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Notice Board Promotions to Chief AUTHORITY for promotion of the following ratings to chief petty officer was issued by HMS Centurion in August: OPERATIONS BRANCH (SEAMAN GROUP) To CPO(OPS)(EW) — W. A. Peacock (Dryad). To CPOfMW) — P. R. Cawsey (SMOPS Nelson), D. W. Bamber (Sheraton). COMMUNICATIONS GROUP To CRS — 1. A. Stairs (Challenger). MARINE ENGINEERING To CMEM(L) — R. CampDell (RNR Tay), P. J. Middleton (Sultan). To CMEM{M) — T. Cox (Fearless). SUPPLY AND SECRETARIAT To CPOCK — P. Clare (UKSU SHAPE). To CPOWTH — J. Johnston (ACE SRGN Italy), I. F. Gacmory (Cleopatra). J. Donovan (Captain CM?.). MEDICAL BRANCH To CPOMA — G. W. Selfe (RNH Haslar). SUBMARINE SERVICE To CRS(SM) — A. J. Nash (2400 SP Crew). C. M. Hamilton (Captain SM2), N. J. Bevins (CTF 345). To CMEM(MMSM) — P. K. Bortnwick (Neptune NT). FLEET AIR ARM To CPOA(MET) — W. G. Thomas (ARE Portland). To CAEM(M) — R. l-illey (Nelson Whale Island). CHIEF PETTY OFFICER ARTIFICER HMS Centurion has been notified of the following promotions to chief petty officer artificer which were made by commanding officers in June and July: CPOMEA — I. Black (Fit Eng Devpt). T. E. Davies (Cleopatra). P. R. Downs (Manchester). J. W. Howells (Sultan), R. J. Hulbert (Brilliant). W. M. Lovell (Portsmouth FMRO).

T. Merrick (Defiance FMB), B. J. Montague (Cardiff), C. C. Scott (RM Poole). G. Walker (Portsmouth FMRO). M. I. Wharton (Neptune NT). A. White (FSU-03). ACPOMEA — M. E. Baker (Coventry). M. Bardon (Leander Refit Gp). P. Blake (Neptune), R. G. Howe (Royal Arthur), P. Jennings (CFM Rosyth). J. Miller (Sultan), S. E. Nash (Sultan). M. E Woodacre (Sultan). ACPOMEA(L) — D. T, Halford (Neptune NT). S. M. Perry (Sultan), A- Woods (Battle axe). CPOAEA(WL) — D. E. J. Bennett (707 Son. Heron). CPOAEA(M) — N. J. Crocker (829 Fit 237). CPOAEA(R) — P- J. Cuihbert (RNAS Culdrose), B. J. Kerrigan (829 Fit 209). CPOWEA — N. R. Blabef (Revenge Stbd), P, Brady (Cornwall). D. J. Colman (Exeter), W. Dine (Revenge Stbd), A. M. Donaldson (Collingwood), G. Edgington (Challenger), P. M. Gibbons (Collingwood). G. A. Goodger (Broadsword). A. Hill (Neptune SM10). K. D. Hollett (Neptune SM10). N, Johnson (Revenge Stbd), D. Merrick (Manchester). I. S. Merrill (Torbay), R. J. Poole (Coventry), M. E. Roberts (Collingwood}. T. C. Scott (Sultan), D. E. Short (Exeter), D. W. Thomas (Invincible), S. Walker (Revenge Stbd). ACPOWEA — A. L. Cooper (2400 SP Crew). T. J. Crisp (Brave), N. Hartley (Collingwood). I. Jarvis (Dolphin SMMU). C. D. Kerr (CFM Rosyth), P. C. Malone (Warspite), J. E. McMillan (Resolution Port), D. F. Stewart (CRM Rosyth). ACTING CHARGE CHIEF ARTIFICER Authority was issued by HMS Centurion in July for the following ratings to be promoted to acting charge chief artificer: To ACCMEA — A. P. Gibbins (Sultan). A. G. Naylor (Neptune NT), P. Barker (Revenge Port). A. J. Rayment (Revenge Port). P. J. Dunkley (Defiance FM8). S. P. Eagle stone (Portsmouth FMRO).

Swop Drafts STO W. A. Russell, HMS Campbeltown. Will swop for any Devonport or Portsmouth ship in refit 01 not deploying LSA Mote. 2S (Port) Mess. HMS York. Will swop for any Island or Castle class OPV.

LS(M) Whyte, drafted HMS Coventry Nov 90, will swop for any GWS 25 Mod O Type 22 or Plymouth shore draft. Please contact 30 Mess, HMS Brazen. LS<M) Page, (GSA1), 3D Mess, HMS Exeter, Will swop for any Portsmouth ship not deploying or refitting 1991. LS(R) Morgan, 3K Mess. HMS Jupiter, will swop for any Plymouth ship. WRENWTR J. Armstrong, Regional Careers Hqtrs, Rosyth. Will swop for any Portsmouth draft. Contact HMS Cochrane ext 4129 or WRNS Quarters, ext 2477 (evenings). S(S) K. Brunton, HMS Cardiff. Will swop for any Rosyth ship, deploying or not. LA(AH) R. M. Smith, drafted TO RNAS Yeovilton Oct. 90. Will swap for any RNAS Culdrose billet. Contact Culdrose ext. 7163. CK P. Coleman, FOST, HMS Osprey, drafted HMS Nottingham Oct, refitting Portsmouth. Will swop for any Portsmouthbased Ship, preferably deploying. Contact HMS Osprey ext. 2306. LWTR Bradman, POWOC 17, HMS Raleigh (Sept-Oct). drafted HMS Warrior. Oct. POWTR's billet. Will swop for any Portsmouth shorebase. Write to HMS Nelson or contact Mountbatten Block, HMS Raleigh from Sept 3. AEM (M)1 Flynn, 800 Naval Air Squadron. RNAS Yeovilton, ext 5401, drafted Portland, October. Will swop for any Yeovilton draft. L/S (EW) Tanner, HMS Beaver, refitting Devonport. Will consider any sea-going bhip not based Devonport. SA Poikey. HMS Challenger, home waters until early 1991. Will swop for any Rosyth ship. Contact Naval Stores Office, ext 22619.

AB(R) Youde, HMS Battleaxe, drafted HMS Hermione, January. Will swop for any Devonport ship or shore base. POMEMfL) Lees, HMS Ambuscade. Will swop for any Portsmouth ship. POWEA Preston, HMS Active, drafted ARE Teddington (London). December, two years. PO/CPO WEA(AD) suitable. Will swop for any Plymouth shore base. POMEM(M) J. G. Carney. Pass Office, HMS Neptune, ext 6601, drafted HMS Hurworth. November, Portsmoulh based early 1991. Will swop for any Rosyth, Hunt or Island class ship. L/CK Selwood, HMS Raleigh, drafted HMS Roebuck. Will swop for any Type 22, deploying or not. Contact the Ajax galley. CPOWEA'AD) Free, CWTA, COB1I, HM Naval Base. Portsmouth, drafted HMS Coventry, March. Will swop for any Portsmouth ship, deploying or not. WTR Reynolds, NRO. HMS Neptune, ext 400. drafted HMS Ambuscade. Jan. SM volunteer. Will swop for HMS Dolphin or Rosyth ship. SM course begins Jan. LWEM(O) Davies (COGS), HMS Birmingham, drafted HMS Illustrious, Jan. Will swop for any Portsmouth ship or shore base. AB(R) Barrows. 3P Mess, HMS Exeter. Will swop for Portsmouth Type 42, ADAWS ship, except refitting and not deploying. AB(R) Keegans, CAAIS trained. 3K Mess, HMS Juno. Portsmouth. Will consider any Devonport ship. POJR) J. I. Davies, HMS Battleaxe. ERD, July 29. 1991. Will swop around February/ March, for any shore base Plymouth area. Contact HMS Battleaxe in writing before November 15. afterwards, telephone Devonport Dockyard. STD Kenncoy, c/o Wardroom, HMS Heron, drafted Gibraltar. October. Will swop for any shore base or ship not deploying.

New Chief of Fleet Support REAR-Admiral N. Purvis is to be promoted vice-admiral in January and to become Chief of Fleet Support in succession to Vice-Admiral Sir Jock Slater. He is al present Director General Naval Manpower and Training, and his previous appointments have included command of HMS


I Officer Promotions

Two promotions to ffag rank aie also announced. Capt. R F CobbokJ is to be promoted rear-admiral and lo become Assistant Chief ol Defence Star! Operational Require ments (Sea Systems) in February.

THE following candidates have been selected for promotion to Acting Sub-Lieutenant on the SO List: To Acting-Lieutenant(E)(AE)(M): CCAEA(M) P. Bowness. and CPOAEA(M)s 0. L. Barrett, O. A. Harris. K. Ovenden, and J. P L. Phesse.

Capt. C C Morgan is to be promoted rear admiral in December and to De Navat Secretary

To Acting Sub-Lieutenant(E)(AE)(L): CPOAEA(WL)s D. P. Bell and D. W. Preece. and CPOAEA(R)s L. Butler and J. Watson.

Deatfis M. Lester. CCMEA. HMS Nelson. July 17. R. Martin. AA. HMS Raleigh. Aug. 5. C. Startsfleld. RS HMS Invincible. Aug. Sir Aubrey Mansergti, KBE. CB, DSC. Vice-Admiral (retd). Served more than 40 years, including Dardanelles in First World War and command of Royal New Zealand Navy ships Achilles and Leander in second. Later appointments included command of HMS Implacable and President ol RN College Greenwich. Aged 91. A. F. (Tony) Pugsley, CB, DSO and two bars (retd). Served 1915-53 and was naval assault force commander at Westkapelle on the Dutch island of Walcheren in 1944. Commanded HMS Javelin at outbreak of Second World War. Later commanded HM Ships Fearless. Paladin. Jervis. Trafalgar and Warrior. Mentioned in Despatches three times. Aged 86. C. W. (Dick) Wellington, LVO, MBE. Cut (Retd). Served 1937-72, including HM ships Resolution. Renown. Warspite. Liverpool and Ark Royal. Later commanded HMS Victory and was Area Sea Cadet Officer for Scotland. President of RN Boatswains Association and Secretary for Prince of Wales Jubilee Trust in Scotland- Aged 69. E. C. Palmer. Ex-POSTD. Served 195082. L. C. W. Richards. Ex-CPOGI. Served 1924-50, including HM ships Revenge, Effingham, Tumult, Newark, and MTBs. Aged 80. T. A. Topley, DSM. Ex-CPO. Served 1925-50, including HM ships Ark Royal, Ramillies, Valiant, Dido, and Cumberland. Aged 81. E. W. Bugden. Ex-CPO. Served 1927-53, including HM ships Active. Sapphire, Hood, Malaya, Royal Sovereign and Glasgow. Portsmouth Field Gunner 1933 and 1937. W. A. Lydiatt. Ex-LTEL. Ships included HMS Hesperus. J. A. Broe. Ex-CPOSTO- Served 1940-54. including HM submarines Unison. Unrivajled. Unseen and Scotsman, and HM ships Padstow Bay and Sheffield. Founder member Bristol branch SOCA and later secretary, chairman and president. Also founder member Bath branch, and member of many voluntary service groups. Aged 66. H. Scarbrow. Lieut-Cdr. RNVR (retd). Served 1924-45, including HMS Valiant. Hood, and Princess Charlotte. Later with Sea Cadet Corps. Streatham. Aged 85.

M. Miller. Ex-CPO(AH). Ships included HMS Ark Royal and Eagle. Aged 61. H. Purdue. Ex-boy bugler in HMS Hood. Later secretary then chairman of HMS Hood Association. Also closely associated with TS Hood, Sea Cadet Corps, St. Austell. ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION The deaths are reported of the following shipmates: F. C. (Mick) Smith, Andover. D. Blackburn, ex-PO. Ftipon and District. Ships included HMS Illustrious and member FAA Gun Crew. Aged 59. N. Gooch, Morecambe. Aged 60. R. Potter, former chairman Morecambe. Aged 59. T. Baynham, Reading Aged 66. D. Hallmark, Chester. Ships included HMS Glory and Adventure. Aged 63. E. W. J. Carrel White. Leighton-Linstade. Ships included HMS Royal Oak, Mauritius and Maidstone. Member Chatham Field Gun Crew 1936 and 1937. Aged 60. E. James DSM, founder member Battersea. Service included HMS Birmingham, Repulse and Thames. W. Bardsley, ex-Sig., RNPS, Macclesfield. Aged 70. J. Gale, Brentwood. B. J. Shaw, ex-CYEO. Royal Leamington Spa. Ships included HMS Royal Sovereign, Rodney. Folkestone and Glasgow. E. Mayall, DSM, ex-PO DEMS Gunner. founder member Coventry. Aged 79. R. Farrow, former standard bearer and life vice president. Reigate. Aged 71. L. Bastard, ex-RM, branch club president West Bromwich. Also former chairman and life member. Aged 63. B. Evans, Chepstow and District. Ships included HMS Petard. Aged 70. J. Churchill and C. Brown, Weston-superMare. B. Sawers, chairman and founder member. Wivenhoe and Elmstead. Ships included HMS Achilles, Kent and Ajax. E. Hulme, Sidcup. Ships included HMS Warspite. Aged 70. J. C. Middfeton, Hinckley, former secretary and vice-president. Also member Royal Leamington Spa. Aged 70. N. Ffitch and S. Palmer, Southampton. N. Thorpe, Portsmouth. G. Cooper, Kettering. Aged 66.

Education ST PETROC'S SCHOOL WHICH Ocean View Road, Bude, Cornwall EX23 8NJ Tel: 0288 352876 Headmaster: P. W. Blundcll, B.A., Cert. Ed., I.A.P.S. Member

Full Boarding for £135 per term*

*St Petroc's accepts the full Services Boarding School Allowance as payment of fees (B.S.A. £1,210 and parents' contribution £135) The Headmaster will be happy to send you a prospectus or arrange a visit.

Roche Court, Fareham PO17 5BL

Boundary Oak School is a boys1 independent preparatory school for weekly and full boarders (7-13) and a now expanded day department from 3-13. Boundary Oak has a proud association with the Forces stretching back many years. The boys have access to many facilities within our 22 acres, including swimming pool, rifle range, pottery, tennis courts, carpentry

shop and recently renovated science laboratories and C.D.T. room. In our essentially friendly family community boys are prepared for scholarship and common entrance examinations to all independent schools. For further details of the school, a free prospectus please write to the Headmaster at the above address or telephone FAREHAM (0329) 280955

Independent Schools Information Service offers FREE boo* of junior/senior schools in the |

South S Wed. Send two 1st clan stamps. Alan Quitter M.A., The Green Tree,

St Petroc's School is situated on the rugged and beaufiful North Cornish coast. The environment is perfect for pupils lo have every opporlunily to study and play in safely and in delightful surroundings. The school takes boys and girls from Ihe age of seven up lo Ihe age of fourteen. They can board at the school, or be enrolled as day pupils. The curriculum is very wide and Ihere are plenty of activities for the pupils to join. Progress is regularly monitored and parents are kept well informed. The policy of the school is to ensure thai each pupil performs to his/her capacity. To help this end, the class sizes are kept lo a maximum of sixteen. So. if you would like your child lo have Ihe opporlunily lo study Art. French. Science. Computing. Music, etc. from the age of eight as part of Ihe normal curriculum, also the opportunity lo try Shooling, Cubs, Brownies, Ballet. Tap Dancing and many olher extra curricular activilies. do conlact the school. The Headmaster and his wife take a keen personal interest in Ihe welfare of all the pupils, especially Ihe boarders. The ONLY autonomous I.A.P.S. School in Cornwall



Points Leaders THE following list shows the total points of ihe men and women at the top of each advancement roster for petty officer and leading rates as at 1 August, 1990. Intermediaries (Int) indicates that personnel can be advanced before they are eligible to receive merit points or before the roster can be adjusted to take account of them. This means that personnel are advanced in "basic date" order. Dates shown against "Int" rosters are the fasic dates of the top eligible personnel. The number following the points (or baste dates) is the number of men who were advanced during July.

— Dry. Nil; POSA(SM) — Int (13.4.89). 1; LSA(SM) — Dry. Nil; POWTR(SM) — Int (16.8.88). Nil; LWTR(SM) — Dry. Nil; POCKfSM) — Dry. Nil; LCK(SM) — 438. Nil: POSTD(SM) - Int (20.10.88). Nil; LSTD(SM) — 222. Nil. POA(AH) — 428. Nil; LA(AH) — 626, Nil; POA(METOC) — 569. 1; LA(METOC) - Int (16.2.90), 1:POA(PHOT) —950, 1;POA{SE) — 281. Nil; LA(SE) — 97. Nil; POACMN — 535. V, POAEM(M) — 111. 1; LAEM(M) — 412, 5; POAEM(R) — Int (3.11.88). 5; LAEM(R) - 255. 8: POAEM(WL) — 167, Nil; LAEM(WL) — 527. 7; POAC — Dry. Nil. POWREN(R) — 115. Nil: LWREN(R) 104. 3: POWREN(RS) — 135. Nil: PO(EW)/HS(W) - Int (9.6.89), Nil: LWREN(HO) — 96. 4; POWRENPT — 135, LS(EW)/LRO(W) — Dry, 3; PO(M) — Int Nil; HPOWREN — Int (8.11.88). Nil: (29.9.89). 1; LS(M) — Int (29.9.89). 7; PO<R) POWRENCK — 278. Nil; LWRENCK - Int. — 94. 6: LS(R) — Dry, 4: PO(S) — Dry. 3: Nil POWRENSTD — 432. Nil: LWRENSTD LS(S) — Int (16.3.90), 7; PO(D) — Int — 436. Nil; POWRENSA — 284, Nil; (29.9.89). Nil: LS<D) — 138, 1; PO(MW) — LWRENSA — Int (23.2.89) Nil: Dry 1; LS(MW) — Dry, 2; PO<SH) — Int POWRENWTR — Int (6.12.88), Nil; (9.6.89), Nil; LSfSR) — Int (9.6.89), Nil; PO(SEA) — Int (9.12.88). Nil; CY — 169, 5; LWRENWTR — Dry, 1; POWRENWTR(G) Int (8.12.88). 3: LWRENWTR(G) — Dry. Nil; LRO(T) — Int (14.389). 8; RS - 151, 5: POWRENMETOC — I n t . Nil; LHOJG)— Int (5.12.89). 7: POPT — 412. 1: LWRENMETOC — 69. Nil: POWRENPHOT RPO — 116. Nil. POMEM(L)(OS> — Int (1.9.89). 7; — 658. Nil. LMEM(L)(GS) — Int (8.3.89). 7; POWRENAEM(M) — 452. Nil: POMEM(MKGS) — 144. 5; LMEM(M)(GS) — LWRENAEM(M) — 634. Nil: 87, 21; POWEM(OHGS) — Int (7.11.89). 2; POWRENAEM(R) — Dry, Nil; LWEM(0)(GS) — Int (30.6.89). 13: LWRENAEM(R) — Int (7.7.89), Nil; POWEM(H)(GS) — Int (6.3.90). 11: POWRENAEM(WL) — Int (9.3.89). Nil: LWEM(RKGS) — Dry. 10; POCA — Int LWRENAEM(WL) — Int (29.9.88), Nil: (22.6.89). 2; POCKfGS) — 218. Nil; LCK(GS) POWHENETS — Int (16.9.88), 1: — 123. 7; POSTD(GS) — 490, Nil: LWHENETS — Int (13.12.88). 1: LSTD(GS) — Int (21.2.89). 2: POSA(GS) — LWRENTEL — 449. 1: POWRENWA — Int 370, Nil; LSA(GS) — Int (22.6.89), 6: (21.6.88). Nil; LWRENWA — Int (11.1.89). POWTR(GS) — Int (29.11.89), Nil: Nil: POWRENDHYG — 304, Nil; LWTR(GS) — Dry, 1; POMA — 239. 3; LMA POWRENDSA — Int Nil; LWRENDSA — 85, — Int (10.7.90), 3. Nil; POEN(G) — 873. Nil; LEN(G) — Int POiSMSM) — Dry. 2; LS(SKSM) — Int (18.10.88). 7: PORGN — Dry. Nil: LMA(Q) (2 9.88). 4: PO(TS)(SM) — D r y , 4; Dry, Nil. LS(TS)(SM) — Dry. 2; HS(SM) — Int the Basic Dates quoted lor the WRNS (14.6.88), Nil; LRO(SM) — Int (14.3.89). Nil; ratings in the following categories, which POMEM(LMSM) — 319. 1; LMEM(LHSM) — have no examination Tor the next higher Int (26.6.88), 6: POMEM(M)(SM) — 630. Nil; rate, are applied in accordance with LMEM(MMSM) — 345. Nil: POWEM(0)(SM) BR1066 Chapter 22: — Int (5.7.88). Nil; LWEM(OHSM) — Int POWHEN QA — Dry. Nil; POWREN MT — (18.6.88), 1. POWEM(R)(SM) Int (6.3.90), 523 Nil; LWREN MT — Int, Nil: POWREN Nil; LWEM(RKSM) — 78. Nil; PO(UWKSM) TEL — 787. 1.

Pen Friends READERS seeking penfriends in the Royal on-Tees, Cleveland. Elizabeth (38), Ogmore Navy are listed below. Any sailor who writes Vale. Bridgend. Michelle (21). Lancaster. to an applicant must use a stamped enveMaureen (50). 5ft. 2in. Chorley, Lanes. lope bearing the applicant's name and Sandra (24). Lincoln. Lisa (24), 5ft. 3in. Wistown. The letter should be enclosed in a bech. Cambs. Karen (17), Tun bridge Wells. second envelope addressed to "Pen Palls," Sharon (22). South Ashford. Kent. Sheena Navy News, HMS Nelson. Portsmouth. On (16), Tonbridge. Kent. Sharon (19), 5ft. 2in. receipt the replies will be redirected — but Warley. W. Midlands. Amanda (23), Manor only if they have been stamped. Park. London. Linda (24), Bellingham, LonPlppa (23), 5ft. Sin. Castle Cary. Somer- don. Wendy (20). Gosport, Hants. set. Val (32), 5ft. 6in. Sheffield. Tracey (18). Nicky (20). Purfleet, Essex. Dawn (24). 5ft. 4m. Birmingham. Ann (29), 5ft. 7in.5ft. 7in. Connah's Quay. Deeside. Lucine Chelmsford, Essex. Debbie (20), Not- (19). Deptford, London. Julie (29), Stt. 4in. tingham. Michelle (24). 5ft. Bin. Rainham, Leeds. Yorks. Gaynor(21). Dudley. W. MidEssex. Sarah (22), 5ft. 7in. Walsall. Staffs. lands. Brenda (35), 5ft. 4m Leigh-on-Sea, Hannah (16), 5ft. Sin. Bath. Avon. Annette Essex. Kirsty (19). Teignmouth, Devon. (25). Burnley, Lanes. Denise (27), Torquay. Beverly (31). Bromley, Kent. Caroline (20). Devon. Lyn (42). Sheffield, Yorks. Plymouth. Devon. Wendy (18), Birmingham. Stephanie (20), 5ft. 6in. Kingsthorpe, Sharon (24). Plymouth, Devon. Jackie Northampton. Sue (27), 5ft. Sin. Eastleigh, Hants. Kathleen (37), 5ft. 6in. Maidstone, (22), 5ft. 2in. Bexleyheath, Kent. Carol (33), Irthlingborough, Northants. Alexier (20), Kent. B rend a (49), 5II. An Birmingham. Allyson (23), Yeovil, Somerset. Caroline Cheadle. Gt. Manchester. Chrissy (38). Stt. 2m. Daventry. Northants. Chris (28). 5ft. Sin. (33), 5ft. Sin. Edinburgh. Karen (22). Conwy, Gwynedd. Sue (35). 5ft. 2in. St Helens. Mer- Rhyl, Clwyd. Pat (43). Harrow, Mddx. Julia (20), Long Eaton, Notts. Bev (30), Bristol. seyside. Tracy (23), 5ft. 1in. Windsor, Berks. Vlvfonne (24), Stt. 4in. Gt. Manches- Gaynor (20). Droylsden, Manchester. Tracey (19), 5ft. 3in. Dudley, W. Midlands. ter. Bffverley (26). Okehampton. Devon. VicDawn (25). Shrewsbury. Salop. Maria toria (21). Liverpool. Lynne (28), Swansea. (25). 5ft. 3in. Maidstone. Kent. Rachael (18), 5ft. 6in. West Bromwich. Carole (24), Bury, Usa (19). Bristol. Bevertey M. (30), Bristol. Jan (18), Uanelli, Dyfed. Ruth (22), Stt. 7in. Lanes. Linda (24), Farnborough. Hants. MiBournemouth, Dorset. Pauline (26), Edinchelle (20). Watthamstow, London. Lee burgh. Cheryl (20). Wembley. Mddx. (20), Welwyn Garden City. Herts. Lisa (33), 5ft. Sin. Oldham. Lanes. Pauline (33), CarElaine (32), 5ft. Sin. Dudley. W. Midlands. Lynne (18), 5ft. Sin. Dover. Kent. Angela shalton. Surrey. Amanda (20). Telford. Shropshire. (17). Luton, Beds. Michelle (18), Basildon, Sue (21), South Shields. Tyne & Wear. Essex. Sharon (15). Burotn-on-Trent, Jackie (26), Stt. 7in. Redditch, Worcs. June Staffs. Sherren (28), Helensburgh, Scot(35), Wrexham. Ctwyd. Janice (31). 5ft. Sin. land. Miss E. (29), Cardiff. Carotyn (35), 5ft Bin Blackburn, Lanes. Ann Mane (22). Abingdon, Oxon. Louise (21), 5ft. 1m Dagenham. Essex. Ruth (23). Cardiff. Alison Wakefield. Yorks. Carole (42). Stevenage, (18). South Shields. Louise (23). StocktonHerts.

CHILTON CANTELO SCHOOL YEOVIL, SOMERSET. (0935) 850555 Independent Co-ed JO-18 Day/Boarding School it Happy family atmosphere * Wide range of subjects

•* Small classes ir Remedial/Resit facilities

it Varied sports/activities

ir H.M. forces fees from £175


Dttchut,$k«pton Mallet,

SmmLUim. (074986535)


NAVY NEWS Contact Lesley Williams Advertisement Manager Navy News HMS NELSON, Portsmouth Hants P01 3HH Telephone PORTSMOUTH (0705) 826040 Fan (0705) 830149

Wykehom House School East Street, Fareham

G.S.A INDEPENDENT DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (Aged 4-16 years) Entry: to Infants by interview. To Junior School by assessment and examination. To Senior School by Common Entrance. For vacancies contact: The Bursar (0329) 280178

THE MINSTER SCHOOL SOUTHWELL, NOTTS. (Comprehensive, C. of E. Voluntary Aided)

BOARDING FOR BOYS & GIRLS Applications are inviled (or boarding places at this historic school which otters a full range of courses for pupils aged 11-18. Boys may be admitted from age eight if musically gifted. Excellent sports facilities. Strong Sixth Form with sound "A" level record. Tuition Free. Details and Prospectus from: HEADMASTER Telephone SOUTHWELL (0636) 814000

BEMBRIDGE SCHOOL Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5PH Co-Educational Boarding and Day School

300 pupils, 7 - 18 Unrivalled setting with one 100 acres of cliff top playing fields and woodland on the eastern tip of the Isle of Wight. Good academic standards with an emphasis on traditional methods. Excellent computer, library, laboratory, music, art and craft facilities. Specialist teaching available for children with specific learning difficulties. Squash, tennis courts, netball, sailing, golf course. Private beach. IS minutes by ferry from Portsmouth. Pupils and parents met by our own transport. Further details and prospectus from J. High, M.A. (Oxon), Headmaster Telephone Isle of Wight (0983) 872101.

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