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Interview with

Nicole Cober, Esquire

Principal Managing Partner of Cober Johnson and Romney (CJR), Legal Analyst, DC Fox News, Board Member, National Women's Business Council (NWBC)

Nicole Cober is Principal Managing Partner of Cober Johnson and Romney (CJR), Legal Analyst of DC Fox News, and Board Member of the National Women's Business Council (NWBC). With 15 years of experience and a sharp entrepreneurial acumen, Nicole has turned her attention to helping other women grow their businesses, become leaders in the industry, and maintain a healthy balance in their personal and professional lives. NAWRB: What inspired you to start your business? How has the company changed from how you initially envisioned it? Nicole Cober (NC): What inspired me to start my business was really my first business failing. I had a day spa and hair salon chain for about ten years. When the economy tanked and I was forced to close, it left me very reflective and insightful. I learned a lot of good things that I wish I could have changed, so I thought opening a business consulting practice that emphasized my strengths of legal and communications would really be an asset to people who had their businesses coming along, like startups and those that wanted to scale. I really wanted to take my blessings learned and help other people in an effective way. Within a relatively small amount of time, the relationships that I’ve developed with different entities like the Small Business Administration through serving as a mentor in their core program, as well as having five years in their Emerging Leaders program, has enabled our company to have a very public space and reach a lot of different people. I’m very happy that that relationship has helped bring awareness to my company so I could council businesses



Profile for Women in the Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem

Vol. 8 Issue 3  

Success of Women-Owned Businesses

Vol. 8 Issue 3  

Success of Women-Owned Businesses

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