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Acid Rain in the Mediterranean. HOW ITS FORMED Imagine all of the chemicals, and other toxic things you can think of floating up into the air, mixing with the clouds, and raining down on your neighbors, children, and friends. Acid rain is formed when chemicals like sulfur, carbon dioxide, and everyday household cleaners are released into the atmosphere. After toxic chemicals come in contact with the clouds, it mixes with the evaporated water. Then the clouds release moisture containing toxins, creating acid rain.

EFFECTS OF ACID RAIN Acid rain causes statues and buildings to fall down, drinking water to be poisoned, and health problems. If you think about what acid rain is called, you should probably be able to find out that it is acidic. So it breaks down materials just like viniger can break down chalk. Because of its acidity it will slowly destroy buildings and statues. But this isn’t the only

thing it will do. It will also poison our drinking water; if you drink too much you can get health problems, and some fatalities have occured. Think about all of the plants and trees on earth and of the water that they take in to produce food for themselves. Now imagine them taking in poisoned rain water. If you actually thought about it you would have realized that this might kill or harm the plants. This is a serious problem because it kills or damages about a hundred trees every single week. Acid rain also gives us health problems like athsma, coughs, and headaches. It is more dangerous to elderly people and people with heart problems.

SOLUTIONS One of the only known solutions to fix the issue of acid rain posioning water is a process called liming. Sadly this process is only a temporary fix, and it is very expensive. It is only a temporary fix because after the water is clean, more polluted rain gets back into the water and overpowers the purity of the clean water. It costs about a quarter

of a million dollars just to clean a small lake.

PREVENTION OF ACID RAIN One of the ways to prevent acid rain is to cut down on the use of carbon dioxide. A reason for this is because the gas mixes with precipitation and comes down as acid rain. Another tip to prevent acid rain is to use less aerosol products, like hairspray, cleaning products, and even whipcream bottles. Another way to prevent acid rain is to use alternative energy sources like using electric cars insted of gasoline and cutting back on coal burning.

CONCLUSION Acid rain is becoming more and more of a problem as global warming increaces. If we don’t take action soon our fresh water supply will be diminished, our buildings and statues will also take a toll.

Elizabeth Crawford  #5  

Many people  know  about  pollution  in  the  oceans,  but  do  people  know  that  it  can   also  affect  our  future?  And  that  they  are  affecting  many  animals?    

Humans Polluting  the  Indian  Ocean  and   How  it’s  Affecting  the  Animals     Human’s  Are  Affecting   Pollution  More  than  You  Think!   Humans  have  been  pinpointed   to  be  the  main  cause  of  ocean   pollution.  A  few  reasons  that   people  are  polluting  in  the   Indian  Ocean  are,  some  people   think  that  the  oceans,  seas,  and   rivers  are  just  large  places  for   trash,  chemicals,  sewage,  etc.,   so  people  just  dump  all  kinds  of   those  things  that  I  just  listed   into  the  water.  Some  people   just  litter  on  the  beaches,  and   when  the  tide  comes  in,  the   trash  goes  into  the  water  with   the  tide.  Pollution  is  high   especially  in  the  Indian  Ocean   since  there  are  a  lot  of  the   countries  that  have  major   industries  that  dump  toxic   waste,  sewage,  and  have  ships   that  dump  their  ballast  water   into  the  seas  that  lead  into  the   Indian  Ocean  that  carry   bacteria,  invasive  species,  and   new  dieses  that  the  people   there  have  nothing  to  protect   themselves  from.  We  can  help   stop  the  polluting,  but  only  a   few  percent  of  millions  in  the   world  are  trying  to  stop  the   devastating  pollution.     What  are  the  Consequences?     There  are  many,  many   consequences  of  pollution  and   polluting.  Here  are  just  a  few.   The  polluting  is  causing  many   animals  to  die,  including  some  

native species  that  were   already  endangered.  Various   types  of  plants,  fish,  and  coral   reefs  are  dying,  and  that  is   affecting  the  whole  ecosystem   of  the  ocean.  Trash  like  plastic   bags  can  get  caught  around   bird’s  necks.  Along  with  plastic   can  packages.  When  the   chemicals  and  toxins  get  into   the  plants,  they  become   poisoned,  along  with  the  fish   that  eat  those  plants.  The   polluting  is  also  affecting  us.   Many  beaches  that  were  once   sparkling,  relaxing,  and  clean,   are  now  a  wasteland  of   garbage  that  has  come  from   the  ocean.  Also  with  that  bad   deal  of  spoiled  beaches,  comes   the  spoiled  swimming  areas.   Now  the  water  in  the   swimming  areas  are   contaminated,  so  they  make   people  ill.  Some  people,  who   can’t  treat  the  illness,  die.     Are  We  Trying  to  Save  the   Future  of  the  Water?   You  bet!  Some  people  are   making  laws  to  stop  the   dumping  of  chemicals  like  PCB   and  DDT  in  the  lakes  and   oceans.    They  are  especially   trying  to  protect  the  Indian   Ocean  because  of  all  the  coral   reefs  there,  because  the   coral  reefs  are  a  major     food  source  for  other   animals.  Some  scientists  are  

working to  study  new  ways  to   protect  the  oceans  from  water   pollution.  For  example,  they   are  putting  up  many   boundaries  along  coasts  and   beaches,  away  from  the  tide,   so  no  more  trash  can  go  into   the  ocean  by  tide  water.  A  lot   more  people  are  going  to  try  to   keep  the  Oceans  safe  for  the   future  and  many  years  to   come.  Ocean  pollution  can  also   be  prevented  by  banning  the   use  of  the  dangerous  forms  of   agricultural  chemicals,  building   sewage  treatment  plants,  using   aircraft  to  follow  and  monitor   ships  that  dump  chemicals,   toxins,  and/or  ballast  water   into  the  oceans,  and  using  laws   to  stop  industry  dumping   waste  in  the  rivers  and  seas.     The  Overall  Performance   Right  now  the  overall  condition   of  the  animals  that  we  are   hurting  is  very  poor.  Many   animals  are  still  dying  as  we   keep  on  polluting  the  oceans.   Many  more  have  gone  onto  the   endangered  species  list,  and   some  are  even  in  grave  danger   of  going  extinct.  So,  the   question  is,  what  are  you  going   to  do  to  help  protect  the   oceans?  Or  are  you  going  to   even  help  all?  

Global warming  is  warming  our  world,  causing  Antarctic  animal   population  to  go  down  and  causing  animals  to  migrate  South  because   of  habitat  destruction.  

Global Warming,  a  Threat  to   Antarctica.    

Global Warming    

Global Warming’s   Effect  on  the  Arctic   Animals  

disappearing of  sea  algae   affects  every  animal  above   them  in  the  food  chain,   because  sea  algae  are  at  the   bottom  of  the  food  chain.      

Have  you  heard  about  the   recent  wild  fires  in  Texas,  the   three  days  of  tornados  in  the   With  our  world  warming  like   Central  United  States  or  even   a  green  house  animals  in   the  snow  on  April  18th  in   Antarctica  are  having  a  hard   Michigan?  Some  would  say   time.  For  example,  the  Adelie   that  this  bizarre  weather   penguin  population  has   comes  from  global  warming.   reduced  by  33  percent.   Global  warming  is  that  over   Global  warming  is  also   the  past  hundreds  of  years   causing  the  Adelie  penguins   certain  gases  (carbon   to  migrate  south  because  of     dioxide,  nitrous  oxide  and   methane  which  are  also   Antarctica’s  ice  caps  are  melting   green  house  gases)  have   which  is  a  problem  for  many   created  a  blanket  around   animals  that  feed  off  of  the  ice.   the  earth.  Soon  the  warm   heat  from  the  sun  gets   trapped.  When  the  earth   Carpool,  Prevent   gets  to  hot  it  can’t  take  of     Global  Warming.   the  blanket.  This  causes   This  is  a  picture  of  an  Adelie  penguin;   global  warming.  Some  of      With  global  warming   they  are  being  greatly  affected  by   this  bizarre  weather  might   affecting  our  earth  there  are   global  warming.     come  from  the  sun  passing   a  few  things  that  you  can  do   through  the  earth’s   the  warming  temperatures.   to  help  slow  down  global   atmosphere,  which  is  also   Another  species  that  is   warming  and  the  green   referred  to  as  green  house   having  a  tough  time  is  sea   house  gas  process.  One  thing   gas  effect.  Our  world  is   algae.  The  sea  algae  that   that  you  can  do  is  use  the   warming  like  a  green  house.   normally  live  under  the  sea   three  R’s,  reduce,  reuse  and   ice  are  disappearing  because   recycle.  If  you  use  reuse  able   the  sea  ice  is  melting.  The   water  bottle  instead  of  

Global warming  is  warming  our  world,  causing  Antarctic  animal   population  to  go  down  and  causing  animals  to  migrate  South  because   of  habitat  destruction.  

Global Warming,  a  Threat  to   Antarctica.     plastic  water  bottle  then  less   plastic  will  go  into  landfills.   Also  you  can  carpool  or  ride   your  bike  to  work.  If  you   carpool  less  pollution  from   the  oil  in  your  car  will  go  into   the  air.  You  can  also  help  the   earth  by  using  the  off  switch.   By  turning  off  lights  when   you  leave  the  room  you  can   save  energy.  If  you  do  these   three  simple  things  everyday   you  can  help  save  the  arctic   animals  and  help  save  the   earth.        

    If  you  turn  off  lights  when  you   leave   the  room  you  can  help     save  energy  and  electricity.      

Where are  all  our  fish  going?  Is  there  anything  we  can  do  to  help?  

Overfishing in  Northern   Africa    

Killing the  Sea            Fishermen  are  commercial   fishing  and  killing  other   animals.  When  fishermen  are   commercial  fishing  they  have   big  nets.  The  nets  go  under   the  water  and  catch  big   schools  of  fish.  If  different   species  of  fish  are  with  the   schools  of  fish  getting   caught,  they  get  caught  too.   The  fishermen  keep  all  the   fish  and  the  ones  they  don’t   need,  they  just  let  die.    These   fish  are  casualties  of   commercial  fishing.            There  is  a  big  decline  in   the  fish  and  it  is  going  in  a   cycle.  If  a  fish  that  is  a   casualty  of  commercial   fishing  is  food  for  another   species,  then  the  other   species  will  end  up  dying.   The  cycle  just  continues.            An  example  is  a    big  fish   likes  to  eat  the  smaller  fish   and  the  smaller  fish  eats   algae.  If  the  big  fish  gets   caught  then  they  can’t  eat   the  small  fish.  The  small  fish   end  up  getting  over   populated.  The  small  fish   need  to  eat,  so  they  eat  all  

the algae.  The  algae  can’t   grow  quick  enough,  so  the   smaller  fish  die.  If  this  cycle   keeps  going,  then  most  of   the  sea  will  die.  

bag. Once  the  school  of  fish   is  in  the  net,  the  fishermen   have  a  button  on  the  ship  to   make  the  net  close.  There  is   no  way  for  the  fish  to  escape.  

Causes of  Overfishing  

       The  boats  are  close  to   shore.  They  act  like  floating   factories.  They  have   everything  a  fish  factory   would  have.  They  have  big   machines  to  scale,  clean,  and   package  the  fish.    

       An  overpopulated  city  by   the  ocean  is  a  major  cause  of   overfishing.  If  so  many   people  like  to  eat  at  fish   restaurants,  the  restaurants   need  more  fish.    The   restaurant  needs  to  pick  a   company  to  get  their  fish   from.  The  fish  come  from   commercial  fishing.              Another  cause  is  too  many   people  out  on  the  sea  at  one   time.  The  government  needs   to  get  patrols  out  on  the   docks  so  fewer  people  can   commercial  fish  in  that  area.    Huge  Boats  Are  

Commercial Fishing            Commercial  fishing  is   done  with  a  big  boat.  The   boat  has  a  GPS  system  for   finding  large  schools  of  fish.   They  also  have  the  big  nets   to  catch  the  schools  of  fish.   The  nets  act  like  a  drawstring  

         The  boats  even  have  a   compartment  for  the   workers  to  sleep,  eat,  use  the   restroom,  and  play  games.  

Humans? Helping?            How  are  humans  helping   this  situation?  Citizens  are   putting  fish  trackers  in  the   fish  to  see  what  species  of   fish  are  getting  caught.  The   government  is  putting   patrols  out  on  the  docks,  so   not  as  many  ships  can  go  on   the  sea  at  once.      

This is  a  commercial   fishing  boat.  

Air Pollution  in  the  Rocky   Mountains  

S cientists h as  d iscovered  r ising  p ollution  levels  in  t he  


Subtopic  #1    You  can  see  that  this  is  a   good  place  to  type  your   article.    To  help  you  see  how   that  will  look,  I’ve  copy  and   pasted  the  text  of  the   Declaration  of   Independence.   When,  in  the  course  of   human  events,  it  becomes   necessary  for  one  people  to   dissolve  the  political  bands   which  have  connected  them   with  another,  and  to  assume   among  the  powers  of  the   earth,  the  separate  and   equal  station  to  which  the   laws  of  nature  and  of   nature's  God  entitle  them,  a   decent  respect  to  the   opinions  of  mankind  requires   that  they  should  declare  the   causes  which  impel  them  to   the  separation.  

Subtopic #2   We  hold  these  truths  to  be   self-­‐evident,  that  all  men  are   created  equal,  that  they  are   endowed  by  their  Creator   with  certain  unalienable   rights,  that  among  these  are   life,  liberty  and  the  pursuit  of  

happiness. That  to  secure   these  rights,  governments   are  instituted  among  men,   deriving  their  just  powers   from  the  consent  of  the   governed.  That  whenever   any  form  of  government   becomes  destructive  to   these  ends,  it  is  the  right  of   the  people  to  alter  or  to   abolish  it,  and  to  institute   new  government,  laying  its   foundation  on  such   principles  and  organizing  its   powers  in  such  form,  as  to   them  shall  seem  most  likely   to  effect  their  safety  and   happiness.  Prudence,  indeed,   will  dictate  that  governments   long  established  should  not   be  changed  for  light  and   transient  causes;  and   accordingly  all  experience   hath  shown  that  mankind  are   more  disposed  to  suffer,   while  evils  are  sufferable,   than  to  right  themselves  by   abolishing  the  forms  to   which  they  are  accustomed.   But  when  a  long  train  of   abuses  and  usurpations,   pursuing  invariably  the  same   object  evinces  a  design  to   reduce  them  under  absolute   despotism,  it  is  their  right,  it  

is their  duty,  to  throw  off   such  government,  and  to   provide  new  guards  for  their   future  security.  -­‐-­‐Such  has   been  the  patient  sufferance   of  these  colonies;  and  such  is   now  the  necessity  which   constrains  them  to  alter  their   former  systems  of   government.  The  history  of   the  present  King  of  Great   Britain  is  a  history  of   repeated  injuries  and   usurpations,  all  having  in   direct  object  the   establishment  of  an  absolute   tyranny  over  these  states.  To   prove  this,  let  facts  be   submitted  to  a  candid  world.   He  has  refused  his  assent  to   laws,  the  most  wholesome   and  necessary  for  the  public   good.  

Subtopic #3    


Air Pollution  in  the  Rocky   Mountains  

S cientists h as  d iscovered  r ising  p ollution  levels  in  t he  


   The  Culprits     Air  pollution  in  the  Rocky   Mountains  is  rising.  Car   exhaust,  factories,  and   agricultural  activity  are   raising  those  levels  too  high.   Smoke  from  factories  has   been  contaminating  the  air,   making  it  hard  to  breath.   Pesticides  farmers  are  using   also  are  contaminating  the   air.  Scientists  have  been   testing  the  air  quality  of  the   Rocky  Mountains  and  have   found  that  the  air  pollution   has  increased  since  1990.   They  have  found  nitrates  and   ammonium  in  the  causes   that  have  polluted  the  air.   These  causes  need  to  be   stopped  before  the  air   pollution  rises  too  high.    

“Don’t breath  here!”     The  pollution  in  the  Rocky   Mountains  creates   dangerous  health  issues.   These  issues  aren’t  just  for   animals,  but  for  humans  that   visit  the  mountains,  too.  

These issues   nation’s  air   make  it   quality.  It  was   unsafe  to   passed  to   breath   lower  the   there.  The   cause  of  air   pollution       pollution  and   has  affected   the  loss  of   You  can  see  the  air  pollution  in   the  whole   biodiversity  in   this  picture.   ecosystem   the  nation.   of  the  Rocky  Mountains.  The   There  have  been  several   biodiversity  in  the  mountains   changes  to  this  act  in  the   has  created  development   past  several  years  to   problems  such  as  being   enhance  the  law.  This  act  has   unable  to  grow  and  unable   been  improving  the  air   to  produce  oxygen,  which   quality  in  the  Rocky   adds  to  how  unsafe  the  air  is   Mountains,  and  we  need  to   to  breathe  in  the  Rocky   keep  it  that  way.   Mountains.  This  is  part  of  the     reason  the  air  quality  is  so   bad.  These  factors  all     contribute  to  an  unsafe   environment.    

  The  Act  to  Change  the                   World     To  stop  the  air  pollution  in   the  Rocky  Mountains,   Congress  made  a  law.  The   law  is  called  the  Clean  Air   Act.  Congress  enacted  this   law  in  1990.  This  act  defines   the  responsibilities  for   protecting  and  improving  the  

  This  picture  shows  a  clear  day  in  the                   Rocky  Mountains.  

The worst  environmental  disaster  the  U.S.  has  faced…  

The B.P.  Oil  Spill  Affecting   Animals  

The B.P.  Oil  Spill    Many  people  agree  with   President  Obama  that  the   B.P.  Oil  Spill  is  the  worst   environmental  disaster  in   U.S.  history.  The  oil  was   spilled  in  the  Gulf  of  Mexico.   It  destroyed  many  habitats   that  many  animals  use.   Beaches  near  the  gulf  were   covered  in  oil  and  the  spill   killed  thousands  of  animals.   It  was  an  unexpected  and   tragic  event.  The  B.P.  drilling   rig  failed  and  later  exploded.   B.P.  faced  many  disastrous   events  during  the  spill.  

When the  rig  exploded,   eleven  people  were  killed   and  a  lot  severely  injured.   For  many  of  the  men  and   woman  who  survived,  the   explosion  is  just  a  memory,   along  with  the  people  who   died  in  it.  

Death to  an   Ecosystem  

Along with  the  people  killed   in  the  explosion,  much  of  the   wildlife  in  the  gulf  was   destroyed  because  of  the   explosion.  Many  of  the   animals  in  the  gulf  were   killed  because  they   Start  of  a  Disaster   swallowed  oil.  Most  animals,   like  seals  seals  and  pelicans   The  drilling  rig  exploded   don’t  realize  they  are   because  it  had  a  bent  drill   swimming  and   pipe  which   feeding  in  oil.   cut  off  the   They  are  covered   flow  of  the   in  a  thick  coat  of   oil  the   oil  because  they   drillers   were  swimming   were     in  oil.  The  coat   getting   gets  stickier  over   A  dead  bird  floating  on  top   from  under   of  water  after  being  covered   time.  This  can   the  sea.   cause  wings  or   in  oil.   This  caused   flippers  to  stick   mud  and  water  to  spray  all   to  the  body  of  the  animals,   over  the  rig.  It  later  exploded   causing  them  to  drown.  The   and  sank,  spreading  the  oil.   coat  of  oil  can  cause    

hypothermia, dehydration,   and  damage  to  red  blood   cells  and  eyes.  It  interferes   with  breeding  and  sent,   which  seals  and  their  pups   use  to  find  each  other  

Destroying a   Destroyer   Many  people  take  time  out   of  their  life  to  help  clean  the   oil  out  of  the  gulf  and   beaches.  The  helpers   cleaning  the  beaches  are   using  machines,  such  as  the   Kettner  Robot,  to  clean  the   beaches  and  rid  them  of  oil.   Others  are  finding  surviving   animals  and  are  cleaning  the   oil  off  of  them  to  make  them   look  new.  They  are  keeping   the  animals,  after  they  clean   them,  in  an  aquarium  or  zoo   until  a  new  home  is  found  for   them.  The  gulf  is  still  in  need   of  help  but  has  improved   since  the  Deepwater  Horizon   Blowout.          

Global Warming  in  the  Arctic  area  is  a  serious  deal.  It  affects  the  polar  bears  a  lot,   but  before  you  learn  about  the  polar  bears  you  need  to  know  what  Global   Warming  really  is.  

Global Warming in the Arctic Area

Learn what  Global   Warming  is   Global  warming  is  a  rise  in   earth’s  temperature  of  about   three  degrees.  Global  warming   can  melt  ice  due  to  the  rise  in   temperature.  The  rise  in   temperature,  overtime,  will   cause  most  of  the  ice  in  the   Arctic  area  to  melt.  If  we  don’t   stop  global  warming,  all  of  the   ice  in  the  Arctic  area  will   completely  melt  and  lots  of   animals  will  loose  their  homes.   Global  warming  is  caused  and   being  prevented  by  ordinary   people.  

How  Global  Warming  

is caused  and  how   they  affect  Global   Warming     There  are  a  lot  of  causes  to   global  warming.  For  example,   the  gas  inside  your  car  is   burning  fossil  fuels,  which   cause  carbon  dioxide  to  release   into  the  air.  Another  human   cause  of  global  warming  is   building  factories  and   plantations.  Factories  and   plantations  have  a  big  part  in   the  start  of  global  warming.   Both  produce  greenhouse   gases.    Greenhouse  gas  is  a  gas   that  mostly  comes  off  of  

factories and  plantations.  The   gas  rises  into  the  air  and  thins   some  of  the  ozone  layer.  The   ozone  layer  protects  earth  from   the  sun’s  direct  hear  and   radiation.  The  more  the  ozone   layer  thins,  the  warmer  the   earth  gets.  Plantations  and   factories  also  dump  pollution,   which  is  filled  with  dangerous   chemicals,  into  the  water.  The   chemicals,  then,  pollute  the  ice   and  cause  more  radiation.    

America is  working  to   Stop  Global  Warming  

America is  preventing  global   warming  by  research  and   school-­‐wide  activities.  The   research  that  America  is  doing   is  working  with  Britain  on   geology  and  deep  ice  drilling   program.  America’s  scientists   are  also  using  the  British   Antarctic  Survey  to  test  the   temperature  and  to  see  how     much  it   Global   increases.   Schools  are  also   Warming  is   trying  to  prevent   affecting   global  warming.   Schools  are   polar  bears   making     donations  to   scientists  that   Global  warming   are  preventing   is  hurting  the   global  warming.   polar  bears  a   Polar  bears  are  trying  to   Schools  are  also   lot.  The  melting   find  their  way  on  what  is   car-­‐pooling  to   of  glaciers  and   left  of  the  ice  in  Antarctica.   prevent  burning   ice  sheets  is   fossil   f uels.   causing  the  polar  bears  to  loose   their  habitat.  Polar  bears  live   on  the  ice  and  can’t  survive  in   the  water  for  too  long.  The   polar  bears are  also loosing   their  food  because  the  loss  of   ice  means  the  loss  of  polar   bears’  hunting  grounds.  Thus,   polar  bears  have  an  increased   scarcity  of  food.  


Global Warming is causing animals to die or migrate south.

Global Warming in Antarctica. Global Warming.

Carbon dioxide, nitrous, and methane create a heavy blanket causing the sun’s energy to get trapped. The Earth can’t take off the blanket causing the Earth to get too hot and that creates global warming. When global warming occurs there is an increase in temperature causing it to be sixty degrees warmer. That’s bad for the animals because they aren’t adapted to the heat and could die. If the gases escape it would be sixty degrees colder.

Causes of Global Warming. One problem that causes global warming is the greenhouse effect. Sunlight passes through the atmosphere causing the release of radiated heat into the Earth. Another problem causing global warming is lot of

gas and exhaust from cars and factories. Gas and exhaust causes global warming because it causes thereto be more greenhouse gases in the air.

the animals aren’t adapted causing them to either die or migrate south. Another problem is the ice caps melting. When the ice caps melt, sea levels raise causing animals to loose their habitats.

Ways humans can stop Global Warming in Antarctica.

Penguins are one of the animals are affected by global warming.

Humans can do things to stop global warming by not using their cars as often as they can. They can carpool, walk, and ride bikes to use less exhaust and gas. They also need to reduce the amount of gas coming from factories in the cities.

Effects on the Animals of Antarctica Global warming in Antarctica is affecting the animals. One problem is the heat. If the temperature all of a sudden gets sixty degrees warmer

People are walking places to not use their cars as much.

Everyone knows what global warming is. But they may not know exactly how bad it actually is for everyone.

The Dying Tundra Destructive Humans Killing the tundra can be a part of your daily life. Killing the tundra can be a part of you life when you burn fossil fuels while using electricity or driving automobiles. Fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum, are burned to generate these. The gas from

without getting sick. Along

humans are exposed to

with pollution, the extra heat

radiation, it can seriously

is melting animal’s ice homes.

damage their skin and health.

The heat is also melting ice, which causes the water level to go up. The excess water is running over organisms’ habitats, and drowning the organisms too.

The Tundra’s New Allies There’s no way to re-grow the ozone layer, but there are ways to help global warming in general. For instance, the Alaskan government saved

the burning fossil fuels is sent

Humans Hurt Humans

into the atmosphere, polluting

Along with killing animal’s

parks so it’s illegal to litter or

it and also bringing the

habitats, the ice melting

take resources from them. It’s

temperature up because fossil

causing the sea level rising also

not just governments that can

fuels need heat to burn.

kills human

help, though. It can

Another thing leading the


become a part of your

tundra to destruction is the

The excess

daily life. For example,

thinning of the ozone layer.

water will

carpooling is a great

The ozone layer protects


help to stop global

Earth from the sun, but now

floods all

warming. Carpooling to

it’s thinning due to chemicals in

over the

aerosol foam, such as

world. In

Chlorofluorocarbons. Aerosol

the United

foam is a substance covered in


glue used to fill spaces in

thirteen of

hardwood floors. With the

the largest cities are on or

part, too. Now, instead of

ozone layer depletion, humans

near coastlines. Floods can ruin

staying inside burning fossil

and the tundra are exposed to

the cities completely, which

fuels while using electricity,

the sun’s burning heat and

is destroying homes and

they are spending more time


lives. To follow the floods,

The polar bear stands on the little ice left the Arctic.

the ozone layer thinning will

Trouble in the Tundra

make a big impact on people

Everywhere, humans are

everywhere. Without the

covering the earth’s thin

thick blanket of the ozone

atmosphere, which can get into

for protection from the sun,

the tundra’s water, not allowing organisms to drink from it

some tundra areas as state

humans are being exposed to the sun’s radiation. When

work or school can help reduce the amounts of fossil fuels going into the atmosphere. Children are taking a

outside. Saving your own home, the earth is very important, so clean up and save energy; it’s your own home.

This essay  will  tell  you  all  the  things  you  need  to  know  about…  

Desertification in  Africa    

Causes of   Desertification    Desertification  is  very  bad   because  it  turns  semi-­‐arid   land  into  desert.   Desertification  happens   because  it  gets  really  hot,  it   doesn’t  rain  for  a  long  time   and  the  ground  dries  up.   Eventually  the  lands  where   desertification  is  happening   slowly  turns  into  a  desert.   Desertification  is  a  big   problem  in  Africa  because   the  northern  part  of  Africa   has  some  semi-­‐arid  land  and   desertification  is  happening   there.    

 Ways  of  Preventing   Desertification   People  need  to  prevent   desertification.  Some  people   plant  new  trees  and  plants.   People  also  keep  plants  alive   by  watering  them.  People   can  dig  deep  wells  to  get   water.  People  can  use  the   water  to  make  ponds  and   streams.  

desert animals,  but   desertification  makes  semi   arid  land  smaller,  which  is   bad  for  animals  that  live  in   semi-­‐arid  areas.  People  need   to  take  action  and  prevent   desertification  as  much  as   possible.        

Desertification’s Affects  on  Plants  and   Animals   Desertification  kills  animals   and  plants.  The  animals   either  leave  the  area  that   turned  into  desert  or  they   stay  and  risk  dying.  Usually   only  cold  blooded  animals,   such  as  snakes  and  lizards,   stay  in  the  area  where   desertification  occurs.  Plants   run  out  of  water  and  die   unless  the  plant  is  adapted  to   life  in  the  desert.        

  This  is  a  picture  of  desertification   happening  in  Africa.    

Desertification’s   Affects  the  Deserts   Desertification  makes  deserts   bigger,  which  is  good  for  

The 2 010  o il  s pill  b ecame  a  b ig  d estruction   to  the  G ulf  o f  M exico.  It  w as  a  b ig  p roblem  that   affected  n ot  just  s ea  life  b ut  u s.    

Effects on  Gulf  of  Mexico  Oil  Spill    

The Effects  on  Sea  Life   The  Oil  Spill  in  the  Gulf  of   Mexico  was  a  disaster.  It   affected  many  things   including  sea  life.  The  oil  can   hurt  many  animals  and  sea   creatures  including  sea  birds,   fish,  oysters  and  more.  The   oil  can  coat  sea  birds  forcing   them  not   to  fly.  Also,   if  fish   digest  the   oil  into   their   system  it   can  poison   Oil  covers   them.  This  can   seabirds  just  like   kill  the   this  one.   innocent  fish.  The  oil  can  also   harm  a  fish’s  eggs.   Furthermore,  the  oil  can  lie   on  top  of  an  oyster,  coving   his  only  breathing  whole.   This  can  cause  the  oyster  to   die  from  no  water  and  air.   Even  maybe  a  little  oil  can  do   a  huge  damage.      

Effects on  People   Oil  doesn’t  just  hurt  sea  life,   it  can  hurt  us.  Even  though   we  don’t  live  in  the   contaminated  water,  it  can   still  get  to  us.  If  you  come  in   contact  with  the  oil,  it  can   cause  many  health  issues.  

For example,  flu-­‐like   symptoms,  dizziness,   headaches,  and  skin  dieses   are  all  causes  from  oil.   People  say  to  stay  away  as   best  as  they  can.  Oil  is  highly   toxic  and  full  of  chemicals.  It   can  do  lots  of  damage  to   anything  that  comes  in  its   way.    

Solutions They   Used                                             After  about  3.3   million  gallons  of  oil   got  dumped  into  the   Gulf  the  oil  spill  was   stopped.  The  workers  put   a  lot  of  work  into  fixing   the  problem.  Before  they   ever  got  the  winning  idea,   the  used  sub-­‐sea  robots  to   see  where  the  problem  was   and  how  they  could  possibly   stop  it.  When  the  idea  of  a   cap  came  to  them  they  had   to  try.  The  cap  actually  was  a   good  idea.  After  a  lot  of  tries,   they  got  the  cap  to  work.   That  was  the  end  of  the  oil   Spill.  

Solutions to  Clean  Up                   Imagine  how  long  it  would   take  just  to  stop  an  oil  spill,   but  now  you  clean  it  up.   Cleaning  up  the  oil  took  a  

long process  also.  They  got   ideas  from  outsiders  and   used  methods  from  scientists   to  find  a  way  to  clean  up  the   contaminated  water.  One   method  was  to  leave  the  oil   alone  and  hope  it  dissolves.   Another  was  to  use   disappearance  to  break   down  the  oil.  Lastly,  they  had   the  idea  of  skimming  the  oil.   They  used  the  method  of   skimming  the  oil  with  ropes   or  other  tools  to  clean  it  up.   Even  though  the  oil  spill  on   April  20th,  2010  was  over,   there’s  still  oil  left  behind.   Finding  ways  to  collect  all   that  oil  left  over  today  will  be   hard.  But  at  least  the  oil  is   stopped.    

Workers  used  a  tool  to  skim  the   oil  and  bring  it  back  to  shore  


The 2 010  o il  s pill  b ecame  a  b ig  d estruction   to  the  G ulf  o f  M exico.  It  w as  a  b ig  p roblem  that   affected  n ot  just  s ea  life  b ut  u s.    

Effects on  Gulf  of  Mexico  Oil  Spill          

Enter the Amazon to see the truth of the dying rainforest.

Clear-cutting in the Amazon Clear-­‐cutting

animal habitats  in  the   rainforest  less  time  to  help  

Clear-­‐cutting is  cutting  down  

these animals  in  need.    

trees at  a  faster  rate  then   they  can  grow.  People  use   different  methods  for  this   such  as  slash  and  burn  or  just   logging.  Slash  and  burn  is  

Uses and  dangers  for   clear-­‐cutting  

cutting down  a  selection  of   trees  and  allowing  them  to   dry,  and  then  setting  a  fire.   This  is  an  easy  method  for   most  people  because  it  is   faster.  But  this  method  is   also  very  dangerous  and  can   cause  forest  fires,  which  can   be  a  huge  problem  and  will   take  out  so  many  animal   habitats,  and  will  also   eliminate  many,  many   animal  species  from  the   rainforest  if  these  people  are   not  careful.  Also,  since  this   process  of  slash  and  burn  is   faster  than  most  methods   people  still  do  it,  which  gives   people  trying  to  save  the  

But, there  are  actually  many   different  uses  for  clear-­‐ cutting.  Such  as,  furniture,   farming,  cattle  ranching,   settlements,  and  many  other   land  uses.    The  causes  for   deforestation  problems  are   mostly  for  economic  and   social  reasons.    As  they  say   the  trees  are  the  worlds   lungs,  meaning  that  trees   recycle  the  worlds  oxygen   through  the  process  of   photosynthesis  of  course.   Trees  also  maintain  the   balance  of  oxygen  and   carbon  dioxide  which  none   of  us  would  be  on  earth  right   now.    

Endangered animal   and  plant  effects   In  most  parts  of  the  Amazon   we  are  clear-­‐cutting  too   much  causing  animals  and   they’re  habitats  to  suddenly       disappear.    But  logging  is  not   only  affecting  animal  species   but  is  also  affecting  plant  life   in  the  rainforest.  Did  you   know  that  80  percent  of  the   world’s  plant  life  was  all  in   the  Amazon  rainforest,  and   there  were  about  1,500   species  of  higher  plants,  like   Ferns  and  conifers,  and  750   types  of  trees?  Here  are   some  endangered  plant   species,  orchids,  the  rafflesia   flower,  mangrove  trees,   kapok  trees,  and  many  more   varieties  of  plant  life.  There   are  also  many  species  of   animals  on  the  endangered   list  that  are  about  to  become   extinct  from  logging.  Such  as,  

Enter the Amazon to see the truth of the dying rainforest.

Clear-cutting in the Amazon pandas, parrots,  river   dolphins,  and  much  more   animal  varieties.  

Global warming  is  the  cause  and  everything  is……  

Melting Away    

Main Causes     The  Greenhouse  effect  is  the   main  of  global  warming.  The   Green  house  effect  is  caused   by  gases  in  the  atmosphere.   These  gases  are  released   when  people  burn  fossil  fuels   such  as  oils,  coal,  and  natural   gas.    Most  of  the  gases  come   from  people  driving  cars.  The   gases  in  the  atmosphere  let   heat  from  the  sun  in  but  it   doesn’t  let  the  heat  out.  This   warms  the  world.  

Global Warming   Continues   If  global  warming  continues   the  sea  level  will  rise  because   of  two  factors.  One  the  ice   sheets  are  melting  and  two   the  sea  water  is  expanding   because  the  water  is   warming  up.  Hurricanes  and   regular  storms  because  there   will  be  more  warm  air  to  mix   with  the  cold  air.  This  is  how   storms  are  formed,  so  now   they  will  be  stronger.  Also,   droughts  and  floods  will   become  more  common   because  of  the  irregular   storm  patterns.  The  total   amount  of  fresh  water  in  the   world  will  drop  because  the  

increased temperature  will   cause  the  water  to  dry  up.        

as washers,  dryers,  and  light   bulbs.  These  use  less   electricity  so  they  help  stop   global  warming.  People  are   Affects  on  Animals     driving  less  and  biking,     jogging,  and  roller  skating   more.  When   The  ice  sheets  are   people  don’t   melting  due  to   drive  their   global  warming.   cars  don’t   The  people  who   give  off   live  on  the  ice  and   harmful   use  it  as  hunting   emissions.           grounds  will  be   New  trees   affected.  Not  only   The ice sheets are suck  up  co2   melting because of global will  the  people  be   warming.   and  put   affected  but  also   oxygen  into  the  air.  A  lot  of   the  animals  that  rest  on  the   new  trees  have  been   ice  will  be  affected  by  the   planted.  These  are  some   loss  of  the  ice.  Small  ground   ideas  people  have  had  to   hugging  shrubs  that  use  the   help  stop  global  warming.   ice  as  a  habitat  will  lose  the   ice  they  need.  Some   scientists  say  that  the  land   that  was  covered  with  ice   will  be  replaced  with   coniferous  forest.  

What People  are   Doing     People  are  lowering  their   thermostat  in  the  winter  and   raising  it  in  the  summer  in  a   push  to  help  stop  global   warming  and  save  some   money.  People  can  use   energy  star  appliances  such  

A solitary  man  stumbles  towards  an  endless  horizon;  the  mountains  of  bleached  sand  barely   distinguishable  from  the  skimpy  clouds  in  the  sky.    Animal  bones  dot  the  sand  like  a  postcard  or   cartoon…some  may  be  his  cattle.    Is  this  to  be  the  fate  of  the  desert?  

Causes and  Effects  of   Desertification    

Desertification   The  cause  for  this   could-­‐be  fate  is   desertification.     Desertification  is   ultimately  the  loss  of   plants  in  deserts,  but  it   can  have  many   unexpected  and   dangerous  outcomes;   all  affecting  plants,   then  animals,  then   ultimately  people.    But   we  made  this  mess,   and  now  we  need  to   clean  it  up.   The  Soil  Plant  Cycle   Let’s  start  at  the   beginning,  which  is   obviously  people,  so   let’s  start  with  the  first   thing  that  we  

mindlessly kill,  plants.     If  only  we  could  have   chosen  to  kill   something  else  off,   because  plants  happen   to  be  at  the  very   bottom  of  the  food   chain.    Why  is  that  a   problem  you  ask?    If   the  plants  die,  the   animals  eating  the   plants  die  (not  to   mention  the  humans   have  it  pretty  bad  as   well).   On  top  of  it  all,  it’s   nearly  impossible  for   them  to  come  back!     You  see,  the  only  way   water  is  held  in  that   desert  soil  is  the  roots   of  plants,  without   those  roots  the  water   simply  flows  over  the   surface  causing  

mudslides and  erosion.     That’s  just  another   reason  plants  really   need  to  come  back,   which  unfortunately  is   not  happening   enough.   Up  the  Food  Chain   Now  that  we  know   what’s  happening  to   the  backbone  of  the   food  chain,  let’s  see   what  affects  it  has  on   everything  else.     Almost  every  solitary   animal  in  the  desert   eats  plants,  and  of   coarse  it’s  not  enough   for  humans  to  kill  off   there  most  vital  food   source,  we  must  find   ways  to  hurt  them   further.    One  way  we   have  found  to  

A solitary  man  stumbles  towards  an  endless  horizon;  the  mountains  of  bleached  sand  barely   distinguishable  from  the  skimpy  clouds  in  the  sky.    Animal  bones  dot  the  sand  like  a  postcard  or   cartoon…some  may  be  his  cattle.    Is  this  to  be  the  fate  of  the  desert?  

Causes and  Effects  of   Desertification    

accomplish this  is   building  fences.    Plants   are  far  and  few   between  as  it  is,   correct?    Well  then,   what  happens  when   we  cut  animals  off   from  wide  ranges  of   space?    They  are   blocked  from  those   plants,  eat  almost  all   of  the  ones  they  can   reach,  and  then  run   out.  This  process  is   called  overgrazing.     Of  coarse  we’ve   found  other  ways  like   farming  of  average   land  to  kill  the  desert,   but  overgrazing  is  one   of  our  biggest   problems.    Are  you   starting  to  see  the  pit   of  a  cycle  

desertification can   cause?     Breaking  the  Cycle   As  much  as  I  hate  to   admit  it,  some  people   are  slightly  smarter   than  the  idiots   destroying  the  deserts.     Smarty’s  like  these   have  invented  and  are   activating  their  plans.     Some  are  as  simple  as   planting  new  trees,   but  others  are   epiphanies  like  making   fertilizer  from  stone!     Farming  methods  are   improving  as  well,  and   with  them  the  lives  of   farmers  and  their   animals  alike.    Finally,   there  is  hope.   The  Beginning    

Slowly but  surely,   deserts  are  beginning   to  improve.    Problems   like  overgrazing  are   still  they’re,  but   getting  smaller.    The   deserts  may  never  be   as  they  were  in  the   beginning,  but  who   knows?     Green  starts  to   tinge  the  mountains  of   sand,  now  slightly  tan   instead  of  bleached.     Animals  graze  on  the   new  plants,  and  an   occasional  seedpod   blows  past  in  the   breeze.    Is  this  to  be   the  fate  of  the  desert?  

Find out  what  it  is,  why  it’s  happening,  the  consequences  of  it,  and   what  people  are  doing  for  it.  It  is  our  super  populated  southwest   semiarid.    

Super Populated  Semiarid    

What is  Over   Population  

Consequences of  Over   Population                                    

Over population  happens   when  too  many  people  move   to  one  area  in  a  country.  A   great  number,  such  as  100   people,  just  keep  moving  to   the  area  and  the  habitat  gets   destroyed.  The  semiarid   habitat,  then,  becomes  a  city   and  the  natural  beauty   vanishes  from  the  land.  

Consequences of  over   People  are  preventing  this   population  include  loss  of   over  population  by  having   semiarid  areas  and  many   less  people  move  there  and   animals  losing  their  habitat.   by  not  building  on  top  of  the   The  animals  will  then  invade   semiarid  habitat.  The  people   human  territory,  become   that  aren’t  moving  to  the   endangered,  and  maybe   semiarid  are  staying  home,   even   staying  local,  or   become   moving  to   extinct.   other  places.   Humans   Also,  instead  of   will  then   building  on  top   live  with   of  the  habitat,   the  guilt   construction   of  killing   workers  are   even   building  near     the  habitat,  so   more   innocent   people  can  still     Over  population  is  a  major   animals,   enjoy  the   problem  in  the  southwest   and  I,   climate,  but   semiarid  areas  in  the  United   along   they  aren’t   States.   with   destroying  the   many  other  people,  would   habitat,  or  the  animals.     not  like  living  with  that  guilt   in  our  lives.  If  our  country         loses  part  of  its  semiarid   habitat,  then  we  lose  more     of  our  natural  beauty  and  I     don’t  think  people  would  like   the  beauty  disappearing   from  our  land.  

Causes of  Over   Population    The  over  population  in  the   semiarid  area  is  caused  by   retiring  people,  lots  of   building,  and  a  great  climate.   People  retire  in  the  semiarid   area  because  of  the  great   climate.  The  climate  includes   hot  and  humid  weather,  mild   precipitation,  and  good  soil   for  agriculture.  Construction   workers  are  spending  a  lot  of   their  time  building  things  like   homes,  retirement  homes,   and  industries.  They  are   building  those  things   because  many  United  States   citizens  are  retiring,  or  just   moving  to  the  southwest   semiarid  area.    

Solving Over   Population                                          

“Honey, turn  of  the  lights  when  you  leave  the  room.”  That  was  the   sound  of  a  mother  caring  and  trying  to  stop  air  pollution.  Simple  things   like  this  can  reduce  the  thinning  of  the  ozone  layer.    

Against Air  Pollution  in   Australia    

Effects of  air  pollution   Air  pollution  does  serious   damage  to  our  Earth.  Air   pollution  can  hurt  or  even  kill   animals.  If  air  pollution  is  a   very  harmful  thing  and  air   pollution  kills  animals  that   will  reduce  some  of  our  food   source.  Air  pollution  can  also   kill  plants.  Plants  that  we   grow,  is  a  major  part  of  our   food  source  too.  Air  pollution   could  kill  vegetables  that  we   grow  and  if  we  don’t  try  to   stop  air  pollution  we  could   all  be  in  danger.  Over  time  in   Australia  the  pollution  is   getting  so  bad  that  it  is   putting  a  hole  in  the  ozone   layer.  If  air  pollution  is  that   bad  it  can  harm  humans   because  the  ozone  layer   protects  us  from  the  suns   powerful  rays.  If  we  don’t   have  a  ozone  layer  and   people  are  outside  or  at  a   beach  in  the  sun,  then  you   could  have  a  chance  of   getting  skin  cancer  or  skin   poisoning.  Scientists  are   predicting  that  by  2050  the  

ozone layer  will  be   completely  gone.            

Causes of  air  pollution   Aerosol  spray  cans,   refrigerators  and  air   conditioners  are  just  some   things  that  cause  air   pollution.  When  CFC  gets   released  into  the  air  that  is   what  destroys  the  ozone   layer.  If  you  feel  air  pollution   is  doing  you  harm  or  you   don’t  want  these  terrible   effects  to  happen  to  you   then  don’t  buy  the  items  that   I  listed  above.  By  turning  of   lights  when  you  leave  a  room   can  help  stop  air  pollution.  It   can  help  stop  air  pollution   because  the  less  electricity   you  use  the  less  air  pollution   we  have.  By  making  these   small  changes  in  your  life  are   not  hard  to  do.  If  air   pollution  continues  that’s  a   different  story.    

Why air  gets  polluted   Air  gets  polluted  because  of   what  is  in,  air  conditioners,   aerosol  spray  cans  ect.  The   chemical  that  is  in  those  

objects is  called  CFC.  CFC  is  a   chemical  compound   developed  as  an  alternative   to  more  dangerous   chemicals.  CFC  can  harm   people  by  raising  the   percentage  of  getting  skin   cancer  and  or  skin  poisoning.   It  also  can  hurt  plants  and   animals  because  it  is  a  toxic   chemical  that  is  very   harmful.  People  can  help   stop  pollution  by  not  buying   air  fresheners,  whip  cream   spray  bottles,  or  air   conditioners.    Also  by  not   driving  so  much  can  help  too.   If  you  only  have  a  short   distance  to  go,  you  can  walk   instead  of  drive.    

Reducing of  air   pollution   When  you  are  at  home  or   anywhere  else,  and  you  own   an  iPod,  cell  phone  ect.  Don’t   leave  your  chargers  in  the   wall.  If  you  do,  at  the  end  of   the  charger,  electricity   comes  out  as  it  is  plugged   into  the  wall  and  pollutes  the   air.  Leaving  a  charger  in  the  

“Honey, turn  of  the  lights  when  you  leave  the  room.”  That  was  the   sound  of  a  mother  caring  and  trying  to  stop  air  pollution.  Simple  things   like  this  can  reduce  the  thinning  of  the  ozone  layer.    

Against Air  Pollution  in   Australia     wall  can  lead  to  holes  in  the   ozone  layer  because  air   pollution  is  what  creates  the   hole.  To  get  air  pollution  you   have  to  have  objects  that   pollute  the  air.  Chargers   happen  to  be  one  of  those   objects  that  pollutes  the  air.          

The pollution of our oceans is threatening dolphin populations all around the world.

The Effects of Ocean Pollution on Dolphins For dolphins, the ocean is their home. We must all help to preserve their beautiful habitat.

and liver diseases. In addition, young dolphins may face problems with growth development.

Industrial Dumping

A dolphin enjoying its natural habitat.

Littering Dolphins often confuse trash in the ocean for food. Plastic is especially dangerous for dolphins. Everything from plastic cups to plastic bags and plastic rings from pop cans can cause serious issues. If they eat it, they could get diseases or even choke to death. The trash can cause digestive system problems

Companies are also The oceans have become so dumping sewage and polluted with trash that dolphins other chemicals into the struggle to survive. oceans. Dolphins are then The United Nations automatically exposed to Environment Program these toxins. Many of (UNEP) has formed an these toxins cause them to agreement to help clean get sick or die. up beaches along oceans. Organizations like the UNEP are also going out on boats to help clean up the water.

Companies are dumping toxic chemicals into the ocean.

Sources of Help

There is still hope to save our dolphins. By cleaning up our oceans, we can ensure that these magnificent creatures live on for generations to come.

Step into the Amazon and see what we are destroying.

Amazon Annihilation Clear-cut Logging Clear-cut logging is when all or most trees in one area are cut down. When this happens trees can’t grow back because they are cut down too fast. Loggers also burn down the trees because it is easier but the flames are harder to control so loggers don’t use that method as often. Clear-cutting causes deforestation. Deforestation means to clear the forest. When anyone cuts down a tree in a forest, that starts deforestation.

The Animals Mammals, like monkeys, that live in the Amazon mostly live in or around trees. The three-toed sloth lives in the trees and is now endangered because of clear-cutting. The gorilla and pangolin live around the trees for protection and if trees are cut down they will be forced to move.

Reptiles are affected too. Pythons, for example, lay eggs and lie next to them until they hatch. When trees are cut down pythons could lose their homes and have to abandon their babies. Birds are affected the most by clear-cut logging because their nests are in the trees. One bird that was affected is the green violet ear hummingbird. It is now endangered because their homes were cut down.

The Effects Degradation of animals is one effect of clear-cutting. Degradation means to decrease or to disappear. It’s not just the animals that are affected, trees are affected too. All of the endangered animals will be extinct if clear-cutting continues. Also the animals that are not endangered will become extinct. If that happens even more animals are in danger of becoming extinct.

Preventions This is a pangolin, one of the endangered animals.

The Endangered Species Act (E.S.A.) is a law that bans clear-cut logging in the Amazon. Some people don’t follow this law, though. This

is why the effects are still taking place. Nature preserves help prevent clear-cutting so there is more than just the E.S.A. to stop loggers. Nature preserves help save the habitat of many animals because people can’t walk in and kill animals with litter. These preventions and later preventions could save the Amazon and all the animals that live inside.

The Mediterranean  was  full  of  life,  now  it  is  a  barren   sea.  We  are  

Overfishing the   Mediterranean  Sea  life.   Soon  there  will  be  no  more  fish  to  fish   Overfishing  Affects   the  Mediterranean   Sea   The  fishermen  of  the   Mediterranean  Sea  are   taking  too  many  fish  out  of   the  waters  at  once  before   the  fish  are  ready  to   reproduce.  This  is  called   overfishing.  Since  the   fishermen  are  running  out  of   adult  fish  so  they  are   catching  younger  fish  before   they  are  ready  to  mate.     Since  less  and  less  fish  are   being  caught,  fishermen  are   loosing  their  main  supply  of   fish.    If  overfishing  continues   Egypt’s  economy  will  face   disaster.   The  Mediterranean  is  a   barren  sea.    Sixty-­‐five   percent  of  the  species  that   live  here  are  in  danger  of   going  extinct.    The   Mediterranean  Sea  is  loosing   a  wide  range  of  species  due   to  fishermen  wanting  profit   and  being  careless.  

Illegal fishing  causes  many  of   the  big  fishing  problems  in   the  Mediterranean  Sea.  

A  driftnet  trapped  this  shark.    

Illegal and  Careless   Fishing   When  fishermen  put   driftnets  of  Spanish  lines  out   into  the  water  they  are   catching  unwanted  fish.    By   accident  fishermen  are   catching  sharks,  dolphins,   and  even  sea  turtles!    Plus  by   the  time  the  fishermen  put   the  unwanted  fish  back  in   the  water  the  fish  are  almost   dead  due  to  the  time  out  of   water.  

Many of  the  fisheries  in  the   Mediterranean  Sea  use   illegal  driftnets.  .  Driftnets   catch  many  unwanted   species  like  sea  turtles,   dolphins,  and  sharks.    Some   driftnets  can  be  up  to  12   miles  long.   A  lot  of  fishers  are  catching   more  fish  then  they  need,   just  to  make  an  extra  buck.  

Fish Species  Being   Affected   Many  species  are  being   affected  by  the  overfishing  in   the  Mediterranean  Sea.     Here  are  just  a  few  examples   of  the  hundreds  being   affected.  Due  to  overfishing   the  blue  fin  tuna  has   decreased  80%  in  the  past  20   years.  Forty  percent  of  shark   and  stingray  species  are  in   danger  of  going  extinct.    

The Blue  fin  tuna  is  fading  fast  

Some other  species  that  are   in  danger  are,  the  red  mullet,   hake,  swordfish,  sea  bream,   marlin,  and  even  sea  turtles!   If  overfishing  continues   scientists  have  made  some   pretty  astounding   predictions.    The  scientist   predicted  that  without   immediate  action  the  blue   fin  tuna  will  go  extinct  very   soon.    Also  in  2006  scientists   predicted  that  without   immediate  action,  in  2048  all   the  fish  species  will  be  gone.  

We are  also  trying  to  get  rid   of  the  driftnets  for  good.  

We are  also  trying  to   regulate  fish  counts.    It   makes  this  extra  hard  when      countries  have  been  under   showing  their  fish  counts.     France  has  just  recently   revealed  their  fish  counts   and  they  were  way  higher   then  expected.   These  are  the  ways  that  the   Mediterranean  Sea  life  is   being  affected  by   overfishing.      

Fixing  the  Problem   Today.   Today  we  are  trying  the  fix   the  overfishing  problem  in   many  different  ways.    For   example,  there  are  laws   being  made  that  only  so   many  fish  can  be  caught  at   one  time.   Another  example  is  fishing   vessels  are  being  registered   to  fish  in  the  Mediterranean   Sea.  

This sea  turtle  was  caught  by  a  Spanish  long  line.  

Impact Earth  
Impact Earth  

Human and Environmental Interactions