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First Year Open Studio May 18 – 19 fashion show May 27 graduate exhibitions June 12 – 23 GALLERY EXHIBITION - ALIGNED June 4 – 26 cead exhibition July 2 – 9

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first year art & design studies

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foreword: Identity and Purpose

Change is difficult - at any time. But it is all the more difficult in a period of reducing resources when underlying assumptions and our expectations of education and its role in society are being re-set. The outworking of the recession in Ireland, and elsewhere, has dramatised a debate about the nature and purpose of education and of art and design education, in particular. This changing landscape makes life difficult for a small college, like NCAD, dedicated to studio/practice-based learning. Yet despite the pressures, NCAD students and graduates remain high achievers, as can be seen clearly in this year’s graduate exhibitions. The exhibiting students represent a generation who understand that the College is not a ‘rehearsal’ space nor can it be a place apart. Negotiating that reality is an essential skill for students of art and design today. It is also what characterises successful graduates of the College. To assert, in this period, that the identity of an art and design college is expressed by its purpose and its role in the public domain – especially when publicly funded – is also to acknowledge the importance of those transnational dynamics in art and design practice, with which the College is connected. None of this means abandoning NCAD’s inheritance. It means creating a momentum to the future, based on the existing narrative of NCAD, as Ireland’s primary provider of art and design education, within university education. It must also mean adding other dimensions to that narrative.

director: foreword

In many areas across the College, students and staff are already engaged in creating those other dimensions by contributing to new areas of practice and to the critical understanding of practice, in partnerships and collaborations with peers, but also with arenas beyond art and design. This clearly represents a challenge to received thinking about the value of art and design, and is also central to current issues in higher education, generally. There is a tension in meeting that challenge which becomes a creative tension when it does not involve the erasure of any part of the narrative but, rather, the opening up of the narrative to other possibilities. It is from this dialogue that the new forms of thinking and of practice, will be generated and which will enrich and extend the opportunities for student learning and the settings in which that learning can take place productively. The recent change in the degree structure in NCAD and the evolution of a deeper working relationship with University College Dublin, also with IADT and with wider dimensions of university education, along with joint programmes and programing, help position NCAD in a strategic, distinctive position in the Irish education landscape.

And this is important because, despite the inevitable focus, in a recessionary period, on the operational programmes of an institution, it is vital that the focus on the College’s educational offer, and securing supports for that ‘offer’, is not lost. A lot of anxiety has arisen around this issue, on foot of concerns about the educational offer and its delivery into the future. These anxieties are shared with other contexts, but can only be met in the changed landscape here, by re-articulating the value of art and design as human centred, but in the world, as having value for the individual but also for the society. The 2015 exhibitions provide the best possible opportunity to consider this ‘offer’ through the lens of this year’s student work, which covers the full range of disciplines, under the four Schools in the College. The exhibitions contain all the strands of the NCAD narrative from the model of solo practitioner, to collaborator and socially engaged practice to models of visual communications and user first design, involving regular work with significant partners in the cultural, economic and social sectors. This energy, despite the resourcing issues, and the creativities visible here, are a testament to the motivation and application of the graduating students and the supports provided by NCAD’s committed staff, across all areas of the College. On behalf of the College, I congratulate this year’s cohort of exhibiting students on their achievement. Professor Declan McGonagle Director

director: foreword


First Year Art and Design Studies

First Year Art and Design Studies introduces students to new and exciting ways of thinking, learning and working. This is achieved through a combination of Studio practice; workshop demonstrations; tutorials; lectures and seminars; gallery and museum visits. Lively and positive interaction is promoted and encouraged in a caring and supportive environment. First Year Art and Design Studies covers a broad range of Art and Design practice including drawing, 3D work, painting/ colour, the use of processes and materials and problem solving. All aspects of the programme are informed by an integrated research process, which includes Learning and Professional Practice and Visual Culture. Included here is a sample of images of First Year Art and Design Studies students work from this Academic year. Theresa Mc Kenna Head of First Year Art and Design Studies

first year art and design studies

first year art and design studies


first year art and design studies

First Year Staffing List

head of first year art & design studies Theresa McKenna ANCAD, PG Dip, MA academic staffing Chloe Brennan BA (Hons) PG Dip, MA

Orla Langan BDes (Hons), MSc Fiona McAndrew BDes (Hons) Kirsty McGhie BA (Hons), PGFA, MA

Eamon Connors ANCAD

Logan Mc Lain BA (Hons), MA

Julie Connellan BDes (Hons), MA

Cathy Mooney BA (Hons)

Mary Cullen BA (Hons), MA

Anthony O’ Connor BDes (Hons), MA

Yvonne Cullivan N.Dip, BA (Hons), MSc

Renata Pekovska BDes (Hons), MA

Ros Duke BA (Hons), PG Cert

Marc Reilly BA (Hons), MA

David Fagan BA (Hons)

Sarah Ross ANCAD, BDes (Hons), MA

Mary A. Fitzgerald BA (Hons), MA

David Timmons BA (Hons), MA

Taffina Flood ANCAD, BA (Hons), MA

John Waid BA (Hons), Adv. Dip. ATD

Bob Grey BDes (Hons)

Sara Wiegevsma-Mooney BA (Hons)

Elaine Griffin BDes (Hons), MA

technical staffing Aonghus Fallon FETAC Printing and Film

Clare Jordan BDes (Hons), MA David Joyce BDes (Hons), MA Kristina Huxley BFA (Hons), MA

Seán Kelleghan Dip. Fine Art, BFA Aisling Mc Loughlin BA (Hons) Siobhan Jordan O’Rourke BDes (Hons) Justine Prendergast BA (Hons) administrative staffing Patricia McDonnell

first year: staffing list


e ign


foreword: school of design

Irish Design 2015 is a year-long programme exploring, promoting and celebrating Irish design both in Ireland and internationally. We are delighted to see the work of so many recent NCAD design graduates playing centre stage in this celebration. The range and diverse nature of contemporary design application highlights the ever changing ability for collaboration that respects design thinking and process driven disciplines. These qualities are also central to this years show. Our degree show exhibits not just beautiful, provocative and intelligent final designs, but also explores the robust research and development process that brought them to reality. It aims to reveal how designers observe people, ask questions, search for information, make and test ideas, and ultimately generate societal solutions to manifest problems. Fundamentally, it explores how design can help people live in a more sustainable and enjoyable way, fostering new employment opportunities by embedding design into business and daily life. The School of Design encompasses Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery and Metalwork, Fashion Design, Textile and Surface Design, Textile Art and Artefact, Industrial and Product Design, Medical Device Design and Visual Communication. This diverse range of disciplines combines to create a dynamic design culture and interdisciplinary discourse that thrives on new ideas, new ways of doing things and new areas of exploration. We hope you enjoy the show. Heads of Department School of Design

school of design: foreword


school of design: staffing list

head of applied material cultures Helen McAllister ANCAD, MA Textiles, PhD Practice-based Design academic staffing Nigel Cheney BA (Hons), MA Textiles Caroline Madden BA (Hons), MFA Sculpture, PhD Educational Leadership

administrative staffing Breda Culhane designer in residence Maria Santos B(Des) Textiles Ailing Clancy BA(Hons), MA Textiles Mary Cuthbert BA Textiles, H.Dip

Lisa Young ANCAD, MA Ceramics

Eduard Ruane BA(Hons) Ceramics & Glass

Claire Conway B(Des) Textiles, H. Dip Education

Meadbhb McIllgorm BA(Hons) Joint Glass / Vis Cul

Cathy Mooney BA (Hons) Fashion & Textiles

Cathy Burke B(Des) Ceramics

Arturo Borrego BA (Hons), MA - Design

Tara Bulter Frey B(Des) Ceramics

technical staffing Mick Duhan

Kate O’Kelly B(des), MA Ceramics (Residency shared with Product Design)

Isbelle Peyrat Bernie McCoy BA(Hons) Fashion Brian Keogh MA Ceramics Sinead Glynn B(Des) Ceramics

school of design: staffing list

Angela O’Kelly BA (Hons), PG Diploma, MA

designers in residence Aisling Clancy BDes (Hons), MA

academic staffing Oonagh Benner ANCAD

administrative staffing Breda Culhane Fiona Larkin Mairead McDermott

Arturo Borrego BA, MA

head of product & industrial design

head of design for body and environment

Linda Byrne ANCAD, BDes (Hons), MIDI

Sam Russell BDes (Hons), MA

Andrew Campbell BSc (Hons), MA, PGCE

academic staffing John Butler MEng, MA

Julie Connellan BDes (Hons), MA

Emma Creighton BDes (Hons), MSc

Sandra Cotter Dip

Garvan De Bruir

Clare Daly BA (Hons) Michael Cunningham ANCAD Olga Tiernan BDes (Hons), MDes Rachel Tuffy Dip Arch Tech, BA (Hons), MA RCA technical staffing Ann Cullen Anthony Carey BDes (Hons)

Simon Dennehy BDes (Hons), MA Kevin Doherty BDes (Hons) Ahmed Fakhry BDes (Hons) Marcus Hanratty BDes (Hons), MSc Philip Hamilton BDes (Hons), MA Alan Harrison BDes (Hons)

Ruth Doorley BDes (Hons) Bernie McCoy BDes (Hons)

school of design: staffing list


Ben Harris BSc (Hons) John Higgins BA (Hons) Luan Lawler BDes (Hons), MSc JohnEric Leach BDes (Hons), MSc Caoimhe McMahon BDes (Hons), MSc Fiona McAndrew BDes (Hons) Ben Millet BDes (Hons) Ronan Murphy BDes (Hons) Enda O’Dowd BSc (Hons), MSc Peter Sheehan BDes (Hons) Derek Vallence BDes (Hons), MSc technical staffing Konrad Dechant BDes (Hons)

researcher Donal Healion BDes (Hons), MSc designer in residence Kate O’Kelly BDes (Hons), MA head of visual communication Conor Clarke BDes (Hons), MA, MIDI academic staffing Clare Burge BCom, MPhil Dermot Casey BSc, MBA Noelle Cooper BA (Hons) Emma Creighton BDes (Hons), MSc Brendon Deacy BA (Hons), MA, MIDI Ian Doherty Peter Evers MFA Aiden Grenelle Scotech HDip

Gerald Nolan ANCAD, BA (Hons)

Conor Horgan

Nick Russell BDes (Hons)

Caoimhe McMahon BDes (Hons), MSc

administrative staffing David Bramley

Tom Meenaghan Dip

school of design: staffing list

Gerry McCloskey

Anthony O’Flynn BDes (Hons) Rob O’Reilly BDes (Hons) David Rooney BA (Hons) Steve Simpson Matt Thompson BDes (Hons), MFA Ed McGinley ANCAD, MA, MIDI Bobby Tannam BA (Hons) Pat Mooney ANCAD, MA technical staffing Sean Sills C&G administrative staffing Fiona Hodge BSc (Hons) designers in residence Jamie Murphy BA (Hons), MA

school of design: staffing list


Jill Abbott

PROJECT TITLE Beneath the Second Skin DESCRIPTION Mixed media installation with ceramic slip cast multiples. STATEMENT My work is an exploration of the relationship between young women and cosmetics. It examines the positive psychological impact of cosmetic products. Within beauty rituals lies the emotional response of personal affirmation. This self-assurance transcends the pursuit of vanity and encourages us to challenge misconceptions surrounding the benefits of cosmetics.

design: ceramics & glass

Merce Canadell 086 159 9741

PROJECT TITLE The emotional states of the creative process DESCRIPTION Glass: Kiln-formed and cold-worked. STATEMENT This series of sculptural works explores how to illustrate the many different emotional states of the creative process, experienced in creating an artwork. The primary use of the face and the hands enables me to portray a rich palette of charged emotions.

design: ceramics & glass


Emma Doyle

PROJECT TITLE Waiting for Bridget Cleary DESCRIPTION figurative sculpture installation – fired stoneware and found objects STATEMENT ‘Are you a witch, are you a fairy, or are you the wife of Michael Cleary?’ In 1895 Michael Cleary murdered his young wife Bridget, believing her to be a fairy changeling imposter. This installation explores the history and influence of folklore and superstition on isolated rural communities.

design: ceramics & glass

Jennifer Mulligan jennymulliganglass 087 757 2909

PROJECT TITLE Guns & Chiffon DESCRIPTION Blown glass (recycled wine bottle) with sandblasted imagery. STATEMENT The work, Guns and Chiffon, illuminates the identities of Irish female revolutionaries, who played a role in the 1916 rising. In particular, their feminist contributions that cultivated the political and cultural consciousness of the Irish Nationalist movement; and how these contributions have been historically constructed.

design: ceramics & glass


Brian O’Neill 087 253 7934

PROJECT TITLE Georgian Dublin: A Gem DESCRIPTION Slab built stoneware, incised, ceramic piece, treated with black iron oxide. 38cm X 13cm X 10cm. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Brian O’Neill STATEMENT My work is inspired by the architecture of Georgian Dublin. Much of that architectural legacy has been lost through conflict, bad planning and misguided development. My work will highlight the overshadowing of the city’s built heritage by modernity.

design: ceramics & glass

Laura Quinn 087 902 5712

PROJECT TITLE Sisyphus DESCRIPTION Bells of Digitalis. Flame-worked glass and mixed media PHOTOGRAPHED BY Laura Quinn STATEMENT My artistic practice engages the concept of ‘making as ritual’. I create wearable artefacts that reference Irish healing rituals and plants. The work, Bells of Digitalis references the Irish Foxglove plant for both its form and its properties relating to healing heart conditions. It is worn around the heart region.

design: ceramics & glass


Lisa Sarsfield 086 308 3685

PROJECT TITLE Sea what I’m trying to say‌ DESCRIPTION Glass: kiln formed and cold worked PHOTOGRAPHED BY Lisa Sarsfield STATEMENT My work references my contrasting experiences of living by the sea between rural Wexford and urban Dun-Laoghaire. I have merged the sounds and sights that intrigue me about these places through the material of glass to produce an experience that is an indivisible combination of aural and visual.

design: ceramics & glass


PROJECT TITLE Obey DESCRIPTION Glass: water-jet, pâte-dé-verré and kiln forming methodologies. STATEMENT These metaphorical fragile glass works symbolize the hidden ugliness that can reside within the institution of marriage through the vow to obey. The word obey creates the repeat lace pattern; referencing an abuse that is psychological, an abuse that is repeated again and again until the female psyche is fractured.

design: ceramics & glass


Qianlin Zhou

PROJECT TITLE ‘Vortex’ DESCRIPTION Hand-built stoneware ceramic forms STATEMENT This work is inspired by ideas drawn from humanity’s waste of nature’s resources. The depletion of these resources is similar in manner to the suction of a cyclone. The spiraling lines modeled into twisting clay forms suggest the movement and energy caused by suction.

design: ceramics & glass

Emma Cahill 087 953 9667

PROJECT TITLE Garden Monsters DESCRIPTION 3D Printed, Hand Dyed Neckpiece PHOTOGRAPHED BY Damien Maddock STATEMENT I make wearable objects with an innovative approach to jewellery making using new technologies, hand dying techniques and traditional metalwork techniques. The main source of inspiration comes from my mother’s garden. My work deals with the process of gardening and the ferocious tools used in this process.

design: jewellery & metalwork


Naoise Fitzgerald nfdesigns/ 085 708 4390

PROJECT TITLE Wearable Heritage DESCRIPTION 3d Printed Brooch – surface derived from Irish words - ‘Scríobh PHOTOGRAPHED BY Sean Gallagher (Scope Media Ireland) STATEMENT My concept looks at using the Irish language typography as a means of creating a new symbol to represent Irish culture. The goal of my concept is not to start conversations in the Irish language, but rather start a conversation about Ireland’s linguistic legacy and how prevalent the ancient tongue is amongst contemporary Irish culture today.

design: jewellery & metalwork

Genevieve Howard genevievehowarddesign 086 305 0175

PROJECT TITLE Mouvement De Menuet DESCRIPTION 3 Bangles (‘Ravel’, ‘Sonatine’ & ‘Song Of The Chanter’). Laser Cut Japanese Linen Paper, Elastic Cord. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Damien Maddock STATEMENT I look at how I can translate pieces of music into tactile, three dimensional and wearable forms. I create graphic notation from scores of music which I laser cut from paper and carefully assemble to mirror the sequence of each score. The graphic shapes make interesting and logical structures when put together.

design: jewellery & metalwork


Lauren Mc Ardle 085 285 4505

PROJECT TITLE Diversity DESCRIPTION Blood = Blut. Stainless Steel Wire, Anodized Aluminum. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Damien Maddock STATEMENT ‘Diversity’ began by examining blood vessels under the microscope. This work is created from light gauge steel and silver wire which is constructed in unique forms. The pieces echo structures observed in the body. Each piece is a unique representation of humanity and its diversity.

design: jewellery & metalwork

Dearbháile Mc Donald dearbhailemmcdonald 083 474 4797

PROJECT TITLE Arcadian DESCRIPTION Etched Surface Cuff Link PHOTOGRAPHED BY Zak Milofsky STATEMENT I have designed and executed pieces of wearable art each depicting my inspiration - surroundings from my family farm in Co. Kildare. Each piece in the collection is individual and represents the exact formation and division of fields. The unique shapes all have different etched surface textures and patterns.

design: jewellery & metalwork


Deirdre Murphy 085 120 2900

PROJECT TITLE ‘Point of no return’ DESCRIPTION Ring. Salmon Leather and Roller Embossed Silver Plating PHOTOGRAPHED BY Damien Maddock STATEMENT My work is inspired by geometry and symmetry. Through experimentation with lines and folding, my work captures the movement of the human body in wearable pieces. Experiments with salmon leather and precious-plated metal materials create statement wearables. I combine roller embossed metal which echoes the surface of salmon leather with laser etched salmon leather to mirror the effects of each other in opposing surface texture and contrasting weights.

design: jewellery & metalwork

Mark Newman 085 289 8035

PROJECT TITLE Harbouring Memory DESCRIPTION Net Brooch, Oxidised Copper, Enamel, Steel. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Hannah O’Daly. STATEMENT My work stems from my upbringing by the sea, our local harbours were always a focal point for family life. This coastal setting remain a source of inspiration for me to this day. This body of work is a manifestation of my lifelong fascination with this environment.

design: jewellery & metalwork


Clare Tarleton

PROJECT TITLE Order and Chaos DESCRIPTION Brooches. Brass Tubing, Silver, Spray Paint, Steel. STATEMENT My work is influenced by our built environment through the theme of order and chaos. Using the intimate scale of jewellery, I constructed small scale architectural forms with a destructive quality. By using graffiti and splash techniques, the surface of each piece retains the hectic urban colour palette.

design: jewellery & metalwork

Jessica Bagnall 087 261 7110

PROJECT TITLE ‘Point and Line to Plane’ DESCRIPTION Canvassed Silk Satin Suit Jacket with Handsewn Surface Detail, Matching Trousers; Pocket Square in Red Silk Twill. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT The concept of creativity has inspired the design process for this collection. The creative outcome equals more than the sum of its parts, therefore spontaneous decision making based on basic response toward colour, texture and specifically line and its energy, has been allowed to inform the work; unobscured by logic.

design: fashion


Shannon Bolger 085 781 6699

PROJECT TITLE Shadows of my Childhood DESCRIPTION Hand cut Leatherette, Transparent Thread, 100% Cotton wool. STATEMENT I am very interested in Tim Burtons idea that at some point in their lives an artist will always revert back to creating something to do with their childhood and In my collection wanted to investigate imagery that would spark childhood feelings and memories through silhouettes and shadows and knit.

design: fashion

Maeve Brennan PROJECT TITLE Singing the Chaos. STATEMENT This final year collection is all about the paradox and contradiction between nature and the auditory human experience.

design: fashion


Ailbhe Doyle 087 124 5878

PROJECT TITLE LimbO DESCRIPTION Double Sided Cotton and Neoprene Mix, Skin Colour Latex and Elastic Suspension. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT Armed with my iPhone. Caught between living life through a computer screen and appreciating the action, as it unfolds in front of my eyes. Using drape as a suspension mechanism and the principal method of construction, Ailbhe fabricates a space between the body and garment. This creates the illusion of floating structures, akin to the human self, floating through cyberspace.

design: fashion

Isibeal Fergus 083 174 8380

PROJECT TITLE ‘Bodyplay’ DESCRIPTION Printed White Neoprene Tunic with Cerise Waxed Cotton Cigarette Pants. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT ‘ This collection is a response to the curious exaggerated silhouettes of pro bodybuilders, explored and played with through oversized garment shapes, and prints designed through reshaping and combining images taken from microscopic photography from inside the body, reflecting the cell and tissue regeneration that occurs when muscle is being built.’

design: fashion


Adam Henderson

PROJECT TITLE ‘Made In The Irish Free State’ A/W 2016 DESCRIPTION Wool Serge and Cotton Grosgrain Jacket, Thai Silk Trousers and Laser Cut Silk Chiffon Skirt. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT My Degree collection is inspired by the women of the Easter rising of 1916, concentrating on a group known as the ‘Cumann na Mban’. I am interested in the juxtaposition between the masculine and the feminine. The silhouette is inspired by the original hand made military uniforms of the ‘Cumann na Mban’, which will be contrasted with the delicacy of Irish mourning lace.

design: fashion

Lorraine Ho 087 219 6612

PROJECT TITLE Woven Identity DESCRIPTION Wool Trousers and Top with Knitted Wire Glove Pockets. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT The works of artist Louise Bourgeois have inspired me to explore themes such as childhood and identity in a fashion context. My design process involved deconstructing my own personal garments to generate new shapes. I have focused on the hands as a symbol of identity by, protecting, exposing or revealing these throughout my collection.

design: fashion


Alice Langton 085 741 2761

PROJECT TITLE Craft; ‘an activity involving skill in making things by hand.’ DESCRIPTION Woven Reeds Jacket, Cotton and Silk blend Dress, Tulle Top, Foxford Mohair Blanket Trousers, Foxford Wool Blanket Bag PHOTOGRAPHED BY Phillip White STATEMENT The impulse to make is inherent in humans. I am interested in the culture of craftsmanship. My collection comprises contemporary womenswear with pieces rooted in traditional craft. I have explored elements of Ireland’s traditional techniques; weaving and basketry. I am challenging preconceived notions of their use, through timeless, wearable pieces.

design: fashion

Jodie McArdle

PROJECT TITLE Untitled DESCRIPTION All-In-One Aertex Coat with Revere and Navy Wool Trousers PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT The aim of my collection is to create garments that combine the comfort of sportswear with the sophistication of tailored garments. It takes aspects from both categories and merges them together in order to produce a completely new, fresh and exciting style of clothing.

design: fashion


Conall Murray 087 313 4338

PROJECT TITLE Temperance STATEMENT My collection is about control and personal restraint - taking some of the more ridiculous ideas in my own mind, things I love, and moulding them into something clear and wearable. My work has been inspired by characters from video games and humanity’s first missions into space.

design: fashion

Audrey Noonan

PROJECT TITLE ‘Undress’ DESCRIPTION Duchesse Satin and Cotton Organdy Tops, Double Faced Crepe Silk Trousers. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT A 1937 article from Life Magazine called ‘How a Wife Should Undress’ inspired this collection. Undress, the idea of clothing falling or being taken off the body, is the concept I explored throughout, influenced by images from the article of women undressing gracefully and awkwardly. This collection explores elements of minimal and elegant structures and movement with luxurious silks and organdy, in a colour palette of ebony and nude.

design: fashion


Fionn Ó Dubhghaill

PROJECT TITLE ‘Nothing Old Under the Sun’ DESCRIPTION Denim Dress and Trousers, Tailored Details and Hand Sand-Blasted Surface Design. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT The starting point for this degree collection was the work of conceptual photographer, Luigi Ghirri. Often likened to memories or poems, Ghirri’s soft images elicit a deep sense of nostalgia. In an industry where there is a constant demand for what is new, I felt it would be interesting to try and convey this self-same sense of nostalgia and age in clothing.

design: fashion

Daniel Roden

PROJECT TITLE Green; an exploration of tonality and texture DESCRIPTION Silk Coat with Hand Applied Feathers. Wool /Cashmere Trousers. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT Green, inspired by the superstations surrounding the use of the colour within haute couture. Working with these confines I have explored tonality and texture driven by the discourse between architecture and nature. The form and structure of the collection was inspired by the illustration of Marc Davis for Walt Disney leading the exploration of fitted and oversized forms.

design: fashion


Georgie Twamley

PROJECT TITLE Produsage: the best product for usage DESCRIPTION Neoprene and Viscose Draped Cape, Viscose Top, Pure Wool Trousers. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT This capsule collection is inspired by the idea of ‘produsage’ and the notion of ‘one size fits many’. It encapsulates the empowerment we feel when wearing the right clothing. Creating elegant garments, which are comfortable, flattering, can be re-arranged and transformed, giving the wearer total confidence in their appearance.

design: fashion

Claire Winterson

PROJECT TITLE Restless Image DESCRIPTION Crepe Satin Smoking Jacket, Soft Leather T-shirt, Sandwash Silk Briefs. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Philip White STATEMENT Womenswear clings to a tradition occupied with fantasy, menswear seems to be dealing in magical realism’ – Rachel Seville. Taking basics from each genders wardrobe, the collection is a narrative from feminine to masculine idealism. References include mens briefs in silks and mens ties wrapped around the body over whimsical pleated dresses. Feminine layers of luxury fabrics in relaxed silhouettes creating a mood defined as menswear romanticism.

design: fashion


Aaron Adair 087 913 6939

PROJECT TITLE Nebula DESCRIPTION A contemporary take on the existing kettle to aid the creative process. STATEMENT Nebula is designed for creative spaces in which users are part of the creative process. It aims to transfix the user through water manipulation, plucking their mind from current surroundings allowing escapism to combine thoughts and ideas.

design: industrial design

Aisling Burke 086 078 2041

PROJECT TITLE Playing2play DESCRIPTION Canal swing, one in a series of playful pop-up experiments. STATEMENT Why is play neglected in adulthood when it is something we all desire and need? Playing2play is a series of pop-up experiments designed to explore how best to engage people with play. Utilising social media the project aims to raise awareness of the need and importance of play.

design: industrial design


テ!NE COLEMAN 087 231 5049

PROJECT TITLE Rudaテュ - Growing Objects DESCRIPTION User testing the objects, placing them in a formation that triggers thoughts and memories. STATEMENT This project studies the relationship between people and objects.The user is encouraged to apply meaning to these modular objects so they can act as reminders of place and relationships. I have documented my process of participation with users to understand meaning and symbolism, and how they associated these with objects.

design: industrial design

Eoghan Cregan

PROJECT TITLE Tip to Tip, Butt to Butt DESCRIPTION Weave texture on ‘Lampshade’. STATEMENT This project intends to revive and rethink a forgotten or diminishing craft technique through the production of contemporary pieces of furniture. A documented collaboration between Eoghan Cregan and renowned basket weaver Kathleen McCormick provides the viewer with an insight into the learning experience enjoyed by both the product designer and the basket weaver.

design: industrial design


Steven Crosse stevenleecrosse 085 146 2389

PROJECT TITLE AJ, an outdoor jacket designed for wheelchair users DESCRIPTION Testing of sketchmodel in context. STATEMENT The AJ is an all-weather jacket designed for wheelchair users. An extendable cover stored in the front pocket can be released to keep users warm and dry. It is waterproof and breathable ensuring comfort in poor weather conditions.

design: industrial design

Manus De BrĂşn 087 217 9582

PROJECT TITLE Aonar DESCRIPTION Water drips on a plant from a block of ice hanging above STATEMENT In an age of constant connection and stimulation we often feel as if we cannot disconnect and be alone with our own thoughts. Aonar draws inspiration from mindfulness meditation, and encourages people to take time for themselves through the process of growing and cultivating herbs.

design: industrial design


Kate Doody 086 178 9375

PROJECT TITLE Heap DESCRIPTION Household food waste is converted into biomethane, to be used as an energy source in the home. STATEMENT Biomethane is produced by the anaerobic digestion of household food waste and other organic material. This project focuses on creating a user friendly, hygienic product for the generation, collection and distribution of biomethane, to be used as a sustainable energy source for the home.

design: industrial design

Patrick Horrigan 083 441 1782

PROJECT TITLE Ergo IV Rethinking the IV stand for 21st Century Healthcare DESCRIPTION Ergo IV product render STATEMENT Ergo IV solves the chief problems associated with existing IV stand designs by improving ease of mobility, stability and storage. The design reduces levels of cross contamination in hospitals by the application of antimicrobial copper and a colour tagging system. Elliptical forms and smooth transitions contribute to a softer aesthetic and easier cleaning of the stand.

design: industrial design


MARK KERINS 087 254 2749

PROJECT TITLE Flux, A positive distraction device that allows teenagers to achieve a state of flow while studying. DESCRIPTION Testing prototype in context. STATEMENT Through conversations with teenagers sound was proven to be the biggest issue while trying to study. Flux is a portable wearable device that helps concentration through ambient noise and fidgeting. It enables the user to stay focused and motivated allowing them to create their own personal ambient space.

design: industrial design

Ruth McGreevy 085 202 9845

PROJECT TITLE Sea Things - Objects created from natural materials to be returned to the environment after use. DESCRIPTION Seaweed in Spanish Point, County Clare. STATEMENT Influenced by the transient nature of the products we consume, this project explores the return to natural, biodegradable materials. It utilises the properties of seaweed to inform the development of new composite materials. The use of a ‘mini-factory’ highlights material source and process rather than product.

design: industrial design


Dylan McKimm 087 782 5216

PROJECT TITLE TOKU, a communication game for children and parents. DESCRIPTION Play testing with TOKU sketch model. STATEMENT TOKU is a game designed to enable children and parents to share their daily experiences with each other. During play, colourful tokens are awarded to players for communicating aspects of their day. These tokens are then used to create decorative patterns which can be mounted as a creative home display.

design: industrial design

Isabella Morehead

PROJECT TITLE Beacon first aid- first aid for recreational crafts in the marine environment STATEMENT This project used a human centred design process to develop a first aid system suitable for the unpredictable and challenging environment of marine use. The end product combines quick access, content protection and assistive guides to aid the user in making the right decisions.

design: industrial design


Amy Murphy 086 122 6824

PROJECT TITLE Jolt DESCRIPTION ‘Controllable input factors’ the elements of a project or experience that designers can directly influence. STATEMENT Breaking up the day to day with pockets of positivity can increase our overall happiness. This project is a series of interactive objects installed around the city, designed to interject people’s thought processes using positive moments. Each object dispenses a range of statements and hints for people to take along their journey.

design: industrial design

Robert O’ Donoghue

PROJECT TITLE FilmAddicts DESCRIPTION Workshop handbook STATEMENT Creative expression and active participation are components of treatment in mental health which are now seen for their invaluable worth and necessity. FilmAddicts is a film making workshop for addicts in recovery. It aims to promote team building and ultimately self trust, culminating in the completion of a short film and a screening of the completed works.

design: industrial design


Ryan O’Donoghue 087 296 7089

PROJECT TITLE Operation Outsiders - Design, Empathy, Rehabilitation DESCRIPTION Thomas holds his ‘spirit animal’ design made using a stencil and reclaimed pallet wood. STATEMENT Where does design fit in the rehabilitation process? Can you learn to become more empathetic through designing for someone else? Can this help stop previous offenders from reoffending? I think so! I’ve designed a system aimed to engage participants in a User Centred Design process to explore this theory.

design: industrial design

Timothy O’Sullivan www.timmys-images-and-objects. 085 102 5946

design: industrial design

PROJECT TITLE Design portal @IreUrbanrenewal DESCRIPTION Engaging the public in urban development. STATEMENT We often talk about public spaces but rarely physically engage with their development. The lack of community input in the development of communal spaces can lead to inaccessible amenities within an area. Design portal Is a series of experimental touch points that tackle the development of community spaces within cities.


Curnán O’Connell 085 814 1818

PROJECT TITLE SOX – a barefoot solution for dancers in training DESCRIPTION Later working prototype. STATEMENT The split sole design allows enhanced flexibility of the foot, while the interchangeable supports allow the wearer to cross between a variety of different dances. The lightweight materials combine to provide an unrivaled feeling of control and connection to the dance floor.

design: industrial design

Evan Power 087 648 7766

PROJECT TITLE Trusole DESCRIPTION Prototyping sensor markings on insole foot bed. Sizing and foot behaviour monitoring through the use of wearable technology. STATEMENT On average a child’s foot grows 12 sizes in their first 3 years. This can go unnoticed by parents due to the pace of growth, sometimes causing permanent damage to the foot. Trusole uses insole technology to monitor growth and behaviour, notifying parents of changes and enabling the foot to be nurtured correctly.

design: industrial design


Josh Purcell 0861 100 9771

PROJECT TITLE Solace DESCRIPTION Test rig for Solace process STATEMENT As our lifestyles become more frantic it can be difficult to find time to slow down and be more present. Solace incorporates a recipe book, smart speaker and chopping board designed to engage people in a process of conscious cooking. It aims to awaken the senses through the narration of seasonal recipes.

design: industrial design

Nicholas Quinn 087 254 9103

PROJECT TITLE Moto DESCRIPTION Mixed media render of of an autonomous ‘Moto’ taxi. STATEMENT By 2030 due to urban population growth city driving will be discouraged. Driverless technology and smart data will have revolutionised the way we move around our cities. Owning one’s own car will be an unnecessary burden. Personal urban travel will be catered for by Moto.

design: industrial design


Fabian Strunden

PROJECT TITLE Microfarm DESCRIPTION Faster than Fast Food STATEMENT If growing edible plants was as easy as making a cup of coffee would this help solve modern health issues by increasing our intake of nutrients? Lack of physical space also prevents us from growing our own food. Microfarm provides a selfcontrolled growing unit alongside an online community that keeps growers engaged.

design: industrial design

Paul Stuart-Trainor 085 712 2604

PROJECT TITLE Skewed Design, encouraging making, changing and sharing food recipes. DESCRIPTION Prototype packaging STATEMENT This project aims to create a greater connection between consumers and small scale food producers using open source and crowdsource elements. Skewed Design is a packaging service that allows the consumer to make, change and share their recipes with producers and others via social media.

design: industrial design


Zach Tobin 085 200 4281

PROJECT TITLE EXO Motion Control DESCRIPTION Design through traditional and contemporary practices as a cohesive design process. STATEMENT In the extreme sport of motocross racing, riders push themselves to perform maneuvers that potentially put them in harms way. EXO is an innovative product, that in the event of a crash, decelerates dangerous movement to the head and neck of motocross riders using a motion control shock absorption system.

design: industrial design

Barry Todd 086 051 4755

PROJECT TITLE Apt DESCRIPTION Working prototype including proximity sensor and haptic feedback. STATEMENT Apt is a blind spot detection device for bike share schemes. It includes an innovative type of haptic communication which translates dynamic information for the user about surrounding traffic. Apt is built into the handlebars of the bike and encourages urban cycling by helping users to feel safer while negotiating city streets.

design: industrial design


Robert Wylie 086 212 0448

PROJECT TITLE Head1st: Sports Concussion Assessment Kit DESCRIPTION Head1st in use on the pitch after a player sustains a concussion STATEMENT Concussion is a major issue in contact sports as current protocols often provide inaccurate diagnosis. By using Head1st, concussion can be diagnosed at the time of the event through a head impact indicator worn by the player and a portable blood test device which tracks t-tau protein in the blood

design: industrial design

Naomi Cassidy-Nagle

PROJECT TITLE Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim, Repurpose DESCRIPTION Origami-inspired paper sculpture made with reclaimed paper STATEMENT My practice is driven by the process of making and using everyday materials in an untypical way. In this project I’ve tried to make intricate pieces where the form is created solely by separate interlocking units which together make a self-supporting entity. The origami-style folds add to this structural integrity.

design: textile art & artefact


Mary Clohisey 087 210 9848

PROJECT TITLE Imperfect, Impermanent, Incomplete DESCRIPTION Temporary arrangements STATEMENT ‘Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.’ – Jane Jacobs, Unplanned and unconsidered urban spaces for me display unintentional art created by the city itself. Recording and responding to my surrounding urban environment I create bright, playful assemblages.

design: textile art & artefact

ĂšNA CURLEY t/a TheEmotionalArtist 087 681 2031

PROJECT TITLE Words are not my first Language DESCRIPTION Using rushes as expressive medium a 31 day meditate/make process carried out during the month of January 2015 STATEMENT Firstly, my work is influenced by the difficulties surrounding communication, compounded by the complexities of concepts, words, thoughts & feelings and the expression thereof. Secondly, by the worryingly fast pace of living, rate of consumption and subsequent waste. Through the medium of textiles I explore our heritage, craft skills and materials for inspiration.

design: textile art & artefact


Laura Earley lauraearley 087 622 4468

PROJECT TITLE Pellucid - Bold. DESCRIPTION Applied Paint. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Laura Earley STATEMENT Textile wearables inspired by 60’s leisure wear. The pieces are made using a mixture of paint, translucent and printed materials. The transparent material translates the paint with the body. Coming from a background in painting, I apply paint with that of textile surfaces to make bright and vibrant wearables.

design: textile art & artefact

Ellen Elliott 087 229 8001

PROJECT TITLE Wash, Soap, Clean, Dry. DESCRIPTION photography as a source of inspiration. STATEMENT Bathroom interiors and artifacts are the driving force for the creation of my collection. I seek to replicate and alter commonalities of shape, surface quality and function through use of traditional and non-traditional textile methods. My aim is to create a contemporary look, a fusion of sterile simplicity and experimental imagery.

design: textile art & artefact


Fiona Fahey 087 798 5893

PROJECT TITLE The Mortal Coil DESCRIPTION Graphite, Adobe Photoshop STATEMENT I am interested in creating carefully crafted, intricate and beautiful images and textile pieces. Within my drawings, design and embroidery work I am preoccupied with fine details, delicate textures and the beauty, harmony and fragility of nature.

design: textile art & artefact

Louise Gilligan 085 274 5430

PROJECT TITLE Act Your Age DESCRIPTION A still life shot from a photo series about toys, colour and youth. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Louise Gilligan STATEMENT ‘Act Your Age’ is a photographic series that deals with the stereotypes surrounding elderly people. Using a huge range of both found and made objects I create scenes that challenge our perceptions about the elderly generation here in Ireland. My approach is playful and precise with the intention of making the viewer think twice about the subject they are looking at.

design: textile art & artefact


Jenny Hartnett

PROJECT TITLE This Textured Existence STATEMENT What is my identity? Using a muted color palette, and exploring the relationship of traditional hand crafted processes with unconventional materials, a personal approach is taken to the richly layered and constantly evolving meaning of identity.

design: textile art & artefact

Saoirse Hayden

PROJECT TITLE A Case of Positioning the Feet in the Shoes DESCRIPTION Collage with found surfaces and illustrations – Ply wood, photography, pencil on paper STATEMENT I am interested in recording the eccentricties in people. By integrating surface qualities and illustrations, usually extracted from the urban landscape, I endevour to create collaged mixed media pieces. This approach to textiles is constantly inspired by contemporary society, urban street art, advertisement and technology, and the hybrids of subcultures that results.

design: textile art & artefact


Imogen Jenkinson 085 846 5735

PROJECT TITLE Distortion DESCRIPTION woven photograph STATEMENT I am an artist and designer whose work is driven on the vibrancies of colour, and the curiosity and experimentation which surrounds creating and constructing a series of works based around the ideas of being able to take a simple everyday object and transform it until it is completely unknown and unrecognisable

design: textile art & artefact

Eimear Kinsella 085 159 9501

PROJECT TITLE Vavilovian Mammalia Mimicry of Aviation DESCRIPTION The human eye can move 100 times a second, nearly as fast as a bee’s wings. STATEMENT Looking at transforming my body to fly, I am narrating the life of a modern day Icarus using any means possible to become airborne. Through analyzing animals in flight, mechanical aviation and humans in zero gravity, I explore the DIY-bio approach to self-transforming and selfmanipulating the body to take flight.

design: textile art & artefact


Niamh Macken Instagram: @niamhmackentextiles

PROJECT TITLE Retrospection DESCRIPTION Mixed media collage STATEMENT My current practice is driven by memories, in particular those surrounding my late father. My driving force is trying to answer the questions I have about his life. Using old photographs and letters I began to piece together the story of his life and translate this into textiles.

design: textile art & artefact

Michelle McCann

PROJECT TITLE No Confidence DESCRIPTION 99.3% Vote No Confidence embroidered piece STATEMENT My work looks at the intersection between textiles and activism, using fabric as a means to communicate ideas of institutional critique, commemoration and solidarity.

design: textile art & artefact


Emma Mullin instagram @emmamullin_

PROJECT TITLE Organic Geometric DESCRIPTION Paper collage with spray-painted pineapple STATEMENT My practice studies the potential of colour and how it is relative to composition, proportion and texture. This informs the designing and making of environments that stimulate the visual and tactile sense simultaneously. Combining shape, form and pattern with different materials to create interiors that inspire, energise and motivate.

design: textile art & artefact

George Murray 086 061 6666

PROJECT TITLE BIOGRAPHIX DESCRIPTION Perspex embroidered neck piece STATEMENT Communicating identities of man v machine through the strategies of textile art, wearables and lens based documentation. A series of six garments used in stylized photoshoots and video pieces.Combined with machine based textile art.

design: textile art & artefact


Pamela Nelson 085 702 4447

PROJECT TITLE Glade. DESCRIPTION Pen drawing of badger (section). STATEMENT I take inspiration from animals and creating an unlikely and utopian environment for them where they can live unthreatened and undisturbed. I am working towards a fashion accessory outcome. What drives me is imagining how animals would behave, communicate and respond to these new surroundings. My work always begins with a drawing.

design: textile art & artefact

Lisa O’Sullivan 085 711 0619

PROJECT TITLE Things in the mirror are closer than they appear. DESCRIPTION Hand cut paper illustration STATEMENT Exploring notions of the gender binary and its boundaries through the medium of paper. An attempt to amplify the problematic and restricting nature of reducing our species to body parts, by tangibly highlighting the unseen details and the fluidity of self identification.

design: textile art & artefact


Alanna Plekkenpol 085 1085 381

PROJECT TITLE The Fame-inist DESCRIPTION Left: Shuttlecock embroidered jacket, dress and leg cuffs with floral embellishment. Right: Cropped jacket with transparent monofilament knitted sleeves, Tennis check skirt with intricate 3D- knitted details and floral embellishments STATEMENT Female celebrities increasingly identify as feminists to gain popularity rather than to empower women. My collection is based on an imaginary girl clique that mocks this warped vision of feminism. Hyper-feminine sportswear silhouettes characterize the fantasy world of the Fame-inists, a world where intricately 3D-knitted details clash with highly technical processes.

design: textile art & artefact

Manon Pouillot 086 881 1727 +336 2400 4170

PROJECT TITLE Body case DESCRIPTION knitting jewelry that can carry peas STATEMENT Inspired by my own experience of being a foreign artist living in Dublin, my artistic research explores the figure of the nomad and the body’s ability of carrying objects. I investigate this question by creating knitted, felted and embroidered wearable pockets which enclose the chosen objects.

design: textile art & artefact


Kirsten Roe

PROJECT TITLE ‘Protect Me From Evil’ DESCRIPTION Cape embellishment detail STATEMENT I am a textile designer/maker with a focus on creating embellished womenswear pieces. Contrasting heavy fabrics and sheer layers has been a constant in my work which I continue to be inspired by. Through the use of illustration, traditional techniques of embroidery and embellishment I have explored a personal narrative of comfort, protection and the familiar.

design: textile art & artefact

Jessica Sheil 087 636992

PROJECT TITLE Cartographic Translations DESCRIPTION Installation exploring cartography and culture STATEMENT My work revolves around cartography and the dilemmas within mapping—and by extension—ways of viewing the world and the influences of culture.

design: textile art & artefact


Georgina Smyth

PROJECT TITLE its not right DESCRIPTION An apostrophe sculpture- rubber hoop, plastic lid, metal ring, nails, screws, sandpaper STATEMENT Incorrect punctuation frustrates me. To convey the prickly anger that these little marks are irregularly used in our everyday communication, I have created an assortment of three-dimensional spiked punctuation marks. I aim to contrast the usefulness of punctuation and the uselessness of the obsolete objects and text in the space.

design: textile art & artefact

Hannah Whelan Instagram: @sidewalkfreebies Linkdin: hannahwhelan 086 120 3639

design: textile art & artefact

PROJECT TITLE Living Room Roots DESCRIPTION Hand painted receptacle from Series 2. Constructed utilising upcycled lightweight building adhesive. STATEMENT Living Room Roots aims to honour nature in the form of the domestic houseplant by making it an integral part of any indoor space. I set out by exploring and experimenting ways to invite nature into our confined homes by creating two diverse series of unusual and aesthetically pleasing receptacles.


Robyn Carey _double_negative

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE UTOPIA – Women’s Wear S/S Printed Textile Collection DESCRIPTION Digitally Printed Layered Silk Sample

Kim Eastwood 089 215 9514

PROJECT TITLE The Collector DESCRIPTION Screen Printing and Digital Design PHOTOGRAPHED BY Kim Eastwood STATEMENT What I most like in what surrounds me is ornament. I love to collect antiques, curios and quirky art and objects. To me these objects are not necessarily precious but collectable because of their interesting shapes and decorative surfaces and have provided a rich visual source for drawing and design for printed textiles.

design: textile surface design


Mairead Fox 085 810 1303

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE Touch, Handle, Interaction STATEMENT A womenswear collection reflecting sensory touch experiences through raised surfaces, tactile qualities and considered detailing.

Olivia Keating 087 413 5547

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE A Delicate Strength DESCRIPTION Contemporary Printed Textile Design for Fashion


Ciara Lawler 087 311 5158

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE Transition Through a Space DESCRIPTION Contemporary Printed Textiles for Fashion.

Lia Moore

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE hardware/software


Aoife Mullane 086 267 1334

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE The Nest DESCRIPTION Printed Textiles for Interiors.

Emma Murray 086 406 6010

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE Cut and Paste DESCRIPTION Printed Textiles for Womenswear Fashion


Dearbhla Neenan dearbhlaneenandesign 086 862 4091

PROJECT TITLE LVD DESCRIPTION Dyed, Colour Illuminated, & Bronze Foiled Sand-washed Silk Satin STATEMENT The ‘Light Verses Dark’ collection is based on just that –our neighbouring Andromeda Galaxy & the Solar Eclipse of 2015, beautiful contrasts between blinding light and the infinite dark space surrounding it. Printed on luxurious silks with sophisticated colour and metallics, LVD appreciates complexity & simplicity with colour & space.

design: textile surface design

Michelle O’Neill 086 302 5433

PROJECT TITLE Industrial Skins DESCRIPTION A Sample Collection of Printed Textiles STATEMENT A surface design collection of women’s sporting and footwear for spring/summer 2016

design: textile surface design


Graciana Parga 087 770 7626

PROJECT TITLE By the Gulf DESCRIPTION Cotton Canvas, Cotton Velvet and Cotton Linen Printed with Pigments and Thermochromic Inks. STATEMENT Taking inspiration from the natural landscapes, marine life and tropical vegetation of the coastal areas around the Gulf of Mexico I have created patterns and textures that combine different materials and print techniques, resulting in a fun and sophisticated outdoor collection.

design: textile surface design

Martina Skyttberg

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE Frostviken DESCRIPTION Printed and Woven Textile for Fashion


Fiona Smith 086 895 8707

PROJECT TITLE Interior Meteorology DESCRIPTION Printed and Woven Textiles for Interiors STATEMENT For my degree show I have designed a collection of interior fabrics through screen-printing, digital printing and weave. It is inspired by weather and how it affects the interior atmosphere.

design: textile surface design

Gill Thorpe

design: textile surface design

PROJECT TITLE We Are Here DESCRIPTION Cotton Drill Coat Printed with Reactive Paste and Pigment with Reflective Beads on the Sleeve Cuffs.


Conor Claffey 085 154 3697

PROJECT TITLE Newsflash DESCRIPTION Detail of collage from The News Flash newspaper STATEMENT This project is a satirical take on how News works. Many assume that the News they consume everyday is presented to them for their own benefit. Using design and collage, the project aims to highlight and challenge the assumptions the public make about the News.

design: visual communication

Daniel Conroy 086 192 8917

PROJECT TITLE SCRIBBLED IN DESCRIPTION Sam, the main character STATEMENT Picture books have long been a means of interesting kids in new subjects and expressing complex ideas in an accessible way. My project highlights the unlimited potential of creativity through a story of adventure, problem solving and challenging the conventions of what constitutes a ‘good drawing’.

design: visual communication


Laura Dunne experimentalcutlery/ 086 060 9974

PROJECT TITLE Un/Conscious Eating DESCRIPTION Disruptive objects: pigskin cutlery; stomach bowl; hand spoon. STATEMENT Using design as a means to disrupt / highlight / intervene in the eating process, I have created a series of tools. These aim to encourage people to be more aware of what / why they are eating, presenting food consumption not as an unconscious compulsion, but as a physical and lasting experience.

design: visual communication

Ellen Egan Instagram: @ellensbay 087 624 4986

design: visual communication

PROJECT TITLE disconnect DESCRIPTION Detail of furniture STATEMENT Everyday objects cease to surprise us as we become detached from the way objects are presented. disconnect deals with preconceived ideas associated with our physical environment. It challenges you to reconsider your preconceived notions of three household items. Through the reinterpretation of the series I have taken influence from the Irish dinner: bacon and cabbage. The furniture you sit on while eating is influenced by the food you could be eating.


Joshua Fanning instagram@iosuafanning 085 842 1012

design: visual communication

PROJECT TITLE Arcadia Seekers Club DESCRIPTION Moon Tides Illustration STATEMENT Arcadia Seekers Club is a community committed to the search for joy and truth in the natural world. The project stems from research into religious sociology and into the purity of the concept of ‘good’. Through dedication to the cause, the project promotes the discovery of the earth as a positive life focus.

Rachel Fingleton

PROJECT TITLE Talk To Me DESCRIPTION Zine wall created in Richmond St, Dublin, to encourage interaction and dialogue between passersby. STATEMENT ‘Talk To Me’ is a project that makes people aware of the difficulties of dialogue in a busy city. Through a combination of intriguing installation and free literature, I engaged the public with tangible disruptions that created conversation.

design: visual communication


Cat Gavin 087 963 1043

PROJECT TITLE Tonics of the Peak Experience DESCRIPTION Vibrant narrative Illustrations to catch the viewers’ attention. STATEMENT The peak experience is a phrase used to describe an overwhelming sense of ecstasy— escapism from everyday anxiety. Multi-sensory stimulation in the natural environment is a key element for inducing this peak experience. With this principle in mind, audio-visual pieces infused with aromatherapy help the viewer to escape the demands of everyday life.

design: visual communication

Ellius Grace 086 322 8171

PROJECT TITLE Spark: What makes you feel alive? DESCRIPTION Detail of portrait from book – Caoimhe Barry. STATEMENT We as humans are great at adapting, and therefore take many things in life for granted. I am designing a photo book along with an accompanying campaign to tell the stories of a few motivated people and ask the viewer what their passion is, and what drives them.

design: visual communication


Kevin Gunning kevingunning 085 746 7382

design: visual communication

PROJECT TITLE Bridging the Gap STATEMENT With technology developing at such a rapid pace, some people have become lost. With the release of new products everyday the complexity of their design and usability is evolving rapidly. By creating simple, easy, and accessible devices I would like to bridge the gap which is evident in this present day. The system works much like a children’s book where the instructions surround the information which enable the user to approach technology in a friendly manner.

Brian Hayden

PROJECT TITLE Bob Marley & The Wailers – Smile Jamaica 1976. DESCRIPTION Vinyl cover design based on the Smile Jamaica concert held in Kingston in 1976. STATEMENT My design challenge was to thoroughly investigate the story behind the Smile Jamaica Concert in 1976 and illustrate what the event symbolised through vinyl cover design.

design: visual communication


Ben Hickey Instagram@benzohickey

PROJECT TITLE The Illustrated Press DESCRIPTION Editorial illustration on air pollution. STATEMENT The idea behind my project is to create a primarily illustration-focused publication with the goal of engaging a wider audience to a range of global issues..

design: visual communication

Eleanor Jameson 086 356 8400

PROJECT TITLE Silkie DESCRIPTION Girls involved in the creation of Silkie Magazine STATEMENT Silkie is a Body Positive magazine written by teen girls for teen girls. This magazine gives girls a platform in which to talk about their experiences growing up as teens in Ireland, unlike typical magazines which tend to impose a ‘standard’ view of teen girls and their experiences.

design: visual communication


Stephen Kerr 085 150 0207

PROJECT TITLE Transferring Musical Ideas DESCRIPTION A sample of the Ossia music typeface. STATEMENT Music notation occupies an interesting middle ground between the image and the written word. As a language and a typographic system, what information is encoded in a musical score? What information is lost? I am interested in improving communication between composers, performers and listeners.

design: visual communication

James MacDonnell 086 106 7701

PROJECT TITLE Level Up DESCRIPTION Dublin’s Liberty hall reimagined as a vertically integrated public space. STATEMENT There exists a strong distinction between how we experience and use urban public spaces – streets, parks etc – and how we experience and use buildings and structures. My project proposes ways to blur this distinction by applying the principles of public space to existing architecture.

design: visual communication


Stephanie McDermott 086 168 0368

design: visual communication

PROJECT TITLE Me Myself & The Others STATEMENT Social media is a tool that we use to design ourselves. With each post we can shape, edit and construct our identities to express parts of ourselves that we otherwise feel we cant. But at what price? When you post something online, I can print it off. What once was yours, now belongs to everyone.

Robert Mirolo 085 748 6866

design: visual communication

PROJECT TITLE ROBYN/PALE TIDE/SEND HELP STATEMENT An animation, book and a series of objects around the themes of gender, death, capitalism and abject horror.


Meg Kennelly Murphy 085 843 2691

PROJECT TITLE Enhance DESCRIPTION Inspire your happiness illustration STATEMENT Enhance inspires the viewer to take control of their happiness and prioritise it through interactive art, illustration, web and book design. We all know our happiness is important, yet we often put it to the bottom of our priorities list. Enhance provides inspiration to strive towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

design: visual communication

Roisin O’Flaherty 087 415 4485

design: visual communication

PROJECT TITLE Sécosa STATEMENT Sécosa (pronounced shay-cos-ah) presents insects in familiar forms so they will be embraced into the Western diet. Today more people consume meat as their primary source of protein. It is predicted that by 2050, the global population will have grown by 2 billion people. Insects are a sustainable, nutritious and delicious alternative to meat.


Aishling O’Flanagan 087 217 9592

PROJECT TITLE Mannings Bakery DESCRIPTION Logo on tea cups. STATEMENT Mannings Bakery is the oldest Irish owned bakery in Dublin. With the original shop situated on historical Thomas Street, the brand has began to fade among its competition. Rethinking and reinventing their image through, visual branding opens opportunities for me as a designer to show my abilities and skills.

design: visual communication

David O’Hara PROJECT TITLE Faigh Suas DESCRIPTION Logo design for the book cover. STATEMENT Faigh Suas, the Irish translation for Get Up, describes how Graffiti artists paint as many places as possible and become known amongst their peers. This project focuses on Documenting a group of Graffiti artists who are putting Ireland on the map for their high standard and consistency of Graffiti.

design: visual communication


Ella O’Leary Watson 086 209 4051

PROJECT TITLE Brand Identity for sustainable seafood company ‘Bia Mar’. DESCRIPTION Bia Mar business card STATEMENT I have created a brand identity for a seafood company that focuses on responsible fishing methods, the sustainability of fish stocks and the protection of the marine environment. This is created through the use of hand-made gyotaku prints, typography and photography. The project includes packaging, a recipe book, posters, advertising, promotional print and a website.

design: visual communication

Bobby Redmond 087 642 5155

PROJECT TITLE How Small is Talk? DESCRIPTION A Typographic composition to illustrate the different voices we inhabit; the changing behaviour and mannerisms we show while speaking with other people. STATEMENT Rooted in small talk, this project explores casual conversation; its value and place in communication. Through graphic outputs and speculative design it looks at the role speaking to each other plays in our current society. Typographic and packaging design are accompanied by video as media to examine this topic.

design: visual communication


Cian Ryan 086 880 8567

PROJECT TITLE Ooh?...ah DESCRIPTION Penetration Illustration STATEMENT My project ‘Ooh?…Ah’ looks at providing a fun and unconventional approach to sexual education and hopes to use visual communication to facilitate a conversation which can at times be awkward and often avoided. My project aims to make the process more engaging and enjoyable for both young people and educators / parents.

design: visual communication

Kate Walsh 085 226 1649

PROJECT TITLE Dublin 8 x 8 DESCRIPTION A series of icons depicting different areas in the Liberties STATEMENT I have created over 60 icons which depict the different areas of the Liberties. The reader is introduced to the people from the Liberties through a series of fold-outs, murals and posters inspired by the stories and quotes of the local peoples.

design: visual communication


Cassie Wright 087 753 6091

PROJECT TITLE SWAP STATEMENT SWAP is about bringing young and beginning growers and farmers together, and encouraging young people to connect though local produce. Swap is centered on the idea that promoting sustainability through local produce can revive our communities.

design: visual communication

Liadh Young 086 306 1203

PROJECT TITLE Teen Witches & Queen Bitches DESCRIPTION Illustration from Isabella, She-Wolf of France STATEMENT Throughout history, young women have often been characterised as ‘witches’ or ‘bitches’ through the repression of their identity. By illustrating the stories of these girls from a more honest perspective, I aim to highlight the general misrepresentation of teenage girls in the media.

design: visual communication



c a t




foreword: School of Education

Nobody said it was going to be easy. But you didn’t think it was going to be this challenging! Still, you can see how much you’ve progressed now. Not just as an artist and designer. Not just as a teacher, though of course you can see that too and you know how important that growth has been. But you may also be just beginning to see how much you’ve developed as a person. And the person you’re becoming is the great artist, designer and teacher that you will be. Sometimes you wondered was it worth the grief. Others had told you art college was going to be a breeze, all play and little work. Of course anyone who had actually been to art college never said that. And you knew from the start that this was serious stuff. So even in those dark moments when you felt overwhelmed and tired and misunderstood, you never gave up. And somehow, in this last year especially, you felt you were getting it at last – if you didn’t have this thing cracked, at least you were getting beyond the survival stakes.

The graduating class of 2015 will be a special group for me as Head of School of Education. With your graduation, I also retire from my post here in NCAD. Through the fifteen years I have been here, the quality, optimism and enthusiasm of you, the students, have made the School of Education a happy place to be and privilege to work within. Agus ag fágaint dom NCAD, guím gach rath oraibh uiligh. Go n-éirí go geal libh amach anseo! Professor Gary Granville Head of School of Education

And know this: the staff who have worked with you over the past four years or more get their greatest buzz from seeing the way you’ve risen to the heights, these past months especially. Of course, that’s the great joy of teaching, one that you are beginning to appreciate now, the reward of seeing people grow. And through your own art and design development, you have the means both to continue your own development and to facilitate that growth in others. Education is a creative process in itself, and knowledge of art and design is a tool for understanding the world. So you are well prepared now, better than you realise yet, to shape the worlds you enter and in particular, to make the process of art and design education central to the future of education in this country.



School of Education: Staffing List

HEAD OF SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Professor Gary Granville BA, HDipEd, MSc (Ed. Mgmt.), EdD ACADEMIC STAFFING Patsey Bodkin ANCAD, H.Dip E.S., H.Dip EP, Dip Catechetics, PTA, M.Ed, DEd Maria Farrell BA, MA Mary Avril Gillan BA, HDE, MA Dervil Jordan Dip Fine Art, MA, PTA Anthony O’Flynn BDes Isobelle Mullaney B.Ed. (Hons), P.G.Dip. (Ed. St.) P.G.Dip. (Ed.Mgmt.), M.St., PhD Anne-Marie Keaveney ANCAD, BA (Hons), MLitt Fiona King BA, HDE, MA Tony Murphy DipAD, DipADT, MA Brigitta Seck Dip Fine Art, MA Fiona Whelan BA, HDipCAEd, MFA

School of Education: Staffing List


Avril Buttle 087 135 5642

PROJECT TITLE Seeing Sound, An Exploration of The Piano DESCRIPTION Deconstructed Piano, Acrylic Paint, Enamel Fluorescent Spray Paint STATEMENT As a piano teacher and artist, I have always recognised the relationship between the making of visual art and music. My work investigates the piano in every sense, exploring sound, appearance, the relationship and experience between musician and instrument and the study of the mechanical workings of the piano. Classroom Practice Placements: Wesley College, Ballinteer, Dublin 16. Loreto College, St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2. Hartstown Community School, Clonsilla, Dublin 15. Our Ladys Grove, Goatstown, Dublin 14. Stewarts Hospital, Palmerstown, Dublin 20. County Wexford Community Workshop, Co. Wexford. St. Mary’s College, Naas, Co Kildare.



Sam Clarke 086 076 6806

PROJECT TITLE Type:Face DESCRIPTION The included image is an illustrated portrait of a close friend, drawn using the individual elements of her signature to construct her facial features. STATEMENT Our handwriting and signatures are part of who we are, what makes us unique. My project comes in two parts; the first recognizes the importance of keeping handwriting alive by capturing the writing of the elderly as a digital font, the second combines signatures and traits to create abstract portraits. Classroom Practice: – Santa Sabina Dominican College, Sutton, Dublin 13. – St. Fintans High School, Dublin Road, Sutton, Dublin 13. – Chanel College, Coolock Village, Malahide Road, Dublin 5. – St. Mary’s Secondary School, Baldoyle, Dublin 13.


Aisling Collins 085 126 8641

PROJECT TITLE ‘Containers’. STATEMENT The work focuses on incongruous structures that are found in natural environments. These include shipping containers and other structures that have been abandoned with no apparent function or purpose. The choices I make in representing these structures are based on testing the contrasts of the human-constructed and natural worlds. Teaching Practice Placements: – Jesus and Mary College, Goatstown Dublin 14. – St. Pauls CBS, North Brunswick Street. Dublin 7. – Dominican College, 204 Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9. – Stewarts Hospital, Mill Lane, Palmerstown, Dublin 20 – The Life Centre, 6 Winter’s Hill, Cork. – Youthreach, Knocknaheeny, Cork. – Braunton School and Community College, England.



Máire Costello mairecostello 086 158 4888

PROJECT TITLE React | Adapt | Evolve DESCRIPTION Porcelain, Underglaze Stain. STATEMENT My work is an exploration of the twin notions of stimulus and response. I am intrigued by the way in which organic forms evolve in response to different stimuli and challenges posed by their habitats in order to survive. Classroom Practice: – Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. – Skerries Community College, Skerries, Co. Dublin. – Holy Child Killiney, Co. Dublin. – St. Michael’s House National School, Skerries, Co. Dublin. – Stewarts Care Kilcloon, Co. Meath. – St. Catherine’s National School, Donore Avenue, Dublin 8. – Mountjoy Prison, North Circular Road, Dublin. – St. Vincent de Paul Ozanam House, Dublin. – Dialysis Unit, Tallaght Hospital, Dublin 24.


Audrey Elliott 085 144 3692

PROJECT TITLE The Umbrella Shelter STATEMENT Homelessness is not as far away as people may think. This project aims to communicate this situation to younger generations. Through the creation of a charity and poster campaign, this projects intends to highlight the ever growing crises in Dublin and raise awareness for the many homeless currently on the streets. Classroom Practice: – St.Colmcilles Community School, Knocklyon, Dublin 16. – Oatlands College, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin. – Jesus and Mary College, Goatstown Road, Dublin 14. – Central Remedial Clinic, Vernon Avenue, Dublin 3. – Stewarts Care, Rossecourt Resource Centre, Co. Dublin.



Kelly Friel 085 153 7607

PROJECT TITLE The aggressivity of cancer cells and their destructive path through natural beauty. DESCRIPTION Ciliated and nonciliated Clara cells lining the bronchiole of the respiratory tract. STATEMENT All living organisms on Earth are divided into cells and are the basic structural unit for all organisms. Cancer cells however, are abnormal and they divide without control, invading other tissues. My aim was to potray this aggressivity in my work using various forms and textures, creating contrasts, which will enhance the destructive cells. Classroom placements: – St Dominic’s College Cabra, Dublin 7. – Loreto Community School Milford, Co. Donegal. – St. Vincent’s College, Glasnevin, Dublin 7. – St. Josephs of Cluny, Killiney Co. Dublin.


Mark Healy chaotic-geometry 086 379 3999

PROJECT TITLE Chaotic Geometry DESCRIPTION Paper Earthenware STATEMENT My work looks at the contrasts between the predictability of geometric patterns with the unpredictability of chaotic patterns found in nature Classroom Practice – Colaiste Chill Mhantain, Co. Wicklow. – Blessington Community College, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. – Colaiste Bhrid, Carnew, Co. Wicklow. – Loreto College Swords, River Valley, Co. Dublin. – St. Marys School for Deaf Girls, Cabra, Dublin 7.



Adam Kelly adamkelly 085 163 7217

PROJECT TITLE Matter DESCRIPTION Mixed Media STATEMENT From imagery of Dublin City’s night-time colourfully lit and vibrant environs has developed a body of sculptural painted pieces. Emphasis is placed on structure, scale; visual/physical impact and colour. Void of pictorial representation, the viewer is invited to create their own narrative and enter the space and dimensions of this work. Classroom Practice Placements: – St. Dominic’s College, Cabra, Dublin 7. – Marino College, Fairview, Dublin 3. – St. Mary’s College, Ballysadare, Co. Sligo. – Holy Child Killiney, Co. Dublin. – Stewarts Care, Palmerstown, Dublin 20. – Central Remedial Clinic (School), Clontarf, Dublin 3.


Genevieve Kiely 086 895 3925

PROJECT TITLE Sickly Sweet DESCRIPTION Stoneware, Underglaze, Textiles, hair, silicone STATEMENT My work revolves around the theme of ‘Terrible Beauty’. The theme is a comment on my own love of things ‘pretty’ and ‘sweet’, but draws inspiration from that which disgust me. I have an interest in textural elements found in organic forms and have allowed this to influence my work. Classroom Practice Placements: – St Mary’s Secondary School, Baldoyle, Co. Dublin. – St. Mary’s Holy Faith, Killester, Dublin 5. – Stewarts Hospital, Kilcloon, Co. Meath. – St. Oliver’s Community College, Drogheda, Co. Louth. – St. Michael’s House National School, Skerries, Co. Dublin.



Gemma Lynch gemmalynchdesign

PROJECT TITLE ABC’s of Art and Design Image Description: Illustrated book STATEMENT As teachers, we teach through the use of art elements. This project explores their unique qualities through illustration. Using the structure of the alphabet to explore art and design elements and principals. Accumulating into a glossary book of illustrated art terms, explained and incorporated into an accompanying illustration. Classroom Practice – Holy Family Community School, Rathcoole, Dublin. – St. Aidan’s Comprehensive School, Cootehill, Cavan. – Coolmine Community School, Clonsilla, Dublin. – St. Michaels House, Ballymun Rd., Dublin. – Stewarts Hospital, Mill Ln, Palmerston, Dublin. – Sutton Park School, St. Fintan’s Rd, Sutton, Dublin.


Aoife McDonald 087 664 5917

PROJECT TITLE Space and Shape DESCRIPTION Oil and collage on board 30cm x 30cm STATEMENT We are surrounded by man-made structures containing many shapes and patterns that may not be appreciated or noticed by passers-by. This project focuses and highlights on these hidden features and puts them under conditions that question our perception and emphasises the beauty within them. Teaching Practice Placements: – Saint Augustines School, Blackrock, Co Dublin. – Our Lady’s School, Terenure, Dublin 6. – Killinarden Community School, Tallaght, Dublin 24. – Stewarts Hospital, Palmerstown, Dublin 20. – Terenure College, Terenure, Dublin 6.



Gemma McGuigan 087 272 2613

PROJECT TITLE Unraveling Microbes DESCRIPTION Manipulated Paper with biro ink marks submersed in clear casting resin STATEMENT Another world lives amongst us yet we cannot see it .The habitants of this world are microbes and they occupy every surface of the earth. They are naked to the human eye yet their world can be seen under a microscope. My project aims to visually unravel the elements theses microbes. Classroom Practice – Kings Hospital School, Palmerston Dublin 20 – Central remedial Clinic, Clontarf, Dublin 9 – Largy College, Clones road, Co.Monaghan – Luttlestown Community School, Clonsilla , Dublin 15 – Stewarts hospital, Mill Lane, Palmerston Dublin 20 – Rockford Manor Presentation School, Co. Dublin.


Ann Mc Nally 086 228 3325

PROJECT TITLE Impermissible Beauty. DESCRIPTION Buff and paper porcelain clay with gel medium,stains and glazes. STATEMENT Often people shy away from observing the decay and deterioration that occurs within nature. The tactile surface qualities of my pieces invite touch, yet my subject matter is more often avoided. My work explores the hidden beauty that is found in the growth and journey of this decay in nature. Classroom Practice: – Ardgillan Community College, Balbriggan, Co.Dublin. – St Mary’s Secondary School, Baldoyle, Dublin 13. – St.Mary’s Holy Faith Secondary School, Killester, Dublin 5. – Stewards Hospital Kilcloon, Co. Meath. – St. Micheals House, Ballymun Co. Dublin



Jessie Anne Sheridan jessie-anne-sheridan 085 153 0849

PROJECT TITLE Transhuman DESCRIPTION Acrylic Paint and mixed media on MDF board STATEMENT My work is centred on the theme of man’s assimilation with technology to bring us into the new era of trans-humanism. In addition, I am exploring colour, shape and line and I have drawn inspiration from artists such as Tomma Abts and cinematography from the motion picture Interstellar. Classroom Practice: – St. Anne’s Special School, Ballymany, Co. Kildare. – Holy Family Secondary School, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. – St. Mary’s Secondary School, Naas, Co. Kildare. – Stewarts Care Ltd. Palmerstown, Dublin 20. – The King’s Hospital, Palmerstown, Dublin 20.


Claire Stanley

PROJECT TITLE Mapping Memories. DESCRIPTION Paper cut-outs and typography. STATEMENT Without reflection, most information can be lost from the memory. As a society, we’ve become obsessed with recording important moments in our lives and overlook key instants that enrich our everyday lives. This project uses paper construction, illustration and typography to visually document my personal journey over the last number of years. Classroom Practice Placements: – St. Fergals College, Rathdowney, Co. Laois. – Deansrath Community College, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. – St. Marys Secondary School, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. – CRC Clontarf, Vernon Avenue, Dublin 3. – Rossecourt Resource Centre, Lucan, Co. Dublin.



foreword: School of Fine Art

The School of Fine Art has been successful in a new Creative Europe partnered bid. In Public, In Particular (IPIP) will examine streets just beyond the four participating academies routed across Europe, with their different but familiar patterns of people, retail, architecture, heritage, and future spaces. This project through its research funding and ‘junctions’, will pool art knowledge generated from some of our teaching programmes. In a similar vein the publication and exhibition components of European Contemporary Self Portraits (CSP1) and the formation of a follow on bid (CSP2) are live with partner meetings in Dublin at NCAD creating new momentum. Further, NCAD’s participation in the Apprentice Master Project facilitated 8 of our students to engage with their peers and experienced art professionals in the development of exhibitions in Belgium, Holland and the Czech Republic. These efforts are building networks and practice-based connections for and with young artists. In Dublin aspects of the HEA funded NCAD+UCD initiative have created a means of platforming art knowledge with some of our students, in a rolling programme of exhibition, scholarship, and evolving new collegial relationships for staff who have competitively applied for and been awarded seed funding in relation to research and teaching developments. These components sit in relation to our core, ongoing, studio teaching practices and a vivid experiential cycle of trialing and testing of visual knowledge. A suite of ‘Professional Practice’ projects have facilitated alternative and known learning contexts, some offering extended partnerships and situations.

school of fine art: foreword

This academic year has seen a number of staff appointments across the School at Head of Department and other levels. These appointments are key in meeting and brokering the challenges that NCAD (and other cultural institutions) are facing. The new Acting Heads are Feargal Fitzpatrick, Media, Dr Andrew Folan, Fine Print, and Dr Mick O’Kelly, Sculpture and Expanded Practice. Sarah Durcan has returned as MFA Co ordinator. Sarah Browne has been appointed to the academic team in Sculpture and Expanded Practice. Other academic staff contributes new knowledge to our courses and vitality to our students. Our staff continue to be research active across a range of exhibition and other platforms. I would like to mention the terrific Dublin Ships public artwork by Cliona Harmey who lectures in Media, but my thanks are extended to all staff academic, technical and administrative. For this group of graduating students there are new horizons and possibilities in an increasingly visual world. They will need a flexibility and resourcefulness in applying their research, criticality, and skills, and their exhilarating can - do know - how. Their challenge is to find, create or harness momentum and opportunities, constructing new value now and for the future. Enjoy the shows everyone. Professor Philip Napier Head of School of Fine Art


school of fine art: staffing list

head of school of fine art Prof. Philip Napier BA (Hons), MFA HEAD OF PAINTING Robert Armstrong ANCAD, MA academic staffing Diana Copperwhite BA (Hons), MA

Colin Martin BA, MFA. Margaret O’Brien BA (Hons), MFA, MPhil technical staffing Colette O’Sullivan Dip. FA Mark Ferguson BA (Hons)

Susan MacWilliam BA (Hons)

head of sculpture and expanded practice (acting)

Chris Maguire MA

Dr Mick O’Kelly BA (Hons), MFA PhD

Madeleine Moore BA (Hons), BSc, MA

academic staffing Michelle Browne BA (Hons)

Paul Nugent BA (Hons) Oliver Whelan ANCAD, MA technical staffing Enda Walshe head of fine print (acting) Dr Andrew Folan ANCAD, HDFA, RHA, PhD academic staffing Debora Ando BA , MA Raymond Henshaw BA, MA

school of fine art: staffing list

Sarah Browne BA (Hons) Gareth Kennedy BA(Hons) Alanna O’Kelly BA (Hons), MFA Louise Walsh BA, MFA technical staffing Brendan Begley John Kavanagh City and Guilds Mark Ferguson BA (Hons)

head of media (acting) Feargal Fitzpatrick ANCAD, BDes (Hons), MPhil academic staffing Cliona Harmey BA (Hons), MA, HDip Claire Nidecker BA (Hons) ,MA technical staffing Denise Beck MSc Mark Jones Julia Kemperman Micky Smyth BA (Hons) postgraduate academic staffing Sarah Durcan MFA, MA Leah Hilliard BA (Hons), MSc administrative staffing Angela Dennis

school of fine art: staffing list


Aaron Burns 083 432 4609

PROJECT TITLE Diminished Description ‘Aeolian Series’, digital drawing. STATEMENT Diminished explores relations between chord sequences and patterns commonly used in western music theory, focusing particularly on those used in contemporary Jazz music. This work employs a spacial language based on sound frequencies to form a visual description of harmonic structures.

fine art: fine print

Rian Coulter 086 376 6050

PROJECT TITLE Counter Culture Description Photograph STATEMENT Retail is a creative endeavour that effects socially amenable relations, which have an artistic, cultural and social importance. Independent retail especially, can be a rewarding remedy to the numbing predictability of increasingly automated - exclusively ‘privatised’ supermarkets.

fine art: fine print


Alex de Roeck

PROJECT TITLE ‘Valium Daydreams’ Description ‘Triumphus 2.0’ – A5 Postcard STATEMENT A Cacophonous arena of nonsensical rubble, slowly wriggling from the evaporating bark, Pit bull of demise, drooling upwards, all with a scowl at the back of mine, fluctuating doubts and demands, friction oozing from cowboy toppers, indestructible to an ever certain degree, Valium daydreams fucking numb repercussions, the leash won’t loosen while the scars will continuously mock its moronic equilibrium.

fine art: fine print

Melissa Ellis 087 150 9008

PROJECT TITLE Specimens Description Intaglio Print and Watercolour STATEMENT My work explores what is real and what is imaginary the creation of other worlds, and the animals that might live in these strange worlds. I take inspiration from the Victorians with their fascination for collecting both the botanical and zoological. My artistic task is to invent my own specimens and put them in my own exhibitions.

fine art: fine print


Aimee Gallagher 087 758 1512

PROJECT TITLE Presence in Seclusion Description Still Photograph STATEMENT This body of work explores the ephemeral and transitory nature of a past life, and the environment where it was spent. The curiosity of a building’s history and its contents, led to the exploration into the occupant’s solitary past. Reoccurring themes of presence, absence and fastidiousness capture this way of life.

fine art: fine print

Ciaran Gallen 086 735 5020

PROJECT TITLE A boundary of Understanding Description Video Still STATEMENT Feeling compelled to understand others, I search into the canvas; while I can never fully understand someone else’s emotions I am trying to communicate my own. I pour colour from myself trying to break my Boundary of Understanding. Ripping apart. Piecing together.

fine art: fine print


Michele Halley 086 897 8815

PROJECT TITLE Hu-man Shield IMAGE Hair Description My hair, Wood, Wire (Circular Needles) STATEMENT ‘To know the truth of one’s self as the sole reality, and to merge and become one with it, is the only true realisation, Just Be The Self, That is all.’ - Sri Ramana Maharashi -

fine art: fine print

Stephen Lau

PROJECT TITLE Ethnographic research STATEMENT My work is derived from a fascination with abstracted or artificial human forms. I try to create hybrids that stray from the cliched mystical or futuristic environments where we expect to find such beings.The work is intended to give the viewer a sense of voyeurism, a sense that they have stumbled upon a moment of devilment.

fine art: fine print


Sofya Mikhaylova 087 952 2048

PROJECT TITLE Ownership of threads. Softside (pronounced in swag) . Description Watercolour and thread. STATEMENT The woman is water, she is the thread and the flow. What makes her knit - creating knots to stop the flow is the need to set up traps. The Chameleon-humans stole the talents of the spiders, as the fresh out-of-the womb spiderman appeared.

fine art: fine print

Ciara O’Brien 085 740 3312

PROJECT TITLE Tormenting the Line image Pen on paper STATEMENT An investigation into tracing the motions and force of the body, devoid of the solidity of the body itself. Focusing on tension, control and playfulness.

fine art: fine print


Sadbh O’Brien 083 188 5457

PROJECT TITLE Assets Akimbo Description Digital photo-montage. STATEMENT This work seeks to question and subvert the links between success, sexual allure and happiness, which is demonstrated by the inundation of images in the media and by contemporary culture.

fine art: fine print

Luke O’Meara 086 885 4343

PROJECT TITLE Liminal Space Description Manipulated Video Still STATEMENT My project aims to investigate the space or threshold, in which we exist during a resolution of a personal crisis. In times of crisis our mental and physical fortitude is tested. My work is informed by the endurance we experience within liminal spaces.

fine art: fine print


Eoin O’Reilly 086 126 1521

PROJECT TITLE Time’s Abyss Description Copper Plate Aquatint 250mm x 550mm STATEMENT Within this project I have attempted to record the movement of time. Past – Present – Future and the void are represented through the landscape of the abyss. ‘What is actual is always present. But then, precisely, the present changes or passes. It is clearly necessary for it to pass on for the new present to arrive, and it is clearly necessary for it to pass at the same time as it is present.’ Gilles Deleuze

fine art: fine print

Clare Marie Ryan 083 166 8693

PROJECT TITLE Pictures of a Sunken World Description Silkscreen and Lithograph STATEMENT Pictures of a Sunken World depicts and investigates facets of the human condition in contemporary society. Where traditional Ukiyo-e (translated as ‘pictures of a floating world’) reflected a flourishing and bourgeoning Japanese social landscape, my images forebode the decline of humanity in a personal, dystopian vision of the future.

fine art: fine print


Aaron Smyth

PROJECT TITLE ‘The Fragile Nature of Intimacy’ Description ‘The Diving Bell’, Layered Silk Screen and Lithograph. STATEMENT This body of digital and hand rendered artwork presents an equivocal harmony which explores both sides of the discord between corporeal and metaphysical understandings of ‘being’. The work presents figurative interactions, intertwined bodies. Their desire for contact a tender requisite for validation on their search for love and identity.

fine art: fine print

Sonia Banatowska 085 785 0969

PROJECT TITLE Relacje Description Video still STATEMENT A film exploring second-generation emigration with the emphasis on mother-daughter relations. This is explored through the conversations among three very contrasting women within one family, along with correlative generations abroad.

fine art: media


Niamh Bermingham niamhbermingham

PROJECT TITLE Gender FX Description Video Still STATEMENT I don’t know what gender means anymore.

fine art: media

Elsa Brightling 087 234 8028

PROJECT TITLE WOMANHOOD Description Manipulated Photograph. STATEMENT A magazine exploring the art of being a woman through a series of nude photographs and interviews.

fine art: media



PROJECT TITLE Fabricated Truth Description Beware STATEMENT A photographic exploration into how an urban space and its inhabitants adapt to one another. How possession and protection of both public and private spaces reflect society’s actions.

fine art: media

Lua Flannery

PROJECT TITLE Presence of Absence Description Still Photograph STATEMENT Often there are common threads: unfinished conversations or questions that we would like answers to. Presence of Absence stems from a curiosity surrounding how we deal with loss, how we communicate that loss to our absent ones and our feelings towards absence itself.

fine art: media


Liing Heaney

PROJECT TITLE 24/7 Pacemakers Description Digital Sketch STATEMENT Here is how I took control of something bigger than myself. Step 1: I can’t.

fine art: media

Conor Heskin 083 199 7179

fine art: media

PROJECT TITLE Young Friar went to the Abbey STATEMENT A series of large format paintings.


Belinda McCabe 085 277 6735

PROJECT TITLE ‘Gimme A Poker With Some Jokers’ Description Photograph of artist’s view from booth in her workplace. STATEMENT The viewer is a key part of this work. Presented with the natural and uncontrolled documentation of the artist’s workplace only to be given the control of viewing it by their presence. Initially while being unknowingly implicated by the footage they are then subjected to the artist’s original dilemma.

fine art: media

Brónagh McNerney Quigley

PROJECT TITLE Contemporary Worship Description Still Photograph STATEMENT In our desperation for self preservation, have we allowed our worship of materialism, and our own pride and ego, to supersede the place of our religion.

fine art: media


Andy Morris

PROJECT TITLE Sensational Developments Expected Description Detail from still photograph STATEMENT A series of photographs depicting a fictionalised version of the Irish Crown Jewel Theft of 1907. Using a theatrical camp aesthetic, the project aims to portray the heightened nature of rumour and scandal.

fine art: media

Andrew Nuding 085 786 0085

PROJECT TITLE Apparitions Description Photograph from Mount Melleray Grotto, Waterford (2014) STATEMENT ‘Apparitions’ is a photographic work exploring the phenomenon of Marian apparitions in Ireland.

fine art: media


Samuel Quinlan 086 120 2485

PROJECT TITLE crowd:it Description Prototype image STATEMENT A piece created to show the positive power of a crowd, an immersive interactive installation where the crowd depicts its own power.

fine art: media

Marian Balfe 087 940 0842

PROJECT TITLE Flynn’s Description Drawing of gate, ink, pencil, gouache and masking tape on paper STATEMENT ‘Let us again pretend that life is a solid substance…’ Virginia Woolf, The Waves, 1931

fine art: painting


Shane Berkery 087 658 1205

PROJECT TITLE Paintings from Planet Cool Description Untitled, oil on canvas, 120x180cm STATEMENT Through presenting a body of work I aim to place the viewer in a strange and nostalgic intermediate space between oriental and western memories.

fine art: painting

Luke Byrne 085 173 3223

PROJECT TITLE Superbowl Sunday: Tony Ferrari Description Video Still STATEMENT Muscles, moustaches, heavy weights, state of the art special effects, guns, denim, fast cars, Hawaiian shirts, exotic beaches, fancy cocktails, war, dads, cool right? I know. Looking at the notions of masculinity, hyperrealism and homoeroticism, this work is an exploration, of not only my own personal concepts of masculinity and the ‘Macho man’, but also the concepts perpetuated through film and media.

fine art: painting


Nathan Cahill 085 702 9686

PROJECT TITLE No Apologies Description Studio documentation STATEMENT My practice is orientated around the philosophical discipline of metaphysics; I am specifically interested in how we come to have knowledge about reality through its measurement. I have completed a series of paintings which represent instruments that record the world in an objective manner.

fine art: painting

Michael Cummins

PROJECT TITLE Eat, Sleep, Cardboard. Description Ink and acrylic on cardboard with objects and projection. Dimensions variable, this detail approx 50x50cm. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Stuart Smyth

STATEMENT I’m showing an arrangement of drawings on scrap cardboard with objects picked up in the street, lit with overhead projectors.

fine art: painting


Louise Donnelly louisedonnelly 086 077 6796

fine art: painting

PROJECT TITLE The Gaze Description Painting, oil on wood, 122 x 81 cms, 2015 STATEMENT A series of experimental portraits that focus on the psychoanalytic gaze. The gaze occurs when a viewer places themselves within an image in order to understand it. By creating their own narrative the viewer is presented with their own unconscious expectations of what they assume is happening in an image.

CiarĂĄn Doyle 086 358 1965

PROJECT TITLE In transit Description Painting, acrylic, watercolour and ink on paper, mounted on board, 58cm x 58cm. STATEMENT My work looks at transitional non-places in Dublin. Structures and buildings found on the edges of roads and railway lines, along with forgotten developments at the edge of the city form the basis of my research. These places, travelled through every day by commuters, are explored visually in my work through painting.

fine art: painting


Larry Dunne larrydunneartwork

PROJECT TITLE Ag Lomadh na Coirceoige // Laying Bare the Hive Description Installation Fragment STATEMENT My work investigates the negative psychological effects that dense urban landscapes perpetuate, such as fear, paranoia, isolation and loneliness. My aim is to create immersive artwork that adequately depicts the chaos of the mind within the often brutal urban labyrinth via the use of organic and architectural structures.

fine art: painting

Fiona Finlay @fifinlay 087 687 4764

fine art: painting

PROJECT TITLE Overviewing Description oil on canvas (43 x 43 cms) STATEMENT Overhead satellite images form a starting point for paintings by using the concept of overviewing, as a way of looking. Turning away from representation, I invent and respond to the materiality of the paint itself. The process of painting allows me to think and work through my ideas on painting and discourses in human geography.


Danyal Fox 086 377 8702

PROJECT TITLE Untitled Description Photograph STATEMENT My practice is concerned with the conceptualisation of self-reflexive narratives, and how they are conditioned and ingrained in the consciousness. Utilizing film and photography, the moribund materiality of celluloid attempts to gestate ideas relating to memory and loss, ruminating on emotions concerned with the irreversibility of existence and the temporal.

fine art: painting

Sean Grimes

PROJECT TITLE Personal Practice Description Untitled (Detail), 2015, Inkjet prints in handmade frames, each 28 x 36.5cm. STATEMENT My practice involves the collection of images and objects, both physically and with the use of photography. I attempt to draw narrative possibilities from the collected materials by overlaying a secondary visual language.

fine art: painting


Joseph Heade 086 077 8851

PROJECT TITLE Killarney outlook point Description Gouache paint on paper 56X76cm STATEMENT Centering on the reactions and engagements of a particular journey, this body of work concerns itself with aesthetics and perception.

fine art: painting

Mark Holburn 087 411 8598

PROJECT TITLE Everlasting Flowers & Paint Cakes in Conversation Description Mixed Media Installation STATEMENT My practice is centred around the notion of disassembling the traditional modes of painting: achieved through exploration and re-appropriation of recycled materials. My work acts as a vehicle for affecting emotional, cultural and conversational responses in an audience, which transcends the aspect of art as simply visually pleasing; promoting excitement in the mundane.

fine art: painting


Andrew Hopkins

fine art: painting

PROJECT TITLE Hy-Brasil Description oil on canvas, 60x45cm

Riin Kaljurand 089 943 6172

PROJECT TITLE ‘Joy of Work!’ Description Collaged acrylic paintings PHOTOGRAPHED BY Margus Valt, STATEMENT ‘Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed’. - Judith Butler

fine art: painting


Louise Kelly 087 621 3999

PROJECT TITLE Embodiment Description Painting, oil on board. 103cm x 122cm. STATEMENT Embodiment draws upon ideas developed through experimentation with the concept of insecurities which affect people, the disfigurement and constriction of the body and emotions; through creating and analysing the structures we wear and hide under.

fine art: painting

Aoibhin Killeen 086 206 9924

PROJECT TITLE Untitled Description Multimedia installation STATEMENT Concerning itself with theories of plant perception and exploring illusion, the work delves into an otherworldly environment through sculptural installation, layered media, and manipulated images.

fine art: painting


Loretta Moore 085 846 5910

PROJECT TITLE The Workers Ritual IMAGE Havana, Cuba. 2015 STATEMENT Located in the distillery engine room, 16mm and 8mm projectors fill the space with sounds of machinery once again. This work traces the ritual of labour, politics and culture surrounding the distilling trade, focusing on Cuba. Screening times 12 noon and 2pm (daily). 16mm - Prohibition times, Havana Cuba. 1928 16mm - Distillery workers prepare sugar beets 1935 16mm - US and Cuba news reels. circa 1960s 8mm - Cuba its daily ritual. 2015

fine art: painting

Eimear Murphy 087 219 1382

PROJECT TITLE Shallow Space Description Embed (2015), cement, glass, wood and chalk. 25cm x 22cm STATEMENT The tension between the creation of space and its flat representation has fuelled this body of work. Eimear employs materials which are of the language of building.

fine art: painting


Siobhán O’Callaghan 087 219 3534

PROJECT TITLE Finding Space Description Untitled, Painting (80x80cm) STATEMENT In this body of work I explore how the viewer enters the personal space of the subject. Through this proximity an intimacy is created. The work examines the nature of the body and the ways in which materials, space and light affect its physicality and image.

fine art: painting

Michael O’Doherty 086 077 2332

PROJECT TITLE Road Rage Description Painting on birch plywood, 700mm diameter STATEMENT Drawing on the dense urban landscape of Dublin city centre and the overwhelming sense of congestion endemic to everyday life for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers; my work endeavours to portray a physical representation of the emotions of road rage, presented in a series of solid abstract paintings.

fine art: painting


Claire O’Sullivan 087 314 1372

PROJECT TITLE Whose Idea Was It Anyway? Description Oil on board 54cm x 39cm STATEMENT ‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.’ Albert Einstein The contrast between the socially and psychologically accepted reality and the reality found in modern science is not only immense but inconceivable. Using imagery created in different eras I make work that highlights the unreliability of our intake of information visually and intellectually.

fine art: painting

Eileen O’Sullivan 085 101 5402

PROJECT TITLE Appearance of Familiarity Description Orange Undercoat (2015) Oil on board. 30cm x 39.5cm STATEMENT Ideas about the personal and everyday are at the base of Eileen’s work. The question of a critical process hinges upon taking the very familiar and transposing it into something special through the quality of delivery in terms of painting technique.

fine art: painting


Geraldine Robinson 085 281 6768

PROJECT TITLE Synthesis Mysteria Description Detail of - Oil and acrylic on canvas 68 x 72 inch STATEMENT My work is concerned with experiential expression the immediacy of mark making, light, colour, and the mystery of human self-expression. This body of work takes inspiration from Roberto Assagioli’s writing on psychosynthesis, the work of Francisco de Goya and Irish artist Lorcan Walshe.

fine art: painting

Emily Veale 085 708 7863

PROJECT TITLE Threshold, Cross-Piece, Sill. Description Digital Photograph. STATEMENT Liminal. adjective Relating to the point beyond which a sensation becomes too faint to be experienced. Liminal moments are times of tension, extreme reactions and great opportunity.

fine art: painting


Rebecca Walsh 085 766 2031

PROJECT TITLE Flow Description Emulsion, PVC Glue, acrylic paint, plaster and glitter on MDF board 1219mm x 1219mm STATEMENT My work is based on the interaction between disorder and order, the disorder being the uninformed movement of the watery paint and the conscious and intentional order I impose on it.

fine art: painting

Sarah Ward 087 900 9217

PROJECT TITLE Untitled Description Section of Painting, Elevated Sq. II, oil on canvas, 75x100cm 2015 STATEMENT ‘We live in a world that we have not yet learned to look at. We have to relearn to look at space’. (Auge, 1995, 35) Between Space is a series of paintings and digital drawings exploring virtuality. A non-place free of limitations and defiant of scientific reasoning and obligation. Through repurposing our existing reality and reconstructing the world, we can offer an alternate one.

fine art: painting


Trevor Bacon

PROJECT TITLE What’s it doing? Description Video Still STATEMENT Switch on, switch off, find the time. Do I make sense? Can I make sense of the chaotic that I immerse myself into daily? That’s family it’s organised chaos, did I say organised, it’s chaos with an outcome if I were to be a little more pragmatic. (Excerpt from Manifesto - What to Achieve, 2014)

fine art: sculpture

Michelle Costello michellecostello 087 639 2674

PROJECT TITLE ‘Living Womb’ Posturing Description Still Photograph. Vacuformed Plastic Mask STATEMENT My work looks at the obsession of ‘looking’ through social media, and its subsequent effects on many young females, which encourages conformity and self deception. With contorted body poses, projected contrived images and a need for continual gratification, pushing themselves to be accepted from the seemingly safe guise of the ‘Living Womb’.

fine art: sculpture


ANN ENSOR 087 668 5327

PROJECT TITLE COUNTERPOINT Description Photograph of Sculptural Object from a Sculptural Installation of eight pieces 3.5metres x48cmx48cm. STATEMENT Ensor’s work considers nature and culture as one process where the primordial forces of order and chaos interact together through resonating vibrations. Life is shown as being dynamic and as embodying inherent and coexisting properties that are both caring and destructive. The work suggests technologies as prostheses of the body and subject to evolutionary development.

fine art: sculpture

Daisy Gaffney 085 730 2917

PROJECT TITLE A is to B is to I Description Film Still from Slide Show STATEMENT ‘In the end, we are self-perceiving, self-inventing, locked-in mirages that are little miracles of self-reference.’ Douglas Hofstadter, I am a Strange Loop (2007)

fine art: sculpture


Kaylin Hackett 087 056 4917

PROJECT TITLE Volume Description Black vinyl lettering sited at a disused retail unit. STATEMENT My work is fundamentally concerned with the exploration of the physical qualities of language, by bringing weight to words and investigating the minor as having a significant role in society. ‘There is nothing that is major or revolutionary except the minor.’ Deleuze, G. Guattari, F. (1975) Kafka: Towards a Minor Literature.

fine art: sculpture

Joshua Joyce 086 029 7597

PROJECT TITLE Paddling from Scotland to Skye in a Homemade Boat Description Photo Documentation of March 26th 2015 Scottish Expedition. PHOTOGRAPHED BY Lisa Salecker STATEMENT Romantic ideas of exploration often meet their end in wet boots.

fine art: sculpture


Caitriona Moloney 086 083 8685

PROJECT TITLE ‘The Myth of Progress’ Description Still from video, Hand Ball Alley at Ogonnelloe Co.Clare. STATEMENT This work is based on the writing of Finnish philosopher Georg Henrik Von Wright, his article The Myth of Progress (1993) questions whether our apparent material and technological progress can really be considered progress. Swedish Artist Klara Liden work based on Henricks writing Liden’s The Myth of Progress (Moonwalk) 2008 is sited within the architecture of Manhattan. For this work I have chosen an Architecture particular to Ireland, the Hand Ball Alley.

fine art: sculpture

Sinead Purcell 086 179 9015

PROJECT TITLE CMYK/RGB Description Cyanotype Print, detail of installation view STATEMENT Colours present themselves in continuous flux, undergoing a true metamorphosis before the human eye. I aim to formalise the optic relationship between viewer and viewed, putting the viewer inside the optical field, emphasising a critical attitude towards normative processes of perception. ‘The eye altering alters all’ – William Blake (1803)

fine art: sculpture


Fi Rooney 086 055 4978

PROJECT TITLE Patience Description Video Still of Training Session. February 2015 Videographer/Photographer Emily Aoibheann STATEMENT As an aerialist and performer I am constantly training my body and pushing it to its limits. In ‘Patience’ I need to stop, breath, condition and focus on one particular move. I need to learn that it takes time to perfect. Time to condition. I need to be patient.

fine art: sculpture

Denis Shankey-Smith denisshankeysmith

PROJECT TITLE Root, hog, or die Description Photograph (2015) STATEMENT Olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé, olé.

fine art: sculpture



al c u Tu l re



school of visual culture

The School of Visual Culture is central to the academic life of all students at NCAD. Researchled teaching and practice are informed by international art, design and education contexts. Alongside the promotion and facilitation of critical dialogue within NCAD, the School of Visual Culture is an active contributor to the international research community. Colleagues regularly take up invited roles as guest curators, critics, authors and commentators. In 2014-15 this included contributions to arts education and research communities in Austria, England, Germany, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. Informed by this breadth of international perspectives, the School of Visual Culture continues to prioritise original scholarship that engages with the current local as well as global challenges and aspirations of our times. Students in the NCAD Schools of Art, Design, Education and Visual Culture study components of the visual culture curriculum together. Inter- and cross-disciplinary thinking are emphasised alongside the acquisition of rigorous visual and textual literacy. Research approaches range broadly from the conceptual and theoretical, to historical and material investigations. Critical thinking is the central tenet of the curriculum. Learning is intended not only to situate and refine the practices of each individual student, but also to provide insight into the diversity of approaches undertaken by peers, future colleagues and exemplars of international practice.

school of visual culture

Parallel to the School’s undergraduate curriculum for Art, Design and Education students is the BA (Hons) in Visual Culture. This degree provides a unique opportunity for critical study of the theories and histories of art and design in a creative arts setting. Students are immersed in the culture of art and design production, with the objective of developing a portfolio of critical/ popular writing and virtual/physical curation for eventual employment in the diverse professional sectors that reside around the creation and consumption of art and design. Graduating students this year have each submitted a thesis. Drawing on a diversity of methods, these submissions interrogate salient issues found in contemporary art, design, film and cultural studies discourses today. Research topics include chocolate and advertising, the ‘selfie’, colour forecasting, online gambling, Polish and Irish documentary film, and the circus. Taken as a whole, these projects serve as a written record of the innovative curiosities that fuel NCAD’s emerging generation of artists, designers and educators. Professor Jessica Hemmings Head of School of Visual Culture


design: foreword

sChool of visual culture Staffing List

head of school of visual culture Professor Jessica Hemmings BFA, MA, PhD academic staffing James Armstrong BFA, MA, MSc

Fiona Loughnane BA, M.Litt Dearbhla MacManus MRIAI, MA, BArch, BScArch. Emma Mahony BA, MA

Mary Ann Bolger MA

Stephanie McBride BA, HDE, MA

Dr Macushla Buadis BA, MA, PhD

Dr Anna Moran BA, MA, PhD

Dr Paul Caffrey BA, MA, PhD

Kirstie North BA, MA

Emma Jayne Charleton BDes, MA

Dr Paul O’Brien BA, PhD

Dr Paul Ennis BA, PhD

Dr Rachel O’Dwyer PhD

Dr Eleanor Flegg BA, PhD

Hilary O’Kelly BA, MA

Sarah Foster MA

Dr Maebh O’Regan BA, H.Dip in Ed., PhD

Dr Lisa Godson BA, MA, PhD

Dr Sarah Pierce BA, MFA, PhD

Dr Francis Halsall MA, PhD

Dr Ciaran Swan BA, MA, PhD

Dr Tina Kinsella BA, MA, MPhil, PhD

Rachel Warriner BA, MA

Denis Kehoe BA, MA

administrative staffing Neasa Travers

Dr Declan Long BA, MA, PhD

school of visual culture: staffing list




foreword: cEAD

Continuing Education in Art and Design (CEAD) at NCAD provides part-time art and design courses, in the summer and autumn. The part-time programme includes courses to suit different interests and abilities. CEAD students have successfully progressed from beginner level, through to certificate, diploma, degree and post-graduate programmes. CEAD courses are varied including beginner short courses, enabling students to explore, build skill and progress to the next level. The CEAD autumn evening programme aims to facilitate progression for mature students (23+) who want to return to education, to re-skill or up-skill. Part-time Certificates, include; Drawing and Visual Investigation, Photography and Digital Imaging, and Visual Art Practice. Students who complete the certificate can progress to the part-time diploma, at Level 7. On completion of the Diploma, students can apply as advanced entry to under-graduate year two at NCAD or to other art and design higher education institutions. Students can present their course work at the annual CEAD exhibition which takes place on campus in July. Certificates

DVI: Drawing and Visual Investigation is a one year taught part-time programme. This programme involves attendance two evenings per week and provides students with the knowledge, skills and vocabulary of contemporary drawing and visual investigation. DVI includes innovative and accessible approaches to contemporary visual art practice.

cEAD: foreword

PDI: Photography and Digital Imaging, is a one year course offered two evenings per week. This exciting programme offers student an opportunity to extend their visual vocabulary and explore the creative potential of photography within contemporary visual art and design practice. PDI student Rebecca Mc Gettrick was selected as one of Irelands’ emerging talents by Saatchi Art for their exhibition ‘From LA to Dublin’ at the web summit, 2014. VAP: Visual Art Practice is a flexible programme, which can be taken over one, two or three years. Students choose from a range of modules, including: drawing, print, textile printing, jewellery design, sculptural processes, embroidery, visual culture and painting. This innovative programme suits individuals who want to explore different materials and media. This course is offered for credit or audit purposes. Diploma

Students who successfully complete a CEAD Certificate can apply to the part-time diploma. This course involves attending two evenings per week, occasional day-time blocks and some Saturdays. The course provides opportunities to explore ideas, concepts and research processes in fine art. Students acquire the appropriate technical skills and knowledge applicable to practice. Nuala Hunt Head of Continuing Education in Art and Design


Stephen Brett PROJECT TITLE The Unspoken MEDIUM Photograph

Pรกdraic Fogarty PROJECT TITLE Ireland Overblown MEDIUM Photography

cead: pdi

Rory Geraghty PROJECT TITLE Bathers of the Bay MEDIUM Photography

Sean Keegan PROJECT TITLE A Brief Moment MEDIUM Photography

cead: pdi


Aisling Kehoe PROJECT TITLE ‘Archival’ MEDIUM Photography

Edel Kelleher PROJECT TITLE Alice & Tara MEDIUM Photography

cead: pdi

Damian Kulpa PROJECT TITLE Abandoned Landmarks of Dublin MEDIUM Photography

Margo McNulty PROJECT TITLE Curragh Museum MEDIUM Photograph

cead: pdi


Helen Quinn PROJECT TITLE Ink & Shadow MEDIUM Photography

cead: pdi


Elizabeth Burns PROJECT TITLE Colour study III MEDIUM Acrylic, paper

cead: vap


Trish Duffy PROJECT TITLE Family Album, Inky day out. MEDIUM Stencil and ink on printed textile backing paper

Jamie Farrell PROJECT TITLE ‘Trace’ (Land, Sea and the Dimorphic) MEDIUM Sculpture

cead: vap

Fabienne Herbert PROJECT TITLE Sculpté et jeté MEDIUM screen printing (devoré) on fabric

Avril Hutch PROJECT TITLE Street Scape MEDIUM Acrylic on Coreyboard

cead: vap


Breda McNelis PROJECT TITLE Roof Lines MEDIUM Lino Print on Watercolour paper, inks.

Irene O Neill PROJECT TITLE River Reflections 2

cead: vap

Tara O’Reilly PROJECT TITLE If my love leaves me what will I do? MEDIUM Wax, Thread

Ethna Phelan PROJECT TITLE Nesting MEDIUM Wire, Aluminium and chickenwire

cead: vap


Margaret Walsh PROJECT TITLE ‘Silver Fields’ pendant necklace MEDIUM Sterling Silver, Ebony Wood, Brass, inlaid pendant necklace

Caroline Walker PROJECT TITLE Last walk MEDIUM Oils

cead: vap

ANN BATES PROJECT TITLE Portrait with shadow MEDIUM Chicken wire

Cliodhna Bourke PROJECT TITLE Memories

cead: diploma


Aisling Browne PROJECT TITLE no title MEDIUM still from video

Markus Davies PROJECT TITLE Untitled MEDIUM Coloured Origami Paper

cead: diploma

Louisa de Las Casas PROJECT TITLE Presence MEDIUM Oil on board-thorn branches

Anne Ebeling PROJECT TITLE ‘We don’t bleed if we don’t fight’

cead: diploma


Patricia Hennessy PROJECT TITLE Light Spectre MEDIUM Acrylic on Canvas

Diarmuid Kavanagh PROJECT TITLE ‘The sun always shone’ MEDIUM Print

cead: diploma

Philomena Lyttleton PROJECT TITLE Untitled 5 MEDIUM Ink and acrylic on canvas

Gwen O Sullivan PROJECT TITLE Faded Memories MEDIUM Oil and Charcoal on Canvas

cead: diploma


Linda Pearson PROJECT TITLE A Higher Pattern - Shining MEDIUM Photography

Susan Reilly PROJECT TITLE Birdied MEDIUM Metal and plastic

cead: diploma

Eamonn Ryan PROJECT TITLE Leather Horse & Man on Horse MEDIUM Bronze

Joseph Stafford PROJECT TITLE ‘Desolate No. 1’ MEDIUM Photographic Print cead: diploma


Irina Vorobieva PROJECT TITLE Untitled MEDIUM Acrylic on board

cead: diploma

Allan Buckett PROJECT TITLE Flurry MEDIUM Photocopy, pastel, graphite

Ruth Campo PROJECT TITLE Poolbeg Towers MEDIUM Mix media

cead: dvi


James Casey PROJECT TITLE The Repetitious Use of Space MEDIUM Pen, Marker, Ink, Colored Pencils

Patricia Leahy Corcoran PROJECT TITLE Untouched MEDIUM Pastel on black

cead: dvi

Daniela Monza PROJECT TITLE Intimacy #3 – Fourth series MEDIUM Sculpture/Photography

Grainne Mulligan PROJECT TITLE Chaos and order MEDIUM Ink on paper

cead: dvi


SINEAD O’HEAIRE PROJECT TITLE Night Drive In The Park MEDIUM Charcoal On Lining Paper

Frank Prendergast PROJECT TITLE Gaussian Uncertainty MEDIUM Digital

cead: dvi

Naomi Reilly PROJECT TITLE Journey through the Camino MEDIUM Mixed media

Fiona Roche PROJECT TITLE Karl’s sand hideout MEDIUM Charcoal on card

cead: dvi


Study at NCAD

The National College of Art and Design is a community of 1,500 undergraduate, graduate and part-time students based on Thomas Street in Dublin city centre. NCAD has been the most significant provider of Art & Design education in Ireland for over 250 years. Our current students are engaged in a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and research programmes across the disciplines of Fine Art, Design, Education and Visual Culture. To find out more about studying at NCAD, the programmes, the application process and the portfolio and other entry requirements contact the Admissions Office by phone: 353 1 6364200, by email or visit our web site: The NCAD College Open Day 2015 will be held on Wednesday 25th November 2015. This is an opportunity to tour the campus, visit the studios and departments, talk to staff and current students and find out more about the area of study you are interested in. All are welcome to attend.

study at ncad


nival: history is now

History is made in the present from the records, testimony and memories of the past. History is fluid and subject to interpretation and the writing of history is a creative, contributory process.

As custodians of these records, NIVAL is to the fore in understanding the evolving relationship between the artist and the institution in preserving the record of our visual cultural history.

Access to archives and other primary source material is essential to this process. The National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) collects, stores and provides access to the world’s largest collection of books, journals, exhibition catalogues, artist’s archives and print and digital ephemera documenting all aspects of 20th century and contemporary visual art and design in Ireland. NIVAL makes its collections available to a global audience of historians, artists, students and the general public by offering free public access to information resources on site and online.

Over the past year, NIVAL has collaborated with artists and cultural institutions to encourage public engagement with the collections beyond the library space. NIVAL worked in partnership with the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) to present a selection of ephemera and artworks in the exhibition Mobile Encounters: Documenting the Early Years of Performance Art in Ireland. The project traces the people, organisations and events that collectively contributed to shaping a culture of ‘mobile encounters.’ Key moments in this history were presented using NIVAL documentation alongside works from IMMA’s collection. Artist Dominic Thorpe performed somebody else’s mouth at the opening event in the IMMA Project Spaces and a series of public talks was delivered by artists Amanda Coogan, Aine Phillips, Nigel Rolfe, Alastair MacLennan and exhibition curator Jennifer Fitzgibbon of NIVAL.

The library holds a unique mix of institutional records, personally generated information and material from the public domain including publicity material and news media. NIVAL’s acquisitions policy includes visual art from the whole island as well as Irish art abroad and non-Irish artists resident in Ireland. NIVAL provides a secure and permanent home for artist-generated documentation and is sustained by material contributions from artists themselves along with other arts workers. As such, the collection documents thousands of projects and areas of research of national as well as global interest. NIVAL works to promote the value of arts documentation as a cultural resource and to foster greater awareness of the role of the artist in its production. As creators of the evidence for the historic record, contemporary artists are uniquely positioned to guide the development of the organisational framework in which their archives sit.


Unfolding the Archive, an exhibition of work by the international artists’ group Floating World, is the result of collaboration between NIVAL and the F.E. McWilliam Gallery & Studio in partnership with the NCAD Gallery. The exhibition takes its title from the tangible starting point for engagement with an archive – the simple act of unfolding – and the practice of appraisal, valuation and interpretation that is inherent in this process. Featuring new work by 11 artists from Ireland, the UK and Japan alongside a selection of archives from NIVAL and the F.E. McWilliam collection, Unfolding the Archive demonstrates the breadth of engagement and the broad range of methods and materials employed by artists to represent the relationship between their own contemporary practice and the act

of archiving arts documentation. Alongside artists’ books, which form the glue that holds the exhibition together, each artist responded to the collection in other art forms of relevance to their practice such as textiles, drawing, painting, sculpture and video installation. The exhibition was curated by Donna Romano, Librarian at NCAD and Dr. Riann Coulter, Curator of the F.E. McWilliam Gallery & Studio. The results of NIVAL’s ongoing partnership with the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) will be featured at the public launch of the repository in June 2015. DRI is the national trusted digital repository for Ireland’s social and cultural data. The repository links together and preserves both historical and contemporary data held by Irish institutions, providing a central internet access point. Two archival collections from NIVAL, the Kilkenny Design Workshops Archive and the Michael Healy 1916 Diary, will feature prominently among collections from TCD, NUIM, and NUIG. Donna Romano The Librarian NIVAL is an initiative of NCAD in collaboration with the Arts Council. Visit to learn more about the NIVAL collections and services.



ncad gallery year in review

The NCAD Gallery opened its doors in 2009 as the public face of the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). The Gallery’s curated programme supports contemporary practice and critical debate in visual arts practices by continuing to develop its programme and resources to facilitate contemporary discourse in the immediate environment of NCAD, engaging the wider visual arts sector and public audiences. The Gallery affords an opportunity for invited practitioners, researchers and writers, students and staff to experiment with, develop and publicly display their work. A function of the Gallery programme is to integrate the content, discussion, and mediation of selected exhibitions in support of the College course structures, while also deepening connections with the local community and the arts sector; reflecting the diversity and strengths of the College by developing and promoting the future of art and design in Ireland. In 2014 / 2015 the Gallery produced and promoted an expansive visual arts programme of exhibition, projects, performance, workshops and events. Some recent Gallery highlights include: the NCAD Gallery partnership with Black Church Print Studio working in close collaboration for Pull Bite Rally, a group exhibition and extensive four week events series to mark the Black Church Print Studio’s dynamic initiative Process. Artists included Brian Fay / Damien Flood / Jesse Jones / Isabel Nolan / Sarah Pierce; Unfolding the Archive: Floating World artists respond to NIVAL and F.E.McWilliam collections, the third iteration of our now annual NCAD Gallery & NIVAL partnership; and over a two week period The Performance Collective activated the Gallery space for ‘Excuse me, I’m not finished!’, with a series of live performances.

ncad gallery

Of note this year, was the expanded inclusion of student short exhibitions. The Gallery worked closely with seven interdisciplinary practitioners, Alanna Blake / Lucy Bowen / Jenny Drea / Julia Dubsky / Octavian Fitzherbert / Grainne O’Carroll / Sean O’Riordan in preparation of the exhibition, Cé leis é? Ancillary events included, the Irish NGO, Coastwatch Europe launch their annual coast survey in the Gallery, and the exhibition talk Cé leis é? and Systems Aesthetics hosted by Dr.Francis Halsall. The second impressive student project, Growing Closer saw Fabian Strunden and Rian Coulter progress the potential of the NCAD Community Garden Farm project through exhibition at NCAD Gallery. A public tour of the NCAD Community Garden Farm / NCAD Gallery ‘Growing Closer’ exhibition; the public lecture, ‘No-Dig’ Urban Farming by horticulturalist Charles Dowding introduced by Ciaran Cuffe; and the Irish Countrywomens’ Association / NCAD outreach cookery class with the CMS Learning Centre on Bridgefoot Street (in part, facilitated by artist Seamus Nolan) concluded the project events. In context of the NCAD Graduate Exhibition 2015 the NCAD Gallery presents, the Undergraduate Awards exhibition, ALIGNED, featuring winning and highly commended entrants in the visual arts category of UA 2014 from graduates of NCAD. Exhibiting artists are: Padraig Conway, Avril Corroon, Martha Daly, Katie Watchorn and Nicola Whelan. We hope you enjoy the show and return for more. Anne Kelly Curator NCAD Gallery Programme

For the duration of the NCAD Graduate Exhibition 2015 the NCAD Gallery will open guided by degree exhibition hours thereafter returning to normal gallery opening hours of 1pm - 5pm, Mon – Fri. ALIGNED exhibition dates are 4th - 26th June 2015. Admission is free. Please visit to read more about exhibitions and events programmed at the Gallery.

Exhibiting artist, Sarah Pierce performs on the opening night of Pull Bite Rally, NCAD Gallery. Image courtesy of the artist and NCAD Gallery, 2014.

ncad gallery



what is ncad origin8? Origin8 is an innovation and engagement gateway at the National College of Art and Design. Origin8 functions as a project management office where potential clients first discuss collaborating with NCAD. Funded and non-funded partnership projects are then developed with research teams across the college. Origin8 also functions as the NCAD technology transfer office where we commercialise our own research and intellectual property, as well as work industry partners to develop theirs. Origin8 supports NCAD staff, students and design residents in the development of their research work. Origin8 was set-up in 2013 and formally launched by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny in June 2014. Over the last three years we have successfully completed in excess of 150 client research projects. Within the first 18 months we managed to spin-out our first two campus company start-ups, as well as signed our first equity and licensing agreements. A third commercialisation funded research project started in January 2015. Earlier this year, following an international technology transfer peer review, Knowledge Transfer Ireland gave NCAD Origin8 an ‘A’ rating based on this early success. In April 2015, NCAD was listed in the QS Top 100 international Art and Design knowledge providers.


The remit for Origin8 includes all four schools: Design, Education, Fine Art and Visual Culture. While much of our external research projects are in the commercial world, we also work with community and nonprofit organisations. The international EU funded European Contemporary Self-Portrait project is an excellent example of this type of community immersed research work. We are also working with the Rediscovery Centre (RDC) in Ballymun, north Dublin, on the EU Life Plus funded Wiser project. building external research partnerships NCAD recently established a formal partnership agreement to work closely with Tyndall National Research Institute in Cork. This exciting development creates opportunities for NCAD to access smart technology and hardware expertise. It opens up the opportunity for NCAD and Tyndall National Institute to partner on a wide range of funded research projects. Our first significant collaborative project CitySense was showcased at the Web Summit and Innovation Showcase events in Dublin in late 2014. research funding models We continue work closely with Enterprise Ireland who provide a range of research grants, such as innovation research vouchers, innovation partnerships, technical feasibility grants and commercialisation funding schemes. Other clients have worked with the NCAD through knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) agreements. Our 2nd Annual KTP with TileStyle is a good example of a high impact project where their staff worked closely with our ceramics staff and students to create a collaborative sculpture exhibition.

Incubation Space John Horrigan’s Cara Mobility Products is Origin8’s latest campus company startup. Care Mobility Products are developing innovative assistive living devices for wheelchair users within our incubation space. Origin8 aims to develop opportunities not only to commercialise research but also to provide high quality art and design education through embedded and non-embedded partnership projects. Derek McGarry, Head of Innovation and Engagement



graduate exhibition locations

school of design

school of fine art

Ceramics & Glass Granary Building, Ceramic Studio & Red Square

fine print Granary Building, First Floor

Jewellery & Metalwork Design Building, Ground Floor

Media John Street West Building & Red Square

Fashion Design Building, Ground Floor

Painting Granary Building, Third Floor, Noel Sheridan Lecture Theatre and Engine Room

Industrial design Design Building, First Floor Textiles Art & Artefact Admin Building, Second Floor & Grey Square Textile Surface Design Design Building, Ground Floor Visual Communication Design Building, First Floor Industry Projects Design Building, Ground Floor school of education

Sculpture Granary Building, Ground Floor, Red Square & Resin Room postgraduate mfa art in the digital world Former Frawleys Shop, 35 Thomas Street mfa fine art Former Frawleys Shop, 35 Thomas Street mfa design Design Building, Ground Floor and Former Frawleys Shop, 35 Thomas Street

Design Building, Second Floor cead exhibition Design Building Ground & First Floor

graduate exhibition locations





Car park

Granary building Main Entrance Bridgefoot Street

Edward Murphy LIBRARY

Noel Sheridan LEcture Theatre


Emmet House




Thomas Court



foreword: Identity and Purpose





resin Room Entrance










First published in 2015 by the National College of Art & Design Coláiste Náisiúnta EalaÍne is Deartha NCAD is a Recognised College of University College Dublin © June 2015 All rights reserved NCAD, the artists, authors and publishers. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission in writing of the publisher. Published on the occasion of the NCAD Season of Exhibitions, May – July 2015. Catalogue compiled by Gemma Duke, Development Manager, Ncad Photography on pgs 008, 134, 152, 220, 222, 224, 250, 251, 258 by Matthew Thompson Designed by Printed by Print Run Members of An Bord [Until March 1, 2015] Seán O’Laoire, Chairman Prof. Declan McGonagle, Director Adrienne Eacrett Octavian Fitzherbert Orla Flynn Peter Johnson Suzanne Macdougald Lucy McCaffrey Dr Paul O’Brien Helen Steele Oliver Whelan Collette O’Sullivan, Non-Academic Observer


First Year Open Studio May 18 – 19 fashion show May 27 graduate exhibitions June 12 – 23 GALLERY EXHIBITION - ALIGNED June 4 – 26 cead exhibition July 2 – 9

Facebook NCAD.Dublin TWitter @NCAD_Dublin Instagram NCAD_Dublin #seeNCAD

ncad season of exhibitions 2015

100 thomas street, dublin 8

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