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of seed money was won by Portland NCSY’s JUMP team at the national JUMP conference in New York

81% Raizel O’Brien, Allya Yourish and Meira Spivak (right to left) accept their award of $360 to use towards future projects. Since the JUMP conference, the JUMP team has also received the Golden Phone Award and the grand prize of $1000 for bringing the most volunteers to the Jewish Federation’s Super Sunday Community Action Day.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders NCSY’s Jewish Unity Mentoring Program (JUMP) teaches our teens to make a difference in the Jewish community.

kick–off the competition. The conference gave teens the skills and tools to succeed and to pass along to their other teammates.

Project JUMP is about “doing.” Together with community leaders, teens develop and implement their own programs in community service, Israel advocacy, Jewish education and fundraising. This past October, Oregon NCSY and JSU Director Meira Spivak accompanied two JUMP teen leaders, Raizel O’Brien and Allya Yourish, to New York for a conference to

The Portland NCSY JUMP team won first prize for their presentations and earned $360 in seed money to use towards their future projects. The final JUMP competition will take place in New York, with Ivanka Trump serving as one of the judges. With its great track record, the Portland NCSY JUMP team is sure to make the finals!

Robin and Adam: Gems of the Community When Robin and Adam Greenman’s daughter Eleanor entered high school, she instantly became involved with NCSY. “Our daughter was affiliated before, but she was in a high school with only a few Jewish kids and it was hard for her to feel Jewish pride,” Robin explained. “Teens need the encouragement and energy of their peers. No one can do it alone.” Through NCSY’s fun activities and inspiring Shabbatons, Eleanor began to make friends just like her. Continued on next page... PHOTO CREDIT: Elie Bulka

of JSU attendees never heard of the Sukkot holiday prior to JSU


teens attended festive meals over the 3-week holiday period in September and October


new JSU clubs opened at Lake Oswego High School

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... Donor Spotlight continued Standing proud, Matan poses for a picture in Israel while on an NCSY Summer Program.

The feeling of being Jewish and the odd one out slowly transformed into being Jewish and proud. “It’s not realistic,” continued Robin, “to expect our kids to go from their Bar or Bat Mitzvah to adulthood on that one tank of gas. NCSY is the fuel that drives kids to become adults who care about marrying Jewish and care about Israel. NCSY is social and fun. It has amazing events, fantastic food and the greatest advisors. But it’s also incredibly meaningful.”

TEEN SPOTLIGHT: MATAN HORENSTEIN Growing in Judaism through NCSY Matan Horenstein is a dynamic and passionate teen with a love for the Jewish people. Matan is co-president of Portland NCSY together with Shoshi Singer, and this is his third year as JSU President at Wilson High School. Matan, tell us about your background. I have been in public school since 5th grade but always attended synagogue and Wednesday night school. Judaism was something I did. My parents did a great job raising me to take part in Jewish activities and to feel connected to the Jewish community. How did you become involved with NCSY? My first event was Shabbat Shabang about four years ago. I didn’t really know exactly what to expect but the Spivaks made sure that I felt welcome and at home. The food was great and the other teens were really nice. From that moment, I decided I wanted to be more involved in NCSY. How did you get more involved? At first, I just attended events like everybody else, but in my third year, I joined chapter board. Now, as a senior, I’m one of the leaders. What’s your favorite part of being involved in NCSY? I love sharing my passion for Israel and Judaism and bringing new teens into NCSY so that they too can feel inspired. I want to continue to pass down what I know and learned to other Jewish teens.

What were some of the highlights of your NCSY experience? Spending two summers in Israel on NCSY Summer Programs, one on TJJ and one on TJJ Ambassadors, completely changed my life. I now have a much better idea of who I am as a person and as a Jew. Judaism isn’t just a part of my life anymore; it’s who I am. My favorite Shabbaton was the New York trip. Of course the touring was great and tons of fun, but I loved staying in a Jewish community on the East Coast. There was a synagogue every three blocks. Jewish people were everywhere and kosher restaurants were in abundance. The family we stayed at was so hospitable. It gave me such a good feeling. What are you looking forward to this year? I’m really excited to help organize the Portland Shabbaton. I want even more Jewish teens involved than there were last year. I want more unity and I want everyone to come out loving NCSY and JSU.

When asked which NCSY activity was most meaningful to Eleanor, Robin could not pinpoint just one. “It’s everything – the Starbuck’s Latte & Learning, Shabbat Shabangs, AIPAC trips and even the sweatshirts the teens design. NCSY understands that there’s no one thing, no silver bullet, that guarantees Jewish identity, so they cover all the bases.”

NCSY understands that there’s no one thing, no silver bullet, that guarentees Jewish identity, so they cover all their bases. “To me, NCSY is the single best organization in this city,” said Robin, “I donate every year through my company’s United Way drive. I have a set amount taken out of my paycheck that goes directly to NCSY — and the company matches it. It’s hard to make a large lump sum donation, but by doing it in small increments, it’s easy and affordable.” When asked to leave a final message, Robin shared the following thoughts: “NCSY isn’t just another youth group,” she said. “It’s a life-changing experience. As parents, we’re obsessed about giving our kids every opportunity: the best schools, varsity sports and exotic travels. Shouldn’t we care as much about giving them a stellar Jewish experience? I’d say to parents, if you do nothing else that’s Jewish, give your kids NCSY. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Do you have anything else you want to share with us? I’ve had the most amazing few years with NCSY and I am honored to be a part of it. I wish more teens would take advantage and be a part of NCSY. NCSY has so much to offer and can open so many more doors in your life.

Judaism isn’t just a part of my life anymore; it’s who I am.

NCSY is the fuel that drives kids to become adults who care about marrying Jewish and care about Israel.

Bringing to Light the Local News You Need to Know

PORTLAND NCSY HIRES NEW DIRECTORS This August, Doovie Jocoby and his wife Aviva moved from Israel to become Portland NCSY and Jr. NCSY directors, respectively. “They have arrived with energy, passion and a love for every Jew. I am excited for the year to unfold,” said Meira Spivak. “But don’t worry. Rabbi Dov is staying with us. He’ll be continuing to work for NCSY part-time, while he fulfills other important community roles.”

NCSY BOARD BONDS OVERNIGHT AT LINCOLN CITY Thanks to the generosity and warmth of Howard and Sandy Katz, the NCSY board spent two days planning for the 201213 school year at the Katz’s home in Lincoln City. “From the

fun sandcastle challenges and bonding to the educational lectures, I believe this retreat created the strongest and most unified board that has ever existed in Portland NCSY’s history,” said teen co-president Matan Horenstein.

JEWISH DRIVERS ED BACK IN ITS SECOND YEAR With 98% of last year’s students happy with the Jewish Drivers Ed program, NCSY decided to offer the program twice this year. The program will be offered in November and in March.

PORTLAND SEES RECORD HIGH WITH ALMOST 40 TEENS ATTENDING THE VANCOUVER AND SEATTLE SHABBATONS “Teens have always enjoyed the annual Shabbatons, but I am really happy with the high attendance rate,” said Meira Spivak. “Doovie Jacoby is doing a great job.” Shabbaton highlights for Vancouver included a smashing Havdalah, Saturday night boat cruise, and Maple Grill catering. Highlights from Seattle’s Shabbaton included NCSY’s famous Havdalah service, a haunted corn maize and a breakfast extravaganza.

Portland chapter president Shoshana Singer (far right), together with teens from Seattle, prepare for one of NCSY’s famous Havdalah services at the Vancouver Shabbaton.


Late night fun for national board during thier bonding retreat!

With the help of the Jewish Federation, NCSY has given JSU teen leaders the opportunity to travel to DC and receive extensive Israel advocacy training and lobbying experience. “The teens gain tremendous amounts of knowledge and the confidence needed to defend Israel to their teachers and peers,” said Meira Spivak. “I am so glad the opportunity exists for them.”

Weekly Events

Monthly Events

January 8-9

Mondays, 7-8 pm

One Friday each month 2:30-3:30 pm

NCSY Shabbat of Learning (advanced)

Starbucks — 1633 NE 39th, Portland, OR 97232

Jr. NCSY Meetings

East Side Latte & Learn Tuesdays, 7-8 pm

Clark County Latte & Learn

Starbucks — 16320 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98683

Each month Jr. NCSY meets at the JCC to participate in community service and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) projects. This one-hour meeting enables teens to learn about the needs of others, have fun and, of course, eat. Meetings take place.

Thursdays, 7-8 pm

December 20-23

Multnomah Starbucks — 7737 Southwest Capitol Highway, Portland, OR 97219

Join hundreds of teens from across the West Coast for an incredible four days of fun, friends and, of course, an incredible Jewish experience.

West Side Latte & Learn

Bi-Monthly Events Thursdays after Latte & Learn 8:15-9 pm

Pizza and Parsha Rabbi Dov’s house

Thursdays after Latte & Learn 8:15-9 pm

JUMP Club Meeting NCSY office

Sundays 11:30 am-12:30 pm

West Linn Latte & Learn

Starbucks — 18750 Willamette Dr., West Linn, OR 97068

Winter Regional, La Jolla, CA

December 24-29

Yarchei Kallah, Stamford, CT

Open to public school teens from across the country, NCSY offers the perfect balance of intellectual stimulation and down-to-earth fun.

January 6

TJJ Info Night

Join NCSY Summer Programs at the home of Jan and Craig Berne to learn about the most incredible and affordable summer program in Israel for public school teens, The Jerusalem Journey (TJJ). For more info, visit

January 6

NEW: Jewish SAT Prep begins

NCSY has paired with Princeton Review to offer the prep course you know and love for a fraction of the price.

Back for its third year, this weekend of learning is open to high school students ready to face the challenge of advanced Torah study.

February 2

The Q

Finally an event for adults! Join us for our annual fundraiser: an evening of trivia, dessert and wine. The Q is a hip multimedia trivia game. Teams of eight compete to win sweatshirts and incredible prizes. Help us meet our goal of raising $50,000.

February 11

Shabbat Shabang

Portland NCSY’s signature event Shabbat Shabang, has left all the teens saying, “We can’t wait for more. What’s next?” Join your Jewish friends and for a free Friday night dinner adventure.

March 1-3

Portland Shabbaton at the Sheraton

Portland NCSY will be hosting its second Shabbaton. Now, Portland teens can experience a Shabbaton, NCSY style, without travelling to another city! Join teens from across the West Coast for exciting events, great food and your favorite advisors.

For more info or to register for any of the events, visit or contact Portland NCSY Director Doovie Jacoby at 503-504-1301 or

6688 SW Capitol Hwy

Portland OR 97219


SA GIVE GIVE U let TJJ Michle ports TJJA Camp S el Kollel ICE Isra E BILT Euro IC JOLT

Regional Leadership Meira Spivak Oregon NCSY and JSU Director 503 757 3037

Doovie Jacoby Portland NCSY Director 503 504 1301

Rabbi Dov Chastain Assistant NCSY Director 503 927 3863

Aviva Jacoby Jr. NCSY Director 503 504 6430

OREGON NCSY AND JSU 6688 SW Capitol Hwy Portland OR 97219

NCSY is the international youth movement of the OU.

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Portland 2012 - Chanukah Ignite  
Portland 2012 - Chanukah Ignite  

Bringing to light the local news you need to know.