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Sunday,May 22nd, 2011


Counterfeit cash Cop assigned to desk

Police Sergeant Sherwood Wade was one of three Belizean Cops receiving US Recognition Award for capturing ‘America’s Most Wanted’

By Rhenae Nunez Wednesday, May 18, 2011 BELIZE CITY - Sergeant Sherwood Wade has had troubles with the very law he has sworn to uphold dating back to June 14th, 2003, when he allegedly shot and killed Darnell McDonald in Ladyville after he and some friends left a nightclub in Ladyville. Wade’s trial ended in a hung jury in November of 2003. Justice Lucas apprised Wade that he could be rearrested if the DPP decided to bring back the charges. The matter was brought back for trial by DPP Cheryl –Lynn Vidal in July of 2005 before Justice Michelle Arana. It ended with Wade being fined $4000.00 for a lesser charge of Manslaughter by Negligence instead of for Manslaughter which he was originally charged with. DPP Vidal had requested a custodial sentence but Justice Arana opted for a fine instead. The decision disappointed Lucy McDonald, the mother of the deceased,

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Ostracized by the UDP in the House!


Will there be buses running Monday morning?

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Traffic Accident Claims the Life of Belizean Cycling Phenom Ariel Rosado

Barrow “repo’s” Marcel Cardona’s ride; Gapi threatening

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Marcel Cardona’s government issued Toyota Hilux being towed away.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 BELIZE CITY – Many of Ariel Rosado’s former teammates and competitors are expected to lead his funeral procession tomorrow afternoon following services at the Cen-

tral Assembly of God church. At press time today many of a wide field of relatives, friends, acquaintances, competitors and admirers are still struggling to come to grips

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There is a story being played out in Belize, which highlights that there is a high level of hypocrisy displayed by the media houses in Belize. The media is considered the vanguard of any democracy, the fourth estate. In Belize the media houses have allowed for the democracy to be destroyed and be replaced with tyrannical dictatorship. The reason this occurred in Belize is because every media house in Belize is compromised politically, one way or the other. In most progressive societies the media houses are either independent or can be pro/against the Government of the day. However, in Belize since February 2008 election, the media houses via fear of a vindictive and repressive new UDP Government have been lying to the Belizean people by covering up for the UDP Government. The only true brave media house since the election has been Channel 5. They have been presenting balanced reporting on the affairs of the Government since their election to Government office. Channel 5 have been carrying all the fancy pomp and circumstance events of the Barrow administration and also highlighting the constant incompetence that is pandemic of the UDP Government. The truth provided by Channel 5 about UDP Government’s ailment was disliked by the Prime Minister so much that he decided to boycott Channel 5, which meant that interviews of Government officials would not be granted to Channel 5. This embargo lasted a few days because the whip lash from that decision was quick and harsh on the UDP Prime Minister. Every reputable agency in the worlds that was related to the media business denounced such actions of the Government. The State Department and United States Embassy was the last to join in the flogging of the Government’s decision. Eventually, and in shame the Prime Minister had to lift the embargo. All that the embargo accomplished was to make the Government more unpopular because Channel 5 was still carrying stories against the UDP Government without the Government receiving the opportunity to rebut or balance the presentation. So in short, the Government was the one punishing themselves. Decision such as the embargo on Channel 5 is what confirms the theory of the Belizean people that UDP Government is incompetent. On the flip side of the coin is the Krem Television and Amandala who are considered brown nose-ers of the UDP Government. They are extremely blatant in their

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

adoration for the UDP Government that they have given up their independence for the proverbial “thirty pieces of silver”. Every morning the pit bull of the bunch Evan “Mose” Hyde complains about everything that is wrong in Belize, which is caused by the Government but always refuse to call out the Government for fear that the advertisement subvention will be removed. So instead he sings barrow fully for his supper. When the PUP was in Government the Amandala principals were prepared to destroy their PUP brother-in–law and PUP brother in the mix with open and personal attacks leaders of the PUP Government. They succeeded in toppling the PUP and in so doing, destroyed their two “Partridge Street” connected politician to the point that the two had to secretly beg to be brought back to the PUP executives about a month ago. They were ostracized for the last three years. So as not to be unkind to the “Partridge Street” guerrillas we suggest you view the recent editorial written by Evan X Hyde which displayed his fear for the Prime Minister when he writes denouncing all the Constitutional Amendments that was passed in the House of Representatives on May 13th, 2011 and then hid his hands by writing that he is not “knocking” the Prime Minister. Everyone suspected before they read this said editorial that Evan Hyde Sr. was a hypocrite and a forked tongue and now the editorial proved it, is no suspicion. Only someone that has a chemical imbalance will make a statement that they oppose the attack on the civil liberties of Belizeans (by the passing of the laws) and not view it as an attack on every single citizen of Belize. It is shameful to see how low Evan X Hyde has been shrunk to by the Dean Barrow Government. Kudos is in order for the Prime Minister because he has been able to make Evan X Hyde, the self claimed bad boy, display that he is either a fool or a coward. This publication is a part of the history of Belize. The National Perspective is stored in the libraries across Belize and in the archive museums of Belize. Therefore, readers and scholars of history will reproduce that the NP is the only media house that recognized Evan Hyde Sr. for what he truly is, a traitor to Belize and the perfect sellout. NP will continue in any way shape and form to attack the X. The legacy being attacked is the lies where he perpetrates himself as the defender of black people. Evan X Hyde is nothing but an

exploiter of black people. We say this because any support for Barrow is to support an attack of the liberties of hard working Belizean, especially the black people of Belize. Evan X Hyde knows that Dean Barrow does not care about Belizeans. The evidence is all over, for example, Dean Dean Barrow had his wedding in the United States and did not invite his cheerleader Evan X Hyde; Dean Barrow spent his Easter in Miami and left X Hyde to act like neighborhood watch for his house on Sea Shore Drive. The consensus in the streets is that so-called heavy-hitter from Partridge Street has sold out Belizeans. He has become the modern day Uncle Tom. Readers should look for a worldwide campaign design to set the record straight and ensure that everyone that have ears to hear and eyes to see knows the true legacy of Evan X Hyde. Years from now when research is done on Belizean history the NP story and exposure of the wickedness of the X will be read in unison with his personal self praises. The power of the technology today will have this penning of today worldwide. All of Hyde colleagues and classmates will now know that all they heard of Hyde was lies and in fact, Hyde is known in Belize as BBNE (Biggest Brown Nose-er Ever). OPEN YOUR EYES THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE!!!

Belizean Artists Exhibition to open at the Institute of Mexico in Belize

Belmopan, Belize, 17 May 2011.- Belizean artists Lucky Chiang and Vivian Liu present their exhibition “Exquisite Souls”, which will be inaugurated on Thursday, May 19th, 2011, at the Institute of Mexico in Belize. The exhibition includes more than 70 works in the wide range of techniques and materials they master. This event is part of the cultural exchange program between Mexico and Belize. Lucky Chiang was born in 1945 and has been dedicated to painting for 30 years. Lucky’s fascination about nature can easily be seen in his paintings, catching the feeling of a place and transforming his joy and inspiration into a piece of art. His style has varied throughout time and with different techniques. Vivian Liu was born in Taiwan in 1964 and migrated to Belize in 2006, the natural environment and the simplicity of Belizeans made her fall in love with this beautiful country. She is a Plasticine art professor who has been implementing her technique in Belize for over 5 years. Her work includes plasticine art, color-drawing and knurling-flower. The opening ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 19th, 2011, at 6:30 pm, at the Institute of Mexico in Belize. Entrance will be free and open to the general public. The exhibition will remain open until June 10th, 2011, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The Institute of Mexico is located at the corner of Newtown Barracks and Wilson Street, in Belize City.




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Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

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Immigration Director Defends 22 Belize Entry- Police Investigates: Police Depositing US Counterfeit Dollars Visas Found with Chinese Businessman

Thursday, 19th May 2011 Following the raid on two Chinese businessman earlier this week where police found a total of 29 Chinese passports with 22 Belize entry-visas stamped in 22 of the passports found in their possession, the Director of Immigration, Ms Ruth Meighan, has come out in his defence. On Wednesday she made known that that her office has reviewed all 22 passports with the entry visas and there were no irregularities: they were all legitimately and officially issued. She said the only omission is that one of the visas had expired six days ago. What the Director did not say that the Chinese businessman found with the stash of passports is indeed a middleman doing business with someone inside the Belize Immigration Authorities most likely with the consent of a politico in government who continue in their illegal activities. In the first place, the Director of Immigration Ruth Meighan should know quite well that there is an immigration rule with respect to Chinese nationals. Since there is no Belizean Embassy in China, all immigration representations concerning travelling to Belize should be made without

exceptions through the British Embassy in that country. The fact that the Director chose to issue those visas in Belize is in itself a violation of proper procedures that are in place to avoid Human Trafficking itself. To allow a middleman to make profitable gains from Chinese nationals who will then use Belize as a spring board into the United States is again facilitating the Trafficking of humans. Thirdly, it seem very clearly that this Director of Immigration just like the previous Directors that have brought the Belize Immigration Department into disrepute, is clearly shortcutting the standing procedures and allowing herself to be used in the Trafficking of influence, especially if she ignores procedures to carry out orders from those ruthless politicians who facilitate the illegal trafficking of humans. There is also a law which states that no person should allow another to be in possession of their passport and anyone in possession of 29 passports for Chinese nationals who have never entered Belize yet is in clear violation of the ingredients in the law that defines Human trafficking.

Belize City, Thursday 19th May 2011 A late Wednesday night police report confirmed an earlier breaking news report in the evening news that a senior police Sergeant attached to the Special Branch Intelligence section of the department is being detained after he tried to deposit a considerable number suspicious US $100 dollar notes into his bank account. While the official police report tagged the amount at sixteen suspected counterfeit $US 100 notes, other sources including CH5 said the figure to be as high as $16,000 or 161- $100 dollar notes. The incident happened shortly before 11:00 am on Wednesday when the thirty nine year old police Sergeant dressed in civilian clothing and on duty, went to the new Belize Bank on Coney Drive to make a deposit. The Bank sources say that they acted as per procedure when they called the police after they suspected the currency to be counterfeit. Officers from the CIB unit responded and found that the depositor was their well-known colleague. They collected his ID, his deposit slip and the money but did carry him away as an arrestee, which is a standard police procedure. Generally, when such situations occur with any oth-

er suspect having counterfeit bills in his possession, Police would follow up with a search of his or her home. They would subject the detainee to lengthy questioning; pending charges of possession of counterfeit currency but that was not the case. By the afternoon on Wednesday, the officer supposedly under investigation was back at work tasked simply to write a report pending further orders even though the official police report stated that the officer in question is under detention. Up to the time of going to press, his identity is being withheld but the report ended by stating “in the event any member of the Police Department is guilty of any wrong doings, they will be dealt with immediately�. This is another black-eye for the Belize Police Department that seems to be pretty-much functioning without a any internal discipline, administration or political direction. The morale of police department have not been at an all time low in decades as it seem that for the last three years under this UDP government, the police department have gone from scandal to scandal while the protection and public safety of citizens are being ignored.

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

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Renco Battery Factory Burglarized

...42 batteries stolen and battery thief busted

Belize City Police say they have arrested and charged forty- one year old Phillip Roy Neal of a Periwinkle Street and charged him with burglarizing the Renco Battery factory situated at mile one on the Northern Highway and stealing there from 42 car batteries valued at a total of ($11,378.00) eleven thousand, three hundred and seventy eight dollars or a price tag

of $270. each. The police say that they whilst they were on mobile patrol last Sunday night on the Northern Highway their attention were drawn when they saw Neal walking with two new car batteries, one in each hand. He was stopped and question and when police searched the area near-by, they found his beach his cruiser bicycle in an open lot and discovered eight additional car batteries also new. Police say they investigated and learned that the batteries were stolen from the nearby Renco Battery Factory. When he appeared in Magistrates Court on Tuesday, Neal pleaded not guilty to the charges and was offered bail of five thousand dollars and his case was adjourned until June 16.

DIPLOMAT magazine’s Awards Ceremony 2011

Belizean High Commissioner to London Awarded

B.E.L. Show Profit decrease for 2010

Last Thursday May 12th 2011, Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Shareholders for the year that ended December 31, 2010 at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. In their Report, BEL showed a profit decrease to $3.4M from year 2009. Had the increase in business tax on BEL (which is fully paid to the Government) not been deferred, the Company would have recorded a loss of $2.4 million. The reduction in profits continues to reflect the decrease in the Value Added of Delivery component of the electricity tariffs by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in its 2008 Final Decision. Because of continuous low profit levels, BEL remains in breach of loan covenants. The Company is consequently unable to borrow and is restricted from paying dividends. During the meeting, Shareholders expressed concern about the Company not paying dividends since 2008. In responding to these concerns, BEL’s President and Chief Executive Officer Lynn Young explained that the Company’s profits are determined by the PUC and therefore the current situation is beyond the control of BEL. “Indeed for the last three years it seems like the PUC has misconstrued its responsibility to balance the interest of the consumer and the Company while ensuring that Belize has a reliable and viable electric service,” said Young. “Rather than secure that we are able to finance our activities for customers and shareholders, the PUC instead seems obsessed

with destroying what we have built over the last thirty years.” Nonetheless, Young assured Shareholders that BEL will continue all efforts to resolve the situation. In the meantime, the Company’s main source of financing continues to be revenues generated from the sale of electricity. Young explained that while profits are low, the capital intensive nature of the electricity industry continues to require BEL to invest in its operations, in order to maintain a reliable supply of power to customers. The Company invested approximately $44.3 million of revenues in service improvement initiatives in 2010. In fact, the benefits of BEL’s initiatives were on prominent display during Hurricane Richard in 2010. Several shareholders congratulated the Company for the quick restoration of power following the storm. Young confirmed that the investments made to strengthen the power systems, yielded these positive results and also an overall reduction in the frequency of power outages by 24 per cent in 2010. While service performance has improved, Young stated that the Company is currently struggling to pay cost of power from Independent Power Producers that supply over 99% of the total electricity needs of the country of Belize so far in 2011. This situation follows a significant increase in oil prices since January 2011. With oil prices hovering over US$100 per barrel cost of electricity from Mexico has increased by 51 per cent since January 2011.

OCEANA Says Referendum “SIGNATURE DRIVE Practically a Done Deal”

Heads of Mission from over 85 countries attended Diplomat magazine’s 2011 annual Awards Ceremony at the Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill in Portman Square on Monday 16 May. Diplomat presented 12 awards to some of the most influential diplomats based in the UK. Guests were treated to a champagne reception and delicious canapés prepared by the chefs at the hotel. Host of the event, Diplomat’s Publisher Hugo de Blocq van Kuffeler, stated in his introductory speech: ‘Despite the conveniences of modern technology, the tact, persuasiveness, influence and guile of a great diplomat is far more powerful and effective than an e-mail or a letter. Diplomacy is the brain of a nation. It has been said that the quality of a nation’s diplomacy gives it direction and weight. And so it is important that we appreciate the great conductors of diplomacy this evening.’ The popular award of the evening was the winner for ‘Diplomat of the

Year from the Americas’ (Canada, USA, Central America & Caribbean), which went to High Commissioner for Belize, Her Excellency Ms Kamela Palma. The Japanese Ambassador accepted his award for ‘Diplomat of the Year from Asia’ on behalf of the people of Japan in the wake of one of the world’s worst natural disasters since the end of World War II. Winners thanked Diplomat magazine for recognizing the achievements of overseas Heads of Mission based in London. The evening was sponsored by Jaguar Landrover who had the new Jaguar XJ and Range Rover greeting all guests as they arrived outside the hotel, BMG Foundation, BUPA and Worley Parsons. Cleave and Co produced the unique awards for the winners and International Diplomatic Supplies provided the drinks for the evening. Mr de Blocq van Kuffeler thanked all the sponsors for their continued support of the magazine.

Say Campaign Shifts Gear To Voter Education

In a Press Release sent out this past Wednesday, Oceana in Belize said it is almost ready to publicly announce the final tally of referendum signatures collected over a grueling three month campaign, but the organization is still not breaking its stride. To keep the momentum going to prepare for a winning national referendum vote, Oceana aims to draw from a Belizean public that has been properly educated on the Oil Industry Issue. To this end, Oceana invites all institutions, organizations and communities from across Belize who would like to learn more about the Social, Economic, Legal, and Environmental impact of our Oil Industry, to contact us at this time to arrange for a dynamic presentation on this critical subject. We are also inviting volunteers – especially students – 17 years and older, to apply

to assist us over the next few months in our voter education campaign. This is a historic and exciting time, and it is a wonderful opportunity for all Belizeans to become involved in creating a positive difference in the future of our country. Oceana, founded in 2001, is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Our offices in North America, Central America, South America and Europe work together on a limited number of strategic, directed campaigns to achieve measurable outcomes that will help return our oceans to former levels of abundance. We believe in the importance of science in identifying problems and solutions. Our scientists work closely with our teams of economists, lawyers and advocates to achieve tangible results for the oceans.

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

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Community Activist Remanded Porported Journalist- Joseph Budna Charged with Drug Trafficking For Fire-arm Offence

Community Activist Remanded For Fire-arm Offence Community Activist Remanded For Fire-arm Offence Emerson Guild is considered by all measures an outstanding local community activist especially recognized is his efforts with the Venezuelan sponsored initiative dubbed “Mision Milagro or Miracle Mission” which has to do with free medical eye care in Venezuela for Belizeans with serious vision problems. This week fifty-seven year old Emerson Guild was jailed on remanded to the Hattieville Correctional Facility after he was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Firearm which stemmed from an accusation by his former employee, thirty-four year old Charles Olivera, that Guild pointed a fire-arm at him on May 12th . Olivera, who Guild accused of stealing a DVD player from him, claims that Guild went to his house

around 6:00 am, punched him in the eye and told him to return his DVD. When Olivera insisted that he had no such DVD, Guild took out his 9:mm pistol, pointed it at him and threatened to shoot him if the DVD was not returned to him. In Court when Guild tried to denied charges by explaining to the Magistrate that he never had a gun in his possession and that the accusation was a fabrication by Olivera, Magistrate Flowers cut him short by advising him ( Guild) that she was simply reading the charges to him and remanding him as prescribes by the new firearm act which dictates mandatory remand for all alleged fire-arm offences. Guild told the media that he did punch Olivera but says he did not pull a weapon on him because he had none in his possession. Guild says that he had hired Olivera to do cement work at his home situated on Zericote street and whilst there, Olivera stole over three thousand dollars worth of jewelry apart from the DVD player. Guild pleaded not guilty, but there is no bail offered for a firearm offence, so he was remanded to prison. His attorney can apply to the Supreme Court for bail - but that can only be done after 14 days unless the DPP waives the waiting period.

San Ignacio Police have arrested and charged 30 year old Joseph Budna and a 15 year old minor of Roaring Creek Village with ‘Drug Trafficking’. Police say that shortly before 5:30 pm Tuesday afternoon whilst on routine patrol on the Benque Viejo Road near San Ignacio Town, they intercepted a suspicious looking maroon color Mitsubishi car bearing Guatemalan license plate number P0271DMJ and carried out a routine inspection for documentation of the vehicle and of the driver. The vehicle which was being driven at the time by Joseph Budna was subjected to a search where police found 3 parcels of marijuana which weighed a total of 1.784 Kilo is believed to have been brought in from Guatemala into Belize. The name Joseph Budna who gave an address as DFC Area in San Pe-

dro Town, Ambergris Caye and an occupation as a freelance journalist is striking especially because he was characterized by the local media around the 28th of November 2010 as being the ‘Good Samaritan’ when he brought to the attention of the Belize Media that 22 year old Oscar Denis Gonguez was held up in jail across the Guatemalan border in Melchor de Mencos Peten after Gonguez was found with half of pound of marijuana in his possession. Budna became the spokesperson for Gonguez’ relatives on this side of the border and to a certain degree claim to have invested much of his personal efforts establishing some kind of legal aid to assist with the legal wrangling regarding the drug possession with the Guatemalan Court. At that time Joseph Budna claimed to be living in Guatemala but gave an address in San Pedro Town. Budna was found with three times the amount of marijuana his friend was found with when jailed in Guatemala. On the 29th January here in Belize City, Budna caught up with the press and claimed he had to jump out of a moving car in order to escape jackers Maybe its time someone investigate his true dealings in Belize.

KREMANDALA $ELLOUT He has been bought and paid for...

Can’t be TRUSTED!!!

Silent on issues affecting black South-side Belizeans while pretending to be their guardian Wilfully ignores the Corrupt Practices of Barrow and the UDP



Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

Page 6 It was solely for political expediency that Minister of Public Service, Governance Improvement, Elections and Boundaries and Sports, “Honorable” John Saldivar rose to address the plethora of criticisms that has been swirling around the major UDP faux pas - the botched 2010 Housing and Population Census. Imagine the reality - in 2010 even counting the nation’s three hundred thousand plus people proves to be too monumental a feat for the UDP. The result of the census was presented on Friday, April 29th at the UB Auditorium in Belmopan. Depending on who you talk to, it was eight months late, six months late, or it was not delayed. But not even the length of time taken to gather data and disseminate the results could mask an embarrassing truth – that is that the UDP cannot count. That fact has been portrayed in several instances – start with the bogus budgets they themselves cannot discuss or defend. After rounds of criticisms that many people and households were not counted, John Saldivar rose up in the House in an attempt to quiet the critics. According to Saldivar, who is purportedly versed in all things census, “... preliminary indications are that the 2010 undercount rate will not exceed 4% or 13,000 persons.” Saldivar’s comments were in response to fellow cabinet member Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism, who said that San Pedro Town was severely under counted. While I agree that it would have been impractical to count every household, the tardiness of the results and the silence that the SIB kept about what went wrong during the exercise, points to the fact that something went dastardly wrong. No one would answer to this day even though John Saldivar is the minister responsible for the UDP’s favorite buzz words, “good governance and transparency”. If Saldivar wasn’t merely commenting for political expediency and he actually knew what he was talking about on Black Friday – he would know that not “each and every person” is interviewed. Usually it is the head of household that is interviewed. He/she would then provide information on who lives at the address, type of abode, number of televisions, type of toilet facility, etc. I don’t know which is worse – the botched job that the UDP did or the discussions that the census has spawned. I spoke with Minister Manuel Heredia shortly after Friday’s House meeting. Heredia says that he stands by his comments including the supercilious remark that the reason for the under count was because the enumerators were PUPs! Sure – we are to accept that the UDP that practices political tribalism would hire a bunch of PUPs to enumerate San Pedro – try again Manuel. The man almost made me cuss badword right there but I restrained and told him, “Minister, with all

Political Expediency and John Saldivar’s Complex

When virtue is lost, benevolence appears, when benevolence is lost right conduct appears, when right conduct is lost, expedience appears. Expediency is the mere shadow of right and truth; it is the beginning of disorder. - Lao Tzu

due respect, unu need to stop dis. Our people are already polarized and we are getting nowhere like this, I’m telling you ...aye!!!” I wonder how PM Barrow functions with all the dim bulbs he has in his Cabinet!?!? What made Saldivar so sure that Heredia was not right in his observation? Excuse me Mr. Minister of Governance – you would have done the nation a much greater favor if you told us how you spent our $3.1million – less you get stuck with the name “3.1”. There are several variables at work that give credence to Honorable Heredia’s assertion that the count on San Pedro was woefully short. I think it is unfair to compare San Pedro to Orange Walk and Belmopan using enrollment statistics from the Ministry of Education. Unlike Belmopan City and Orange Walk Town – San Pedro is a transient society where a significant portion of the people who reside there originate from other parts of the country. In the past the census recognized that a person lives at an address if he or she spends three or more nights at that address. This in many cases is the situation with San Pedro where people live on the island for employment purposes only but will say that they are from other parts of the country. Their families and children in many cases live and attend school in other parts of the country therefore the school population is not a good barometer to gauge San Pedro’s general population. Saldivar also tried to quiet the criticisms about unemployment issue saying that, “This is impossible, regarding the second concerns surrounding the unemployment rate - it should be noted that the unemployment rate is a timesensitive economic indicator. In other words there can be significant variations in this rate from one month to another especially for an economy like Belize’s where activities in sugar, citrus and tourism industries are seasonal.” Here Saldivar clutches at straws to obfuscate the fact that they have miserably failed the Belizeans people. Critics, have held the UDP over the fire for unemployment for it is under their watch that unemployment has ballooned to unprecedented levels. The Barrow administration has celebrated the demise of a number of companies when hundreds of Belizeans were losing their LIVE-

LIHOODS! On this issue alone the UDP is crispy bacon. But how genuinely can the Opposition, PUP comment and act on behalf on Belizeans who are suffering because of UDP ineptitude and wanton political victimization? Not much since the PUP or some in the PUP have had no qualms about firing people because they dissent. The same victimization that is meted at those perceived to be PUP in the public service is the same type of victimization that is meted on PUP’s who run afoul of some of the leaches attached to the John Briceno leadership. So far the PUP has not taken any serious action on any issue – they have not been able to lead on any of the major issues that are affecting our people because of the ongoing fight that rages on in the PUP. The PUP has only paid bland lip service to crime, unemployment and high cost of living. This may be a function of a dysfunctional communication apparatus. The UDP on the other hand has failed at delivering those five thousand jobs that they promised and paradoxically may have succeeded in costing as many as five thousand people their jobs. The demise of the National Transport Services, Wood Depot and Fresh Catch of the Mena group of companies, Fabro’s Glass, the Bowen’s shrimp farm and others, (as well as other businesses that have skimmed down to bare bone), are only a few examples of the companies that have toppled under the weight of UDP ineptitude and political vindictiveness. “To observe that the national unemployment rate has only increase by 2.8 percentage points from 20.3% in 2000 to 23.1% in

2010 is significant given that our country is still reeling from the effects of the global economic crisis,” Saldivar explained. Rather than Saldivar and his government trying to climb back on the saddle by trying to fix the unemployment crisis, Saldivar conveniently uses the figures to point out that unemployment was high in 2000 and harps on the global economic crisis. None of what he said changed or diminished the fact that unemployment exploded under the UDP and that they are clueless on how to stimulate the economy to put Belizeans back to work. As I said two weeks ago, as clumsily as the 2010 census may have been conducted, it is a vindication of the Said Musa administration and exposed UDP corruption starting from the nasty smear campaign that they conducted prior to the 2008 elections. Now that the UDP is faced with the issues that they used as convenience for their campaign, they are unable to address crime, unemployment, cost of living, housing, quality of life issues, healthcare, education and a myriad other matters. Saldivar is hardly a paragon of “good governance and transparency”. Like an unwanted child who has to compete for acceptance, in this case PM Barrow’s acceptance, it seems John Saldivar has been working extra hard to win the Prime Minister’s favor. On more than one occasion PM Barrow has displayed much more preference for Patrick Faber, but this is a subject for another occasion - suffice it to say that this perhaps may explain John Saldivar’s complex. I have tried to get answers about the census and other issues – none have been forthcoming. I asked Minister Heredia following last Friday’s House meeting if he feels any differently considering Saldivar’s comments. Heredia was adamant that he stands by his statement. As for Minister of Health, Pablo Marin – I asked if his ministry will do anything further regarding the case of baby Daniella whose remains were tossed in the dumpster in Belmopan – the man jus look at me and said, “that’s it for now.” This government nuh worth one ......

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

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Taxing the taxis - an irony of ironies Partisan politics is an immoral business

It’s perhaps the biggest irony of all ironies - I simple cannot understand what is going through the minds of the Mayor, her Deputy Mayor and the Belize City Council. Over the past few weeks the City Council has been in the news because they propose to charge the taxi operators in Belize City a trade license. This obviously is a case of trying to tax the Belizean taxi operators and by extension create greater inflation for the families of these hard working Belizeans. Would you ever have imagined that this comes at a time when the cost of fuel is at all time high? The Deputy Mayor, under whose portfolio the responsibility for the City traffic department falls, seems adamant that this new tax will be implemented on January first. Now let just examine what these taxi operators have to contend with, especially in light of the circumstances that the Belize City Council is not in support of an increase in taxi fare. It cost taxi operators more than private motor vehicles for insurance as well as for the registration and the licensing of their vehicles. In addition to that, the operators must get a special driving permit to operate these taxis. But unlike private motor vehicles’ which are obligated to go from point a to point b and then park, taxis the most part are constantly moving. This means that the consumption of fuel by taxis is far, far greater than that of private motor vehicles. So, for argument sake, let’s say a taxi operates on (8) eight to (10) ten gallon of fuel per day for the (8) eight to (10) ten hours that they operate - that is more than $120.00 per day in fuel alone. If they work 6 days per week, and in most cases taxis work (7 ) seven days, that is over ($840.00) eight hundred forty dollars per week. Now since this is their sole source of survival it is mandatory that they work fifty two weeks for the year. $840.00 per week times (52) fifty two weeks is ($47,000.00) forty seven thousand dollars for the year in just fuel alone, not to mention servicing, oil changes, parts and tire replacement for these vehicle. And when we factor in the condition of the city streets and you add that to the wear and tear of the vehicles, it does this seems as if the Council is trying to eliminate an en-

tire industry that is owned and operated by small business men. And to add to all that, all of this is taking place during the dry season imagine what will happen to these taxi operators when the rain start in a couple of weeks and the city becomes flooded. And the flood is going to be caused by the Council’s incompetent and their neglecting of the City’s infrastructure, especially the drains that are in terrible state. The earthen drains are not being maintained and are totally overgrown with grass while the covered concrete drains are silted up, full of debris and have not been properly maintained for a very long time. Naturally the UDP City Council does not realize that these taxi men are some of the best campaigners that you would ever find. They move thousands of voters across the City and in some cases across the country on a daily basis. They have tremendous influence and they can definitely sway votes. Maybe the City Council is more concerned about generating revenue than they are about providing good and services to the City. Perhaps it is that they are even less concerned about an industry that is self sufficient, entrepreneurial and does not rely on neither the local nor the national government to provide them with jobs. I hold heartedly express my solidarity with the taxi operators and will be more than happy to support whatever action they intend to take to insure that this tax-sucking City Council does not take advantage of them. If these taxi operators are forced to subsidize the lavish life style of the city councilors (“although incompetent”) then it’s only a matter of time before that rise in taxation will be passed on to the general public.

This UDP city council is suggesting that the previous PUP city council was trying to implement this tax on the taxi operators. This is “NOT SO”! The PUP city council had recommended to the taxi operators that they form themselves into unions or cooperatives and establish an umbrella organization which would have been the Belize City association of the taxi unions or taxi cooperatives. This organization would have then entered into an agreement with the Council to lease the properties where the taxi unions or cooperative are located for the exclusive use of taxi operations. Since the council has the responsibility for the management and enforcement of traffic regulations in Belize City that authority would have been used to protect the operations of the taxi unions or co-

“First time is happenstance; second time is coincidence, third time is enemy action.” – Kriol proverb The most insidious aspect of partisan politics is the internecine warfare among competitors for positions of influence within the party itself. Nominal supporters like me who try to stay beyond the fray and who, as a matter of principle, do not swear allegiance to any faction, are especially vulnerable when the infighting is at its highest pitch. And no time is the competition for positions of influence more intense than during the convention season. A call this Thursday to the WAVE Morning Show brought this starkly home to me this week. It is one of a series of events that have been reverberating through the PUP as a consequence of the on-going convention season, and the shifts in power and influence. I don’t monitor the WAVE Morning Show because it is usually too partisan for me, and that frustrates me, and I used to be too busy hosting a show at that time. I have been removed from the morning show, a consequence I believe of a power grab, and just between me and you, I am grateful because I know now somebody did me a favor. But I digress. Others who listen in have informed me that this week for the third time in the past two months or so, someone, presumably a man, called Joe Bradley to say that he had heard me threatening to punch him in the face. Like most people I assumed at first that it was the UDP partisans being provocative since there is simply no truth to the allegation and I could not, at that time, think of anyone else having the motive to lie so baldly. I dismissed the matter, preoccupied at the time with other matters. The second time I had to pause and ponder because someone near to me had gotten into an altercation with one of the WAVE Morning Show hosts, and I had to, as a matter of principle, make it clear that I understood what she was going through and supported the expression of her sheer frustration. I had been pilloried, ridiculed and operatives. This umbrella association would have had the power to recommend the future of taxi operations in Belize City including number of licenses issued and the criteria for the issuing of taxi operating licenses. With the large number of operating taxis in the city they would have had the strength in numbers to negotiate with the auto parts stores when it comes to the cost of parts for their vehicle. Ultimately they would have been a greater level of authority to the people who have invested in this industry and have built it from scratch. Despite that entire framework and

lied about for years by the WAVE Morning Show hosts, and after my initial anger and frustration I had learned to take it in stride. I want to believe I have risen above all that, and except for my mother’s anguish at their malice and vindictiveness, I am hardly bothered. But the attacks on me both on WAVE, as far as I have been told, and in the Guardian have ceased the past several weeks. It is clear that as a matter of policy the show is kinder and gentler, if that is possible within the political prism, while ironically, the PUP has made my former morning show more “WAVE-like”. So who is it that wants to stir up the WAVE talk show hosts to continue/resume disparaging me? Who, I wonder, is this agent provocateur? Sometime ago I was told by a PUP “strategist” that back in the run up to the 2008 General Elections campaign “they” had discussed having me kidnapped, ala Derek Aikman, to try and garner sympathy for the party. I was appalled that anyone would even consider, much less discuss, and then actually tell me, about such a “tactic”. But then again, I too often “forget” that I am doomed to deal with persons within the partisan political system for whom political expediency is far more important than principle. I will therefore assume that the calls to the WAVE morning show are being caused, as the lawyers would say, by the PUP political strategist. At this point I assume his motive is to continue to destabilize me within the party. I despise these people. My former friend and mentor Evan X Hyde, who is a grandmaster at conspiracy theorizing, often used to advise me that politics is an amoral business. It is not that I don’t heed his admonition, but I continue to find the precept appalling both in the abstract as well as in the real. However I have to add a qualification – the practice of that type of politics is an amoral business only in the abstract, in the really real, it is also immoral. the proposal from the past PUP city council the taxi operators was perhaps the greatest force campaigning for the UDP. This is a clear case of “AFTER SERVICE, KISS ME ASS”. Remember how many of these taxi operators had the “LIFE HAAD OUT YAH” bumper stickers on their cars prior to the elections? I believe they contributed largely to the UDP victory. These hard working Belizeans didn’t expect that the possibilities that you were asking them to imagine would have been tax them to death, while refusing to support an increase in their fares. “FIRE PAH UNU”. Just my Impartial View.

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

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Caribbean News Jamaica to cut 10,000 Public Sector Jobs

Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Daryl Vaz, said that the start of the exercise, expected to save Government J$40 billion (US$472.5 million) - J$50 billion (US$590.6 million) annually

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Monday May 16, 2011 – More details of the proposed restructuring of the public sector, including the layoff of 10,000 workers, should be disclosed this week. Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Daryl Vaz, said that the Public Sector Transformation Unit (PSTU), which is spearheading the process, is expected to address the schedule for implementation by early in the week. During his 2011/12 Budget Debate presentation in Parliament last Tuesday, Prime Minister Bruce Golding, announced the PSTU’s proposal to reduce public sector employment from 118,163 to between 108,000 and 109,000, over a five-year period. Vaz said that the start of the exercise, expected to save Government J$40 billion (US$472.5 million) J$50 billion (US$590.6 million) annually, should commence this month, with the next 24 months targeted for major modifications to the sector. He said while decisions on changes within ministries, departments and agencies would be matters for Permanent Secretaries and other public service technocrats to decide, the PSTU will remain as the oversight body to ensure that the recommendations are implemented, as agreed. “The implementation will be done though the ministries and agencies, in conjunction and in consultation with the PSTU,” he explained. Stressing that “proper treatment” of public sector employees was a Government priority, Vaz underscored the importance of the communication and consultative process in the undertaking

“The PSTU will continue, through consultations and collaborations, to engage public sector workers and unions to discuss various aspects of the modernization, and approaches to be adopted for implementation,” he said. Noting that restructuring of the public sector was one of the planks for the successful negotiating of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Stand-By Agreement, Vaz said the tabling of the Ministry Paper and moves to implement the recommendations, were indications of the seriousness of the Government in putting in place the necessary reforms in the public sector to allow the economy to grow. He said the PSTU will remain in place during implementation of the recommendations, which he described as a “very critical part” of the process. “It is the implementation which is the practical part, which is where the challenges will come, if they are to come,” the Information Minister said. Meantime, trade unions representing public sector employees have indicated their willingness to co-operate with the PSTU in executing the proposed restructuring exercise to be undertaken in the sector. Vice-President of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU), Helene Davis-Whyte, who is also General Secretary of the Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers (JALGO), said that the trade unions will continue to work with the Government in carrying out the rationalisation process. “What we have in fact been advised is that the process of consultation and involvement of the unions will continue, and so the

Martelly wants business leader as prime minister

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Haiti’s new president wants a business leader to serve as his prime minister, a government official said Sunday. The official announcement that President Michel Martelly wants Daniel-Gerard Rouzier to be the country’s No. 2 official comes one day after Martelly, a charismatic pop star known as “Sweet Micky”, was sworn in as Haiti’s next leader in back-to-back ceremonies at a makeshift Parliament and on the lawn of the National Palace, which collapsed in last year’s crippling earthquake. Parliament must still ratify Rouzier to the post. Also Sunday, an adviser to current Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said Bellerive had submitted his resignation to make room for his successor. Bellerive, who also co-chairs Haiti’s reconstruction commission with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, will stay in the job until the new head of government is ratified, his special adviser, Alice Blanchet, told The Associated Press. The new prime minister will also serve as co-chair of Haiti’s Interim Recovery Commission, whose mandate is due to expire in October. The body has been criticized for not doing enough to house and help survivors of the January 2010 earthquake that claimed 300,000 lives and displaced 2 million others. Martelly’s chief-of-staff Thierry Mayard-Paul said Sunday that Martelly picked Rouzier as his choice for prime minister because

of his record as an established entrepreneur. Rouzier, an adviser to Martelly, is general manager of Sun Auto, a car dealership, president of EPower, an electric power project, and involved with Food for the Poor, a charity based in Coconut Creek, Florida. Rouzier, a political novice, reportedly accompanied Martelly to Washington, D.C., when he met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and heads of international financial institutions. Martelly and Rouzier have been lifelong friends and played soccer with each other as children, Mayard-Paul said. Two weeks after the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake, Rouzier was the focus of a CNN feature in which he vowed to use his own money to bury 2,500 earthquake victims. “He’s a very successful guy — his resume speaks for itself,” MayardPaul said of Rouzier. “We believe that he can be very effective at managing the government.” Despite his credentials, Rouzier could face a tough time being ratified by parliament, in which Martelly has no party members in the Senate and only three in the Chamber of Deputies. “We believe there will be a little resistance,” Mayard-Paul said. “But we also believe — and President Martelly believes — that we can show (the parliament) that he’s the right choice.” Ken Michel, an adviser for Rouzier, said Rouzier was unavailable to comment Sunday evening.

question of who is to go would flow from the finalisation of the work on the ground, in terms of the structures, and we are comfortable with that,” she said. “What we want to be clear is that it is a consultative process, and that the workers are involved at every step of the game. We have confidence in the workforce, and it has been represented to us by members of the individual unions, as well, that they are also interested

in ensuring that there is a modern, efficient public sector in place,” she added. Davis-Whyte said that the unions would also seek to ensure that inter-disciplinary transformation teams established in each agency, ministry and department to see that the process, “really gets on the ground, begin the work and ensure that the staff is consulted, right across the length and breadth of Jamaica.”

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

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Massacre in Guatemala work of Mexico drug gang Zetas President Colom declares ‘state of siege’ after massacre SAN BENITO, Guatemala – Guatemala declared a 30-day state of emergency for the northern Peten region following the brutal massacre of 27 people at a cattle ranch. President Alvaro Colom called the killings sadistic and perverse, and said they were the work of a drug gang. Colom said he would go to the jungle-covered region to personally direct operations aimed at rooting out what is believed to be a Mexican drug cartel that has taken up residence in Peten. “Guatemala must face up to this aggression aimed not just at our country but at the whole region,” Colom said in an address broadcast to the nation late Monday. Such declarations traditionally give the army emergency powers, including permission to detain suspects without warrants. The attack late Saturday and early Sunday on an isolated cattle ranch was of one of Guatemala’s largest postwar massacres. Gunmen believed to belong to Mexico’s Zetas cartel killed 27 farm laborers, including two women and two children, and left their severed heads scattered across the pastures of the cattle ranch. A message written in the blood of the victims was daubed across a wall of the ranch house, threatening the owner. A 23-year-old laborer who survived the attack said he was stabbed in the stomach, but his attackers were distracted by an attempt by some of the other victims to flee. The chilling scene was related by the surviving farm worker, who spoke to The Associated Press Monday from his hospital bed in a nearby town. Authorities asked that the survivor not be named for security reasons. The survivor said he fell to the ground as he was being stabbed, and at that moment some of the ranch employees tried to flee, distracting his attacker. He said he was able to walk, badly wounded, to safety. “I don’t know how I survived,” he said. The man had worked planting forage crops at the ranch, when gunmen arrived late Saturday asking for the owner — a man authorities said had links to the drug trade. The only other survivor was a pregnant woman whose young daughter clung to her so fiercely and cried so loudly the killers let her go. Relatives of the woman said the attackers spoke with Mexican accents. Mexico’s brutal Zetas drug cartel has set up shop in Guatemala in the largely indigenous region along the countries’ shared border. The police finally came Sunday morning, but the violence continued Monday in nearby areas of Peten, a jungle-covered, strate-

gic drug-trafficking region with a murder rate double the national average and far higher than the most violent parts of Mexico. Colom, who toured the massacre site Monday, said as many as 40 to 50 armed commandos stormed the remote ranch on a one-lane dirt road about 19 miles (30 kilometers) from the nearest paved highway. They are believed to be part of a group called “Z 200.” Two men were killed and one suspect in the massacre was taken into custody after a confrontation with police Monday morning, while grenades were tossed at a home and business in a town near San Benito, where the bodies were taken for identification. Authorities blamed the Zetas for all the attacks, which included the killing of the brother of a slain Guatemalan drug capo on Saturday. Investigators are looking into ties

between the ranch owner, Otto Salguero, and drug trafficking, Colom said. The message written in blood on one of the ranch building’s walls said the killers were looking for Salguero, whose whereabouts is not known. Colom said Salguero owns four ranches and hundreds of head of cattle. But none of the victims had ties to drug cartels, authorities said. Rather they were innocent ranch workers and their families caught up in an increasingly bloody war mirroring the Zetas quest for territory in Mexico. The Zetas are blamed for two recent mass killings in Mexico as well, 183 bodies found in mass graves last month and a massacre of 72 migrants last August, both in the state of Tamaulipas bordering Texas. Mexican drug cartels now operate virtually uninhibited in parts of Central America. U.S.-supported

crackdowns in Mexico and Colombia have only pushed traffickers into a region where corruption is rampant, borders lack even minimal immigration control and local gangs provide a ready-made infrastructure for organized crime. The Guatemalan government recently ended a two-month siege near Peten in the neighboring mountainous state of Alta Verapaz, also a prime corridor for smuggling drugs from Honduras to Mexico, where Zetas roamed the streets with assault rifles and armored vehicles and even controlled when people could leave their homes. Peten has been a strategic drugtrafficking zone with jungle landing strips used by several cartels, according to the 2010 U.N. World Drug Report. Both the Zetas and Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel have interests in Peten and may be competing for territory, the report says. But Peten is also popular with foreign tourists, who are drawn to the region’s jungles and Mayan ruin sites like Tikal. The violence may wind up affecting the vital tourist trade in the largely impoverished region; the British Embassy issued a travel advisory citing advice from Guatemalan authorities to temporary avoid visiting Peten due to the violence. Authorities blamed the Zetas for the murder Saturday of Haroldo Leon, the brother of alleged Guatemalan drug boss Juan Jose “Juancho” Leon. “Juancho” himself was killed in 2008 in an ambush.

Ex-Colombian intel official Large cocaine haul to face murder charges points to Vieques smuggling

BOGOTA, Colombia – Colombian prosecutors say they will seek murder charges against a former deputy director of the country’s domestic intelligence agency in the 1994 assassination of leftist Sen. Manuel Cepeda. Prosecutors issued a formal accusation on Tuesday against Jose Miguel Narvaez, a former Navy officer and prominent rightist. He has been jailed for two years awaiting trial on charges of crim-

inal conspiracy and illegal wiretapping in a domestic spying scandal. The new accusation alleges Narvaez was the mastermind of the Cepeda assassination and cites testimony from jailed far-right warlords. Prosecutors are also investigating allegations Narvaez was involved in the 1999 killing of humorist Jaime Garzon. Narvaez denies the charges.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico’s police chief says officers have seized a large quantity of cocaine on board the ferry from the island of Vieques. Chief Jose Figueroa Sancha tells reporters that more than 560 kilograms (1,235 pounds) was inside two vehicles. Three men were arrested. Sancha said Tuesday that the seizure was part of an investigation with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security into suspected drug trafficking between the main island of Puerto Rico and the much smaller Vieques. Traffickers have been known to use Puerto Rico to reach the U.S. mainland. Vieques is a popular tourist destination. The U.S. Navy used the island as a bombing range until 2003 when the military was forced out by protests.

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

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French left struggle to replace Strauss-Kahn Britain’s Queen honors Irish nationalists

PARIS (Reuters) – Political pressure increased on Socialist leader Martine Aubry Tuesday to run in the party’s presidential primary after the favorite, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was charged with sexual assault in New York. Despite a rare public display of unity by the leadership, battle lines are being redrawn as Socialists try to fill the void left by Strauss-Kahn’s spectacular fall from grace. Until this weekend, the former finance minister had appeared best placed to unseat conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy, who polls leave trailing in third place behind him and far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Political analysts say the Socialists must quickly plug the void left by Strauss-Kahn and use the primary campaign as a springboard for the 2012 election. “Nicolas Sarkozy is very happy the Socialists will again be in difficulty for weeks, as this allows him to impose his themes on the political debate and launch his own (re-election) campaign,” said Jerome Fourquet at pollster IFOP. Both Fourquet and political analyst Stephane Rozes said former Socialist party leader Francois Hollande was now the favorite to contest the presidency for the Socialists. But Socialist deputy Claude Bartolone said he hoped Aubry would now stand. “Let’s unite behind the person who has the legitimacy to represent this unity, the first secretary of the Socialist Party,” he told France Info radio. Aubry acknowledged the party had been knocked sideways by StraussKahn’s weekend arrest and remand in jail on charges he tried to rape a maid at a luxury New York hotel, but promised it would be ready for the presidential battle. With a mid-July deadline fast approaching to enter the Socialist selec-

tion contest, Aubry urged the party to pull together, look beyond the scandal and focus on the presidential race. The party candidate will be picked in October. “Unity, responsibility, combativeness, these are the three words which came up the most this morning,” Aubry told reporters after the meeting of the party leadership in Paris. “There was emotion, of course, and the shock we all feel, but it is our responsibility to be up to the task,” she said. “I say to the French people: we will be ready in 2012.” NEW FRONTRUNNER Aubry, 60, who has appeared reluctant to run, said the party would not be rushed into changing its plans for the primary. “We have a timetable and today is not the moment” to declare a candidacy, she told France Info radio Tuesday. With Strauss-Kahn out of the frame, Aubry and former party leader Francois Hollande, both veterans with a strong support base, have emerged as the leading contenders. A small-sample Harris Interactive poll in the newspaper Le Parisien gave Hollande 49 percent support among Socialists and Aubry 23 percent. Segolene Royal, defeated by Sarkozy in 2007, trailed on 10 percent. “Francois Hollande appeared as the fallback candidate in the event that Strauss-Kahn didn’t run,” as their center-left policies were similar, said IFOP pollster Fourquet. “Hollande now finds himself the favorite, but not the absolute favorite, because there is Martine Aubry.” Aubry was the architect of France’s 35-hour work week in the late 1990s and has political clout as the daughter of former European Commission President Jacques Delors. She has support from party militants but is an uncharismatic campaigner and may struggle to fire up left-wing

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Queen Elizabeth honored Irish people killed fighting for independence from Britain on Tuesday in a powerful gesture of reconciliation few people would have believed possible even in recent times. The queen laid a wreath at Dublin’s Garden of Remembrance, Ireland’s monument to its fallen heroes, before a hushed crowd of dignitaries, soldiers and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, whose uncle was killed by militant Irish nationalists in 1979. The visit, the first by a British monarch since Ireland won independence from London in 1921, is designed to show how warm neighborly relations have replaced centuries of animosity but security was tight after a homemade bomb was found. Streets around each royal stop were cleared of onlookers giving Dublin an eerily deserted feel and underlining that this was a state visit like no other. In Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university founded with a charter from Queen Elizabeth I, a raffle determined which students and staff got close to the monarch. Huge crowds were unlikely even if the queen had been doing public walkabouts. While most Irish people welcome the monarch’s visit they remain proud republicans and would feel uncomfortable waving the British flag, or union jack. “My mother would have loved to have lived to see this day,” said Alex Wrafter, an unemployed 67-year-old whose mother moved

from London to just south of the Northern Irish border in 1939. “I don’t think she would ever have believed it but I think it’s extraordinarily important. The past needs to be put where it belongs.” PROTESTS A 1998 deal ending Irish nationalists’ guerrilla war against British rule of Northern Ireland paved the way for the four-day sojourn but threats from militant republican groups opposed to the peace process have kept the city on edge. A makeshift bomb was found in a bus headed for Dublin late on Monday. It was destroyed in a controlled explosion by the army in Maynooth, 25 km (15 miles) from Dublin, after a telephone warning to police. “They are dragging us into the dark ages,” said Tom O’Neill, a 34-yearold salesman. “There are some people in Ireland that have to get over the whole English thing.” The visit prompted Ireland’s largest-ever security operation. Snipers took up positions on roofs, while some 4,000 police officers and 2,000 soldiers patrolled the capital. Around 200 protesters chanting “Brits Out” threw bricks, bottles and fireworks at police and were pushed back with riot shields and batons. In a second demonstration close to the Garden of Remembrance, demonstrators brandished placards with “Britain Out of Ireland” and “Irish Blood on English Hands” written on them. “It’s a disgrace that we are welcoming the commander in chief of the

voters. Hollande, 56, has never been a government minister and lacks international experience but appears to have the appetite for the battle that many commentators say Aubry lacks. “He clearly gives the impression of a fierce and lasting desire to run,” Fourquet said. “In France we say the election is won by the person who wants to win it most.” Hollande is judged to have better campaigning skills than Aubry and would outshine his former partner Segolene Royal, whose star has waned since her defeat by Sarkozy and her defeat by Aubry in a bitter battle for the party leadership. Political analyst Stephane Rozes said Hollande was now the clear favorite to win the Socialist nomination as he

was the best prepared for the coming campaign. “I think if Dominique Strauss-Kahn is convicted French voters will want to turn the page of bling bling presidents,” he said, referring to criticisms that Strauss-Kahn and Sarkozy were overly drawn to the lifestyles of the rich, powerful and famous. “They will be drawn to candidates who appear simple, who master their acts and what they say,” he said, characteristics Hollande has claimed for himself. Analysts also expect more candidates to emerge, namely former prime minister Laurent Fabius, who would be by far the weightiest contender on the left, and Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe, popular for his imaginative city projects.

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Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

PUBLIC TRANSPORT CRISIS? POLICE COVER-UP! Will there be buses running Monday morning?

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 BELIZE CITY – The majority of Belize’s bus operators may be poised to send the Barrow administration a dramatic message next Monday, May 22nd, the date set for the implementation of a new schedule for bus operations on the Northern Highway. Certainly the Northern Bus Operators are near the breaking point after the Minister of Transport Melvyn Hulse failed to meet their May 17th deadline for a meeting to discuss the new proposals. Just this week Thomas Shaw, the President of the Belize Bus Owners Association, told a northern media outlet that all his members nationwide were perturbed by the proposals which would see 4 longtime northern operators lose routes to the insertion of two politically connected central operators. Shaw accused Minister Hulse, who had spurned meeting with the operators in favour of making an appearance on Love TV’s morning show, of misrepresenting the bus operators’ position, and of outright lying when he said that the operators had not applied for the routes. Thomas Shaw told CTV-3 that the operators had applies but “What they got back was not what they applied for so I would like to make that clear, the operators did apply but the runs what they got back were not the runs that they were doing nor the runs that they applied for.” Along with the changes proposed in the new Northern schedule, the Belize Bus Owners Cooperative is concerned that they are losing sev-

eral profitable runs in the Central zone to another political favourite. The BBOC have been told that they will be losing runs to Chuc’s Bus Line. In answer to a query Thomas Shaw told CTV-3: “You hear that there is certain operators out there … and other bus operators that are actually running or facing the operation that Chuc’s Bus Line will be doing in the west and I am not afraid to say Chuc’s Bus Line because he personally called me and said Mr. Shaw they are giving me the runs in the west. I think it is unfair because due to the fact that Mr. Chuc has two gas stations, (and) he does the U.B run from San Ignacio to Belmopan and Belmopan to Belize City. He has a government contract which is a school run, come on what else can that man ask for? Live and let live.” The Northern Bus Owners Association, with the support of the Belize Bus Operators Association, has sent another letter to the Minister of Transport and his CEO Candelaria Saldivar, requesting a stay on the implementation of the new schedules and a meeting to discuss the matter with a view to resolving the differences. As of press time today, there has been no reply from the Minister or ministry. Commuters have begun to make alternative arrangements in the event there is a disruption in the service next Monday morning. The Northern bus owners will insist on keeping to the same schedule and are prepared to resist any attempt by the Barrow administration to implement the proposed changes.

Counterfeit cash Cop assigned to desk

Police Sergeant Sherwood Wade was one of three Belizean Cops that received US Award from US Ambassador Continue from page 1

Darnell McDonald, and she issued a tongue lashing on the outcome of the trial. In June of 2006 the matter was presented to the Court of Appeal where Wade’s fine was increased to $15,000.00. Officer Wade was re-instated in the Belize Police Department in November of 2004. He was later promoted to Sergeant. He stayed out of the headlines until earlier this year when he was awarded by the United States Marshal Service for catching Patrick Anthony Brown, a fugitive from US law enforcement. Brown

is now a convicted killer. Officer Wade is once again involved in another row with law enforcement after he attempted to deposit $1,600.00 US in the Belize Bank’s north side branch on Coney Drive in Belize City. According to reports, which the police have not furnished or corroborated,,Wade went to the Northside branch of Belize Bank on Coney Drive around 10:00 on Wednesday morning to deposit sixteen one-hundred dollar United States notes. The police were called in immediately as the notes were verified to be counterfeit. Officers from the Criminal Investigations Branch showed up and collected Sergeant Wade’s identification, his deposit slip and the money, however, they did not arrest Wade which is not standard procedure or what typically happens in such cases. Police have remained mum on Wade’s identity but things being what they are these days, it wasn’t too hard to unearth the identity of “the senior officer with years on the job.” By afternoon Wade was back on the job and according to 7News, he was “tasked simply to write a report pending further orders.” With the acrimony in the Belize Police Department, (a number of officers are disgruntled and unhappy with working conditions and meager salaries), Wade’s identity was divulged and news of his so called detention was made known by facebook. The speculation is that Wade enjoys the favor of the top brass of the Police Department. There is no indication that this will go any further since no official report was sent out to the media or that Wade will be charged for any offense.

Jefferies gets contract extension

Thursday, May 19, 2011 BELIZE CITY - The thirteenth Belizean Commissioner of Police Crispin Jeffries, is not happy that he was given yet another one - year contract, his third. Media reports this week say that

Jeffries, whose current contract expires the end of this month, is not expected to serve as commissioner for the full year and instead will only be holding over until the Barrow administration implements and completes plans to employ a foreign commissioner. He will then move into an advisory role. The Barrow administration has placed advertisements for the post of Commissioner of Police in Belize through the Commonwealth Secretariat in several Commonwealth countries and directly to some Commissioners’ Association. Jefferies, in an interview broadcast on Love TV, said that he thought it was the foreigner who should be hired in an advisory role.

For Sale by Owner Large track of Residential / Commercial Land, off George Price Boulevard in Belmopan. Size equivalent to approx 6 lots. Price fix to sell by owners For serious Enquiries: Call: 601- 8100 or 650-5222

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Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

Traffic Accident Claims the Life of Belizean Cycling Phenom Ariel Rosado

Plastic bag shown on the bottom right of front page picture shows a litre bottle of Caribbean Gold and Gatoraide

in the direction it had been heading. Rosado suffered severe head and upper body injuries and an hour after being rushed to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital his parents decided to pull the plug on the ventilator that was keeping his body alive. On Monday Police charged Marlon Castillo, 23, with a slew of charges: manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving without due care and attention, driving under the influence of alcohol above the prescribed limit and using an unlicensed motor vehicle. He was offered and met bail of $5,000. As one resident told the National Perspective: “That roundabout is responsible for a lot of accidents. Almost every weekend somebody crash right there.” Rosado’s death is shocking even if it is a too oft told tale – a promising young Belizean life snuffed out by death caused by careless conduct or avoidable misadventure. Rosado was considered an upcoming attorney, and was under consideration in some quarters as a possible mayoral candidate in the upcoming municipal elections. Ariel Rosado was indeed a prince of the City, a sports prodigy and champion at an early age, a man well on his way to accomplishing even more, the father of a baby daughter, the apple of his loving parents’ eyes. Gone too soon, and gone too carelessly. He will be mourned, he will be missed, but will his death change anything?

Continued from page 1 with the harsh reality of his death in circumstances of camaraderie and competition. Eyewitnesses, mostly residents who live near the Buttonwood Bay Boulevard roundabout on the Northern Highway, say a high speed race between two vehicles last Saturday was Rosado’s last on this earth, even if he was only a passenger and passive participant. The eyewitness report that the vehicles, both driven by young men, had left a social gathering in Belama and were speeding towards a nightclub when two of them tried to negotiate the roundabout together, and the one carrying Rosado failed to make the turn and slammed into a concrete wire and reinforced fence, fatally injuring the young man. The force of the vehicle recoiling off the fence sent it hurtling across the median before coming to a stop in the opposite lane but still facing

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Bullet in the back of head of church going youth

By Rhenae Nunez Friday, May 16, 2011 BELIZE CITY - By all accounts, Dwight Warrior was a model Belize City young man. He was church going and kept good company, he had a girlfriend and like many young people he loved music – except his was gospel music. But all the positive things about Dwight Warrior, 21 did not prevent him from becoming a statistic to the psychosis raging in the streets of Belize City particularly on the Southside. Young Warrior was shot in the head as he rode in his church’s van on Friday night around 10:25 – no one knows why or who did it. Reports are that Warrior left home to drop off his girlfriend that night and when his church friends saw him, they offered him a ride. It was on their way back when they reached the corner of Central American Boulevard and Freedom Street that gunmen who were seen earlier opened fired at the van. One of the bullets caught Dwight Warrior in the back of the head. He was rushed to the KHMH where he put up a battle for his life which ended shortly after eleven on Saturday night when War-

rior was pronounced dead. Warrior recently recorded a song with well known Belizean gospel artist Andrew Peterson, also known as Reality Youth, titled Fed UP. In “Fed UP” Warrior song about the senseless street murders and the impact it has had on our society. He song about mothers who are left to mourn the losts of their sons and he encouraged young people who have strayed away from God to return for they know not when it will be their turn to meet their maker. Speculation is that the church van that Warrior was travelling in may have been mistaken for another vehicle which the gunman/men wanted. Anna Warrior, mother of Dwight said that she felt angry. “I feel angry, I just want to tell that person that the way how I feel it’s like he just take a bullet and rip it through me because he was my first son, to have your firs and oldest son just taken away from you like that without even talking to him. That really hurt me and that would hurt anybody so I don’t know how they can live with themselves with that. It’s very sad but I just have to be strong.” There has been no arrests so far.

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Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

The Convention Corral

A lot of people in the PUP leadership breathed a sigh of relief when newcomer Collet Montejo was able to hold off four other challengers and secure the PUP Cayo Central Standard Bearership. The constituency is riven with old beefs and feuds, and the late entry of former area representative Mario Castellanos was not welcomed news to a leadership that is beginning to find the continued efforts of former Deputy Leader Dan Silva frustrating. Some in the leadership are pointing fingers at Silva for the upset of Dr. Lesbia Guerra by relatively unknown, (in political circles that is), and newcomer to the party and politics attorney Oscar Sabido in Cayo West the weekend before. There’s been some quiet finger pointing particularly at Treasurer Julius Espat who was supposed to be shepherding Mrs. Guerra through to the victory. Some say that Espat, a political novice himself, was ambushed by Silva and the party leadership was embarrassed that Guerra, whom they considered a shoo-in, was trumped by Sabido who appeared seemingly from out of nowhere. Be that as it may, it is unsure who took votes from whom in last Sunday’s 5 horse derby. The results are that Collet Montejo out-polled the pack by garnering 491 of the votes cast whilst his main rival Alex Balona ran second with 308. Former constituency chairman Stephen Valencia came in third with 196 thereby edging out his main rival, former area representative Mario Castellanos who got 183. Unknown

Garry Young trailed badly with 55 of the total of 1,240 votes cast. This weekend’s tilt between incumbent candidate Orlando Habet and challenger Nefertery Nancy Marin promises to be a dozy if only because of the many harsh words and accusations coming out of the Marin camp. Marin was thought to be favoured by the leadership but after she started throwing “words” many appear to have backed away. Habet for his part appears relatively calm and confident but who knows? That’s why they hold the race. The winner will face incumbent area representative Elvin Penner who held a fairly spirited endorsement convention last Sunday in San Ignacio. For its part the ruling UDP have now began to downplay the challenges to incumbents now that the cat of DPL Gapi Vega’s intentions are out of the bag. Although incumbent Corozal South-west area representative Gabriel Martinez seems publicly unperturbed and so confident that he has not posted much by way of campaign paraphernalia, privately he is steaming at the challenge emanating from Andre Marin, purportedly another of Gapi’s creatures. Their convention in Libertad this Sunday will be heated and the tensions swirling below the surface, especially if it looks close, could erupt into fireworks. File this one under let’s wait, watch and see.

Bam si deh! Churches, GOB united in opposition to gay rights

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 BELIZE CITY – There were scarcely any public comment when a group of mostly young homosexual men openly banded together to form an advocacy organization call the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) a few years ago, and there was no reporting on their first “gay pride” march being called off for fear of violence. Today, though, their cause has served as the catalyst for a historic union between Belize’s evangelical churches and their more established theological organizations, the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church. Yesterday this Christian leaders alliance issued a historic press release stating in part: “We, the undersigned leaders of the Catholic Church, Anglican Church and the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches last week applied to join the government in the case of Caleb Orozco & UNIBAM vs. The Attorney General of Belize to defend the laws of this nation, which reflect God’s law and promote human dignity and the common good.”

Late last year it was reported that UNIBAM intended to take the issue of “gay rights” to the Belize Supreme Court, and last month their leader Caleb Orozco, a publicly declared gay man, filed a constitutional case, challenging section fifty-three of the Criminal Code. The section reads “Every person who has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or animal shall be liable to imprisonment for ten years.” Orosco explained that for him and other gay, lesbian or transgender oriented people, it was about the freedom to engage in consensual sex as they saw fit. Orosco’s suit is being presented by former government ministers attorneys Lisa Shoman SC and Godfrey Smith SC. UNIBAM also has the backing of several powerful organizations including the International Commission of Jurists, the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and the Human Dignity Trust, all of whom have joined the case as interested parties and will be represented by their own legal team which is headed by the former Attorney General for England and Wales, Lord

Ostracized by the UDP in the House! Barrow “repo’s” Marcel Cardona’s ride; Gapi threatening

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Hon Marcel Cardona, UDP Area Representative, Orange Walk East Thursday, May 19, 2011 BELIZE CITY - The Belize political establishment was still digesting the unprecedented decision, purportedly by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, to declare Orange Walk East area representative Marcel Cardona “Non-affliated” and move his chair to a portion of the bench reserved for the Opposition, when Tuesday afternoon the 3 highest ranking members of the Orange Walk District Police formation descended on his law office and expeditiously “confiscated” his Government-issued Toyota Hilux. At press time tonight it still remains unclear on whose instructions the officers were acting since the Barrow administration has yet to issue any statement on the matter. Last Friday the Thirteenth, Belizeans were treated to the spectacle of a chair set near the end of the Opposition bench for Cardona, complete with his name tag and a sign that read ‘NON-AFFLIATED.” In interviews with the media afterwards Prime Minister Dean Barrow laid the responsibility for the farcical, stunt-like decision squarely on the Speaker of the House Emil Arguelles, who had quietly slipped away from the National Assembly during a break, and was not around to be questioned at the end of the session. Most constitutional scholars question the legality of the move even as most Belizeans are appalled by its Peter Goldsmith QC. For its part the Christian leaders alliance made its stance clear in yesterday’s release calling the lawsuit an attempt to “establish a new ‘right’ to engage in homosexual acts in Belize.” They expounded that “In every country that has granted a new ‘right’ to homosexual behavior, activists have promoted and steadily expanded this ‘right’ to trump universally recognized rights to religious freedom and expression.” The church leaders go on to describe the issue as a “homosexual agenda” that is insisting “… upon

sheer incongruity and appearance of inappropriateness. The House’s reputation, already in tatters due to the vicious and partisan cross-aisle exchanges that often border on the puerile and inane, has taken yet another hit and have plummeted to yet another new low. And if that was not bad enough, on Tuesday afternoon Cardona reported on his facebook page: “… the entire neighbourhood was cordoned off to members to the general public... No one was being allowed to enter or leave the area during this “SPECIAL OPERATION” by High-ranking members of the Belize Police Department, including Sr. Superintendent of Police and Officer-in-Charge of the Orange Walk Police Station, Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette.” Appearing the following morning on a local radio station talk show Cardona explained: “Obviously, it is a continuation of the victimization, the oppression, the repression, the punishment of the people of Orange Walk. It’s a further act in that direction. It means that this victimization is not in any way reducing; it’s intensifying as we go along. It is intensifying every single day. It’s not only about the disrespect, but it is the actual deliberate, open victimization of not only the area representative but the people of Orange Walk East.” The matter took a more ominous turn when late yesterday Cardona reported that “WARNINGS OF DEATH THREATS and PLOTS against the life of the Orange Walk East Area Representative have this day been transmitted to family members and close friends via intermediaries to the Orange Walk East Area Representative! Warnings have also been received for the OW East Area Rep. to be careful, because a wealthy brother of the DPM has been overheard to say that the UDP Leadership knows that Cardona CANNOT be SILENCED by a mere SHOW OF FORCE or THREATS... so they SHALL resort to “PLAN B” - get rid of him physically!!!” The simple fact is that Cardona is now a political conundrum to the political establishment and neither side, especially the ruling UDP, knows what exactly to do about him. Even as he fears for his very life, Belizean voters are beginning to more and more fear for our democracy

the promotion of homosexual acts in the schools and society, undermining the rights of parents as primary educators of their children and targeting even grammar school children under the guise of ‘comprehensive’ sexual education programs that promote sodomy and immoral behavior. It also demands that same-sex marriage must be recognized, and that no group may object to this agenda on religious or moral grounds.” It is for those reasons that the Christian leaders alliance say that they have jointly applied to the BeContinue on page 15

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HEAlTHY LIVING What is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and what are its symptoms?

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by the sufferer experiencing repeated obsessions and/or compulsions that interfere with the person’s ability to function socially, occupationally, or educationally, either as a result of the amount of time that is consumed by the symptoms or the marked fear or other distress suffered by the person. Conventional knowledge is that there are four types of OCD: obsessions that are aggressive, sexual, religious or harm-related with checking compulsions; obsessions about symmetry that are accompanied by arranging or repeating compulsions; obsessions of contamination are associated with cleaning compulsions; and symptoms of hoarding. An obsession is defined as a thought, impulse, or image that either recurs or persists and causes severe anxiety. These thoughts are irresistible to the OCD sufferer despite the person’s realizing that these thoughts are irrational. Examples of obsessions include worries about germs/cleanliness or about safety or order. A compulsion is a ritual/behavior that the individual with OCD engages in repeatedly, either because of their obsessions or according to a rigid set of rules. The aforementioned obsessions may result in compulsions like excessive hand washing, skin picking, lock checking, or repeatedly arranging items. Different than compulsions, habits are behaviors that occur with little to no thought, are repeated routinely, are not done in response to an obsession, are not particularly time-consuming, and do not cause stress. Examples of habits include cracking knuckles or storing car keys in a coat pocket. The diagnosis of OCD has been described in medicine for at least the past 100 years. Statistics on the number of people in the United States who have OCD range from 1%-2%, or more than 2-3 million adults. Interestingly, the frequency with which it occurs and the symptoms with which it presents are remarkably similar, regardless of the culture of the sufferer. The average age of onset of the disorder is 19 years, although it often begins during the childhood or the teenage years and usually develops by 30 years of age.

It tends to afflict more males than females. Individuals with OCD are more likely to also develop chronic hair pulling (trichotillomania), muscle or vocal tics (Tourette’s disorder), or an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. OCD sufferers are also predisposed to developing other mood problems, like depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. OCD puts its sufferers at a higher risk of having excessive concerns about their bodies (somatoform disorders) like hypochondriasis, which is excessive worry about having a serious illness. People with OCD are more vulnerable to having bipolar disorder, also called manic depression. Although sometimes confused with OCD, obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) is defined by perfectionism and an unbending expectation that the individual and others will keep a specific set of rules. OCPD sufferers do not tend to engage in ritualized behaviors (compulsions). However, OCPD tends to occur more often in people with OCD than in those without and therefore can be considered another risk factor for the development of obsessive compulsive disorder. What causes OCD? While there is no known specific cause for OCD, family history and chemical imbalances in the brain are thought to contribute to the development of the illness. Generally, while people who have relatives with OCD are at a higher risk of developing the disorder, most people with the illness have no such family history. A specific chromosome/gene variation has been found to possibly double the likelihood of a person developing OCD. It is thought that an imbalance of the chemical serotonin in the brain may also contribute to the development of OCD. Some life stressors, like being the victim of sexual abuse as a child, can increase the chance of developing OCD as an adult. How is OCD diagnosed? Some practitioners will administer a self-test of screening questions to individuals whom they suspect may be suffering from OCD. In addition to looking for symptoms of obsessions and compulsions by conducting a mental-status examination, mental-health professionals will explore the possibility that the individual’s symptoms are caused by another emotional illness instead of or in addition to OCD. For example, people with an addiction often have obsessions or compulsions, but those symptom

characteristics generally only involve the object of the addiction. The practitioner will also likely ensure that a physical examination and any other appropriate tests have been done recently to explore whether there is any medical problem that could be contributing to the signs or symptoms of OCD. What are the treatments for OCD? Most individuals with OCD experience some symptoms of the disorder indefinitely, with times of improvement alternating with times of difficulty. However, the prognosis is most favorable for OCD sufferers who have milder symptoms that last for less time and who have no other problems before developing this illness. Treatments include cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, and medications. Behavioral therapies for OCD include ritual prevention and exposure therapy. Prevention of rituals involves a mental-health professional helping the OCD sufferer to endure longer and longer periods of resisting the urge to engage in compulsive behaviors. Exposure therapy is the process by which the individual with OCD is put in touch with situations that tend to increase the OCD sufferer’s urge to engage in compulsions, then helping him or her resist that urge. Cognitive/behavioral therapists help patients change the negative styles of thinking and behaving that are often associated with the anxiety involved with obsessive compulsive disorder. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the medications that are most commonly used to treat OCD. These medications increase the amount of the neurochemical serotonin in the brain. (Remember that brain serotonin levels are thought to be low in OCD.) As their name implies, the SSRIs work by selectively inhibiting (blocking) serotonin reuptake in the brain. This block occurs at the synapse, the place where brain cells (neurons) are connected to each other. Serotonin is one of the chemicals in the brain that carries messages across these connections (synapses) from one neuron to another. The SSRIs work by keeping serotonin present in high concentrations in the synapses. These drugs do this by preventing the reuptake of serotonin back into the nerve cell that is transmitting an impulse. The reuptake of serotonin is responsible for turning off the production of new serotonin. Therefore, the serotonin message keeps on coming through. It is thought that this, in turn, helps arouse (activate) cells

that have been deactivated by OCD, thereby relieving the symptoms of the condition. SSRIs have fewer side effects than clomipramine, an older medication that is actually thought to be somewhat more effective in treating OCD. SSRIs do not cause orthostatic hypotension (a sudden drop in blood pressure when sitting up or standing) and heart-rhythm disturbances, like clomipramine can. Therefore, SSRIs are often the first-line treatment for this illness. Examples of SSRIs include fluoxetine (Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil), sertraline (Zoloft), citalopram (Celexa), fluvoxamine (Luvox), and escitalopram (Lexapro). When the improvement that people with OCD experience is not optimal when an SSRI is the only medication prescribed, the addition of a neuroleptic medication like risperidone (Risperdal), olanzapine (Zyprexa), or aripiprazole (Abilify) can sometimes be helpful. SSRIs are generally well tolerated, and side effects are usually mild. The most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, agitation, insomnia, and headache. However, these side effects generally go away within the first month of SSRI use. Some patients experience sexual side effects, such as decreased sexual desire (decreased libido), delayed orgasm, or an inability to have an orgasm. Some patients experience tremors with SSRIs. The socalled serotonergic (meaning caused by serotonin) syndrome is a serious neurologic condition associated with the use of SSRIs. It is characterized by high fevers, seizures, and heartrhythm disturbances. This condition is very rare and has been reported only in very ill psychiatric patients taking multiple psychiatric medications. Newer, often called atypical, neuroleptic medications like the ones named above tend to cause fewer side effects than many of the older medications in this class. The most common side effects of atypical neuroleptics include sleepiness, dizziness, dry mouth, and weight gain. Sometimes, people can be more sensitive to the effects of the sun while taking these medications and therefore should take care to wear adequate sunblock whenever exposed to the sun. Less commonly, side effects of atypical neuroleptic medications can result in painless, although abnormal, muscle movements like tremors, stiffness, and very rarely permanent muscle twitches called tardive dyskinesia. Studies on the effectiveness of treatment of OCD in adults have variable results. Some indicate that medications, response prevention, and CBT are equally, although only mildly to moderately, effective in treating this problem. Cognitive behavioral group therapy (CBGT) has also been found to be an effective treatment for OCD. Research on treating OCD in children and adolescents suggests that while

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  

 

  



    

          

What is obsessive compulsive Bam si deh! Churches, GOB united in opposition to gay rights disorder (OCD), and what are its symptoms? Continued from page 13

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medications are clearly effective in treating this disorder, the improvement that is experienced as a result is quite mild. However, clomipramine tends to be more effective than the SSRIs, and the individual SSRIs tend to be equally effective. As in adults, people under 18 years of age tend to improve more significantly when treated with a combination of medication and CBT. There is increasing evidence that deep brain stimulation may be effective in treating severe OCD that has not responded to other treatments. There is also increasing research about whether or not hallucinogens have a role in treating OCD.

What happens if OCD is not treated? Without treatment, the symptoms of OCD can progress to the point that the sufferer’s life becomes consumed, inhibiting their ability to keep a job and maintain important relationships. Many people with OCD have thoughts of killing themselves, and about 1% complete suicide. In terms of the prognosis for the specific symptoms, it is rare for any to progress to a physically debilitating level. However, problems like compulsive hand washing can eventually cause skin to become dry and even to break down. Repeated trichotillomania can result in unsightly scabs on the person’s scalp.

lize Supreme Court as interested parties and they do not come before the bar with empty hands. They have retained a prominent team of attorneys to defend their case, led by Rodwell Wiliams, SC (Barrow and Williams) and Eamon Courtenay, SC (Courtenay and Coye) and which includes Michel Chebat, Jackie Marshalleck and Christopher Coye. The release is signed by Bishop Dorick Wright of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Belize and Belmopan; Bishop Philip Wright of the Anglican Diocese of Belize and Reverend. Eugene Crawford, the President of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches. The church leaders have declared that “The people of Belize will not surrender our Constitution, our mor-

al foundations, and our way of life to predatory foreign interests.” Last Friday Prime Minister Dean Barrow was uncharacteristically terse but straightforward when asked about the Government’s position replying: “Well I would have preferred that it had not happened, I remember a year and a half ago I spoke at a U.B. graduation and one of the things that we have to be grateful for in this country is the culture wars we see in the United States have not been imported into Belize. Well obviously this is the start of exactly such a phenomenon, I would limit myself to saying that the Government as a government has taken the position that it needs to argue for the constitutionality for the law that’s in place that’s being challenged and so uh I would not go beyond that official position.”

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Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

Featured Recipes Births Nehdra Naycli to Edward Desmond Young and Phyllis Dorita Young nee Middleton Lyniah Louisa Lee to Leone! Bernabe Requena and Leah Naomi Requena nee Cho Nathania Yohana to Juan Luis Gonzalez and Mariel Geovanna Gonzalez nee Bran Alyssandra Savannah Elenita to Bruce Kenrick Daniels and Dora Elenita Daniels nee Valerio Yanesli Nayani to Jaime Otilio Ramirez and Yeny Patricia Ramirez nee Blanco Norberto Francisco to Norberta Garcia and Patricia Garcia nee Molina Austin Bernard to Bernhard Friesen and Grace Friesen nee Wolfe Jamir Alexander to Richard Alexander Dominguez and Keisba Sheree Dominguez nee Jones Keilyn Courtnev to Keith Nelson Bethran and M~rleni Bethran nee Castellanos Marene Irene to Mario Castellanos and Selomita Jesus Castellanos nee Bejerano Diannah Lydia to Brijilio Choc and Cordelia Lydia Choc nee Cowo Geshaila Kate-de to Bichara Mortime and Celine Mortime nee Mesilien

Deaths Rosemary Roasted Leg of Lamb This is a fabulous, and simple, way to roast lamb. The garlic and rosemary paste makes a great marinade. And don’t worry about the anchovies—there’s no fishy taste. They just lend a savory note that blends well with the meat. Serve with Roasted Tomatoes with Olive Paste

Makes 8 to 10 servings. 6 garlic cloves 9 flat anchovy fillets, drained and patted dry 1/4 cup olive oil 2 1/2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary 1 (6- to 7-lb) boneless leg of lamb, trimmed of all but a thin layer of fat, and tied 2 teaspoons salt 3/4 teaspoon black pepper Special equipment: a 17- by 11-inch roasting pan (or larger) with a rack; an instant-read thermometer

Marinate lamb: Mince garlic and anchovies and mash to a paste with a large heavy knife, then stir together with oil and rosemary in a small bowl. Pat lamb dry and transfer, fat side up, to rack in pan. Make several small 1-inchdeep slits in lamb with a paring knife, then rub marinade over entire surface of lamb, pushing some marinade into slits. Marinate lamb, loosely covered, at room temperature 1 hour.

Roast lamb:

Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 400°F. Sprinkle lamb all over with salt and pepper, then roast until thermometer inserted into thickest part of lamb (almost to the bone but not touching it) registers 125°F for medium-rare, 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours (temperatures in thinner parts of leg may register up to 160°F). Let stand 30 minutes before slicing. Cooks’ note: Lamb can be marinated, covered and chilled, up to 5 hours. Bring to room temperature, about 1 hour, before roasting.

Marcelina Gill, 79 Michael Donald Virgin, 41 Teresa Riverol, 79 Egbert Strawn, 85 Petrona Florine Zuniga, 89 Nicolas Novelo, 39 Sherwin Ernest Lyons, 60 Osbome Gordon, 50 Lilian Burgess, 72 Jaime Margarito Hedman, 34

Marriages David Peters,23 to Angelica lrene Villanueva, 18, both of Blue Creek

Orange Walk District Leyder Rocael Jimenez Aguilar, 21, of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, to Julie Kay Vasquez, 20, of Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. Stephen Denis Hall, 40, to Joyce Thelma Jones, 33, both of Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo District Carlos Noel Reguena, 26, to Santa Catalina Solino Holguin, 34, both of Santa Elena Town, Cayo District Ramon Garcia, 25, to Betty Mendoza 19• both of billy White, Cayo District Abraham Fernando Patt, 21, to Kelly Lorine Tun, 21, both of Santa Familia, Cayo District Lenin Floyd Leslie, 29, to Vanessa Lanssa Young, 21, both of Belize City Jorge David Manzanero, 24, to Dianna Stephany Mott, 22, both of Santa Familia, Cayo District Ronald Horton, 40, to Sandra Alexa Ksiaka, 38, both of Newbury Ohio U.S.A. Marlon Erick Jimenez, 25, of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo, to Claudia Magdalena Valdez, 27, of San Jose Succotz, Cayo Marcus Augusto Ifield, 23, to Jolie Lauretta Witzil, 23, both of Orange Walk. Town, Orange Walk District. Rafael Urioste Salgado, 62, to Lilian Angelica Grijalva Hernandez, 41, both of Trial Fann, Orange Walk District. Jose Eduard Castellanos, 28, to Nora Leticia Gamez, 20, both of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo District. Jose Alfredo Choc, 20, to Victoria Ba, 19, both of Crique Sarco, Toledo District. Andy Jair Can 17, to Shanely Liset Cunil, 16, both of San Jose Succotz, Cayo District. Angel Castellanos, 24, of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo, to Yesenia Manzanero, 23, of Bullet Tree Falls Cayo District. Shane Justin Grinage, 22, of Teakettle, Cayo, to Merci Lucrecia Manzanero 25 of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. Jason Paul Elijio, 34, to Naomi Anna Santos, 33, both of Mahogany Heights Belize District. Pablo Corado, 40, to Maria Luisa Perez, 39, both of Teakettle, Cayo District. Carlos Ademir Franco, 20, to Gredis Anadelis Milian, 22, both of Duck Run I, Cayo District. Jose Santiago Orellana, 26, of DuckRun I, Cayo District, to Aura Maricela Lara, 21, of El Progreso, Cayo District.

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

Aries-You’re number one, top of the charts. It’s like your face is splashed across billboards throughout the land. Your reputation makes strangers want to know you. And you’re interested in knowing other people -- in particular, faraway people. You want to see the world. Use your connections to work toward your biggest dreams this week. Going somewhere exotic can, paradoxically, have a grounding effect. Someone you know announces that they want to travel with you. Taurus-A philosophical approach can certainly make your life seem more amusing and more like a play than real life. But watch out for pretension and righteousness. Something happens that alters your perspective -- it may be as small as a confusing comment from a friend, or something bigger. Thursday and Friday are great days, full of more small revelations -- tons of them -- that would be hard to articulate to anyone else. There’s a certain pleasure in that. Your weekend could be described as a series of radical ideas. Gemini-How you feel health wise has an even greater impact than usual on your emotional state as the week gets going. Make a serious effort to distress, process and take extra good care of yourself -- you deserve it. The key to a love-life door involves using that amazingly agile intelligence of yours to see another perspective. Of course, whether you like what you see is another question. When the weekend comes, it’s time to bring a mystery (or something that seems like one) right down to earth Cancer-The first few days this week may find you thinking a bit too fast -- making assumptions, jumping to conclusions, getting carried away. When it comes to love, step back and don’t try to decide now. Thursday and Friday offer you an opportunity to get in touch with yourself, which, of course, will ultimately enable you to get truly in touch with a certain someone. Concentrate on being yourself -- taking good care, expressing your feelings and most of all, enjoying life. Leo-The trick at the beginning of the week is to be both self-aware and tuned in to those around you. That way you can make the most of some remarkable intuitive powers. You’re on the prowl, ready to roar and possessed of some serious animal attraction. If you’re coupled up, your sweetie’s in luck; if not, well, look out, world, here you come! When the weekend arrives, you can keep the good stuff in play by going out of your way to help others and put a little love in everyone’s life. Virgo-Aren’t you inquisitive! You love learning even more than usual as the week begins, and anyone who’s the object of your interest is bound to be very interested in return. Listen carefully for what’s left unsaid. It’s all about balance, and for you this means balancing responsibilities with fun, and duty with a little cutting loose. Hint: The stars favor a romantic risk ASAP! That way you’ll know where you stand, and you’ll be good to go when the weekend comes. Libra-You have a bunch of stuff on the stove right now, and everything’s looking good. There’s a lot going on. Your friends are pitching in to help, your family is excited about the things you’re doing and you’re getting the support you want. When everything’s going so well, it’s strange for the tide to change suddenly. Your sentimental side gets the better of you, and you feel weird for vague reasons. This is, thankfully, an anomaly, a random bump, a nothing Scorpio-There’s too much riding on the risk to justify it to your more conservative friends. But if you really feel like taking it, and you have it in you to deal with the consequences come what may, well, go ahead. Proceed with care. You’re focused on managing several factors related to the risk, and on managing relationships. Your boss figures strongly (and is in a good mood) toward the end of the workweek. It is an exhausting week. Sagittarius-You make people so insanely happy that no matter what you’re doing -- be it work-related or school-related or chore-related -- it feels like a party. That’s a sign that you’re doing something right. The party, metaphorically speaking, breaks up sometime. You spend time around fewer people, but you remain in a euphoric, curious mood. This weekend, craving conversation and contact, you end up meeting a perfect stranger (or several) and becoming fast friends. Capricorn-You’re occupied with finding containers for your wild, abstract ideas. How can you pour your energy into a project that makes sense to the outside world? Or that furthers your career? Or that means something? The seeming impossibility of it is staggering, but also makes it worth doing. A surprise success in the middle of the week is auspicious. By the time the weekend rolls around, you’re looking for ways to get more done and nap at the same time. Aquarius-You have enough room at the table to squeeze a few more people in, absolutely. That’s your attitude on Monday and Tuesday. Not everyone has the gumption you do, and your willingness to take others under your wing will be repaid tenfold. As the week continues, it presents more and more challenges. Wednesday is confusing, Thursday is a total mess and Friday is apocalyptically dramatic. Thankfully, you’re not invested in the drama, so your response is only a very general tiredness. Pisces-Disagreements are surprisingly useful this week. Someone else’s perspective doesn’t contradict your perspective; it simply gives yours dimension. That’s how you should think about it. Competition is good, and it’s not personal. Provide plenty of chances for you to prove that you’re not out to get anyone, and that you’re a sympathetic person willing to give what others need. These are good things to demonstrate -- especially during a week when convictions are strong and feelings run deep.

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Natural Beauty Tips

A few fine lines, a hint of gray. The normal changes of aging are inevitable. In spite of knowing these facts clearly, women would like to try every method in order to keep beauty everlasting and avoid the step-by-step arrival of the desperate aging. Lots of people like to use expensive cosmetic products, while others think that adopting some natural beauty tips is actually a wise choice. Inner Health Enhance External


In fact, natural external beauty is a reflection of inner health and well being. In this case, the solution to external beauty problems is often an internal one. People who pursue natural beauty prefer to use natural products instead of synthetic ones with a firm belief that these products will be gentler to their skin and cause fewer adverse reactions. Because of this, they like to use home-made beauty products with ingredients in their own kitchen. Facial masks, cleansers and hair treatments can all be made from produces in the fridge. Since many websites have lots of recipes for treatments, you can make your own natural cosmetic products at home. If you try, you will find that making your own natural beauty treatments can be fun as well as being good for your skin and hair.

Natural Beauty Tips For Daily Life

I would like to recommend some natural beauty tips which are effective in daily life. Tooth Whitener The first is making your own tooth whitener. The majority of you wish to keep their teeth that freshfrom-the-dentist look all the way. It is not as difficult as you expect

if you follow this inexpensive and easy natural solution. Forget all those strips and gels. All you need is dental floss and baking soda. It’s very hard on the enamel, but a very effective natural whitener. Here’s what to do: brush and rinse as usual. Rub baking soda between your top teeth. Use the dental floss to create a mini sander between your teeth. Be sure to get into the gum line a bit. Rub the baking soda on the flats of your teeth. Do the same on the bottom. Brush your teeth and rinse again. The second tip is how to make your home-made face mask. If you are all dried out from the cold, dry heat of winter, try this incredible natural mask. It is formulated not to cause problems with any other current conventional face-wash products to help the dryness caused by these products. To make this marvelous mask, the ingredients you need are as follows:1/2 cup powdered oats (powder in a blender), 2 tbsp honey,1 squished gel-cap of vitamin E,1 teaspoon sunflower, or any other liquid oil,1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. Add water into these ingredients and make a paste. Warm your skin and open pores with warm compresses. Apply the ready mixture to skin and leave on your face for 10 minutes or more. Then rinse them with water. Rub a tiny bit of liquid vegetable oil on normally dry areas. Once you try it, I bet, you will not wait to share this incredible tip with your friends.

Healthy Lifestyle

The last tip I want to emphasize here is that the best natural beauty tip is to live a healthy lifestyle. The healthier you are, the better you will look. Bear in mind that eating a healthy diet including lots of fruits and vegetables and exer-

For Sale by Owner

1990 Toyota Picup Truck ---Good working condition Call: Kent McField at 223-0362 --$6,000 or OBO

Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

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Triple B’s win Game 1 of Delhart Courtney Cup finals Belmopan,




The 3x national women’s football champs, Triple B’s of Belmopan are looking forward to their 4th title after they drilled the Sugar City Gurlz 2-0 in Game 1 of the Delhart Courtenay Cup championship finals held by Football Federation of Belize at the FIFA Goal Project field in Belmopan on Saturday. Sheriann Tracy embarrassed Sugar City’s goalkeeper Jessica McCullock with the first goal when she launched a long lob on a free kick at the goal. McCullock got her gloves on the ball, but juggled the ball which fell backward into the net. Rhonda Hernandez pressed the Triple B’s attacks supported by Janelle Pott and Yanira Cayetano on the wings and Kaya Cattouse and Gianne Cayetano at midfield. The Sugar City defenders Noriely Solis, Aliany Magana

and Jelly Cowo could not contain Rhonda Hernandez who penetrated up the right flank, escaped the last defender and blasting in a shot past

McCullock to the far post for a 2nd goal in the 32nd minute. Goalkeeper Idania Ramirez took care of all other challenges to hold the Sugar City

Gurlz scoreless up to half time break. In the 2nd half, Tamarah Baptist and Noriela Terry led the Sugar City girls’ counterattack, supported by Vanessa Mai and Maria Pena on the wings, backed up by Karen Garcia and Sheyla Pena at midfield. But they were frustrated in every attempt by the Triple B’s defenders Roxbell Ogaldez, Melonie Tasher, Kara Kisling and Tiresie Lino. Karen Garcia sent one shot over the crossbar, her next shot ricocheted off the crossbar, and Noriela Terry blasted the ball past goalkeeper Idania Ramirez, onloy to see it drained wide of the far post. Ramirez was also on the ball, coming out of goal and putting her body on the line to forestall the Sugar City Gurlz’ attacks to secure the 2-0 win. The Suga City Gurlz host Triple B’s for Game 2 of the series at the Louisiana Government School field for the second game of the finals on Sunday, May 22.

Team Sagitun’s Shalini Zabaneh wins 2011 Sol Women’s Belize City, May 15, 2011 Cross Country Cycling Classic No one came close to breaking Brenda Aguaayo’s record of 3:07:29 when the Belize Cycling Association held the annual Women’s Cross country cycling classic on the Western Highway on Sunday, May 15, but Team Sagitun’s Shalini Zabaneh clocked 3:44:08 on her 75-mile ride from San Ignacio to Belize City to win the $2,000 first prize, the champion’s trophy and the winner’s garland from Florasol. She also won the Ludric Smith memorial trophy and a trophy from the Women’s Department. Team Hincapi’s Sara Tussey of the USA lost the sprint to the finish by one wheel length and had to settle for the $1,000 2nd prize and trophy. Team Hincapi’s Nancy Jones clocked 3:52:19 as she led the

chase group of 4 riders, winning the $700 3rd prize and a trophy. Team Belize Bank’s Alicia Thompson took the $500 4th prize and Team Sagitun’s Costa Rican import Cassandra Rodriguez won the $300 5th prize.  Patricia Chavarria, riding unattached, finished 6th and won a medal. The 2004 and 2006 Cross Country champ Gina Lovell also riding unattached, clocked 3:54:20 as she finished 7th to win a medal, and the 2003 champ Marinette Flowers, also riding unattached was on her wheel to place 8th and win a medal. Team Indeco’s Jamaila Requena of the Coast Guard clocked 4:09:22 to finish 9th while Team Telemedia Swoosh’s former champ Fiona Humes-Gonzalez clocked 5:09:27 to round out the top 10.  Truckers Posse’s 2005 champ Anthea

Sutherland clocked 4:09:30 for her 11th place finish, and Trinidad & Tobago’s Maria Gooding of clocked 4:09:49 to finish 12th. Team Smooth Sailing’s Kira Eiley clocked 4:30:10 to finish 13th while Sheena Castillo riding unattached, finished 14th in 4:41:09.

Belmopan Bandits & UB Jaguars win 2 each in BTL senior basketball Belize





The Aubrey Lopez Belmopan Bandits posted their 2nd win of the Belize Telemedia senior basketball competition, at the Belize City Center on Monday night, while the defending senior champs, the University of Belize Jaguars enjoyed their 2nd win on Sunday. Mark Wagner had sunk 6 long treys as he led the Bandits with 24pts in their 79-69 win over the Black Mamba on Monday. With Dorian Jones adding 20 pts they led 20-16 in the 1st quarter and 44-33 at the half. Kurt “Chen-

go” Brugess added 19pts and grabbed 15 rebounds to lead 57-52 in the 3rd quarter. Ernest Tech led black mamba with 29pts while Keith Acosta added 12pts and grabbed 6 rebounds and Stefen Dixon added 11pts and 2 rebounds The Bandits also enjoyed a 83-69 win over the Maxboro Mavericks on Sunday afternoon. Mark Wagner sank 2 long treys to lead with 30pts and 4 rebounds as the Bandits led 24-7 in the 1st quarter. Mavericks’ Glenford Chimilio hit 4 long treys to score 18pts, while Devon Defour and Dwayne Davis each had 14pts, Defour grabbing

16 rebounds and Davis - 19 rebounds. The Bandits led 43-19 at the half and 63-37 in the 3rd quarter; as Darren Jones added 28pts and 12 rebounds and Christian Rodriguez -14pts and nine rebounds. Jason Daly hit a 3-pointer as he chipped in six points. The UB Jaguars posted their 2nd win 89-87 over the Black Mamba on Sunday. Daniel Nolberto led UB with 22pts and 8 rebounds, as the UB men led 14-4 in the 1st quarter. Mamba’s Tyrone Castillo added with 20pts to tie the score at 26-26 by the end of the 1st quarter. Mambas’ Lisbey Castillo added 17pts

and six rebounds, while Keith Cruz added 13pts and 5 rebounds and Jamir Flores added 13pts and 4 rebounds for a 47-46 lead at the half time break. UB’s Matthew Young added 18pts and grabbed nine rebounds while Stephen “Muerte” Williams added 11pts and four rebounds, to lead 69-66 in the 3rd quarter, and Ryan Zuniga added 9pts and 3 rebounds for the win. UB had also enjoyed an 88-71 victory over the Maxboro Mavericks in their first outing on Friday night. The Black Mambas won 76-70 over the Mavericks last Monday, May 9.

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Sunday,May 22nd, 2011

Thunder & Kremandala win 2 each in BTL U-20 basketball Smart’s Devon Brown added 20 and 13 rebounds, while Oyinkro AkpoThunder, Kremandala, Smart and de- bodor added 16pts and 10 rebounds, fending champs, the Orange Walk Run- but they were down 60-67 in the 3rd ning Rebels, each have 2 win so far in quarter. Thunder’s Vince Young hit the Belize Telemedia under-20 basket- 3 treys to add 16pts and 6 rebounds, ball competition which continued at the while Sherwin Garcia also scored Belize City Center on Monday, May 15. 16pts and 6 rebounds, and Matthew Alejandro Baptist led thunder with Young added 13pts and grabbed 17pts and 9 rebounds in their 74-66 18 rebounds for the 97-89 win win over the winless Truckers. Vince The Running Rebels also ran over Young added 10pts and grabbed 2 re- the Truckers 83-63 last Friday night, bounds, while Sherwin Garcia added Jarrel Velasquez leading with 13pts 10pts and 6 rebounds as Thunder led all and 8 rebounds, even though Oliver the way 20-6 in the 1st quarter, 40-13 Solis scored 31pts for the Truckers. a the half and 59-42 in the 3rd quarter. The Rebels had also won 90-83 over Oliver Solis led Truckers with 26pts, Kremandala in the opening game of 13 rebounds while Kenyon Tillett add- the tournament on Friday, May 6. ed 14pts and Travis Bermudez tossed Jarrell Velasquez led with 26pts and in 10pts and grabbed 11 rebounds. Edgar Mitchell added 22pts, while Thunder crushed Smart 93-89 on Sun- Krem’s Kachief Thomas scored 31 day. Marshall Nunez led Smart with pts and Brian White added 16pts. 24pts and 10 rebounds and Smart Kremandala posted their 2nd win 98was up 18-14 in the 1st quarter. Rus- 74 over the Truckers on Sunday with sel Staine responded with 18pts and 3 Kachief Thomas leading with 33pts rebounds for Thunder, and Alejandro and 4 rebounds while Elvis Olivera Baptist added 17pts and 13 rebounds added 13pts and grabbed 8 rebounds. to take over the lead 42-37 at the half. Oliver Solis led the Truckers with Belize





20pts and five rebounds. Krem had muffled Thunder 90-66 last We d n e s day night; Kachief T h o m a s leading with 25pts and Elvis Olivera adding 19pts, while Matthew Young scored 20pts for Thunder. Smart also won 8576 over the Truckers last We d n e s d a y evening, to follow up on a 88-76 win over the Truck-





City Boys & Orange Walk United Belize hosts XI Central American beach volleyball lead Belize Bank Superleague championships. football






ver added a third goal in the 45th minute to lead 3-0 at the break. Andrew AlThe Raymond Gentle City Boys are len scored Orange Walk’s 4th goal in still No.1 the Belize Bank Super- the 63rd minute, Jarret Davis scored a league rankings with 31 pts from 10 5th goal in the 64th minute and Oliver wins and a draw, despite struggling to completed his hat trick with a 6th goal a 1-1 draw with the Placencia Assas- in the 65th minute. Ricky Tamai scored sins at the MCC garden on Sunday.  Cayo’s only consolation goal in the loss Dion Macaulay’s execution of a free The Paradise Freedom Fighters are kick beat the Placencia goalie Ka- now No.3 with 21pts following theire reem Westby in the 5th minute of 3-0 win over Griga Knights 3-0 at the 1st half, and all the pressure the the Toledo Union field on Sunday. vistors brought after that still saw Ralph Flores scored the first winCity Boys leading 1-0 at the half. ning goal in the 65th minute, and In the 2nd half, Ashley Torres deliv- Alex Peters iced the win with 2 more ered the Placencia assassins equalizer goals in the 78th and 85th minutes. in the 50th minute. Dillon and Brandon Third World blasted the Hattieville Torres strove for the game winner with Monarchs 1-0 in Hattieville on Sunthe help of Byron Ferrrel and Eddie day. The competition continues when Vernon on the wings, and Leomar Les- Placencia Assassins visit Orange lie and Bernard Linares at midfield, but Walk United at the People’s Stadium the long whistle sounded to a 1-1 draw on Saturday night, May 21; while the Orange Walk United are still No.2 Griga Knights host the City Boys at in the rankings with 25pts after they the Carl Ramos Stadium. The Parastomped Cayo South United 6-1 at the dise Freedom Fighters visit the HatCamalote field on Sunday. Oliver Hen- tieville Monarchs in Hattieville on dricks scored the visitors’ 1st goal by Sunday, while Third World FC awaits converting a penalty in the 31st minute Cayo South United at the MCC garden. of play. Christopher Hendricks scored a 2nd goal in the 34th minute and Oli-

Belize will be hosting the Central American Beach Volleyball Championship to be held at the Marion Jones Sports Complex on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 20th to May 22nd with all day matches (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm) in both the male and female categories. Ten male and ten female teams are representing all seven Central American countries. The host county and the two highest ranked countries (Costa Rica in male and El Salvador in female) are allowed to field 2 teams each. After a very competitive local beach tour, the two top teams will represent Belize in the championships. In the women’s competition, Belize’s No.1 team will be Barbara Cadle and Esther Middleton, and the No.2 team will be Emma Hoare and Rebecca Rath. Guatemala’s Maria Jose Orellana Aragon and Anna Lourdes Ramirez Sarti will be No. 1 team, while Blanca Recinos Ocana and Susana Gomez Alvarado will be the No. 2 team. El Savador’s Marcela Avalos Pineda and Diana Romero De Leiva will be their No. 1 team and Ma Fernanda Vargas Claros and Kathya Vasquez Menjivar will be the No. 2 team. Nicaragua’s Valeska Hernandez Garcia and Lolette Rodrigeuz Sanders will be competing along with Honduras’ Napky Ayesta Hyxer and Claudia Elvir, Cost Rica’s Ingrid Morales Munoz and Natalia Alfaro Paniagua and Panama’s Katherine Taju and Jenny Madrid. In the men’s competition, Arvid Arnold and Germaine Audinett will be Belize’s No.1 team and Carlos “Tico” Requena and Juan

“Chico” Marin from Caye Caulker will be the No.2 team. Guatemala’s Andy Leonardo Blanco and Erick Garrido Ruiz will also be competing along with El Salvador’s No.1 team David Vargas Correas and Jeovanny Medrano Valle and the No. 2 team Carlos Escobar Talavera and Carlos Leiva Mata. with Nicaragua’s Winston Calderon Urbina and Francisco Castro Requene will also be competing along with Honduras’ Walter Sanchez Montoya and Mercuri Miller Rubens, Costa Rica’s Bryan Monge and Esteban Escobar, and Panama’s Giolberto Martines and Jonathan Valdez.  the following athletes qualified to represent Belize in the Championship: All teams arrive Wednesday morning, May 18th, ready to put on their swim suits and get started Friday morning. Come out to the Marion Jones Sports Complex and enjoy the sights, sounds and electrifying beach atmosphere of international quality beach volleyball and give support to Team Belize. The entrance will be only $5.00 and there will be lots of music and food along with refreshing Bowen products available under the big tent. Belize Volleyball Association would like to acknowledge its Grand Sponsors: Bowen & Bowen, Ltd., DigiCell, Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina, and the Minister of Sports Honourable John Saldivar  who will give the opening address on Friday morning.

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Sunday,May 22nd, 2011


(Saturday 21st. May, 2011 Jackpot)

National Perspective May 22, 2011  

National Perspective May 22, 2011

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