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Edition 84 Vol. 2 - Week 33

Barrow Hacks

Belize’s Justice System? By: Glenn Tillett

Belize City, Thursday, March 31, 2010 There continues to be rampant speculation that the Chief Justice Dr. Abdulai Conteh was told this week by the Barrow administration to go on seventy days preretirement leave but all indications are that he is ignoring the directive. While some court and political observers dismiss the report, the Barrow administration has already sent several public signals that it does not intend to renew or continue Dr. Conteh’s tenure as Chief Justice of Belize once he reaches the mandatory retirement age in a few months. It is widely

Chief Justice Dr. Abdulai Conteh (L) and Prime Minister Dean Barrow (R) Continued on page 3

thought that under the laws governing the appointment of judges, once a judge reaches the retirement age of 65, he must be re-appointed to continue serving. It has also been reported that the President of the Bar Association of Belize was told in a meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow that he has no intention of reappointing Dr. Conteh to the post. The issue is swiftly mushrooming into a national political issue because the Chief Justice is popular with the masses of the Belizean people, and is regarded by many as fairminded and fearless. Several of his landmark rulings particularly on constitutional issues are considered “anti-

Henry Gordon votes for ‘MURDA CAPITAL’ A-washed in Blood God-awful Barrow Budget! Is this the position of the Council of Churches?

Henry Gordon Belmopan, Tuesday, March 30, 2010 While senators Godwin Hulse and Paul Perriott, the business and union representatives in the Senate, joined People’s United Party representatives Eamon Courtenay, Corona Villafranco and

Lisa Shoman in voting to reject the Barrow budget at today’s meeting of the Senate, Henry Gordon who represents the churches, inexplicably joined the six senators appointed by Barrow in voting for it. The vote is a historic one since for the first time in the 26 months of the Barrow administration a majority of the social partners’ representatives has voted with the Opposition in an attempt to veto a Barrow administration bill. It represents a widening of the fissure in the alliance between the UDP and the social partners that brought them to landslide victory just two years ago. The first fissure in that coalition was evident almost a month ago when Paul Perriott, voted against the Government side for the first time while Godwin Hulse abstained and Henry Gordon voted with them in favour of the Teachers Services and Training Bill.

Today’s history making vote explains Dean Barrow’s sudden reluctance to ask the Governor General to sign the amended Sixth Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2008 into law since it would give the NGO community a seat in the Senate, and most observers believe that the man already nominated to fill that seat Greg Choc, would not have voted for the bill. The accompanying measures to the General Revenue Appropriation (2010/2011) Bill, (Income and Business Tax Amendment Bill, Customs and Excise Duties Amendment Bill, General Sales Tax Amendment Bill, Export Processing Zone Amendment Bill), were all equally reviled by their opponents, as well as two throw-ins,

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Herman Lanza Last weekend commenced just the same as the one prior did with guns blasting and bodies falling to the pavement. The bloodshed started on Friday when two young men attempted to rob Accents store in downtown Belize City in the middle of the day. Things heated up on Saturday night around eight-thirty at the corner of Dean Street

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Sunday, April 4th, 2010


SHAME ON YOU HENRY GORDON & THE COUNCIL OF CHURCHES! As the old saying goes “fishes are caught by their mouths”, so it came as no surprise when the Council of Churches’ representative in the Senate Henry Gordon supported the burdensome 2010-2011 Budget of the UDP government. For those who don’t know, Henry Gordon is a black man whose first wife was a white woman. He rose to the rank of Chief Meteorological Officer also known as the Weather Bureau. He is a rabid and fanatical supporter of the UDP who, after the UDP won the General Elections in 1984, became the Permanent Secretary for the then Minister of Energy and Communication Derek Aikman. History and the UDP (particularly Dean Barrow) have already disgraced Derek Aikman who is classified as the biggest failure both in the public and private sectors. Henry Gordon supervised the taking over of Belize Telecommunications Limited in 1987 that guaranteed large returns to shareholders with no relief in the call prices for poor Belizeans. This high rate of pain stayed in effect until the PUP introduced competition in the telecommunications industry in 2002.

Ephraim Usher signing passports by the bucket loads. In the days leading up to the 2008 General Elections, Henry Gordon was the UDP representative of the now defunct KREMANDALA Show. That show was used as a platform to spout hate against the PUP and its supporters of which Henry Gordon, again, sat around the table every Tuesday night and condoned such behavior. He, along with his side kick Senator Godwin Hulse, is also known to circle the media circuit posing as

and country and should be punished! They have aided and abetted in the accelerated destruction of Belizeans that will occur during the 2010-2011 budget period when the harsh reality of these heavy taxes is enforced. Keep in mind that there will be no curtailing of spending on the luxurious lifestyles of UDP Ministers and their cronies. They will still continue to drive their gas guzzling SUVs and receive their fat salaries paid for by the Belizean taxpayers.

and we hold no apology in making such accusation! This publication has been consistent in ensuring that the Belizean people are not taken advantage of. The voice of the voiceless must be heard! Therefore, we stand in solidarity with every Belizean that was shocked and perplexed by Tuesday’s “YES” vote of Senator Henry Gordon and the Council of Churches. We pray that the Council of Churches make a public statement during this Holy Week to chastise and separate themselves from the traitor of the people and UDP fanatic, Senator Henry Gordon’s vote in the Senate. Senator Godwin Hulse was privately reprimanded by the Chamber of Commerce when he supported the hostile takeover of BTL, which was contrary to the policies of the Chamber. He was reminded of the policies that govern his representation and that he serves at the privilege of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and not himself. We hope that the same stance is taken by the Council of Churches only this time, it is done publicly.

This publication has been consistent in ensuring that the Belizean people are not taken advantage of.The voice of the voiceless must be heard! Therefore, we stand in solidarity with every Belizean that was shocked and perplexed by Tuesday’s “YES” vote of Senator Henry Gordon and the Council of Churches.

After the UDP lost the General Elections in 1989, Henry Gordon was ‘missing in action’ for a while. During that time, it was rumored that he became a born again Christian. However, sometime in 1992, he became the Secretary General of the UDP, which is a bonafide UDP post. Only a staunch UDP fanatic is given such a position in the Party. Unfortunately for Belizeans, the UDP won the General Elections in 1993 and Henry Gordon was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary in the new UDP government. For the entire five years plus of the UDP oppression, Henry Gordon sat in the Cabinet Room and participated in decisions that racked the Belizeans economy to the core. He was right in the room when the decision was made to introduce the dreaded (and now freshly returned) 15% Value Added Tax (VAT). He was an active participant in the retrenchment of one thousand (1000) plus hard working public officers. He was in total agreement when his government refused to pay teachers their increases along with many other atrocities that that group of UDP Cabinet Ministers inflicted on Belizeans during their five years plus three months reign of terror. Henry Gordon was pivotal in exposing the infamous UDP passport scandal that involved the Hon. Philip Goldson and

constitutional experts. After the 2008 General Elections, Henry Gordon managed to somehow convince the Council of Churches that he, a politician and self proclaimed born again Christian, should be their representative on the Senate. Since then, Henry Gordon has supported every Bill that the Dean Barrow government has passed. So then the big question has to be “Who is Henry Gordon really representing?” Is Monsignor Dorrick Wright, Head of the Catholic Church, praising the one hundred and ten million ($110m) dollars of new taxes levied on Belizeans? Is Reverend Goff, who many believe to be a UDP sympathizer, of the Methodist Mission supporting the reduction in the budget for the police, which will now lead to more crime? Is Bishop Wright from the Anglican Diocese supporting Belize Natural Energy (BNE) shareholders to profit one hundred and twelve million (US$112m) United States Dollars while Belizeans will only receive nine hundred thousand (US$900,000) United States Dollars? Did these men sit around a table and agreed with UDP Senator Gordon that they will assist the UDP government in applying the infamous “Finnegan bukut” on poor single mothers and other poor Belizeans? If that is so, then these men have committed the biggest SIN against their congregation

We feel, however, that that is not the case as Henry Gordon may have indeed voted his conscience; his UDP conscience. But by doing so, he implicated all Christians by stating that they are in agreement with the budget. It is in the best interest of the Council of Churches to refute Henry Gordon’s vote in the Senate, otherwise, the blood, sweat and tears of an angry and suffering people WILL be on their hands

In the case of Henry Gordon, if his vote is in defiance of the Council of Churches, then he must be removed from his position as Senator immediately. If it is not in defiance, then the Church in Belize has committed a grave sin against God and His people. We will pray that they get the retribution they deserve.


25 Nanche St. Belmopan

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


Barrow Hacks Belize’s Justice System? Continued from page 1 government” and “anti-establishment,” and many were made even under the former Musa administration. For many political observers the issue goes back to Wednesday, August 26, 1998, when then Supreme Court Justice Manuel Sosa was sworn in as Chief Justice. At a press conference the week before then Attorney General Dean Barrow had announced the appointment but the opposition PUP was cursorily informed by way of a letter of the appointed. Sosa had succeeded former Chief Justice George Singh who was sworn in as judge of the Belize Court of Appeal at the same time. Singh had just succeeded Sir George Brown as Chief Justice who had retired in February of that year. It was also just two days before the August 28th, 1998 General Elections which the UDP would lose in record fashion. At the time the PUP announced its disappointment at the last minute nature of the appointments and promised that, if elected, a PUP government would review the procedure to see if it was done constitutionally. On February 23, 1999, Justice Troadio Gonzalez was sworn in as Acting Chief Justice following a Supreme Court ruling the week before that Manuel Sosa’s appointment as Chief Justice was unconstitutional. Manuel Sosa’s attorney Denys Barrow indicated then that his client would seek constitutional redress arguing that under the constitution only the Governor General, acting on the advice of the Belize Advisory Council could remove a Supreme Court Judge from office. On June 23, 1999, however, Manuel Sosa

was sworn in as a judge of the Court of Appeal, just when his appeal was to be heard. He had instead accepted the post of Appelate Judge and withdrawn his appeal. The UDP said at the time that while they would continue to denounce Sosa’s removal as Chief Justice, they welcomed his appointment on the Court of Appeal. On Thursday, October 09, last year, Attorney General Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, when asked the possible retirement of Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh and his choice for next C.J., told Channel 5 News in an interview: “I would have liked really to have had Mr. Justice Sosa. I felt so badly that he was in fact removed at the time he was removed, both by the way he did it and he was… I can’t comprehend how you’d find fault with somebody who is as unimpeachable as he is. You know he would have been our first Mestizo judge, eminently qualified.” Elrington went on to tell News Five that the government would be advertising the post of Chief Justice since the CJ, Abdulai Conteh, is reaching retirement age. At the opening of the Supreme Court earlier this year, the Chief Justice made clear his position in a section of his traditional address titled: “A Swan Song?” He said in part: “For me as Chief Justice it has been an honour and privilege to serve the people of Belize. When the time comes, as constitutionalists provided for in Belize for me to demit office, make no mistake, I shall by God’s grace do so, fortified in the knowledge that I have throughout my tenure as Chief Justice been unfailingly loyal to the judicial oath.” He also noted: “I did in the course of my

tenure—and I continue to do—right to all manner of people, without fair or favor, affliction or ill will. This oath is epitomized by the artist in the figure of lady justice blindfolded with a sword and holding evenly the scales of justice. It is possible that in some instances I might not have quite measured up to some expectations, but I can say without equivocation that in every instance, I have personally tried and I have constantly exhorted my colleagues and magistrates as well to judge fairly and impartially without fair or favour.” Dr, Abdulai Conteh was sworn as Chief Justice of Belize in January 2000. He apparently fell out of favour for ruling against the Barrow administration in several constitutional cases. The Judiciary was publicly attacked by Elrington at the ceremonial opening of the Supreme Court in January 2009, and the feuding and bad blood between the Judiciary and Executive branches of government culminated in October 2009 with an unprecedented public release on behalf of all the judges of the Supreme Court. Fears and concerns were raised and tensions heightened when Dean Barrow’s brother Denys was elevated to the Appeals Court bench, and the anxiety and uncertainty increased after his brother appeals court judges allowed and appeal that questioned the appearance of bias his presence on the bench created in a hearing. It was further exacerbated with the remarks made by former Appeals Court Justice Boyd Carey who imputed that he had been asked to leave the bench of the Belize Court of Appeal, perhaps to make room for Justice Barrow.

Henry Gordon votes for God-awful Barrow Budget! Continued from page 1 the Lotteries Control (Amendment) Bill and the Supreme Court of Judicature (Amendment) Bill, the latter drawing very passionate and pointed criticisms from the two Opposition-side attorneys, and whose call for the Bill to be held in committee was vocally supported by all three social partner senators. Inexplicably, lead Opposition senator Eamon Courtenay did NOT call for a division on the vote for that bill, thereby allowing the opportunity for a historic tie in the Senate that would have forced Madam President Deborah Gill to provide the casting vote. No one is sure that she would have voted for the amendment’s passage since she, like all the other senators, even those on the government’s side, were totally ignorant as to the Bill’s consequences and implications. In her peroration Senator Shoman called the amendment draconian, its damages horrendous, and strongly questioned its necessity or the motives for its rushed passage. In a breach of tradition and standing orders, Senator Godwin Hulse could hardly wait to weigh in on the deleterious consequences of the Customs and Excise Duties Amendment Bill, and lead off the debate on the budget by predicting that that bill will cause Belize Electricity

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Sunday, April 4th, 2010


Mr. Speaker, I rise to make my contribution to the General Appropriation Bill for Fiscal Year 2010/2011. I speak Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the regular citizen on the street, the ones who apparently have no voice in this honorable house. The intention is also mine,

other has not done and very little about what is being done now or what they plan to? Will this UDP government, Mr. Speaker, spend its entire term steering via the rear view mirror? Did they not, Mr. Speaker, when campaigning and asking for our votes,

Point of Order Will this UDP government, Mr. Speaker, spend its entire term steering via the rear view mirror? Did they not, Mr. Speaker, when campaigning and asking for our votes, tell us that they were aware of all the problems and had all the solutions? Mr. Speaker, to set myself to the task of attempting to ensure that throughout this presentation we do not lose sight of the central message. Before I turn to the formal stuff therefore Mr. Speaker, I wish to set out in straightforward terms what I see as the main pillar of this socalled “recovery effort”. Allow me first Mr. Speaker, to address this misnomer of “recovery” for make no mistake, those on the government side of this House, have no need for recovery. Look at them Mr. Speaker, they have grown fat and opulent on the backs of those very “les miserables” that they purport to represent and now relegate to even harsher living conditions. Mr. Speaker, the fact of the matter is that this budget is little more than just the placing of some very burdensome taxes and hardship, upon the backs of those least able to endure it. The bottom-line Mr. Speaker, is that while for two long days we have heard much rhetoric and lies in this so-called Honorable House, this budget is about one thing and one thing only; the imposition of additional taxes on the already suffering masses of Belize. Mr. Speaker, the people of Belize would like to make it very clear to those who enter debate on our behalf, that we are no fools. Yes Mr. Speaker, we were foolish to elect them into office on their manifesto of empty promises and imaginative proposals; and yes Mr. Speaker, we should have demanded more realizable goals and measurable achievements, but Mr. Speaker, we are wising up. Mr. Speaker, we grow weary of this retrospective and quarrelsome approach to governing and implore our representatives to be mature and to be more current and futuristic in their address to our problems. How long Mr. Speaker, must we listen to what this one has done and what the

tell us that they were aware of all the problems and had all the solutions? Did they not, Mr. Speaker, convince us that they had so much evidence of wrong doing and corruption that by their first week in office, every member of the previous administration would be in jail? Apart from a few token arrests Mr. Speaker, none of which has been able to withstand the scrutiny of law, there is no fulfillment of that promise. The honorable member from Albert is now asking the same question, Mr. Speaker, as are many others in the general public. Where is this evidence of which they spoke? Mr. Speaker, we are now being shown the very carrot tied to the end of this stick, which has been dangling beyond our reach since the first budget presented by this Dean Barrow administration. Once again Mr. Speaker, the Placencia Road is being paved, the Southern Highway will be completed and the Marion Jones Stadium will be built. These hypocrites Mr. Speaker…Okay Mr. Speaker, I recognize his Point of Order but it is a word in the dictionary….. nevertheless…. Mr. Speaker is it that we are supposed to be so thrilled and excited because GST is being removed from certain items? Mr. Speaker, it leaves us wondering why these items were being taxed so heavily in the first place! Allow me Mr. Speaker, to quote directly from the presentation to this Honorable House, by the member from Port Loyola. He said Mr. Speaker, that, “hot dog sausage will go down from $3.65 to $2.62, luncheon meat from $3.60 to $2.91, potted meat from $1.50 to $1.08, macaroni and cheese from $3.10 to $1.81, hot chocolate from $2.70 to $1.94, Cheerios from $10.20 to $7.34, cornflakes from $6.15 to $4.42, school bags from $20 to $14, and Whirlpool Washing machines from $1,399 to $1,092”.

Mr. Speaker, did I hear correctly? If we do the appropriate math and subtractions Mr. Speaker, is this the kind of taxes that these people were receiving from these basic and essential items? Mr. Speaker, because of the removal of GST, a schoolbag will go from twenty dollars to fourteen dollars? Six dollars, Mr. Speaker, is the current tax on a fourteen dollar schoolbag? Potted meat, Mr. Speaker, luncheon meat and hot dog sausages? So Mr. Speaker, exactly what items were exempted before now, since every year for the past three years, we have heard boasts of how many items carry no tax. We are told now, Mr. Speaker, that these are the foods that we the poor people eat which is why they are removing the tax. Indeed Mr. Speaker, if they were so concerned, these items would not have been carrying tax to begin with! Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister spent much time in convincing us of how delicious a potted meat sandwich is, even throwing in a little plug for Marie Sharp’s pepper sauce. Mr. Speaker, if potted meat was so delicious, and if our Prime Minister enjoyed it so much, how come Mr. Speaker, it has never been on the menu for House Meetings? Mr. Speaker, why are they instead wasting the people’s money on lavish lunches from the Bullfrog Inn? We would be much comforted Mr. Speaker, with a

George Price approach to politics. Let them lead by example, Mr. Speaker! They asked us to tighten our belts, Mr. Speaker, while they themselves must let theirs out several holes to accommodate the expanding effect of copious living. Mr. Speaker, do these hypocrites think that we are blind? Oops, I meant… a word that cannot be used in the House. Suffice to say, Mr. Speaker, that I cannot with a clear conscience support this budget. My biggest amazement Mr. Speaker is that any, even on the government side, can stand to do so! Crime, Mr. Speaker, has our country in the grips of fear yet this budget proposes to cut the budget for the Police and BDF. Of not Mr. Speaker, is the generous increase for their office of propaganda. The price of living continues to climb Mr. Speaker, despite the promise to lower it no matter what. We just received word Mr. Speaker that the fares to and fro our islands have almost doubled as fuel prices continue on the increase. It is unconscionable Mr. Speaker, for these ruthless and heartless despots to give so little with one hand and to take back so much with the other. It is said Mr. Speaker that when prices are high, money doesn’t talk, it whispers. In all honesty Mr. Speaker, our chump change must have caught laryngitis for it is now barely even audible. Happy Easter to all!

Spanish Lookout Armed Robbery at Scotia Bank

KBH Security Guard killed guns while the other two stayed on the lookout. The armed robbers opened fire on the KBH Security

Police are investigating a daring armed robbery that took place around 8:40 Tuesday morning at the Spanish Lookout branch of Scotia Bank situated on Center Road. Police say that during the hold-up, KBH Security Guard identified as Steven Lopez was shot and killed while two of the bank’s customers were wounded by gun fire and a third customer who had just made a substantial withdrawal from his account was also robbed. Initial investigation reveal that a gang of about five armed men arrived at the bank’s parking lot in a white four door Suzuki Sidekick with dark tinted windows and three of them came out armed with hand

Shaily Lopez Guard Steven Lopez who was unarmed and outside of the bank at the time of their arrival. As the guard fell to the ground the men stormed into the bank and terrorized everyone before

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Sunday, April 4th, 2010


Henry Gordon votes for God-awful Barrow Budget! Continued from page 3 Limited to increase rates. Hulse who is a member of the board of directors of Belcogen, BSI’s $140 million co-generation electricity project, pointed out that raising the tax from 1.75 to 6.5% on electricity suppliers would effectively endanger their financing arrangements. He minced no words in criticizing the Barrow administration for what he called their “utter lack of consultation” and reported that electricity suppliers felt that they had been “unfairly targeted and singled out.” Senator Eamon Courtenay was brilliant in his presentation, and called the budget “a recipe for the single biggest economic disaster ever” and that “we unequivocally and categorically reject this budget for next year.” The Budget, he concluded, was not “designed to meet the enormity of the challenge, designed to lead us to a better day, designed to stimulate the economy, so that we could move out of recession, but no, alas, madam president, instead we have a toxic cocktail of taxes, taxes and more taxes.” In rejecting the Budget Senator Perriott pointed to problems engendered by the Barrow administration’s policies such as the moratorium on leases, high interest rates, the decline in the shrimp industry, and the lack of remedies for the Belize City’s potholed streets, which he said the budget did not address. He described it as “not consistent with reality”, and said that he did not believe that anyone would be bold enough to suggest there was anything strategic about the Budget. He concluded that it was long on rhetoric but short on substance, and that it clearly did not live up to expectations. In voting with the government side Senator Gordon surprised all assembled in the audience except perhaps the Leader of Government Business Doug Singh. Gordon seemed to vote out of reflex, having

never voted for a PUP motion or bill, and having never voted against the Barrow administration, and because he is the former Secretary General (1990-1993), and the Cabinet Secretary in the 1993-1998 UDP administration. Although he strived manfully to be “fair and balance” in his remarks on the budget, it was clear he was dissatisfied with the Bill saying at one point: “We may want to talk about other programs that will generate more revenues. Ms. Madam President, it is obvious that from the present budget presentation that we have seen not enough has been done to ensure that we can stimulate the economy, that we can get new industry that will employ more Belizeans so that more Belizeans can become less poor, so that more Belizeans can contribute to the general revenue.” Lisa Shoman was blunt but eloquent in condemning the Bill’s many shortcomings, emphasized by the absurdity of gutting the Ministry of National Security’s allocation by $6.5 million at a time when violent crime continues to rack the nation, and at a time when our borders seem more porous than ever. “Madam President,” she said to a nationwide audience, “of all the failures that plagued this government in the (past) short 24 months, and in the months that lie ahead, none sticks in the craw of Belizeans more than the utter failure, despite innumerable press conferences by the Prime Minister and his Minister of National Security, the failure to secure our borders, the failure to secure the Jewel. “The danger we all face daily is mushrooming and spiraling in murderous quantity and sheer shocking evil quality. And no amount of spending elsewhere will put us on the road to recovery.” “I cannot support this Barrow Tax Bill.” she contended in summing up, “I cannot support this bogus, biased and unbalanced

budget, where only the elite Reds are placed on the road to prosperity and the average Belizean is left to figure out how they will achieve their own recovery. I cannot support and I do not believe the people of Belize will support it.” Despite the civility that is characteristic of the exchanges in the Senate as opposed to the raucous circus that is the all male House of Representatives, it was clear that passions were running high. The Government appointees all praised the budget and sought to blame the past administration for their decision for the largest single year tax increase ever. At one point some observers swore that Senator Blades was reading from the very same script that his House colleague John Saldivar had read from last week, almost word for word, so robotic and lock step were their presentations. The opposition, however, never seemed fazed in the least by the sameold, same-old rhetoric emanating from the government’s bench. Senator Paul Perriott perhaps said it best when he said it that the budget debate was not an occasion for political grandstanding. He had earlier pointed out that even the proposed poverty relief measures left a whole lot to be desired, saying the unions had “conceptual difficulties” with the cash transfer program for example, and were concerned it could help create a culture of dependency and could be viewed as yet another form of political patronage. The Barrow administration needs to rise to the occasion, he concluded, having noted that with the graduation season upon us, there was not only no job creation initiatives in the budget but it was also at the onset of a cruel rise in the cost of living engendered by the 25% hike in the General Sales Tax.

‘Murda Capital’ A-washed in Blood

Continued from page 1 and East Canal. Notorious ‘street figure’ Winston Jones, also known as, “Baja” was gunned down as he stood in front of Fu-Fu Store waiting service. Witnesses say that the assassins stalked Jones from a nearby dark alley and then ambushed firing two shots which hit Baja in his chest and the lower right side of his ribcage. He was rushed to the Karl Huesner Memorial but died while undergoing treatment. Winston ‘Baja” Jones is no stranger to street violence. His family members believe that friends saw the killers but are not talking. Max Williams, brother of Baja, said that he saw his brother shortly before the attack on him. Williams and other family member say although Baja had a criminal past, they cannot figure who wanted him dead and why. In August of 2006, Baja Jones was acquitted of murder charges after he was accused of killing police officer Nedi Reymundo on Christmas Eve, 2004. Reymundo was shot at the corner of Bishop Street and West Canal after he exited a barber shop. Less than twelve hours later, a short distance away from the attack on Baja Jones on Saturday night, another man met his demise also by the gunshots. Phillip Roches, 35, was cleaning a yard at 120 East Canal, the residence of Baja Jones when he came under gunfire. The attack on Roches occurred around eleven on Sunday morning. Witnesses say that Roches was ambushed by someone who appeared to be a youth. His identity was concealed by a ski mask. Besides being a close friend of Baja Jones, no one can explain why Phillip Roches was killed. His common-law wife, Mavis Flowers said that Roches was a dedicated family man therefore it is puzzling why

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BOGUS KREMANDALA Pretends to care about Black Southside Belizeans

Willfully ignore Barrow & UDP’s Corrupt Practices Decieves Belizeans into thinking (His)tory is Belize’s History.


Sunday, April 4th, 2010


BY GRACE by: Nuri Muhammad Those who know me know that I am very serious about my exercise regimen of running/walking, three or four times a week. I have been following this routine for the last thirty five years, from the time the now Marion Jones complex was called, “racetrack”. My exercise routine has become so much a part of my DNA that I don’t quite remember my original motivation. I know I came from a family orientation where being physical fit and disciplined was a major part of my rites of passage, but I am not sure that my incentive for regular exercise started there. Perhaps it was the information that I got very early in life that man was originally a nomadic creature that was constantly on the move, in contrast to modern man who has became sedentary and fat; as a result, modern man is filled with physical ailments (diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol) that would normally be eliminated if he was physically mobile and therefore burning off all the garbage that he ingested into his system. This early orientation caused me to change my consumption pattern and increase my mobility to burn off the toxins that came through unhealthy consumption patterns in modern society. I also recognize early that as Belizeans, we’re changing our consumption patterns and adapting a new American lifestyle that was making us fatter and sicker. As far back as colonial times, our eating pattern was light breakfast, called “tea”, a heavy lunch called “dinner”, and a light evening meal called “tea”. This pattern made sense, since the heavy meal got time to be burned off when we were most active at work or some physical activity. Another example of the change is our mode of transportation. Forty years ago, most of us were walking, or riding a bicycle. The bike was not considered the “poor man’s car” back then since it was the major mode of transportation for most of us. Imagine how much calories we were burning naturally, by walking or riding. But today that pattern has changed. We are less physically mobile, depending more on vehicles, buses or taxies to move us around, and when it comes to food, we have our heaviest meal in the evening, followed by hours of sitting, immobile, in front of a T V. So I saw that the cultural changes in Belize were working against natural exercise and good health and that I had to set up my own regimen. But even as I adapted this exercise regimen it was never with the thought that it would somehow prolong my life because I also became aware very early in life that the decision for the end of my life was in the Hands of Allah. I knew that exercise was for quality of life and not to prolong life, which was predetermined by Allah. I realized a long time ago that despite medical advances that we have no real power over determining our death. That message was brought home in a most profound way in the death of Dr. Neal Garbutt. Not only was Dr. Garbutt one of the pre-eminent Urologist in the Caribbean region, but he was also a brilliant intellectual and one who put

his belief in the cultural retrieval of the Creole into practice by establishing a monument in honor that history, in the village of Flowers Bank. Anyone who knew Dr. Garbutt knew that he was one of the most physically fit specimens. I use to meet him at the Marion Jones stadium and observed his meticulous routine of exercising every muscle in the body through stretches and calisthenics, before a long distance run of two or three miles on the Princess Margret Drive.

to Mr. Cruz, and so many others, desperately in need of public assistance to afford medical care. Sir Barry was an experienced pilot, flying a plane he had flown hundreds of times, landing on a strip he used daily, yet, in the flash of a second, he was no more. Can we escape death, the inevitable? Do we think we can do it by diet or exercise or eliminating bad habits like smoking, drinking or consumption of unhealthy foods and through these life

Death is the unavoidable that is written in a Book beyond our comprehension. We can be the most healthy looking specimen, young, talented, with the brightest future in front of us, and become victim of a freak accident that squash out that life leaving behind only those to mourn the lost of a great “possibility”. When I heard that he had been diagnosed with an ailment, the prognosis of which he had only months to live, I was again struck with a reinforcement of that earlier lesson of life, that by the grace of Allah we walk the earth. Dr. Garbutt was a specimen of good health and a worthy contributor to the development of Belize, but what was written for him came to pass and his death defied all rational explanation. Again the sudden death of Sir Barry Bowen was another lesson in power of consequence beyond our human control. Sir Barry was as one of Belize’s richest, if not the richest born-Belizean; he had the wherewithal to afford world class medical service from the best medial institutions in the world, in contrast

changes we can really prolong our life in the end? I’m reminded of the story of the Indian doctor, a recent migrant to the US, who told his colleagues back home in India of the strange behavior he observed in his American patients, “They exercise daily, eat only the right foods, take all the right supplements, get plenty of rest and get regular check ups; obviously, they want to die healthy”. Anyone who drives the roads of Belize realizes that the chance of death is a blink away with so many unregulated vehicles, inexperienced drivers and bad road conditions we have to encounter everyday. Road traffic accidents remain a major cause of death in Belize. Death is the unavoidable that is written in a Book beyond our comprehension.

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We can be the most healthy looking specimen, young, talented, with the brightest future in front of us, and become victim of a freak accident that squash out that life leaving behind only those to mourn the lost of a great “possibility”. Maybe this is why we use the term “they died before their time”, but in reality, it was their time. So I won’t stop my exercise regimen, after 35 years I would become dysfunctional if I ever eliminated that from my weekly routine. But I have long ago realize that my exercise is about quality of what ever time I am permitted to live in this life and not some guarantee that I can influence that reality of my ultimate end. I was not trying to be overly religious or philosophical in this essay but to share my own reflections about the awesome spectacle of death that is ever present and worthy of us taking notice of. We often get so caught up in the rush of the survival of what is today’s Belize that we often don’t give thought to death, the ever present reality. But there is a balance way to approach this ever present reality. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has said, “Live every day of your life as if it is one day in a thousand more days to come ; but at the same, live your life as if its your last day, and you must give account to God for your actions at the end of it”. If this is one in many days to come then we must be quantitative in our use of today; everything we do, (including our consumption patterns) are connected to the consequences of tomorrow. What we do, or fail to do today, will affect us tomorrow. But this prescription also says we must be qualitative in our use of today and living it with the urgency that comes from knowing that time is limited and whatever we do will be scrutinized at the end of the day and that we will be responsible to give account. A better formula for quality control you couldn’t ask for. (Comments are welcomed at

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Where are the Missing Meters? Editor’s Note: The following letter was delivered to our news desk last week. The allegations made are unsubstantiated, but we feel the issue is one that needs to be made public. Until we can confirm what the author is saying, we will leave out the names mentioned. Dear Editor, Four people were fired early this week because there are 500 missing water meters. Total loss: 500 @ $60.00 each = $30,000.00. Only the small man is being fired and the Supervisor/Manager, a well-known UDP activist is not being investigated. Is this because she was brought in by her Church brother,

another UDP supporter, who had one foot through the door until government saved him? The Supervisor/Manager is a big UDP supporter who brags about how she is untouchable, as her ex-husband is also a UDP. She is never at work when she should be, because she is the messenger/ taxi for her best friend, who, by the way, was fired from BWSL over a year ago. The Supervisor/Manager does all this in the BWS vehicle. When customers come to see her she is always busy doing nothing and usually has people waiting to see her two to three hours. More than likely she is out picking up her best friend’s kids morning

and afternoon. Most employees are angry over what is going on and want to see something done. We want to know why the Supervisor/Manager who is ultimately in charge is not being investigated. Is it because she is a UDP supporter? Why are only the poor employees under her being fired? Employees of Customer Service are very afraid of her and afraid to say anything. Sincerely, Angry BWS Employee

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


ASSOCIATION OF JUSTICES OF THE PEACE Donates $1000.00 to Haiti Relief Fund At the 9th Annual General Meeting of the Association of Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of the Supreme Court, held on the 24th January 2010, the association requested a collection from its members to assist the people of Haiti who had been devastated by an earthquake. A collection of $1000.00 was received from those present. A check was presented to Mrs. Lily Bowman of the Belize Red Cross by the National President Hon. Adrian (Danny) Madrid, J.P. (S), C.S.C. Although the Ministry of the Attorney General has not recognized the association, we continue to extend the hand of friendship and

(From l-r)Rosie Reyes, Secretary of the Association, Mrs. Lily Bowman of the Belize Red Cross and Hon. Adrian (Danny) Madrid, J.P.(S), C.S.C. National President

hope that the Ministry will see the need to work with the association. Nevertheless all Justices of the Peace and Commissioners of the Supreme Court continue to provide the service to all Belizeans and we are encouraging those Justices of the Peace that have been appointed by the Attorney General’s Ministry to come and join the association and to take the training the association provides. The Association is having a countrywide raffle of 2 Yamaha motorcycles. Please support the association by buying tickets to win these prizes. Books are available countrywide from all District Chapters.

‘Stability and De-politicizing’ of UB UBFSA PRESS RELEASE On March 3, 2010, the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association (UBFSA) reinstated the association after a hiatus of some three years, and after the dissolution of the Pro- Tem Committee that effectively acted on faculty and staff’s behalf to successfully abort the move by the University to freeze faculty and staff increments. The UBFSA was established in the academic year 2002-2003 when the University faced a proposed cut to its subvention which would have reduced the allocation from 10 million to 7.5 million. The impact of the cut would have been far reaching as the UB administration made recommendations to restructure the UB through proposals that supposedly would have had significant savings for the UB. The UBFSA rose to the challenge and submitted counter proposals that vertically challenged the burdensome structure of the institution and promoted effective cost cutting measures that were more comprehensive and fair than those proposed by administration. In the end, the UBFSA achieved the desired results. Presently, some 10 years after the inception of the University of Belize, it continues to face systemic challenges resulting from a flaw in the University Act that opened a window for the politicizing of the UB and impaired the UB’s autonomy and academic freedom. The Act empowers the Prime Minister of Belize to appoint the president of the university, (University of Belize Act, Section 26.1) and also empowers the Minister of Education to give the Board of Trustees “directions of general character to be followed in the performance of any of its functions, and the Board shall give effect to such directions” (University of Belize Act, Section 20). Consequently, within the 10-year

span, the University has experienced changeovers of three Presidents and seven Vice President-Academic / Provosts. These administrative changeovers have resulted in the instability within the UB, as each president and provost has his/her own strategic vision and, consequently, the UB lacks continuity in implementing any of the many visions and plans of action. In a recent interview with the press, the Hon. Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, confirmed that there are allegations against President Santos Mahung that are under his review. Faculty and staff are demoralized because they continue to learn of these developments and/or situations from the press, and after being exposed to rampant rumours; for example, the impeding termination of President Mahung. Furthermore, despite the Pro Tem’s request for the Board of Trustees to meet with faculty and staff to discuss the crises affecting the University, and the subsequent Board’s promise to meet with the UB community last semester of December 2009, this meeting has not materialized. For its part, the UBFSA is committed to promoting effective communication between faculty/staff, and administrators with the aim of maximizing human resources and providing a forum for dialogue and discussions between faculty and staff and those responsible for UB’s administration. The UBFSA is specifically concerned that policies, procedures, and ideas are developed in an environment of trust and that they serve the best interests of students, faculty, staff and administrators. UBFSA also provides a liaison between faculty/staff and administration for job related concerns raised to the Association by any of its members. The vision of the UBFSA is to fulfil

its mandate as the national university’s premier professional association at the tertiary level which will ensure that the University of Belize becomes a tertiary institution that fulfils the needs and requirements of the country. The Association advocates on behalf of the faculty and staff in order to contribute to the constant growth and development of the UB as an institution where academic freedom, equity and justice are at the core of its operations. The Association also seeks to ensure that its members work together to develop an atmosphere conducive to excellence in learning, research, and services in Belize. The Association rejects practices that compromise the autonomy of its academic and professional goals of the people’s university. While the UBFSA recognizes the importance of receiving subventions from the Government of Belize (GOB), it rejects governance practices that have led to micro-managing of the institution that, to date, have resulted in instability and demoralization among the faculty and staff. The UBFSA calls on Prime Minister Barrow to expedite the current leadership crisis the University is experiencing that has resulted in continued instability. The UBFSA calls on the Prime Minister, Minister of Education, UB Board of Trustees and UB Administration to ensure that all management decisions—not only those related to hiring and firing—are guided by processes that are transparent and accountable to all stakeholders of the University. In the final analysis, the UBFSA recognizes that until the legislative University Act is rewritten to depoliticize the UB, the trend of crises will continue to affect its right to autonomy, academic freedom, and management.

Elected to office 2010 President D r . Isabel Tun, PhD, Assistant Professor Vice President Allison Crawford, BSc Chemistry and Biochem Secretary Isabel Bennett, MScN (Edu) and BScN (Adm) Treasurer Orlando Palma, MBA (Candidate) Membership co-ordinator Adrian Leslie, MSc and Senior Lab Technician Councillors - Julie Livingston – MSEd, Lecturer Alda Ramos – Associate in Social Work (Candidate) Harrison FlowersAssociate in ARCH-TECH, Library Asst. Jose Aguilar – AIT, ICT Technician Elma Arzu – MEd, Lecturer Rudolph Mckoy – MBA, Lecturer Matthew Martinez – MEd in Leadership, Lecturer Gillian Miller – MEd, Lecturer Glen Enriquez – MBA, Lecturer Amy Roches, Dr. – Veterinary Science Nicole Dawson – BSc in Business Steve Wright-BSc in Construction Technology, Associate Lecturer Press Release University of Belize Faculty and Staff Association (UBFSA) March 30, 2010 From: UBFSA Dr. Isabel Tun, UBFSA, President Tel: 632-4905 Email:

Sunday, April 4th, 2010



UDP Combating or Submitting to Crime As the nation prepares for the Easter weekend there are various traditions and customs, the first being the traditional holy week by Christians remembering the crucifixion/death of Jesus Christ and celebrating his glorious resurrection. Locally we have our long standing tradition of the Annual Holy Saturdays cycling race where family reunite or take family vacations to the various local resorts across the nation on this Easter weekend. But we do have to catch up on last week budget debate, on Thursday the Opposition members of the house made their stellar presentations where they forcefully exposed the hypocrisy and lack of substance as their reasons for opposing the UDP’s government 20102011 budget. During the presentation I want to make reference in particular to what was emphasized by Lake I Area Representative, Hon. Cordell Hyde, as he pointed out the many cuts to the Ministry of National Security. I believe there is a need to reemphasize and highlight the lack of concern by this UDP government especially since these cuts to the police especially will have a direct impact which will hinder the crime fighting capabilities particularly during this time when violent crimes is on a rise. I believe that all PUP Representatives

were on target with their presentations especially Cordell Hyde who did a marvelous job of accentuating what is essentially a recurrent security problem. It is an everyday occurrence in this nation especially in Belize City where it is evident that violent crimes are at an all time high. Now for Cordell and for the PUP that is awesome, that is maximum political performance which concurred with what the people are feeling. You could not ask for a better way to expose the UDP hypocrisy and kick off a political campaign. The fact that the UDP government has allowed the crime situation to spiral out of control without a combat strategy to curb it, then make severe cuts to the National Security Ministry’s budget shows their lack of concern for national security and public safety. In his presentation Cordell Hyde was precise when he inquired how the UDP expected to put a damper on crime when in fact they were cutting away the resources from the budget which could only lead to greater criminal activity on the streets of Belize. In fact allow me to reproduce the entire presentation as is relates to the cuts of the Ministry of National Security as Cordell presented it at the Budget presentation on Thursday, March 25, 2010. “With all the crime that is happening in

Spanish Lookout Armed Robbery at Scotia Bank Continued from page 4 forcing the bank’s employees to open the vault after which they proceeded to cleaned it out with over $300,000 (three hundred thousand dollars). After getting the cash on their way out, they turned on a customer who had just made a withdrawal of $10,000 and relieved it from him. They then turned their attention to two other customers in a black Geo Metro who were doing a withdrawal also but as the gunmen closed in on the Geo Metro to rob them, the Geo tried to flee and that is when the gunmen opened fire on it shattering the left rear glass window and seriously injuring one of the occupants. During this time the only police officer attached to the Spanish Lookout sub-station arrived on the scene and immediately engaged the armed men in an exchange of gunfire which injured one of the armed bandits. The men then made good their escape in the Suzuki Sidekick. As the attention turned to the

KBH Security Guard on the ground outside in the parking lot, they realized that he was already dead. Steven Lopez regularly does guard duty at Belize Natural Energy Complex but on Tuesday he did a double shift at Scotia Bank which was his last. Steven Lopez is barely into his third month of marriage to Shaily Lopez who is pregnant and weeks away from giving birth. . Ironically, the Police Station in Spanish Lookout is almost next in proximity to the Bank which was robbed. Police set up an all point bulletin and check points at various parts of the country but up to press time no arrest has been announced. There is now a sense of hopelessness with the rising crime situation that is spreading like wild fire across the nation especially since this UDP government has seen it fit to slash the police budget thereby further weakening the police ability to address the crime situation appropriately.

this country and with the prime minister and National Security Minister on record saying that they are declaring war on crime you would think the budget for national security would have gone up… you would think. But the budget of national security has gone down. So if you weren’t solving crime with the money you were getting last year, how will you solve it this year with less. I want figure dat out. Now dah no one or two units of departments get cut inna di ministry ah national security; dah noh one or two, dah all ah dehn. national forensic service will get cut, forensic medicine unit will get cut, anti-narcotic unit will get cut, scenes of crime unit will get cut, crime intelligence unit will get cut. You think I done? Cause I noh done; dah more. Prosecutions branch will get cut, traffic branch get cut, CYDP get cut, gang unit get cut, national coast guard get cut, police training school; dehn noh get cut bredda, dehn get hack. One point four million dollars from di recurring budget from police training school gone. Listen dah noh weh dehn seh yoh know, dah weh inna dis book because weh dehn seh and weh deh inna di book dah two different thing all di time. Di good book, police admin for Belize City, dehn noh get cut neither dehn get hack, half a million dollars. Belize City yoh know, weh part most ah di murders di tek place, weh part di crim situation out ah control and dehn di cut di budget dah Belize City by half a million dollars. Police admin Belmopan get cut by four hundred and seventy-eight thousand dallas. Everything get cut. Me noh di mek it up yoh know and me noh wear no glasses so yoh cant she dat me di si wrong. Me di si exactly. All these cuts under Ministry of National Security so yoh could she mein things really hard inna dis ministry. But yoh know which unit or department inna di Ministry ah National Security noh get cut? Di prisons; di prison noh get cut, dehn get wah raise. Dehn get wah raise. Dah deh dehn want di people dehn go. Dehn prefer fi spend five thousand dollars fi feed and shelter each prisoner every year rather dan keep dehn out ah prison inna di first place.

Seven point two million dollars fi prison. Dehn noh ask no question, just transfer dah money to Kolbe and den dehn do weh dehn want wid it.” The month of March was one of the most violent months in recent history and since Cordell made that presentation last Thursday we have seen a massive increase in the described types of violent crimes including two shoot outs with police and several murders and we’ll try to put them in chronological order since then. On Thursday four people were shot, at Accent gift shop at the corner of North Front Street and Queen Street was rob, in the process there was a brazen cross fire between the robbers and police, this traumatize hundreds of primary school students from Holy Redeemer who witnessed the incident as a consequence school had to be suspended for the rest of the day for that day. Moments later Sport Belize Adjacent, to Accent shop on North Front Street was burglarized. There was also a shooting reported on Wagner’s lane on that same day. Friday March 26, 2010 at around 8:30one man was shot and killed on East Canal on Friday night between Dean and South streets, on Friday around 9:30 a couple of guys got into a cross fire with Officer Grinege. Sunday morning on March 28, 2010 another man was shot and killed on East Canal, Sunday afternoon one other man was shot on Hondo Street. On Monday another shooting on Fullers Alley, on Tuesday another shooting reported on Fabers Road. As we prepare to send this article to press midday Tuesday, the above mentions are some of the violent crimes that took place just since that presentation of Cordell Hyde. We don’t want to create distaste nor create panic for anybody during this long weekend but sincerely we have a national problem and this story has to be told, so we’ll continue on this topic next week, but for now we want to wish each and everyone a blessed Easter, take necessary precaution and we’ll see you next week. Blessed Easter, my impartial view...

Woman Dies in a three-way Collision A woman was killed on the spot last Friday night in a traffic accident just outside San Ignacio town as she headed to Unitedville after doing s o m e grocery Leticia shopping. She was identified by police as forty-six year old Leticia Guerra. According to her common-law husband, Victor Moreno, he, Guerra and their twelve year old son were travelling in a Ford Escort when upon reaching between miles 65 and 64 they were impacted by an Izuzu pickup truck that was trying to overtake a Freightliner tow-head travelling from the opposite direction. Upon impact the Ford Escort spun out of control

and drifted into the lane of the oncoming Freightliner towhead and impacted for a second time which ended Guerra’s life instantly. M o r e n o suffered a fracture pelvis while the Guerra twelve year old boy suffered a broken leg and both were hospitalized as a result. The Izuzu pickup truck was being driven at the time by Rafael Caranza has been charged and appeared on Monday before the San Ignacio Magistrate Court on Charges of Manslaughter by Negligence and a string of other related charges. Caranza is believed to have been drunk at the time of the accident. Hector Pech who was the third driver driving the Freightliner escaped with no injuries.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010





MOSCOW METRO HIT BY DEADLY SUICIDE BOMBINGS an investigation into “suspected acts of terrorism”. ‘Heinous crime’ Moscow’s Metro is one of the most-used underground railways in the world, carrying about 5.5 million passengers a day. Parts of the system were closed down as a precaution after the bombings, and 700 interior ministry troops deployed on the streets. Vladimir Putin: ‘Terrorists will be destroyed’ “The whole city is a mess, people

Twenty-four died in the first blast at 0756 (0356 GMT) as a train stood at the central Lubyanka station, beneath the offices of the FSB intelligence agency. About 40 minutes later, a second explosion ripped through a train at Park Kultury, leaving another 14 dead. The FSB said it was likely a group from the North Caucasus was responsible. No group has yet said it carried out the attacks, but past suicide bombings in the capital have been carried out by or blamed on Islamist rebels fighting for independence in Chechnya. In February, Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov said “the zone of military operations will be extended to the territory of Russia... the war is coming to their cities”. At an emergency meeting with senior officials, President Dmitry Medvedev vowed to uphold the “policy of suppressing terror and the fight against terrorism”. “We will continue operations against terrorists without compromises and to the end,” he said. Federal security forces have scored a series of successes against militants in the North Caucasus in recent weeks. In February, at least 20 insurgents were killed in an operation by troops in Ingushetia. ‘Panic’: Emergency services ministry spokeswoman Irina Andrianova said the first explosion tore through the second carriage of a train as it stood at Lubyanka at the peak of the rush hour. The station, on both the busy Sokolnicheskaya and TaganskoKrasnopresnenskaya lines, lies beneath the headquarters of the Federal Security Service (FSB). “I was moving up on the escalator when I heard a loud bang, a blast. A door near the passage way arched, was ripped out and a cloud of dust came down on the escalator,” an eyewitness named Alexei told Rossiya 24 TV channel. “People started running, panicking, falling on each other,” he said. The second blast at Park Kultury, which is six stops away from Lubyanka on the Sokolnicheskaya line, came at 0838 (0438 GMT). It struck

August 2004: Suicide bomber blows herself up outside Rizhskaya station, killing 10 February 2004: Suicide bombing on Zamoskvoretskaya line, linking main airports, kills 40 August 2000: Bomb in pedestrian tunnel leading to Tverskaya station kills 13 February 2000: Blast injures 20 inside Belorusskaya station June 1996: Bomb on the Serpukhovskaya line kills four January 1998: Three injured by blast at Tretyakovskaya station The EU’s foreign affairs chief, Baroness Ashton, also condemned the bombings

at the back of the train as people were getting on board. “I was in the middle of the train when somewhere in the first or second carriage there was a loud blast. I felt the vibrations reverberate through my body,” one passenger told the RIA news agency. “People were yelling like hell,”

At least 38 people have been killed after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up on Moscow Metro trains in the morning rush hour, officials say. he said. “There was a lot of smoke and within about two minutes everything was covered in smoke.” More than 60 people were injured in the two attacks, 30 of them badly, officials said. In a meeting with President Medvedev, FSB chief Alexander Bortnikov said its investigators believed the attacks had been carried out by “terrorist groups related to the North Caucasus”.

“This is likely to be our main conclusion, because fragments of the bodies of two female suicide bombers were found earlier at the scene of the incident and examinations show that these individuals came from the North Caucasus region,” he said. Citing a preliminary forensic report, Mr Bortnikov added that the devices had been made with the powerful explosive, hexogen, which is more commonly known as RDX. The bomb that went off at Lubyanka station had an equivalent force of up to 4kg of TNT, while the bomb at Park Kultury was equivalent to 1.5-2kg of TNT, he said. The devices were filled with chipped iron rods and screws for shrapnel. Federal prosecutors said they had opened

are calling each other, the operators can’t cope with such a huge number of calls at a time,” said Olga, a BBC News website reader in Moscow. “Those who witnessed the tragedy can’t get over the shock.” President Medvedev asked officials to increase security on the public transport system nationwide. “What was being done needs to be substantially strengthened,” he said. “Look at this problem on the scale of the state, not only as it applies to a particular type of transport and a particular city.” Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who has cut short a visit to the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, said a crime that was “terrible in its consequences and heinous in its manner” had been committed. “I am confident that law enforcement bodies will spare no effort to track down and punish the criminals. Terrorists will be destroyed,” he added. US President Barack Obama condemned the “outrageous acts”, and said the American people stood united with the people of Russia in opposition to violent extremism. MOSCOW METRO ATTACKS March 2010: Two suicide bombers blow themselves up at Lubyanka station and Park Kultury station, killing 35 people

and offered the bloc’s “solidarity to the Russian authorities”. Nato SecretaryGeneral Anders Fogh Rasmussen pledged its commitment to fight with Russia against terrorism. The co-ordinated attacks were the deadliest in Moscow since February 2004, when at least 39 people were killed by a bomb on a packed metro train as it approached the Paveletskaya station. Six months later, a suicide bomber blew herself up outside another station, killing 10 people. Both attacks were blamed on Chechen rebels. In November, Doku Umarov said his Caucasian Mujahadeen had carried out a bombing that killed 26 people on board an express train travelling from Moscow to Russia’s second city of St Petersburg. The attack came six months after President Medvedev declared an end to Russia’s “counter-terrorism operations” in Chechnya, in a bid to “further normalise the situation” after 15 years of conflict that claimed more than 100,000 lives and left it in ruins. Despite this, the mainly Muslim republic continues to be plagued by violence, and over the past two years Islamist militants have stepped up attacks in neighbouring Ingushetia and Dagestan.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


NEWS FROM TWO MORE JOURNALISTS KILLED IN HONDURAS 5 THIS MONTH Sat Mar 27th TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Two journalists have been shot to death in eastern Honduras, bringing to five the number of media workers killed in the Central American country this month. Radio journalists Jose Bayardo, 52, and Manuel de Jesus Juarez, 55, were riddled with bullets late Friday as they drove on a highway in the rural province of Olancho, prosecutor Wendy Caballero said Saturday. Investigators have not yet identified a possible motive, Caballero said. The two were killed after leaving the Excelsior radio station, where they had just broadcast a news show. Three other journalists have been killed in March in Honduras, which is wracked by political divisions relating to a 2009 coup and common crime fueled by street gangs. Nahum Palacios, director of a television station in Tocoa near the Caribbean coast, was intercepted by two other vehicles and shot to death March 14 as he drove home. Three days earlier, popular radio journalist David Meza was ambushed and killed in the nearby northern city of La Ceiba. Joseph Ochoa of Canal 51 television in the capital, Tegucigalpa, was killed March 1 in an attack on another journalist, Karol Cabrera, who was wounded. A previous attack on Cabrera in December killed her pregnant 16-year-old daughter. None of the killings has been solved. Alejandro Aguirre, president of the Inter American Press Association, has said the group is “worried about the very unfortunate, radical increase in violence against journalists” in the region.

L atin america & regiona l

Chavez extends Venezuela Easter holiday to save energy

President Hugo Chavez has added three days to Venezuela’s Easter holiday to deal with a growing energy crisis. The move - which will close government and public offices - means most Venezuelans will have a seven-day break starting on 1 April. Mr Chavez said the aim of the measure

was not to encourage “laziness, but to save energy”. Caracas says a drought has dropped water reserves at Venezuela’s main hydroelectric dam to critical levels. The opposition says lack of investment and inefficiency in the energy sector have contributed to the crisis. President Chavez says his critics are exaggerating the crisis Many business leaders have warned that industrial production could be disrupted.

Mr Chavez rejects these claims, accusing his critics of exaggerating the crisis - or even planning to sabotage the power grid ahead of parliamentary elections planned in September. The president last month signed a decree declaring an “electricity emergency” to tackle power shortages. Under the decree, energy users who consume more than 500 kilowatt-hours per month must reduce their consumption by at least 10% or face a 75% price rise. Industrial users were also ordered to cut their usage by 20% or face sanctions. Although Venezuela has big oil reserves, it is dependent on hydro-electricity for some 70% of its power.

T & T prepares for quick General Elections With the barrage of allegations storming his government Halfway through his five year term of office, Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Manning has been forced to put the country on an election footing. Mr Manning says he’ll call fresh elections His Peoples National Movement (PNM) has faced allegations including corruption, wasteful expenditure, with Prime Minister Manning himself being accused of arrogance. This weekend at a PNM rally, Mr Manning responded to what he said are opposition calls for fresh elections. “I now want to direct the PNM to commence the nomination of candidates exercise for a general election with immediate

effect,” he told supporters. In a prompt response at a rally of her own United National Congress, Opposition L e a d e r K a m l a PersadBissessar urged the p r i m e minister to bring on the elections.

‘MURDA CAPITAL’ A-washed in Blood Continued from page 5 he was killed. He was not one to hang out or go out. Roches was shot several times including once in the head. Like his friend Baja Jones, he also died while undergoing treatment at the KHMH. By Monday morning, East Canal heated up again when shots rang out between Prince and King Streets. According to reports, two gunmen were in pursuing a man as he fled for his life. One of the men who had a gun, fired several shots which missed the target. Police detained two suspects in that incident. Herman Lanza, also no stranger to gang violence and street wars was also a victim of the weekend’s bloody drama. Lanza recently

began to live a productive life and had given up on gang-banging after serving thirteen years in prison. Lanza was on Hondo Street with friends in front of Pratt’s Fried Chicken when he came under attack. He was struck once in the neck and left shoulder. Lanza is still fighting for his life in the KHMH. Like the week prior when police and suspects exchanged gunfire in downtown Belize City, on Friday night around ninethirty a similar drama unfolded. Police officer Grinage was on mobile patrol in the Baghdad and Alexandria Streets area when he spotted Jermaine Belgrave and Jeffery Flowers. Grinage said that he ordered them to stop but the men ran off. Grinage pursued

them and shortly after the men each took out weapons and began shooting at officer Grinage who pulled his nine millimeter weapon and fired back. The men escaped into the West Street area and disappeared. Police are looking for them. Freelance reporter Roy Davis, 56 almost became a statistic on Saturday morning around three-thirty while he was making his way home after a night of dancing at the Lodge Hall on Regent Street West. Davis’ ordeal started when he reached in front of First Choice Pharmacy on Cemetery Road. Davis said that three men approached. Lawrence Gillet, one of the three called out to him and when he looked, he was greeted

with a punch to his jaw that knocked out his teeth. Davis said that he was about to retaliate when he was shown a gun, so he decided to run. The men pursued him. A cab driver soon pulled up and was about to render aid when he too was shown the gun so he drove off. After the men relieved him of his watch, ring and wallet. Police came quickly to Davis’ aid and they apprehended Lawrence Dawson, 22 and Michael Foreman 27. Police also recovered Davis’ watch. Both men have been charged for robbery, Foreman was additionally charged for wounding. They were remanded to prison until May 27th when they return to court.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Harold Crooks abscond Jamaica to Bermuda


unattended toddler drowns in belize river

Belize City police say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding a drowning incident which claimed the life a two year old toddler identified as Kelisha Kelly. The incident purportedly happened shortly after 9:00 last Sunday morning as we leave the

Former Jamaican Top Cop Harold Crooks Jamaican Police Authorities have tracked down the now infamous, Harold Crooks, former Commandant of (ISCF) Islands Special Constabulary Force to the island of Bermuda where it is believed he fled to after being named as a wanted man to answer to sex related crimes including a school – aged girl. The one time ‘Top Cop’ blatantly refused to surrender himself to the Authorities in Jamaica even though he was given all the courtesies on two different occasions to appear with his attorney on an investigation interview. Attorney Vincent Wellesley said that his client Harold Crooks rejected his persuasion to turn himself in because he has no faith in the Jamaican Justice System. Crooks have said that he would die in prison if convicted even though critics say that would translate to a dose of his own medicine. Crooks is the highly paid Police Enforcement Consultant that was brought in as the expert advice to the UDP’s Ministry of National Security late 2008 to understudy and make an assessment report on the inefficiencies of the Belize Police Department and make pertinent recommendations that would uplift the standard of performance regarding law-enforcement in Belize. The Jamaican Police are now contemplating an extradition request using all the resources of Interpol to get Crooks back to Jamaica to stand before the Courts. The Jamaican Observer revealed that Harold Crooks is the holder of a US Passport citing that any extradition by Jamaica would complicate matters especially because there is presently an extradition dispute between the US and Jamaica over Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, a Jamaican strongman who is wanted by the US on charges of alleged gun and drug trafficking.

Sav-U area of Belize City into the Northern highway near the Belize River banks. According to the mother Keisha Westby, thirty year old, the young child was sleeping in bed when a neighbour called out her name and she left home towards the said neighbour’s house what she wanted where she stayed for approximately fifteen minutes. As she came back home and went into the room where she left the child sleeping, she realized that little Kelisha was nowhere in sight. A search was immediately initiated along the river banks and it was not until forty-five minutes later that a man discovered the body of a child floating in the river. Colin Cabral told police that around 9:30 am whilst travelling along the river, he came across the body. According to police reports, the house in which the child lived was fenced on three sides but regretfully the portion facing the river bank was opened. A neighbour vowed that the parents never allowed the child to be alone in the yard much less near the river bank but last Sunday tragedy struck. Police continue to investigate whether there was any neglect on the part of the mother when she left the child alone in the house to go over to the neighbour’s house where she spent some fifteen minutes.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


Narda Garcia and Carolyn Trench Clash over Renee Trujillo We at the National Perspective will never accuse Communications Director of the new PUP of possessing the necessary scruples for the office she commandeered when Johnny Briceno became leader of the new PUP. Since her intrusion into the Party’s affairs she has been nothing but a menacing disturbance who has instigated a lot of discord in the Party’s executive. It would be interesting to know how Narda Garcia was appointed to the office of Communications Director. Two weeks ago we got wind of a story that the ghostlike character threatened to resign from the Party following a spat with another member of the executive. Apparently after some cajoling the hot-flash passed. By last week another story leaked that UDP Renee Trujillo who the cockeyed new PUP executive hired as Manager at Vibes Radio also threw a hissy fit and resigned. Our source tells us that Ms. Trujillo, who has toured just about every station in town, got a job at LOVE FM - whether true or not, members of staff were rejoicing over the good riddance. Their revelry was short-lived when Trujillo’s frame darkened the radio station’s doorway on Monday morning. Renee Trujillo had cleared her desk and rolled out of the station. She had threatened to resign several times prior to actually doing so. Her departure left a vacuum and created ambiguity over who was in charge. All that time the inept Narda did not call or visit the station to see how things were going. The National Perspective’s G-Mike Reid was named to be the next Manger since the new PUP has been shopping for National Perspective writers to silence us. We are told that the suggestion came from another figure of contention, Carolyn TrenchSandiford the Party Chairman. That did not sit well with Narda and there was a heated exchange of words between the two over Carolyn putting her nose in Narda’s business. Narda went and got her prize UDP dolly, Renee Trujillo and convinced her to return to Vibes Radio. Trujillo was even offered an increase in salary. Trujillo’s return to Vibes Radio has caused consternation amongst staff members who are saying that they are

being mistreated because of their race (Black Belize City Creole). That issue Johnny Briceno has not been able to reconcile and his leadership has been openly criticized as being racist and Orange

along and the discord has seeped through to the lower ranks of the Party. John Briceno’s insistence at holding on to office is injuring whatever chances the PUP has at repairing its relationship with the electorate. While Johnny boasts of having attracted many disenfranchised PUPs back to the Party, many have vowed to stay away because his leadership is unconvincing. not to have any control over Narda who it seems did not get the memo on her job description and her function seems to always clash with Carolyn’s and the two would lock horns. Although Johnny got rid of the “baggage” (old guard) members, he has not been able to lead convincingly,

Walk-centric. When Briceno’s minions landed on the station, they claimed that they did not have the finance to pay staff and started to cut salaries and Gerard Coleman became the first casualty of the new PUP victimization. In the midst of that, Omar Silva was also shown the door, before they got around to Rhenae Nunez who was dragged over the coal. Rhenae Nunez’s salary was cut, and then she was presented with a set of untenable circumstances to work under. Finally when her salary came down to $33.65 weekly was when she finally quit. Nunez has adequately exposed the hypocrisy of John Briceno’s leadership and the diabolical factors in his executive in her column Spot Check featured here in the National Perspective. The tension was brewing at Vibes Radio and in the new PUP’s executive over the special accommodations made by Narda for Renee Trujillo. Things escalated to the point that Johnny called a special meeting with key members of Vibes staff to discuss Narda. John Briceno seems



to his death from a



Police investigates to determine accidental fall or suicide

thus, the calls for a National Convention in order for a new leader to be chosen. The tension at Vibes radio is only a microcosm of the anomalous leadership of John Briceno’s leadership. Briceno has been unable to appeal to Belize City, the largest voting block in the country. Members of his executive have never been able to work together coupled with Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde who have been no-shows on several occasions leaving Johnny standing alone. Narda and Carolyn do not get

An August Pine Ridge resident identified as Timoteo Osvaldo Solis died after he fell to his death whilst trying to climb a 200 (two hundred feet) Telecommunications Tower in that village which is owned by Belize Telemedia Limited. According to villagers of August Pine Ridge, Solis who was 26 years old was seen drinking up till about 10:00 pm last Saturday night after which he moved into the BTL compound and started to climb the tower. While no one could state for sure whether he accidentally fell whilst climbing or climbed the tower to intentionally throw himself there from is still a mystery. Orange Walk police say that they arrived at the scene shortly after midnight and saw his motionless body dead beneath the tower. During the fall, Solis suffered severe injuries to his head and body. His body was transported to the Orange Walk Northern Regional Hospital’s morgue while police say they are continuing their investigations.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010




The Queen’s Loyal Opposition, the People’s United Party demonstrated its competence in its best performance as the Opposition in the House of Representatives last Thursday during the third UDP Budget Debate 20102011. The budget debate, which started on Thursday, was spread over a two-day period and culminated on Friday even though all six PUP Representatives successfully exposed the UDP hypocrisy and the camouflage budget in the first day of the sitting. When the other members of the ruling Party along with the Prime Minister continued their charade on Friday to defend their empty budget, the deceit was already exposed. By the time the Opposition wrapped up their presentation on Thursday, there was no need for their presence in the House on Friday. Of course, the UDP would have loved to have them there like sitting ducks so they could continue their sick diversions instead of dealing with the serious business of the people’s affairs. The spirited and much masculine actions of the PUP Members in the House (that came with little or no apology from Prime Minister Deane Olivia Barrow and Education Minister Patricia “Patsy” Faber) during Thursday’s debate caught Yours Truly, Gordon Smith, off-guard as well as many other Belizeans. For many weeks now, the National Perspective has been demanding that the Opposition start performing in order to demonstrate their true capacity in Parliament and to launch its offensive on the incompetent UDP government instead of the usual bullying of Opposition members by Prime Minister Deane Olivia, which particularly targets and ridicule the Leader of the Opposition. This columnist publicly congratulates the Leader of the Opposition Hon. John Briceño and the other Members of the PUP in the House for truly demonstrating their political savvy and willingness to represent the Belizean people by exposing the ‘killa’ effects of this burdensome UDP government.

budget debate. The talented team, with much “brain power” who advised former PUP Party Leader, former Prime Minister and the present Member for Fort George Division, Said Musa, did well in showing and reminding the Belizean people of the progress and development of the past PUP administration. Johnny Briceño should likewise, surround himself with talent and brilliance in order to get him battle-ready if he intends to defeat Dean Barrow and the UDP in upcoming elections. I understand that a special luncheon was hosted for Said Musa who celebrated his 66th birthday last week and among his many families and friends, his guest

the Zinc Fence infiltrators. Many players within both factions are not comfortable with Yours Truly and would like to see me disappear or be neutralized. To them, I am considered too dangerous with the pen for exposing the much hypocrisy in the Party especially from those who want to hoodwink the rank and file of the PUP under the guise of unity. I can understand that they don’t like what I write but they have never refuted my commentaries. Yes, I know that I am not the best of writers, however, when I write, I write nothing but the truth. There are some who are led to believe that the PUP lost the last General Elections because of Ralph Fonseca and Said Musa who they continue to demonize

be a deceiver like the UDP who fooled the people to get to Belmopan. All I am trying to do from this end is to stimulate and ensure a cleansing process from within, which will give the people all certainty and confidence to vote blue and when the People’s United Party (PUP) gets to Belmopan in 2013, they will indeed be a renewed PUP without plots, malice nor ill-will towards one another and will only dedicate themselves to the affairs of the people. This is the principal objective of the National Perspective, Gordon Smith and others who are trying to expose the gross incompetence of the UDP government whilst at the same time, exposing the ills and keeping the Opposition honest with the people. I believe that what you practice in Opposition will be the same pattern of performance that will be used when you ascend to government.

Hon. Mark Espat, a graduate of Viterbo College in the USA, and now a three-term Member of the House, understands the House rules much better than this first-term Speaker, so I hope you understand me when I refer to Hon. Mark Espat as a grandstander, mischiefmaker and a hypocrite! Beware all PUPs, Mark Espat, the Leader of the local Hezbollah, has been exposed AGAIN!

The brilliant performance by all PUP Members in the House last Thursday is a positive step and gives the perception that all factions of the PUP are closing ranks towards unity even though just prior to that event, we witnessed Mark Espat and his brother-in-law Cordel Hyde snubbed PUP Leader Johnny Briceno and the entire PUP during the People’s Consultation which should have climaxed with the 2010 – 2011

of honor was the Hon. John Briceño. For some reason, Gordon Smith, who is great fan of Said Musa, was not invited (I don’t think it was intentional). I was reliably informed that Johnny did not carry his “top brass thinkers” which include but are not limited to the “defrock diplomat” Leslie, “Nada” Garcia and Senator “Uppity” Eamon to the luncheon. The word is, however, that Johnny’s millionaire friend, Julius Espat attended. The absence of these PUP officials and Bill Lindo a.k.a ‘Partridge Street John Crow’ from Said’s birthday luncheon indicates that there is still no concrete unity in the PUP and the relationship between Said’s greater faction and Johnny’s is not yet ironed out. I am no fool and neither is the rank and file of the PUP. You may call us dividers or accused us of many things concerning the Party but for sure we are no fools. However, we understand party politics and we acknowledge how these games are played by crafty players, right G Mike? Inside the PUP there are two factions; the Old Guard and the New PUP featuring

as political terrorists but only a fool would want to believe that they (Said and Ralph) were the only cause why we lost. What about the G7, many of whom are a part of the new PUP? If Musa and Fonseca were the only ones to blame, then tell me what happened to all the former PUP Ministers and members of the PUP Executive? I guess some were too busy getting rich while undermining Said Musa, Ralph Fonseca and the very PUP they now want to lead. I am a solid PUP, never been anything else, but I still share the same views as thousands of our supporters who are really concerned as to where our Party is heading under this present leadership. It is now two years since Johnny and his people took over the leadership of the PUP. Tell me, “Rustic”, are we better off as a viable political Party today? And please don’t blame me; I only report to my readers what is happening in our Party. I am not the cause of the mess within the PUP so, Gordon Smith should certainly not be blamed for the PUP’s problems. The motto of the Belize Times is “The truth shall set you free”. Brother man, tell the people the truth “Rustic”; don’t

This week, I want to further expose the Zinc Fence’s connection inside the PUP whose chief infiltrator is no other than Mark Espat. I say this even though I must confess that the staged united front of the PUP in the National Assembly indeed knocked some wind out of my sail. I keep repeating that Mark will do anything to ensure that his game plan work, even if it means attacking his friends and colleagues in the UDP. I say friends and colleagues because I was reminded by a friend about an article written by Mark Espat’s father-in-law Evan X Hyde (the coconspirator to destroy the PUP) published in the Amandala on June 18, 2000 titled “The Espats and their Barrow/Finnegan agreement”. Many PUP insiders have always known of the cozy relationship between the Espats and the UDPs; ask “Jules” Vasquez from Channel 7 News who happened to be Mark Espat’s ‘exclusive’ friend. Interestingly in the continuation of the budget debate last Friday and in the absence of the PUPs, it was strange that UDP Minister of Housing Hon. Michael Finnegan attacked Father X’s friend Rufus X a.k.a “illegal electricity” in connection with the Auditor General’s report concerning missing funds and alleged corruption at Housing Department during the previous PUP administration, while cunningly praising and giving thanks to Father X for mentoring him (Finnegan). It is my understanding that in that same AG report tabled in the House sometime last year, it was alleged that six PUP Representatives deposited monies from the Venezuelan Housing Grant (given Continued on page 18

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


FC Belize is No.1 in Caribbean Motors Cup Football Belize City, March 28, 2010 FC Belize rules the 2010 Caribbean Motors Cup football competition held by the Belize Premier Football League, with 16 pts from 5 wins and 1 draw after their 5-0 victory over George Town Ibayani in Week 6 at the M.C.C. garden on Sunday. Jerome “Jaro” James and Delwin Jones led the FC Belize attacks with the support of wingers Chris Gilharry and Brian Martinez and midfielders Harrison Tasher and Roberto Bernardez. The George Town squad had not time to get settled before Jerome James razzle-dazzled the ball past defenders Allan Flores, Vicente Acal and Bernard Linares to drill the winning goal past the visitors’ goalie Elias Pelayo in the 2nd minute of play. Darwin Castillo and Alexander Peters led the Georgetown counterattacks, with the help of Jeffery Apolonio and Kenroy Arthurs, but the FC Belize defense anchored by Albert Thurton, with the help of Ian Gaynair, Leon Cadle and Byron Usher held the Georgetown squad scoreless to take a 1-0 lead to the locker room at the half time break Jaro James did it again early in the 2nd half in the 58th minute of play, and Elias Pelayo had no time to shake the dust of the field off his jersey before Delwin Jones embarrassed him again

with the 3rd goal in the 64th minute. Pelayo had no pause to reflect on this as Jaro James served the ball to the feet of

Harrison Tasher who bombed a 4th goal into the back of the net in the 70th minute. The visitors were still reeling from this barrage of goals, when Chris Gilharry brought the ball up the right flank, and Leon Cadle overlapping from the defense caught up with Gilharry’s pass to center and outran the defender who were caught flatfooted as Cadle blasted in a 5th goal in the 77th minute to complete the

5-zip rout. The Belize Defence Force now ranks 2nd in the BPFL standings, also with 16pts, but FC Belize has the better goal average. The BDF drilled cellar dwellers BRC Blaze 3-zip at the FFB Field on Sunday. Lisbey Castillo booted in the 1 s t g o a l i n the 45th minute to lead 1-zip at the half time break. Orlando Jimenez added a 2nd goal after the break in the 50th minute and Castillo added a 3rd goal in the 75th minute. Out west in Cayo at the Norman Broaster Stadium, the Hankook Verdes remained 3rd in the BPFL standings with 13pts from 4 wins and a draw after they spanked Shanaiah Corozal, ranked 2nd to last with only 4pts, 5-1. Verdes seemed not to miss the presence of u-21 players Julian Maldonado, Amin August and Luis Mendez as Richard “Cheety” Jimenez scored Verdes’ 1st goal in the 34th minute, but Shanaiah’s fireplug forward Merlin Teck equalized in the 39th minute to hold on to an uneasy 1-1 draw at the half time break. Daniel

Belize Bank Bulldogs & Junior Bulldogs win in Digicell “Balling 4 Life” basketball Belize City, March 28, 2010 The Belize Bank Bulldogs are 2-0 when the Digicell “Balling 4 Life” basketball tournament continued at the Belize City Center last Friday, while the Belize Bank Junior Bulldogs romped to their 3rd back to back to back win on Sunday afternoon. Friday’s junior game featured the Ghetto Ballers who held basketball clinic for NHI 6648. Albert Tasher led Ghetto Ballers with 15pts and Kadeem Courtenay added 12pts. For NHI, Raheem Franklin led with a game high of 25pts and Dennis Brown chipped in 8pts. The Belize Bank Bulldogs bombed the Brothers Habet Berger Boys 78-68, Paul Swasey led the attack with 21pts, while Darwin “Puppy” Leslie added 17 pts and Lennox Bowman tossed in another 14 pts. Greg “Chippy” Rudon led the Berger Boys with 16pts, while

L e n n o x Murrillo Cayetano added 14 pts finished and Daren with 12pts, McFadzean and Keith finished Pollard and with 11pts. Elsworth In Sunday’s Itza added other junior 11pts each. game, HoldThe Junior on Smart Belize Bank outshone Bulldogs the Rising coasted to a Stars 7672-55 win 48. Russell over the Staine led Lake I Boys the Smart on Sunday. boys with Matthew 1 4 p t s , Young led J a m a a l the Bulldogs Kelly added with 15pts, 12pts, and Christian Rodriguez w h i l e Marshall Alejandro Nunez and Baptist Hughson added 12pts and Akeem Trapp Tillett each tossed in 10pts. tossed in 11pts. Hakeem Arzu led the Rising Alberto Cuellar led the Lake I Stars with 18pts and London Boys with 16pts, while Michael Reneau finished with 8pts.

Jimenez exploded on the visitors with the winning goal in the 51st minute and Marlon Meza bombed in a 3rd goal in the 54th minute. Daniel Jimenez came back for his second goal to make 4-0 in the 80th minute, and Windell Trapp drilled home a 5th goal in the 82 minute to complete the rout. Out on la Isla Bonita at the Ambergris Stadium, the San Pedro Sea Dogs moved up to 4th place in the rankings with 10pts, after they mauled the Paradise/Freedom Fighters 5-1. Jason Valladares scored the 1st goal in the 35th minute, Angel Cantun scored the winning goal in the 51st minute Olvin Serano made it 3-0 in the 58th minute. Kent Gabourel Jr added a 4th goal in the 83rd minute, and the Sea dogs led 5-zip when Angel Cantun scored again in the 87th minute. Ralph Flores scored consolation goal for the visitors from PG in the 88th minute. The competition continues on Wednesday night March 31, when George Town Ibayani hosts the San Pedro Sea Dogs at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium, Shanaiah Corozal await F.C. Belize at the Ricalde Stadium, Hankook Verdes hosts BRC Blaze at the Norman Broaster Stadium and the Paradise/Freedom Fighters return to the MCC garden to take on the Belize Defence Force.

The San Pedro Tiger Sharks lost a heartbreaker by one point to Ebony Lake 61-60 in Sunday’s first senior game. The San Pedro Tiger Sharks led in the first two quarters led by Lester Cadle with 15pts and Brondon Rogers with 10 pts Ebony Lake tied the score at 42-42 in the third quarter and seized the lead, with the help of Brandon White who scored 15pt and Nigel Burgess with 14pts. The Tigersharks tied the game at 56-56 and seized the lead when Doug Penland, 8pts scored a layup in money time. Zafir Harris added 9pts and a single 3-ponter in the lst 17 seconds gave Ebony Lake the win. The Belmopan Bandits raided Jamboree 88-69 in the nightcap, with Kurt “Chengo” Burgess leading the assault with 20pts, while Jay Chavarria added 18pts, Aubrey Lopez tossed in 12 and Christian Rodriquez finished with 11pts. Jamboree had a new American import Judson Stubbs, who top-scored the game with 28pts, while Mike Staine finished with 10pts and a limp and Mike Tzai added 8pts.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


David Jones wins RF&G national ranking Table Tennis tournament

Belize City, March 28, 2010

David Jones won RF&G 2010 1st. National table tennis ranking tournament held by the Belize Table Tennis Association (BTTA) at the Belize Elementary School auditorium over the weekend. Yuming Li, Orlando Habet and Victor Quan came out winners the B, C and cadet Categories of the tournament respectively. David Jones won national table tennis champ when he won over Nelito Ayuso who ranked 2nd in the finals of the Senior Category A. Ayuso qualified to the finals by a 1337-1272 win over BTTA founder and president Arturo “Tux” Vasquez in the semifinal round. Vasquez ranked 3rd by taking out the grandfather of the sport, Ernesto Rivero, who ranked 4th. A total of 47 senior players began the tournament in Saturday, 5 incateory A, 30 in Category B and 12 in Category C. David Jones moved up from the Category A 1st round, 3-1 record after Tux

Vasquez won their match 3-1. Nelito Ayuso moved on the 2nd round double elimination with a 3-1 record while Arturo Vasquez had a 2-2 record and Ernesto Rivero ranked 4th with a 1-3 record. The B Category was divided into 8 groups for the round robin coamptiton 1st round, from which the top 2 of each group, 16 players advanced to the 2nd round in double elimination format on Sunday. At the end of the day, Yuming Li of San Ignacio won 1st place over Daniel Habet also of San Ignacio, who ranked 2nd. Carlos Cui finished 3rd and Jorge Espat ranked 4th. The C – Category began with 12 players divided into 6 groups for the round robin 1st round on Saturday, from which the top paleyr from each group- 4 plaeyrs advanced to the double elimination 2nd round. Landy Habet of San Ignacio emerged the victor in the final over Orlando Gentle of Orange Walk

Landy Habet who placed 2nd, while Wilfredo Chang ranked 3rd and Ted Marin was 4th. Victor Quan of SJC was undefeated in the Junior Cadets Category for ages 10-13 years, winning 3-2 over Steve Flowers of Holy Redeemer Primary School who ranked 2nd. Matthew Usher of Belize Elementary School ranked 3rd when he forfeited his match

with Flowers and Harim Ochaeta of Holy Redeemer Primary School ranked 4th. In Junior Cadets consolation round, Raheem Pitzold of Holy Redeemer Primary School placed 1st and Trey Guy of Holy Redemer Primary School was 2nd. The tournament concluded on Sunday with medals awarded to all of the winners.

Belize national football U-21 Kraal Road FC wins 1st advances to CAC Games Division Football Champions Belize City, March 26, 2010

Team Belize advances 3-2 Belize City, March 29, 2010 Team Belize advances to the next round to qualify for the Central American and Caribbean games to be held in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in July of this year, despite a 1-2 loss to the Nicaragua in the rematch of the home and away series in Managua, Nicaragua on Sunday, March 28. Team Belize returned home on Monday, March 29 knowing that they advance on goal aggregate 3-2 over Nicaragua, since their away goal counts as 2 under FIFA rules and they had won 1-0 at home at the FFB field in Belmopan on March 21..

Representing the jewel on the Male U-21 National Selection were from Corozal: Asrel Sutherland and Clifton West; from Toledo: Devon Makin, Marvin Centeno, Frank Lopez, Mario Villanueva, Edwin Palma, Allen Armstrong, Eduardo Martinez and Byron Ferrell; from Dangriga: Thomas Suazo; from Cayo: Windell Trapp, Julian Maldonado, Amin August and Luis Mendez; from Belize City: Glenford Chimilio and Romario Amaya; and from Orange Walk: Luis Cunil and Orlando Castillo. Times sports says “nuff respect” to our U-21 footballer and wishes them good luck in Puerto Rico!

Kraal Road FC are the 2010 first division champs after winning Game 3 of the championship finals series 4-3 against Ebony Lake at the M.C.C. garden on Friday night. MVP Dalton Zuniga, Johnson Semexant, and Raymond “Killa” Gentle, led the Kraal Road offensive, but it was Densmore Edwards who drew first blood for Ebony Lake early in the first half. Ebony Lake found themselves playing a man short when the central referee ejected Jack Dawson from the ball game with a red card. Even with the numerical disadvantage, Ebony Lake continued to mount their attacks on Kraal Road with John Castro driving in a 2nd goal to take a 2-zip lead to the locker room at the half time break. Kraal Road’s Haitian import

Johnson Semexant scored their 1st goal early in the 2nd half, and it was a whole new ball game when Dalton Zuniga added a 2nd goal to tie the score at 2-2, forcing the game into overtime, when regulation time ended with no one getting a 3rd goal. Dalton Zuniga gave Kraal Road the go-ahead goal in the first 15 minute period, and Johnson Semexant added a 4th goal in the 2nd 15 minutes of overtime to lead 4-2. Kraal Road recovered to score a 3rd goal, but the final whistle announced a 4-3 win for Kraal Road. Ebony lake had won the Game 1 of the finals 4-3 in a penalty shootout but Kraal Road tied the series by a 2-1win in Game 2. Kraal Road’s Dalton Zuniga won both the Most Valuable Player award and the Most Goals award.

Krall Rd 1st Division Champs

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


Of Jackasses, Charlatans and Zealots


him, which is typically my reaction to facetiousness. I told my friend that Dean Barrow and his disingenuous, sadistic government is the issue and I promised to dedicate some paper space to pointing that out. I asked a media colleague a few days ago, why is everyone afraid to confront this government? No one seems brave enough to tell Barrow and his cabinet of dunces that they have lied to this nation and failed thousands. It boggles my mind that in the face of about entertainment in Belize. She high crime, widespread poverty and said, “I avoid Southside Belize City!” high unemployment that one would I thought I was the only one with that place a higher premium on going type of trepidation. Before anyone after the Leader of the Opposition. runs with the idea that we are ‘dissing’ If that is not representative of the Southside, we are not, but truth be endemic hypocrisy that typifies the told, that is where Belize’s crimes UDP then I don’t know what else is. Sgt. Paulino Reyes Cpl.Smith Gavin Sanchez and I have are concentrated. For others who live Gordon outside of Belize City, the entire City painstakingly explained our reasons is unsafe. That is the perception and for writing about the leadership issue we cannot fault anyone for feeling in the PUP. I wish that my friend would take a page from my book that the way they do. I figure that things will get much is to be honest about the UDP. The worse as 2010 progresses. The level UDP is propelled by hooliganism. of desperation is evident while It matters not where; they show no patience is in short supply and respect for person, place or time. The government continues to be reticent UDP does not care what the truth is, as long as it sells, that will become about tackling the problems. The conversation suddenly diverted their mantra. The UDP does not mind to one about Johnny Briceno. He told being called hypocrites. I have often me that I have eased up on Johnny heard them criticize things that they Briceno in my column. While I was have been guilty of. miffed at his obvious facetiousness, Barrow got into office by I exercised some restraint and told propagandizing the issues and him that Johnny is not the issue right promising Belizeans “change”. now. I did not drop one “F” bomb on While Glenn Tillett chooses to call

“I, Dean Oliver Barrow, do swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Belize and will uphold the constitution and the law, and that I will conscientiously, impartially, and to the best of my ability discharge my duties as the Prime Minister of Belize, and do right to all manner of people without fear or favour, affection or ill will, so help me God.” - Dean Oliver Barrow, February 8th, 2008 Dean Oliver Barrow uttered those words as he was officially sworn into office the following day after the people of Belize resoundingly voted him into office as Prime Minister of Belize. In spite of what the words signify, the promise that Barrow made that day has long been broken. I understand these words to mean that the Prime Minister will display total loyalty to Belize. He will respect and uphold the Constitution (important); he will be impartial in executing his duties as Prime Minister (no victimization) and affirms that God will be his guide. A friend of mine visited me at home over the weekend supposedly to say hello. We got into a conversation about the entertainment scene in Belize City. I was lamenting that besides going to the clubs (what’s left of them) there really isn’t much by way of entertainment in Belize City anymore. I was particularly surprised by an interjection by another friend

QUARRELING ABOUT WORDS … What “Quitar” has wrought?

I have criticized previous Government of Belize budgets as shortsighted and mis-focused, particularly those of the past Musa administration because I thought they did not prioritize increasing productivity. Increasing productivity and the goal of producing more than we consume should be a national obsession by now but alas and ‘que lastima’, I have to wonder if just making it a goal is not a fleeting illusion to be pursued and never attained. The greatest achievement any administration could attain would be economic independence. Nothing else would go as far to ensure Belize’s survival and prosperity. It is long past time we stopped imagining the possibilities and began assiduously working on the probabilities. The Barrow administration continues to shock me. If anyone had suggested to me even a year ago that they would not have taken advantage of the opportunity to reorient and continue the re-structuring of the Belizean economy I would not have believed them. One of the outstanding achievements of Said Musa’s past government was the diversification of our economy, particularly our export sector. Those of us who lived through the oil shocks and market freefall of the price of sugar in the Seventies, and the subsequent recession and IMF mandated re-structuring of the

Belizean economy have to tip our hats to the past administration. In my opinion they had created the foundation, the first step on our way to producing more than we consume. It is to my deep disappointment that the Barrow administration is not building on that success and may in fact be taking a retrograde step with the FY 2010/2011 budget. The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow pointed out that the budget is mis-prioritized. I go further – I say that the budget is a huge step backwards - call it the Barrow-Allan Barton Budget if you will. This budget will not grow the economy. If economic growth is to come it will come in spite of this budget. In fact the BCCI in their letter points out that contraction and decline in the tourism and distributive sectors may be the order of the day as a result of the decision to increase taxes. They also point out that the increase in business tax could necessitate an increase in electricity rates further exacerbating an already worsening economy. The Chamber makes the point that unlike the rest of the world, Belize is still in the throes of the recession, and wonders out loud: “Why at a time when businesses are clearly impacted by the fallout from the global crisis and structural issues in the domestic economy

would the Government of Belize see if fit to exacerbate the burden on the private sector by requiring it to finance more public sector spending? There is strong empirical evidence to suggest that taxing your way to recovery is never a viable option for growth, particularly in a developing context where market structure and governance issues abound.” The BCCI makes several common sense recommendations namely that government not spend more than it collects; that it doesn’t spend more this year than last year (effectively eliminating the need to increase taxes); that it consolidate ministries and portfolios for efficiency; that it strives to increase public sector productivity; that it cuts costs generally (there is always a way), and that it re-examine taxation for balance and effectiveness particularly in the area of enforcement. One such suggestion for the last is decreasing the GST threshold from $75,000 to $24,000, but I would go further and suggest the reconvening of the tax commission to review the impacts and effects of the present system of taxation. The BCCI suggests that GOB gets serious about “greening” and I completely agree with them. Greening isn’t some idealistic ideological philosophy but an efficient and practical policy for every area of human endeavor. And we can actually make money off it. Think of it as value adding to our export products. Barrow should direct the Public

him “bogus,” I’ll go further and say that Barrow is treacherous. When the Prime Minister sits there and does not move a finger to alleviate the suffering in this land, he continues to lavish members of his family with high paying positions, I cannot say that he has been as exemplary as he purported. Now I thought it would be a good time to remind PM Barrow of the oath that he took on assuming office. Before I close this one off for this week I have to extend kudos to the blue team for their decorum in the House of Representatives last week. Although the government was not interested in speaking to the troublesome issues, the six men for the blue team rose above the indecorous behavior of the UDP and ventilated the concerns of the people. It is time that the UDP take responsibility for the country they campaigned to administrate. We elected the UDP to lead, not to be God. While the PUP continues to have its internal issues, those issues pale in comparison to the hell that we are living in because this UDP government chooses to play politics, rather than lead. I wish that hypocrites like my friend would stop. He is educated (well educated) and I believe him to be intelligent, but he chooses to play politics with the issues. That does absolutely nothing for our advancement as a nation.

By: Glenn Tillett Utilities Commission to immediately review internet rates with the increasing of access to maximum and the decreasing of rates to the bare minimum as the objectives of the exercise. Barrow should formulate, adopt and implement, in consultation with the private sector, a policy that will measurably increase investor confidence in Belize, thereby encouraging and increasing investments in the productive sector. And the first thing the Government of Belize should do in that area is to “reform” its land policy. The message that “Quitar” is sending is that Belize is not a safe place to invest your money. There is no getting around it: “Quitar” is the founding tenet of the Barrow administration’s publicly stated land policy. You do not need more than a passing knowledge of economics to be able to understand that the promotion of investment and job creation are what spurs economic recovery and growth. You do not need a degree in economics to know that cutting expenses, increasing savings, improving efficiency and enhancing productivity is what you do to weather tough economic times. And if your coterie of economic geniuses tells you to discourage investment and curtail job creation though “quitaring” and increasing taxation you can start saving money et cetera by immediately firing them.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010



First and foremost, let me say to my comrade, Gordon “Mr. Straight shooter’’ Smith that, indeed, to some extent, I had grown tired of all the “BS’’. This author’s recent absence, however, was due mainly to a so-called “cease-fire’’ that had been “ordered’’ and “agreed upon’’. Whichever the case may be, I’m not sure. All indications are, however, that the so-called “cease-fire’’ has failed to produce any tangible results. Consequently, Yours Truly has decided to return to the battle line. Today is March 30th, 2010 and to some, it may be just that, March 30th. For many of us diehard PUPs, though, March 30th is as significant a date as there could be. It was exactly two years ago on this very date when Johnny Briceño edged out Francis Fonseca by a mere twenty(20) votes in a hotly contested Leadership Convention to become the “New Leader’’ of the People’s United Party (PUP). Following his election as “Leader’’ of the PUP, Johnny’s first order of business was to carry out a “clean sweep’’ of the then PUP National Executive and install what was to become the present inept National Executive bearing the likes of Carolyn “The People’s Reject; The PUP’s Liability’’ TrenchSandiford as Madam Chairwoman, Eamon “Free Rider’’ Courtenay as National Campaign Manager, Narda “NADA’’ Garcia as Director of Communications and the “TwoHeaded Monster’’ Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde as Deputy Leaders. The “rapidez’’ with which Johnny moved to depose the “old’’ Executive and replace it with the “new’’ National Executive served only to remind us of

occupy 8,867 square miles. So far as Johnny Briceño and his Executive are concerned, they would no doubt pat themselves on the backs and say “job well done’’ for Johnny’s two-year reign as “Leader’’ of the PUP. This author, though, much like Gordon “Mr. Straight shooter’’ Smith and Rhenae “Spot Check’’ Nunez RESPECTFULLY DISAGREES! There are several characteristics and qualities that define a good and effective leader not the least of which includes charisma and the ability to inspire. Dare I say the current “Leader’’ of the PUP is devoid of both attributes. As to the former, Orange Walkeños and, perhaps, some Corozaleños alike would argue that Johnny Briceño exerts a lot of charisma in Northern Belize, particularly in his stronghold of Orange Walk Central, fair enough. The question, though, is: Does this charisma transcend Orange Walk Central? Is the appeal which Johnny Briceño enjoys with his constituents in Orange Walk Central also enjoyed with the people of the other thirty constituencies throughout Belize? Remember we are not talking here about Johnny Briceño, the Area Representative for Orange Walk Central. Rather, we are talking about Johnny Briceño, “Leader’’ of the People’s United Party. I humbly submit that the Party Leader’s charisma is confined to the constituency he duly represents. Unlike his two predecessors, the Right Honorable George Price and the Right Honorable Said Musa, whose appeal were manifest in every nook and cranny of this country we call Belize, Johnny Briceño is yet to broaden the reach of his appeal. Could

So far as Johnny Briceño and his Executive are concerned, they would no doubt pat themselves on the backs and say “job well done’’ for Johnny’s two-year reign as “Leader’’ of the PUP. This author, though, much like Gordon “Mr. Straight shooter’’ Smith and Rhenae “Spot Check’’ Nunez RESPECTFULLY DISAGREES! that famous proverb – “Haste makes waste’’. And what a COLOSSAL WASTE when you consider the aforementioned individuals! Johnny Briceño has now been Leader of the Opposition for as long as Dean Barrow has been Prime Minister of Belize and the UDP has been the Government. Arguably, everyone’s attention should be focused on the performance or lack thereof of Barrow and the UDP. Equally, though, our attention should also be focused on same as it relates to the “Leadership’’ or lack thereof of Johnny Briceño. So far as Barrow and the UDP are concerned, they have STRUCK OUT miserably from the time they stepped to the plate. Following their landslide victory at the polls two years ago, Barrow and the UDP have proven one thing and one thing only, i.e. they are INCAPABLE of governing a country of 300,000+ people who

it be that the Honorable gentleman, on the advice of his “senior advisers” believes that he will achieve this by continuing to pen his weekly column in the Belize Times, “From the Desk of the Party Leader”? Oh, how I shudder to think. As to the latter, I believe it is consensus that everybody seeks a leader who will inspire hope and confidence. At no time is this more obvious than today when Belizeans are hoping for the proverbial “silver lining” behind the UDP’s “dark cloud”. The people of Belize are not foolish; nor are they unreasonable. The people of Belize are acutely aware that in Opposition, the PUP is not in a position to assist them materially. They understand that their PUP Area Representatives are limited in their capacity to help them with their multiple needs. What the people of Belize seek, however, is a Party Leader and a Party that will

Contributed by: Jeremy Robinson

give them hope even when they have every reason to be hopeless. Barrow and the UDP have inflicted and continue to inflict untold pain and anguish upon the people of Belize without remorse. The people of Belize now look to the PUP to administer the “shot in the arm” in order that they may gain some measure of relief from their insufferable pain. In the two years that Johnny Briceño has been the “Leader’’ of the PUP, he has failed to hold up the PUP as the “beacon of hope” for the suffering masses. No greater an indictment of this failure is there than the dismal protests staged at the final meeting of the House of Representatives for the year ending 2009. While the Party Leader/Leader of the Opposition ranted and raved about the UDP’s “privatization” of the Boledo, what could only be described as a silhouette of protesters, paraded helplessly on the steps of the National Assembly. Concurrently, there were no more than seven (7) protesters who had journeyed from La Isla Bonita to the Garden City to remonstrate against the 10% increase in water rates. This is but one of many instances which serves to underscore the “Leader’s’’ inability to inspire. Johnny’s failure, however, is not of his own doing but of the collective doing of those power hungry, selfserving, conspiring bastards whom he “insists’’ on surrounding himself with. At the final PUP “consultation’’ on the UDP Budget 2010/2011 held at St. Mary’s Hall, I swear that if I didn’t know better, I would’ve taught

that Anthony Mahler and Madam Chairwoman were “campaigning’’ during their remarks. Could someone gently remind these two losers of how RESOUNDINGLY the people of Belize City REJECTED them at the polls in 2006? Madam Chairwoman, if you persist in your stubbornness to LISTEN, then, allow me to paraphrase what “Patsy’’ Faber stated in the House of Representatives on Thursday during the Budget Debate, “If unu stil sen da wan shee da Collet, ah wahn beet ah laik wahn drom’’. Like my previous articles, the “Leader’’ and his “senior advisers’’ will take umbrage at this article because their “leadership’’ must not be “criticized’’. To them, I offer the words of Sir Winston Churchill, “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things”. In closing, I reiterate that today, March 30th is a significant date for all PUPs to consider both retrospectively and prospectively – Where have we been and where do we wish to go? Another significant date will be the date for when the PUP National Convention will be held. I humbly request of you, Mr. Party Leader that you make this date known to all parties concerned ASAP. Not only is it RIGHT. Not only is it NECESSARY but, BY GOD, it is TIME! It is now two years since Johnny has reigned as ‘’Leader’’ and in his own words, ‘’It is time to LEAD or LEAVE’’

BY ORDER OF MORTGAGEE NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED a statutory body formed and registered under the Credit Union Act, Chapter 314 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, and whose registered office is situated at No. 1 Hyde’s Lane, Belize City, Belize District hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under and by virtue of a Deed Creating Charge by way of Legal Mortgage registered at the Land Titles Register between those hereinafter named and the said Holy Redeemer Credit Union Limited. HRCU will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule below. ALL offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing to HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED from whom full particulars and conditions of sale my be obtained.

SCHEDULE ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 114 situate near Mile 8 ½ on the Western Highway, Belize District containing 772.22 square metres and being more particularly delineated and described as shown on Grant No. 157 of 1990 lodged at the Office of the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon, the freehold property of Albert Anthony Noralez.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010


THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE EXPOSES MARK ESPAT’s HYPOCRISY Continued from page 13 to them by the Hon. Said Musa and then Housing Minister Ralph Fonseca) earmarked for their constituencies into their private bank accounts. What I found suspicious is the fact that the Hon. Michael Finnegan did not reveal that information to the House; I wonder why? Let me try to help. Of the six PUP representatives, two of them happened to be from the Albert and Lake Independence divisions. Musa and Fonseca detractors, especially Rufus X, should note that Fort George and the Belize Rural Central constituencies were not a part of the six divisions. Do you still want to blame only Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca for the ‘08 election lost? According to Father X, Mark, Dean and Michael share a special relationship and an agreement so what do you expect Jack? A couple weeks ago when Hon. Said Musa was viciously attacked verbally and was called a “Stubborn Jackass” by Deane Olivia Barrow, one would have thought that protests would have come from the PUP members right there and then in the House. Instead, what we saw was a letter circulated via e-mail after the House meeting from Hon. Mark Espat protesting to the Speaker of the House about the PM’s misbehavior. Mark wanted us to think that he and only he alone is championing the PUP and Hon. Said Musa’s cause. With this move, Saint Mark got a lot of you guys believing that he meant well. Mark showed up at the National Party Council meeting held in the Belize Rural North Constituency, the home of former Minister Max Samuels, who Mark Espat openly despises. Mark pretended that he cared about the issues relevant to the PUP and made a big spectacle of himself and his “shadow” Cordel at the Party council meeting. As I said before, I am no fool and neither is the rank and file of the PUP. We know Mark Espat. When Mark wrote the Speaker, he circulated copies to all and sundries. Mark underestimated the Speaker of the House’s ability to get dirty and behave like a typical UDP. The Speaker of the House did not disappoint us in his reply to Mark. The Speaker wrote: “While I note your principled protest, the manner in which you have blind copied to the rest of Belize (which you have now given me free reign to do as well if I so choose after responding hereto) what I thought was a private channel of communication between us (initiated by you) is not professional or translucent. Accordingly, the level of privacy and legal privilege that I thought was there where we could openly discuss various issues from Zinc Fence topics to tax treaties et al is no longer there (or maybe was never there on your part) and as such, I would respectfully request that you replace my personal email, that I check sporadically and only when I have time with in order to keep it official.” Please tell me what more can I add to the Speaker’s response to Mark that I have not written before in my essays about Mark Espat. This

Deputy Leader of the PUP enjoys many private channels of communication, not only with Jules Vasquez and the Speaker of the House, but also with the leaders of the UDP and WAVE Radio (even nasty Joe Bradley) where they discuss our internal matters in the PUP. Remember the arrest of Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca? What about Joe Coye and his alleged corruption debacle? Guess what? Mark, Cordel, and Father X orchestrated these actions against these PUPs at Barrow’s residence right down the street from Father X’s house on Seashore Drive, Buttonwood Bay, Belize City. I continue with the Speaker’s letter exposing Mark Espat: “As you are aware, according to the Standing Orders, you would also note that the Conduct of the Speaker shall not be raised except upon motion made, but again, all rigid rules require a level of leniency lest they snap. I will also remind you now, that the time for any objection is then and there on a Point of Order rather than at a later date after reflection and polishing.” The Speaker concluded: “You will note that because the Leader of the Opposition chose to speak up then, I had asked that the member for Fort George and the PM sat and I listened to the Point of Order. In the specific instance, the aforesaid decision was made on that Point of Order but you also would have been welcome to state your input then or whenever you see them arise for decision”. Hon. Mark Espat, a graduate of Viterbo College in the USA, and now a threeterm Member of the House, understands the House rules much better than this first-term Speaker, so I hope you understand me when I refer to Hon. Mark Espat as a grandstander, mischief-maker and a hypocrite! Beware all PUPs, Mark Espat, the Leader of the local Hezbollah, has been exposed AGAIN! I cannot understand why the hell he is still a Deputy Leader of this great political Party. The leadership of this Party must be decisive and make the necessary stand against those that betrayed and continue to betray our Party and of those who plot to see the demise of the PUP. Stop wasting time attacking Gordon Smith and others for fighting for the masses of many disgruntled PUPs. In concluding, I must confess that I might not have the mental and physical agility to take on Hon. Mark Espat, however, I promise in my humble wisdom and the mighty pen, to expose the hypocrisy of the Hon. Mark Espat at every given opportunity. Thanks to the National Perspective, I will be his worst political nightmare until he is no longer a part of the PUP which he helped to bring into Opposition together with the help of his friends in the UDP and the Kremandala blood sucking empire. Mark Espat, the Leader of the local Hezbollah, has been exposed yet again, only this time, by the UDP Speaker of the House of Representatives, now a former confidant of the Espat clan. Happy Easter to all. Those that have Ears to hear. Hear!


ANNOUNCEMENTS Births Mario to Tomas and Rosario Coy nee Salam Emeri Zion to Collin Mervin and Zaira Mierelli Estrada nee Martinez Yasmin Ester to Darsi Gaspar and Karina Faviola Salazar nee Vidal Joel Alexander to Jose Guadalupe and Ana Yolanda Garcia nee Gonzalez Elissa Chelsey to Irineo and Melissa Nicole Salam nee Williams Kiana Reana to Filberto Emiliano and Cruzita Teck nee Bolon Hadassah Abigail to Julio Noel and Narda Carolina Pablo nee Nunez


Dennis William Toomey to Tammy Marie Conley both of New Jersey, USA Florencio Pablo Rodriguez Jr. to Laura Inelda Valladares both of Progresso, Corozal Alberto Rodriguez to Juanita Marisely Casanova both of Progresso, Corozal Amelio Acosta to Rosita Hernandez both of San Felipe, Orange Walk Robert Francis Castillo to Rosa Cenaida Saquil bot of Belmopan Michael Crispin Gladden to Ashley Shandy Terry both of Ladyville, Belize Answorth Erwin Dawson to Miriam Adela Rowland both of Sandhill, Belize Emilio Choc of San Jose, Toledo to Teresa Maria Pop of Red Bank, Stann Creek Kenneth Victor Bates of Caye Caulker, Belize to Nancy Jorgenson Holben of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Jan Koukal to Sarka Malinova both of Czech Republic Kelot Jean Michel to Moseda Jean Baptiste both of Belize City David Allan Cruz Jr. of Belmopan to Phillipa Veronica Rowley of Sittee River, Stann Creek Cyrus Mira to Erin Hogan both of Belmopan Cirilo Tzib to Dylane Mena both of San Antonio, Cayo Larson Cano to Ingris Navarijo both of Duck Run 1, Cayo Timothy McGough to Janie Samoila both of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo Fredy Velasquez to Lusbinne Perez both of San Jose Succotz, Cayo Luis Dominguez to Alicia Leonardo both of Duck Run II, Cayo Jerman Martinez to Ruth Noemy Flores both of Santa Cruz, Stann Creek Urbanos Teck to Crescencia Patt both of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo Elmer Patrick Patt to Miriam Raquel Pat both of Santa Familia, Cayo Edras Gamaliel Garcia to Marisol Elizabeth Orellano both of Burrell Boom, Belize Oscar Samayoa to Santos Garcia both of Armenia, Cayo Guillermo Antonio Choto to Hermelinda Esperanza Guzman both of Blackman Eddy, Cayo Sabino Isais Cayetano to Reina Florinda Zecena both of Valley of Peace, Cayo Ronaldo Gutierrez to Elda Pau both of Hope Creek, Stann Creek Miguel Angel Garcia to Maria Ines Portillo both of Middlesex, Stann Creek Nehemias Jesus Canto of San Antonio, Cayo to Lesbia Yadaina Morales of San Ignacio, Cayo Higinio Isaac Howe to Victoria Mai both of San Antonio, Cayo Jairo Hemer Babb to Rufina Erminia Santoya both of Chunox, Corozal

Deaths Mary Alberta Tebecca Wesby, 66 Ursula Martinez, 74 Avril Blanche Cleland, 76 Brent Orson Gabourel, 22 Osvaldo Edilberto Chable, 22 Kathleen Evadney Flowers, 76 Orlin Emmanuel Casasola, 72


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Fibromyalgia What Is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is the most common arthritis-related illness after osteoarthritis. Still, it is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic condition. Its characteristics include widespread muscle and joint pain and fatigue as well as other symptoms. Fibromyalgia can lead to depression and social isolation. In this overview of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), we’ll explain the symptoms. We’ll talk about diagnosis and treatment. We’ll also explain the impact fibromyalgia has on lives. The impact comes from the tremendous physical and psychological strains that come with FMS. Those strains can lead to loss of work hours, reduced income, and even loss of a job. What Is Fibromyalgia Syndrome? A syndrome is a set of symptoms. When they exist together, they imply the presence of a specific disease or a greater chance of developing the disease. With fibromyalgia syndrome, the following symptoms commonly occur together: anxiety or depression, decreased pain threshold or tender points, incapacitating fatigue and widespread pa in. Women are ten times more likely to get this disease than men and millions of people around the world suffer from Fibromyalgia. What Are Fibromyalgia Symptoms? Fibromyalgia causes you to ache all over. You may have symptoms of crippling fatigue -- even on arising. Specific tender points on the body may be painful to touch. You may experience swelling, disturbances in deep-level or restful sleep, and mood disturbances or depression. Your muscles may feel like they have been overworked or pulled. They’ll feel that way even without exercise or another cause. Sometimes, your muscles twitch, burn, or have deep stabbing pain. Some patients with fibromyalgia have pain and achiness around the joints in the neck, shoulder, back, and hips. This makes it difficult for them to sleep or exercise. Other fibromyalgia symptoms include: abdominal pain, anxiety and depression, chronic headaches, difficulty maintaining sleep or light sleep, dryness in mouth, nose, and eyes, fatigue upon arising, hypersensitivity to cold and/or heat, inability to concentrate (called “fibro fog”), incontinence and irritable bowel syndrome among others. Fibromyalgia can cause signs and feelings similar to osteoarthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis. Some experts

include it in this group of arthritis and related disorders. But the pain of bursitis or tendinitis is localized to a specific area. The feelings of pain and stiffness with fibromyalgia are widespread. What Tests Are Used to Diagnose Fibromyalgia? There are no specific laboratory tests to diagnose fibromyalgia. To make an accurate diagnosis, your doctor will rely on a comprehensive physical exam and your medical history. Fibromyalgia is mostly a diagnosis of exclusion. That means the doctor will rule out other conditions that could cause similar symptoms. To rule out more serious illnesses, your doctor may run some specific blood tests. For example, your doctor may ask for a complete blood count (CBC). The doctor may also ask for tests for chemicals, such as glucose, that can create problems similar to problems caused by fibromyalgia. A thyroid test may also be done. An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) can cause problems similar to fibromyalgia. That includes fatigue, muscle aches, weakness, and depression. What Tests Are Used to Diagnose Fibromyalgia? Other laboratory tests used to rule out serious illnesses may include Lyme titers, antinuclear antibodies (ANA), rheumatoid factor (RF), erythrocyte (red blood cell) sedimentation rate (ESR), prolactin level, and calcium level. Your doctor will also use a diagnosis

of inclusion. That means your doctor will make sure your symptoms satisfy the diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia syndrome outlined by the American College of Rheumatology. These criteria include widespread pain that persists for at least three months. Widespread pain refers to pain that occurs in both the right and left sides of the body, both above and below the waist, and in the chest, neck, and mid or lower back. The criteria also include the presence of tender points at various spots on the body. The doctor will evaluate the severity of related symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, and mood disorders. This will help measure the impact FMS has on your physical and emotional function as well as on your overall health-related quality of lif e. What Is the Standard Treatment for Fibromyalgia? There is no fibromyalgia cure. And there is no treatment that will address all of the fibromyalgia symptoms. Instead, a wide array of traditional and alternative treatments has been shown to be effective in treating this difficult syndrome. A treatment program may include a combination of medications, exercises -- both strengthening and aerobic conditioning -- and behavioral techniques. What Drugs Are Used to Treat Fibromyalgia? According to the American College of Rheumatology, drug therapy for fibromyalgia primarily treats the symptoms. The FDA has approved

three drugs to treat fibromyalgia: Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Savella. The FDA says Lyrica -- which is also used to treat nerve pain caused by shingles and diabetes -- can ease fibromyalgia pain for some patients. Cymbalta and Savella are in a class of drugs known as serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). Low doses of tricyclic drugs such as Flexeril, Cycloflex, Flexiban, Elavil, or Endep have been found effective in treating the pain of FMS. In addition, positive results have been shown with the antidepressants known as dual reuptake inhibitors ( Effexor). Ultram is a pain-relieving medicine that can be helpful. Your doctor may prescribe an antidepressant such as Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft. These drugs may help relieve feelings of depression, sleep disorders, and pain. Recently, researchers have found that the antiepileptic Neurontin is promising for fibromyalgia treatment. The nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), including Cox-2 inhibitors, have not been found to be effective for treating FMS pain. It’s usually best to avoid opioid pain medications because they tend not to work well in the longrun and can lead to problems with dependency. Are There Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia? Alternative therapies, although they are not well-tested, can help manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia. For instance, therapeutic massage manipulates the muscles and soft tissues of the body and helps ease deep muscle pain. It also helps relieve pain of tender points, muscles spasms, and tense muscles. Similarly, myofascial release therapy, which works on a broader range of muscles, can gently stretch, soften, lengthen, and realign the connective tissue to ease discomfort. The American Pain Society recommends moderately intense aerobic exercise at least two or three times a week. They also endorses clinicianassisted treatments, such as hypnosis, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and chiropractic manipulation for pain relief. Along with alternative therapies, it’s important to allow time each day to rest and relax. Relaxation therapies -- such as deep muscle relaxation or deep breathing exercises -- may help reduce the added stress that can trigger fibromyalgia symptoms. Having a regularly scheduled bedtime is also important. Sleep is essential to let the body repair itself.


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National Perspective April 4, 2010  
National Perspective April 4, 2010  

National Perspective April 4, 2010