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Issue 20 11/10/10 fortnightly

Mental Health Special Feature New Horizons for Mental Healthcare By Belinda Smart

Cover: The new face of Mental Health nursing with Medibank Health Solutions TeleHealth

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Many types of mental health professionals work together with people experiencing mental illness to provide holistic support and care. Victorian mental health services need individuals dedicated to improving the mental health of the community.    






Waikato District Health Board...

Waikato District Health Board...

Midwifery Manager or Nurse Manager

Nurse Manager

Women’s Services – Waikato Hospital Full time 40 hours per week Position No. 51010-241069 This position is required to provide leadership to the Women’s Services within Waikato Hospital. The role will work in close collaboration with midwifery, medical and allied health leaders to develop and implement maternity and gynaecology models of care, process, policy, guidelines and contribute to the organisation reaching its strategic objectives. This position has a strong focus on leading both our midwifery and nursing workforces in both an assessment and inpatient setting. We are looking for a candidate that will be able to show commitment to both professional groups and have knowledge of the diversity of the client group. As a member of the Nurse Manager team, this new position will be pivotal to the development and success of the business unit as well as focusing on the leadership and development of the midwifery/ nursing workforce. The position will predominately focus on patient throughput with a patient centred approach to care. Applicants will hold a current New Zealand practicing certificate (APC), be highly motivated, passionate and an experienced leader. With superior communication skills and the ability to build strong relationships across disciplines the successful applicant will be inspired by the opportunity to drive and influence change within their service cluster. It is integral to the effective development and ongoing success of their service that this person is a proven leader with high level skills in planning, financial management and allocation of resources to provide the best possible care to their patients. Flexibility, initiative and resilience will be key attributes for success in this role.

Closing date: Monday 1 November For this and many other positions, please visit or phone 07 839 8949. Please quote position number when applying.


Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Vascular Surgery – Waikato Hospital Full time 40 hours per week Position No. 51010-241067 This position is required to provide leadership to the Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Vascular Surgery service within Waikato Hospital. The role will work in close collaboration with medical and allied health leaders to develop and implement models of care, process, policy, guidelines and contribute to the organisation reaching its strategic objectives. As a member of the Nurse Manager team, this new position will be pivotal to the development and success of the business unit as well as focusing on the leadership and development of the nursing workforce. The position will predominately focus on patient throughput with a patient centred approach to care. Applicants will hold a current New Zealand practicing certificate (APC), be highly motivated, passionate and an experienced leader. With superior communication skills and the ability to build strong relationships across disciplines, the successful applicant will be inspired by the opportunity to drive and influence change within their service cluster. It is integral to the effective development and ongoing success of their service that this person is a proven leader with high level skills in planning, financial management and allocation of resources to provide the best possible care to their patients. Flexibility, initiative and resilience will be key attributes for success in this role. Closing date: Monday 1 November For this and many other positions, please visit or phone 07 839 8949. Please quote position number when applying.


“Postgraduate study at UTS keeps me interested in my work and has opened up new opportunities for me.

Susan Daly UTS: Master of Nursing student Area Health Service Governance Manager

Expand your opportunities with a practice-based, industry-backed course at UTS. Our graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, masters and research degrees give you plenty of scope to advance your career in a range of clinical, education and management areas. Register to attend our Postgraduate Information Evening at APPLICATIONS FOR 2011 NOW OPEN Phone: 1300 ASK UTS (1300 275 887) Online enquiry:




Health Professionals your career in mental health will take off with the RFDS in Queensland To discuss a career with the RFDS, contact Janet Biviano on 07 4040 0194 or



Registered Clinician Permanent Full Time We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic Clinician with highly developed interpersonal skills and a commitment to achieve within our Offender Development team based in Fulham near Sale, Victoria. Fulham Correctional Centre provides Mental Health programs specialising in Alcohol and other Drug problems, Cognitive Skills and Violence Intervention to male offenders. A commitment to rehabilitation and understanding of the justice system will allow you to build effective professional relationships with your clients and integrate your skills within a multidisciplinary environment. Applicants must have:s .ATIONALREGISTRATIONASA#LINICIAN





Our service is internationally recognised for its innovative clinical programs and integrated models of practice that value client centeredness, holistic care, accessibility, family inclusiveness, best practice, and ongoing professional development. We are fortunate to enjoy excellent internal relationships within our wide range of clinical community that provide for seamless integrated care for our clients. The Swanston Centre Mental Health Acute Unit at Geelong Hospital has undergone a recent redevelopment with the addition of 8 new beds. This expansion has let to a review of our service model which includes the introduction of a multidisciplinary therapeutic team to enhance our recovery focused model of care. Unit Manager (RPN5) Swanston Centre - Inpatient Facility (Full time) - Ref 97128 A unique opportunity exists for a highly motivated individual with a vision for recovery focused service delivery. You will be a strong leader who can guide the service through a period of change and growth. Experience in working within a multidisciplinary team environment would be an advantage. Psychiatric Nurses RPN Grade 2 - (Full & Part time positions) - Ref 97155 Several positions are available for experienced Registered Psychiatric Nurses who have an understanding of acute mental health and the application of recovery principles. Occupational Therapist Grade 2 - (Full time) - Ref 97137 The position will form part of a therapeutic team delivering group and individual interventions and O.T. specific assessments to the client group. Social Worker Grade 2 - (0.8 FTE)- Ref 97146 The position will for part of the therapeutic team delivering group and individual interventions with a specific focus on clients with complex social needs. Enquiries: Jennifer Black on (03) 5226 7410. For more information, including a Position Description, or to apply, go to our website ‘Working at Barwon Health’; or to apply by mail (quote Ref No.): Recruitment Officer, HR Department, Barwon Health, PO Box 281, Geelong, 3220. Applications Close 15 October 2010. Previous applicants need not reapply. *All appointees will be required to undertake a National Criminal History Record Check and supply certified copy of professional qualifications prior to commencement.

New horizons for mental health care By Belinda Smart New mental health standards created by a Queensland led national team promise to bridge the gap between conflicting standards and legislation across Australia, creating a more cohesive environment for mental health nurses and allied health practitioners. Following extensive consultation with mental health nurses and other stakeholders, the new Standards of Practice for Mental Health Nurses in Australia 2010 are the result of two and a half years’ work by University of Queensland’s program coordinator for the Master of Mental Health, Nursing Associate Professor Christine Neville and her team. Associate Professor Neville says the old standards, developed in 1995, created unnecessary barriers to achieving mental health care best practice for patients. The context of mental health care has changed, she explains, resulting in extensive policy updates and further developments to the guiding principles for the delivery of mental health care in Australia. Created to reflect these changes and to modernise mental health nursing practices, the new standards are designed to be more relevant to mental health nursing today, more flexible and better aligned with recent government standards for mental health care. “They will provide guidance for the type and level of care consumers and carers can expect from mental health nurses and help ensure optimal health outcomes are achieved for people with a mental health problem,” she says. One look at Queensland’s mental health data reveals the particular need for new standards in the state, with 12.2 per cent of Queenslanders having reported experiencing a mental illness versus 10.6 per cent of Australians as a whole in 2006. Meanwhile Queensland has the lowest number of mental health nurses per 100,000 people. “Given such data, it is more critical than ever that mental health nurses are provided with a new set of standards which provide greater support and guide the delivery of healthy recovery for mental health patients,” Neville says.

For mental health nurses and allied health workers in all states of Australia, the new standards will mean that that the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN) practice standards are aligned with the government policy changes and guiding principles set down for mental health care nationally and internationally. “They creates a working culture for mental health nurses and people with mental health problems that is open, supportive and committed to the best practice in mental health care,” Neville says. Nurses and allied health workers will not require new training, as the “fundamental principles” underlying mental health nursing care remain the same, she adds. “In other words the importance of the therapeutic relationship, consumer involvement in their care, consideration of cultural factors, ethical and legal principles and evidence based practice. Organisations such as the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency will rely on documents such as this in deliberations about practitioners who provide mental health care. Universities and other training organisations will also use the standards as a framework for the development and evaluation of their courses. Health care services will use the document in the planning, implementation and evaluation of mental health nursing care. Finally carers and consumers will know what type of care to expect from mental health nurses.” ACMHN CEO Kim Ryan says the new standards indicate the minimum expected standard of performance of nurses working in mental health and will also help raise the profile and enhance the career pathways of nurses and allied health professionals. “The standard will also assist employers, managers and service developers to better understand the depth and breadth of practice of mental health nurses. The ACMHN expects that nurses themselves and employers should be guided by the standards when considering their professional development needs and when developing other service policies and standards.” Copyright NCAH

Advance your nursing career with us

join our supportive team in our new purpose-built unit

The Northern Psychiatric Unit (NPU) is a newly expanded 50 bed inpatient unit located at The Northern Hospital in Epping. We are recruiting full and part time Division 1 Nurses. This is an exciting time to join the NPU team with many opportunities for nurses to extend their specialist skills and obtain professional development. If you would like to work with an innovative and supportive team that values your input, then apply at Ref: 50611 You can also hear about and view the new inpatient unit at: and search for Northern Psychiatric Unit “This new wing of the Northern Psychiatric Unit is wonderful and as nice as I’ve seen in the public system. The service is working hard on making this the best it can be, and it will be exciting to see how things unfold in the future.” Consumer Consultant

Enquiries: Please speak to Garry Ennis on 8405 2574 or email Garry at

is part of Melbourne Health

Mental Health Careers – Bloomfield Hospital, Orange The Greater Western Area Health Service is undertaking an exciting growth phase with the redevelopment of the Orange Health Service which includes the expansion of existing Mental Health Services. The Mental Health Service will be one of its kind in NSW and will bring many exciting career opportunities in the areas of Child & Adolescent, Older Persons, Forensic Rehabilitation, Adult Acute, Mental Health Intensive Care, High Dependency, Extended Care, and the Mental Health Emergency Care Rural Access Program.

Recruiting now for:

Orange is a thriving regional city only three and a half hours drive from Sydney and Canberra. Discover Orange where you will have time for yourself, family and friends. Discover Orange and enjoy the diversity of careers, people, schools, lifestyle, seasons, produce, culture, sport, wine, dining and family living!

2 x Admin Support Officers • Permanent Full Time • Salary: $ 44,590 - $46,160pa • Recruitment Number: 3144

If you are serious about a career in Mental Health, Orange is the place to be!

not make it


8 x Registered Nurses • Permanent Full Time • Salary: From $49,439 – $69,428 pa • Recruitment Number: 5391 3 x Enrolled Nurses • Permanent Full Time • Salary: $ 43,600 - $47,456pa • Recruitment Number: 5410 Speech Pathologist Lvl 1/2 • Permanent Full Time • Salary: $61,694 - $74,895 • Recruitment Number: 5386

Clinical Pharmacist • Permanent Full Time • Pharmacist Grade 1 / 2 • Recruitment Number: 4151 Mental Health experience not always necessary, as training & support will be provided - please refer to individual position descriptions for details. Permanent part-time positions are also available.

For all enquiries please contact: Tracy Barnes on (02) 6360 7760 or 0419 391 078, email: You can also apply for these positions online at

w w w. y o r a n g e . c o m . a u

Mental Health Nurses/Allied Health Professionals Delmont Private Hospital is an accredited 60 bed private psychiatric hospital located in Glen Iris, with an extensive Inpatient, Day Program and Outreach Service. In addition to General Psychiatry, Delmont offers specific programs for Drug and Alcohol management and Aged Psychiatry. Currently we have a number of positions available for the following: •

Qualified Occupational Therapist/Allied Health Professional/Mental Health Nurse Casual Bank/Permanent Part Time To assist with the development of our expanding Day Program service. This position will suit dynamic and enthusiastic individuals with groups skills who have a vision for excellence, are passionate about providing quality care and enjoy collaborating in a team environment. Experience in Aged Psychiatry and assessment skills an advantage. Please contact: Ms Catherine Stevenson on tel: 98057 370

Nurses Division 1 with mental health experience preferred Permanent Full-time, Permanent Part-time Rotating am and pm shifts We are seeking Nurses with experience/interest in acute adult psychiatry and drug and alcohol treatment. Opportunities exist for highly motivated nurses to utilize their advanced clinical skills within a vibrant team, enjoying a dynamic and supportive model of care. Individuals with group therapy skills are also invited to apply. Please contact: Ms Meridy Calnin tel: 9805 7319

Nurses Division 1 with mental health experience preferred Night Duty, Permanent Part-time We are seeking Nurses with experience/interest in acute adult psychiatry and drug and alcohol treatment. Opportunities exist for highly motivated nurses to utilize their advanced clinical skills within a vibrant team, enjoying a dynamic and supportive model of care. Please contact: Ms Meridy Calnin on tel: 9805 7319

Delmont supports continuing education and supervision is provided. Salary will be commensurate with experience and skill. Please forward your resume to and/or request for a position description to: Robyn Baird, HR Co-ordinator, Delmont Private Hospital, PO Box 193, Burwood, 3125 or email Applications close 15 October, 2010

Save lives. Save time. All from your home office.

We know the busy hospital environment isn’t the calmest place to dispense healthcare advice, and that’s why the majority of our nurses choose to work from their own home-based offices. Working without distraction in a focussed home environment, equipped with modern tools that we provide, our medical professionals are capable of giving accurate care quickly and easily to more patients presenting more diverse clinical challenges than they could treat in a hospital. If this work/lifestyle balance appeals to you contact us to see how you can begin saving lives. Starting with your own.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was so worried that day, but the person I spoke to was great and gave me the advice I needed.â&#x20AC;?

Expressions of interest for Mental Health opportunities in Sydney and Melbourne * ##!!"!' !"#! # Health Nurses, Social Workers, Psychologists and OTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s * ,ce based or work from home opportunities Our team of Mental Health Professionals offer comprehensive telephone triage assessments, crisis management and ongoing support 7 days per week. Your skills will be utilised in assessing callers and providing an entry point to local mental health providers. Based in either Sydney or Melbourne, you will work in a supportive environment and be exposed to a wide range of cases, meaning lots of room for knowledge and skills growth. We are seeking expressions of interest for positions available in our Sydney and Melbourne ofďŹ ces as well as opportunities to work from home. As part of our multidisciplinary team, you will utilise your skills and expertise to ensure the right support and services for every caller. With ongoing education, support and supervision youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll always feel part of the team, no matter where you are. We offer both part time and full time opportunities. We will provide you with comprehensive paid induction, ongoing coaching and clinical supervision. If you are able to come to our Sydney or Melbourne ofďŹ ce for the initial training period and your home can access broadband, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d love to hear from you. Permanent night shifts also available. Upcoming positions to commence late 2010/early 2011. For further information on careers at Medibank Health Solutions please call Jacquie Tong on 1300 365 156 or visit

Latrobe Regional Hospital Mental Health Service The Latrobe Regional Hospital Mental Health Service is the regional provider of Mental Health Services in Gippsland. LRHMHS operates an integrated mental health program across ten sites and provides inpatient and community mental heath care for child and youth, adult and aged care service streams. LRHMHS also operates a Community Residential Care Unit and a Prevention and Recovery Care Unit. The Latrobe Regional Hospital Mental Health Service is located in Gippsland – home to sandy beaches, snowfields, mountains and national parks. Gippsland provides a fantastic rural lifestyle with easy access to Melbourne. Under the new 10 year “Because Mental Health Matters” Strategy, Mental Health Services are moving into an exciting period of reform. This reform will focus on early intervention, prevention, social inclusion and recovery. LRHMHS is seeking dynamic, experienced and creative change agents to lead us into the next phase of service delivery. We have exciting positions in the following areas for nursing and Allied Health Clinicians: Team Manager – Triage and Emergency Department Team Manager – Community Adult Team Community Clinicians - Adult and Child and Youth Services Senior Clinician - Child and Youth Service Senior Clinician – Early Psychosis Service Registered and Enrolled Nurses - Acute Aged and Adult Inpatient Units Clinician - Triage and Emergency Department Occupational Therapist - Inpatient Services Clinician - Conduct Disorder Prevention Program (CASEA) Full time, part time, casual, temporary and permanent positions are available. New Graduates and experienced Clinicians are encouraged to apply. LRHMHS offers a supportive environment with clinical educators, preceptors, clinical supervision, a nurse practitioner candidate program and professional development opportunities. Please visit and go to our employment section. For enquiries please contact Cayte Hoppner, Director of Mental Health on 03 5173 8549 or

Are you looking for a Tree, Sea or Ski Life-Style Change or Career Progression? There are various job opportunities in Rural Southern NSW waiting for you within the Mental Health/Drug & Alcohol Directorate of GSAHS. We have permanent full-time and part time Nurse Management, Nursing, Community Mental Health Clinician, Drug & Alcohol Clinician, Allied Health and Administration vacancies across the Health Service region. s0ROFESSIONALANDmEXIBLETEAMENVIRONMENTSWHEREYOUCANPRACTICEANDGROW s!TTRACTIVESALARYPACKAGINGANDINCENTIVES s!DVANCED2ETURNTO.URSING0ROGRAM s4RYTHELIFESTYLE3OUTH#OAST 3NOWlELDS RELAXEDFAMILYFRIENDLYCOUNTRYLIVING s3UPPORTFORSTUDENTSNEWGRADUATES GSAHS is committed to providing career paths for nursing staff including optional job ROTATIONS STRUCTUREDCLINICALEDUCATIONPROGRAMSWITHINAmEXIBLETEAMENVIRONMENT 4HE'REATER3OUTHERN!REA(EALTH3ERVICEIN3OUTHERN.37EXTENDSFROMTHEBEACHES ON THE 3TATES 3OUTH #OAST ACROSS THE 'REAT $IVIDING 2ANGE TO THE SNOWlELDS OF THE Snowy Mountains and onto the rural regions that border Victoria. It includes the thriving REGIONALCENTRESOF'RIFlTH 7AGGA7AGGA $ENILIQUIN 'OULBURN 1UEANBEYAN "ATEMANS "AYAND"EGA 4HEAREAENCOMPASSEDBY'3!(3HASAPOPULATIONOFAPPROXIMATELY PEOPLE

Live the Lifestyle! â&#x20AC;¦ For further information on positions available within the 'REATER3OUTHERN!REA(EALTH3ERVICELOGONTO


WORKING IN THE UK We have fantastic opportunities Nationwide in the UK and Ireland for Nurses of all grades and specialities and Allied Health Personnel - Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Podiatrists, Dietitians, Radiographers and Physiotherapists. Contact us now. The sooner the better. Our job is to find you a job. UK office +44 208 874 6111 Melbourne representative Web Email Ph: +61 433 802 759 Recruitment Specialists For: Nurses Pharmacists Radiographers

Physiotherapists OT’s Speech & Language Therapists Podiatrists Dietitians

GOULBURN VALLEY AREA MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE Community Clinician (RPN3/OT2/SW2/P2) Location: Shepparton Permanent Full Time Reference 22096 / Applications must be received by 20 October 2010


â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Grade 4A

Community Midwife Program (CMP), 56 hours/fortnight, Ref No: 10/87NC NHWâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s CMP is an innovative and progressive model of maternity care based on a Group Practice working a Caseload Model of Midwifery care and provides services to 140 women per year. If you have current midwifery registration, extensive clinical midwifery experience and an understanding of the philosophy of midwife managed care, we would welcome your application. Contact: Linda Earl, NUM, (03) 5722 0253 or Janet Baker, Team Leader CMP, (03) 572 25256 Closing Date: Friday, 29 October 2010 


Enquiries: Annette Stephens, Clinical Manager - Shepparton on (03) 5832 2111 or Jason Campbell, Clinical Consultant on (03) 5832 2111 or register and apply online at Applicants must address the key selection criteria. Key Selection Criteria and Position Descriptions can be obtained from the Goulburn Valley Health website.


Goulburn Valley Health (GV Health) in central Victoria is just 2 hours drive north of Melbourne with proximity to alpine snowfields, rivers and lakes, wineries, the arts; we enjoy glorious weather, great lifestyle and the sports and attractions of a major regional city. Are you looking for an opportunity to broaden your horizons and get away from hectic city life?









Health Center Coordinator, Kalkarindji - $80,074 - $83,436 KWHB are currently seeking a Health Center Coordinator to join the team based in Kalkarindji. The successful applicant will be a valued member of the KWHB health leadership team coordinating and facilitating access to excellent quality care, providing clinical care, mentorship and participating in the on-call roster. The incumbent will be required to coordinate primary health care services at Kalkarindji clinic in collaboration with the health leadership team. The successful incumbent will be required to show commitment to the integration of primary health care services and promote a safe and positive working environment. The salary package includes accommodation; phone, electricity & freight allowance, relocation allowance and professional development allowance. Application Closing Date: 25/10/10. For a copy of the Position Description & Selection Criteria please email or call 08 8971 9300.

Upcoming Events: Featured Events: Australian Rehabilitation Nurses’ Association Annual Conference 14-15 October 2010, Novotel, North Wollongong Event Website: 35th Australian & NZ Annual Scientific Mtg on Intensive Care & 16th Annual Paed & Neonatal Int. Care 14-16 October, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre | Melbourne Event Website: 9th (NENA) Conference – ‘Moving Mountains’ Enrolled Nurses Effect Change 17-19 October, Grand Chancellor Hotal, Hobart Event Websiite:

October Events C-PI Inc - Nonviolent Crisis Criisis Intervention Interv Interve rvention rve ntion SM Training Tra Tr ra aining Courses Cours Cour rses ses 12-15 October 2010, Brisbane, QLD 19-22 October 2010, Darwin, NT Visit: CRANAplus Annual Conference 13-16 October 2010, Adelaide, South Australia Visit: “Moving on” - Exploring New Directions in People Handling 2010 Conference The Association for the Manual Handling of People (AAMHP) 13-15 October 2010, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Visit: Adelaide Practice Nurse Clinical Education Conference 14-15 October 2010, Technology Park, Adelaide Visit: College of Emergency Nursing Australasia - International Conference 14-16 October 2010, National Convention Centre, Canberra ACT Visit:

Careers with Queensland Health

3FHJTUFSFE/VSTFT Registered Nurses %JWJTJPOPG.FOUBM)FBMUIBOE"MDPIPM 5PCBDDPBOE0UIFS%SVH4FSWJDFT .BDLBZ#BTF)PTQJUBM .BDLBZ)FBMUI Division of Mental Health and Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Services, Mackay Base Hospital, Mackay Health 4FSWJDF%JTUSJDU Salary between between $54 $54 547 547 -- $70 $70 091 091 p.a. p.a. (f/t) (f/t) or or salary salary rates: rates: $27.51 $27.51 -- $35.35 $35.35 p.h. p.h. (p/t) (p/t) (Nurse (Nurse Grade Service District. Salary 5) (Several full time part time hours negotiable. Applications remain for 12JAR: months.) Grade 5) (Several fulland/or time and/or partpositions, time positions. Applications will remainwill current for current 12 months.) JAR: H10MK05710. Duties/Abilities: Provide clinical interventions the Division of Mental and H10MK05710. %VUJFT"CJMJUJFT Provide clinical interventions withinwithin the Division of Mental HealthHealth and Alcohol, Alcohol, Tobacco Other Drug Services, usingfocused a clientand focused andrestrictive a least restrictive care, tothe ensure Tobacco and Otherand Drug Services, using a client a least model of model care, toofensure provithe of best and practice andcare. quality care. sionprovision of best practice quality Grade 5 positions are within the Mental Health Unit at the Mackay Base Enquiries: Hospital. Donna Davis 0418 102 189. Application Kit: (07) 4965 9468 or &ORVJSJFT Amy Matthews (A/NUM) phone contact: 07 4885 6802 "QQMJDBUJPO,JU (07) 4965 94682010. or Closing Date: Tuesday, 6 July You can apply online at A criminal history check may be conducted on the recommended person for the job. A non-smoking policy applies to Queensland Government buildings, ofďŹ ces and motor vehicles.

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RN to MBBS Earn your MBBS at Oceania University of Medicine ~ Samoa

OUM-NC RNtoMBBS01/10mono




OCEANIA UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE        For information visit  or 1300 665 343


FREE call our team today: 1800 85 1234 Email: Website:

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"$$    &" #

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Join our expanding mental health services Queensland Healthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s services are expanding in 2010 and 2011 and we are looking for skilled mental health nurses to join our inpatient teams.

Opening in 2010 and 2011 Darling Downs - West Moreton Health Service District Close to Brisbane, but with a country charm lifestyle. 1 Toowoomba 2 West Moreton Metro North Health Service District Growing area between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. 3 Caboolture Metro South Health Service District Close to the beautiful Gold Coast. 4 Bayside 5 Logan 6 Princess Alexandra Hospital (Coorparoo) 7 Redlands Townsville Health Service District Idyllic beachfront city in North Queensland. 8 Townsville Opening in 2012 and 2014

9 Mackay 10 Cairns 11 Sunshine Coast 12 Gold Coast

Search for jobs or submit an online Expression of Interest:


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Aus 1300 306 858 NZ 0800 333 733 Freecall now to secure your place Register online at or email your CV to nursing

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UTOPIA Urapuntja Health Service Aboriginal Corporation Exciting new opportunities for true believers in Primary Health Care.

Currently recruiting Medical Doctor; Job share or full time your choice. Registered Nurse positions. Health Promotion position. Aboriginal Health Worker Educator. Urapuntja Health Service is an Aboriginal community controlled health organization situated in the Alyawarr region of Central Australia, 280km NE of Alice Springs. We have a population of 1200 people living across 16 small communities. Attractive wages, including flexible salary packaging arrangements, and subsidised accommodation in a beautiful setting, is on offer to reliable resilient individuals who have some time to devote to us. Do you really want to make a difference in remote Aboriginal health? This is your chance to take a crucial role in an organisation whose mission is to maximise indigenous health and has remarkable statistics to prove it. Opportunities to put your ideals into practice exist in this exciting time in health evolution. Urapuntja Health Service needs a permanent Registered Nurse with current clinical experience. Acute care medicine and primary health care experience preferred, with proven communication skills and a commitment to primary health care, to work as part of a multi-disciplinary health team in a cross-cultural setting. We need a strong man to join our team. We encourage Indigenous nurses to apply for this position. We are also looking for a public health promotion nurse; for a position with a focus on a ‘hygiene and nutrition, mothers and babies program’. Caring maternal types encouraged to apply! We have a number of community health workers out here who would like an opportunity to become Aboriginal Health Workers. Are you an experienced educator with a strong motive to support AHW? For application and information please call. Sarah Doherty (08) 8956 9875

2nd Annual

Clinical Documentation, Coding & Analysis Conference 2011 24th–25th February, 2011 | Novotel on Collins, Melbourne IIR’s Clinical Documentation, Coding & Analysis Conference 2011 is your unique chance to gain practical advice on how to prepare for the challenges ahead. Key topics to be addressed in detail include: Endorsed by



Director of Nursing South Gippsland Hospital This is an excellent opportunity for a senior nursing professional who is capable of leading and managing the nursing workforce as well as being an effective member of the Executive management team. Candidates should hold a Division 1 Nursing registration in Victoria, have senior management experience in the health industry and a strong background in relevant industry standards, practices and funding streams. An attractive remuneration package is being offered to secure the right candidate.

For full details of the roles see our website at

or contact Mr John Bowman on: 0407 835 747 Email applications may be lodged at: PO Box 83 Ocean Grove 3226

International Career & Travel Opportunities

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4AKEADVANTAGEOFTHESHORTAGEOFSKILLEDNURSESALLIEDHEALTH STAFF AROUND THE WORLD ,ET YOUR SKILLS ENABLE YOU TO WORK ANDTRAVELOVERSEASINONEOFOURMANYLOCATIONS CCM is a leading International Health Recruitment company with over 20 years experience in placing Registered Nurses and Allied Health staff overseas. All our recruiters have ďŹ rsthand experience working in international locations and are just a phone call or email away throughout your contract.

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BeneďŹ ts On Offer: â&#x153;&#x201D;*Salary Paid Tax Free â&#x153;&#x201D;*Free Flights hts â&#x153;&#x201D;*Free Accommodation/Accommodation Allowance â&#x153;&#x201D;*Free Medical Care â&#x153;&#x201D;*Generous Annual Leave â&#x153;&#x201D;*Professional Development â&#x153;&#x201D; Endless Travel Opportunities â&#x153;&#x201D;*Free Uniforms (*Applicable to certain contracts only) AUS Free Phone: 1800 818 844 NZ Free Phone: 0800 700 839


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