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Welcome back to my WP Signal Tracker Review. I guarantee that once you visit my site, you do not have to read any other review of the products I recommend and say goodbye to the junk of replicated and low-quality articles. If you are regarding to WP Signal Tracker, you can notice that in about 5 first pages of Google search result, there are many review sites that look familiar to each other and even they promote without any knowledge about the product - just copy and SEO with blackhat techniques. With my honest and thorough review, you will have a complete look about this product and make a decision yourself.

Ok, now, let's start as usual, with the product summary and overview rating.

Product Summary Author: Mark Thompson and Eric Nelson Product Type: WP Plugin Niche: Social Media Official Site: Utility: Track The Social Signal (Will be explained below

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WP Signal Tracker Review – Overview As you all know, Social Media is now an inevitable trend of marketing strategies. It is becoming one of the most effective marketing methods. Here are some benefits of Social Media Marketing It helps you build your online brand. It helps you build and develop your community. It helps you in customer interacting. It helps you build more new customer relationships. It increases your website traffic. It makes you more sales. And a new but important benefit is increasing your position in Search Engines - Google loves social sharing. With tons of advantages, almost marketers are focusing on this marketing methods. And as a result, there are more and more released software, tools, plugins about social media marketing. They come with many uses such as creating and designing social pages, generating applications, promote social contents and finding potential customers. But they are lack of an important aspect - Social signal tracking. WP Signal Tracker comes to solve the problems of analyzing social signal and reexamine your social marketing strategies.

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What is social signal tracking? Social signal tracking is the process of analyzing and monitoring all the signal of your website in social networks such as likes, comments, shares of each of your websites, pages and posts. Social sharing is becoming a main factor of ranking, so there is a need to determine the customers who share, like, comment, G+, pin or tweet your contents. Social sharing is being figured as a powerful source of future backlink, so social signal tracking will be the tracking of backlink as well. Realizing that, Mark Thompson, one of the most famous internet marketers, in cooperate with Eric Nelson, has developed the WP Signal Tracker for you - the social media strategists.

About Mark Thompson And Eric Nelson I probably do not have to introduce thoroughly about Mark Thompson because he has been more and more famous in the Internet Marketing industry. Recently he has developed and launched many prospering and popular products such as Long Tail Pro, Intellitheme, WP4FB, Six Figure Mastermind, BonusPress and two versions of List Eruption. He also brings his precious knowledge to help his fellow marketers success in their own business. And when joining for WP Signal Tracker, you will also have a chance to get Mark's secret that he has held for years. Find out more here. Eric Nelson, partner of Mark Thompson in WP Signal Tracker, is a modest person that I know. In his blog, he does not talk about expensive cars or huge houses as the proof to persuade readers, just mentions about himself a normal people who likes football and beers and know some little methods to make the life easier.

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He share his knowledge honestly and receive admiration from fellows, visitors and customers. He has launched some good product, including SuperPress, Azon Armageddon, Authority Site Annihilation and FBAdsuite.

WP Signal Tracker Review - Inside The Product This is a WP plugin with a friendly dashboard and brand-new feature: monitoring and analyzing social signal. These signals include: Share buttons: Like, Share, G+, Tweet, Recommend, Pin, Bookmark... Connect buttons: Like a Facebook fanpage; Follow on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Comments. The social networks that WP Signal Tracker can monitor include Facebook

Google Plus






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You can use this useful plugin just by buttons and get the full report of all social signals for all of your websites and posts. Fully grasping these signals will help you: Understand the reactions of your markets to your websites, thus reviewing the suitability of your website content. Know more about your customers such as customer's areas, customer's ages, customer's careers, thus creating better products and services. Analyze your social marketing strategies such as targeted markets, content, thus making proper changes. Research the strategies, targets, pros and cons of your competitions, thus having the competitive advantages. Click here to take a look at WP Signal Tracker interface and features

Advantages Of WP Signal Tracker In Comparison With Other Products It has broader coverage of tracking. You can not find any product that can track to all of popular social networks. It provides you detailed statistics. You will get all the information you want about the likes, shares, comments to your contents. It is easy to use. Just enter your sites our your competition's sites and get the reports.

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You will have the chances to join private signal master class. In this video training series, Mark will reveal his little secret that he has held for years. This allows him to boost social sharing for all website and deliver thousands of unique visitors within 24 hours. Included as well Mark will share some secret sources you can use to boost your social sharing with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg and more. You are 100% safe because this is a product of a famous and reliable author, with money back guarantee.

Conclusion Social Marketing is a continuous trend, and it may become the #1 factor of internet marketing in the near future. You definitely want to be one of the first people to work more professional with social marketing strategies, right? If my review is the first that you see about WP Signal Tracker, you will feel happy of not being frustrated with the low-quality contents. And if you have read some review articles before, this will be the last. Don't believe me? Check and expertise yourself!

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WP Signal Tracker Review  

This is a WP plugin with a friendly dashboard and brand-new feature: monitoring and analyzing social signal. http://wpsignaltrackerreviewz....