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People in the Mews QARNNS call on Quorn in Gib


DURING a recent visit to the Rock, HMS Quorn sent out an invitation to Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval N u r s i n g Service n u r s i n g officers and nurses serving

at Royal Naval Hospital Gibraltar to come on board for lunch. Among those taking up the invitation were (pictured from left): Deputy Matron (soon lo be M a t r o n ) . S u p e r i n t e n d i n g Nursing Officer Patricia Hambling; Matron, Chief Nursing Officer Christine Poole. who is soon to leave Gibraltar; and Senior Midwife. Superintending Nursing Officer Dianne Williams, who will be taking over as Deputy Matron.

Power-ful work by portraitist

WHETHER calling the faithful to Sunday worship or accompanying the hymns during it, HMS Brave's bellringers are a familiar feature on board the frigate. Charge Chief Bill Skil- senting towns and ports — leter and his team use a particularly on the recent set of handbells which ori- visit to Canada. And a ginally belonged to the more original excuse for battleship HMS Renown. time off has yet to be She received them from found . . . Pictured from left: CWEA the Leicester Cathedral Dave Thompson, CPOSA Bellringers in 1943. Today, the Brave campa- George Freemantle, CWEA Lovibond and nologists receive count- Marr less invitations to play CCWEA Bill Skilleter. alongside teams reprePicture: LA(Pnot) Dave Coombs.

MASONS DONA TE £2,500 TO RNBT CHARITABLE donalions made in memory of Mr Vic Kerswill included £2,500 lo the Rova! Naval Benevolent Trust.

ONLY serving side-by-side in the Royal Navy for a period of nine months, the Power brothers didn't get the opportunity to have their picture taken together. No matter, a painting of the five in uniform now has pride of place at their parents' home in Nottingham. It was painted by Nottingham artist

Class '34 TO MARK his 70th birthday — an age shared by all those present — Cdr. Peter Meryon, former family welfare officer at HMS Nelson, organised a reunion for the friends who attended BRNC Dartmouth with him back in 1934. Ten of them gathered in the wardroom at Portsmouth to talk about old times. Among the guests was Cdr. Nisbet Glen, whose career with the Royal Navy spanned no less than 53 years — from 1934 lo 1987. After wartime service which included reconnaissance surveys of the N o r m a n d y beaches and D-Day itself, Cdr. Glen continued in his specialist field of hydrographic surveying. In 1955 he moved into the hydrographic office, joining the tidal branch at Cricklewood. He was there 12 years and then moved to Taunton where he became Superintendent Tidal Branch, staying until 1987.

Sibling surprise WHEN a New Zealand reader wrote to Navy News for information about his late father he ended up being united with two brothers and a sister he didn't know he had. Mr Herbert Hughes, who had been brought up by an aunt and was unaware his parents had any other children, joined the Royal Navy in 1933. After the War he t r a n s f e r r e d to the RNZN and made his home in Auckland.

Louis Jeacock, who worked from individual photographs. Pictured from left are MEM Tony Power (24) of HMS Drake, LS David Power (22), of HMS Dryad, ex-MEM Brian Power (27), last of HMS Ajax. submariner LWEM(O) Steven Power (28) and AB(S) Sean Power (26), of HMS Exeter.

Mr Kcrswiil. who died in February, served in the Royal Navy during ihe War, afterwards moving to government service in Hong Kong, where he rose to be officer in charge of customs at HK International Airport. A staunch Freemason, he was appointed D e p u t y D i s t r i c t Grand Master of the Far East

VISITING DIPLOMAT US AMBASSADOR to Britain, the Hon. Henry E. Catto, presented this year's Britannia Lecture, taking as his subject "The United States' Role in NATO and her Policy Towards Europe — West and East". Afterwards Mr Catto toured the Royal Naval

in 19S5. The donation lo the RNBT was made by the Hong Kong and Far East Masonic Benevolence Fund Corporation, marking Mr Kerswill's time in the Navy. A further £2.500 was donated to the Scottish Masonic Homes and HK$35,000 was donated to a Hong Kong religious order.


CHIEF Cashier of the Bank of England, Mr Malcolm Gill, was invited on board HMS Valiant — the first all-British nuclear submarine — as part of a visit lo Clyde S u b m a r i n e Base. Faslane. Mr Gill was guided on his tour by Lieut.John Cunanc. the Valiant's supply officer.


The ideal place for service men and women and their families visiting London, conveniently located near Waterloo Station with all modern facilities * Double and single bedrooms, some including family suites now with private bath/shower/w.c. •* Restuarant, bars, colour TV rooms, launderette, reading & writing rooms, conference area -* Modest rates for serving soldiers and ex-service members with separate accommodation for officers * Bargain breaks December — March, send for details * Christmas packages available, details on request * Members of Allied and Nato Forces most welcome Special rates for children under 13 years of age Under 3 — No charge All meals paid separately A fully furnished 2 bedroom flat available for short term selfcatering lets Write or telephone: Reservatons Office, Union Jack Club, Sandell Street, London SE1 8UJ Telephone 071-928 4814


College. He was entertained to lunch by the lecturers and to dinner by the Captain of the College, Capt. Robin Shiffner. Mr Catto also presented two defence studies prizes. Acting Sub Lieut. Simon Clark (HMS Charybdis), who passed out in April, won the prize for the 1989 autumn term. Acting Sub Lieut. Andrew Spark, who passed out at the end of July, took the prize for the 1990 spring term.

Fresh flowers sent daily from ihe nursery lo any address in the UK or Ireland. Include your own special message lo show thai you have your loved one in mind — someone — somewhere is waiting to hear from you 12 ROSES Red/Pink (large) £12.85 24 ROSES Red/Pink (large) £17.50 12 CARNATIONS Red/Pink/Mixed £11.50 20 'FREES1A Mixed wilh fern £8.00 40 FREES1A Mixed wilh fern £11.75 10 ROSES Mini-box £8.50 BOUQUET Special Mixed £21.50 BOUQUET Pink/Red Carnal ions/Freesia/Fem £15.50 BOUQUET Roses/Carnations/Freesia/Fern £16.50 BOUQUET Iris-blue/Carnalions/Freesia/Fcrn £13.60 BOUQUET Spray Carnations/Freesia/Fern £9.50

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Above: Mr. Catto presents a defence studies prize to Acting Sub Lieut. Andrew Spark. Fellow prizewinner, Acting Sub Lieut. Simon Clark, is inset.

Prices include P.P. and VAT

—^ mmm VISA AND ACCESS CARDS ACCEPTED M ••«• Please make cheque or E'.O. payable to: JOY'S ROSES AND TOYS. Flamingo. Bas Capelles, Si Sampson Guernsey, C.J. Telephone: (0481) 46708

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