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2013-2014 THURGOOD MARSHALL MOCK TRIAL COMPETITION LETTER OF GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING FORM This form must be uploaded with your registration form at the time of submission. Please copy and paste to official school letterhead. [DATE] To Whom It May Concern: THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT [NAME] is enrolled in a program leading to the degree of [JURIS DOCTOR or MASTER OF LAWS] at [NAME OF SCHOOL]. [NAME] is currently is his/her [FIRST/SECOND/THIRD] year of school at [NAME OF SCHOOL] and is enrolled from [MONTH/2013 – MONTH/2014] THIS IS TO FURTHER CERTIFY THAT [NAME] is a student in good standing and is eligible to continue his/her study at [NAME OF SCHOOL]. THIS IS TO CERTIFY FURTHER THAT [NAME OF SCHOOL] has been accredited by the American Bar Association.


FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Date: _____________________________ National Director Approval: ____________________________

TMMTC Letter of Good Standing