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August 2013 | Las Vegas Edition |


Greater Las Vegas

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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.



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by Sharon roth, Omd


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20 healingways



Renée Peterson Trudeau Explores Soulful Parenting

21 healthykids 22 naturalpet 24 calendar

by meredith montgomery

16 RETHINKING CANCER A Brave New World of Effective Natural Therapies

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by Linda Sechrist



Recover Health with Less Risk by kathleen Barnes




The Right Choices Help Children Thrive by Pamela Bond




by Gena Bunim natural awakenings

August 2013




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y daughter, Abbie, is participating in a summer school course to satisfy her high school credits in Personal Wellness. Her textbook highlights that family plays a crucial role in the development of the health triangle. Our physical, emotional and social well-being begins at home and we carry that into our community. This month, we focus on family wellness and our articles give examples of living this three-pronged balanced lifestyle. The feature article introduces new ways of looking at cancer. Like many others, I have extended family members who have experienced cancer. My maternal grandmother, Tess, overcame uterine cancer in her 60s, lung cancer in her 70s and breast cancer in her 80s. When colon cancer challenged her in her 90s, she sought treatment and surgery, but her amazing life journey ended at the age of 94. I believe she overcame disease so many times because she and my grandfather, Walter, who lived to the young age of 98, lived a life filled with passion, activity exercise and healthy habits. My paternal grandmother, Pauline, passed away at the age of 94. My paternal grandfather, John, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in his 70s and lived another seven years after diagnosis (an unheard of length of extended life in the late 1980s). They walked or exercised daily, did the New York Times crossword puzzle, read voraciously and lived life simply and with joy. None of my grandparents ate processed food. We spent many celebrations socializing with food and beverage, but it was cooked fresh and prepared with love. These traditions are just some of the many gifts I have received from my family. There are many health experts that recommend prevention of disease using the health triangle. Raymond Francis notes that sugar, toxins, heavy metals, processed foods and acidic environments fuel the growth of cancer cells. We can improve our physical well-being with regular exercise and high quality, vitaminrich foods and beverages. Detoxification is needed to restore and maintain a healthy inner terrain, and the same can be said for our emotional health. My grandmother believed in a positive outlook and mentored me to avoid negative relationships. I believe that how we think affects our physical well-being and that our emotional outlook can be a tool to overcoming illness. Our family introduces us to tools we will use in society. It is important to nurture our social health with positive experiences and we have a new world of social media that will begin to play a part in our health. I try to unplug from technology and social media and, on a regular basis, I challenge my family to do the same. Abbie’s summer school course has reminded me that I launched Natural Awakenings Las Vegas to provide the community with educational information so that individuals can make informed decisions about their personal health and wellness. August marks my last issue in the role of publisher. As I look forward to new challenges and adventures, I am pleased to hand over the reins to Gabrielle Perillo. She shares my passion for education and a commitment to bringing quality information to the readers. We both want to thank the advertisers and distribution locations that support this free community publication and provide the opportunity for the public to find it, read it and reflect upon how this information can enhance everyone’s wellness. Be well and shine,

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Greater Las Vegas

Mary Ruetten, Publisher

newsbriefs Experience AquaStretch by Chuck Williams


huck Williams, a therapeutic massage specialist and owner of Massage Helps, in North Las Vegas, offers a new form of aquatic myofascial release called AquaStretch, a series of head-totoe stretches. Initiated and directed with the assistance of Williams, AquaStretch creates freedom of movement that cannot Chuck Williams be duplicated on land. According to Williams, “It would take a 90-minute massage to get the results of a 30-minute AquaStretch session, and the results will last twice as long.” AquaStretch frees the body of restrictions that limit flexibility and cause pain with movement. It is reported that people responding to AquaStretch usually experience significant pain relief and/or restoration of flexibility in their first session. Williams also offers 60 minutes of bodywork for $39, including specialty massages such as Integrating Shiatsu, Trauma Release Techniques and Essential Oil Anointing. Location: 3315 W. Craig Rd., Ste. 105, N. Las Vegas. For more information, call 702-285-8321 or visit

Brain Balance Center of Henderson Open House


rain Balance Center of Henderson holds a free Open House from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., the second Wednesday of every month. Take a tour, meet the team and see kids in session, both in the sensory motor and cognitive rooms. Location: 11 S. Stephanie St., Ste. 120, Henderson. For more information, call 702-778-9500 or 877-718-3731. RSVP to receive a copy of Dr. Melillo’s book, Disconnected Kids, as a gift. See ad, page 7.

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August 2013


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newsbriefs National Clean Energy Summit 6.0: Energizing Tomorrow


overnors Brian Sandoval, Martin O’Malley and Jennifer Granholm will participate in a special panel, Clean Energy Solutions in States, at Summit 6.0, to be held 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., August 13, at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. The annual conference is hosted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), the Center for American Progress, the Clean Energy Project, MGM Resorts International and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Clean energy visionaries, business leaders, students and a bipartisan panel of politicians will convene to discuss the importance of making clean energy choices that will have a positive impact on our future. Insight from experts like Michael Yackira, of NV Energy, Greg Abel of MidAmerican Energy and Arno Harris of Recurrent Energy, will provide the tools to enlighten and empower the public to promote clean energy, strengthen our energy independence and create jobs. Location: 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd. To register or for more information, visit

Beat the Heat at fresh52


he fresh52 Farmers and Artisan Market has partnered with the local Silver Springs Water distributor to place a hydration station at every market throughout the summer. Sip a cup of real alkalized water for free and cool off with the fresh52 misters while shopping. Don’t miss the fresh52 markets at Town Square, Tivoli Village and Sansone Park Place with pesticide-free seasonal produce, freshly baked goods, gourmet olive oils, salsas, spices, sauces, nuts, handmade modern craft, artisans and more. For more information, visit and See ad, page 29.

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Qi Activation Wellness Conference


ormerly known as Qi Revolution, the Qi Activation Wellness Conference will be held from
August 24 to 27 at the Las Vegas Henderson Convention Center. Qi Activation focuses on food-healing protocols and spends an hour each on protocols for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The Jeff Primack Qi Activation seminar includes qigong foot reflexology for onthe-spot pain relief and endocrine-boosting effects. Aside from clinical applications, there is a big qigong/energy component to the experience. Qigong practitioner Jeff Primack and 25 other instructors will lead a massive group to practice together. Qigong breathing techniques are the best natural high and qi activator. Activation is a biological process and part of enlightenment. For example, when activated, the root chakra point releases dormant energy, or kundalini, up the spine, boosting the endocrine system and therefore, longevity. Cost is $129. 32 CE hours for massage and 24 PDA hours for Acupuncture are available. For more information, call 800298-8970 or visit See ad, back cover.

Solar Home Tour Slated for October


olar NV will offer a self-guided tour of eight homes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., October 5, around the greater Las Vegas area to see what other homeowners are doing and share their experiences with solar. Some locations may also host experts to help answer questions about solar electric systems, alternative materials or various other items of interest. The annual Southern Nevada Solar Home Tour, now in it’s ninth year, is part of the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour, held in hundreds of cities across the nation. The tour showcases a variety of solar and green building strategies, including passive solar designs, active solar electric and thermal hot water systems, net zero energy homes, green-built homes, alternative construction, water efficiency and xeriscape. The Solar Home Tour is an excellent opportunity to directly experience how people in southern Nevada are making a difference for cleaner air, less waste, healthier living and long-lasting economic rewards. Register (required) for the tour at See ad, page 5. natural awakenings

August 2013



Umbilical Cord Bingo


Blogging Away Teen Troubles


dolescent angst, formerly vented in private “Dear diary” entries, is now shared with others in blogs—with positive effect. According to a recent study published in the journal Psychological Services, interactively engaging with an online community is an effective way for teens to relieve social distress. Researchers recruited 161 teenagers that exhibited some level of social anxiety or stress and asked them to blog, with one group opening their posts to comments. Bloggers that wrote about their problems and allowed readers to respond reported the greatest improvement in mood. The comments on blogs were overwhelmingly positive, offering constructive support.

Colorful Plates for Picky Eaters


arents trying to entice fussy eaters to sample more nutritionally diverse diets have a surprising strategy at hand: color. A study at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York, has shown that colorful fare—specifically, food plates with seven different items and six colors—appear to be particularly favored by children. In contrast, adults tend to prefer fewer colors on one plate—only three items and three hues. Source: Acta Paediatrica

Glories of Growing Up Grateful


ratitude gifts teens with better mental health, according to researchers at California State University. Thankful teens are more apt to be happy and less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol or have behavior problems at school than their less grateful peers. The researchers asked 700 students, ages 10 to 14, to complete questionnaires initially, and again four years later. Teens that reported practicing the most gratitude at the end of the study enjoyed a 15 percent greater sense of meaning in life, became 15 percent more satisfied with their life overall (at home, at school and with their neighborhood, friends and themselves) and grew 17 percent more happy and hopeful about their lives, plus experienced 13 and 15 percent drops in negative emotions and depressive symptoms, respectively. “These findings suggest that gratitude may be strongly linked with life skills such as cooperation, purpose, creativity and persistence,” making it “a vital resource that parents, teachers and others that work with young people should help youth build up as they grow up,” says lead author Giacomo Bono, Ph.D., a psychology professor at California State UniversityDominguez Hills. “More gratitude may be precisely what our society needs to raise a generation that is ready to make a difference in the world.” Source: American Psychological Association’s 120th annual convention 8

Greater Las Vegas

he Manchester Guardian reports that childbirth experts in the United Kingdom are urging the National Health Service (NHS) to reverse its policy on early clamping and cutting of a newborn’s umbilical cord. A recent Swedish study of 400 full-term infants from low-risk pregnancies published in the British Medical Journal found that delayed cord-clamping at birth resulted in infants being 5 percent less likely of being anemic two days later or iron deficient four months later. The latter problem has been associated with impaired brain development. The practice of separating infants from the placenta within 10 seconds of delivery has been commonplace since the 1960s, as supported by the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which advises the NHS. However, several doctors, medical organizations and the nonprofit National Childbirth Trust (NCT), plus the World Health Organization, disagree; they advocate leaving the placenta untouched for at least 30 seconds up to whenever it stops pulsating naturally (usually between two to five minutes). Exceptions would be if the baby’s or mother’s health necessitates medical intervention. “At birth, about a third of the baby’s blood is still in his or her cord and placenta,” explains Belinda Phipps, NCT chief executive. Unfortunately, “It is still accepted practice to deprive the baby of this blood.”

ecotip Wear It Well

First Eat Local, Then Dress Local Buying local isn’t just about food choices. In supporting community businesses and reducing our ecological footprint, fiber is another important consideration, encompassing farmers that grow cotton and hemp or raise sheep for wool, fiber artisans and textile designers. The U.S. presently imports about 95 percent of Americans’ clothing, reports the Ecology Global Network (, with most manufactured in countries where sweatshops and human rights abuses are common. Polyester and nylon, the most commonly used synthetic fibers, are derived from petroleum and processed and dyed using synthetic, often toxic substances. According to a 2010 report by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, the textile industry is that country’s thirdworst polluter. The nonprofit Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture’s ( Fibershed program raises public awareness of the issue in Central California. Robin Lynde, a shepherd, weaver and teacher at Meridian Jacobs Farm, in Vacaville, also sells yarn, fleece, felt, lambskin, hand-woven garments and blankets. “Fiber producers, users and designers may not know that there are sheep 10 miles away from them and they can get that fiber,” she says. Fibershed also promotes a Grow Your Jeans program, comprising area sourcing, dyeing and sewing of a limited run of jeans. While textile sustainability in any given region is developing, the organization recommends that residents mend, instead of discard, old clothes, swap clothing or buy used, while resisting marketing pressure to augment wardrobes every season to keep up with trends. Someday, we might be able to visit a nearby field where our clothing is grown. The Sustainable Cotton Project (SustainableCotton. org), based in Winters, California, conducts a Cleaner Cotton program that helps conventional growers transition to more sustainable practices using non-GMO varieties and integrated pest management practices to more gently solve ecological challenges. A big part of the challenge is to get the word out. “To get cleaner cotton to a spinner, someone has to request it,” says Executive Director Marcia Gibbs. natural awakenings

August 2013


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Shifting Priorities A dose of Awe Can make a Teen more Caring

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A meta-analysis published in the Personality and Social Psychology Review suggests that experiencing awe helps young people focus less on themselves and more on the world around them. Exposure to natural wonders and accounts of great human accomplishments can do the trick. It’s a helpful strategy, given that narcissism is on the rise and college students have become dramatically less empathetic over the years, particularly since 2000. Sixty-four percent of respondents ages 18 to 25 surveyed thought getting rich is their most important goal, while only 30 percent believed that helping others in need is important. Awe humbles us in the presence of something greater than ourselves. Experiencing it during adolescence, a period crucial in the formation of self-identity, could help coax teens out of their, “I am the center of the world,” funk and put them on a path to a life lived in compassionate connection with others. Source:


Pricey Bottled Water May Come from a Tap

Peter Gleick, the author of Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water, found that most companies are cagey about revealing the source of their water. “There’s no legal requirement that they say on their label where the water comes from, and they don’t like to advertise that fact,” says Gleick. As a result, most Americans don’t know much about the origins of what we spend $11 billion a year on. In order to be called “spring water”, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a product has to be either “collected at the point where water flows naturally to the Earth’s surface or from a borehole that taps into the underground source.” Other terms aren’t regulated. Gleick found that about 55 percent of bottled waters are spring water. The other 45 percent is mostly treated tap water, including Aquafina (Pepsi) and Dasani (Coke).

Nasty Stuff

Monsanto Weed Killer Contaminates Food A peer-reviewed Massachusetts Institute of Technology report published in the scientific journal Entropy points to evidence that residues of glyphosate, the chief ingredient in Roundup weed killer, manufactured by Monsanto and sprayed over millions of acres of crops, has been found in food. The residues enhance the damaging effects of other food-borne chemicals and toxins in the environment known to disrupt normal body functions and induce disease, including Parkinson’s, infertility and cancers. Reuters reports that environmentalists, consumer groups and plant scientists from several countries have warned that heavy use of glyphosate is harming plants, people and animals. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is conducting a standard registration review of glyphosate to determine by 2015 if its use should be limited. Yet Monsanto continues to claim that glyphosate is safe and less damaging than other commonly used herbicides.

Source: Mother Jones

Solar Powered Capturing Energy from Asphalt Roads

Asphalt roads throughout the country are well known for soaking up the sun’s rays. Now, new piping technology from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Massachusetts, is offering a way to trap heat and use it elsewhere, potentially transforming blacktopped streets into giant solar energy collectors. It works by using the sun-warmed asphalt to heat water pumped through tubes embedded a few inches below the road surface. This can help to cool asphalt by utilizing some of the heat that would have remained in the material to heat the circulating water to produce electricity. Researchers are testing different pipe materials and conductive aggregates to add to the asphalt to improve heat absorption. Costs relative to potential returns have yet to be quantified. Source: natural awakenings

August 2013



Interview With Jeff Primack Founder & Visionary of Supreme Science Qigong (Part 2 of 2)

Jeff Primack is a Qigong teacher that has studied with many Qigong masters from all over the world and has taught over 40,000 people in live seminars. This is part two of the interview by holistic celebrity chef, Food Network guest and former organic restaurant owner, Deanna Cook.

Deanna Cook: In your book, “Conquering any Disease”. Many of the diseasereversing testimonies I read were groundbreaking. I tried the High-Phytochemical smoothies in your book and almost immediately noticed increased energy, and I am sleeping much better. Time and a full schedule are often a challenge, making it hard to eat perfectly or practice as much as I would like. What are the ‘most important’ Qigong and dietary components for people with extra busy lives?

vitamin, enzyme and follow God’s trail of white crystals into the apple core. The infamous fruit that started it all! Someone said an “apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Yeah, I say, but only if you eat the crystalized core of phytochemicals, which activates bone marrow‘s production of cytokines for immunity. Regardless of how busy your life is, I recommend… Giving up all dairy products, drink a smoothie every morning with avocado and the seed, an apple with core, organic strawberries, etc., eat foods that encourage big bowel movements and do a watermelon fast once a month to cleanse kidneys and urinary channels. Specifics of these are all in “Conquering any Disease.”

Jeff Primack: When time is short, I recommend cleansing your body with oxygen and energy first thing in the morning. I, for example, wake up, brush my teeth and hair, drink some hot tea outside and do the 9-Breath Method five DC: The Qi Activation program was the times. This method absorbs/retains large single most enlightening educational amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream wellness program I have yet to see. Parand gentle power breathing awakens the ticipants at the Qi Activation Conference cellular vibration and stimulates metabowere open, vulnerable and empowered. lism. As I wake up slowly for 10 minutes What really resonated with me was that each morning my the conference senses become was both experiheightened and I ential (hands on) “Qi Activation” comes to Las Vegas watch the birds in and educational. my garden. This is You seem very at Henderson Convention Center on a quick and powease with speakAugust 24 -27. Jeff Primack and 25 erful method, we ing in front of so spend hours thormany. Was public Qigong teachers will teach 4 days of oughly teaching at speaking somethe Qi Activation Qigong for only $129. To reserve tickets thing that came conference. naturally for you? or for more information call, As far as JP: The highfood goes… look 800-298-8970 or visit est teachers of beyond fat, protein, Qigong speak in carb, mineral, 12

Greater Las Vegas

shorter bursts of information. They are natural summarizers of complex teachings. Speech spoken at the core essence level can powerfully hold audience attention because it’s free of fluff. Humor plays a role in how I teach at these big events. “Qigong humor” is funny because we’re all so holistic and mental about the same issues and sometimes we feel alone. Humor unifies people and that helps raise the energy. DC: How do you explain to people what is special about Qigong methods of fitness and muscular conditioning? JP: Qigong strength training is 100 percent nurturing to qi instead of taxing like some traditional exercises. Yin and yang alternating movements open arteries to expand blood flow beyond the capabilities of traditional exercise. Qigong breathing and movements are merged into a mildly challenging fitness routine and this qi integration helps you to recover faster and go deeper than normal. DC: This is the largest Qigong gathering Nevada has ever seen. People are excited that Las Vegas will experience 500 highly focused people participating in this healing practice inside one beautiful ballroom. How does the group energy affect so many people’s energy? JP: I believe Qigong is God-connecting, humbling, healing to the spirit and unifies people. An influential Qigong master known as Dr. Yan Xin facilitated 30,000-person Qi-Lectures inside of stadiums. Due to the huge collective energy at these stadium events, many experienced the deepest levels of Qigong within hours and many miraculous healings were reported. Hundreds moving and breathing in sync is truly vivid and allows you to experience Energy beyond what you could by yourself. Where two or more are gathered seeds of love are scattered… DC: I thank you, your team and the students who allowed me to sit in on your instructor classes. Cost is $129. 32 CE hours for massage and 24 PDA hours for acupuncture are available. For more information, call 800298-8970 or visit See ad on back cover.

therapyspotlight Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture by Sharon Roth, OMD


hile the success of Chinese medicine in treating musculoskeletal pain and inducing relaxation is well known, many people are surprised that these methods are also effective in healing internal disorders such as asthma, colitis, ear infections and a multitude of other complex and often chronic illnesses. Among the complex conditions most doctors of Oriental medicine have treated, the many sequelae of cancer and its conventional treatments are sadly, commonly seen. Luckily, acupuncture, qigong exercises and Chinese herbal formulas, when appropriately applied, can make tremendous improvements in many areas important to patients fighting cancer: pain control, including that of chemotherapy-related neuropathy; alleviation of nausea and vomiting; improvements in blood counts and immune function; treating dry mouth and hot flashes; keeping elimination regular and minimizing water retention; and reducing anxiety and increasing a sense of well-being. Studies have been so positive regarding the use of acupuncture for all these cancer-related issues that many highprofile cancer centers, such as MD Anderson and Memorial

Sloan Kettering, regularly utilize Chinese medicine in the treatment of their patients. These large institutions even sponsor training programs to help acupuncturists integrate their services into the oncology treatment plan for the benefit of their patients. Another advantage of the wealth of evidence demonstrating acupuncture's efficacy and cost-effectiveness is that most of the largest insurance providers specifically list acupuncture for the treatment of nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy as a covered diagnosis eligible for reimbursement. Most importantly, the implementation of these Chinese methods is effective, very gentle, enjoyable and nearly free of side effects. Patients feel better, stronger, more hopeful and better able to fight their cancer. Location: 8620 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas. For more information, call 702-463-2112 or visit See ad, page 7. Sharon Roth, OMD, is a doctor of Oriental medicine. She practices acupuncture in Las Vegas and served on the Nevada State Board of Oriental Medicine from 2001-2005.

natural awakenings

August 2013




Renée Peterson Trudeau Explores Soulful Parenting by Meredith Montgomery


he oldest of seven Montessori-inspired children and mother of one, Renée Peterson Trudeau serves as a life balance coach, speaker and president of Career Strategists, a coaching and consulting firm. Thousands of women in 10 countries participate in Personal Renewal Groups based on her first book, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal. Now, in a new book, Nurturing the Soul of Your Family, Trudeau helps empower families to handle the challenges of everyday life with harmony and ease.

How can individuals achieve more peace? We realize peace by nurturing our hearts and souls with self-care, by slowing down and being gentle with ourselves. It requires us to attune and respond to our own needs and desires in the present moment. Am I responding with compassion when I make mistakes? Am I saying no when I need to say no? Did I ask for and receive help when I needed it? This is self-care in day-to-day life. When we feel nurtured in ways aligned with our deeper needs, we’re able to more fully express our potential and relax into being who we truly are.

How does such caring show up in family dynamics? When I’m feeling grumpy or irritable, I know that my inner cup is empty and I’m out of sync with my needs. When we practice self-care, we are more pres14

Greater Las Vegas

ent with our partner and children. We feel more generous, loving and playful, and it’s easier to weather crises and uncertainties. I believe that modeling self-love is one of the best ways to influence children’s self-esteem.

Why is it important for families to define what they value most? It’s empowering for a family to anchor together around one key core value. Once you identify it, you all can make more conscious decisions. The value that my own family has chosen is compassion for one’s self and others. Creativity, spirituality, service or learning are others. As kids grow into adolescence, it becomes more challenging to maintain balance; there are so many demands on a family’s time and attention. Mentally, we’re often overwhelmed by an expanding scope of activities and decisions. At any age, a lot of us are just reacting to whatever comes at us. But when we identify the values most important to us, it’s easier to know when to say yes and no to things, so that our actions become aligned with our priorities.

What is behind the rising appeal of living more simply? Simplicity is alluring at a most basic level of our being; we crave it. We want to invest less energy in making decisions and have more space for life to organically unfold. We want to hit the pause button because we are overscheduled,

Five Reconnection Points

“Mom, tell them to surprise their kids—listen to them, have fun with them and just spend time with them.” ~ Jonah Trudeau, age 9 overworked and overloaded with too much information. It can feel so good to be productive, and American culture rewards output. But we need to be mindful of balancing the harder task of ‘being’ with the seduction of doing, for we are at our most powerful when both of these energies are equal.

n Be mindful of how and when the family uses technology. Put people first.

What role does spirituality play in fostering a healthy family life? I hear a lot of parents say that they used to think that spirituality was separate from parenting. Then they woke up to the idea that being a parent is a spiritual practice, maybe the most profound one they will ever have. Connecting to the sacred in everyday life yields nurturing gifts we can enjoy with our children, not separate from them.

What is the most valuable advice that you offer to parents? Pause to breathe in compassion and realize that our outer state is a reflection of our inner state. It helps us release whatever we’re dealing with and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones. For more information, visit Meredith Montgomery is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings.

n Slow down. Do less to experience more. Fewer choices and a lighter schedule can make for a happier family.

n Tap the healing power of nature together. Take hikes, picnics and explore a local greenbelt. n Love the ones you’re with. Schedule regular time together to make sure it happens.

Source: Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life, by Renée Peterson Trudeau.

Small Daily Practices Make a Huge Difference

Where do we start? If we are not currently living in alignment with what matters most to us, we can stop what we’re doing and course-correct. We have to define what simplicity looks like for us and can start by just slowing down. Do less to experience more. Unplug from technology. Try spending unscheduled, mediafree time together. My family feels most nourished after weekends that we hardly did anything and just enjoyed connecting through simple pleasures.

n Define your family’s values and honor them.

by Renée Peterson Trudeau


regular spiritual practice grounds us and helps us navigate the challenges of just being human. It helps us stay awake, begin to let go, trust the rhythm and flow of life and relax into the beauty of our true nature. Create Ritual – Meaningful rituals can be carefully planned events or casual, but regular remembrances, such as voicing gratitude before a family meal or greeting one another with a hug. Marking transitions and milestones in the lives of family members likewise connects everyone to the sacredness of daily living. We remember that life is more than to-do lists. Cultivate Stillness – Quiet private contemplation through stillness, prayer, meditation or reflection is a daily way to connect with our inner wisdom and/ or embrace a higher power, and can make the whole day better.   Practice Service to Others – The more we reach out and are present to one another, the stronger we become and the easier it is to understand our interconnection—that we’re all one.   Live in the Present – Many great spiritual teachers believe the answer to everything is to just “be here now,” and that our suffering and emotional

distress would end if we simply stopped resisting the present. When we temporarily suspend our desire to change things, we can embrace that where we are is exactly where we’re supposed to be. Choose Happiness – Can we only be happy if things are going our way? Experts suggest that we’re born with the innate capacity to experience inner well-being and joy; it’s our birthright to feel good. We must remember to choose happiness in each present moment.

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August 2013



CANCER A Brave New World of Effective Natural Therapies by Linda Sechrist


usan Silberstein takes her message for preventing cancer and recurrences to medical and nursing schools, continuing oncology nursing education programs and universities from her headquarters in Richboro, Pennsylvania. The nonprofit organization provides research-based education and counseling on how to prevent, cope with and beat cancer through immune-boosting holistic approaches. Since 1977, it has helped nearly 30,000 cancer patients and more than 50,000 prevention seekers. “Early detection is better than late detection, but it’s not prevention,” says Silberstein, who taught the psychology of health and disease at Pennsylvania’s 16

Greater Las Vegas

Immaculata University. “We focus on building up patients—minimizing treatment side effects, enhancing immune system function, improving nutritional status and addressing the reasons for sickness in the first place.” “Conventional medicine never addresses the cause, which is a process that needs to be understood so the individual can turn it off,” elaborates Massachusetts Institute of Technologytrained scientist Raymond Francis, author of Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer. Based on his experience beating cancer and research into cellular biochemistry and molecular biology, he concluded that the disease is a biological process that

affects the entire body, not something that can be cut out, killed or poisoned. “Central to healing and prevention is the elimination of things that fuel the growth of cancer cells, such as sugar, toxins, heavy metals, nutrient-deficient processed foods and an acidic environment in the body,” observes Francis. “Regular exercise, a daily, high-quality multivitamin and detoxification are equally crucial to restoring the body’s biological terrain.” Doctor of Naturopathy Judy Seeger, founder of and host of CancerAnswers.TV and Cancer Winner Radio, recommends both a regular detoxification regimen and ongoing healthy nutritional plan to help maintain a healing alkaline environment. While this helps cleanse the body of environmental toxins, the toxic emotions and stress that produce acid, weaken the immune system and create an environment for cancer to propagate, must also be dealt with. Experts generally agree on a range of basic, commonsense preventive measures that include a low-fat, plant-based diet; aerobic, flexibility and strength exercises; healthy sleep habits; and other stress-reducing activities. “These are basic ingredients for maintaining sound health, and can be crucial toward improving the health of an individual with cancer,” says Dr. Keith Block, the “father of integrative oncology,” and author of Life Over Cancer. He founded The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment, in Skokie, Illinois, that customizes care plans based on each person’s medical, biochemical, physical, nutritional and psychosocial needs.

Nourish Biochemistry

Thousands of cancer patients have outlived their “medical expiration date” by using alternative nontoxic treatments and approaches, many of which are documented in Outsmart Your Cancer, by Tanya Harter Pierce. Lou Dina, a cancer survivor who like Francis, underwent a journey of intensive research, became a patient advocate and authored Cancer: A Rational Approach to Long-Term Recovery. Dina speaks at conventions hosted by the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT), founded in 1971 by

“When it comes to one’s lifetime risk of cancer, healthy diet and lifestyle choices can make all the difference.” ~ Susan Silberstein, Ph.D., founder and president of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education Ruth Sackman. He also appears with other survivors in the FACT documentary based on Sackman’s book, Rethinking Cancer: Non-Traditional Approaches to the Theories, Treatments and Prevention of Cancer. From decades of findings by international clinicians, FACT educates practitioners and patients to view chronic degenerative diseases as systematic malfunctions caused by breakdowns in the balance of body chemistry that are subject to bio-repair. However manifested, they are viewed as correctable and controllable via an individualized program that includes a balanced diet of whole, unprocessed, organic foods—spurred by Gerson therapy that floods the body with organically grown nutrients—supplementation and detoxification. Other key measures involve body temperature therapy, cellular and stem cell therapies and the use of botanicals. “Nutrients in food directly impact the mechanisms by which cancer cells grow and spread,” explains Block. “They also indirectly impact cancer by changing the surrounding biochemical conditions that either promote or inhibit the progression of malignant disease. This is why targeting only tumors is not enough to quash cancer. Conventional cancer therapies almost inevitably leave behind at least a small number of malignant cells. Your internal biochemical terrain plays an integral role in determining whether a tumor will regain a foothold after treatment, metastasize to distant sites or stay where it is without posing a threat.” Block notes that a healthy biochemistry can help prevent unpleasant and possibly life-threatening, complications. An anti-cancer biochemical terrain will even boost a patient’s overall quality of life. At the Block Center, detailed assessments identify disruptions in six defining features of patients’ biochemical terrain—oxidation, inflammation, immunity, blood coagulation, glycemia and stress chemistry. Cancer

thrives on terrain disruptions, which also can impair treatment.

Focus on High-Impact Foods

Kathy Bero, founder of NuGenesis Inc., in Stone Bank, Wisconsin, asks, “How many other lives could be saved if doctors prescribed a diet primarily focused on plant-based, angiogenic-inhibiting foods for all cancer patients?” Angiogenesis is the development of new blood vessels. Cancer turns the body against itself by hijacking the angiogenesis process and keeping it permanently activated, ensuring that cancerous cells receive a dedicated, uninterrupted blood supply. “To effectively prevent cancer, inflammation and angiogenesis need to be controlled before a tumor can get a foothold,” advises Bero. Bero has personally beaten back two unrelated aggressive forms of cancer and credits the angiogenic-inhibiting foods in clinical research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee, and the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha. Examples include green tea, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, grapefruit, lemons, tomatoes, cinnamon, kale, grape seed oil and pomegranate. “These foods also played a significant role in strengthening my immune system and restoring my overall health, which was radically affected by many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation,” remarks Bero.

Boost Recuperative Powers

Patrick Quillin, Ph.D., a former vice president of nutrition for a national network of cancer hospitals and author of The Wisdom and Healing Power of Whole Foods and Beating Cancer with Nutrition, recommends a triple threat. “Cancer requires a threefold treatment approach to create a synergistic response. Teaming up to reduce the tumor burden without harming the patient, reregulate the cancer to normal healthy tissue and nourish the patient’s natural awakenings

August 2013


recuperative powers is far better than any one approach,” says Quillin. He maintains that restrained medical interventions, appropriate nutrition and naturopathic approaches can bolster nonspecific natural defense mechanisms to reverse the underlying cause of the disease. “Nutrition and traditional oncology treatments are synergistic, not antagonistic, as many oncologists believe,” advises Quillin. Glenn Sabin, founder of FON Therapeutics, similarly suggests that multiinterventional, outcome-based studies, akin to Dr. Dean Ornish’s approach to prostate cancer, could greatly benefit conventional oncology. Sabin recounts his Harvard Medical School-documented remission of advanced leukemia in his upcoming book, N-of-1: How One Man’s Triumph Over Terminal Cancer is Changing the Medical Establishment. Sabin turned to therapeutic nutrition, neutraceuticals, stress reduction and exercise to become a 22-year cancer “thriver” without the aid of conventional therapies. He also emphasizes the importance of the psychological and psychosocial aspects of healing with the cancer patients he coaches. “If you don’t have your head in the game, it’s hard to make anything else work for you,” counsels Sabin.

Understand the Connection

Silberstein and other leading physicians, including Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu, a

“i talk to people who do all the right things to improve their biochemistry, but without an emotional detox and spiritual connection to something larger than themselves, their healing process tends to stall.” ~ Doctor of Naturopathy Judy Seeger

Chinese psychiatrist and author of the Secret to Healing Cancer; Dr. Jingduan Yang, a board-certified psychiatrist and founder and medical director of the Tao Institute of Mind & Body Medicine; and Seeger, believe that the mind and spirit play a significant role in healing. “Cancer begins in the spirit and ends up in the body, which is why I recommend that anyone positively diagnosed read the Cancer Report,” remarks Silberstein. Cancer Report, co-written by John R. Voell and Cynthia A. Chatfield, discusses psychoneuroimmunology and the powerful role that the mind, emotions and spirit play in contributing to or resisting disease and healing even the most terminal of cancers (

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Yang and Hsu, who also use acupuncture protocols, believe illness is a reflection of inner problems that disrupt the body’s naturally powerful immune system. “Cancer is a symptom delivering a message: You need to take better care of yourself—emotionally, chemically, physically and spiritually,” says Yang. As a faculty member of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Yang sees firsthand how few patients understand that the trauma of a diagnosis and treatment can reactivate past traumas, unresolved issues, blockages and repressed emotions. Both he and Hsu offer mind/ body/spirit interventions to help patients cope better. “I talk to people who do all the right things to improve their biochemistry, but without an emotional detox and spiritual connection to something larger than themselves, their healing process tends to stall,” Seeger observes. Her online talk shows feature long-term cancer survivors like Dr. Carl Helvie, author of You Can Beat Lung Cancer Using Alternative/ Integrative Interventions. “It all comes down to the microcosm of the cell. If we give our 73 trillion cells everything they need, the macrocosm of the body will function properly,” says Francis. The authors of Cancer Killers, Dr. Charles Majors, Dr. Ben Lerner and Sayer Ji, agree. Up till now, they attest that the war on cancer has been almost exclusively an assault on the disease, rather than an enlightened preventive campaign that clearly identifies and counters how cancer develops. “The battle can only be won by instructing people in how to boost their body’s immune responses to kill cancer cells before they face a full-blown diagnosis and showing them how to aggressively address the hostile exterior agents that turn healthy cells cancerous.” The best winning strategy is to naturally nurture a body—structurally, chemically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually—so that the inner terrain naturally kills cancer cells and stops them from growing. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Visit ItsAllAbout for the recorded interviews.

mindfulness-Based Stress reduction by Leanne Earnest, Ph.D.


cientists are increasingly examining mindfulness meditation in a medical context. Research studies are finding compelling evidence for how mindfulness training may protect health and reduce stress by altering neural pathways, immune function, perspective, attitude and mood. The mindfulness-based meditation program, with its structured eight-week training format, has lent itself well to research study. The program was developed more than 30 years ago at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and is now taught with the same format at locations worldwide. Chronic stress and illness wreak havoc on the body. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) has been shown to have positive effects for both healthy individuals and specifically, for people diagnosed with cancer. Research has found that eight weeks of mindfulness training has a significant effect on global measures of psychological wellness with the effect being slightly stronger for emotional than for thought-related variables. People with cancer that complete the MBSR training show a 55 percent

improvement in mood and 29 percent improvement in stress-related symptoms. The specific elements of mindfulness that appeared to be most helpful are awareness of the present moment and refraining from judging one’s inner experience. Establishing a regular practice of mindfulness meditation is, according to MBSR program founder, Jon KabatZinn, Ph.D., “Simple, but not easy.” The scientific studies pointing toward improvements in health are compelling and can motivate many individuals to give it a try. Create a more spacious awareness and a larger perspective, which includes taking in and savoring pleasant moments that occur, even in the midst of a crisis. Dr. Leanne Earnest is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing at 2340 Paseo Del Prado, Ste. D-307, in Las Vegas. With more than 15 years of experience integrating mindfulness meditation with traditional psychotherapy, she teaches proven programs to reduce stress and improve mental and physical health. Contact her at 702-222-1812 or visit StressLessLas See ad, page 22.

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nature’s antibiotics recover Health with Less risk by Kathleen Barnes

We live in a world of microbes: bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens that can make us sick. Most of the time, our immune systems are able to fight off microbial attacks, yet we’ve all experienced unsettling infections. When Use Becomes Overuse

In recent years, conventional medicine has increasingly used antibiotics as a universal remedy against all kinds of microbial attacks—even though they are ineffective against anything except bacterial infections. It’s best to use them selectively and cautiously when nothing else will do the job, because by definition, they are “opposed to life.” The worst-case scenario is what we have now: overuse creating “superbugs,” able to multiply out of control, sometimes with fatal consequences, even when treated with antibiotics that used to work. “Antibiotics are helpful and effective when used properly when there is a bacterial infection such as strep throat, urinary tract infection, bacterial pneumonia or a wound that has become infected,” explains Doctor of Naturopathy Trevor Holly Cates, of Waldorf Astoria Spa, in Park City, Utah. “But antibiotics are so overused and overprescribed that bacteria are changing in ways to resist them. This has become a significant public health problem.” National and global public health officials have expressed increasing concerns about dangers posed by such bacteria, including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), which are often transmitted between patients in hospital settings, and a multiantibiotic-resistant form of tuberculosis. 20

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The problem is compounded by the use of antibiotics to enhance growth and production in livestock. A variety of superbugs have been found in meat, poultry and milk products, according to the nonprofits Center for Science in the Public Interest and Environmental Working Group. Chris Kilham, a worldwide medicine hunter who teaches ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, explains the transmission. “When you eat conventionally raised meat, you’re not getting antibiotics, but you are getting bits of self-replicating genetic material that transfer antibiotic resistance to your body, which can prove fatal.”

Preferred Alternatives

Fortunately, there are many natural substances that have proven to be effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other infectious microbial pathogens— all without dangerous side effects. Here’s a short list: Propolis, sometimes called “bee glue”, produced by bees to seal their hives and protect them from infections, is “the single most powerful antimicrobial we have in the plant kingdom,” advises Kilham. That claim is backed by numerous studies from institutions such as Britain’s National Heart and Long Institute, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Harokopio University, in Greece. In 2005, a study by Turkey’s

Hacettepe University showed that propolis killed both MRSA and VRE bacteria. Other studies by Italy’s University of Milan have shown propolis’ effectiveness in combating upper respiratory infections and Candida albicans fungal infections. Propolis is also available in pill form. Pelargonium sidoides is a favored option for Cates to abbreviate both the duration and severity of cold and flu, including any lingering cough or sore throat. This South African medicinal is also known as African geranium. Usually used in tincture form, it’s also useful against a large range of microbial infections. One study from the Russian Institute of Pulmonology reported that nearly 70 percent of participating adults with bronchitis received relief within four days—more than double those that became well taking a placebo. Olive leaf extract was first mentioned in the Bible and recent research confirms its effectiveness against a wide variety of microbial infections. A U.S. Department of Agriculture study published in the Journal of Food Science confirms that olive leaf extract is effective in fighting food-borne pathogens like salmonella and E. coli, labeling it a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. New York University School of Medicine research published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications showed that olive leaf extract reversed many HIVrelated changes in the immune system. Retired medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker, author of Nature’s Antibiotic: Olive Leaf Extract, wrote that olive leaf extract “inhibits the growth of every virus, bacterium, fungus, yeast and protozoan it was tested against… and is effective against a minimum of 56 disease-causing organisms.” In a worst-case scenario, “If antibiotics are the only alternative to treat a labconfirmed bacterial infection, it’s vital to replace the beneficial intestinal bacteria inevitably wiped out by the drug,” concludes Cates. “Sometimes a few servings of a good natural yogurt (without sugar or fruit) will suffice. If not, look for a highquality probiotic to restore the digestive system’s natural bacterial colony.” Kathleen Barnes is a natural health advocate, author and book publisher (


Kid-Smart Supplements The Right Choices Help Children Thrive


by Pamela Bond

s youngsters head back to the classroom, parents can get their children off to a smart start by giving them key supplements. Here are some experts’ top picks.

Build Brains

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Because the brain’s nerve cell membranes are made of fat, ingesting a healthy fat—DHA—helps them stay lithe and limber enough to successfully fire off neurotransmitters, sharpening kids’ mental abilities. “Attention, focus, processing efficiency, memory—they’re all dependent on cells working effectively, and DHA will help,” says Randall Neustaedter, a doctor of Oriental medicine and author of The Holistic Baby Guide. A contemporary study published in Clinical Pediatrics found that 4-year-olds that ingested 400 mg a day of DHA for four months showed improvement in listening comprehension and vocabulary acquisition skills. Because finding an effective dose of pure DHA (at least 300 mg a day) can be difficult, Dr. Robert Rountree, co-author of Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, recommends administering liquid fish oil in a daily child’s dose of 800 to 1,500 mg at a ratio of 60 percent eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) to 40 percent DHA. “Anti-inflammatory EPA can help allergies and inflammation from colds and other viruses kids get,” explains Neustaedter. Algae can be a vegetarian substitute for fish oil, Neustaedter continues, but it contains only DHA, not EPA. Another vegetarian option, echium oil, internally converts to EPA at a one-to-one level, but not to DHA. Flaxseed oil is mostly alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which converts to DHA and EPA at a rate of only 3 to 7 percent. Phosphatydylserine (PS). This form of fat facilitates communication among brain cells. “It’s a natural substance your brain makes,” notes Neustaedter. Already highly regarded for its ability to enhance memory performance in older adults, it may also

improve attention, concentration, learning, behavior and school performance in youngsters. PS is found in small amounts in foods like eggs and soy. Therefore, Neustaedter recommends dietary supplementation of 100 mg a day for children that could use a brain booster. The best PS supplements are made from soy.

Improve Immunity

Vitamin D. “It’s my top immune supplement choice for most children,” says Rountree. The vitamin is crucial for triggering the body’s natural immune system to react to and fight off infections. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that daily 1,200 international unit (IU) supplements of vitamin D3 reduced cases of seasonal flu in schoolchildren by more than 40 percent. Neustaedter recommends that schoolaged children supplement with 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day. Unlike D2, D3 is natural and nontoxic, he says. Probiotics. These “friendly” bacteria help reestablish beneficial intestinal flora to both assist digestion and immunity. “Eighty percent of the immune system is produced in the small intestine,” says Neustaedter. “Having a healthy small intestine will lead to a healthy immune system. Probiotics will go a long way to accomplishing that.” Rountree recommends children receive a mixture of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria—at least 15 billion colony-forming units a day. A study by an international team published in Pediatrics showed that probiotic supplements may reduce the incidence of fevers, coughs, runny noses and other infections in young children. Elderberry. “If kids get frequent colds, elderberry can be helpful,” notes Neustaedter, who suggests that children take such extracts according to label instructions for acute sickness during the cold and flu season. He considers it a worthy antiviral and immune system stimulant. Elderberry’s immune-boosting potential may be due to its ability to enhance antioxidant activity. Several studies, including one issued by the National Institutes of Health, have shown that black elderberry extract may shorten the duration of a bout of flu.

Soothe Stress

Magnesium. “If kids have a hard time turning their minds off and going to sleep, calcium and magnesium will help,” Neustaedter advises. As a calming mineral, magnesium trumps calcium; because kids tend to need more calcium for their bones, the two nutrients are usually given together, adds Rountree. He recommends that children take 100 to 300 mg of magnesium daily, depending on their age and weight. Lemon balm (melissa officinalis). To soothe anxiety, Rountree points to lemon balm as safe and gentle, yet effective. St. Mary’s Hospital, in Madison, Wisconsin, reports that researchers have found that lemon balm, in combination with other herbs like valerian, may ease restlessness, anxiety and sleep disorders. Kids can drink one to two cups of freshly brewed tea daily. For a tasty and convenient option, substitute glycerites; tinctures that use glycerin to extract the active constituents from herbs. Pamela Bond is the managing editor of Natural Foods Merchandiser and former editor-in-chief of Delicious Living magazine. natural awakenings

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Proper Grooming Plus Quality Diet Equals a Healthier Pet by Gena Bunim


egular grooming and a high-quality diet keep a pet’s hair or fur in top condition, protecting against the elements and preventing infection. Skin and hair shield the pet from the environment; heat, cold, sun and wind, making it more difficult for the skin to get infected. Enhancing a dog’s coat enhances its well-being, and the keys are diet and grooming. A dog’s dietary needs vary, depending on breed, stage of life, size, activity level and health. Protein is necessary for hair production and fat provides shine and helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Without a proper balanced diet, the coat may be dull, dry and rough. Beneath the skin are specialized glands that produce sebum, an oily substance that coats hair and protects it from moisture. Brushing helps to distribute those healthy skin oils throughout the coat, making it shine. Regular brush-

ing will increase blood flow to the hair follicles, which improves the overall health of the pet’s skin and coat. Frequently grooming a pet, regardless of breed or type of hair, gives a close-up view of its skin and coat condition, exposing any signs of skin irritation, lumps or any abnormalities. One of many benefits of taking a pet to a seasoned grooming professional is that they are trained to know what to watch out for. If they see irritation in the ears, gum discoloration or bleeding, rash or notice a new lump that was not present at the last visit, they can relay this information to the pet parent. A good groomer will always note these findings to refer back to them on the next visit. Those that are not comfortable brushing their pet or do not know the proper technique for a specific breed should ask a groomer that understands the importance of maintaining a healthy coat. Going to a

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pet store and seeing all the varieties of brushes and combs can be overwhelming; the groomer will help select the correct tools to use. Professional grooming is more than just giving the pet a bath; much more is done behind the scenes. A professional will clean out the ears using a special tool that is gentle enough to use inside the ear, as well as pluck any hair that needs to be removed. They brush their teeth and express the anal glands if they are causing an odor problem. Also, a high-quality diet may help with an anal gland issue. Dogs need to have nails trimmed and filed monthly. The pads need to be examined, too, and if it is a long-haired dog, they will need to shave hair growth in-between the pads to prevent slipping, and then condition the pads. For a double-coated pet, there is a “de-shedding” treatment that uses special tools and product that really removes dead, loose coat. It takes more time, but will help immensely. It is recommended to repeat the process in two weeks, and then monthly for best results. The end result really helps with controlling dust bunnies and the pet will feel and look amazing. Shaving a pet down will not stop him from shedding; it will reduce the amount of hair to sweep up, but it will still continue to shed. Shaving a pet does not keep it cooler, either; in fact, keeping its coat intact and applying a de-shed will keep it cooler. That is because dogs do not sweat; they cool themselves primarily by panting and breathing, with the moist lining of their lungs serving as the evaporative surface. Shaving them down may require more maintenance while outdoors by keeping them out of the sun or using sunscreen, especially during the hottest time of the day. When it is time to get a pet groomed, remember that choosing the right groomer is important. Groomers are not all the same, so don’t just call and make an appointment. Go there, check it out and ask questions. Gena Bumin is co-owner of At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming, located at 55 S. Valle Verde Dr., in Henderson. For more information, call 702-928-4342, email or visit See ad, page 31.


Natural Iodine Supplementation A Must for Most Americans


e all need iodine, yet most of us don’t get enough of it through our diet. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that iodine deficiency in the developed world has increased fourfold in the past 40 years and now affects nearly three-quarters of all adults. Numerous U.S. practicing physicians quoted widely in the media estimate that the incidence of hypothyroidism in our adult population may be between 30 and 70 percent. Thus, we can’t efficiently produce the thyroid hormones that serve as chemical messengers triggering nearly every bodily function. The presence or absence of iodine affects our every cell. Natural Awakenings Detoxifed Iodine is 100 percent natural, raw iodine in an ethyl alcohol solution. We thank all those that are benefiting from this product and enthusiastically telling us their great results.  Available only at  My wife, who suffered from extreme fatigue and other symptoms, saw a dramatic increase in energy after just a few days of taking the natural iodine drops. Now if she misses a day, she’ll end up falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, like she used to do before taking the iodine. It works! ~ Aaron My doctor told me that I had a hypothyroid condition, prescribed medication and was happy with the follow-up test results, yet I noticed no positive effects on my overall wellbeing. Within two weeks of using the Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine, I had more energy, felt more awake and enjoyed clearer thinking and greater peace of mind. People even comment that I look younger. I am a fan! ~ Larry

Be Aware of Hypothyroidism Symptoms Low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism, is the most recognized and obvious indicator of low iodine intake because the thyroid gland contains more concentrated iodine than other organs. Symptoms can range from extreme fatigue and weight gain to depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, fibrocystic breasts and a variety of skin and hair problems. Hypothyroidism can further cause infertility, joint pain, heart disease and stroke. Low iodine levels also have been associated with breast and thyroid cancers. In children, insufficient iodine has been strongly linked with mental retardation,

deafness, attention deficient and hyperactivity disorder and impaired growth, according to studies by Boston University, China’s Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and France’s National Academy of Medicine. The answer is simple: Taking the right kind of iodine in the right dosage can rebalance thyroid function and restore health to the thyroid and the whole body.

Reasons Behind Iodine Deficiency Radiation: Almost everyone is routinely exposed to iodine-depleting radiation emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens and other electronic devices. Iodized table salt: The human body cannot utilize the iodide added to this product. Low-sodium diets: Failure to use healthy salts to fulfill sodium requirements, plus over-

use of zero-nutrient table salt in foods, leads to iodine depletion. Bromine: This toxic chemical overrides iodine’s abilities to nourish the thyroid, adrenal and other hormone-producing glands. A known carcinogen, it is used as an anticaking ingredient found in almost all baked goods, unless the ingredients specifically cite unbromated flour. Iodine-depleted soils: Due to poor farming techniques, iodine and other minerals in soil have declined, so most foods today are devoid of naturally occurring iodine. Proper iodine supplementation with a high-quality product like Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine can prevent harm by protecting the thyroid and other endocrine glands and restoring proper hormone production.

A Few Drops Can Change Your Life! You could feel better, lose weight or increase energy and mental clarity with a few drops of Natural Awakenings DETOXIFIED IODINE daily in water or on your skin when used as directed. An essential component of the thyroid, iodine replacement has been reported to give relief from: • Depression • Fibromyalgia • Hypothyroidism • Radiation

• Weight Gain • Low Energy • Hyperthyroidism • Bacteria & Viruses

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – 6pm7:30pm. Free introductory lecture detailing the benefits and requirements of an eight week course in mindfulness meditation. With 30 years of research supporting it’s efficacy, come hear about and experience components of the MBSR program taught around the world and at hundreds of locations nationally. Call to reserve your space. Free. Central Recovery, 3321 N Buffalo Dr, LV. 702-222-1812.

Nutrition Event – 6pm. Dr. Brown will discuss and let guests sample the all natural products from Lifewave Inc., which includes: Theta Nutrition – Theta energizes the brain to increase memory and mental alertness; Lifewave Patches – Non-transdermal patches are constructed from organic materials and specialize in reducing pain and enhancing energy. They are a natural alternative for improving sleep, relieving stress and helping to control/regulate appetite. Food and beverages will be served. Free. Nacho Daddy Restaurant (in banquet room), 9925 S Eastern Ave, HD. 702-739-4416. Drums of The Wolf Meditation with Melissa Ameika – 6:30-8:30pm. Deep drumming will bring you into a dream-like journey meditation. You might find yourself journeying with a wolf, a puma or an eagle... only spirit knows. Also explore an ancient shamanic meditation similar to weaving. $15. Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, 800 N Rainbow, Ste 100, LV. 702-948-4999. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – 5:306:30pm. Free introductory lecture detailing the benefits and requirements of an eight week course in mindfulness meditation. With 30 years of research supporting it’s efficacy, come hear about and experience components of the MBSR program taught around the world and at hundreds of locations nationally. Call to reserve your space. Free. Sahara West Library, 9600 W Sahara Library Ave, LV. 702222-1812.

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NOTE: All calendar events must be received by the 10th of the month prior to publication and adhere to our guidelines. Submit listings online at NaturalAwakeningsLV. com. For extended event descriptions and additional listings visit

tHurSday, auguSt 1 Candlelight Mantra Meditation with Debbie Veach Reiki Master – 7pm. Walk into your light, grace and intentions. Feel the cleansing energies brought in through your mantra, releasing the old and stepping into the new light being you are. Beautiful calming music, candles, incense and loving guided help from Debbie Veach Reiki Master Teacher during this beautiful meditation hour. $10. Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, 800 N Rainbow, Ste 100, LV. 702-948-4999.

Friday, auguSt 2 Ultrasound Heart Screenings – Aug. 2-3, Aug. 5. 10am-5pm. The American Institute of Medical Sonography in partnership with the West Charleston Library proudly presents free Ultrasound Heart Screenings. Ultrasound is a non-invasive screening that is safe and painless. Images of organs are presented in real-time during the screening. No radiation or injections are used for these screenings. The screenings offered are: ECHO (heart), Carotid and Abdominal Aorta. Appointments are required. Free. West Charleston Library, 6301 W Charleston Blvd, LV. 702-674-6469.

The 5 Tibetan Rites-Fountain of Youth – 9:3010am. During this free introduction, discover how to reverse or, at least, slow down the aging process, rejuvenate all endocrine glands, open the chakras and tone and firm major muscle groups – all in only 15 mins. Actual instructions (class) starts at 10am. Class $12. Transformations Wellness Center, 9291 Starcross Ln, LV. 702-405-9375.


1 Week FREE


Monday, auguSt 5 3 Simple Steps to Beauty – 11:30am-12:30pm. With pure essence and vibrations of essential oils, learn the 3 Simple Steps to Beauty. Free. Angel Blessings Wellness Spa, 4485 S Buffalo Dr, LV. 702-239-2680.

WedneSday, auguSt 7 • Hot Pilates • Hot Yoga • Body Sculpt • Boot Camp *New students and locals only

(702) 432-0028

8876 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 106 Las Vegas, NV. 89123 24

Greater Las Vegas

Create Sacred Space in 1/2 Hour with Kenzie Brown – 6pm. Clear your body of all the stuff from the day. It will take 30 minutes to shift your vibration into a normal flow of energy. $15. Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, 800 N Rainbow, Ste 100, LV. 702-948-4999.

WedneSday, auguSt 7 Drum n Dance – 6:30-7:30pm. Learn Middle Eastern rhythms using Music 4 Life drums. Spontaneous and structured rhythmic patterns, while drumming or playing zills, may trigger belly dancing. Facilitator Maggie Manners weaves a fun format to delight you – regardless of experience. $10/nonmembers. Free/members. Music 4 Life, 2975 S Rainbow Blvd, LV. 702-889-2881.

tHurSday, auguSt 8 Dr. Jeffery Brown’s Lifewave Patch & Theta

Energy Healing Circle – 7:30-8:30pm. Circle of healing for self and planet. “You give a healing, you receive a healing.” Love donations accepted. Free. Angel Blessings Wellness Spa, 4485 S Buffalo Dr, LV. 702-467-2472.

Saturday, auguSt 10 The Art of Spiritual Dreaming Book Discussion – 4-5pm. Recognize dreams as a source of inner truth and a key element of spiritual growth. Free. The Spirit Within U, 4780 W Ann Rd, Ste 4, N LV. Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health – Caregiver Lecture – 2-3pm. West Charleston Library, in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, presents “ Caring for a Loved One with Memory Loss”. Complementing excellent medical care and research opportunities, the Center’s focus on caregivers affirms that neurocognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis) impact the patient and everyone involved in care and support. Learn about the social services, education programs and other resources available and free to caregivers. Gain valuable information and get questions answered. Free. West Charleston Library, 6301 W Charleston Blvd, LV. 702-507-3964.

WedneSday, auguSt 14 Senior Law Series – 12-2pm. This seminar is an overview of debt collections and will discuss permissible vs improper debt collection. One on one time with an attorney will be provided following the lecture. Presented by Nevada Legal Services & Nevada Senior Law program. Free. West Charleston Library, 6301 W Charleston Blvd, LV. 702-5073964.

Cost. Govinda’s Sanctuary, 1325 E Torino Ave, LV. 702-434-8332.

savethedate Qi Activation comes to Las Vegas

Saturday, August 24 Begins at 9am each day.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – 1011:30am. Free introductory lecture detailing the benefits and requirements of an eight week course in mindfulness meditation. With 30 years of research supporting it’s efficacy, come hear about and experience components of the MBSR program taught around the world and at hundreds of locations nationally. Call to reserve your space. Free. Herbally Grounded, 4441 W Charleston Blvd, LV. 702-2221812. Interior Design Workshop Series – 11am1pm. This is a four part basic interior design workshop series. Free. West Charleston Library, 6301 W Charleston Blvd, LV. 702-507-3964.

Tuesday, August 20 Open House – 7-9am. Discover yourself differently at Music 4 Life’s Open House with free drumming, Music Medicine bed sessions, snacks and drink. We look forward to serving you. Get questions answered about Music 4 Life offerings for wellness and stress prevention. Free. Music 4 Life, 2975 S Rainbow, LV. 702-889-2881.

savethedate Discover YOUR Inner Power

Qi Activation is the Ultimate Empowerment Experience. Experience amazing healing Qigong practices that everyone can do. Learn breathing techniques like 9-Breath Method and the Breath Empowerment, which will leave your body vibrating and feeling fully energized. Qigong teacher, Jeff Primack will also share in detail the Food Based Healing system and new Qigong Foot Reflexology.

Saturday, August 17

Saturday, September 14 $129/4-days Reserve a Seat: 800-298-8970 or visit

If living powerfully is your thing, then this all day seminar is a must attend. Discover your Inner Power, with Dale Halaway and Dr. Greenawalt. Discover a new approach to empowerment, recognize and clear interference patterns that have been blocking you from being your authentic self.

Saturday, September 14 • 9:30am-6pm $67. Seating is Limited – Reserve Space Today! Register at: or call 702-254-7730

Saturday, October 5


Sunday, August 25 Roy Duncan’s Grand Opening – 1-3pm. Come celebrate with us. Free gifts and light refreshments. Free. Angel Blessings Wellness Spa, 4485 S Buffalo Dr, LV. 702-336-9362.

Monday, August 26 drumSPEAK: Djembe Rhythms – 6:30-7:30pm. Learn layered rhythms with facilitator L.A. exploring the many sounds of the djembe. Drums provided or bring your own. Limited djembe drums available. $10/nonmembers. Free/members. Music 4 Life, 2975 S Rainbow Blvd, LV. 702-889-2881.

Monday, September 2 Detox For Beauty and Health – 11:30am-12:30pm. Simple detoxing with essential oils for radiant health. Free. Angel Blessings Wellness Spa, 4485 S Buffalo Dr, LV. 702-327-9082.

Solarbration 2013 Southern Nevada’s Premier Renewable Energy Festival This annual Las Vegas Solar Festival blends art, technology and outreach to promote renewable energy, inspire conservation and support sustainable communities. This year the festival partners with the National and local Solar Home Tour and Solar Decathlon. Live bands, food, crafts and kid’s activities, solar experts, T-shirts, posters and more. Family friendly event open to the public.

Saturday, October 5 • 2-6pm

Visit or UpcomingEvents/Solarbration.html Free! For more information contact Louise Helton at 702-592-5330 or

Friday, August 23 Energy Healing Circle – 7:30-8:30pm. Circle of healing for self and planet. “You give a healing, you receive a healing.” Love donations welcome. Free. Angel Blessings Wellness Spa, 4485 S Buffalo Dr, LV. 702-467-2472.

Saturday, August 24 Gardening in Small Places: Landscape Design – 8am-12pm. Participants will leave this workshop with the basics elements needed to create a practical landscape design that will turn a small space into a dream space. Master Gardener Denise McConnell provides tips for organizing space and choosing size-appropriate plants to give the feeling of intimacy or create the illusion of more space. Homeowners and other interested parties are welcome to attend. Class space is limited and preregistration is required. $25. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Lifelong Learning Center, 8050 Paradise Rd, LV. 702-257-5573. Sri Krishna Janmastami 2013 – 6pm-12am. Join us for the greatest Spiritual Festival of the year celebrating the glorious appearance day of Lord Sri Krishna. This will be a special opportunity for all of LV to experience timeless Vedic culture, ancient spiritual wisdom and mouth-watering vegetarian cuisine. No

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August 2013


ongoingevents NOTE: All calendar events must be received by the 10th of the month prior to publication and adhere to our guidelines. Submit listings online at NaturalAwakeningsLV. com. For extended event descriptions and additional listings visit

daily Bikram Yoga – See website for class schedule and rates. Bikram Yoga LV, 5031 Wagon Trail Ave, Ste 109, LV. 702-547-9642. Free Counseling Sessions – Pre-Masters MFT Practicum-Intern under the supervision of a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist now providing therapy sessions for families and couples (or individuals experiencing relationship difficulties). A sliding scale fee structure of $0 to $25 per session for relationship issues, loss and grief, infidelity, couples strengthening, life-stage changes and more. Free. 3501 W Charleston, Ste 100, LV. Schedule with Caleb: 702508-9461, Ext 3. Hot Pilates & Yoga – One week unlimited access. Free. Body Heat, 8876 Eastern Ave, LV. 702-4320028. Nevada SPCA Little Critter Adoption – 9am-8pm. At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming is proud to partner with the Nevada SPCA hosting adoptions to help find homes for their Little Critters. At times, AYS may have bunnies, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, degus and more. Please visit NevadaSPCA. org, a non-profit, non-kill shelter, to help with a donation or learn more about adoptions. At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming, 55 S Valle Verde Dr, 300, HD. 702-498-0416. Overeaters Anonymous – Overeaters Anonymous meets daily throughout Las Vegas and HD. OA offers a holistic approach to permanent weight loss with desired results of a physical, emotional and spiritual healing that is nothing short of amazing. Donation. For days, locations and times visit website or call info-hotline: 702-593-2945. LV, HD. 702593-2945. Stress Reduction Sessions – 10am-2pm. Stressed? Overwhelmed? Sleepless nights? Experience a free stress reduction session. Sessions are available daily. Free. 3663 E. Sunset Blvd, Ste 106, 3663 E Sunset Blvd, Ste 106, LV. 310-739-7673. Yoga & Meditation – See Website for daily class schedule. Just Breathe Wellness Center, 5333 S Arville St, Ste 206, LV. 702-553-6819.

weekdays Staying Healthy! Radio Show – 8-9am and 5-6pm, Mon-Fri. Hosted by Jeffrey Burke, ND, MH on KLAV 1230 am. Enrich your knowledge and learn how to stay healthy all year long. Free. 702-7311230.

sunday Falun Gong Exercise & Qigong Meditation – 8am-10am and 9-11am. Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is an advanced traditional Chinese meditation system designed to improve mind and body through slow, gentle and smooth exercises. Free. Desert Breeze Park, 8268 Spring Mountain Rd, LV. 702-773-3667. fresh52 Sunday Farmers & Artisan Market – 8:30am-1pm. fresh52 farmers and artisan market is a lively, friendly, open air market where neighbors and friends come together to celebrate the community. Free. Sansone Park Place, 9480 S Eastern, LV. 702-900-2552.

monday Qigong/Tai Chi Classes – 8:30-9:30am, Mon and Thurs. All ages and physical limitations. The gentle movements of Qigong/Tai Chi are suitable for all levels. Learn how to move and strengthen your

body for health, relaxation and vitality. $5. Whitney Senior Community Center, 5712 E Missouri Ave, LV. Kat: 702-743-3786. Wongu University of Oriental Medicine-Graduate Program – 9:30am-8:30pm. The first school of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Nevada is offering a Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine, covering courses in acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Taiji, moxibustion with western medicine, practice management and more. Currently accepting applications for Spring 2013. Didactic Unit $180/Clinical Hour $18. Wongu University of Oriental Medicine, 8215 & 8620 S Eastern Ave, LV. 702-463-2122. Yoga with Jeff – 6:15-7:15pm. Improve strength, flexibility and endurance, while clearing the mind through the power of Yoga. Donation. Herbally Grounded, 4441 W Charleston Blvd, LV. 702-558-4372. Yoga & Qigong – 7:45-9:15pm. Multi-level Ashtanga yoga class and qigong infuses balancing chi (energy). Donation: $10. 107 E Charleston, LV. 702-325-9923.

tuesday Momma’s Milk Circle – 10am-1pm. Support group for nursing moms and babies of up to one year of age hosted by lactation specialists. Well Rounded Momma Homestead, 3556 E Patrick Ave, LV. 702795-2500. Beginner Yoga – 4:30-5:45pm. Classical Ashtanga yoga, as taught by Baba Hari Dass. A multi-level class created for new and intermediate students with an emphasis on play, heart opening and alignment. Progressive options offered in many asanas, challenging each individual. First Tuesday of the month features a Beatles themed music class; the rest of the month features a fun music playlist. Donation: $10. Blue Sky Yoga, 107 E Charleston, LV. 702325-9923. Simple Thoughts Tutorial and Journaling – 5-6:30pm. Broaden your perception of life’s experiences and be inspired. Journal your inspirations. $20. Angel Blessings Wellness Spa, 4485 S Buffalo Dr, LV. 702-610-6497. Spiritual Book Club For Women – 6-8pm. 4th Tues. First meeting Meet and Greet and discuss future book choices. Meditation included in each meeting. Suggested donation: $8. Just Breathe Wellness Center, 5333 S Arville St, Ste 206, LV. 702-5536819. Free Healing Circle – 7pm-9pm. Free healing every week with different practitioners. Free. Angel Blessings Wellness Spa, 4485 S Buffalo, LV. RSVP Janee Powers: 702-265-5219.


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Greater Las Vegas

Overeaters Anonymous – 10am-11am. OA Support Group - OA offers an approach to permanent weight loss with desired results of a physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This program of recovery is a way of life, based on the twelve steps and twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. Donation. Congregation Ner Tamid, I-215, 55 N Valle Verde Dr, HD. 714309-0531. Voicemail info: 702-593-2945. Brain Balance Open House – 2:30-4:30pm. 2nd Wed. For all parents, teachers, educators, administrators and support staff. Learn about ground breaking, drug free programs that helps kids with ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Tourettes, OCD, PDD. Free. Brain Bal-

ance Achievement Centers of HD, 11 S Stephanie St, HD. 702-778-9500. Mary Kay Skincare and Meeting – 5:30-6:30pm, Skincare Classes. 6:30-8:30pm, Open Meeting. Meetings are open to any guest. Special guest event every 3rd Wed features various makeup techniques. Free. Please RSVP. Pink Studio, 6655 S Tenaya Way, Ste 120, LV. 702-371-1037. Reiki Healing Circle – 7-9pm. This is a free Inspirational Healing Circle. Learn new natural healing information each week. Participate in a group discussion (optional) or simply observe and learn. Experience guided meditation channeled by Victoria (Reiki Master of 20+ years) and receive deep personalized healing. Relax and recharge your mind and body. Free. Love offerings accepted. Transformations Wellness Center, 9291 Starcross Ln, LV. 702-405-9375.

thursday Green Drinks – 2nd Thurs. Network with other eco-friendly business professionals. Times/locations vary. Country Fresh Farmers’ Market-Water Street – 9am-4pm. Outdoor market selling fruits and vegetables, fresh baked breads, salsas, honey, jams, loose leaf teas, organic soaps, dolls, jewelry, crafts and more. Free. Downtown HD in Events Plaza, 240 Water St, HD. 702-579-9661. Senior Memoir-Writing Class – 10-11:30am. Four weekly classes. Life Stories Nevada helps older adults record their life stories for themselves and future generations. Free. Temple Beth Sholom, 10700 Havenwood Ln, LV. 702-940-5423. ‘Bet on the Farm’ Farmers Market – 10am-1pm. Mario Batali’s and Joe Bastianichу’s sustainable market. Free. Springs Preserve, 333 S Valley View Blvd, LV. Momma’s Milk Circle – 10am-1pm. Support group for nursing moms and babies of up to one year of age hosted by lactation specialists. Well Rounded Momma, 6000 S Eastern Ave, Ste 9A, LV. 702-7952500. Reiki with Angels Meditation – 11:30am-12:30pm. Heal, restore and empower yourself. Allow the love of the Angel and the power of Reiki to assist you in a spiritual journey. We seek to bring Divine Light into our everyday lives. $10. Just Breath Wellness Center, 5333 S Arville, #206, LV. 702-350-1711. In Rhythm Music Song Writer Workshops – 6-8pm. Find your voice and create music in a supportive, safe environment. All levels welcome. $20. Angel Blessings Wellness Spa, 4485 S Buffalo Dr, LV. 702-610-4400. Solar NV Monthly Meeting – 6:30pm. 3rd Thurs. Featuring speakers from a variety of renewable energy disciplines. A great place to network with people who share an interest in renewable energy. Free. Check website for meeting room number. UNLV, 4505 S Maryland Pkwy, LV. 702-507-0093.

friday Qigong-Tai Chi Classes – 8:30-9:30am. Bi-monthly. These ancient Chinese healing arts involve gentle, rhythmic movement exercises, controlled breathing and focused intention. $5. Whitney Community Center, 5712 Missouri Ave, LV. 702-743-3786. Downtown3rd Farmers Market – 9am-2pm. Locally grown fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and artisanal selections. Guest chef demonstrations.

Kids craft zone. Dog park. Largest indoor Farmers Market in the valley. Free parking. 300 N Casino Center, LV. Country Fresh Farmers’ Market – 10am. Free. HD Pavilion, 200 S Green Valley Pkwy, HD. 702579-9661. fresh52 Friday Farmers & Artisan Market – 3-7pm. fresh52 farmers and artisan market is a lively, friendly, open-air market where neighbors and friends come together to celebrate the community. Located outside Whole Foods at Town Square. Free. Town Square (outside Whole Foods), 6605 LV Blvd S, LV. 702-900-2552. Community Hu – 3:15-3:45pm. Open your heart to divine love and experience uplifting joy, healing, relaxation and spiritual connection. Free. The Spirit Within U, 4780 W Ann Rd Ste #4, NLV. 702-224-4328. First Friday – 6-12pm. Arts festival on 1st Fri each month. Food, drink, art and entertainers. Free. Downtown Arts District, LV. 702-384-0092. Community Hu – 6:15-6:45pm. 4th Fri. Open your heart to divine love and experience uplifting joy, relaxation and spiritual connection. Free. Pure Health Foods, 7575 Washington, #129, LV. 224-4325. Community Drum Circle – 6:30-7:30pm. All ages welcome. Enjoy a large community drumming experience, building one strong voice with many. Bring your own drum and drums provided. Transformational leader Idris Hester facilitates the drum circle with Music 4 Life staff. Bring a drum or rhythm instrument or use a Music 4 Life instrument provided by Remo, Inc. Join the Music 4 Life Health Club for $20/month and save 65-90% off program fees. $10. Music 4 Life, Inc., 2975 S Rainbow Blvd, LV. 702-889-2881. Northwest LV Reiki Circle – 7-8:30pm. Northwest LV Reiki Circle is proud to celebrate three years of providing a safe, sacred healing circle for those in our community. Gatherings comprise a healing exchange along with instilling spiritual insights and empowerment. Collective healing synchronizes but it does not conform to boundaries of time and space. We send love, healing, peace and comfort into the Universe. Find on Meetup under “Northwest LV Reiki Circle”. Love offering. The Reiki Gal, LLC, 7495 W Azure Drive, LV. 702-875-2967.

10am. EV owners and those interested get together to show and share. Our friendly club members answer any questions about EV’s. We have fun meet ups almost every week. Free. For location information contact Lloyd: 702-524-3233, Bill: 702-636-0304 or Jon: 702-277-7544. The Art of Spiritual Dreaming Book Discussion – 2pm-3pm. Every 4th Sat. The Art of Spiritual Dreaming book discussion. Explore your universe of dreams to receive spiritual insights and wisdom from the heart, pursue your divine purpose in life, recognize dreams as a source of inner truth and as a key element of spiritual growth. Free. Starbucks, 2120 N Rampart, LV. 702-224-4325. Overeaters Anonymous – 2pm. OA offers an approach to permanent weight loss with desired results of a physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This is a way of life, based on the twelve steps and twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and offers a program of recovery. Donation. Serenity Club - Suite 10, 3990 Schiff Dr, LV. VM info 702-593-2945. 702-593-2945. Community HU – 3:15-3:45pm. Open your heart to divine love and experience uplifting joy, healing, relaxation and spiritual connection. Free. The Spirit Within U, 4780 W Ann Rd, Ste #4, N LV. 702-224-4328. Mind Body & Soul Saturday –7pm. Art, meditation, music, reading performances to foster wellbeing through the arts with wellness, massage, Reiki, energy sessions adjacent to a secluded landscaped courtyard that enhances, elevates and enlightens participants face-to-face and one-on-one. $15 for you and a guest. Weston Place, 6600 W Charleston, Ste 123, LV. 702-418-0707.

saturday fresh52 Saturday Farmers & Artisan Market – 8am-1pm. fresh52 farmers and artisan market is a lively, friendly, open-air market where neighbors and friends come together to celebrate the community. Free. Tivoli Village, 302 S Rampart, LV. 702-900-2552. Chi Kung & Tai Chi Classes – 9-11am. Chi Kung (Qigong) is the art of developing internal energy particularly for health and vitality, mind expansion and spiritual cultivation. $10. Rainbow’s End Natural Foods, 1100 E Sahara Ave, LV. 324-0353. LV Electric Vehicles Club Monthly Meeting –

natural awakenings

August 2013


communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, email to request our media kit.


11 S Stephanie St, Ste 120, HD 89012 702-778-9500 • Offering individualized plans to help children with learning difficulties reach their greatest physical, mental, social and academic potential. Customized programs correct imbalance and reduce/eliminate negative behaviors. We are brainbased, not drug based. See ad, page 7.


CHINESE MEDICINE THREE TREASURES MEDICAL QIGONG THERAPY Kat Reyes-Campbell Certified Medical Qigong Therapist 702-743-3786

Ancient healing wisdom in modern times. Medical Qigong is specifically tailored to treat an i n d i v i d u a l ’s p h y s i c a l a n d emotional pain at the root cause of symptoms achieving health, harmony and balance.



Lorri Ann Roy 10624 S Eastern Ave, HD, 89052 702-767-6722 • With more than 24 years experience, Lorri is one of the most experienced and longestpracticing aestheticians in the state of Nevada, specializing in custom facials, LED light therapy and facial and body waxing. See ad, page 19.


Dr. Margaret R. Colucci 2085 Village Center Cir, Ste 110, LV 89134 702-880-5335 • Dr. Colucci, a 1989 Palmer graduate, serving the Las Vegas valley for over two decades. Specializing in treating the whole body in family wellness care, pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care, auto, work and sports injuries. Serving Summerlin.


Mary Kay Independent Consultant 702-371-1037 Mary Kay positively changes the lives of women and the environment. As your personal Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I look forward to assisting you with our trusted skin care, make up and body care products. See ad, page 22.


Perry Dau 702-522-1898 Certified green cleaning company using Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals and supplies. Sanitary and safe service eliminates gross soils (DIRT) with little to no chemical residual or odor.


A self directed program puts the individual receiving the care in charge allowing you to arrange and direct your own services and supports. You select, train and manage your caregiver. We take care of the program paperwork, so you can take care of… you!

Greater Las Vegas



877-786-4999 Toll Free



8579 S Eastern Blvd, Ste B, LV 89123 702-792-3777 •

We design medicines made for each unique patient and their specialized needs including bioidentical HRT for men and women. We consider a customer’s general well being and offer consultations with appointments.


The practice of this serene, balancing and energizing exercise will open your energy meridians and balance your Chakras. I will empower you with flowing movement, breath, color therapy techniques and meditation. See ad, page 18.


Ronald L. Greenawalt D.C., F.A.C.O. 7500 W Sahara Ave, LV 89117 702-363-8989 • Experience the “WOW” factor of realizing your potential physically, biochemically and emotionally in order to achieve your health and life goals with techniques like B o d y Ta l k , To t a l B o d y Modification and Neurolink. See ad, page 5.


Dr. Truvella “Trudy” Reese, DMD 7480 W Sahara Ave, LV 89117 702-982-0400 • Eco-friendly, family-friendly dentistry with state of the art technology. Specializing in personal attention and conscientious oral health care. Accepting most insurance plans, new patients welcome.


Dr. Jim Wright, DDS, AIAOMT, AIABDM 8855 W Flamingo, LV 89147 702-281-9900 • Practicing holistic, biological dentistry with safe removal of mercury according to the standards of IAOMT and IABDM. State of the art early detect cavity mapping, cosmetic, general, specialty dentistry and low sensitivity teeth whitening. Dr. Wright offers holistic, no-prep veneers, Lumineers, Invisalign Braces, dental implants and All on 4 Implant Bridges, sleep and full sedation dentistry. See ad, page 9.

BELL CENTER FOR BIOLOGICAL AND HOLISTIC DENTISTRY Dr. Michael Bell, DDS 8068 W Sahara Ave, Ste A, LV 89117 702-256-7666 •

Holistic dentistry with a whole body approach to create a healthy smile and body. Live microscopic viewing of mouth bacteria. Laser gum disease treatment. Computerized TMJ and bite analysis. Mercury testing and removal. Nutritional testing. Autonomic nervous system analysis. Invisalign. See ad, page 18.


Delivering smart energy solutions for your home or business. Take advantage of our programs and incentives on residential and commercial high-efficiency equipment and learn a Smarter Greener Better® way to save money and the environment.


Mindy Margolies, Nurse Practitioner 9065 S Pecos Rd, Ste 250, HD 89074 702-938-5055 • Do you have fatigue? Low sex drive? Poor memory? It could be your hormones. See Mindy, a BioIdentical Hormone specialist, at Royal Medical Clinic and get your life back today. See ad, page 13.


3315 W Craig Rd, Ste 105, NLV 89032 702-285-8321 • Massage has been an essential element of the wellness lifestyle for thousands of years the world over. For $39/hr you can experience these traditional techniques. Call today. Feel better now.



Akashic Records Expert Practitioner/ C.C. Life Coach 800 N Rainbow Blvd, LV 89107 702-370-5277 • Akashic Consultations and Life Coaching Sessions. Get clarity and guidance; get rid of the negative patterns and blocks and bring balance into your life. Free initial phone consultation/coaching session.


7331 W Charleston, #130, LV 89117 702-379-3628


A place for healing, education and wellness. Including professional massage therapy and bodywork services. Contact Jamie about space rental for classes and workshops, or to schedule a massage.

Tanya Allason 702-683-5671

Organizing can be an overwhelming and daunting task. I can help you eliminate your clutter and create a calm and organized space. Stress less about your mess. Call today.


Certified Purpose Intuitive Consultant 702-750-2346 • Inspired intuitive insights for your life’s path and purpose. Uncover your hidden gifts and talents, discover your highest potential, and clear the blocks in your way. Free initial phone consultation.


Quality, full service, pet supply store with the best value in the valley. Pet friendly. On-site “Barkery”. Nutritional experts. Professional grooming available seven days for cats, dogs and little critters. Pet adoptions too! See ad, page 31.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE OPTIMAL HEALTH PRIMARY CARE Jeffrey Brown, DO 10120 S Eastern Ave, Ste 100 HD 89052 702-871-7004 •

Optimal Health Primary Care is an integrative medicine practice that incorporates a variety of methods to help heal the body. Dr. Brown believes that the body has its own natural healing mechanisms. See ad, page 6.


Daniel F. Royal, DO, HMD, JD 9065 S Pecos Rd, Ste 250 HD 89074 702-938-5055 • We treat causes not symptoms with unique and natural therapies that are not available anywhere else. They failed? Get the Royal Treatment for energy, weight loss, pain relief, Bio-Identical hormones, testosterone, diabetes and more. See ad, page 13.

natural awakenings

August 2013




702-735-5151 Republic Services o ff e r s c o m p l e t e waste and recycling solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and construction customers. Offering free recycling assessments to meet the needs of any sized business or project.


Dale Halaway, Master Teacher 9850 S Maryland Pkwy, Ste 5-217, LV 89183 702-254-7730 • Our seminars empower you to: solve your problems, grow your business, release your fears, achieve your goals, discover your purpose, increase your self confidence, make changes in your life, heal the masculine/feminine divide. See ad, page 5.

Las Vegas & Henderson 877-43-SOLAR (7-6527) Solar by the ProsNABCEP. Tier 1 product line, best in the business. Best price guaranteed on comparable products. Multiple finance options available – Lease, Zero Down, Non-equity. See ad, page 6.


817 S Main St, LV 89101 702-507-0093 Solar NV is the Southern Nevada chapter of the American Solar Energy S o c i e t y. We a r e a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate about the benefits of renewable energy and promote the use of sustainable energy technology. See ad, page 5.

Leanne L. Earnest, Ph.D. 2340 Paseo Del Prado, D-307, LV 89102 702-222-1812 • Dr. Leanne Earnest is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years experience integrating mindfulness meditation with traditional psychotherapy. She teaches proven programs to reduce stress, improve mental and physical health. See ad, page 22.

UNIVERSITIES 8620 S Eastern Ave, LV 89123 702-463-2122 Nevada State Board approved to offer a MS Degree in Oriental Medicine. Didactics with clinical training in acupuncture and herbology ensure competent practitioners. Step into a new career or expand your practice. See ad, page 7.


Fitness Trends and Tips for People and the Planet

For more information about advertising and how you can participate, call 702-483-3255 30

Greater Las Vegas

5333 S Arville St, Ste 206, LV 89118 702-553-6819

Vinaysa Flow Yoga & Gong, Gong meditations and “Yogatize” for weight loss classes, workshops and private lessons. Like us on Facebook.






Wellness Center & Intl. School of Reiki Victoria Stitzer, Expert in Rapid Behavior Modification • 702-405-9375 Transform your “Fears into Power”; “Pain into Joy” through powerful proven Mind-Body t e c h n o l o g i e s : N L P - E F TRegressions-Detox-Reiki-Pranic and Thetahealing. Free Reiki circles Wednesdays at 7pm. Call 702-659-2390.

YOGA BODYHEAT HOT PILATES & YOGA 8876 Eastern Ave, Ste 105, LV 89123 702-432-0028

Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Body Sculpt, and Boot camp classes are taught in a state of the art environment with the optimum atmosphere. We have a variety of classes to suit all levels. See ad, page 24.

natural awakenings

August 2013




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