gerber co-chairs our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and helps to communicate information between that committee and the firm’s Executive Committee, the firm’s highest governing body. DEI is a standing agenda item for meetings of the firm’s Executive Committee.


The firm is committed to understanding the experiences of individuals and to addressing the unique challenges that people from underrepresented groups face. To that end, we invited author and speaker Deepa Purushothaman to discuss the concept of allyship: what it is and how members of the firm can be effective allies for colleagues in the daily interactions and conversations that underlie their experiences. Co-Chairs of the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Managing Partner Robert G. Gerber and Partner Tanvi B. Patel , moderated the conversation and spoke of their own personal challenges. Deepa shared her personal experiences and stories from the hundreds of interviews with women of color that she conducted and documented in her book, “The First, The Few, and The Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America.” The firm has implemented a Sponsorship Initiative through which members of the firm’s Executive Committee offer the resources and opportunities that their protégés need to advance. The protégés are junior partners from underrepresented groups. The firm recently expanded participation in its Sponsorship Initiative to include a new cohort of protégés. Dr. Arin Reeves, president of Nextions and nationally renowned author and speaker on leadership and inclusion, helped to structure the initiative. This year she continued to moderate group discussions on topics such as the “bring your authentic self to work” dilemma.


Director of Talent & Diversity Marlon Lutfiyya was selected among Crain’s Chicago Business 2022 Notable Executives in HR and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The list honors senior executives who demonstrate the ability to affect HR and diversity and inclusion in their organizations and who show leadership via involvement in civic or professional organizations.

Crain’s recognized Marlon for his work overseeing the operations of our firm’s professional recruitment and development department and for his position on the board of the National Association for Law Placement. NGE salutes Marlon for his leadership and congratulates him on this well-deserved recognition.

Deepa Purushothaman Tanvi B. Patel
Dr. Arin Reeves


Step Up believes girls deserve to define and pursue success on their terms. By bringing girls together in inspired spaces—online and in-person—Step Up sparks exploration and discussion of what’s possible. Through structured programs, focused support and inspiring connections, Step Up helps girls define and achieve their unique visions of success. Partner Elizabeth E. Radichel sits on the national Step Up board, and this year NGE continued its support of and partnership with Step Up in many ways, including through pro bono service and additional mentorship opportunities.

For example, Partners Andrea S. Fuelleman, Elizabeth E. Radichel, Sonya Rosenberg and Associates Alissa J. Griffin and Kathleen “Kaytee” Okon provided pro bono counsel to Step Up on legal issues related to intellectual property and employment law.

Chief Operating Officer Sonia Menon shared her experience and guidance with young women at a

Step Up program “So You Wanna Change the World: An Evening of Multigenerational Mentorship and Conversation” in Chicago.

In addition, several NGE female attorneys and staff participated in Step Up’s first-ever Career Camp through an interactive online “Career Steps” program. Partners Patricia S. Cain, Angela R. Elbert, Tanvi B. Patel, Elizabeth E. Radichel, Sonya Rosenberg, and Collette A. Woghiren, Associates Alissa J. Griffin, Kathleen “Kaytee” Okon, and Madison “Madi” Schmid, and Chief Operating Officer Sonia Menon and Professional Development & Pro Bono Manager Rachel Jennings met with teen girls ages 14-23 to help them learn more about the practice of law and about NGE’s mission, values and work culture. NGE volunteers shared the history of the firm, engaged with participants in a “Know Your Rights” exercise and met with the teens in breakout rooms to answer questions about their legal rights and steps toward a legal career.

Collette Woghiren Patricia S. Cain Alissa J. Griffin Sonia Menon Kathleen “Kaytee” Okon Elizabeth E. Radichel Sonya Rosenberg Andrea S. Fuelleman Angela R. Elbert Tanvi B. Patel Collette A. Woghiren Madison “Madi” Schmid Rachel Jennings

LIFTING AS YOU CLIMB Empowering Girls and Women for Success

The NGE Women’s Network partnered with three youth-focused and female empowerment nonprofits to host an event “Lifting As You Climb: Empowering for Success” to discuss mentorship, advocacy and female empowerment in the workplace. NGE was proud to partner with Girls on the Run, Ms. JD and Step Up for this uplifting event.

Girls on the Run is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. Girls on the Run inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Ms. JD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the success of aspiring and early-career women lawyers. Ms. JD seeks to support and improve the experiences of women law students and lawyers through an online community, campus chapters throughout the nation and innovative programming and conferences. Associate Kara Smith serves on the Ms. JD board of directors. Step Up is a nonprofit organization that offers free on-campus mentorship programs for girls in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York and virtual mentorship support everywhere for young women and those who identify with girlhood ages 14-23. Partner Elizabeth E. Radichel serves on the national Step Up board.

Attendees at the Lifting As You Climb event heard inspirational stories from these organizations and participated in roundtable discussions to talk about effective mentorship and unanticipated hurdles for women in the workplace. As part of the event, NGE made donations to Girls on the Run, Ms. JD and Step Up to reaffirm the firm’s commitment to the missions of these organizations as they support and sponsor vulnerable women and girls in our communities.

Elizabeth E. Radichel Kara Smith Sonya Rosenberg Cristina W. DeMento Partner Sonya Rosenberg, Co-Chair of the NGE Women’s Network leadership team
Partner Tina DeMento, Co-Chair of the NGE Women’s Network leadership team



Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, Daniil Cherkasskiy, a Chicagoan who was born in Ukraine, began working to help a friend in Ukraine who needed formula for his twins who were born prematurely in Kyiv. Through a series of connections, Daniil met Natalia, a real estate agent and young mother, who volunteered to help locate and deliver formula for a stranger’s babies. Daniil worked to expand a network of teams in Ukraine to help deliver food and supplies and evacuate Ukrainian civilians in the active war zone. Daniil also mobilized a network in the United States of volunteers and donors to raise funds for the work of peer-vetted volunteer networks on the ground in Ukraine who are operating in dangerous areas not yet reached by international aid organizations. These networks became known as Ukraine TrustChain.

To facilitate donations to Ukraine TrustChain—donations which then go directly and immediately to support lifesaving missions in Ukraine—Partners John A. Biek, Eric N. Mann, Eric M. McLimore, Sonya Rosenberg, Counsel Andrew S. Fraker and Associates Jacob H. Calvert and Alfred C. Tam worked quickly to obtain an exemption for the organization from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Ukraine TrustChain is a 100% volunteer-run organization with no overhead costs, so every donation collected goes directly and immediately to support those in need in Ukraine. Since its founding in February 2022, Ukraine TrustChain has facilitated the successful evacuation of almost 50,000 Ukrainians, many of them women, children, the elderly and persons with disabilities, and has regularly helped to feed and shelter many thousands of others still living in the country’s war-torn areas.

John A. Biek Eric N. Mann Eric M. McLimore Sonya Rosenberg Andrew S. Fraker Jacob H. Calvert Alfred C. Tam


Associate Alissa J. Griffin serves as President of the Young Professionals Board of Kids In Danger (KID), a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children by fighting for product safety. Each year tens of thousands of children are injured and hundreds die in incidents associated with infant and children’s products. KID fights for product safety and works to save children’s lives by enhancing transparency and accountability through safer product development, better education and stronger advocacy for children.

Since 2001, KID has published an annual review and analysis of children’s products recalled that year. KID regularly writes research reports on specific concerns such as fire and burn hazards, lead poisoning and sleep environment safety. It also publishes opinions on safety issues and recall track records of major manufacturers. During the past year, Alissa worked with KID to evaluate its proposed “Design Safety Toolkit” program. The Design Safety Toolkit is a free online course designed to provide small- and medium-sized children’s products companies with the information and tools

they need to design, develop and market safer products. In addition to Alissa’s work, Partners Lee J. Eulgen, Thomas C. McDonough, Tonya G. Newman, Sonya Rosenberg, David A. Wheeler and Associate Jessica Rissman Cohen assisted KID in the review of the Design Safety Toolkit and conducted research and provided counsel regarding KID’s privacy policies.


Partners Douglas M. Ellis and Elizabeth E. Radichel represented a pro bono client in connection with the acquisition of a property located in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in Chicago. The property was acquired from an affiliate of a nonprofit organization known as The Resurrection Project in connection with the Neighborhood Stabilization Program administered through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Neighborhood Stabilization Program was established to help communities with a high rate of abandoned and foreclosed homes.

After the acquisition, the firm’s client leased the property to nonprofit Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, an organization that provides, among other services, safe and secure transitional housing for citizens returning to the community after incarceration. Doug and Beth assisted on all aspects of the acquisition, including negotiating the purchase agreement and facilitating the closing, negotiating the lease with Precious Blood and guiding the client through all diligence aspects of the transaction, including complicated dynamics related to regulatory agreements encumbering the property.

Douglas M. Ellis
Elizabeth E. Radichel Alissa J. Griffin Lee J. Eulgen Tonya G. Newman David A. Wheeler Thomas C. McDonough Sonya Rosenberg Jessica Rissman Cohen


When local nonprofit I Grow Chicago (IGC) made the decision to dissolve, it wanted to invest its assets in the local Englewood community in Chicago that it had served. Partners Douglas M. Ellis, Eric M. McLimore and Elizabeth E. Radichel, Of Counsel Gerald A. Golden and Associate Madison “Madi” Schmid stepped in to help Metropolitan Family Services, then in control of IGC, transfer $3 million in assets to another local nonprofit organization, Imagine Englewood if (IEi). NGE attorneys helped to structure the transfer of assets from IGC to IEi, including the transfer of 15 properties in the West Englewood area of Chicago used for various programs to benefit the residents of the community. Doug, Eric, Beth, Gerry and Madi worked with IEi in structuring, documenting and closing the transaction so IEi could continue its 25+ year mission to “strengthen and empower the Greater Englewood community through teaching local youth and their families healthy living, environmental awareness and positive communication skills.”


Planet Word Museum in Washington, DC, is the only museum in the country dedicated to advancing literacy and renewing and inspiring a love of words and language. Over the past few years, Partners Marshall E. Eisenberg, Eric M. McLimore and Earl N. Melamed, with Of Counsel Stephen Fedo, assisted Planet Word in several matters, including securing favorable recognition for the museum under applicable tax laws. Recently the firm completed the transfer of the historic Franklin School building from the Ann B. and Thomas L. Friedman Family Foundation to Planet Word. The Franklin School is a 50,000-square-foot, five-story historic icon that was originally opened in 1869 and completely rehabilitated between 2018 and 2020. The historic Franklin School serves as a forever home for this new kind of interactive and self-guided museum.

Douglas M. Ellis Gerald A. Golden Eric M. McLimore Elizabeth E. Radichel
Madison “Madi” Schmid



In October, nearly 40 attorneys from NGE, the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Chicago and the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights partnered with the Greater Englewood Community Development Corporation, the Women’s Business Development Center and Build Bronzeville to host an in-person pro bono legal clinic for minority- and women-owned small businesses.

The clinic offered legal education and free legal services to local entrepreneurs operating in historically under-invested communities of color. During the event, Partners Andrea S. Fuelleman, John J. Koenigsknecht and Sonya Rosenberg teamed with ACC Chicago attorneys to share practical guidance on general corporate, intellectual property and employment matters relevant to small businesses. The business owners—who worked in industries spanning restaurants, cosmetics and real estate—also met one-on-one with attorneys to discuss questions and issues specific to their enterprises. Advisors from

the local business groups also attended and were on hand to answer questions outside the scope of the legal issues addressed by the attorneys.

Participants agreed that the day was a success, noting the strong, authentic level of engagement throughout the presentations and individual sessions. For NGE, this event exemplified the firm’s vision of community engagement and pro bono work. “Investing time and resources to do real, impactful legal work for small businesses that need, and may not be able to afford, these services—and going directly to the communities where that work is needed—fits uniquely with our pro bono priorities and commitments as a firm,” said Partner Sonya Rosenberg

Building on the success of this event, NGE, ACC Chicago and Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights plan to make this an annual clinic to further encourage investment and entrepreneurship in Chicago’s diverse small business community.

John J. Koenigsknecht Sonya Rosenberg Andrea S. Fuelleman
Providing practical, insightful and responsive legal advice is what NGE is all about— whether we’re working with small businesses or some of the largest companies and institutions. It was exciting and inspiring to see that work and level of service and commitment in action from the attorneys participating at the clinic.”
-Sonya Rosenberg, Partner
NGE attorneys provide legal advice to small business owners.

100% Participation in Investing in Justice Campaign


For the second year in a row, every single attorney at the firm opted to make an individual donation to the Chicago Bar Foundation’s Investing in Justice Campaign, a unique annual campaign that raises funds to ensure everyone has access to necessary legal help, not just people who can afford it. The Investing in Justice

Campaign is the largest campaign of its kind anywhere in the country, and NGE attorneys have supported this campaign every year since 2008. 100% of the individual contributions from NGE attorneys to the Investing in Justice Campaign directly support the work of more than 30 pro bono and legal aid organizations and


related initiatives, enabling them to provide critical legal assistance to tens of thousands of people in need in Chicagoland. Through their collective generosity, NGE attorneys signaled the firm’s ongoing commitment to provide access to justice to the most vulnerable in our community.

The Illinois Supreme Court recently adopted a new Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct that will become effective January 1, 2023. The new Code was developed, and ultimately submitted to the Supreme Court for approval, by the Illinois Judicial Ethics Committee (IJEC), a joint committee of the Illinois Judges Association, Illinois State Bar Association and Chicago Bar Association. The committee is chaired by Partner Steven F. Pflaum, who was a founding member of the IJEC in 1992 and has served as its chair since 2013.

The Code of Judicial Conduct contains the ethics rules governing the behavior of all Illinois state court judges and candidates for judicial office. The new Code includes notable additions and amendments, including guidance regarding judges’ activities on social media and updates to the requirements concerning judges’ annual financial disclosures. In addition, the new Code significantly strengthens and expands the scope of ethics rules prohibiting discrimination and harassment by judges.

While the new Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct is based on the ABA Model Code, aspects of the Illinois Code can be expected to serve as a model for adoption in other states. The IJEC has seen firsthand, through requests for ethics advice from judges, that rules that were developed just a decade ago needed updating to clarify and define limits on the ways judges interact with the public on social media. The new Code adopted by the Illinois Supreme Court is especially noteworthy for providing judges with guidance regarding how the ethics rules apply to the use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media.”

Steven F. Pflaum


Judges in the Commercial Calendar Section of the Cook County Circuit Court identified an urgent need for pro bono assistance for self-represented litigants who appeared to have potentially meritorious claims or defenses. The judges approached NGE and the Chicago Bar Foundation about the possibility of developing a pro bono program that would simultaneously provide much-needed representation to selfrepresented litigants, while offering valuable hands-on experience for attorneys, especially younger lawyers who represent paying clients in the kinds of business disputes heard in the Commercial Calendar Section.

NGE agreed to participate in a pilot pro bono referral program with the Commercial Calendar Section judges. During the course of the past year, NGE attorneys—including Partners Andrew G. May, Thomas C. McDonough, Tanvi B. Patel and Collette A. Woghiren and Associates Joshua H. Burday, Lee Barrington Stark, Daniel M. Terhune and Andrew C. Wood—assisted with these matters.

One example of the kinds of pro bono matters referred during the pilot phase of the program was the defense of a claim based on an alleged breach of contract that occurred almost 11 years before the plaintiff filed suit. When Partner Collette A. Woghiren accepted this representation, the court had already granted a default judgment against the client for failing to appear. Collette connected with the pro bono client, filed a motion to vacate the default, which was granted, and then filed a motion to dismiss. Justice was served when the court granted the motion to dismiss, as the contract was usurious and unconscionable, yet the client was at a loss for how to mount a defense before receiving pro bono counsel.

The success of the pilot program with NGE lawyers paved the way for an expanded Commercial Calendar Section Pro Bono Program that increases the number of law firms and lawyers able to accept pro bono referrals. In connection with the launch of that program, the judges of the Commercial Calendar Section provided in-person training to interested volunteer attorneys.

Andrew G. May Tanvi B. Patel Joshua H. Burday Daniel M. Terhune Thomas C. McDonough Collette A. Woghiren Lee B. Stark Andrew C. Wood


In 2008, Renard Branch Jr. (whose nickname is RJ) was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with a shooting in a Chicago park that left a teenage boy dead. RJ was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder in 2011 for the shooting. After spending 11 years behind bars, RJ was granted a new trial based on ineffective assistance of his trial counsel.

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law’s Bluhm Legal Clinic, Center on Wrongful Convictions referred this matter to Partner Jonathan S. Quinn. Jonathan and Partner Eric Y. Choi agreed to represent RJ in his new trial as the State pressed forward with first-degree murder charges. Over almost three years, Jonathan and Eric interviewed witnesses and developed their client’s defense, conducted a mock jury trial, engaged an expert forensic pathologist to show the evidence against their client was flawed and negotiated plea possibilities. RJ continually stressed his innocence of the murder charge and asserted he would not plead guilty to a crime he did not commit. After years of work, Jonathan and Eric were able to secure a plea deal for RJ for Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm in exchange for a sentence of time served. That plea matched fairly to the facts. Stephanie Stern of Sidley Austin LLP and John Adams of Eimer Stahl LLP also assisted in the case.


Partners William J. Lenz and Steven F. Pflaum, with Associate

, represented a vulnerable, impaired pro bono client who was pressured and misled into signing a contract to sell his home for a fraction of its value. Teaming with Caroline Manley, the Executive Director of the Center for Disability and Elder Law (CDEL), the organization that referred the case, Tom, Bill and Steve stymied the plaintiff’s efforts to enforce the contract and filed counterclaims including fraud and consumer fraud against the plaintiff. This ultimately resulted in a settlement where the plaintiff dropped its lawsuit and our pro bono client kept his home.


NGE recognizes that the privilege of practicing in our courts carries with it the concomitant obligation to answer the call to serve by accepting court appointments to represent those who cannot afford counsel. As a member of the Trial Bar for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Partner Antony J. McShane was appointed to represent a prisoner who had filed suit against certain correctional officers, the director of Cook County Jail and the Cook County Sheriff. Continuing the firm’s long tradition, Tony and Associate Charles K. Shih effectively represented their client and were able to negotiate a settlement to their client’s satisfaction.

Jonathan S. Quinn Eric Y. Choi Thomas Zahrt William J. Lenz Thomas Zahrt Antony J. McShane Charles K. Shih


Partners Jason C. Kim and Steven F. Pflaum, with Associate Kathleen “Kaytee” Okon, secured a favorable settlement for their pro bono client in a civil rights lawsuit alleging deliberate indifference and failure to provide adequate medical treatment. In 2019, Jason was appointed by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois as pro bono counsel to represent an inmate who, while serving as pre-trial detainee at Cook County Jail, was allegedly attacked by his cellmate. As a result of the alleged attack, the client suffered from blurred vision, pain and numbness in his right hand and recurring nightmares. The case settled on favorable terms after Jason, Steve and Kaytee filed an amended complaint alleging deliberate indifference and inadequate medical treatment.


NGE is proud of its long-standing pro bono partnership with Equip for Equality (EFE), an organization whose mission is to advance the rights of children and adults in Illinois with physical and mental disabilities. The firm helped pioneer EFE’s Special Education Clinic Helpline many years ago, and Partners Alexis M. Dominguez, Joshua A. Klein, Tanvi B. Patel, Robert “Rudy” Radasevich, Mike R. Turner, along with Associates Joseph Sherling and Nancy Zhao, continued to support the Helpline by volunteering their time to help staff the Helpline again this year. The Helpline connects parents and legal guardians of students with special needs

to lawyers who provide answers to questions about students’ special education legal rights.

In addition to pro bono service on the Helpline, Partner William J. Lenz and Associate Joseph Sherling accepted a pro bono referral from EFE to secure adequate transportation to school for an eight-year-old student with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. The student’s travel time from her house to her specialized school was on average two hours, an arduous journey that became even worse when winter conditions caused the temperature on the bus to drop to unsafe temperatures, affecting the student’s health. Bill and Joey were able to secure private transportation for the student to and from school, at no additional cost to their student client.

Alexis M. Dominguez Joshua A. Klein Tanvi B. Patel Robert “Rudy” Radasevich Mike R. Turner Joseph Sherling Nancy Zhao William J. Lenz Jason C. Kim Steven F. Pflaum Kathleen “Kaytee” Okon

AWARDS Chicago Bar Association Justice John Paul Stevens Award

Partner Steven F. Pflaum, chair of the firm’s Pro Bono Committee, was a recipient of the Justice John Paul Stevens Award, presented by the Chicago Bar Association and Chicago Bar Foundation. The Stevens Award is the highest honor given by the two organizations. It is given annually to lawyers and judges who exemplify Justice Stevens’ lifetime commitment to improving the system of justice by demonstrating extraordinary integrity and service to the community throughout their careers. Steve is only the second lawyer to have received both the Stevens Award and the Chicago Bar Foundation’s Edward J. Lewis II Pro Bono Service Award.

“On behalf of NGE, I congratulate Steve on receiving the Justice Stevens award. As chair of our firm’s Pro Bono Committee, Steve’s leadership helps us make a positive impact in our community. His passion for helping others, improving the legal system and providing access to justice for underrepresented people is a guiding force in NGE’s pro bono efforts.

- Robert G. Gerber, Firm Managing Partner, after Steve received the Justice John Paul Stevens Award


We highlight Partner Eric M. McLimore for his long-standing dedication and commitment to pro bono. Eric’s unique pro bono practice focuses on representing charitable organizations. He regularly devotes more than 175 hours per year to providing pro bono legal advice on a wide variety of matters to nonprofit, charitable and educational pro bono clients. In the past year, Eric helped pro bono clients apply for tax exemptions, form not-for-profit entities, comply with fundraising laws, update their governance policies and register to conduct fundraising. NGE salutes Eric for his extraordinary commitment to helping his pro bono clients focus on their missions and increase their effectiveness to create positive change within our communities.

Eric has provided invaluable help to our young organization. From helping us get our sales tax exemption status and charitable organization registration, to providing fundraising guidance, Eric has been a helpful and friendly resource to us. His work has helped set us up for future success and I am so grateful for his assistance.”

- Amy Doll, Director of NGE pro bono client Friends of Illinois Nature Preserves

Timothy S. Tomasik, Chicago Bar Association President, Steven F. Pflaum, and Gregory M. Boyle, Chicago Bar Foundation President


2022 Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award

The Appellate Court, in reversing those sanctions, issued a lengthy decision that fully vindicates the actions the LCBH attorneys took and preserves the right to provide zealous legal representation to all those who otherwise would have no representation at all.”

In the fall of 2020, Brenda, a postal worker and a single mother of two young children, was duped into signing a lease with someone who falsely claimed to be a landlord. The property was actually a bank-owned unit recently in foreclosure. When the bank learned Brenda was living there, it tried to evict her. Brenda, who was unrepresented at the time, believed she had no recourse based on conversations with the opposing counsel and agreed to an eviction order.

The Law Center for Better Housing (LCBH) intervened on Brenda’s behalf and moved to vacate the order, based in part on the conversations that occurred between Brenda and opposing counsel. The trial court refused to vacate the order and imposed sanctions on LCBH attorneys, stating they improperly relied on Brenda’s description of the conversations.

Partner H. Nicholas Berberian, Senior Counsel Tina L. Winer and Associate Daniel M. Terhune appealed the sanctions on LCBH’s behalf. Nick, Tina and Dan won the appeal, with the appellate court finding that the LCBH attorneys acted properly in relying on their client’s word when there was no objective reason for them to doubt her. The appellate court further held that the LCBH attorneys had a reasonable basis for bringing the motion to vacate and made a reasonable inquiry under the circumstances. For its work on this case, Neal Gerber Eisenberg was honored at LCBH’s 40th Anniversary Dinner with the organization’s annual Pro Bono Award.

H. Nicholas Berberian Tina L. Winer Daniel M. Terhune


The firm’s commitment to the community extends beyond legal representation and skills-based legal volunteering. NGE attorneys and staff volunteer their time and resources to support several communitybased organizations, and we are purposeful when choosing the organizations with whom we partner. This year, the missions of the organizations we served align with our firm’s commitment to equality and access to justice for all.


Encouraging the Vote, Working as Election Judges

Vote Forward is a national nonprofit organization that works to empower grassroots volunteers to encourage their fellow citizens in underrepresented communities to vote. Managing Partner Robert G. Gerber, along with Partners Cristina W. DeMento, Andrea S. Fuelleman, Thomas C. McDonough, Tanvi B. Patel, Robert “Rudy” Radasevich, Senior Counsel Tina L. Winer, Chief Operating Officer Sonia Menon, Director of Talent & Diversity Marlon Lutfiyya, Professional Development & Pro Bono Manager Rachel Jennings, Benefits Manager Alison Spring and other NGE staff gathered for letter-writing sessions, both online and in-person, to encourage individuals to vote. The NGE participants “adopted” voters and drafted personal, nonpartisan letters to encourage recipients to cast a ballot in the midterm elections. In addition to writing letters to encourage civic duty, NGE offered a paid day off to any NGE employee who served as an election judge or poll worker during the midterm elections in November. The firm recognized that election workers are on the frontlines of our democracy and promoted election worker service as a way to honor the firm’s continuing commitment to equality and access to justice for all.

Cristina W. DeMento Robert G. Gerber Tina L. Winer Andrea S. Fuelleman Sonia Menon Thomas C. McDonough Marlon Lutfiyya Tanvi B. Patel Rachel Jennings Robert “Rudy” Radasevich Alison Spring


This year, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School presented NGE with a plaque in honor of our long-term partnership. Since 2006, NGE has participated in Cristo Rey’s Corporate Work Study Program where students in financial need work at NGE and other local companies to earn funds towards the cost of their education. NGE is proud to invest in this important program and its mentorship and career development for these students to build a diverse workforce and


NGE has partnered for many years with Lawyers for the Creative Arts (LCA) to offer pro bono legal services to artists and art-related entities. Partner Thomas C. McDonough serves on the LCA board and Partner Andrea S. Fuelleman serves on the LCA Associate Board. This year, NGE was proud to sponsor LCA’s 50th Anniversary celebration, and NGE attorneys continued our tradition of providing several hours of pro bono corporate, intellectual property, litigation, trusts and estates and tax law advice to individuals and organizations in all areas of the arts.

support future leaders. The firm was represented by Managing Partner Robert G. Gerber, Director of Human Resources Amy McCormick, Office Services Manager Abell Hibler, Records Coordinator Melva A. Colquitt, Records Clerk Mario Moreno and Hospitality Supervisor Antony Train. We were also joined by our current Cristo Rey students. We are grateful to Maureen C. McInerney, Cristo Rey Director of Business Development and Strategy, for presenting our firm with the plaque. Thomas C. McDonough
Andrea S. Fuelleman NGE employees receive the plaque with current Cristo Rey students.


- All Stars Project

- Aurelio M. Caccomo Family Foundation

- Carol Lavin Bernick Family Foundation

- Chicago Cares

- Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund

- The Cradle

- Debicki Foundation

- Foundation for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation

- Girls on the Run Chicago

- Help for Children (Chicago Committee of Hearts)

- The Hillels of Illinois

- Inner-City Education Program

- James R. Jordan Foundation

- Kenneth Young Center

- Kid Support, Inc.

- Lakeview Pantry

- Leonard and Ruth Horwich Family Foundation

- Leslie J. Raffel Foundation

- Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

- Margot and Thomas Pritzker Family Foundation

- Matthew and Carolyn S. Bucksbaum Family Foundation

- Morris and Judith Rosenzweig Family Foundation

- Muslim Foster Care Association

- Nick’s Network of Hope

- Square One Foundation

- Unified Under Hope


- Alliance Francaise de Chicago

- American Friends of Hebrew University

- American Technion Society–Chicago Chapter

- DePaul University College of Law Dean’s Advisory Council

- Friends of Northside

- Hebrew University of Jerusalem

- Indiana University Borns Jewish Studies Program Advisory Board

- Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Board

- Indiana University Parents Association Advisory Board to the Dean of Students

- Hispanic Lawyers Scholarship Fund of Illinois

- Mowen Scholars

- Ms. JD

- Princeton Club of Chicago

- Richard Linn American Inn of Court

- Step Up

- The University of Chicago Alumni Club

- Yale Club of Chicago

- Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

NGE attorneys serve as leaders in the community through service on a variety of charitable, civic and educational boards.


- American College of Coverage Counsel

- Anti-Defamation League

- Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

- Chicago Committee on Minorities in Large Law Firms

- Chicago-Kent Patent Hub

- Federal Defender Program for the Northern District of Illinois

- Full Spectrum Features

- Illinois Judicial Ethics Committee

- Illinois Legal Aid Online

- Illinois Statutory Court Fees Task Force

- Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice

- Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

- Racial Justice Diversity Committee for the Northern District of Illinois

- South Asian Bar Association of Chicago Foundation


- CommunityHealth

- The Kennedy Forum of Illinois

- Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation


- American Friends of Versailles

- American Jewish Committee

- American Jewish Committee’s Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute for Latino and Latin American Affairs

- American Jewish Committee Chicago

- American Writers Museum

- The Civic Federation

- Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law

- Congregation Beth Shalom

- Downtown Development Authority of the City of Buchanan

- The Economic Club of Chicago

- Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights

- John R. Halligan Charitable Fund

- Korean American Bar Association of Chicago

- Lawyers for the Creative Arts

- Mid-North Association

- Pathways Projects Institutes Limited

- Preserve the Dunes



- Bottom Line

- Gateway Foundation

- Lawyers for the Creative Arts

- Kids in Danger

- Legal Aid Chicago

15. Steven
16. Jonathan
17. Robert
18. Bradley
19. Sonya
20. Joseph
21. Charles
Shih 22. Gina
23. Lee B. Stark 24. Phillip
Stern 25. David S. Stone 26. Daniel
27. Collette
28. Thomas
Please join us in congratulating our 2022 Pro Bono All Stars who met and surpassed this challenge: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 17 10 18 11 19 12 20 13 21 25 14 22 26 15 23 27 16 24 28 NGE | CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT PRO BONO p.27
The firm’s Pro Bono Policy aims to improve the lives of citizens in our community and help make our societal goal of “justice for all” a reality. The policy sets the goal that each Neal Gerber Eisenberg attorney devote a minimum of 50 hours of pro bono legal service per year.
H. Nicholas Berberian
John A. Biek
Benjamin Boris
Joshua H. Burday
Jacob H. Calvert
Alexis M. Dominguez
Angela R. Elbert
Jason A. Frye
Gerald A. Golden
Alissa J. Griffin
John J. Koenigsknecht
Eric M. McLimore
Antony J. McShane
Earl N. Melamed
F. Pflaum
S. Quinn
“Rudy” Radasevich
F. Rademaker
M. Terhune
A. Woghiren


Neal Gerber Eisenberg embraces its responsibility, as set forth in the Preamble to the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, “to create an environment that is hospitable to the rendering of a reasonable amount of uncompensated service by lawyers practicing in [the firm].” The firm likewise recognizes and reaffirms the responsibility of its lawyers “to use their training, experience, and skills to provide services in the public interest for which compensation may not be available.”

By proclaiming the firm’s commitment to providing pro bono publico legal services, and providing a framework for supplying firm lawyers with abundant pro bono opportunities and managing those engagements effectively, the firm’s pro bono Policy and Procedures are designed to enable the firm and its lawyers to discharge their respective pro bono responsibilities in a manner that maximizes the achievement of the ultimate objective of any pro bono publico program worthy of its name: furthering the public good.

As a gold-level member of The Chicago Bar Foundation Law Firm Leadership Circle, the firm has established, and hereby reminds its lawyers of, the goal that each of the firm’s attorneys will devote at least 50 hours per year to “pro bono legal service,” as defined by Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756(f)(1). Recognizing that varying responsibilities and practice areas will make this goal more readily attainable by some firm lawyers than others, and seeking to increase the firm’s overall level of pro bono service without relieving any lawyers of their responsibility to strive to achieve the individual annual target, the firm has established an additional goal of providing pro bono legal service that averages at least 50 hours per firm lawyer per year.

The primary objectives of the firm’s pro bono policy are to improve the lives of citizens in our community and help make our societal goal of “justice for all” a reality. Important secondary goals of this policy include (1) enhancing firm attorneys’ satisfaction with their work, (2) providing firm attorneys with valuable practice experience, and (3) attracting to the firm attorneys who share the firm’s commitment to providing pro bono legal service.

Meet Our Pro Bono Committee Members

Jacob H. Calvert Associate, Private Wealth Services Steven F. Pflaum Chair, Partner, Litigation Andrew G. May Partner, Litigation Marlon Lutfiyya Director of Talent & Diversity Collette A. Woghiren Partner, Litigation Andrew C. Wood Associate, Intellectual Property Alexis M. Dominguez Partner, Labor & Employment Andrea S. Fuelleman Partner, Intellectual Property
Rachel Jennings Professional Development & Pro Bono Manager

Meet Our Sustainability Committee Members


NGE’s Sustainability Committee oversees the firm’s practices designed to reduce our footprint on the environment, and through education and interactive events, seeks to continually raise awareness of our environmental impacts, the methods to reduce them, and improve our energy performance. We strongly believe that sustainable practices are necessary for a better future and are proud to be among the leaders in promoting sustainable practices in the legal industry.

Andrew S. Fraker Counsel, Intellectual Property Sonia Menon Chair, Chief Operating Officer William J. Lenz Partner, Intellectual Property Lee B. Stark Associate, Intellectual Property Kathleen Haggerty Director of Support Services Kathryn L. Kaler Associate, Private Wealth Services David C. Presser Partner, Corporate Emma Van Trees Business Development Manager Clint M. Kehoe Director of Information Technology Elizabeth E. Radichel Partner, Real Estate


Since its creation in 2002, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee has worked to expand and enhance the firm’s diversity initiatives and to build upon the philosophy of inclusion long existing in the firm work environment. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee also launched two significant subgroups within the firm. The Women’s Network and the Minority Initiative are designed to support and enhance opportunities available to women and minorities, respectively, and to provide forums for them to network and develop, personally and professionally, both inside and outside of the firm.

Meet Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members

Tanvi B. Patel Co-Chair, Partner, Intellectual Property Robert G. Gerber Co-Chair, Managing Partner Marlon Lutfiyya Director of Talent & Diversity Sonia Menon Chief Operating Officer Charles K. Shih Associate, Intellectual Property Gina Shkoukani Associate, Private Wealth Services Kyle D. Rettberg Partner, General Counsel Nawshaba M. Siddiquee Counsel, Intellectual Property Leah A. Schleicher Partner, Real Estate Collette A. Woghiren Partner, Litigation Olivia Luk Bedi Partner, Intellectual Property Patricia S. Cain Partner, Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Eric Y. Choi Partner, Litigation
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