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My Dear Brennan, I did not know you a year back but now I know you a life time, I have not seen you a year back but now I see you every day, I have not felt close to you before but now I feel your presence every minute, why Why, What, How and When There are questions I do not have answers to, But you give me the courage to continue on the quest You give me the hope to fight for the right Peacemaker you are, so I have heard And many more good attributes in such a tender age Are many qualities you have that we could latch on to To make this world a better place You came into my life one fine day How and why are still puzzling to me You are right there for me in the morning and dusk and dawn When things fall apart at work or life, You are right there picking me back up to continue the journey I talk about you to everyone I know Words are very hard to find to describe you All I do is say Brennan and tears start rolling down my eyes People know exactly what and how much you mean to me When I wonder is this special bond that I developed with you What is the reason for this attachment? How did it happen and Why? A hope you bring to this world A vision you have for us to come together A passion and dedication to make things better You walk the talk that many of us fail You are opening many doors and showing us a way Love and smile you spread far and wide I do not yet have answers to all, I do feel this strong special power knowing you, Ready to face the world along with you A special feeling with you that cannot be taken away It rests deep down my heart and blood Your hands so precious, holding hands did you fix small feuds Your eyes distinct, you believe in leaving a mark to make a difference Your empathy for others is the driving force for many Peace is all you asked for and caring and sharing in your genes Will continue the quest carrying your message and voice Finding the common ground for our struggles and those in despair Brennan, you have no idea how many eyes you have opened Your message of love and peace and health is being heard across the world Now I know now how it feels like to be touched by an angel! Love you and miss you Brennan. Thank you for coming into my life. With special bond, Nazeera

Poem for Brennan  

My Dear Brennan

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