Vol 4, Issue 3

Page 50


1Impressions st

Today’s world is primarily digital; between LinkedIn,

Skype, Facebook and more, it’s easy to forget what is being lost: the physical connection. In most situations, you’ll meet a new boss or client online before meeting them face-to-face and though you’ll recognize them, it’s important to remember you still need to make a good first impression. There are many aspects that can affect a first impression such as clothes, mannerisms, etiquette and most importantly, the first handshake. Though often overlooked, the first handshake can reveal crucial information that the digital world has kept hidden.

The Vise 2. The Vise: A favorite of men, the vice reveals the desire to dominate. With a grip that can stop the blood flow in a hand, it is normally accompanied by a sharp downward pump. This handshake is sometimes used by a person who fears others will dominate them.

Stereotypes highlight men as having a firm handshake while women are relegated to the weak, loose handshake. Here you will learn what handshake you have, what it means and what handshake you should adopt as your own, moving forward.

The Bone-Crusher

“The Definitive Book of Body Language” describes the six worst handshakes and what they mean about your inner self. 3. The Bone-Crusher: This handshake leaves a lasting impression of pain and a fear of future handshakes. A close cousin to the Vise, the Bone-Crusher is often given from an aggressive personality. It has no warning as it seizes its opponent’s hand into a disfiguring position. There have been incidents of blood being drawn due to jewelry squeezed into the soft flesh of the hand. To play it safe, avoid wearing rings.

The Wet Fish 1. The Wet Fish: This happens when you’re shaking a cold and clammy hand. It often leaves a “flaccid feel of the Wet Fish” (59). This handshake normally is associated with weak character. This is because the palm can be turned over easily. The receiver will see it as a lack of commitment.

The Fingertip Grab

A genetic condition called hyperhidrosis can cause chronic sweating; if you have this condition, it is best to carry tissues to dry your hand before a handshake. 4. The Fingertip Grab: This handshake is common



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