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Van flips with nine children onboard See page 3 Sunday,May 8th, 2011

UN-EMPLOYMENT THRU THE ROOF Barrow’s Incompetence Triples Unemployment

Prime Minister Dean Barrow SIB Dir.General Glenn Avilez &Min of Pub Service John Saldivar This is a sharp rise from the 12.6% Although twenty-three percent is Thursday, May 05, 2011 BELMOPAN –2010 Census Exposes National Secret- One startling revelation coming out of the much delayed and only just partially delivered 2010 Housing and Population Census is that the secret which the Barrow Government held guarded has been revealed. According to the census, the nation’s unemployment level is 23%.

that was posted in September of 2009. The question about unemployment was posed to Prime Minister Dean Barrow by former Prime Minister Musa at the last sitting of the House of Representatives. Barrow responded with the usual vituperation of Musa but never gave an idea of where unemployment might be.

unprecedented many pundits believe, however, that the figure is much higher than that. The census which was launched in February of last year and was scheduled to be completed by August ran into problems leaving many households uncounted. Unconfirmed report is that the exercise ran into financial problems. According to the 2011

budget, $2.8million was spent on the census. Neither Minister of Finance PM Barrow nor Minister of Governance Improvement John Saldivar has offered reason for the delay in providing the preliminary results. Several inquiries by the National Perspective to find out the reason(s) for the delay have gone unanswered. According to the Director of the Statistical Institute of Belize, Glenford Avilez, enumerators faced hardships in collecting data from Belize City because of the crime situation. Avilez also said that special effort was made to reach the households of members of the media to avoid exposure by the media. Several discrepancies have affected the outcome of the census. A poll by Channel 7 showed that 140 of the 254 persons who responded said that they were not counted. The national population figure as shown by the 2010 census is 312, 971 which is twenty thousand below the forecasted figure. The Mestizo population is shown to have grown to 50% of the popula-

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Quo Vadis Mark and Cordel Another grenade thrown in Southside Belize City

Thursday, May 05, 2011 BELIZE CITY - The National Executive of the People’s United Party met yesterday and after a fairly heated discussion and debate “unanimously” approved the return of prodigal parliamentarians Francis Fonseca, Cordel Hyde and Mark Espat to the fold as “Senior Deputy Party Leaders” on the National Executive, and Florencio Marin Jr. as

Parliamentary Liaison also on the National Executive. The move effectively “demoted” Mike Espat and Ms Carolyn Trench-Sandiford who the party said in a release “will continue as Deputy Party Leader.” The move also meant that the party had accepted the “constructive resignation” of Dan Silva as a Deputy

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“The grenade was corroded. The body was corroded, which indicates that it was buried somewhere. Also, there were fragments of some pieces of cloth on the grenade, which means that it was probably wrapped, and because of the damp condition of where it was, it caused some corrosion. It is a danger due

to the state that it’s in, because the corrosion could have corroded the pin, and whoever picked up the grenade, if the grenade was severely corroded, the grenade could have gone off in their hands. So the state of what that grenade is, if there are more out there, it could be a similar state of the rest as well, and it is a danger to whoever has does grenade.” - Lt. Col. David Jones Wednesday, May 4, 2011 BELIZE CITY – Catastrophe was averted when a grenade that was launched at a group of 2 men, 3 women and 2 children on Flamboyant Street failed to detonate last night around 8:40. According to bomb expert Lt. Colonel David Jones, the Belize

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Sunday,May 8th, 2011

More Pressure from this UDP Oppressive Government? OH JULES, HE WHO HAS GLASS WINDOWS… The issue of the ownership of the row. However, if Jules Vasques perNational Perspective has been the center of many discussions across the Belizean society. This newspaper is owned and operated by the publisher as listed in every publication and owes allegiance to none. As the motto of the National Perspective states “Bias towards none”. Last week Channel 7 ran a story on the headline story in the National Perspective which begged the question if there is any financing relations between Guatemala and the People’s United Party. In the news report related to the headline (National Perspective) Channel 7 referred to the publication as a PUP newspaper owned by the old Guard of the PUP. It went on to state that the National Perspective had a “hawkish attitude”. The story was more than 50% about the National Perspective, and they allege owners than about the cover story, which by itself is considered mind boggling. Let us face the facts. The PUP does not own the National Perspective and cannot and will not tell the National Perspective how to conduct its business. The National Perspective will call a spade a spade regardless of who or what it is. Unbiased reporting is the mantra of the National Perspective. The newspaper also carries feature columnist who favors their opinion and are allowed freedom for the free flow of their ideas from all sides of the political spectrum. Over the years since birth of this publication the record s of unbiased reporting and advices are clear. It has issued advices through this medium to both major political parties and their leadership. However, these are mighty “large” people, and they take advice from no one. So here is a news flash Jules Vasquez, who is the son of Belize Telemedia Limited Chairman, Jules Vasques can be accused of receiving all the BTL advertisements because of being a UDP television station or because of having his father as BTL’s chairman. Certainly, Jules Vasques has been getting away with his hideous journalism over the years under the disguise that he is being unbiased, nevertheless there is no denying that Jules should be millions richer at the end of the UDP term in government, while no other television station can dare say the same. The National Perspective does not wish to make Jules Vasques one of its targets because so far this kind of label is reserved for traitors of Belize such as Evan X Hyde and Jamaal “Shyne” Bar-

sists then space will be allocated to post the plumpest. However, Jules Vasques is considered a side show. The main event is the Central Statistical Institute of Belize, Glenn Avilez and the “village idiot” John Saldivar. Firstly, we refer to Saldivar in a derogatory manner because this is an educated man with a supposedly Master Degree in Economics that is endorsing a census that is merely guesstimating. The fact that the census was not accurate was verified during the question and answer section of the press conference that was held. Most of the revealing questions were posed by Jules Vasques and Glen Avilez of CSI had to admit that there are huge holes in the census. The thought that the census for 2010 was inaccurate is scary because many of the multi-lateral funding agents and friendly countries look at these statistics and take decisions on providing aid and assistance to Belize. However, if the statistics are inaccurate and doubtful the decisions made may not be in Belize’s favor. This is where John Saldivar, as an expert, should have stopped the census from being released until the figures can be corrected. For Saldivar to think that he can stand in front of the Belizean people and present and endorse a bogus census is the end of the road for him. This UDP Government has stooped to the lowest of low. The census that was done by the pro UDP Channel 7 proved our point. Almost 55% of the people polled by Channel 7 stated they were not contacted and counted. It must be noted that it was a small sampling of the population that was polled, which makes the outcome of the census even more inaccurate. The Government of the day has to be given the “Pinocchio Award” because lies fly freely from their lips. When the UDP forked tongue is coupled with their incompetence then as Belizeans would say: “dog wah eat yu suppa”. And as usual, there is nothing coming from the Opposition reference, the bogus census and the alarming number of 23% unemployment, which is also a doctored figure. The unemployment number represents almost one quarter of the working population of Belize. This is scary for Belize, which has a shrinking economy. This means that the poverty level will increase rapidly, and the crime situation will escalate as the two goes together. So Mr. Opposition Leader do your job!!! OPEN YOUR EYES THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE!!!

Consistent reports coming the National Perspective news source from motorist especially truckers who frequently travel across the North and Western Borders Stations into Chetumal or Melchor de Mencos Peten to purchase vehicle parts or other purchases, tell us that of late, they have been victims of harassment by Customs officials who pick out innocent people and measure their gas tanks before crossing and measure again whenever they come back across into Belize. These angry motorists tell the NP that they really have no idea if this is just another way of hustling by customs or is another state sanctioned pressure from this oppressive and cruel government to the poor people of Belize. In more than one occasion it has been witnessed where customs officials are trying to squeeze some ‘mordida’ from selected motorists and in

one case when one motorist refused, the gas from his vehicles tank was pumped out. Many motorist who travel into these border towns for whatever reasons often takes the opportunity to fill-up over the border to travel back since the price per gallon for fuel is considerably lower than in Belize where the government exploits Belizean motorists for over $3.00 per gallon and the costs keeps going up. Motorists are calling on Government and the Customs Department to stop this unfair and illegal practice because life is already hard in Belize and Belizeans do what they must to make ends meet. What the Customs Department should look into is the illicit enrichment of many junior customs officer that do more than just filling gas across the border but serves the illicit trade more than any other government department in the country


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Sunday,May 8th, 2011

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Van flips with nine children onboard By Rhenae Nunez Sunday, May 1, 2011 BELMOPAN - A Ford Aerostar van bearing license plates C-35802 carrying nine children and one adult driver flipped at mile 46 on the Western Highway on Sunday afternoon shortly after 1:00 p.m. Driver, Louise Bailey, 39, was on her way to the annual National Agricultural and Trade Show in Belmopan when the accident occurred. Witnesses’ accounts say that Bailey took a curve at high speed and lost control which caused the vehicle to flip several times as it careened off the road. Bailey escaped with minor injuries, however, two of her passengers, Bailey’s daughter Leshawn Young, 14, and Aniqua Fisher, 10, (not related) are hospitalized at the KHMH in critical condition. According to Bailey, she was not speeding but admitted to a witness at the scene that she lost control. Speaking with News 5 on Wednesday, Bailey claimed that the vehicle suffered a front wheel blowout. Photographs obtained at

the scene disputes that claim. Curlet Bainton, mother of ten year old Aniqua Fisher, told News 7 on Tuesday that her daughter is stable but critical and is hooked to a machine which is assisting her to

breathe. Bainton also said that her daughter will need outside help to repair tissue from her neck and shoulder that were ripped during the accident. Louise Bailey also described her

daughter’s condition as critical and said that she is in a vegetated condition without any control of her body functions. Leshawn Young is being fed through a straw at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. The mothers of the injured girls got into a spat with Curlet Bainton accusing Bailey of speeding with nine children onboard her van. Bainton later apologized, saying that she was upset that her daughter could have died. Bainton also said that she sent her daughter on the trip against her better judgment. Ordinarily, she said, Aniqua does not get to go anywhere without her mother’s presence. Aniqua had just celebrated her tenth birthday and received money from her grandmother which facilitated her trip. Bainton’s younger sister, Kyrstal offered to take the tenyear- old with her to Belmopan. They got a ride with Louise Bailey who charged a five dollar fare for the trip. While police have not issued an official report as yet, they have confirmed that they are investigating the accident.

Sunday,May 8th, 2011

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Convention Corral

Last Sunday while nearly all eyes were on the National Trade and Agricultural Show, both major parties quietly endorsed two candidates, and one elected another. For the PUP the ascension of Dr. Francis Smith, a well-liked orthopedic specialist, as their candidate in Pickstock should have been a cause for the kind of hype that hope brings, but instead his endorsement was brisk and business-like. In interviews prior to his swearing in on Sunday, Smith had told the media he would’ve preferred a fight and was disappointed when his young opponent appeared to have abruptly thrown in the towel just days before the poll was scheduled to have been held. The good doctor can be excused for this rank display of naïveté since he is a political neophyte but clearly his baby steps along the campaign trail are being guided, every step of the way, by his far more experienced and politically pragmatic brother Godfrey, whom it seems has now reached some level of accord with the Johnny Briceno leadership after two years of being at loggerheads. Many observers were flummoxed by Godfrey Smith’s very public support for Anthony Mahler in the contentious Caribbean Shores convention, especially since his wearing of the PUP hue came scarcely weeks after a caustic attack on Basta Briceno in his blog. In retrospect we have to admire the timing and the adroitness of the move. The Smiths have shoehorned themselves back into the race for political power, calculating that JB would rather have them join him than have to fight with them. Meanwhile the fallout from the Caribbean Shores annihilation of Joe Coye continues reverberate with long time talk show host Glenn Tillett having been summarily deposed from his seat by Briceno uber-loyalists Vaughan Gill and G. Michael Reid. One of Tillett’s sins being cited for his ejection is his post election column in this newspaper titled “Rage Against The Machine.” Tillett, Marshall Nunez and G. Mike had been advised by Briceno to stop writing in the National Perspective. Reid has obediently toed the line but Tillett and Nunez did not so both have been booted from the Vibes Radio morning show, with the threat of further consequences to come. It will be interesting to see where the duo of Coye and Tillett will reemerge next – that is if they will remain within the ranks or will bolt for greener political pastures ala Marcel Cardona. Last Sunday UDP strongman Deputy Leader Gasper “Gapi” Vega held a too quiet endorsement convention, reportedly attended by less than 300 persons. Media coverage was discouraged by a veritable phalanx of police officers who screened all attendees and kept those without Gapi’s expressed invitation at bay. Like Smith’s endorsement conven-

tion, Gapi’s too was a brisk and business-like affair, specifically designed to slip under the radar of public scrutiny. Gapi was really too busy providing material support to Hugo Patt in the Corozal North constituency last Sunday, to really be bothered by his own done deal. Patt, a newcomer, got 1140 votes thereby unseating incumbent area representative Nemencio Acosta who could only muster 519 votes. (The other two candidates in the race were Geraldo Vallejos, who received 443 votes, and Guadalupe Longsworth, who got 143 votes and there is a heated debate within the UDP as to how much the “spoilers” were facilitated to ensure Acosta’s ouster). Nemencio Acosta was reportedly made very disgruntled by the results and some party insiders say that he may yet pull a “Cardona” strategy in the House before his term is through. The situation in the Corozal North constituency is unlike that of the Orange Walk East constituency, however, since the PUP would be more than happy to take up the challenge of a bye-election since their already-in-place candidate Valdemar Castillo, Sr., won that seat 5 times before losing the last one. The not-reported convention news out of this week’s PUP Executive Committee meeting is that the politburo has back-tracked and reopened the Mesopotamia convention so that attorney Philip Palacio can run. Mike Godoy had been scheduled to be endorsed as the standard bearer two weeks ago, but that was first postponed, and has now been derailed. In the Animal Farm world of internecine party politics, Mike Godoy no doubt feels victimized because there is a good chance that the prize of candidacy has been snatched from right from out of his hands. This Saturday, May 7, Hon. Francis Fonseca, the incumbent area representative, will be endorsed as the Standard Bearer for Freetown in a convention starting at 3:00 p.m. at the YWCA. And on Sunday, May 8, it is widely expected that Dr. Lesbia Cocom Guerra will become the PUP’s second female candidate by winning the Cayo West standard bearer convention in Benque Viejo over Oscar Sabido and Hector Pacheco. The published PUP convention schedule for the rest of the month calls for May 13, Cayo Central; May 22, Cayo North East; and May 29, Orange Walk East. The first two are expected to be contests. On the UDP side, Dangriga incumbent area representative Arturo “Turo” Roaches is being challenged by Kenrick Francisco, Charles Mariano, and Anthony Norales. The poll opens at nine and closes at four at Christ the King Anglican Primary School on Sunday. UDP Cayo Central incumbent area representative Rene Montero’s endorsement convention at the Novelo’s Convention Center in Santa

Coalition oil experts, a game changer

Richard Steiner, Professor and Conservation Specialist and Coalition Chairman Geovanni Bracket Thursday, May 05, 2011 The coming to Belize of two experts in oil industry safety and economics may yet prove to be a game changer in the current differences between Belize’s environmental lobby and the Barrow administration. The two men are eminently qualified and have won international respect and having volunteered their services on behalf of the Belize Coalition to Save Our National Heritage, are currently in Belize preparing what can only be described as a rapid environmental and economic assessment of Belize’s oil industry. The Coalition, which is an amalgamation of some 41 organizations and individuals concerned about the environmental impact of oil exploration and exploitation on the nation’s sensitive eco-systems, presented Richard Steiner to the media at a press conference on Wednesday morning. Rick Steiner was a Professor and Conservation Specialist for the University of Alaska Marine Advisory Program for nearly three decades. His specialty is marine conservation, and he works internationally on conservation and sustainable development issues - including Russia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. He was involved in the two largest oil spills in history, the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and last year’s Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill. He synopsized at yesterday’s press conference: “This issue of whether

to allow oil and gas and where to do it and how to do it.” He promised that he would work with government, industry and those concerned about environmental preservation in order that informed decisions be made as to where, when and how to explore for and exploit oil in Belize. Steiner is joined by Richard A. Findberg, a former political science lecturer at the University of Alaska, who forty years ago left that position to become a reporter on economic and environmental issues related to Alaska and global petroleum development. During the1970s, Fineberg’s newspaper and magazine coverage of various subjects, including the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) and a proposed natural gas line from the North Slope, earned state and national press awards. In 1983 Fineberg entered government service, where he held the position of senior advisor to the Governor of Alaska on oil and gas policy between 1986 and 1989. In this capacity, his portfolio included issues such as oil and gas litigation, national energy policy and revenue forecasting, as well as special assignments. Since leaving government he has consulted and prepared reports for non-profit organizations, government agencies, independent developers and private investors. His independent research has provided new and sometimes controversial

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Elena is expected to overshadow UDP Pickstock incumbent area representative Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington’s endorsement convention at the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellency on Mahogany Street in Belize City, which also being held on Sunday, and which also starts at 2:00 in the afternoon. In Montero’s case his lineup include Party Leader Dean Barrow, DPL Gasper Vega, Chairman Patrick Faber and leading lights Erwin Contrerras, John Saldivar, Elvin Penner, Ramon Witz and San Ignacio Mayor John August thrown in

for good measure. Promised prizes include cash and appliances and promised entertainment is to be by one of the nation’s top band. Sedi, on the other hand, has long fallen out of favour with both Barrow and his cabinet colleagues, and is asking his constituents to come celebrate Mothers Day with him, with food, drinks and games (lime and spoon, sack race, bouncy house) for the kiddies. Music is to be provided by his marching band. The contrast could not be sharper.

Sunday,May 8th, 2011

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Burning Issues

The Cardona conundrum

- contributed Marcel Cardona, elected as the (UDP) area representative for the Orange Walk East constituency, stood up in the House of Representatives on March 4th, 2011 during the budget debate and lashed out at his political leaders, his fellow parliamentarians and his fellow Orange Walkenõs. He laid down a litany of charges and accusations on his party, its leader and his deputy. To some he was making a plea for some love and welcome to the Leader of the Opposition and fellow Orange Walkenõs Johnny Briceno. In the end he stopped short of voting against his party’s budget and he ran away from the House, the media and the political people gathered there. In the end he left a lot unsaid and undone. So far the leaders of the opposition have not publicly given him

any love and welcome and the UDP have accepted his “constructive resignation” from the party. Honorable Cardona is now a free agent nomad with no political home or obvious political friends. Ironically, his position (non-resignation) in the House is helping both political parties. His now political enemies in the UDP, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Deputy Prime Minister Gasper “Gapi” Vega, and the Leader of the Opposition who will not publicly invite him over, are breathing a sigh of quiet relief because they will not have to go fight a battle that is inconvenient to all of them. There will be no byeelection in Orange Walk East. By not resigning his seat in the House, Cardona is hurting the very people who elected him to represent them in Orange Walk East because he can do nothing for them from either side of the aisle. Hon. John Briceno, under siege from members of his own party, has at best a tenuous hold on the leadership of his party. Many people feel that his lack of a Belize City base hurts his effectiveness and that his leadership is moored

at the docks of his southern and northern alliances, but it is anchored at his Orange Walk base. Any election in Orange Walk should be his to win for his party. Had Cardona left his seat there would have been an election in Orange Walk and Johnny would have had to have delivered that seat which is one of the four pillars at the four corners of his kingdom. Had he lost the fallout inside the PUP would most likely topple him as it would show that he is unable to win even in his own home town. Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar “Gapi” Vega has long battle Briceno for the crown of political leader in Orange Walk. Of late he has been engaged in a positioning exercise inside the UDP. It is no secret that Barrow is not long beyond the next election going to continue as the leader of the UDP. Vega has been actively working to position himself to at least be in the conversation whenever the fight for the UDP leadership is fought. Vega engineered and financed the victories of at least three Northern district candidates in the most re-

cent spate of UDP conventions and he is at work setting more Northern district candidates in place in upcoming conventions - all this in his bid to control as many delegates from these divisions when the voting takes place at the UDP national convention. Landy Burns who won the UDP standard bearer convention in Orange Walk East is one of the Gapi’s boys. He would be the UDP contestant if there was a bye-election in Orange Walk East. Consider the implications. Landy/Gapi would be playing in a “must-win” match. Barrow, Gapi, Landy and the UDP would lose big time if Johnny were to beat them in a constituency where they recently staged the biggest contested political history, in terms of numbers. Gasper and Landy would be seen as the leaders of the north and they would be fighting for their political lives come the next general election. So because nobody can afford to lose, Belize will never know because Cardona ran form the House and did not vote. By staying seated in the House he is serving the best interest of the political bosses on both sides of the aisle whom he railed against and pleaded to. Neither of these parties want to have to fight this battle and neither can afford to lose it. Most of all, the people of Orange Walk East and, by extension, all the people of Belize will pay the price for Cardona’s marathon run.

KREMANDALA $ELLOUT He has been bought and paid for...

Can’t be TRUSTED!!!

Silent on issues affecting black South-side Belizeans while pretending to be their guardian Wilfully ignores the Corrupt Practices of Barrow and the UDP



Sunday,May 8th, 2011

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UN-EMPLOYMENT THRU THE ROOF Quo Vadis Mark and Cordel Continues from page 1

tion, up just 1% from the 2000 census. The Creole population declined to 21% from 25% where it stood ten years ago. An average of 1,5000 persons per year have migrated to Belize over the last ten years with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras contributing significantly to our foreign born population totaling to 33,000 persons out of 46,000 who live in Belize but were not born here. In 2000 unemployment stood at a staggering 20% Glenford Avilez said. That figure declined to 12.6% in 2008 and leaped up to an astronomical 23% after the UDP took office in 2008. It is left to be seen if government will come up with any new strategy to address this pressing national issue. The Barrow administration has been hard pressed to find means of putting the thousands of Belizeans back to work. The census result has offered a telling picture which has vindicated the former PUP government led by Honorable Said Musa. It shows that the urban population has declined with more persons opting to live in rural Belize. This can easily be explained by the number of housing sites that were built by the former PUP government, from Joseito in Corozal to Hopeville in the Toledo District as well as housing sites on the Cayes to those in the Cayo District. It is estimated that 15,000 houses were built by the PUP directly or their construction were contrib-

uted to by various programs which caused homes to be built. The stimulus from the nationwide construction boom stimulated the economy and provided for thousands of jobs. Today the picture is grim. The Barrow administration shut down the Lands Department upon taking office and embarked on a spiteful campaign of taking away lands from many persons deemed to be PUP. The vindictive exercise had an immediate effect on the economy since for months many could not start new construction projects and the real estate industry was brought a halt. The cascading effect continues to be felt to today with construction and new home ownership having significantly declined. In October of 2009 Prime Minister Barrow announced to the nation that the economy was in recession due to the global economic meltdown. His administration has failed so far to return to the stability and growth that prevailed prior to the UDP taking office in 2008. Instead Barrow’s government has continued its assault on many large entities that employed thousands of Belizeans, driving up unemployment to a historic level. Belize’s economy has seen very small growth which Barrow attributed to the recovery of the global economy. With only one project announced that will hire persons particularly from the southside Belize City – Barrow’s administration appears devoid of ideas to stimulate economic growth and employment for Belizeans.

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Coalition oil experts, a game changer

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insights into topics that include the profitability and long-term production prospects of Alaska’s North Slope oil fields; state and federal petroleum revenue; economic, operational and safety issues on TAPS; and the causes and effects of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Recently he has reported on oil and gas development in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Russian Far East and prepared a chapter on Alaska’s petroleum litigation for the book, Caspian Oil Windfalls: Who Will Benefit? (Open Society Institute, 2003; foreword by Joseph E. Stiglitz). Fineberg is currently the principal investigator for Research Associates of Ester (Fairbanks), Alaska, and The Oil Patch website. Steiner and Coalition representatives met with the Prime Minister Dean Barrow last Friday, and described their meeting as cordial and the PM as extremely receptive. They were, however, refused entry to tour Belize Natural Energy’s Spanish Lookout facilities, despite an earlier publicly tendered invitation by the company.

They were told that invitation did not extend to the visiting experts, and so the Coaliton Belizean members refused to honor the partial invitation. At press time today the imbroglio had still not been resolved. The two experts will host a public forum tonight at the University of the West Indies and expect to re-visit Belize several times in the near future in order to fulfill their pledge to help the nation develop a responsible oil exploration and exploitation industry. Fineberg said that his main interest is to ensure that Belizeans benefit the most from its natural resources. Our reports are that the Coalition is just about 1,000 signatures short of the 17,000 needed to trigger a referendum on the issue of whether or not to drill for oil in protected and marine areas. Other reports are that two oil exploration companies have stepped up their efforts to begin testing and other exploration activities in eco-sensitive areas in an effort to beat what they believe could be a ban.

Leader as well. The Party also announced that Jaime Briceno, currently the Chairman of the Orange Walk Central Constituency and Party Leader John Briceno’s brother, confidante and business partner “will now serve as Co-Chairman of the National Campaign Committee , along with Senator Eamon Courtenay.” The move meant the Party had backed away from appointing Communications Director Narda Garcia to the post of National Campaign Manager, following last week’s bombshell headline article in the National Perspective. The release also noted that “Attorney and former PUP Belize City Councilor Rachel Montejo has officially taken up her post as the Party’s Secretary General. Ms. Montejo will lead a more active and efficient Party Secretariat.” The qualification comes following months of controversy and complains that accompanied the appointment and tenure of Robert “Bobby” Cadle to the post of Acting Secretary General. Cadle was appointed by the Briceno leadership despite the objections of past party leader Said Musa and his faction. He was never able to win their confidence. The Party also said that “It is expected that by June 30 2011, all 31 PUP Constituency Committees would have held conventions to select the Standard Bearers who will contest the next general elections on behalf of the Party.” So far 17 of the 31 constituencies have completed their convention exercise. The release also stated that the National Executive had resolved that by October 31st 2011, “the nine teams that will contest the 2012 Municipal Elections will have been selected.” Reports are that perennial mayoral aspirant Ernesto Torres has been told he will not be the PUP candidate or even on the slate. Torres im-

mediately suggested in a phone call to LOVE FM that he would run as an independent candidate but recanted the following day. Insiders say that attorney Ariel Rosado, former Belize City Councilor Yasim Shoman, educator Isabel Tun, and Belizeans for Justice founder Yolando Shakron are being shortlisted as possible mayoral candidates. Francis Fonseca is slated to be endorsed as the Freetown standard bearer this Saturday and was reportedly present at last Sunday’s endorsement of Francis Smith as the PUP standard bearer for the Pickstock constituency. As of press time today neither Mark Espat nor Cordel Hyde have said anything publicly, or more to the point, have confirmed that they are returning to work with the Briceno/Musa leadership after being estranged since December 2008. Today’s UDP mouthpiece The/El Guardian reports that truce and agreement between Briceno and the malcontented pair was reached following a pair of secret meetings. The UDP guttersnipe is that Briceno agreed that Espat would be Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance if the PUP should prevail in the next general elections. They also report that Hyde demanded that he be given the Ministry of Education and Sports if the PUP should prevail, but our reports are that this was not the case. Hyde, we are told, did not make any specific demand at this time. The scuttlebutt is that the duo is still holding out acceptance of their new appointment because they want it to be made clear that they will be the ones in charge of campaigning and communications. At this point nothing is set in stone and back channel negotiations continue even as we go to press. There is the possibility that the pair could still bolt back to the shelter of the Zinc Fence and a shot at leading a third party such as the VIP into a possible coalition with the PUP.

Belmopan, 5 May 2011.- Mexico commemorates today the 149th Anniversary of the Battle of 5 May (Cinco de Mayo in Spanish) of 1862. Mexico and the Mexican communities in the United States as well as in other parts of the world celebrate also the Mexican pride and cultural heritage. The Defense of the Mexican City of Puebla and the Battle of 5 May 1862 were a breaking point in the History of Mexico. That day, Mexican forces defeated the invading French Army, considered then the best army in the world. The victory set an example to the world and specially the European and North American colonial powers at that time and symbolized the will of the Mexican people to preserve their liberty, independence and

national sovereignty. The Mexican hero General Ignacio Zaragoza led Mexican forces to victory which resulted in delaying the French invasion and allowed Mexico to better prepare for the defense of its independence. In Mexico, the main ceremony is headed by the President of Mexico in the city of Puebla, in Central Mexico, where a military parade and a reenactment of the 5 May 1862 Battle are held. Mexican communities observe the Cinco de Mayo Day in the United States through cultural activities and colorful parades in cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C., which have become an important date in the civic calendar of the US and other countries.

Mexico commemorates 5 de Mayo

Sunday,May 8th, 2011

The Statistical Institute of Belize finally issued the results of the 2010 Housing and Population census. The exercise which took one year and two months to complete has raised more questions than it answered and it is left to be seen how the Barrow administration will utilize the information if at all. This government has established itself as a government that does not formulate policies neither does it care to utilize data or inform the people. For months I have been inquiring of the progress and status of the census – the answers were never forthcoming. At the launch of the census last year February, Minister of Public Service, Governance Improvement and Election and Boundaries John Saldivar said that he appreciated the vital importance of the census. Saldivar said “I understand the importance of data collection for monitoring and evaluation, policy formulation and decision making purposes. I am also cognizant of the fact that the National Population and Housing Census is the most important data collection activity that a country and a national statistical institute can undertake.” One year and two months later, the dichotomy between Saldivar’s portfolio and what he and his government practice is well established. According to 2011 budget, the census cost us $2.8 million. It is clear that we did not get value for money and the Minister of Governance Improvement is just a talking head – a big one at that. For months callers to the various talk-shows were saying that they were not enumerated (counted). The recent Channel 7 poll showed that 140 of 254 respondents were not enumerated. According to Glenn Avilez, Director General of the Statistical Institute of Belize – the crime situation in Belize City prevented enumerators from gathering the necessary data from the city. I don’t buy Avilez’s story because when I was inquiring months ago I got reports of the census being in financial trouble. Whether that was because it wasn’t adequately budgeted for or someone went wild with our $2.8million like spending it on other things other than the census is left for speculation. To cover his behind, Avilez told Channel 7’s Jules Vasquez that it was their “strategy to try and count every media person because we know that if they are not counted they have the mic and they will let others know and I must say that we encountered resistance from some of them.” I have never heard of such nonsense. I don’t believe him. After a number of calls to the radio talk-shows an enumerator finally showed up at my house in September well after the preliminary report was supposed to be issued. I watched as the enumerator left – it was only my house that was visited which confirms Avilez’s statement to Jules Vasquez. In

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2010 Census vindicates Said Musa and the former PUP Government

fact I will go as far as to say that I was the only member of the media who brought attention to this matter and unfortunately my colleagues see nothing wrong with our government squandering $2.8million of our money. Something went seriously wrong during the census exercise and Mr. Minister of Governance Improvement had better explain what happened. This UDP government has been allowed to get away with this type of sloppiness and the people only suffer for it. Saldivar, like his leader PM Barrow, are good at stringing words together but when it comes to delivering the services that we the tax payers are paying them for - they have fallen pathetically short. The 2010 census if we are to accept what it is telling us serves as vindication for the former Musa administration. This is manifest in the significant increase in rural population versus that of urban. The UDP mocked, jeered and denigrated the PUP manifesto promise prior to the 1998 elections to build ten thousand houses. This was not a figure plucked from the sky but one derived from what was revealed by the 1991 census which showed overcrowding in households. The figures were no longer accessible but I recall clearly because I worked as an enumerator for the 1991 exercise. It was deduced from the 1991 census that ten thousand houses needed to be added to the housing stock to reduce over crowding. For the ignorant UDP who did not then and do not now appreciate information, it was a joke. Nevertheless the PUP persisted and pursued and if you ask me – they succeeded. In his book, WITH MALICE TOWARD NONE, Honorable Said Musa described the housing situation when he took office in 1998. He said: “In 1998 far too many Belizean families lived in overcrowded, dilapidated houses with little hope for improvement. During their time in government the UDP had failed miserably to arrest the spiraling housing shortage. Their one solution was to order ventilated fire trap trailerhomes. These trailer homes soon became slums and a blight on the landscape.” “Our administration embarked on a major housing construction programme for low and middle income families. We invested in planned subdivisions with infrastructure – streets and drains and utilities connection – electricity, water and sewerage disposal. With the over-crowding in Belize City, housing development

was carried out at the satellite town of Mahogany Heights and Mile 8 on the Western Highway, Ladyville and Lords Bank extension, Los Lagos and Maxboro on the Northern Highway and Fresh Pond in the Burrell Boom area.” The construction boom infused the economy providing thousands of jobs at many levels and improved the quality of life for many. In addition to that, Credit Unions, Building Societies and the Commercial Banks were stimulated to provide mortgages at competitive rates. Housing loans came down to as low as 12%. Musa said that the catalyst for the housing boom was a $100million loan from Taiwan which was spread over five years. Private sector housing developments were spawned from the government’s bold initiative. Local real estate thrived because of the Musa administration’s initiative. Ironically, Delroy Cutkelvin worked briefly with the Housing Department as well as Herman Longsworth the UDP aspirant for the Albert Division, Edmond Castro; area representative for Belize Rural North also worked with the Housing Department as well as VIP aspirant for Belize Rural North, Rufus X. This also reflects the undiscriminating nature of the Musa administration unlike that of this UDP that blatantly practice political discrimination. Ask some of the folks who still have not received assistance to repair their homes after hurricane Richard. Some have told me that they were told in no uncertain words that they will not be receiving assistance because they are PUPs – a blatant violation of their constitutional rights but in this country under this UDP government – who cares. According to the 2010 Housing and Population Census, the urban population meaning people who live in the cities and towns have decreased to 44%, down from the 2000 figure. This can be easily explained by the existence of the housing sites throughout the country which were built during the PUP’s terms in office – some were mentioned by Honorable Said Musa in his book, WITH MALICE TOWARD NONE.

The mainstream media has deliberately omitted these facts in order to preserve the UDP’s propaganda that all the former Musa administration did was spend money and left the country in deep debt. The census may have been unsuccessful in giving us a more realistic figure of how many of us live on this piece of real estate called “Belize” but it sure painted a vivid picture of the successes of the former PUP administration and showed the stark contrast with the current UDP administration. The 23% unemployment figure as given by the census is scandalous. Many have dismissed it saying that the figure is much higher. Whether that figure is proportional to the number who were not counted is anyone’s guess. I also think that the unemployment figure is higher than what the census is saying. Senator Eamon Courtney during the senate budget discussion said that our unemployment rate is a “national secret” after being unable to access information from our national statistics. Barrow refused the question when it was launched at him by former Prime Minister Musa in the House of Representatives. It shows Barrow’s arrogance and ignorance about the affairs of the people. Perhaps this government can finally shut up about the former administration and get on with delivering what they promised. It is no exaggeration when we say outta road that “life haada out ya!” Those jobs that were promised are very much needed today, the cost of living and cost of fuel need to be brought down by any means necessary, crime needs to be brought down and our general feeling of security both national and economic needs to be restored. The 2010 Housing and Population census has demonstrated that Barrow’s leadership so far has failed the Belizean people. If the Prime Minister will hang on until 2013 – then he better get on with the work that we sent him to Belmopan to do – we will accept nothing less. With any luck when the House of Representatives meets on Friday May 13th, Barrow will be more amenable to discussing the results of the census and tell this nation how he is going to deploy resources to alleviate the suffering of especially the poor people of whom he speaks so much about but delivers only a pittance to.

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Sunday,May 8th, 2011

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Caribbean News

IDB warns on Impact of Is Swine Flu Here Again? Rising Food Prices Region warns of H1 N1 Threat, Again

WASHINGTON, United States, Monday May 2, 2011 – Rising international food prices could trigger an acceleration of inflation in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean this year, highlighting the need for policies to protect the urban poor, according to a new study by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). And it warned that the urban poor that do not have access to any enhanced income from self-grown products are most at risk from the food price shock. Also expected to be hard hit by higher international food prices are net food importers with a greater share of spending concentrated on tradable foodstuffs and with little room to let their currency appreciate.

“There is a need to increase and improve targeting of aid, perhaps through reformed conditional cash transfer schemes, to these groups to compensate the effect of the food price surge,” according to the Policy Note published by the IDB’s Research Department. “How will the food price shock affect inflation in Latin America and the Caribbean.” The report estimates the potential inflationary impact of higher international food and oil prices in the region and discusses policies that can be used to alleviate the impact of higher food prices on inflation. The study concludes that rising oil prices will only significantly affect inflation in a small number of countries in the region this year.

Jamaica to stay under IMF Longer

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Friday April 29, 2011 – If the Jamaica Government gets its way, its current borrowing arrangement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will continue for two additional years. The US$1.27 billion Stand-by Arrangement (SBA) signed in February last year is to come to an end in May 2012, but Finance Minister Audley Shaw announced during the Budget presentation yesterday that Cabinet has authorized him to

seek a 24-month extension. “This is a commitment by this Government to staying the course of fiscal discipline,” he told Parliament. “We believe it is in the best interest of the country to continue its relationship, with the IMF. A continuation of the programme will send a positive signal that will maintain stability, reinforce confidence, provide the important factor of certainty to stakeholders.” Shaw said the business community has already expressed support for an extension of the 27-month SBA. A review of the country’s performance is conducted by the IMF for every quarter under the arrangement and the Finance Minister said most of the quantitative targets for the 2010/11 fiscal year were met. However, Shaw acknowledged that the primary surplus of J$53.4 billion (US$626.7 million) was J$4.2 billion (US$49.3 million) below the revised SBA target.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Wednesday April 27, 2011 – The Trinidad-based Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) has warned of the possibility of an outbreak of Influenza A (H1N1), better known as swine flu. The bug spread in a worldwide pandemic during the 2009-2010 flu season and left thousands dead. Based on the occurrence of sporadic outbreaks reported in countries in the Americas since the beginning of this year, CAREC has recommended that countries in the Caribbean reactivate their National Preparedness Plans for the pandemic. There is currently no outbreak in the region and health authorities have said there is no cause for alarm. However, the various Ministries of Health in the region have advised the public to continue to practise proper hygienic measures, including frequent hand washing and covering the nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing. Persons who were experiencing fever, cough or sore throat have been

advised to stay away from school or work until they are fever free, for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medication. Those most susceptible to H1N1, especially pregnant women, persons with asthma and other lung conditions, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and impairment of the immune system, should seek prompt medical attention. What is Influenza A (H1N1)? Influenza is an acute viral infection that affects mainly the nose, throat, bronchi and occasionally lungs. There are 3 types and further subtypes of influenza – one such subtype is Influenza A (H1N1). The influenza caused by A (H1N1) is commonly referred to as “Swine Flu”. What are the symptoms of this flu? The symptoms of H1N1 Flu in people are expected to be similar to the symptoms of regular human seasonal influenza and include fever, lethargy, lack of appetite and coughing. Some people with H1N1 flu also have reported runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Also read on on How to track Swine Flu Globally

Caribbean Appeal for re-allocation of HIV/AIDS KINGSTON, Jamaica, Tuesday May 3, 2011 – Prime Minister Bruce Golding has made an appeal to the United Nations (UN) to revisit the criteria for allocating funds to fight HIV/AIDS as it is not possible for the Government to divert funds and resources from other urgent priority areas to fight the disease. Golding said he is concerned about the UN criteria which specifies that Jamaica which has recently been designated as a high middle income country will not be eligible for funding assistance from the Global Fund as of 2013. Addressing a high level Leaders Consultation on Stigma, Discrimination and Gender Inequality affecting Jamaica’s HIV/AIDS Response, he

said the Minister of Health, Rudyard Spencer will place before a UN meeting in June, the needs of Jamaica before they re-allocate and re-designate countries. He also appealed for a special submission to be made for the struggle against HIV/AIDS in terms of containment. Part of the consultation saw the signing of a declaration of commitment to eliminate stigma, discrimination and gender inequality affecting Jamaica’s HIV/AIDS Response 2011. Prime Minister Golding noted that this signaled the commitment of the leaders of the country to continue the effort to break down the walls of humiliation and prejudice associated Continued to page 9

Sunday,May 8th, 2011

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Honduras drops all charges against ex-president

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – A Honduran court dismissed the last two remaining charges Monday against former President Manuel Zelaya, removing a key obstacle to his return to the country. The decision could also smooth the way for the country’s return to the Organization of American States, which expelled Honduras following the June 2009 coup that ousted Zelaya. OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza said in a statement from Washington that “this puts an end to the uncertainty over the former president’s legal situation.” “The main condition for Honduras’ return to the organization has been fulfilled,” he wrote in the statement. “I will immediately begin consultation with the member states to examine their willingness to call an assembly to consider the issue.” Honduras was expelled from the OAS and subjected to diplomatic isolation following the coup. Most countries re-established relations after Lobo took office. A special appeals court panel dismissed charges of fraud and falsifying documents lodged against Zelaya after the coup. The court said those criminal charges could have improperly overlapped with civil law and should be vacated. Federal prosecutors said they’ll appeal the court decision, with 60 days to file the appeal. In March, a judge suspended arrest warrants related to the charges,

which Zelaya claims are politically motivated. Zelaya has already said he won’t return from the Dominican Republican, where he lives, because he fears for his life. In an interview with the Honduran radio station Radio Globo in March, Zelaya claimed “there are people who want to liquidate me and are still alive, and they have great power.” He added that his enemies include powerful businessmen but gave no other details. Zelaya did not immediately respond to the court’s actions Monday. Zelaya’s campaign to rewrite the constitution, possibly to allow his re-election, angered Honduras’ business elite in 2009. The military deposed him and flew him out of the country at gunpoint when he ignored a Supreme Court order to cancel a referendum on the constitutional rewrite. Roberto Micheletti, a former congressional leader, took power on an interim basis, and former National Congress President Porfirio Lobo won the country’s presidency in late 2009 in an election scheduled before the coup. Lobo replaced Micheletti the following January. In April, Lobo met with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Colombian leader Juan Manuel Santos in Cartagena, Colombia, where the three agreed that dropping the charges against Zelaya could help Honduras’ return to the Organization of American States. Venezuela and its leftist allies had opposed Honduras’ return.

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Appeal for re-allocation of HIV/AIDS Funds

Continued from page 8 with HIV/AIDS. “There is so much more that is going to have to be done in terms of sensitization. We don’t have a problem in treating people who develop diabetes and so on but we still have a problem with people with HIV/AIDS,” he said.

The Prime Minister commended key players who have been driving the thrust to fight stigma, discrimination and gender inequality issues which affect Jamaicans living with HIV/ AIDS. He also applauded the work done through legislation to fight the stigma of the disease.

US Embassies Around the World on High-Alert

WASHINGTON, United States, Monday May 2, 2011 – US Embassies all across the world including Latin America and the Caribbean have been placed on alert following American troops’ killing of AlQaeda leader and founder Osama bin Laden. However, operations will continue for now. Bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks, was killed when a squad of elite US troops launched an attack on his mansion north of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. American officials said he was shot in the head during a gun battle and was subsequently buried in the sea, although no images of his body have been released. At least three others in the compound with bin Laden were also killed, including his adult son. The announcement of his death was made late last night by President Barack Obama. Following the revelation, the U.S. Department of State issued an alert to citizens traveling and residing abroad to the enhanced potential for anti-American violence. The travel alert will remain in place until August 1. “Given the uncertainty and vola-

tility of the current situation, U.S. citizens in areas where recent events could cause anti-American violence are strongly urged to limit their travel outside of their homes and hotels and avoid mass gatherings and demonstrations,” it said. “U.S. citizens should stay current with media coverage of local events and be aware of their surroundings at all times.” The State Department said Embassy operations in affected areas will continue to the extent possible under the constraints of any evolving security situation. U.S. government facilities worldwide remain at a heightened state of alert. “These facilities may temporarily close or periodically suspend public services to assess their security posture. In those instances, U.S. Embassies and Consulates will make every effort to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens. U.S. citizens abroad are urged to monitor the local news and maintain contact with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate,” it added. There have already been warnings from Pakistan’s Taliban that there will be reprisal attacks.

MIAMI – The Office of Cuba Broadcasting in Miami has added several “ghost” websites to its portfolio, allowing people in Cuba to view the U.S. government’s Marti networks online without being detected by their government. The Cuban government controls the island’s local media and limits access to outside sources. Radio Marti provides news from inside Cuba, particularly about dissidents and other issues the government there does not cover, as well as global news, and can be heard in a number of places around the island. But the government there often jams TV Marti. The websites went up two weeks ago and received roughly 1,000 hits from Cuba, the U.S. and Ira. It’s a tiny number, though the launch was done with little fanfare.

U.S. officials said they were unsure as to who is viewing the sites from Iran. The problem remains, though, that most Cubans don’t have access to the Internet, and those that do have to negotiate a system that has a limited capacity, making online traffic extremely slow. Cuba Broadcasting Director Carlos Garcia-Perez said the agency is also texting in four messages a day to the island through online phone servers like Skype that do not identify the text message sender as being from the Martis. A text sent at 1 a.m. Monday alerted Cubans that Osama bin Laden had been killed. The Office of Cuba Broadcasting says it will change the websites and the phone servers frequently to avoid being blocked by the Cuban government.

US using new media to reach Cuba

Sunday,May 8th, 2011

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Pakistan excluded from bin Laden raid

WASHINGTON/ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) – Pakistan’s president acknowledged for the first time on Tuesday that his security forces were left out of a U.S. operation to kill Osama bin Laden, but he did little to dispel questions over how the al Qaeda leader was able to live in comfort near Islamabad. The revelation that bin Laden had holed up in a compound in the military garrison town of Abbottabad, possibly for years, prompted many U.S. lawmakers to demand a review of the billions of dollars in aid Washington gives to nuclear-armed Pakistan. “He was not anywhere we had anticipated he would be, but now he is gone,” Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari wrote in an opinion piece in the Washington Post, without offering further defense against accusations his security services should have known where bin Laden was hiding. “Although the events of Sunday were not a joint operation, a decade of cooperation and partnership between the United States and Pakistan led up to the elimination of Osama bin Laden as a continuing threat to the civilized world.” It was the first substantive public comment by any Pakistani civilian or military leader on the airborne raid by U.S. special forces on bin Laden’s compound in the early hours of Monday. Pakistan has faced enormous international scrutiny since bin Laden was killed, with questions over whether its military and intelligence agencies were too incompetent to catch him or knew all along where he was hiding. White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan told a briefing that Pakistan was not informed of the raid until after all U.S. aircraft were out of Pakistani airspace. Senior U.S., Pakistani and Afghan of-

ficials later held a previously scheduled meeting in Islamabad to discuss the fight against militancy in Afghanistan and Pakistan but deflected questions about the bin Laden operation. “Who did what is beside the point ... This issue of Osama bin Laden is history,” Pakistani Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir told a joint news conference. Marc Grossman, the U.S. special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, said both sides wanted to move beyond recriminations and fingerpointing. But irate U.S. lawmakers earlier asked how it was possible for bin Laden to live in a populated area near a military training academy without anyone in authority knowing about it. They said it was time to review aid to Pakistan. The Congress has approved $20 billion for Pakistan in direct aid and military reimbursements partly to help Islamabad fight militancy since bin Laden masterminded the September 11, 2001 attacks. “Our government is in fiscal distress. To make contributions to a country that isn’t going to be fully supportive is a problem for many,” said Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein. The White House acknowledged there was good reason for U.S. lawmakers, already doubtful of Pakistan’s cooperation against al Qaeda, to demand to know whether bin Laden had been “hiding in plain sight” and to raise questions about U.S. aid to Islamabad. “Certainly his location there outside of the capital raises questions. We are talking to the Pakistanis about this,” said Brennan, adding it was “inconceivable that bin Laden did not have a support system in the country that allowed him to remain there for an extended period of time.” There were no protests and there was

no extra security in Islamabad on Tuesday, just a sense of embarrassment or indifference that bin Laden had managed to lie low for so long in Abbottabad. “The failure of Pakistan to detect the presence of the world’s most-wanted man here is shocking,” the daily News said in an editorial, reflecting the general tone in the media. Zardari has made no address to the people of a country where anti-American sentiment runs high, prompting one Twitter user to tweet: “Most wanted man is killed on Pakistani soil and the Pres doesn’t address his people, instead writes an op-ed for USA.” Pakistan has a long history of nurturing Islamist militants in the interests of its strategic objectives, primarily facing up to what it sees as its biggest threat -- India. Pakistan’s fear of India has been at the root of its support for the Afghan Taliban and separatist militants in Indian Kashmir. WARNINGS OF REVENGE In the first sign militants were attempting to strike back, Afghan forces killed and wounded 25 foreign fighters after they crossed the border from Pakistan, a government official said. Jamaluddin Badr, governor of Afghanistan’s northeastern Nuristan province, said the fighters killed overnight included Arabs, Chechens and Pakistanis. Taliban, al Qaeda and other Islamist militants have long operated out of safe havens and training camps in Pakistan’s largely lawless northwest Pashtun tribal regions. Bin Laden was sheltered by the Afghan Taliban before the September 11 attacks. The United States earlier issued security warnings to Americans worldwide. CIA Director Leon Panetta said al Qaeda would “almost certainly” try to avenge bin Laden’s death. in Laden’s death had initially boosted the dollar and shares in the belief his

killing reduced global security risks. But shares dipped on Tuesday and the dollar struggled to pull away from a three-year low as markets refocused on a fragile global economy and corporate earnings prospects. Still, the threat of retaliatory attacks by al Qaeda could support oil prices, analysts said. The body of the world’s most powerful symbol of Islamist militancy was buried at sea after he was shot in the head and chest by U.S. special forces who were dropped inside his sprawling compound by Blackhawk helicopters. Bin Laden, 54, was given a sea burial after Muslim funeral rites on a U.S. aircraft carrier, the Carl Vinson. His shrouded body was placed in a weighted bag and eased into the north Arabian Sea, the U.S. military said. Analysts warned that objections from some Muslim clerics to the sea burial could stoke anti-American sentiment. The clerics questioned whether the United States followed proper Islamic tradition, saying Muslims should not be buried at sea unless they died during a voyage. The U.S. administration was weighing whether to release a photo of bin Laden’s body as proof that he had been killed. There was also a video of the sea burial but it was not clear if it would be released, a U.S. official said. NIGHT RAID NEAR ISLAMABAD Americans clamored for details about the secret U.S. military mission. A small U.S. strike team, dropped into bin Laden’s heavily fortified hideout under the cover of night, shot the al Qaeda leader to death with a bullet to the head. He did not return fire. Bin Laden’s wife, originally thought killed, was wounded. Another woman was killed in the raid, along with one of bin Laden’s sons, in the tense 40 minutes of fighting. President Barack Obama and his staff followed the raid minute-by-minute via a live video feed in the White House situation room, and there was relief when the commandos, including members of the elite Navy SEALs, stormed the compound. “We got him,” the president said, according to Brennan, after the mission was over. National Journal said U.S. authorities used intelligence about the compound to build a replica of it and use it for trial runs in early April. Under bin Laden, al Qaeda militants struck targets from Indonesia to the European capitals of Madrid and London. But it was the September 11 attacks, in which al Qaeda militants used hijacked planes to strike at economic and military symbols of American might and killed nearly 3,000 people, that brought bin Laden to global infamy.

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Sunday,May 8th, 2011


By: Nuri Muhammad

I wrote some months ago about a research done in 1993, by David Smith, on the child rearing practices of the various ethnic groups of Belize, both in the urban and rural areas. Even though Dr. Smith’s research was never published, except for some preliminary findings, it continues to be a spearheading document on parenting styles practiced among the ethnic groups of Belize. Today, as we are faced with mothers constantly pleading on the nightly news about the innocence of their delinquent sons our attention is drawn to the kinds of parenting styles that formed these youths, and to ask: Why are we producing so many angry and enraged youth in Belize City? The study revealed that there are distinct patterns of child rearing among the ethnic groups of Belize, influenced by historical, socio-economic and environmental factors. For example, Smith points out that the cuddling period for the Mestizo child is much longer than for the Creole child. This prolonged cuddling period, where the child received continuous affirmation, positively affected the early self esteem of the growing child. Children, on the other hand, who experience continuous harsh criticism from an early age, displayed very low self esteem. At first glance this research would seem to suggest that Creole parents are harsher with their children than Mestizo parents, until you take into consideration some other factors affecting those polled, such as the urban/rural divide, and other socio-economic factors. The Creole in the rural areas, for example, had a longer cuddling period than those Creoles polled in Belize City and as a result their children were better adjusted than those in the city. However, it was also found that the Mestizo in the urban area still had a longer cuddling period than Creoles in the urban areas. Their cultural retention of parenting styles from their rural tradition survived the pressures of urban living; at lease at the time of this study twenty years ago. Today, however, we are living in a different social environment with a consumer oriented culture that permeates the urban as well as the rural areas. While there is still a discernable divide between the urban/rural, clearly, with the introduction of cable, internet, DVDs and radio 24/7; added to the expansion of roads and instant telephone communication; all this has contributed to a narrowing of that divide. Therefore, the same virus that affects the urban areas also affects the rural communities, even if, to a lesser degree. But despite the fact that this study was done so long ago what we see

in Belize City today suggest that we still have child rearing patterns that are contributing to the dilemma faced by many young black males. Are these wayward boys somehow expressing a lack of prolonged cuddling in their infancy? Were they disrupted during that delicate period when their self-esteem and self-worth was being formed? It is known that if there are too many emotionally traumatic experiences in the early development of a child’s life that this will continue to affect that child psychologically, until that trauma is reconciled; but if it is not reconciled it continues to persist in new, sometimes distorted forms. What we see being acted out in the streets is a reflection of this trauma in its later stages referred to by some psychologists as ‘posttraumatic stress syndrome’. Numerous studies have proved the relationships between childhood experiences and adverse behavior in later life – school drops-out, discipline problems, early sexual initiation, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, violent and risk taking behaviors are all said to be caused, at least in part, by dysfunctional family structures. (Belize NHDAC Study) Some rationalize the conditions that exist in the ghetto by saying that blacks had to be tougher in preparing their children for the harsh reality of urban living; therefore their children had to be “toughened”. But if we accept that justification don’t we also have to take the responsibility for the madness we see displayed by these ‘toughened’ youths? Can this necessary “toughening” in our child rearing patterns be the source of some of the difficulties that some young black males have with their self-worth? In fact, no group uses the word “dis” as much as young black men - a feeling of not being affirmed for what they perceive as their worth and therefore, feeling “disrespected”. Throughout their upbringing these youths never got enough affirmation to secure their personal self worth. It is so out of the ordinary for black men to affirm each other that when one receives a compliment from the other he immediately becomes suspicious; is this a setup? Because we are unsure of its sincerity and because it is so out of sync with how we treat each other we feel awkward and uncomfortable when we receive such compliments and affirmation. But deep down we are so starved for affirmation and acknowledgement, that even those ‘suspicious’ ones are welcomed. Maybe this is why the ‘crack head’ uses this as a strategy to get money from us as we become temporarily mesmerized by his audacious compliments. A friend told me recently that the

May 3rd, 2011


“ THE BELIZE CITY LIONS CLUB IN PARTNERSHIP WITH A GROUP OF 13 - 4 YEAR STUDENTS & TWO DOCTORS FROM THE SVOSH TEAM OF THE USA AND THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH IS CONDUCTING AN EYE CLINIC (eye screening and provision of eye glasses) FROM MONDAY MAY 9TH – THURSDAY MAY 12TH 2011 AT THE LIONS TRC BUILDING ON PRINCESS MARGARET DRIVE NEXT TO THE KHMH. MAIN TARGET GROUP IS THE YOUTHS WITH SPECIAL EMPHASIS TO NEEDY STUDENTS IN ALL PRIMARY SCHOOLS IN BELIZE CITY AND THE BELIZE RURAL AREAS.’’ For more information, kindly contact the following: Lion Vinod Bhojwani at 227-2905 Lion Leonides Cuellar at 222-4332 Looking forward for your kind support, Yours truly, Lion Estilito D. Loria (Cell 602-2818) Club Secretary

reason black men don’t complement each other is because, “it goes to our head”. That’s like saying: I am doing you a favor when I don’t acknowledge or compliment your good works; I am actually trying to save you from yourself. Strange!; because on the other hand, we seem to have no problem being harsh in our criticism of each other, especially when that one is not present to hear what’s being said of him. We don’t spare the rod when it comes to ‘cutting each other down to size’. Lately I hear the use of the term, “big up”, and it’s a good start in affirming the good deeds of a particular person or institution; but “big up” ought to be an established cultural pattern of how we relate to each other all the time and not an occasional slang. Our conversation with each other should be imbued with positive affirmation and respect for each other’s worth. Scientist say that the hormone, endorphin, is released in the brain whenever we receive complements and affirmation. This squirt of hormone in the brain actually makes us feel good about ourselves and we tend to treat each

other better as a result. This does not mean “bullshitting” a person about things that we both know is not true, but rather finding good, truthful things to say that actually improves the smooth flow of human interaction. I started this column reflecting on Dr. Smith’s research on how Creole children are reared when compared to Mestizo children. I tried to make the connection between the parenting styles of the two groups and the incidences of delinquent behavior we see in Belize City. I am not discarding the historical reasons that have contributed to the dysfunctions that we are seeing played out in the socio-economic conditions of black people in Belize City but to the extent that correcting those dysfunctions are our responsibility then more serious attention must be paid to our child rearing patterns and the kind of human being we are trying to prepare for the world. It is up to us to instill discipline in our youth and point them in the direction of education and hard work as their way forward for their development. (Comments welcomed at

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Belize’s Economic Reality By: Anonymous II

To paraphrase ‘Protagoras’ that man is the measure of all things that are or are not, and having measured the shennigans of the politicians and their political parties, we found that Belize has been divided into six economic parts (even Gaul under Caesar was divided into three): China,India, Mennonite, Black/Mestizo Belizean, Salvadorans or Paisas, and Anglo-American. The Chineese control the Grocery and Restaurant economic sector. The Indians control the durable merchandizing-appliances,some clothing sector. The Mennonites control the bread basket-Agriculture plus construction and heavy duty equipment. The Black and Mestizo/Latino Belizean control the delivery of government services. The salvadorans/Paisas have found or created a niche in cooperating with the Mennonites in Agriculture and Construction . The Anglo-American coalition has cut out a niche in the Real Estate Industry since they have vast money , intellectual, and machinery intensive capital and managerial know-how. The Banking and insurance sector of the economy is still being controlled by the Caribbean investors who are slaughtering Belizeans with excessive effective interest rates and puiitive loan approval requirements. Alas, this equation does not augur well for equitable economic development for Belize. Inasmuch as we seek egalitarian, democratic, capitalistic development, the cards are stacked against the home grown Belizeans. Why? Because politicians in their salacious greed keep them out per the rule of law doctrine. It appears that if Belizeans become wealthy, they become threats to the established political dynasties whose members may be intellectually weak and ill-prepared to ward off national secutity , legal, political, and economic threats? So you see why man is the measure of all things that are and things that are not just like our politicians epitomize the measures that are not in Belize.

The Coalition calls on BNE and CHx Belize Ltd. for transparency in its operations

Belize City, Belize, May 4, 2011 - - In a release sent out this past Wednesday, the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage calls on Belize Natural Energy Ltd. (BNE) and its partner CHx Belize Ltd., to allow for true transparency in its and allow the Coalition to tour the Iguana Creek facility with technical experts in the oil industry . The Coalition’s call comes after BNE’s partner in the Iguana Creek oil field, CHx Belize Ltd., denied the Coalition’s request for a tour of the facility after the Coalition had requested that independent oil experts, Richard Steiner and Richard Fienberg accompany members on the tour. CHx Belize Ltd.’s objection to the technical experts touring the facility is contradictory to BNE’s often

publicized position of transparency in their operations and in how they conduct business as well as maintaining the highest international standards in their operations. If the latter is factual, then CHx should welcome the visit of technical experts to certify your operations as such. The Coalition had requested that technical experts go along with Coalition members to provide a technical assessment of the facility, recognizing that no Coalition members have the technical expertise to conduct such an assessment. The Coalition has written again to CHx Belize Ltd. and BNE today, Wednesday, May 4 requesting a tour accompanied by the two technical experts of the Iguana Creek Facility.

Sunday,May 8th, 2011



I wonder what you guys think about the situation where the Party in Government illegally uses the Public Purse or Government Resources (which are collected from all Belizean Taxpayers, regardless of whether they are Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, etc.). The Belize Constitution only contemplates that the 31 duly elected Area Representatives as having any right to use or determine the use of government’s resources (whether financial resources, infrastructural resources, human resources, or otherwise) to help finance/fund the Private Political Campaigns of private individuals who are not publicly elected (i.e. Area Representatives) but are Candidates of the Party in Government. My question is: If the Constitution guarantees equality of treatment for all those who are not duly elected Area Representatives, then should there not be a Law which provides for all candidates irrespective of their political affiliations, to obtain Government funding/financing? Is there any need for Campaign Finance Reform to save our fragile democracy from the virtual dictatorship by the majority or stronger national political parties?

Would it not also benefit newly emerging Third Parties to have the law specify that each Constituency is entitled to a portion of the National Budget, so that candidates are not specifically targeted by those in Government for punishment, victimization and deprivation of much-needed Government resources - like in the recently highlighted case of the Orange Walk East Constituency? Doe not the “Fear Factor” work or operate against Third Parties and Independent Candidates, since the people are usually afraid to elect someone (no matter how credible, competent, honest, and genuine he/she may be) who might win, but since the rest or majority of his Party’s candidates might lose, may not form a part of the government? The two-established Parties feel relatively safe in this 50/50 gamble, so don’t expect them to advocate for this type of reform. This is just food for thought for all those Belizeans who wish to participate in this type of constructive discussion as to how we can improve our system of governance, and help to root out the evils of corruption that we currently see so prevalent within our political system....

Shyne Barrow Musical Scam Artist of the year

Belize’s Musical Ambassador P O ST








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Sunday,May 8th, 2011

All Chiefs and no Indians BCC: hoping for the best this hurricane season, but worst prepared We’re just a few weeks away from the start of the 2011 hurricane season, and with my experience of being a member of the Belize City Council, as well as being a member of the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO), I understand how important it is for the City to be completely prepared at this time for the eventuality of any hurricanes during this season. The forecast for the 2011 hurricane season is that this one is expected to be a very active season with many powerful storms in the projections. From January of this year the City’s Housing and Shelter Committee should have been assessing the hurricane shelters in Belize City. They should have already identified new hurricane shelters all in an effort to increase the capacity of shelters for people who need to shelter in the event of a storm. I can recall that when the PUP City Council left office in 2006 the sheltering capacity Belize City was just over 2000 persons. I can also recall clearly that during the 2010 season the sheltering capacity was still just over 2000 persons. The Housing and Sheltering Committee has the responsibility to ensure that the shelters are retro-fitted, and that they are safe. They must ensure that the amenities are adequate, and that they are identifiable by the residents of Belize City. The Publicity and Education Committee is responsible for educating the entire Belize City population, step by step, as to the progressive work being done on the shelters. They are also responsible for educating the populous as to the location and capacity of these hurricane shelters. They are responsible for the hurricane preparedness publicity, launching the campaign essentially to remind organizations, households and families to update their hurricane preparedness plan, and be absolutely ready if there should be a storm early in the hurricane season. I am extremely disappointed with the Belize City Council’s lack of leadership, especially with regards to the preparation for this year’s hurricane season. The Council’s Sanitation and Works Department should have been very engaged in clearing the City’s drains to ensure that the network of drains are free of debris so that there is natural flow in the event that there is extended torrential rains before the approach

of any storm. As a matter of fact, it is one of the greatest responsibilities of the Council to maintain the City’s infrastructure, and the drains have to be on the top of their list of priorities. Folks, we don’t want to imagine how much sediment and debris has accumulated under the covered concrete drains. Honestly, I’m not even sure that the Council’s suction truck is still working. I haven’t seen that truck in a long while. Anyway, the purpose of the suction truck is primarily to flush out and maintain the covered concrete drains to ensure that the flow through that network of drains flushes into the inner City canals and outfalls either to the river or to the sea. Obviously, this lame duck Council, just like the lame duck UDP government, is not in the business of governing. The mayor and the City Council have changed their focus from administering the affairs of the City, in terms of the provision of goods and services, and have shifted their focus to electioneering and campaign mode. Several months ago we saw Councilor Espejo making his bid for national political office but because of his performance in the Council, the people of Caribbean Shores, gave him an appropriate midterm report - he was rejected. The UDP executive has decided that almost all the other Councilors are barred from seeking reelection to the Council, except for Deon Leslie, Eric Chan and Phillip Willoughby. Eric Chan although given the green light to make another bid for the Council has his own public issues to deal with. Just recently police and custom officials raided his home and confiscated his private pickup truck since it was under suspicion of defrauding custom duties. That is still under investigation. Philloughby had fallen on his knees teary-eyed, begging for the opportunity to seek re-election. Philloughby who is self-acclaimed as the best politician in Belize ever, was an aspiring mayoral candidate, and Lordy Lordy, nobody would believe that the highhanded, media-greedy, Superboy would have fallen to the depths of crying on his knees to be given the opportunity just to stay on the slate. But anyway, this article is not about Philloughby, it is about the

The Return of the plotters This week we heard of the return and coronation of two PUP renegades namely Mark Espat and partner in crime, Cordel Hyde, back into the higher echelons of the party. These two have in every sense of the word, sabotage and have held the party ransom, back to the Party’s Executive in the interest of Party Unity. The question in the minds of the masses is: Are these two individuals bigger than the Party? These two individuals have shown blatant disregard for the best interest of the PUP and what it stands for and will continue to do so as long as this weak leadership continues to believe that there aren’t other PUP Constituency leaders out there that can represent the best interest of the people of Lake Independence and the people of Albert Divisions equal or better than these two. Since when Leaders of the PUP who were elected and sworn in by the regulations of the Constitution that governs the Party, could turn around and disregard the Party’s Constituents to fit in two misfits back to executive levels. These are two outright saboteurs who not only have not taken their constituents to mind when carrying out their own selfish agenda, but have misrepresented the PUP and have cared less about its consequence. These two have stood out like sore thumbs and thorns in the butts of the PUP. If the Party’s Leadership continues to disregard their role as political strategists and field generals then we will be folding to blackmail each time and the people who are the real voters who make or break a Politian will continue to believe that they are lost sheep without a shepherd. Council and its incompetence. In fact, maybe it’s more than just the Council and its incompetence - employees of the City Council, who are very close to the mayor have said to me that “The mayor does not care about City Council anymore, because she will be running in Mesop”. The explanation is that when the mayor’s expulsion from the UDP, which has turned into a lesser penalty of suspension, expires at the end of May Finnegan will resign his endorsement as the standard bearer for Mesop and Mayor Zenida will be endorsed as the standard bearer. Naturally there must be some great truth to what Zenida said a year ago, that the leader of the UDP really has no balls. When I asked the employees “Why the hurricane shelters aren’t prepared and the drains are not

These two renegades should not be awarded but instead be dismissed from the Party. The posts of Deputy Party Leaders are serious positions for people that have dedicated time and decorum to the best interest of the Party. They did not have the decency to attend the Party’s National Leadership Convention. Therefore, should not be allowed to become deputy party leaders in the hierarchy of the PUP. Any position within the leadership or hierarchy of the People’s United Party should be earned. To hell with the perception of unity of the Party that the executive tries to portray because the ordinary foot-soldier member knows better. These two parliamentarians have disgraced their constituencies, themselves and the party they swore to represent. Mark and Cordel are like misfit screws in the machinery that is eating at the threading and cohesiveness of the Blue Machine. The ordination of these two back to the second top levels of the party really gives the impression that there is no present leader at the helm of the PUP. It is viewed by the Party leader that the reinstatement of these egocentric men will cause a change in coming elections. It did not cause a change in the elections of 2009 nor in the elections of 2010. Therefore, it is time to get rid of them while we are in Opposition instead of having to deal with their continued behaviour as a government. The blue and white skies always highlighted the brightness and capability of a vibrant PUP but these two have caused nothing but embarrassment to the PUP and should be removed not rewarded. being maintained?” the specific employee reply is that, “Every time you ask the Council anything about work, all they say is that ‘no money no deh’.” Well, it is indeed a really sad day for this City when the City Council that has the largest source of revenue has done the worst job of managing the City’s resources. The biggest problem with all this, though, is that with the hurricane season just a few weeks away and very little done by way of preparation from the Council, this will be one of the most dangerous hurricane seasons for the residents. The Belize City Council has done a lot of things wrong, and we have lived with it. But this gross incompetence could cost a lot of Belizeans to lose their lives. All we can do now is hope that the best comes out of this bad situation. Just my impartial view.

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Sunday,May 8th, 2011

Another grenade thrown in Southside Belize City

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The new free radicals

A few months ago I suggested to some of my colleagues in the Belize media that we should consider an ombudsman-type system for our industry, and they seemed to dismiss my recommendation almost out of hand. At this moment the Fourth Estate in Belize is almost totally unregulated, unchecked it seems even by widespread public opprobrium, made mindful only by the irregular law suit, and wholly without universal standards. If something false or inaccurate is printed or broadcast about you, whether inadvertently or maliciously, there isn’t much that ordinary persons can do to correct the misleading impression that has been created, short of hoping a rival publication or broadcaster would take up the cause if only for purposes of competition. This is unjust. The rich, the powerful, the connected can get editors, directors and publishers to at least listen and perhaps be cautious in further reporting but what recourse does the ordinary person have? If only for the pragmatic reasons of limiting liability exposure and risk mitigation the media should consider the proposal of appointing an ombudsman with the responsibility and authority to intercede and mediate in cases where persons feel aggrieved by broadcast and/or publication but lack the wherewithal to ask for retraction and correction but stand little hope of even being taken heed. Of course if the media in Belize was indeed willing to hold itself to a standard of justice and excellence the proposal would be welcomed solely on those merits. *****

Defence Force Chief of Staff, the weapon is one of twenty-four from a batch that went missing after being brought in by the British Army Training Support Unit Belize, BATSUB in 2004. Seven of the devices have been recovered or are known to have been detonated leaving 17 unrecovered grenades “somewhere out there” and quite likely in the hands of a Belizean gangs that has shown a willingness to deploy it in its war with other factions. Jones told the media that disaster was averted when the device failed to detonate after the safety pin was removed and the grenade was thrown by a man who jumped out of a black, tinted car. He blamed the grenade’s corroded condition for keeping the safety lever immobile therefore not allowing the explosion to ensue. He, however, sounded a warning to whosoever may be holding the remainder of the batch. The device appeared to him to have been buried and moisture was corroding the metal parts, eroding the integrity of the parts and casing. This means that the remainder was

like a ticking time bomb and there could be a chain reaction explosion if any of the safety devices were to fail on any one of them. Such an explosion could result in widespread death, damage and destruction since as Jones explained since the device could spray lethal shrapnel up to as far a distance as 150 feet. Following last night’s terroristic act, the Gang Suppression Unit has intensified its search of suspected homes in an effort to locate the weapons. When questioned by Channel Seven News the usually loquacious Prime Minister Dean Barrow was at a loss for words and could only fulminate ineffectually that he was upset, and disgusted and worried, and that they were “going to push forward with every resource possible, with a renewed commitment of will to try and ensure that as much as possible to guard against this sort of thing happening.” Perhaps the Barrow administration could offer up a hefty reward for anyone willing to come forward with information leading to these time bombs whereabouts.

A Foreign PoliceCommissioner?

Is he from Guyana and is he a relative of Singh?

There is a paradigm shift occurring in the Belize public political discourse that I like to call the rise of the free radicals. The continuing increase in the utilization of internet media such as blogs and social networks is giving voice to a heretofore largely silent proportion of the electorate. And to quote Miss Jenny, I love, love it. I have always considered myself as independent in my opinions, even within the partisan prism/prison. The advent and rise of IT has given me an entirely new universe in which to ply and interact, and having been given the heave-ho from my former perch as a “talk show host” on a partisan morning talk show, I do feel unfettered and free to explore my options, especially those the new alternative media presents. As they say in the biz, I have my offers. I am leaning towards joining the free radicals if only because I am seduced by the anything-goes world of blogging and social networking. It is also a world where the political mavens can only lurk or participate for the most part in disguise or most appropriately behind pseudonyms. The free radicals are mostly issue oriented people, even if some are unfortunately almost exclusively single-issue oriented. And even if the discussion is unrestrained it is more often than not polite. The 2008 General Elections was to my mind influenced to some degree by the advent of the notorious Koncas website which gave some folks a political bullhorn if not a bully pulpit. I can’t even begin to fathom how much of an impact the social networks and blogs will influence the next. I believe, though, that they will have an impact. Count me in.

The ridiculous idea by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his prize boy Minister of Police Dough Singh to importing a foreign police commissioner shows the level of mistrust the UDP has for the good and outstanding officers of the Belize Police Department. Every one knows full well that crime and violence in Belize began escalating to epic proportions well above triple figures as soon as the UDP came to power in 2008, in fact, when they were in Opposition, Dean Barrow himself incited law abiding individuals including teachers and the Unions into civil disobedience. The problem with crime and violence is the same with the Belize economy, un-employment and other areas where this government has failed. There is no strategy or plan by this incompetent bunch of bafoons that took over the government more than three years ago. During the previous administration under the PUP, the murder rate was less than half than what it is today but even then, the UDP used it as a propaganda gimmick and promised

to bring the crime rate down, well, it went up just like everything else that this government have dealt with. The previous do-do bird minister , Carlos Perdomo promised a 360 degree turn in crime and the newly appointed Minister seem as clueless as Perdomo when it comes to presenting a real strategy that will show positive results. It was this same UDP government that cut the police and BDF budget continously. The fact is that the police department needs better training, updated investigative techniques, more man power, forensic investigations abilities but that requires more money instead, this Minister prefers to import a commissioner that may well cost a quater million dollars in wages and perks. We understand that Singh is contemplating bringing a certain family member from Guyana. It was the PUP that said Bel;ieve in Belize because they believe that Belizeans do have the ability to rise to the occasion. It is time to reconsider the appointment of Deputy Commissioner James Magdaleno for the post of Police Commissioner in Belize.

ANOTHER MURDER IN THE CITY Belize City, Thursday 5th May 2011

As we go to press Belize City Police are informing us of another apparent murder. The report state that they are investigating the stabbing death of ERROL FERGUSON, a 31yrs, Taxi driver of Hattieville Village. Their initial investigations indicates that Fergoson was attacked with a knife and received multiple stab wounds by two brothers while he was standingnear a shop on Mahogany Street around 7:20 this Thursday morning. He sustained serious stabwounds to his to the stomach and neck area. He was immediately transported to the K.H.M.H, where he succumbed to his injuries whilst undergoing surgery. Police have two persons detained in connection with this incident.

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Sunday,May 8th, 2011


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) include extreme tiredness, muscle and joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, headache, and memory loss. Between 1 and 4 million people in the U.S. are thought to have chronic fatigue syndrome, one of the least understood of all the chronic illnesses. Chronic fatigue syndrome is diagnosed four times more often in women than in men. What is chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)? Chronic fatigue syndrome, sometimes called CFS, is a condition that makes you feel so tired that you can’t do all of your normal, daily activities. There are other symptoms too, but being very tired for at least 6 months is the main one. Many people improve in a year or two and do not have a relapse. Some people continue to have severe fatigue and other symptoms for many years. The disease is not well understood. Most experts now believe that it is a separate illness with its own set of symptoms. But some doctors do not believe this. There are no tests for CFS. Because of this, many people have trouble accepting their disease or getting their friends and family to do so. Having people who believe your diagnosis and support you is very important. Having a doctor you can trust is critical. Your tiredness is real. It’s not “in your head.” It is your body’s reaction to a combination of emotional and physical factors. What causes CFS? Doctors don’t know what causes CFS. Sometimes it begins after an illness like the flu, but there is no proof of any connection. It’s likely that a number of factors or triggers come together to cause CFS. What are the symptoms? Extreme tiredness, or fatigue, is the main symptom. If you have CFS: • You may feel exhausted all or much of the time. • You may have problems sleeping, or you may wake up feeling tired or not rested. • It may be harder for you to think clearly, to concentrate, and to remember things. • You may also have headaches, muscle and joint pain, a sore throat, and tender glands in your neck or armpits. • Your symptoms may flare up after a mental or physical activity that used to be no problem for you.

Depression is common with CFS, and it can make your other symptoms worse. Antidepressant medicines can help you feel better. How is CFS diagnosed? There are no tests for CFS. Doctors can diagnose it only by ruling out other possible causes of your fatigue. Many other health problems can cause fatigue, and most people with fatigue have something other than chronic fatigue syndrome. How is it treated? There is no treatment for CFS itself, but many of its symptoms can be treated. A good relationship with your doctor is important, because the two of you will need to work together to find a combination of medicines and behavior changes that will help you get better. Some trial and error may be necessary, because no single combination of treatments works for everyone. Home treatment is very important. You may need to change your daily schedule, learn better sleep habits, and start getting regular gentle exercise. Counseling and a gradual increase in exercise help people with CFS get better. Even though it may not be easy, keeping a good attitude really helps. Try not to get caught in a cycle of frustration, anger, and depression. Learning to cope with your symptoms and talking to others who have the same illness can help you keep a good attitude. When To Call a Doctor It’s important to talk to your doctor about any symptoms you may have. In one study, early detection of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and early treatment of its symptoms resulted in a quicker recovery when people informed their doctors of their symptoms. Call your doctor if you have: • Severe fatigue that lasts longer than 2 weeks, causes you to limit your usual activities, and does

not improve with rest. • Sleep problems (being unable to fall asleep or stay asleep, tossing and turning, waking up feeling tired or not rested) that last for more than 1 to 2 months. • Swelling in the glands in your neck or armpits (without other signs of infection) that lasts for at least 2 weeks. • Severe fatigue along with frequent urination (especially at night), extreme thirst, weight loss, or blurred vision. Fatigue that occurs with some or all of these may be a symptom of undiagnosed diabetes. Because there are no tests that can confirm a diagnosis of CFS, many people have trouble accepting their disease or getting their friends and family to do so. You may even experience feelings of guilt. Having people who believe your diagnosis and support you is very important. Having a doctor you can trust is critical. Watchful Waiting

Fatigue is very common and many other things can cause it. Stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, illness, or another health condition may be to blame. Most people with fatigue do not have CFS. Watchful waiting refers to a period of time in which you are being monitored by your doctor but are not receiving treatment. It is also called observation or surveillance. A month or two of paying close attention to your sleep habits, getting regular moderate exercise, trying to control stress, and eating a balanced diet will take care of most cases of fatigue not caused by CFS or another medical problem. However, if your fatigue has not improved after 1 to 2 months of self-care, or if fatigue is persistent and limits your usual activities, call your doctor. If you have been diagnosed with CFS, pay attention to any new symptoms that you develop and report them to your doctor. Although CFS can cause a variety of symptoms, new symptoms could be caused by another illness or medical condition that may need to be evaluated and treated. Who To See The following health professionals can evaluate fatigue and other symptoms: • Nurse practitioner • Physician assistant • Family doctor • Internist There are doctors who specialize in the treatment of CFS. Get a recommendation from your family doctor or a local CFS support group before making an appointment with a specialist. It is always wise to start with your family doctor. You may also be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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Sunday,May 8th, 2011

Featured Recipes Births

Sweet Dinner Rolls

“This dough makes wonderful dinner rolls but can also be used to make cinnamon rolls. Mixing it in your bread machine but bake the rolls in the oven. They’re light, soft and sweet.”

Prep Time: 20 Min Cook Time:20 Min Ready In: 2 Hrs 20 Min Original Recipe Yield 16 rolls Ingredients 1/2 cup warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C) 1/2 cup warm milk 1 egg 1/3 cup butter, softened 1/3 cup white sugar 1 teaspoon salt 3 3/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 (.25 ounce) package active dry yeast 1/4 cup butter, softened Directions Place water, milk, egg, 1/3 cup butter, sugar, salt, flour and yeast in the pan of the bread machine in the order recommended by the manufacturer. Select Dough/Knead and First Rise Cycle; press Start. When cycle finishes, turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Divide dough in half. Roll each half into a 12 inch circle, spread 1/4 cup softened butter over entire round. Cut each circle into 8 wedges. Roll wedges starting at wide end; roll gently but tightly. Place point side down on ungreased cookie sheet. Cover with clean kitchen towel and put in a warm place, let rise 1 hour. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Bake in preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes, until golden.

Jonathan Emmanuel to Jonathan and Lupita Adriana Quewell nee Pot Marta Caridad to Alberto and Argelia Arredondo nee Leyva Shantel Deshada Joy to Lorex Dennis and Cynthia Carr nee Ferguson Rosaliya Eleana to Jorge Julian and Elvira Eleana Lino nee Carlos


Byron Mariel Duarte to Maricella Abigail Balona both of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk Dale X Gilbert Buckley to Sherlett Sherilee Jenkins both of Belize City Roland Alford to Polly Wood both of Punta Gorda Town, Toledo Timothy Andrew Skipper to Lesly Carolina Hernandez both of Hopkins, Stann Creek Paul Heinrich Lohr of Santa Elena Town, Cayo to Joanna Elvira Balam of San Ignacio Town, cayo Abel Aguilar Bueno to Victoria Teresita Zetina both of Corozal Town, Corozal Graciliano Egidio Rivero Jr. to Mayling Audelia Carias Cruz both of Sarteneja, Corozal Kassem Chakib Joumaa El-Azanky to Rajaa Joumaa El-Azanki both of Corozal Town, Corozal Juan Carlos Reyna Lopez to Ermelinda Ausencia Valdez both of Ranchito, Corozal Erlindo James Jacobs of San Antonio, Corozal to Mayra Sanchez Rivero of Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico Vladimir Giovanie Ortega of San Narciso, Corozal to Nancy Jacqueline Acosta of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Roberto Carlos Dominguez to Avis Orkid Willoughby both of San Joaquin, Corozal Alberto Perez of Libertad, Corozal to Nelsi Maria Cawich of Corozal Town, Corozal Wayne Richard Mitchell of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk to Julie Ann Bustillos of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk Alexander Bors to Sandra Delmira Soto both of Corozal Town, Corozal Jorge Acosta of Caledonia, Corozal to Yuri Yvette Chuc of Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo Aaron Edwin McKenzie of Texas, USA to Deysi Noemi Habet of Corozal Town, Corozal Rafael Misael Chan of Concepcion, Corozal to Luceli Cantun of San Narciso, Corozal Simon Roger Maradiaga to Teresita de Jesus Silva both of Corozal Town, Corozal Gilmer Etiel Banos to Nailea Odalys Linares both of Trial Farm, Orange Walk Rodrigo Orosco to Jamilie Esther Gomez both of Corozal Town, Corozal Robert Carlos Narvaez to Deborah Irene Williams both of Corozal Town, Corozal Lionel Ek to Zenaida Idaly Chan both of San Narciso, Corozal Ian Shamir Cob of San Pedro, Corozal to Yanira Irene Medina of Patchakan, Corozal Diego Adrian Estrada to Karina Lisette Pelayo both of Corozal Town, Corozal Jaime Armando Arzu to Arianne maria Ku both of Patchakan, Corozal Albert Sydney Kelvin to Glenis Annette Reyes both of Paraiso, Corozal Renard Castulo Budna to Emerita Lee Logan both of Estrella, Corozal Eutimio Chable of Buena Vista, Corozal to Digna Campos of San Narciso, Corozal


Siovan Mejia, 36 Samaie Marie Witty, 28

For Sale by Owner

Large track of Residential / Commercial Land, off George Price Boulevard in Belmopan. Size equivalent to approx 6 lots. Price fix to sell by owners For serious Enquiries: Call: 601- 8100 or 650-5222

Sunday,May 8th, 2011

Aries-This week you wake up to a brilliant idea -- something that could make you money, something big. As you go through the motions, it’s all you can think about. Would it work? Could you pull it off? You are seeking feedback. In the course of talking about one thing, you often end up talking about another; long story short, flirtation is in the stars this week. Total emotional transparency is a lot better than keeping your cards close. Your boldness is rewarded. Taurus-If you’re single and you’ve been out of the love game for a while, there is something of a change. You’re casting your eyes around crowded rooms in a way you haven’t in a while. If you’re not single, the change manifests itself as a willingness to take risks, lose yourself in long conversations and enjoy yourself. Whatever your situation, you’re taking the plunge this week and getting positive results. The weekend is whirl-wind of dinner parties. Gemini-You are something of an amateur detective sleuthing around the neighborhood, taking notes, coming up with theories about various anomalous activities this week. This approach to the world takes on a social dimension and you find yourself interviewing people without their knowing it. As far as they’re concerned, you’re just hanging out. You won’t be able to get so much as a grin out of them. Cancer-How you became the social director you’re not exactly sure, but everyone seems to be looking to you to find out what’s next. You are the ideas person in your group, the inspiration, the energy. You’re pleased with life these days, you’re practically dancing down the street you’re so happy about how things are going. Don’t be shy about reaching for what you want. History has shown that successful people are assertive. Leo-If your place of employment has employees of the month, you will be crowned with the title, honored with a framed picture and much fanfare -- that’s the sort of start you can expect for the week. Your friends are heaping laurels on you as well. Don’t let all this go to your head! The world conspires to make you more modest, or at least to remind you of what really matters. Popularity is not among the things that really matter. Find some way to apply your talents in the service of the greater good. Virgo-If you’re in any sort of romantic rut, get the heck out of it as the week gets going. It’s time for some emotional springcleaning -examine the contents of your heart and make room for new growth! You’re seeing things as they are. After that, it’s just a matter of treading lightly when you’re letting in on it. All kinds of relationships are in the stars through the weekend. Pay attention to the give and take. Libra-You’re attached to certain people the way old trees are attached to the ground, in deep, complicated, beautiful ways. If someone has a problem with one of your friends, they have a problem with you. If someone falls in love with one of your friends, your approval of them will be sought. Of course, you’d support anything a good friend wanted, but it does take some time to get used to a new person on the scene.. Scorpio-The energy’s intense as the week gets going, and the interpersonal potential is vast. Amends can be made, the promise of friendships can be fulfilled and more passionate connections are certainly favored! The stars send a little clue your way, it’s a minor thing, but don’t miss it -- the impact could be major. And getting what you want is much simpler than you might think over the next few days. Just keep your values in mind and follow your heart. Sagittarius-Meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations is your modus operandi. No need to wear fancy clothes to stick out; simply being a person of your word sets you apart from the crowd. You’re taking stock of your life and thinking philosophically, but somehow you’re alone in this: No one else seems willing to have the kind of deep conversation you’re craving. Follow your mood, even if it takes you on a long walk toward an unknown destination. Capricorn-If you find yourself linking arms with a couple of friends and skipping across a park together don’t be alarmed. Such occurrences are to be expected when so much playfulness is in the air. It is all you can do to keep up a smile, not because you’re upset but because you’re distracted by a storm of errands and details -- but you manage to strike a balance: You’re getting things done, but you’re also taking the occasional time out to clutch your stomach and laugh uncontrollably. Aquarius-Even in the midst of major change, certain aspects of your life stay very much the same. This is what you’re thinking- the way that your past continues to live with you as you press on into the future. As if you needed evidence that you never can predict where life will take you. Put it this way -- if the end of your week were a movie, it wouldn’t be a thriller. Pisces-This week draws on your artistic talents -- talents you all but forgot you had -- and it is a welcome surprise to realize that you haven’t lost your touch. You are driven by something deep within you at the start of the week; the problem is you’re not sure what it is. Whatever clarity you had about where you were going or what you were doing vanishes. Try to relish this. The weekend is suited for experimentation, dreaming, sitting down with instruments you don’t know how to play.

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Pros and Cons of Using Make-Up Tips for Cleaning and Washing Your Face after Your Make Up

There would always be two sides to a coin and to a story, we all know that. The same applies to the use of make-up. There are certain pros and cons of using make-up that one needs to know before deciding if they want to give it a try or not. Shall we get started? Pros It’s no secret that most people wear make-up as a way of beautifying themselves. Indeed, it is a very effective tool for this purpose, especially if done by talented hands. There are all sorts of products available that were designed to play up our best features and cover the flaws that we’d rather not show the world. For some, it gives them a boost in their self-esteem and makes them feel good about themselves. Of course, we could all use that extra confidence. It is also readily available thus allowing people from all walks of life the chance to make use of it. Cons Whilst there are certainly plenty of great things about the use of makeup, there are also quite a number of disadvantages with regards to it. The first of which would be the most obvious, its negative effects on our skin. Sure, there are certain products that were formulated to be gentle but this cannot be said for the majority of the products available out there. It should also be noted that there are people who tend to use make-up as a kind of mask and this is certainly not good for their psyche. Make-up was never meant to cover up who you are as a person but was designed to highlight a person’s beauty. There are those who get addicted to using it and this is certainly never a good thing. Remember, with everything, moderation is key. The same rings true for make-up as well. The general rule here would be “Less is More”. Tips for Cleaning and Washing Your Face after Your Make Up If you are one of the many women who wear make up everyday, you should know how dangerous to is for your kin. Try not to wear as much make up if you can help it. But if you can’t help it and you really need to wear make up, just make sure that you know how to remove them when you arrive home or when it is time for you to go to bed. Some women think that it will do them no harm if they sleep with their make up still on their face. This is not true. Make ups cause breakouts and pimples. They also make the aging process of your skin faster. To prevent these problems, make sure that you take off your make up as soon as you can. To give you some information about this, here are some tips for cleaning and washing your face after putting on make up. • Be sure to remove your make up first before washing your face. You can use make up remover for your eye make up or petroleum jelly for your lipstick. Remove these make ups as thoroughly and gently as you can. • Before washing your face, open your pores by steaming your face near hot water. Opening your pores will allow you to clean the insides of your pores. This prevents skin problems such as acne and even wrinkles. • Use a gentle face wash to clean your face. This should remove all traces of make up on your face. Once you have removed the make up off your face, wash your face with cold water to close the pores. Some women still use toners but this is not necessary according to most dermatologists. Facial wash already has the necessary ingredients to thoroughly clean your face without the need to use a toner. • Once you have completely cleaned your face, apply moisturizer.

Sunday,May 8th, 2011

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Brown Bombers win Crimestoppers Easter Cup football championship





2011 ed defeated Hattieville united The Brown Bombers won the youth spports Crimestoppers Easter Cup football Club from the championship at the MCC grounds final by a 3-1 win. The goal scorers on Friday afternoon, April 29. for Jane Usher were Kermit SutherOn Wednesday, the Pickstock Raid- land with 1 goal, Garry Young with 1 ers had advanced to the semifinals goal and Shemar Moore with 1 goal by a 3-1 win over the Survivors. while the goal scorer for Hattieville The goal scorers for Pickstock was Richard Waight with 1 goal.On Raiders were Elston Flowers with Friday, Hattieville won the conso2 goals and George Torres with 1 lation game for 3rd place 4-3 over goal while the goal scorer for Survi- the Pickstock Raiders 4-2 in penalty vors was Kenrick Card with 1 goal. shootout. The game was tied 1-1 at The Brown Bombers had also ad- the end of regulation time.  The goal vanced to the semifinals by elimi- scorer for Hattieville was Richard nating the Young Stars:  2-1.    The Waight with 1 goal while the goal goal scorers for Brown Bombers scorer for Pickstock Raiders was were Jason Anderson and Niam Elston Flowers with 1 goal.  In the Wilson with 1 goal each while penalty shootout the goal scorers the goal scorer for Young Stars for Hattieville were Aaron King, was Brandon Myers with 1 goal.  Dwight Staine, Trevaun Rhaburn In the semifinals on Thursday, the and Tylon Dyer with 1 goal each Brown Bombers eliminated the while the goal scorers for Pickstock Pickstock Raiders: 6-2. The goal Raiders were Elston Flowers and scorers for Brown Bombers were George Torres with 1 goal each. Devaughn Zuniga with 2 goals, In the championship match, Naim Wilson with 2 goals, Jona- the Brown Bombers won over than Guardado with 1 goal and Jane Usher Blvd:  2-0. The goal berto Vasquez presented championDimitri Fabro with 1 goal while the scorer for Brown Bombers was ship, 2nd  and 3rd place trophies to goal scorer for Pickstock Raiders Devaugn Zuniga with 2 goals.  the winners, and individual medwas Elston Flowers with 2 goals. Crimestoppers’ representative Al- als to the players. Brown bombJane Usher Blvd had also eliminat-

ers’ Naim Wilson won the Most Valuable Player award and Pickstock Raiders’ Elston Flowers received the Most Goals award.

O. Walk United topples City Boys 3-2 in Belize Bank Superleague football

Orange Walk Town, April 30, 2011

Orange Walk United stunned the up to then undefeated Raymond Gentle City Boys FC 3-2 in the Belize Bank Superleague football competition at the Peoples Stadium on Saturday night, while Third World upset Paradise Freedom Fighters 2-1 at the MCC grounds in Belize City on Sunday, May 1. City Boys’ goalie Stanley “Jordan” Reneau denied early tries by Cesar Roberts and Christopher Hendricks, but when Roberts set table for Oliver Hendricks in the 37th minute, Oliver got the better of Reneau with the Suga City’s 1st goal. Oliver embarrassed Reneau again when the suga city boys won a free kick and Oliver’s execution was textbook, beating Reneau with a 2nd goal in the 39th minute. City Boys tried for a comeback when Nigel Franklin executed a free kick floating the ball into

the goal area where Jason Young connected with a header to reduce the deficit to 1-2 at the half. Sugar city’s goalie Charlie Slusher fumbled a shot by Leon “Lem” Jones on a pass from Ryan Simpson, and the rebound fell at the feet of City Boys’ top striker Deon Macaulay, whose immediate response was to send it back into the net to equalize the score in the 64th minute. The City boys found themselves playing one man down when Eian Gaynair was ejected from the ball game after a hard tackle on Jarret Davis, but suga city’s efforts to capitalize on the numerical advantage were frustrated as Oliver and Orrin Wade found to their chagrin. It was not until the 81st minute that Christopher Hendricks scored a 3rd, winning goal for Orange Walk’s United 3-2 big win, to now rank 2nd in the standings with 19pts

from 6 wins and a draw in 10 outings. The Paradise Freedom Fighters of Punta Gorda, were No.2 but fell to 3rd place in the standings with 18pts from 6 wins as they suffered their 4th loss: 1-2 to Third World of Belize City, at the MCC garden on Sunday. Dion “Pussy“ Flowers scored Third World’s first goal in the 44th minute to lead 1-0 at the half.Not for long as PG’s Alex Peters equalized the score in 57th minute, but Travis Eiley penetrated the visitors’ defense to blast in Third World’s second, winning goal in the 84th minute. The Placencia Assassins posted their 5th win: 3-1 over the Hattieville Monarchs 3-1 in Hattieville on Sunday. Ashley Torres scored the visitors’ first goal in the 40th minute and the Assassins’ sweeper  Dalton Eiley converted a penalty to

lead 2-0 in the 64th minute. Albert “Chicken” Arnold scored a consolation goal for the Monarchs in the 75th minute, but Leomar Leslie put the game on ice with the Assassins 3rd goal in the 82nd minute. Griga Knights’ match with Cayo South United was re-scheduled for Wednesday, May 4. The competition continues on the weekend when Third World will visit the Griga Knights at the Carl Ramos Stadium on Saturday night, while Orange Walk United will host the Monarchs at the People’s Stadium on Sunday, Placencia Assassins will host the Paradise Freedom Fighters and the City boys will await the Cayo South United at the MCC grounds.

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Sunday,May 8th, 2011

Centro Escolar Mexico girls & Independence Jr College men win ATLIB national football championships a minute old when Shannie Ucan had scored the first winning goal, in the 16th second to be exact! CEM’s Larisa Correa, Jessica Perez, Leslie Ramos and Sharon Martinez frustrated CJC’s Adrienne Kuylen and Yasmin Cob in their attempts to get an attack going, and CEM goalie Sonia Teck

minute, but a goal from IJC’s Jerson Mendez and 2 goals from Luis Torres sealed the 3-1 win. In Game 2, the championship final, the IJC men won 3-2 over the Corozal Junior College men. Aaron Parham scored the IJC men’s 1st goal when CJC goalie Jose Sajel misplayed the ball in what had seemed like an easy save. Luis Torres soon added a 2nd goal to lead 2-0, before Marcelo Gilharry surprised IJC goalie Leroy Pandy with a long lob that found its way into the net, but IJC was up 2-1 at the break. In the 2nd half, Desiderio Chinchilla relieved Leroy Pandy, and Torres put the finish on a pass from Denbigh Arzu to score a 3rd goal. CJC’s Tomas Zetina drilled the ball through Chinchilla’s legs for the host’s 2nd goal and it seemed the CJC men might yet have a shot at the title, but \San Andres, Corozal, April 30, 2011 win over the southern division sub- had very little to do. their next tries proved to be a comechamps, the Sacred Heart Junior Cianni Castaneda made it 2-0 when dy of errors, as the IJC men clinched The Centro Escolar Mexico girls College girls from San Ignacio. she blasted in rebound from 30 the 3-2 win for the championship. and the Independence Junior Col- In Game 2, the championship final, yards outside the goal to embarrass The tournament was abbreviated in lege men won the Association of Shannie Ucan and Cianni Castane- CJC’s goalie Kristy Marin a sec- its format as the southern regional Tertiary Level Institutions of Be- da led the CEM girls to a 3-0 win ond time and lead 2-0 at the half. champions, Stann Creek Ecumenilize (ATLIB) national football over the Corozal Junior College In the 2nd half, Marieli Medina cal Junior College, were a no show. championships hosted by Coro- girls. Marieli Mediana and Jamilie drove in a 3rd goal for the 3-0 win. At closing ceremonies the CEM zal Junior College in San Andres, Moguel supported their attack on In Game 1 of the male competi- girls and the IJC men received the Corozal on Sunday, April 17.  the wings, and Ruby Martinez and tion, the IJC men eliminated Cen- ATLIB national championship troIn Game 1, Shannie Ucan, coming Lucy Dominguez broke up the CJC tro Escolar Mexico 3-1. Norman phies and medals, while the Corooff the bench in the 2nd half, led plays at midfield. The game wasn’t Cruz scored for CEM in the 26th zal Junior College girls and men received second place medals. the Centro Mexico girls to a 1-0

L.A. Goldies cricketers tour Belize Bermudian Landing, May 2, 2011 runs. The L.A. bowlers dismissed the next batsman for one run, but The Los Angeles Goldies cricket the Man of the Match Mykelt Anteam completed their tour of Be- thony entered to bat 4 sixes and a lize with a 2 win-2 loss record af- boundary, scoring 34 runs before ter losing to the Belize national he was stumped. Kenny Broaster cricket team 100-97 in Bermu- was bowled out for only 3 runs, and dian Landing on Monday, May 2. the next batsman was given LBW. The L.A. goldies batted first and But Team Belize had 3 wickJames Bennett opened with 8 runs ets to spare and Jevaugn Banner before he was given leg Before wick- scored 4 runs and Dorian Gabb et. Anthony Jones hit a six to score 11 run before he too was given LBW.  Winfield Tillett entered and hit single six before he was caught, while Melford Tillett made only one run before he was caught. Clarence Mackay entered to score 11 runs and partnered with Francis Sutherland who hit a six and a boundary to score 24 runs before he was caught. Clarence Anthony managed two runs while the next batsman was dismissed for zero runs. Lawrence Tillett hit a boundary to score 6 runs before he was bowled out and Walter Codd also scored 6 runs, including a boundary before he was caught. The visitors had scored 97 runs by the time the last wicket fell. The L.A. bowlers dismissed Belize’s first 2 batsmen for 3 runs, but then Warren Anthony entered to wallop 4 boundaries for 32

hit a single boundary to put them over the top 100-97 for the win. The L.A. Goldies had won over the defending Harrison Parks national cricket champions, Surprise, in Lemonal on Sunday. Man of the Match Melford Tillett batted 10 runs and took 6 wickets for 8 runs in 4 overs, holding the Lemonal men to a miserly 48 runs; even though Farron Muslar top-scored for Surprise.

The L.A. Goldies surpassed the Lemonal score with 50 runs, with 3 wickets to spare, even though Surprise bowler Andrew Banner took 4 wickets. The L.A. Goldies had also won against an over-50 veterans side in Crooked Tree last week on Easter Monday, after losing to Brilliant of Crooked Tree on Saturday.

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Sunday,May 8th, 2011

National Perspective May 8, 2011  

National Perspective May 8, 2011

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