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Over 50 - 5 ways to look younger Irrespective of your gender; whether male or female; everyone desires to gain their youth back. Persons above the age of 50 argue much about their youthful days and how they so desperately desire to go back to when they were young. They tend to remember how healthy and strong they were back then. But it might interest you to know that you can regain your youthful look back even after age 50 with the following tips I would outline shortly.

Eat Healthy Diet A healthy balanced diet would do: diets rich in vitamins, fibre and proteins, helps to synthesize human growth hormones for body use. Ideally it is advised you make these foods a component part of your diets: bananas, raspberries, avocados, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli and watermelons. These vegetables and fruits are natural sexual desire intensifiers.

You might also want to consider consuming antioxidant fruits. This also helps to reduce skin and face wrinkles and distortions, it is a natural remedy for regaining back your youthful skin without resorting to medicine. After you must have clocked the age of 50, the only possible and viable option one has is to take human growth hormones supplements by injection or in tablet form or sprays. Additionally, taking in certain liters of water daily will also go a long way to ensure that the body metabolism operates at a safe and healthy pace, 2-3 liters of water daily would really help. Daily exercise Engaging in Exercise is important for all ages, especially for persons above 50. You should also include strength and cardiovascular exercise in your routines. Cardiovascular exercise would get your blood cells pumping at a steady rate and strength exercises would tone flabby skins. Improved blood circulation helps to supply more oxygen and nutrient round the skin. Exercise can elevate supply of collagen and wrestles against dangerous free radicals present in the body. Rest Reduce the stress and lighten up your mood. General wears and wrinkles on skins can sometimes be created by stress. Engaging in relaxation exercises often may not really reduce the already done damage, but it can go a long way to prevent aging on skin and tend to slow it down appreciably from that point. Another trick could be to laugh at some point throughout the day. Stress hormones in the body are drastically reduced and face muscles would be forced to relax. If

there is nothing around you to laugh about, you watch comedians perform or use the internet to source for jokes. The place of sleep cannot be ignored and one is encouraged to engage in 5 - 8 hours of sleep minimum each night. Eyes denied of sleep could make one look older, but getting enough sleep can keep you fresh and young. So, next time, you could do well to hug your bed tight for a straight five hours or more. Use of skin and lips moisturizers As you age, your skin tends to dry out, and a dry skin tends to be distorted and wrinkled. A moisturizing cream on your face could come handy, which is known as face lotion. It is also important to note that a hand lotion shouldn’t be used on the face. Reason being that hand lotion might be higher in strength to face lotion and could lead to break out. It is pertinent to note that a face lotion should be used for the face and not vice versa.

Quit the habit of smoking Smoking distorts the appearance of the skin and it gives the nails and teeth a displeasing yellow coloration. Putting an absolute stop to the habit of smoking might make you look ten years younger. To become young and smart & healthy read fitness tips by expert here:

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Over 50 - 5 ways to look younger: