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The advent of new media Is facebook taking over the world?

The Place To Be The inspired New Theme Song from GTBank

8 Rules to help you protect yourself from ATM Scams Inside Guaranty Trust Bank Our Picture logs: 2009 GTBank Customer Service Week and CSR

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Message from CEO


We speak with our hands and feet


Inside GTBank


The Advent of new media Is facebook taking over the world?


13 “The Place to Be� The inspired new theme song from GTBank

From the early 1990s we have continued to set the pace for other local financial institutions with our service quality and innovation in banking products.

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Not just another Saturday


NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

Dear Reader, Welcome to “Ndani”, our brand new platform for reaching out and sharing updated information about our bank with key stakeholders. “NDANI”- a Swahili word for “The Insider”, offers amongst many others, the unique opportunity to bring you closer to the bank, by taking you through a journey of the Guaranty Trust Bank Community. In today’s business environment, the importance of customer and stakeholder engagement cannot be overemphasized and the necessity of a seamless interaction and feedback medium is by no means of great importance. Over the years, we have constantly sought innovative methods of promoting and enhancing our relationship with our stakeholders and it is my belief that “Ndani” presents another positive step in that direction. This maiden issue touches key developments within the Bank and takes us on a voyage across our subsidiaries within Nigeria, the West African sub region and the United Kingdom. Also included are some of our product and service information with tips on how best to protect your account from scams and ATM fraud to mention a few.

Message CEO


Therefore, Dear Insider, I welcome you once again to a wholesome experience as you flip through the pages. Please feel free to post your comments and opinion on any of the articles you find interesting and you can be assured that it will be well appreciated. Welcome to our World, Welcome to the Inside, Welcome to “NDANI”. ‘Tayo Aderinokun Managing Director

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

from: allofus@gtbank


“WE SPEAK WITH OUR HANDS AND FEET”. I first saw these words when it was developed as a creative copy execution for one of our Internal Communications campaigns. The sentence and its many meanings inherent aptly capture what I most deeply feel about this family I’ve called home for the last 10 years. The culture at Guaranty Trust Bank is a culture that empowers our people to be doers…to speak with their hands and Feet. The last few years have been most remarkable for Guaranty Trust Bank. The pace of the innovation that we have witnessed and been a part of across the financial services industry continues to give us hope and promise. The word NDANI is swahili for Insider!

This newsletter will to take you on a journey inside the world of Guaranty Trust Bank. Ndani is an expression of everything that is Orange; everything that is Guaranty Trust Bank. Ndani will share with you some of the best things our Brand has to offer. Ndani will lead you on a journey that will empower you to become an Insider in the Guaranty Trust Bank story. For a long time, we have been told that the next phase of customer engagement, marketing and Branding efforts will start from the inside! Well I think we are finally there. Companies now more than ever have realized that what a company believes in thinks and does inside creates a mirror for what happens outside and its eventual perception.

passionate about creating that perceived value-consistently. Just as a Brand is a promise made, and a great Brand a promise kept, a Brand that wishes to attract and retain top talent must be sure to live up to its promises. From the available new media tools to the strange and uncontrolled frenzy that social networking communities have become, every plan we make, every action we implement, is driven by our desire to do the uncommon and provide customer satisfaction. This is what we like to call Branding…from the inside out!

It is now a well known fact that employees who believe in the Brand they represent, buy into the Brand’s principles and feel

... employees who believe in the Brand they represent, buy into the Brand’s principles and feel passionate...

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009


Inside GTBank

Develops entrepreneurial capacity development amongst Nigerian Undergraduates; holds SIFE Finals


roject Innovate, our Bank's unique project which seeks to build entrepreneurial capacity in Nigerian Undergraduates across all universities nationwide recently conducted a Business Ethics workshop in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and The Federal University of Technology, Akure respectively. The workshops which seek to equip student with necessary tools needed to survive in the business world were an instant hit with students with no less than 500 students in attendance at each workshop. Students were taken through various sessions in entrepreneurship and management while question and answer sessions were conducted at the end of each workshop Also, the 2009 finals of the Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE Nigeria) National competition was held at the MUSON centre, Onikan, Lagos. Bayero University, Kano was declared the National winner and would go ahead to represent Nigeria

Equips Laboratories in 5 Schools in Jigawa State


s part of the bank's Adopt-aSchool initiative, our bank renovated and equipped science laboratories with ultramodern equipment in 5 secondary schools in Jigawa State, Northern Nigeria to aid the educational development of the state.


‘Best Bank in Nigeria 2009’Euromoney Awards


ur Bank's leadership in the Nigerian financial sector was reaffirmed with our recent award by eminent international finance magazine, Euromoney, as the 'Best bank in Nigeria' at the 2009 Euromoney Awards for Excellence held in London. Tayo Aderinokun, CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank said “the award is a testimony to the commitment of all staff of the bank”.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

Inside GTBank


GTBank Grants $50million facility to AMNI International


s part of efforts towards the development of local organizations, GTBank granted a $50million dollars facility to AMNI International, an indigenous oil and gas firm in Nigeria for financing the development of its Ima oil fields project in the Southern part of Nigeria.

of the diplomatic corps, executives of banking and non-banking financial institutions, government officials in the Finance sector and the media. Issues discussed at the dialogue included: funding gaps and lapses in the 2009 budget, legislative processes necessary for reforms in the Finance Sector, communication breakdowns between the House of Reps and financial institutions, as well as the framing of fair trade policies in the Finance sector.

Speaking on the development, Tunde xxxxxxx, MD of AMNI international said that GTBank was chosen because of its professionalism and experience in supporting such projects in the past.

GTBank Sponsors Nigeria House of Representatives' : Business Dialogue Series on the Financial Sector


purred by the current and impending socio-economic consequences of the global financial crisis on the Nigerian economy and citizenry, our Bank further cemented its status as a proactive institution committed to emphasizing social responsibility over profitability by sponsoring the House of Reps' Business Dialogue Series on the Finance Sector. Guaranty Trust Bank's Executive Director, Mr. Jide Ogundare and Group Head (Abuja), Mr. Dan Shuaib, led the Bank's delegation to the Business Dialogue Series on the Finance Sector, which was preceded by others on the Oil, Power and Gas sectors. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Dimeji Bankole presided over the dialogue session alongside the Chairman and members of the House Committees on Finance. Also in attendance members

Onno Ruhl, Nigeria Country Director, World Bank, Mr. O'Neil Rane, Resident Representative, ExportImport Bank of India, Dr. Mohammed Ibn Chambers, President, ECOWAS as well as Chief Ufot Ekaette, Minister, Niger Delta Affairs and the plenary sessions bordered on Banking Integration, Investment Climate, Trade Facilitation, SME Growth, Manufacturing and Microfinance. In attendance at the forum were government representatives from West African countries, global business leaders, corporate bodies, development agencies as well as individual and institutional investors.

As GTA sponsors “SAVEA-CHILD” fundraising concert Partnership with Commonwealth Business Council on West Africa Investment Forum


ecognizing Africa's growing diversity as a continent and sub-region and the need for a continued investment in people, policies and outright trade, our Bank recently partnered with the Commonwealth Business Council by sponsoring the fourth West African investment Forum held in Abuja. The forum themed “Development through Economic Reform and Global Partnership” forms part of the continuing Africa Investment Series–a Private-Public program on business and investment which actively mobilizes investment in various African Countries.


ur Insurance subsidiary joined other key corporate organizations, including the Lagos State Government to support the “Inspire Africa Foundation” in its SAVE A CHILD INITIATIVE, a night of pomp and pageantry to raise funds towards the prevention and protection of street children from abuse, violence and all forms of exploitation. The beautifully decorated Expo Centre, Lagos played host to the wide spectrum of guests who attended with the common aim of alleviating the plight of the street children. Nigerian and international Artistes such as 2 Face, D'Banj, Asa, MI, Omawunmi, Donell Jones and a host of others were on hand to entertain the guests.

Speakers at this year's forum included Mr.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009


ntil the 80’s, the World primarily relied on print, art and analog broadcast models to disseminate information. The last 25 years has seen the rapid adoption of New Media and its attendant technologies- a tandem which has greatly enabled globalization on a digital scale and radically broken the limitations of distance in social relationships. The virtual communities being established online now transcend geographical boundaries. ‘New Media’, a term used to describe the new forms of media that allow interactivity with otherwise static web pages, has greatly changed the way information is shared and distributed. 10 years ago, ‘new media’ meant Flash drives and CD Roms. Today's new media trends build on that legacy, and include exotic technologies such as podcasts, wikis, RSS’s, and Blogs. New Media has democratized the use of the Internet and elected a President to the most powerful office in the World. Businesses and politicians can ignore it, but are reminded that they do so at their own peril. Although the words new media and web 2.0 are now on everybody’s lips, its meanings though are still shrouded in a cloud of conjecture.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

Two companies are leading the way in New Media (with a recently emerged little sister). Facebook, Google and recently Twitter have become the darlings of Silicon Valley and now the World. People can now receive instant feedback on topics and issues dear to them in seconds. One of the faces of the Web 2.0 phenomena is a young Wunderkind called Mark Zuckerberg. The famously terse, frequently monosyllabic Zuckerberg has changed the way we speak, the way we share memories, the way we communicate. Facebook, the online social media site has grown at an astounding rate of rate of about five million new users a week. In simple, graspable, terms, Facebook has more users than the entire population of Nigeria. Launched just over 5 years ago in a linoleum floored Harvard dorm room, this platform has gone on to probably, permanently change the way we share information and keep in touch with friends and family. But what is slightly different about this social networking site is not the number of users, but the fact that the frenzy with which people update their profiles is not only limited to tech savvy young adults. Yes! The new growth of Facebook is mainly being accelerated by slightly older, (I mean mature)-people who never thought they would have the time or inclination to share anything over the internet. The fascination with the site is a key part of 24-year-old CEO Mark Zuckerberg's original plan to “build an online version of the relationships we have in real life.” Offline we bump into friends and end up talking for hours. We flip through old photos with our family. We join clubs. Facebook lets us do all that in digital form.”


acebook and its team are now taking their approach to the next level with the introduction of Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect is an application that allows users of the internet with Facebook accounts visit third party sites using their Facebook ID’s-just like a global online ID card/pass. In the beginning of 2008, Facebook began their flight to 200 million users. They have also made available translation tools on their site. Today more than 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States and most of them read it in their native language. Businesses are now deploying this tool to keep in touch with their customers as well as presenting a more personal face for their businesses. The new phenomenon of user generated content has greatly empowered users, making them contributors and key stakeholders in the information transmission process.

Facebook founder, owner, CEO, visioner, and World’s youngest Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg is obviously channeling his inner Bill Gates when he claims he wants to turn Facebook into the World’s global communication tooljust like the telephone. Simply put, your Facebook ID will be your gateway to the world. The value of Facebook has been subject to all kinds of debates and emotional valuations. In 2007, Microsoft put in around 240 million USD to acquire a 1.6% stake in the company. Figures in the region of 15 billion USD have been thrown around a lot. Facebook in court tendered documents values itself at about 3.7 billion USD. Of course, brand and product custodians would love dearly to tap into the Facebook resource. Chief product officer for Appirio, Narinder Singh, puts it succinctly when he says, “If there are 150 million people in a room, you should probably go to that room". Facebook truly has the ability to increase the Brand visibility of individuals or businesses online. Brands now have the most unenviable task of learning how to harness its inherent viral values. Here’s wishing communications managers the best of luck! They sure will need it.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009





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I create do you?

is a Product Campaign by Guaranty Trust Bank





ast quarter, we reached a musical milestone-a nirvana that captured our essence in 3 minutes 56 seconds. We launched our theme song; a partnership with the unique musical talents of renowned Nigerian musician, Asa. Written and performed by Asa, the words of “The Place to be” inspire and greatly mirror the essence of the Guaranty Trust Bank Brand and celebrate the best of Nigeria’s social energy. Our corporate theme song “The Place to be” speaks about a place where principle and character prevail; A place where people are free to explore their potential, drive change and achieve greatness; a place where ‘the exceptional’ continually surpass expectation. “The Place to be” speaks of Guaranty Trust Bank, an institution built on enduring professionalism, process simplicity and a deep

“THE PLACE TO BE” THE INSPIRED NEW THEME SONG FROM GTBANK by ASA heritage. “The Place to be” is an encapsulating embodiment of our Values, our Orange Rules, our Ethos, our Brand.

African and Taiko drums-soulful Asa at her best.

The words of “The Place to be” represent a call to action for people who want get the Guaranty Trust Bank style of service; a place where the needs of our customers are constantly put first.

It is an ode to the pleasures of the simple life and the pact between Guaranty Trust Bank and all our stakeholders. We all remember the fiasco that surrounded the launch of this song. The interviews, The reviews, and more reviews!

The Place to be is an eclectic mix of folksy guitar and keyboards; a phalanx of

In this day of social media, the song has taken off on its own, spawning over

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009


International Brands with Theme Songs Etisalat and Banky W. Coca Cola and Jack White Pepsi and Faith Hill KPMG and Tom Schlueter PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Ruud Mulder Apple Corporation and Feist Nike and Crystal Method

“ There’s a Place I long to be Where the air is wild and free It’s a little haven just for me I can let my hair down and be me...”

14,000 bookmarks. Asa was born in Paris the city of Light, but grew up in the bustling city of Lagos. Both cultures have gone on to greatly influence the depth and creative latitude of her music. She continues to receive critical acclaim from all over the world, earning recognition from the MTV Awards and The British Music of Black Origin (The MOBOS). It was only a matter of time before the paths of Guaranty Trust Bank and Asa crossed. I wasn’t really difficult for us to decide who would pen a theme song for us(-Okay that’s not entirely true!), but once Asa’s name came up, there were really no hesitations. The final cut of The Place to be immediately possessed within its musical notes, the unique ability to kindle senescence-the ability to see sound. Leke Alder, Principal, Alder Consulting, puts it best when he posits that “this special composition by Asa, democratizes senescence”. Our corporate theme song captures in its entirety the essence of the Guaranty Trust Bank Brand. It resonates across all relevant touchpoints of our Brand. It awakens all relevant sensory spheres.

Lola Odedina, Head of the Communications department puts it best when she states that “We want all our customers to know that wherever they may be, Guaranty Trust Bank is ‘The Place to be’. Every chord carries with it dreams and possibilities; a yearning for the conviviality of community. All 236 seconds of The Place to be takes you to pleasant heights. Heights that enable you see the honesty of intendment, and our desire to genuinely serve.” Asa is a folksy soul singer, or soulful folk singer, or somewhere inbetween the two with a “superbly emotive voice”! The Place to be marries all the best elements that have made Asa so popular and adds a slant of originality. We welcome you to enjoy “The Place to be” We welcome you to Ndani We welcome you to Guaranty Trust Bank. We do hope you will listen to this song and share it with friends and family. Do send us feedback at and please download a free MP3 version of “The Place to be” by Asa at

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009


GTBank Ghana GTBank Ghana Sponsors Achimota Golf Tournament The 2009 Achimota Golf Tournament was sponsored by GTBank Ghana. The tournament which attracted some of the best golfers in Ghana saw GT Bank Ghana launches first students discount cards

to provide users the flexibility and convenience of transacting business or purchasing goods and services without cash. The card, which is a uniquely Student Visa electron Card will enable students to make transactions on all visa-labeled ATMs and points of sale terminals across Ghana and also entitle cardholders to attractive discounts at participating retail outlets Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana has been noted for its robust and innovative e-services in Ghana since it entered the Ghanaian financial industry.

GTBank Ghana, in conjunction with the National Union of Ghana Students has launched the first students discount card in Ghana NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

SIERRA LEONE Mobile Payment system, SPLASH, makes waves in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone’s first ever mobile system has been launched. The system, called splash, enables customers send money using just their mobile phones, quickly, easily, cheaply, and without the need for a bank account. Customers will be able to transfer money by completing a free registration, purchasing a ‘SplashCash’ card, and sending the card’s code by SMS to any number on the accredited networks. This can be exchanged for cash at any agent location. The service is provided through a partnership between Guaranty Trust Bank (Sierra Leone) and wireless operators - Zain Sierra Leone and Africell

communities especially the remote parts of The Gambia who will be delighted by news of this development. The project will also help the government of The Gambia in its drive to attain nation wide Health Care delivery system with less cost compared to a government sponsored transportation system for health personnel.

GTBANK UK GTBank UK celebrates first year anniversary Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) recently celebrated its first year of operations in the UK. The UK subsidiary which is GTBank’s first foray outside the African continent offers personal, corporate and correspondent banking services to its customers.

GAMBIA GTBank (Gambia) strengthens Gambian Health Sector with $3.5million financing GTBank (Gambia) has made history as the first commercial bank in The Gambia to finance a national project worth US$3.5 million, designed to strengthen the health care delivery system of The Gambia. The project dubbed 'Transport Asset Management' (TAM) is a program under the auspices of the Riders For Health (RFH) Gambia and funded by Skoll Foundation, USA to the tune of US$3.5 million in a form of term loan of 5 years tenor to RFH. The facility which was availed to RFH six months ago made monies available to RFH for the purchase of 48 ambulances, 12 station wagons, 24 trekking vehicles, 5 support vehicles, and 150 motorcycles to pioneer the Transport Asset Management (TAM) project in The Gambia.

PLAZA : The building where it all started

Speaking to the press at the inauguration ceremony, the Managing Director of GTBank, Mr. Lekan Sanusi said his bank was proud to be associated with such crucial project by indemnifying the financing structure that provided the money which goes to show GTBank is a force to be reckoned with in terms of financing developmental project . 'It was not an easy process due to the multiple parties involved in the negotiation of the loan but as a bank with a vast experience in such complex transaction, we surpassed all hurdles and made it happened for the Gambian people'. He went on to say that GTBank will continue to finance projects that are critical in the development of The Gambia and its doors are wide open for potential investors. The project is a first of its kind in Africa and will provide the much needed transportation for health personnel to reach out to all

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

Picture logs:


Support For Health

Support For The Arts

Support For The African Community

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

Picture logs:

Guaranty Trust Bank 2009 Customer Service Week

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

I SEE: Movies to look out for! ALICE IN WONDERLAND From Walt Disney and visionary Director Tim Burton, comes an epic 3D fantasy adventure, a magical and imaginative twist on some of the most beloved stories of all time. Johnny Depp stars as the mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as the 19 year old Alice, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a child, reuniting with her childhood friends, the white rabbit, tweedledee and tweedledum, the dormouse, the caterpillar, the Cheshire cat and of course the mad hatter. With an All star cast that’s set to include Johnnie Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter, this movie is one of movies we have to keep our eyes out for. IRON MAN 2 Iron man 1 was a blockbuster hit. So it was no surprise really when a sequel was announced. In the not too distant future, we expect to see more adventures from billionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) who leads a double life as an iron-plated crime fighter. We expect better armor, crazier action scenes, and of course War machine! There’s also a rumor that cameos are expected from other Marvel super heroes and maybe villains. With roles for Mickey Rourke who is set to play Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo, the stage is set for another marvel blockbuster. Please really look out for this one.

I READ: What you should be reading! THE TWILIGHT SERIES by Stephanie Meyer The mormon just can’t stop. She just keeps churning out Blockbuster read after Read. The legions of readers who are hooked on the romantic struggles of Bella and the vampire Edward will ecstatically devour all four editions of her now hugely popular series of pop culture themed vampire romance novels. Stephenie Meyer's life changed dramatically on June 2, 2003. The stay-at-home mother of three young sons’ life changed dramatically on June 2, 2003 when she woke-up from a dream with characters that included a vampire and a belle from Arizona.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009

The first in the series, Twilight has been hugely successful all over the world, especially in the US eventually becoming #1 on the New York Times best sellers list. The series starts with Isabella ‘Bella’ Swan who moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington and finds her life in danger when she falls in love with a vampire. Other books in the series include New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. A film adaptation of Twilight was released in 2008 to huge commercial success, grossing more than $ 400 Million Dollars worldwide. So if you’re looking for some pop culture themed romance vampire novel that will take you back to your teenage years, pick up a copy of Twilight. Every page of this hugely successful vampire series will keep readers madly flipping the pages of Meyer's tantalizing masterpieces.

IMAGINE THIS by Sade Adeniran Lola is a nine-year-old child who is wrenched from all that is familiar and thrust into village life in Nigeria, a culture so alien and removed from her childhood in Kent that she is left bereft and adrift. is a book that does more than just tell a story; it takes the reader on a voyage of discovery. Sade Adeniran Abandoned by her father and separated from her brother, Lola must adjust to living without the basic necessities, where a drink of water entails a six-mile trek to the bushes. Unable to speak the language and spurned by her relatives, Lola struggles to find her identity in a place where she doesn’t quite fit. Faced with challenges that would cow a lesser person, Lola chronicles her plight in her journal. The backdrop maybe a turbulent Nigeria of the 70s and 80s, but the issues the book tackles are universal; the coming of age, the courage to face obstacles head-on, finding the strength to move forward in the face of overwhelming odds, the role of personal responsibility and so much more. Although sometimes bleak and harrowing, is told with a

feistiness and humor that provokes empathy towards Lola as she moves from childhood to adulthood, searching for love and acceptance and coming to terms with the hardest thing of all, loss. Imagine This won the Commonwealth Prize for best first book for the Africa region in 2008.

I HEAR: what you should be listening to! LEAVE THIS TOWN by Daughtry The American Idol finalist has gone on to greater things. His first album sold over 5 million copies and his sophomore release is a fantastic follow up. Focusing on the drama of longterm relationships, Daughtry does something more radical than many more sonically adventurous (and fashionable) rock bands dare. I make bold to say that Chris Daughtry's voice is cleaner and stronger than that of anybody e l s e s i n g i n g mainstream rock right now. It’s a great to have with a single, “No surprise” that is burning up mainstream rock and pop charts now. Chris Daughtry and his mates are making rock that's not just safe for this more sober crowd, but powerfully attuned to it. Dismiss him at your peril.

THE PLACE TO BE BY ASA Not going to say anything other than “Download an MP3 version at

Mobile is in! Visit the GTBank Facebook & Twitter page to get mobile downloads





NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009


GTCONNECT GTCONNECT: CONTACT CENTER GTConnect from Guaranty Trust Bank is the first fully interactive, self service contact center of its kind by any financial services institution in the West African sub region. This platform was launched as a total banking solution, capable of providing customers and prospective clients with instant service via the telephone.

8 Rules to help you protect yourself from ATM scams. With more than 1.5 million ATM machines around the world, most of us simply take our ATM cards for granted. Unfortunately, thieves know this and use it to their advantage -- so ATM theft is a big problem. The good news is that there are easy ways to protect yourself from ATM theft. With a little bit of care and attention, you can avoid these scams and keep your money safe. 1.

In early 2009, Guaranty Trust Bank introduced the 3rd party transfer option on GTConnect, enabling all customers make transfers between their accounts and other Guaranty Trust Bank accounts with the use of a transaction security device called a ‘Token’. Very recently, the GTConnect:Contact Centre was also enabled to also handle Electronic Cheque confirmations. GTConnect is accessible from anywhere in the world and open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even on public holidays.

card reader or cash dispenser. Look for 'extra' cameras beyond the basic and generally obvious ATM security camera.

Get in the habit of using the same AT M m a c h i n e f o r y o u r transactions. Become familiar with it and be able to recognize changes to the machine.


Use ATM machines inside banks rather than on the street (where they're easier for thieves to access).


If you're visiting an unfamiliar ATM machine that is not inside a bank, examine it carefully for devices. Card or cash trapping devices need to be glued or taped to the


Never rely on the help of strangers to retrieve a confiscated card.


Never use an ATM machine when other people are lingering.


Report confiscated cards immediately. If you can, don't leave the machine. Instead call the bank from the ATM where your card was taken using a cell phone.


Don't use ATM machines with extra signage or warnings posted on the machine.


Never follow a link in a supposed bank email notice. If you are wondering if your bank has really contacted you via email, then close the email and directly type your bank's website address into your browser. Visit your account and look for update notices directly on your account or bank's website. The email is almost always a scam.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009



Capital City: Calabar Population: >3.1million (est.) Major Languages: English (official), Efik, Ejagham, Bekwara and Nigerian Pidgin Economy: Mainly agrarian economy with more recent industrialization by the Government

Brief History his interesting Nigerian State is located on Nigeria’s far south-eastern border. The state is perceived by many to be the most tourist friendly state in Nigeria. Characterised by it’s breathtaking scenery, the state boasts a diverse range of wildlife and interesting artefacts for one’s enjoyment. Do not forget to visit on of the last known habitats for the endangered Drill Monkey species at the Afi Drill Ranch and talk a refreshing walk above the trees on the cross river state canopy walkway – the longest in Africa. It’s capital city, Calabar, was once known for its trading ports for slaves and later, palm oil, was inhabited in the 17th century by people of Efik origin.


Nigeria’s recent history would be incomplete without the mention of Calabar which was once the capital of the Niger Coast Protectorate in the colonial era. It later became the first capital of Southern Nigeria in 1899

Tourist Attractions & Sightseeing From the soaring plateaus of the mountain tops of Obudu to the Rain forests of Afi, from the Waterfalls of Agbokim and Kwa to the spiralling ox-bow Calabar River which provides sights and images of the Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar Marina, Calabar Residency Museum and the Calabar Slave Park along its course, there is always a thrilling adventure awaiting the eco-tourist visiting Cross River State. Other tourist attractions are the Ikom Monoliths (a series of volcanic-stone monoliths constructed anytime between 2500 BC and 1 AD),the Mary Slessor Tomb, Calabar Drill Monkey Sanctuary, Cross River National Park, Afi Mountain walkway canopy, Kwa falls, Agbokim waterfalls, Tinapa Business Resort and the annual Calabar Carnival that takes place during the Xmas period.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009



Other attractions of interest include the Obudu Cattle Ranch, Old Governor General’s Lodge, Calabar Botanical Gardens, Cercopan and Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary Hotels, Bars & Restaurants Channel view Hotel: This hotel boasts of a restaurant and karaoke bar that make for a pleasant stay King’s court Bar: watch Calabar city crowded streets come to live whilst enjoying a cold drink Jaracanda Suites: cozy, well sited hotel for the weary traveler and business person Visit for latest information on hotels, bars and restaurants in Cross river Major events of Interest: Cross River state is always a beehive of activities to thrill you especially in December. Obudu Mountain race: This IAAF certified reputed to be the highest paying mountain race in the world. Usually held in November/December every year, the race attracts the mountain athletes in the world Calabar Carnival: Usually held in November/December with much pomp, colour and pageantry, the carnival, reputed to be one of the best in Africa is not to be missed . Cross River State Xmas Carnival a week long carnival to celebrate the xmas and new year Ugep Leboku Yam Festival held every year on August 28 GTBank branches in Cross River, Nigeria Calabar : 11 Calabar Road, Calabar Ikom: 18 Ogoja Road, Ikom Obudu: Obudu Cattle Ranch, obudu

T r i v i a

Flight Info: for more info, visit and

N u m b e r s

$20 billion - pledges made by the G8 for Agricultural investments in Africa and some parts of Asia $707 billion - private capital flows to developing nations in 2008, down from $1.2trillion in 2007

1 ton - The amount of paper needed to be recycled to save

$40.8million - New capital requirements for foreign banks

one acre of trees

operating in Ghana.

8 - the number of countries that lie on the prime meridian i.e. 0

$27 - Amount used by Prof. Mohammed Yunus to start his

degrees longitude UK, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo)

MFB revolution in Bangladesh. By April 2009, more than $7.97billion had been loaned

20- the number of countries independent before the start of

17.5 per 100 - Number of people who are mobile telephone subscribers in SSA

the 19th century

25 million - Estimated number of people that will be living in Lagos, Nigeria by 2015

67million – Total number of active mobile & fixed telephony subscriber base in Nigeria as at April 2009 NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009


Service Guaranteed!

Not Just I Saturday ANOTHER


t was another Saturday, the type you just cancel all plans and wish to be all by yourself, the type you wake at 9.00am but still lay in bed until 10.00am, relax in the bath tub for another hour as the warm, almost hot water caresses your skin, the type of Saturday you choose to wear Capri pants, flat shoes and subtle fragrance. It was that kind of Saturday for me and I topped it with a 600page book I'd been reading since forever, as I curled in my blue fluffy couch.

As much as the clock kept ticking, I got more and more bored, the sun certainly shone brighter outside, and there was no better day to take a ride on high speed with loud music playing. It was a lovely Nigerian song resounding on a lovely African morning, the scenery was most unusual, it was harmattan and the grasses were brown and turning browner, as I drove faster and dust gathered on the un-tarred road I journeyed on, my mind traveled faster than the car I drove, soon I could neither see nor understand because dust covered my wind screen and thoughts my mind, I knew it was time to stop.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009



As the dust settled down, my mind did too. I came out of the car

The paintings came; some were too colorful, others amateur,

and began to take pictures; I am a lover of arts as I am of

and a lot, kind of ordinary. One caught my eye - a teenage girl

adventure. In between the several click-click of my camera,

dancing and I could not help a subtle smile as I remember how

cars passed me in that lonely un-tarred road and raised dust on

badly I did in Ballet classes almost a decade ago. Then came

me, as what was probably the tenth car drove pass, my

another, the prettiest artwork I had seen ever and since. The

curiosity got aroused “where is everybody going?” I mumbled

audience began to cheer, it was a lovely African scenery on

to myself as I clicked away. I joined the convoy, driving slowly

canvas, it was the painting of a bright morning, I stood on my

with reasonable gap in between, I removed

my dark eye

feet, no ovation was good enough, as the cheering fainted

glasses and wiped my left hand over my I eyes, wiped it again,

away, I knew I wouldn't walk out of that hall without that piece, I

I certainly can't be seeing well, I wound down my glass and got

knew it!

the clearest view.

The hammer went down several times and paintings were

It's for real! A magnificent building with several cars parked in

given to the highest bidders, when the painting I was interested

front, a sophisticated sign board read “The Art Gallery” I drove

in came, I knew the battle was fierce, a lot other people wanted

in and parked in front of the building like that was my initial

that same painting, but I'm not the kind to loose any battle, I sat

destination, wiping every remnant of shock that still lingered on

quietly as they all called different prizes, 75,000 naira one man

my face.

shouted triumphantly to over ride the previous bidders 50,000,

I walked into the hall, so un-bothered about my casual dressing, it was a formal gathering but most importantly it was just another Saturday. I sat at the closest available seat to the stage, my mother once said my love for the arts will either kill me or make me rich, this couldn't have been an accident, it's a day destined to either get rich or die.

several bidders went on and on till 92,000naira, I stood up and said 100,000naira the silence in the hall couldn't be because of the amount I called, probably my voice, it took what seemed like eternity, before the silence was broken, 100,000naira? I heard the voice ask through the micro phone and then, with a slight smile on the man's face, he hit the hammer.

NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009



The battle had just begun, just after my seemingly great success, an attendant walked up to me and said I had to pay cash, my heart skipped two beats and I began to sweat beneath my feet. I feared not having the painting, and I feared the embarrassment even more, it was a hall filled with lots of people. There has to be a way out, bazillion ideas crossed my mind, I discarded them for lack of substance as they came, finally, the one I'll have to buy.” What if I affect a transfer to your account now?” I asked the attendant who seemed eager to collect cash and issue a receipt, “what?” she asked confusedly, “let me talk to my boss” she added as she walked away, “what on earth is my password and user ID?” I wondered and began to shiver, as the girl walked towards me with a pot bellied man. “if it's as effective as you claim, why not? Here is a GTBank account to pay in” immediately I walked to my car, picked up my laptop, and went to my bank website, I clicked on Internet banking, my hand was shacking, I couldn't guess my password, and I had long deleted the mail that had it, this was bigger problem than I could imagine, my mind was racing, thought were rushing in and out, I thought of my account officer, she could help, but how? It's a Saturday and she has no access what so ever to my pass word, I called her up, what other option do I have? “Just call GTConnect on 08039003900.” She advices after listening to my predicament, “Just dial” she added in closing. I called and heard an IVR interactive Voice Response, followed the directives to speak to an agent like my life depended on it, because my life depended on it. It was a lovely male voice that called my name immediately he picked, he asked several questions to ensure the account was truly mine, “I'll reset your password, immediately, check your email now.” My palms were sweating and I couldn't respond much to his pleasantries. As I walked towards the pot bellied man that was all over the hall, the attendant's boss, he smiled at me and said, “I just got an alert for the transfer - it's more effective than you claimed”. I smiled from ear to ear as he handed me to the attendant that issued the receipt and gave me my painting. I hung it beside my sitting room door, the whole world should see it, I stared at it. I noticed the orange colour of sunrise, the colour of happiness, of a new beginning, of great promises, the colour of my bank. It was not just another Saturday!

...the painting was mine NDANI : GTBank e-Quarterly | October 2009


Ndani is the Guaranty Trust BAnk e-quarterly. Ndani will take you through the wiorld of Guaranty Trust Bank... Ndani will make you an inside...


Ndani is the Guaranty Trust BAnk e-quarterly. Ndani will take you through the wiorld of Guaranty Trust Bank... Ndani will make you an inside...