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Christ in  YOU   5/27/12  Postcards  from  God:  3  John     Pastor  Brooks  McElhenny    

Postcards From  God   "Christ  In  YOU”   The  Book  of  3  John   3  John  1:1-­4    NIV   1  The  elder,  To  my  dear  friend  Gaius,  whom  I  love  in  the  truth.   2  Dear  friend,  I  pray  that  you  may  enjoy  good  health  and  that  all   may  go  well  with  you,  even  as  your  soul  is  getting  along  well.     3  It  gave  me  great  joy  when  some  believers  came  and  testified   about  your  faithfulness  to  the  truth,  telling  how  you  continue  to   walk  in  it.     4  I  have  no  greater  joy  than  to  hear  that  my  children  are  walking   in  the  truth.     1.    A  healthy  soul.    “as  your  soul  is  getting  along  well.”   2.    A  good  reputation.       Proverbs  22:1  NIV  

A good  name  is  more  desirable  than  great  riches;  to  be  esteemed   is  better  than  silver  or  gold.     3.    A  faith     3  John  1:12    NIV   12  Demetrius  is  well  spoken  of  by  everyone  —and  even  by  the   truth  itself.  We  also  speak  well  of  him,  and  you  know  that  our   testimony  is  true.     3  John  1:9-­10  NIV   9  I  wrote  to  the  church,  but  Diotrephes,  who  loves  to  be  first,   will  not  welcome  us.     10  So  when  I  come,  I  will  call  attention  to  what  he  is  doing,   spreading  malicious  nonsense  about  us.  Not  satisfied  with  that,   he  even  refuses  to  welcome  other  believers.  He  also  stops  those   who  want  to  do  so  and  puts  them  out  of  the  church.    

1. “loves  to  be  first”.         2.    “working  against  believers”       Conclusion:   1.  Be  Hospitable…   2.  Have  a  good  reputation   a.  

I was  wrong  


I need  help  


I don’t  know…  

3.  Honor  the  Lord     1  Corinthians  1:27-­30    NIV        27  But  God  chose  the  foolish  things  of  the  world  to  shame  the   wise;  God  chose  the  weak  things  of  the  world  to  shame  the   strong.     28  God  chose  the  lowly  things  of  this  world  and  the  despised   things—and  the  things  that  are  not  —to  nullify  the  things  that   are,    

29 so  that  no  one  may  boast  before  him.     30  It  is  because  of  him  that  you  are  in  Christ  Jesus,  who  has   become  for  us  wisdom  from  God—that  is,  our  righteousness,   holiness  and  redemption.   I  Want  You  To  Live  With  Christ  In  You   I  Want  You  To  Have  A  Jesus  Filled  Week   "Christ  In  YOU”  

5/27/12 Third John  
5/27/12 Third John  

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