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“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that




in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.”



ON THE COVER Todd and Susan Peterson are just a few of the thousands of givers at NCF who are experiencing a life of adventure, purpose, and joy through giving. From an American suburb to the African bush, generosity has led this couple and their children on an unforgettable journey. Read their inspiring story on page six.




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More than a transaction, it’s about adventure, purpose, and joy.

The Petersons discover giving is their favorite game.

Matt Mancinelli and friends show us giving, Acts 2:44-style.

Craig and April Chapman share after-hours adventures with the homeless.

18 22 26 28 30 A DECIMAL & A COMMA

Kim King’s small “mistake” leads to a big adventure in giving.



Casey Crawford transforms business into a movement for change.

Learn about NCF’s Board of Directors milestones.

CREATIVE GIVING NCF’S SOLUTIONS NATIONWIDE NCF’s tools and NETWORK solutions help simplify your giving and multiply your impact.

From coast to coast, we’re here for you and your giving.



It’s doing life with your friends It’s a bumpy ride through Africa It’s turning your company into your ministry It’s making the biggest gift of your life – by “mistake” It’s swapping stories with the homeless It’s the experience of giving. And it’s what we have the privilege of sharing with givers every day at the National Christian Foundation (NCF). At NCF, we know that giving is much more than a leads to spiritual transformation as we learn to love our neighbor and live like Jesus. We can’t forget that there’s a story of faith behind every gift and every grant we help facilitate. And while everyone’s experience of giving is different, they are all incredibly inspiring. To encourage you, we have a few that we’d like to share in this report. May these stories lead you to more exciting giving experiences of your own.

BUSH PLANES & BANANAS “Hakuna matata!” yelled the cab driver, as he caught Susan’s frantic eyes in the rearview mirror. “He did not just say that,” she thought as she glanced down at her daughter. Just nine years old, Hannah was clinging to her arm for dear life as the cabbie weaved in and out of the tiny cars speeding like flies along the dusty streets of Cape Town.

The PeTersoNs hAve BeeN To AFriCA siX TiMes.


he driver’s game of chicken with an oncoming car had caused both Susan and Hannah to grow wide-eyed and white-knuckled in the back seat. Half-praying, half-talking to herself, Susan thought, “What have I done to my family? This is dangerous. Lord, is this where you want us to be? Maybe we’ve made a mistake.” Just then Hannah nudged her, laughing and singing, “Hey mom, hakuna matata! It means no worries, for the rest of your days!”

THE GAME-CHANGER: GIVING No worries, indeed. In many ways, this crazy cab ride sums up a lot about the giving experience that



Susan Peterson and her husband, Todd, are having with their children, Hannah (15) and Zach (13). While most American kids have only heard the phrase “hakuna matata” in a Disney movie, Hannah and Zach although their adventures in giving have not always been entirely worry-free, they all agree that the joy they’ve experienced has freed them in a much deeper way. Giving handson together as a family has helped them overcome the materialism that sinks most American families today … even if the journey has been a wild ride at times. So how does a suburban family from just north of Atlanta end up trekking

“You feel like you need the newest thing, but that could pay for several months of things that they truly need in Africa.” hANNAh

“It’s a rare type of joy that we saw in Africa.” ZacH

through slums on the other side of the world? For the Petersons, it all started as a quest to get away. After years of moving around with Todd’s demanding career as a pro football player, susan envisioned a quiet sabbatical abroad. But they soon realized that God had a different plan. susan says, “For the first time, we felt called to engage in work on international soil with indigenous leaders.”

LEARNING HOW TO PLAY so the Petersons traveled to Cape Town, south Africa, which served as their base for the next six weeks. The culture shock that they encountered was an eye-opener buses and bizarre foods and insects, to serving and sleeping in less than sanitary conditions, Todd and

susan’s patience was put to the test. Todd says, “it was humbling to be confronted with the reality of how other people live in ways that i’d never even imagined.” But the experience was much different for their children. susan explains, “it was incredible to watch our kids at seven and nine have an easier time of it than we did. Where we were a bit uncomfortable walking into a township, a slum, they never were. They would just run in and immediately go to play with the kids.”

BUSH PLANES AND BANANAS The highlight of their adventure was meeting two of their sponsor children, Karen in Nairobi, and Lawi in Yala. Compassion international helped arrange the trips and provided a translator to help them navigate the linguistic and cultural barriers. visited was Karen’s, and they lived right outside of Nairobi in very open urban poverty. it was a terrifying situation. They insisted on giving us gifts. it was humbling to see how generous they were to us.” Then they traveled by bush plane to meet Lawi at his remote home

The PeTersoNs eXPerieNCe Their FirsT TriP To AFriCA.



in Yala land. even though the ministry had told Lawi’s family not to prepare any food, the Petersons were greeted by the delicious smell of fresh roasted chicken and toasted sesame seeds when they arrived at the mud hut. Then Lawi’s dad presented them with an entire bushel of bananas. it was all the bananas that are produced by a banana tree in a whole year. Astonished at the generosity of Lawi’s family, susan says, “We were out-given that day, for sure.” WiTh The PeTersoN’s suPPorT, KArAMA ArTisANs WorK oN A NeW sCreeN-PriNTiNG ProjeCT.

FLYING SOLO the Petersons have been back to to go with one of her friends on family. she is eager to explore what her own wild ride in giving will be. After all, this is one family that has learned to say, “hakuna matata,” while trusting God for it all.

A Tool FoR GiviNG: Since the early days of his football career, Todd has used NCF to help facilitate his family’s giving. The Peterson’s Giving Fund has made it easy for them to give stock and other asset gifts, and to make anonymous grants at times. Todd says, “Our Giving Fund has been a great tool that we have been able to utilize for almost 20 years. It has enabled us to move funds out of our worldly our Kingdom account, even if we weren’t sure what we wanted to do with those funds at that immediate point in time.” Susan adds, “The counsel of NCF is very attractive to us as a family, and our children are becoming better givers because of the ministry of the National Christian Foundation.”


Matt and Loretta Mancinelli and their friends have a church. But it doesn’t meet in a building each week. They preach loudly about generosity all the time, but it’s not like any sermon you’ve ever heard. Without walls and without words, this close group of friends in a sunny suburb of Orlando, Florida, is quietly redefining what it means to be Christ-like givers by borrowing one simple practice from the New Testament Church: “Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need ...” – Acts 2:44-45


rom sharing dinners to sharing debts, this merry band of givers is learning to share their lives. And what they’ve discovered is the same joy that believers experienced in the early Christian Church.

THE DRIVING FORCE so who’s the impetus behind this experiment? his name is Matt Mancinelli, and anyone who knows him would agree that he is somewhat of a maverick when it comes to generous living.



his journey into giving seems quite simple: “When i was 19, i read a compelling little book called The Treasure Principle by randy Alcorn,” says Matt. “i was so sold on the idea of giving that i wanted to practice it.” he soon got his chance on one “right after i moved to europe, there was an offering at a church in the Netherlands,” he says. “i had about $500 in my wallet, and i remembered that one principle in the book was that God owns

MATT AND LoreTTA Love serviNG WiTh CANDiCe BLoMeLeY’s NiNe12 MiNisTrY.

it all. so i took my wallet out and handed it to the guy next to me and said, ‘You decide how much to give. i’m sure you’re less biased.’“ since that time, Matt has eagerly tried other crazy adventures in giving, such as living on 10 percent of his salary and giving away the rest. And now he and Loretta – who tied the knot less than a year ago and recently became new parents of baby girl, ivy – are venturing out with some new giving experiments of their own, as a married couple and as new homeowners.

“They handed me the keys to the car, and that was surely the point of no return in me going down the generous path.”

Loretta explains, “if you make an extra mortgage payment every year on your house, you can shave years off your mortgage. so Matt thought a fun way for us to give would be to match another couple’s extra house payment. i love this because it really creates a bond with us and the other families. it shows that we’re in this together.”


RYAN’S SURPRISE one of Matt and Loretta’s closest friends is ryan eber, and his experience of giving is one of the prime examples of how generosity works in their community. A few years ago, ryan was working over 60 hours a week in two different jobs with no transportation. he desperately needed a car and thought he had no way of getting one – but his friends thought otherwise. Matt, Loretta, and several others pooled their funds to buy ryan a car, and they surprised him with it at one of their get-togethers. ryan says, “Getting that car turned things around for me. Now i’m dreaming of ways that i can be generous like that with other people.”



CANDICE’S MINISTRY Another close friend is Candice Blomeley, head of an innovative ministry known as NiNe12. Through local workshops, which Matt often helps host, Candice teaches people how to spend wisely so they can give generously. As a generosity fanatic herself, Candice serves on the board of NCF orlando. “NCF has helped my husband and i further our passion for generosity. our Giving Fund is an excellent tool that helps us organize and prioritize our giving,” says Candice.

WHEN WE ARE THE CHURCH so what’s the end result of giving as the Church? ryan sums it up this way, “My dad says that just like the saints depicted in the beautiful stained glass windows of great cathedrals, my friends are the saints who are letting the Light shine through my life.” And it’s clear to see ... when people experience Acts 2:44 giving, it allows God’s light to shine through us all.

GoiNG FoR A JoG It’s no surprise that Matt Mancinelli’s generous nature has led him down the path to his perfect job – helping others embark on their own giving journey through the ministry, Generous Giving. Part of Matt’s role with Generous Giving is to partner with NCF to facilitate a special type of event known as a Journey of Generosity, or JOG, in the homes of givers all across the country.

The WiLsoNs Are oNe oF The FAMiLies Who reCeiveD AN eXTrA MorTGAGe PAYMeNT As A GiFT FroM The MANCiNeLLis.

Matt says, “I have seen how a JOG can be a powerful spark in a giver’s journey with Jesus. We did over 120 last year, and I’m consistently amazed at what God is doing through these events!” If you are interested in learning more about Generous Giving and JOG events, email Matt directly at



Sleepless in

Seattle I

t’s a bone-chilling night, and rain is falling softly on the misty streets of seattle. in the shadows of the gleaming skyscrapers that house burgeoning high-tech start-ups and trendy coffee shops, Craig and April Chapman climb into a union Gospel Mission van with six other volunteers for another midnight “search and rescue” mission to the city’s homeless. The driver, a former addict who lived on the streets himself, makes his way to a familiar spot under a downtown overpass. As the van comes to a stop, April hops out to grab clean blankets, warm socks, cups of hot chocolate, and sandwiches for the group of men and women they see huddled there, trying to escape the downpour. Craig exits right after her and heads toward a man with long hair and a wild, shaggy beard. he looks the disheveled man straight in the eye and says, “My name is Craig. What’s your name?” The man’s mouth widens into a smile, and soon he and Craig are engaged in

really cares.



were inspired to give more. Craig says, “We began to ask ourselves, ‘What if we started increasing our giving?’”

CrAiG AND APriL ChAPMAN Love serviNG The hoMeLess WiTh seATTLe’s uNioN GosPeL MissioN.

“Anything we feel passionate enough to put our money into, we want to labor in as well.”

A LABOR OF LOVE Why does this pair of innovative software engineers prefer to spend an almost sleepless night once a month with seattle’s diverse homeless population? Craig explains, “We started donating to union Gospel Mission a few years ago. Then, jeff Lilley, their director, invited us to go out on search and rescue, and we were hooked. Now it’s our favorite ministry to serve in because it’s so tangible. You can actually talk to people, hug them, and tell them jesus loves them.”


went out, we thought, ‘okay, Lord, this is a little scary and out of the box for us, but we’re going to do our best to serve you. how can we love these people and make them feel your blessing and your love?’ “What we ended up coming away with was a blessing in return. it was clear that this was more about educating us, and learning what these people are enduring.”



Craig and April have met all types of people on the streets including addicts, the mentally ill, moms with kids, runaway teens, and those hit by the tough economy. But they say they wouldn’t trade anything for this experience. April adds, “i can’t imagine what it would be like if we hadn’t pressed in. it’s given us so much more joy.”

BABY STEPS The Chapmans admit that they weren’t always so passionate about a hands-on experience of giving. it began in small steps, and the Lord has revealed a plan for their over the journey they’ve been on for the last few decades, they do to get to where they are today: 1. Obedience – in their journey was being obedient to the tithe. Then, after reading the story of businessman r.G. LeTourneau and his radical giving, they

but that’s when it becomes an adventure, and the experience gets so much bigger and better than just writing a check.”

2. Passion – As savvy entrepreneurs, they knew the importance of focusing on what they’re good at. April says, “God started showing us what our passions are when we spent time in the Word, and in prayer. Because we can’t do everything, we had to think about what we’d been given, what we’re good at, and what we’re passionate about.”


3. availability – With 11-yearold twins and demanding careers, the couple had to make some tough choices about their priorities. “We all have busy lives, but at some point you just have to be available,” says Craig. “We all should be willing to ask, ‘Lord, what are your priorities for me? And am i willing to be obedient to them?’”

And considering their experience, it seems like we should all be more willing to trade a little sleep for a life of adventure.

4. Humility – This is an important trait that this caring couple has cultivated over time. “Being humble enough to step into the circumstances of each individual that God values is essential to be like Christ,” says April. “it is a little scary,

Craig and April know that everyone’s journey is different, but they are quick to encourage a personal approach to giving. “some folks say it is much easier to just write a check and not get involved with the whole giving experience that we talk about,” says Craig. “What they don’t realize is what they’re missing – they’re missing out on the joy.”

“If we were just writing checks, our lives would be very boring, and we’d miss out on so much joy!” aPRIl

ENGiNEEREd FoR GiviNG In 2011, NCF helped Craig and April leverage the sale of their high-tech start-up into a large gift for charity. After their successful careers as software engineers at Microsoft in the 90s, April left to focus on their family, and Craig co-founded a technology company with a Christian colleague from Microsoft. Their company became quite successful, and they began to prepare for a possible public offering. But before selling the company, Craig contacted Kendra VanderMeulen, President of NCF Seattle. She helped him engineer a tax-wise gift of his business stock before the sale that resulted in well over $500,000 more for charity. Craig says, “We learned that gifting assets before the sale is simply a smarter way to leverage our giving, and do more for those in great need.”

a DEcIMal

a cOMMa A GrouP oF orPhANs FroM oPeN ArMs iNTerNATioNAL ThANK KiM KiNG For her suPPorT.


im King was on her lunch break when she received an unusual call. “Hello, Kim! This is David Gallagher, director of Open Arms International, calling from Kenya,” said the elated voice on the other end. “I am just calling to thank you for your incredibly generous gift to our ministry. I can’t tell you how much this gift means to us, and how it is such an answer to prayer.” As she listened to David, Kim recalled how earlier that morning she had also received a special thank-you email from the development representative at recommended a $2,500 grant from her Giving Fund to Open Arms. She thought to herself, “Wow, $2,500 must go a long way in Kenya.” But the Something just wasn’t adding up. After lunch, Kim sent a quick email to Melissa Hall, team member at NCF before Kim heard the familiar beep on her phone that signals a new mail message. Kim says, “I stopped in my tracks when I read these words: ‘The amount was $250,000.’ Obviously, I had mistyped the decimal and comma, thanked Melissa and quietly whispered, ‘Well, Lord, this must be your will.’”



everY viLLAGe, oNe oF KiM’s FAvoriTe MiNisTries, BriNGs The GosPeL To reMoTe souTh suDAN ThrouGh soLAr-PoWereD rADios.


1. Don’t talk down to a woman when discussing


KiM, reLAXiNG WiTh her FAiThFuL FrieND.

“Far from a mistake, my gift was the miracle that led me to new adventure, purpose, and joy.” KIM



Kim’S AdviCE To miNiSTRiES FoR ENGAGiNG womEN:

“If ministries don’t include women around the topic of giving, they are missing a huge opportunity.”

over the next few days, Kim continued to receive emails from the ministry praising her generosity. Finally, she concluded that she needed to share her mistake with David. “immediately, David insisted on returning the amount above the intended grant,” says Kim. “But i asked for time to pray about it and told him i would get back with him soon.” For the rest of the day, Kim’s mind drifted back to the beginning of her journey into giving. Four years before, she had attended an event where she learned about NCF and an upcoming event sponsored by Generous Giving, one of NCF’s friends in ministry. one of the Board members of NCF houston generously offered to pay the registration fee for anyone who wanted to attend. Kim felt something stir inside of her, and she knew that the spirit was leading her to go. so she quickly responded. When she arrived at the Generous Giving conference, Kim realized that she had entered the world of those who give generously and that “i should run as fast as i could back to houston,” says Kim. “But i stayed,

and with every presentation, it was like i was discovering the code for the mystery of the abundant life. “i realized that giving up everything for the Kingdom of God was not just plain smart! By the end of the conference i had committed to God to give half of my revenue away during the next year. But somehow time went by and sadly, i didn’t.”

A WINK FROM GOD Now, four years later as Kim prayed about her unexpected gift to open Arms, she remembered the commitment that she had made. “At that moment, God winked,” she says. “The amount that i gave was the exact amount of my earlier commitment. i did not experience God’s disappointment, but his gentle assurance that he was with me on this journey of learning to live the abundant life that jesus promised.” so Kim decided not to cancel the fateful $250,000 grant, and since then, she has continued to expand her unique experience of giving in several key ways. one of the most

with ronald Blue & Company, at a Generous Giving event. since then, his advice has transformed her giving. she explains, “Picking your because he or she is going to disciple you on money.”

CALLING ALL WOMEN Another key component of Kim’s journey is her calling to women. Kim explains, “Women have so much control of money that is not recognized. The average age of a widow is 57, so she is going to have 20 or 30 years as a single woman. Almost half of the entrepreneurs in this country are women, and most women today don’t get married until they are older. “so there’s a lot of potential for women in giving, but there hasn’t been much focus on them in Christian circles.” Kim hopes to change that with her work through another of NCF’s ministry friends, Women Doing Well. she serves on their advisory board and encourages women to embark on their own journeys of generosity.

minded professional advisor. she KiM’s GrANT reCiPieNTs, DAviD AND rACheL GALLAGher oF oPeN ArMs iNTerNATioNAL, hAve ADoPTeD TWo orPhANs oF Their oWN.

GIVING ON PURPOSE Today, Kim is excited about making Giving Fund at NCF. As she steps into this new level of giving, she is intent on learning more about the greater responsibility that comes with greater giving. But make no mistake, Kim is looking forward to making her next big gift … on purpose.

2. Don’t expect her to make an immediate decision; give her time to gather information. 3. Consider the address style on your mailings. Include “Mrs.” or “Ms.” when appropriate. 4. Include women on your board and in other leadership positions.




“Our company is like a second family that our staff can go to in times of crisis.” caSEy

Casey Crawford transforms business into a movement for change


t was a normal Saturday morning for Casey Crawford, owner of Movement Mortgage in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was enjoying breakfast with his wife, Michelle, and their two little girls when an urgent text came in from his Special Project Director, Aimee Dodson. One of their employees was desperate. Her family’s only vehicle had just been repossessed, and she needed help from the company’s Love Works Fund – a foundation that Casey and his partner, Toby Harris, had put in place for times of crisis just like this. Aimee asked, “Do I have your permission to help now and then get this cleared through the foundation next week?” Casey immediately agreed and provided a company credit card to help. Then, he went on about his day. It was Monday before Casey discovered the hurdles that Aimee had gone through to help her fellow employee. Because the car could not be reclaimed with a credit card, Aimee and her in-laws withdrew $1,200 of their own cash to help. The car was returned within a few hours, and the employee was able to drive to work on Monday, encouraged by the evidence that her company really cared.



CAseY AND MiCheLLe CrAWForD oF MoveMeNT MorTGAGe iNFuse Their CoMPANY WiTh PurPose AND joY ThrouGh GiviNG.


sPeCiAL ProjeCT DireCTor AiMee DoDsoN sAYs GiviNG AT WorK shouLD NoT Be A “rAre ThiNG.”

if this doesn’t sound like the typical experience of giving at work, it’s because Movement Mortgage is not your typical company. And maybe it’s because Casey Crawford’s vision for it is something that most executives would describe as “a little bit crazy.” Casey explains, “When i started this business in 2007, i thought that i’d make all this money and do all these neat things for God. But the Lord showed me that was about building my kingdom. he turned my plan upside down and revealed a much greater vision with an audacious goal: use love to transform business into a movement for change.”

CHANGING THEIR INDUSTRY After his soul-searching, Casey stepped out in faith and opened Movement Mortgage in 2008. hit the u.s. markets, and he almost lost heart.

eMPLoYees MArY KoviAK AND DAWN Norris LeD A CoMPANY BLANKeT Drive To heLP The hoMeLess.



Despite these circumstances, Casey felt called to start a company that would rise above the status quo and be a movement of change within the mortgage industry. he says, “We had to bring excellence to the process and integrity to the industry. it didn’t matter what else we stood for, i knew people would not choose us if we didn’t offer excellent products and customer service.”

This strategy has paid off with the company growing from eight employees to nearly 1,000 in just over four years. in 2012, they were named the fastest growing mortgage bank in the country by Inc. Magazine.

MoveMeNT’s suMMiT house MiNisTrY heLPeD ToNY AND his ChiLDreN TurN Their FAMiLY ArouND WiTh housiNG, suPPorT, AND LoTs oF Love.

CHANGING CORPORATE CULTURE “Another important part of our calling is to help those in need right here,” says Casey. “it’s wonderful to do things for people all over

kindness, we are always coming up with our own creative ways to serve our community.”

one another. Part of this happens through our Love Works Fund.”

The team’s desire to reach out to the local community in Charlotte has been further encouraged on the corporate level through the creation of the Movement Foundation, a supporting organization of NCF. since 2011, the Foundation has given $5.4 million to local churches and ministry partners and birthed innovative projects such as summit house, which turned an abandoned apartment complex into vibrant housing for transitional families.

Love Works began a year ago with an endowment of $100,000. Today, over 300 employees contribute to the fund out of their weekly paycheck, with the company matching their donations dollar-for-dollar. Funds go to support fellow employees and others in the community in times of need. This year, the company will also be counseling to all employees. Casey says, “We want to take proactive steps to prevent crises before they happen. The number one cause company must do something to help families.” Love at work seems to be contagious. employee Mary Koviak says, “From toy drives and blanket collections to Facebook contests that spur spontaneous acts of


MOVING THE VISION FORWARD Casey says, “it might be rare today to see companies give like we do, but we believe this is the start of something new in business.” And with their momentum, one thing’s for sure: Casey and his team won’t world that love at work, truly works.

“When you open a business, it affords you the opportunity to have all these relationships with people, and then it becomes ministry.” MIcHEllE

AN AdvoCATE ANd AN ANChoR Casey admits that his unusual business model has been challenging at times: “You share these audacious ideas about giving with people, and you get a lot of blank stares.” But he found an advocate at NCF. “When I shared my vision with Relationship Manager Dan Glaze at NCF, he immediately understood. He validated my passion, and even offered creative ways to help facilitate it.” By helping him set up a Giving Fund, a supporting organization, and tax-wise gifts of business stock, Casey says NCF has been instrumental in achieving his giving goals. But it’s not the wise charitable planning that he values most. “There are a lot of donor-advised funds out there,” says Casey. “But for me, the most invaluable element of NCF is their spiritual alignment and our common vision of growing the Kingdom.”

Stability & Impact




Our Board of Directors

The national Board of Directors at NCF is comprised of people who are personally committed to their Christian faith and to lives of abundant generosity. With expertise vital to the process of governing a large, financially oriented ministry, our Board is dedicated to preserving the continuity and strength of our organization for decades to come.






Jay bennett

lloyd M. bentsen III

Jess correll

bob Doll

Chairman of the Board Founder, Metokote Corporation

vice Chairman of the Board CEO, NCF Twin Cities

Advisory Board Chairman, NCF Houston

Founder and Chairman of the Board, First Southern Bancorp

Chief Equity Strategist and Senior Portfolio Manager, Nuveen Asset Management







James c. blankemeyer



$377 million


$328 million

Growth: 38%

Culture: 7%


$608 million


$395 million

evangelism: 24%

support: 5%


$657 million


$493 million


$875 million


$603 million

Church: 13%

justice: 3%


$914 million (unaudited)


$670 million


are involved in the story behind the numbers. From the givers we serve to the charities that receive grants, we are grateful for those God is touching through this ministry. We stand in awe as we continue to experience his grace and favor, and every day, we will remain faithful to our mission of advancing his Kingdom.

Poverty: 10%

“Every number has a name; every name has a story; and every story is important to God.” RObERt MORRIS FouNDiNG seNior PAsTor, GATeWAY ChurCh, TX

NCF’S GRANT MILESTONES A celebration of growth and impact Phil Drake

Sandra t. Johnson

James b. “buck” Mccabe

terry Parker

Chairman of the Board, Drake Software

The Sandra and William B. Johnson Foundation

Executive Vice President of Finance, CFO, Chick-Fil-A, Inc.

Co-Founder, NCF; Retired: Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

Emeritus Members


it took 24 years for us to grant our billionth dollar to charity. it took three years to grant the second billion and just two years to grant the third and fourth each. At the time of this

2013 $4 billion 2011 $3 billion

billion dollar grant milestone.

larry a. burkett

Ronald W. blue

anthony Wauterlek

Co-Founder, NCF (1939–2003)

Co-Founder and Member Emeritus, NCF; Founding Director, Kingdom Advisors

Member Emeritus

2009 $2 billion

in 2013



in 2013


2006 $1 billion 1982





Creative Giving Solutions

for today’s creative givers

other Creative solutions the giving Fund: All your giving, in one place instead of writing checks directly to charities or managing the complexities of a private foundation, you can experience a simpler, smarter way to support your favorite causes. it’s called the Giving Fund from NCF. Also known as a donor-advised fund, a Giving Fund works like a charitable savings account. You contribute all types of assets, receive an income tax deduction at the time of the donation, and then go online anytime to grant to your church or other charities ... and we mail the grant checks for you.

asset-based giving: Multiply your impact if you’re like most people, almost all of your wealth is tied up in your appreciated assets like stocks, business interests, or real estate, while only a fraction is in cash. our team of gift planners at NCF can help you convert tax dollars to charitable dollars and increase your cash From simple stock transfers to our “Charitable shareholder” strategy for business owners, we can help you send more to your favorite causes than you ever imagined possible, today.


We can help you discover ways to save taxes and send more to charity.

From the simplicity of the Giving Fund to the multiplying Whether you’re a student, starting a family, or planning power of Asset-Based Giving, our creative solutions can for retirement, we can help you grow in your journey of help you experience less paperwork, fewer taxes, more generosity and experience the joy of giving more wisely joy, and more impact for your favorite causes than you ever to the causes you care about most. imagined possible.



The Legacy Fund is an enhanced type of Giving Fund in which we assume greater responsibility to ensure that your giving intent and granting desires are carried out faithfully, either during or after your lifetime.

A charitable trust helps you balance charitable giving and income for you or your heirs. A lead trust pays the



A supporting organization allows you (or your family or business) to make grants to charity, hire employees, cover operating expenses, and provide

When you set aside a portion of your Giving Fund for the Generosity Catalyst Fund, you encourage giving in others by supporting the most cutting-edge projects, resources, and worldwide generosity efforts.

management support from NCF.



Learn more or get started today. | 800.681.6223

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY (CGA) A CGA is a simple arrangement that involves a charitable gift and an annuity. You make the gift (part of which is tax deductible), and then you year for the remainder of your life.


reverses that order.

NCF’S NATIONWIDE NETWORK From Seattle to south Florida, our affiliate office teams across the country help givers experience the adventure, purpose, and joy of giving … every day.



tom bradford, President 205.380.6338 2


ncF team 800.681.6223 3


Joe Eelkema, gift advisor 949.263.0820 4


bryan chrisman, President 720.489.0607 5


David Ragland, President 865.523.5610 6


Jeff Hewson, President 248.761.9137 7


tom Rowland, President 847.205.5275 8


tom Rulon, President 808.524.5678 9


aimee Minnich, President bill High, cEO 913.310.0279 10


Peter Forbes, President 832.255.2022





Jim cotterill, President 317.570.5850 12


Jim Whorton, Relationship Manager 904.207.7611 13


Mark MacDonald, President 859.288.7671 14


bill lee, board chair 615.468.6220 15


Virgil Dugan, board chair 505.314.3400 16


Joel Smyer, President 817.355.8030 17


Josh copher, board chair 866.508.7083 18


andy andreas, board chair 800.681.6223 19


tim Seneff, President 407.401.9414 20


John Putnam, President 704.716.2900



Forrest Reinhardt, President 919.438.0350 22


alanna linden, President 919.438.0350 23


Kendra VanderMeulen, President 206.577.3603 24


Stephan tchividjian, board President laura bishop, Executive Director 954.771.0110



bob collins, President 813.567.1499 26


Jay bennett, cEO 612.288.2299 27


Jamie Kuiper, President Randy Veltkamp, cEO 616.957.4372 28


linda Maris, President 262.796.9910

NCF KINGDOM ENERGY troy austin, 817.878.5783

NCF OUTDOORS andrew Prilliman, 813.567.1499



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