2022 GSE Summerbook - "The Happiest Day: A GSE Original Series"

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Art 4 Choral Music 6 Dance 8 English 10 Instrumental Music 12 Mathematics 14 Natural Science 16 Social Science 18 Spanish 20 Theater 22 Area II and Area III 24 GSE Community 25 Faculty & Staff 26 TACs 27 Electives 28 Campus Life and Activities 29 Events 30 Photo Wall 32 Site Director’s Sights 38

PUBLICATIONS STAFF EDITORS: Lead Editors -- Haley Soukthavone, Rebekah Boitey, Ella-Brooke Morgan; Copy Editors -- Aaliyah Mitchell, Abby Miss, Adrienne Hwang, Caramia Landis; Design Editors -- Abby Isenhour, Leah Dew, Audrey Marion WRITERS: Ana Barton, Ava Thomas, Jaylen Moment, Katie Madison, Paige McCullough, Reese Whitley, Holly Logan, Tori Felts, Nihal Kollath, Nina Lorenzo, Shelby Aycock, Talon Keeler, Addison Tate, Arvin Akkiangady, Cheryl Li, Maylani Carr PHOTOGRAPHERS: Alanna Lisewski, Dani Palma-Roberto, Camryn (Cam) Rawls, Hailey Masterson Kennedy Barker, Lucia Bacon, Macy Johnson, Oralia Cirisa, Rylee Auman, Stefanie Perez-Sintuj GSE COMMUNICATIONS STAFF: Ryan Doggett (Communications Coordinator); Communcations TACS -- Amaya Apolinario, Ryley Fallon, Casey Griffith

“The Happiest Day” Episode 1 - Pilot: We began this season on June 19th. We were introduced to a colorful cast of new characters, from backgrounds vastly different to our own. Getting to know one another through Quad kickball, dining hall soft serve, and cheesy Area I ice breakers, a community formed — one of growth and grit, even in the face of adversity. Episode 2 - The Smoke Clears: Through the fire and flames, we found new friends and families. Some of us even found bandmates! At open mics and poetry readings, many of us were able to express ourselves like never before. The growing community embraced our vulnerability as we discovered ourselves and showcased our talents. Episode 3 - TACs Got Talent: On week three, we discovered that we definitely weren’t the only ones with talent as our favorite TACs stepped up to the mic. Their most astounding talent, however, was receiving our DoorDash orders despite the pouring rain. When they weren’t dashing, they were keeping the community dry by hosting an abundance of illuminating electives, including: daytime dance fitness, midday movies, and board game nights. Episode 4 - Finale: Upon arrival, each of us were the main characters in our own stories. Through these four weeks, we have learned how to be 391 characters in one greater story. As this season comes to a close we are infinitely grateful for the memories we’ve made together and the ones yet to come. Directors and Producers:: Ava Thomas, Kiran Manikumar, and Neah Trempe



100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 1 Season

“Art gave me a space to express my creativity in ways I never have before.” - Kelly Lewis



CAST AND CREW: Front Row (L to R): Alyssa Armstrong (Lead Art Instructor), Claire Marriott, Molly E Hettinger, Deeptika Mandha, Liz Maroney, Josie Ludlam, Adrienne Woody, Kelly Lewis, Anna Hu, Emm Felts | Not Pictured: Cailin Hinton

Ess, Holly Logan, Grace Fei, Indira Tirumanadham, Kassidy Bradley (TAC) | Middle Row (L to R): Cate ma Deku | Back Row (L to R): Kayla Edwards, Kaden McConnell, Kyra Mueller, Sidney Herring, Tori





100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 1 Season

“I loved getting to perform different genres of music, and talking to people who love music as much as I do.“ - Jordan Coffey



CAST AND CREW: Front Row (L to R): Gwen Hall (Lead Instructor), Dhyana Pasupu, Regan Hartley, K R): Alexis Harvey, Shreya Ravi, Jenna Yount, Anushri Goshal, Kathryn Meranto, Sophia Hopper, Tara Fl Lucia Bacon, Evelyn Strider, Diya Parikh, Ava Bitsas, Lillian Smith, Lauren LaRoche, Caroline Flanigan, Z Rushing, Meghan DuPoy, Jhas Porte, Jordan Coffey

Kaley Elliot, Stefanie Perez-Sintuj, Wren Foreman, Eli Sandusky, Daniel Monek | Middle Row (L to lury, Aahana Mukherjee, Tatyanna Dawson, Tara McGee | Back Row (L to R): Tristan Ream (TAC), Zoe Leibert, Paige McCullough, Henan Amani Clark, Eun Yoo, Ally Harvel (TAC) | Not Pictured: Anna



DANCE 100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 1 Season

“Being here at Governor’s School for dance has allowed me to connect with so many interesting people. I’ve also learned a lot about myself and who I am as a dancer.” - Malia Jackson




CAST AND CREW: Front Row (L to R): Marilla Morrison (TAC), Lizzie Zmuda, Kate Muller, Trinity Robin Nestor, Gabbie Hostler, Amanda Oakley Hort (Lead Dance Instructor) | Back Row (L to R): Ella Champ Michael, Isabella Ferrario, Mary Self

nson (TAC) | Middle Row (L to R): Malia Jackson, Olivia Lang, Haynes Lewis, Claire Brown, Riley pion, Kaitlyn Harmon, Tessa Hardison, Anaiah Matthews, Maura Trivette, Maddy Peeples, Abby




English 100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 3 Seasons

In English, students discover themselves as individuals and authors, through one of three spectacular concentrations - Poetry, Memoir, or Fiction. Delving deeper into their chosen literary form to uncover more than they ever thought possible. How to not let writing use them, but how to use writing for themselves. - Ava Thomas


“English at GSE has been a space equally welcoming to both mistakes and triumps.” - Kiran Manikumar “The community that English has created is one of the best environments I’ve ever found myself in.” -Landon Knox




GUEST STARS: Front Row (L to R): Lizzie Coats, Talon Keeler, Khadeejah Saleem, Ella-Brooke Morgan, Dallas Russ, Priya Punekar | Middle Row (L to R): Emmanuel Davis Lipscomb (Instructor), Meredith Beatty, Bridget Marshall, Haley Soukthavone, Catherine Ramich, Maggie Pigott, Reese Whitley, Amaya Apolinario (TAC) | Back Row (L to R): Anna Brooke Taylor, Cheyenne Sherman, Ethan Yoder, Sarah Leonard, Astrid James, Sarah Fenwick | Not Pictured: Aubre Lovell


GUEST STARS: Front Row (L to R): Jolette Perez Vicente, Sarah Labra-Franco, Isabella Figueiredo, Felicity Miller | Back Row (L to R): Amaya Apolinario (TAC), Olivia Metts, Shelby Aycock (hat), Katie Madison, Ashlee Miller, Neah Trempe, Kiran Manikumar, Muriel Folk, Abigail Miss, Anika Tripathi, Addison Tate, Danielle Kennedy, Betsy Shepherd, Landon Knox, Cheryl Li, Mary Naber (Instructor)


GUEST STARS: Front Row (L to R): Chloe Scott, Leon Rodriguez-Jarquin, Ryley Fallon (TAC), Chuck Sullivan (Lead Instructor) ,James Merritt, Lydia Derris | Back Row (L to R): Pattie Everette, Anna Claire (AC) Watson, Camryn Rawls, Aaliyah Mitchell, Makayla Hensley, Ava Thomas | Not Pictured: Katie Grace DeHart








HIGH BRASS -- Front Row (L to R): Sayd Heinzer, Ava Ramsey | Middle Row (L to Calvin Jones, Josh Turner, Hayden Dillar Kate Guthrie, Kip Sullivan, Dylan Foster, A Desemsetti, Yogin Patel

LOW BRASS -- Front Row (L to R): Sriha Carter Whitt, Lottie Pare, Mattie-Grace Br Tekmen, Carter Harrington, Max Rosselli, Nihal Kollath, Angela Hu

PERCUSSION-- Front Row (L to R): Alle | Back Row (L to R): Jay Crawford, Jack Pictured: Grace Schuler

WOODWINDS (Group 1; Top Right) -- Fro Eden Ligon, Zoe Schruckmayr, Allana Ad Middle Row (L to R): Lauren Yates, Ashto Roman Bruhn | Back Row (L to R): Tul Ch Graham Marvell, Jaysin Martyn, Andy Lee



WOODWINDS (Group 2; Middle Right) -Xander Riess, Hailey Masterson | Middle Trubinsky, Kyle Hoffman, Carter Nichols | Max Pesce, Jack Fulp, Ken He, David Ma

IM INSTRUCTORS - (L to R): Kevin Strei Kiyoshi Carter






dee Lautz, Harper Trost, Khaila R): Thomas Buddendeck, Ivan Briscoe, rd | Back Row (L to R): Kyle Coleman, Alex Gilland | Not Pictured: Srikar

arsha Jaladhi, Alexa Gillon, Abhi Dasari, ranham | Back Row (L to R): Zara , Adam Wyscarver, Micah Burkheimer,


egra Banks, Mandy Abercrombie Blankenbaker, Nathan Zhang | Not

ont Row (L to R): Nivedita Ravishankar, dams, Daniela Cifuentes, Isabelle Lynn | on Spruiell, Carleigh Willis, Kevin Munoz, herukuri, Claire Siegel, Nate Pope, e

- Front Row (L to R): Thomas Perez, e Row (L to R): Ethan Satina, Josh | Back Row (L to R): Klayton Dotson, ajernik, Sofia Oshier, Amanda Oldson

ich, Lester Turner, Nieves Villasenor,






100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 3 Seasons “Uniting together with diverse people over the fun and challenging topics of mathematics was a profoundly rewarding experience.” - Ben Perry




MATH: Combinations

GUEST STARS: Front Row (L to R): Yvonne Chazal (Instructor), Callie Roper, Dean Whitley, Sophia Wright | Middle Row (L to R): Mary Foster, Shwetha Kunjur, Jenna Apolito, Audrey Marion, Georgia Dorn, Ranhitha (Rani) Yavanamanda | Back Row (L to R): Caleb Atkins, Timothy (Tim) Shibley, Nathaniel (Nathan) Tate, Violet Hudson, Benjamin (Ben) Perry, Siddharth (Sid) Viswanathan, Jeremiah Reid, Everett Norton | Not Pictured: Olivia Henry

MATH: Graph Theory

GUEST STARS: Front Row (L to R): Mary Hill, Spencer Daugherty (Instructor), Conner Smith | 2nd Row (L to R): Zeel Patel, Avery Boyd, Anna Casto, Catherine Pan, Paige Brumsey | 3rd Row (L to R): Hailey Strickland, Makayla Beard, Shaiyan St. Brice, Dulce Rios, Jack Gebhardt | Back Row (L to R): Sindhu Gadiraju, Stephen (Blake) Bridges, Katherine Jacobs, Nolan Edge, James (Jaime) Durham | Not Pictured: Aaron Oglesby

MATH: Topology

GUEST STARS: Front Row (L to R): Ellie Padgett, Ifeoluwatobi (Tobi) Onasanya, Nicole Allen, Anneliese Palacios Lopez | Middle Row (L to R): Sofia Soto, Katherine Pollock, Marilyn Reid, Breanna Chavez, Sherry Ramos Martinez, Constance Waldrop, Patricia Ni | Back Row (L to R): MathRob Houck (Instructor), James Wright, Andrew Su, Sukrith Velmineti, Joseph (Joey) Leupold, Ryan Searle | Not Pictured: Davon Michael



100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 1 Season

“It’s been days where the sun has shined and I have bloomed and days when the clouds were in the sky and I searched for a light, the meaning behind this quote is that some days were more exciting while others may have felt overwhelming but regardless I’ve pushed through whatever was bothering me” - Kemiayah Hayes “Natural Science was great! A very hands on experince, and a completely different teaching style than we are typically given in the traditional classroom.” - Luc Bonpain




CAST AND CREW: Front Row (L to R): Doc Snyder (Lead Instructor), Nina Lorenzo, Nawra Roya, Jord Mutyala, Carrie Jones (Lead Instructor) | 2nd Row (L to R): Mark Zimmerman (Lead Instructor), Kensi B Barker, Katie Anderson, Macon Carroll (TAC) | 3rd Row (L to R): Edgar Perez-Palacios, Connor Chinnic Henry | 4th Row (L to R): Adrienne Hwang, Kemiayah Hayes, Caleb McDaniel, Carter McLaughlin, Jam Janjua, Jackson Thompson | 5th Row (L to R): Annelise Edwards, Raygan Hawkins, Mason Ray, Aditi N Lane, Katie Meine, Davis Mills, Sophia Masaid | Not Pictured: Savannah Shepard, Alana Driver, Nikhil

dan Crumpton, Leah Dew, Ailyn Castrejon-Tinoco, Emma Boyer, Chandler Hill, Jena Price, Ankur Bell, Khang Pham, Madilyn Deifell, Gabby Queen, Arvin Akkiangady, Izzy Rains, Tabitha Lac, Kennedy ci, Luc Bonpain, Sarah Francis Dewey, Ipsy Peddapalli, Alanna Lisewski, Jocelyn Henry, Dominick mes Smith, Dushawn Fuller Jr., Theo Reeves, Rylee Auman, Heather Robinson, Lily Eubanks, Rameen Nayak, Ariadna Ariton, Riley Nazario | Back Row (L to R): Abby Isenhour, Peyton Gerrard, Dakotah Patel, Landon Beard, Ana Barton



SOCIAL SCIENCE 100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 1 Season

“Upon arrival at GSE Social Science, a group of North Carolina’s most ambitious future politicians are disappointed to learn that Governor’s School is not a course on how to become the state’s governor. Still reeling from this catastrophe, they are confronted with an entirely too in-depth discussion of cow anatomy, the realization that they may be experiencing Stockholm Syndrome, and a seemingly endless series of reminders to, EPISODES for the love of God, make their cornerstone presentations interactive. Watch as Bill Velto (played by a stack of three kids wearing a trenchcoat and a Yankees hat), Kevin Ferris, and Bernard Baze challenge North Carolina’s finest young minds to reflect on topics ranging from voter suppression to social identity theory, Irish reunification to athletic inequities. Bonus episodes include lessons taught by TACs and Governor’s School alumni Yuhan Liu and Annabelle Webb, sparking hope among students that they may indeed still have career prospects after a summer of udder chaos at GSE 2022.” - Jude Reece


CAST AND CREW: Front Row (L to R): Rama Yakkala, Sidney Ramsey, Rebekah Boitey, Mika McQuis R): Yuhan Liu (TAC), Jaylen Moment, Roshni Thamatur, Kara Daniels, Gracie Fisher, Kasey Bernat, Isabe Jude Reece, Kim Sutton, Itzue Lazaro Rosas, Maddie Johnson, Oscar Rezek, Virginia Crooks, David Ki Macy Johnson, Cam Dinkenor, Silas Christanbury, Jackson Heath, Vaishvik Polneedi, Wilson Hundt, St Johna Speller, Claire Ryu, Michael Farrell, Doni Palma-Roberto, Rishal Sood, Kelly Diep, Paige Lewis, K Madison Cleary, Maylani Carr

ston, Layla Spaulding, Danielle Lipp, Skylar Hack, Caitlyn Dunnigan, Abby Smetana | 2nd Row (L to el Jones, Gigi Hancock, Delta Cole, Noelle Johnston, Annabelle Webb (TAC) | 3rd Row (L to R): im, Isaac Lundt, Nick Gribnau, Wilmer Reyes-Rosales | 4th Row (L to R): Paige Greene, Jiya Patel, tormy Epley | 5th Row (L to R): Bill Velto (Instructor), Bernard Baze (Instructor) | 6th Row (L to R): Kevin Ferris (Instructor) | Back Row (L to R): Jilen Payton, Caramia Landis, Sarah Smiley, Gwen Petty,




100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 1 Season

-“Though being able to complete and present my cornerstone project to everyone was exciting, I have enjoyed the creative process! This project was also very memorable; not only was I able to actively immerse myself in Latin culture by learning the Bachata, but I was able to demonstrate my knowledge by teaching it to a student who’s area 1 is dance. I am glad that I was able to work with other areas other than mine to create a presentation for others to enjoy and learn from.” - Teodora Sorescu



CAST AND CREW: Front Row (L to R): Emma Sim, Léa Field, Emma Williams, Ella Forkin, Mia Jolly, M Mia Zottoli, Oralia Cirisa, María Caridad Martinez, Mollie Doyle,Teodora Sorescu | Back Row (L to R): S

Mario Tornero Vila (TAC) | Middle Row (L to R): Isa Oon (Lead Instructor), Cecilia Ha, Adam Burchell, Sara Baende, Jove Leonard, Ayden Coleman, Janiel Mercado, Marin Lissy, Madison Clinkscales




100% Match 2022 TV-GSE 1 Season

“If there was a word to describe my experience, I would use it, but honestly I’ve been left speechless. Governors School has been everything and nothing like I had expected. It has been everything I dreamed of but so much happened that I couldn’t have forseen. That being said, I cannot wait to tell everyone I know about what I have done and I will for sure remember this summer forever.” - Carmelita H. Cote




CAST AND CREW: Front Row (L to R): Amelia Marshburn, Amelia Brinson, Clarissa Hernandez, Anna Fitch, Kaeden Palmer, Brianna Bernhardt, Isabela Gonzalez, Savannah Trussell, Carmelita Cote, Janiya Janae Brown, Harvey Stone (Theater Instructor) | Not Pictured: Serenity Briles, Amani Diallo, Jayden

a Corbitt, Laurel Chiesa | Middle Row (L to R): Allie Jessee (Theater TAC), Preston Hale, Emerson ah Meadows, Alivia Lewis | Back Row (L to R): Ezra Moore, Patty Butler, Isabel Gare, Mickey Lewis, Peszko



“Area II has taught me that my work is loving the world.” - Neah Trempe “I thoroughly enjoyed my Area III class. I was able to dive into a level of self-exploration that I had yet to explore, and both my peers and teacher were nothing but supportive. I also enjoyed the collaborative aspect of the class. We often spent class time discussing worldwide issues, and hearing the opinions of my classmates was very interesting. Overall, Area III was incredible and I am going to miss it!” - Meredith Beatty




FACULTY AND STAFF FACULTY Alyssa Armstrong, Art Gwen Hall, Choral Music Dan Monek, Choral Music Amada Oakley Hort, Dance Emmanuel Lipscomb, English Mary Naber, English Chuck Sullivan, English Kiyoshi Carter, Instrumental Music Kevin Streich, Instrumental Music Lester Turner, Instrumental Music Nieves Villasenor, Instrumental Music Yvonne Chazal, Math Spencer Daugherty, Math Rob Houck, Math Carrie Jones, Natural Science Stephen Snyder, Natural Science Mark Zimmerman, Natural Science Bernard Baze, Social Science Kevin Ferris, Social Science Bill Velto, Social Science Isa Oon, Spanish Harvey Stone, Theater Nate Antiel, Area II Luke LeGrand, Area II Brian McDonald, Area II Neil Oatsvall, Area II Cary Paey, Area II David Wright, Area II


STAFF Chan Broome, Dean of Students Keaton Brower, A/V Coordinator Ryan Doggett, Communications Coordinator Beverly Edwards, Assistant to the Director Harley Lockelear, Counselor Andrew Sam, Medical Coordinator Laura Sam, Site Director Michele Saunders, Office Manager Alexis Springs, Night Dean of Students Gerrick Suggs, Activities Coordinator Linda Velto, Choral Music Accompanist

TACS TEACHING ASSISTANTS/COUNSELORS Amaya Apolinario (English/Communications) Caleb Atkins (Math) Kassidy Bradley (Art) Macon Carroll (Natural Science) Kate Cross (Art/Office) Ryley Fallon (English/Communications) Casey Griffith (Area II/III/Communications) Ally Harvel (Choral Music) Evelyn Hemedinger (Art/Office) Dominique Janvier (Office/Activities) Allie Jessee (Theater) Yuhan Liu (Social Science) Marilla Morrison (Dance) Tristan Ream (Choral Music) Trinity Robinson (Dance) Jeffrey Sandlin (Instrumental Music) Mario Tornero-Vila (Spanish) Annabelle Webb (Social Science)





















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