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The Illuminator May 2014

We, the Illuminator, are here to bring the Central community the news they want to know, also we’ll be showcasing art, photography, music, events, and the stories that matter to the Central High School community.

The Team Editor In Chief: Taler Thomas Managing Editor: Bailey Kachtik Staff writers Emily Mitchell Mary Clark Alex Tidwell Abigail Goodman Christian Velazquez Raygan Janowski Madeleine Worrall Erin Mangin Claire Bell Jadyn Fore

Editorial Board Charlea Owen Rachel Murray ADVISER Mrs. Natalie Brown

Letter from the editor For this issue of the Illuminator, I wanted to do something fun. Summer is coming, graduation is approaching, and soon high school will just be a memory, so let’s celebrate. Enjoy who you are right now, in this moment, because you will never be exactly the same again. Love always, Taler


Top Ten 90s Trends By: Alex Tidwell, Opinion Writer Within the realm of fashion, trends are seen recycled and reborn through out the years. While old pictures of your parents remain fun to ridicule, you might find yourself plowing through their closets this season, dawning some of the very same threads they sported twenty years ago!

Wha t best ’s the t to co hing m of th e out e 90 s?

The Illuminator May 2014

“Full House.” - Susan Qaddura, senior


“Cartoons.” - Sophie Pelayo, senior

The Illuminator May 2014

9 Trends We Wish Would Disappear By: Alex Tidwell, Opinion Writer

Following trends are apart of fashion, it just goes with the territory, but some things are better left in the past. With that being said, we present to you the nine worst trends circulating through campus! Central high school has spoken!

Mens List:

Women’s List:

1. Socks and Slides “It shows you don’t care how you look.” - Diego Gomez, sophomore

1. Tacky Graphic Shirts ‘We are not in sixth grade anymore! Ed Hardy ain’t rockin’ it this year!’ - Melinda Arevalo, senior

2. Plaid Shorts ‘I just don’t like them.” - Bryan Garcia, senior 3. Embellished Jeans “It’s nasty!” - Austin Niemeyer, sophomore 4. Chubbies “Guys shouldn’t be showing their legs.” - Kelsie Thomas, sophomore 5. Santa beards/ Unkempt facial hair ‘It looks like a nest on your face.’ - Adrian Gallegos, senior 6. Bro-tanks ‘They make you look like a slob, like you just rolled out of bed.” - Katherine Sloan Scott, junior 7. Gym Apparel ‘They look stupid when they’re too big and sag.” - Travis Hammer, junior 8. Cargos ‘Are you trying to impress your mom?’ - Aldo Ojeda, senior 9. Wrap around shades ‘They look tacky to be honest.’ - Lauren Guzman, freshman

2. Neon Bandeaus ‘They make you look immodest and not very classy.’ - Elaine Jalovec, senior 3. Sequin Overload ‘You don’t need to be sparklin’! Do not wear sparkles!’ - Lauren Guiso, senior 4. Acid Washed Jeans ‘We’re not in seventh grade anymore; high school is not an episode of Saved By The Bell.’ - Tegan Brand, senior 5. Balloon Pants ‘Why do you have parachutes for pants?’ - Luke Trujillo, senior 6. Liquid Leggings ‘No one wants to see your butt.’ - Bethany De’ Vore, sophomore 7. Foam Flip Flops ‘They look like hobo shoes.’ - Madeleine Worrall, junior 8. Sneaker Wedges ‘That’s not cute.’ - Selena Garcia, sophomore 9. Plastic/Costume Jewelry ‘Every time I think of plastic jewelry, I think of 5 year olds at Halloween parties.’ - Erin Quinn, senior


1. When using bobby pins, for a tighter grip flip the bobby pin upside down to where the zig zag side in pressed down onto your hair. 2. Apply chapstick BEFORE applying lipstick. 3. Use excess eye cream on cuticles to avoid dry skin around your nail. 4. To prevent hair color from fading, use a conditioning treatment bi-weekly.

16. After a spray-tan, moisturize every day two times a day, this keeps the tan fresh and prevents the blotchy effect that most spray-tans have.

17. Don’t pick your zits, the bacteria on your fingers creates more redness. 18. To avoid greasy hair, keep the conditioner to a minimum.

5. Always allow two fingers from your nose to where your blush starts. 19. When wearing red lipstick, use a red lip pencil around your lips first to avoid the lipstick from smudging. 6. Balance the shimmer. If you do a shimmer eye, do a matte lip and visa20. Try to not wash your hair everyday. versa. Excessive shampoo use leaves hair and scalp dry, causing the scalp to produce 7. Brush out your curly hair with your more moisture to make up for the dryness. fingers to give your hair that tousled look. 21. Use concealer on your eyelids for long lasting eye shadow. 8. Wear white eyeliner to hide redness around your eyes. 22. Biotin is great vitamin to take for healthier, longer, hair and nails. Madeliene Worrall, Staff Writter 9. For the perfect cat eye, you need a tapered brush. 23. Use a makeup-sealing product to have all day-all night lasting makeup.

50 beauty



The Illuminator May 2014

10. Bronzer in the summer, blush in the winter. 11. Before you blow-dry your hair, flip your head over and use a root lifting spray for more volume. 12. Always use sunscreen, protect your skin!

13. Never sleep with your makeup on. Make sure to cleanse your pores every night and every morning before applying your cosmetics. 14. Leave eyebrow tweezing to the professionals. 15. During the summer months, try using a tinted moisturizer instead


24. Carrots are good for your hair. 25. DON’T BRUSH WET HAIR. Comb it through. Using a paddle brush on wet hair causes major split ends. 26. Protect hair with scarfs or hats in the summer. 27. Tweeze your eyebrows in the direction they grow. 28. When you put on mascara, don’t lower your chin- that’s how mascara gets on your eyelid.

The Illuminator May 2014 29. Never put mascara on your lower lashes. 30. Never squeeze your pimples. It causes scars or pits. 31. For soft lips, use a damp, warm washcloth at night to rub off dead skin.

32. Smile when putting on your lipstick to ensure full coverage. 33. Apply lotion after getting out of the shower, when your skin is still damp. 34. Use baby oil gel instead of shaving cream for extra smooth legs.


can’t even..


The guys tell us their opinion on makeup.

“Please stop penciling in your eyebrows..” -Will Radtke (12)

35. Q-tips are the most valuable tool when applying makeup.

“If you can clearly see the difference between your face and your neck color, you probably are wearing too much makeup.” -Ambrose Morgan (12)

36. Using men’s deodorant is never okay.

37. Floss daily. 38. Change your pillowcase regularly. This can prevent face breakouts. 39. Drink lots of water to keep your hair, nails and skin hydrated! 40. The best brand nail polish of all time is “Butter”. 41. Don’t share makeup brushes with someone else. The bacteria from that persons face will be on your brush and will get on you face causing a breakout. 42. Before applying makeup, use a face moisturizer first. 43. Do your eye makeup before doing your face makeup to give yourself a chance to dust off excess eye shadow without interfering with your foundation.

44. Blue eye shadow is never okay. 45. Try to save black eyeliner for the evening, use light brown or colored eyeliner during the day to create a natural look.

“Cat eyes are creepy, I dont like them.” -Aj McCoy (12) “I hate too much makeup on any girl, the ‘cake face’ is not attractive.” -Walter Obot (10)

46. Unless you are Hannah Montana, glitter on your eyelid is not flattering. 47. Using too much aluminizing face products can make you look sweaty. 48. Get rid of the eyelash curler. 49. Don’t go spend your entire paycheck on high end products, sometimes the drug store stuff works the best.

“I dont like any makeup at all. I think girls are naturally beautiful and makeup just hides that.” -Wilder Ring (11)

50. After applying liquid eyeliner, use a black eye shadow over the line for long lasting results.



High Waisted Shorts By: Alex Tidwell, Opinion Writer

The Illuminator May 2014

Cute face, teeny waist, and a perfect behind? That’s right; you guessed it, the topic on hand is high waisted shorts! Some have the opinion that a high waistline is a thing of the past, however it remains one of the few ways to turn a drabby outfit into an effortless masterpiece. So now you may be asking yourself, “Where can I get a pair of these beauties?’ Have no fear children, the answers are steadily approaching. You could always blow 20$ on a cheaply made pair from your local Target, or you could get crafty and design your own! Making your own shorts allows more room for creativity, not to mention how inexpensive the process is. Enough banter! Assuming interests have been peaked, prepare for the ultimate guide to DIY-ing your very own pair of high waisted shorts!


1. Head to a thrift store. (Places like Goodwill, Haltom City Thrift, and Thrift Town all offer denim pants reasonably priced between 1-5$) 2. Purchase said pair of pants. (Whether it be Levi’s or Calvin Kleins, make sure whichever pair you choose is complimentary of your figure and fits at the waistline.) 3. Fold jeans in half, having pockets faced towards the ceiling. 4. Decide a suitable length for your shorts. (Be careful with this one! Remember, it’s easy to make

things shorter but it’s hard to add length back on.) 5. Using a sharpie, mark where you want your shorts to fall. 6. Snip diagonally along the marked line. 7. Repeat with other pant leg. 8. Put on your new pair of shorts and adjust accordingly. Feel free to sew on patches, studs, or whatever else you like for embellishment!

Viola! Following these eight easy steps ensures hot new threads and a turn of heads! Saving money and looking great? What more could you want?

The Illuminator May 2014

The Flaws of Perfection

By: Rachel Murray, Editorial Board

Have you ever looked in a magazine at a picture of your favorite celebrity and thought, “Wow, how are they so perfect?” Well chances are that picture you saw had been put through countless editors and enhancers, making the photo what everyone calls today, “photo shopped.” If athletes can’t use steroids to enhance their bodies, then why should models and products be able to use photo shop to make their advertisements look better? Photoshop makes products or models appear better than they actually are. Customers are often unhappy after buying products because they look or work nothing like the advertisement showed. Photo shopping in advertisements scams many people all over the world. Some ads are so misleading that they can create an impossible form of beauty of what we call “perfection.” How many of you could say that you have ordered a McDonalds burger that looks exactly like the ones on

commercials or in magazines? For people who have never ordered one before, that could leave them unsatisfied, while to people like you and me, we are used to the picture being way better than the actual thing. The same concept applies to people in advertisements. Models are created to look perfect, sometimes even un-proportional or impossibly beautiful. Overly photo shopped pictures or misuse of the technology poses a serious threat to the photojournalist’s credibility. As photo shop makes models look impossibly attractive, many people feel the need to do anything to reach “perfection.” Many people, mainly younger women, become victims of digitally altered photos. Anorexia affects 1.2 million people in this country. Girls get their ideas of what healthy is and desirable from magazines and they feel like they have to be perfect. Most celebrities hire someone to make sure any picture of them doesn’t get published until it

is photo shopped to look good enough for publicity. As these celebrities are role models for thousands of people, it makes their fans strive to be as “perfect” as them. People spend hours putting on makeup, taking “selfies,” and using photo editing apps to Photoshop their photos. With today’s technology, girls are photo shopping their photos by themselves just with a few clicks on their Smartphone. The definition of beauty is changing all the time. Businesses are making a lot of money by scamming people with misleading advertisements. People are becoming sick with anorexia because they are striving to become as “perfect” as the photo shopped models in magazines. Photo shop is unfair to customers and should be only used for pictures that aren’t in an advertisement or magazine. Athletes can’t use steroids to make them look and play better and neither should models use photo shop to make them look “perfect” or impossibly attractive.

Get The Facts 70% of Americans believe that if the media changed their models to more average woman, it would help the problem

82% of Americans believe that eating disorders are related to mental or physical illness but 12% believe it’s all related to vanity

86% of Americans believe that schools should provide information about eating disorders

85% of Americans believe that eating disorders should be covered by insurance companies


Skinny S skinny Love

The Illuminator May 2014

By: Madeleine Worrall, Opinion Writer

From the time I was a fifth grader at Parkwood Hill Intermediate to an incoming senior, I have been in a constant battle over the amount of weight I carry or lack thereof. Over time I’ve grown to absolutely despise being reminded of how skinny I am. Compliment or not, the word skinny does nothing for me. I am aware that I have very little “meat on my bones”. As a 5’10’’, still-developing, -at the time- volleyball-playing, teenage girl with a high metabolism, I struggle to gain weight. As much as I would love to, no matter how many carbs or how much protein I eat, I do not gain or maintain weight easily. To some of the readers, this may seem like a ridiculously annoying complaint to have, but just like the women in the world who want to lose weight and don’t appreciate the word “fat” there are women in the world who want to gain weight and do not appreciate the word “skinny”. Growing up I dealt with many harsh comments and cruel people who sought out to destroy my self esteem. “Walking stick” and “giraffe” were very popular in middle school and many false rumors were spread that I was anorexic and/or bulimic. I went through a stage in my life where I started to believe that I was too skinny, and that I actually might be unhealthy.


I started to gorge myself and became very persistent about stepping on the scale. When picking an outfit to wear, I only wanted to wear clothing that was two sizes too big so that it took attention away from the thinness of my waist and the boniness of the rest of my body. I didn’t like my body; I didn’t like the way I looked at all for a long time. Adults would at times ask me if I was feeling okay, or ask me about my eating habits. The most recent encounter I had with a judgmental adult was my sophomore year. My Pre-AP English teacher asked me in front of the entire class if I had lost weight followed by “well you can’t afford to lose anymore sweetheart”. Sitting in my desk trying to hide the tears that streamed down my obviously skinny cheekbones, I eventually walked out of the class and went home. The complete and total lack of sympathy was so unsettling to me. My mom started to worry and later put me on a meal replacement plan in hopes to boost my confidence in a healthy way. After a while of stuffing myself with granola bars, drinking vitamin enriched shakes and energy boosted water mixes I realized how absolutely stupid it was to let what other people thought of me determine what I thought of myself.

I knew that I was perfectly healthy and that all the rumors were not true. I got off the plan and continued eating regular food that I enjoyed without being so worried about stepping on the scale. I realized that seeking other people’s approval would never truly make me happy. I had to learn to love myself and all the boniness included. Many people now would be absolutely amazed by how much food I do consume in a day. I’m no longer worried about gaining weight or the amount of food I eat. I’m no longer allowing myself focus on the outer appearance of my body, but of the inner worth of my character. Today as a 5’10’’, still-developing, non volleyball-playing, teenage girl with a high metabolism, I do not care about my struggle to gain weight. I love everything about myself, I love that my spine sticks out, I love that my fingers are ten miles long and pencil width thin and that my hip bones stick out of my jeans. I’ve learned to love the flaws that I used to hide. The rude opinions of others now go through one ear and out the other, and the compliments are now taken with pride followed by a sincere “thank you”. I am Madeleine Worrall, 5’10’’ 118 lbs. and I no longer allow myself to struggle.

The Illuminator May 2014

Struggles The



By: Alex Tidwell, Opinion Writer

In modern day it seems as if the media runs everything. Both our perceptions and ideas are molded by tabloids, pop culture and the luxurious lives of heiresses and celebrities alike. We are conditioned from a young age to strive for perfection. This abrasive negativity is all around us—billboards, commercials and gossip programs spread the notion that if you’re not ‘x-y-z’ you’re not good enough to bother with. There’s always a new diet pill, an innovative way to lose weight without centralizing on health, shaping you into the person America believes to be satisfactory. But isn’t this system more contradictory than anything else? How can we promote the idea that a size two is ideal, while bombarding our people with ads and coupons for fast food? How can we have the audacity to label obesity as a disease when it is entirely self made? Our dietary decisions are causing a shift in psyche. Elementary level girls are ashamed of their growing bodies due to

harmful reinforcement placed throughout media, but are torn when school lunches offer nothing but greasy pizza and grade C meat chicken nuggets. Instead of focusing on a certain ‘look,’ or the infamous thigh gap everyone so ridiculously strives for, shouldn’t we be promoting health and nutrition as well as fitness? Starving yourself all day to indulge in a DQ blizzard in the evening is not the answer. Weighing yourself obsessively and crying over water weight is most definitely not the solution. Unless we embrace health and the ‘be the best you that you can be’ mantra, we are stuck in this vicious web of junk food and self hatred. Eating disorders are on the rise, as well as the childhood obesity epidemic. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 3 children in the United States is born with diabetes. That’s a disgusting statistic and we have none other than ourselves to blame. It has become socially acceptable

to be 300 pounds; it has become socially acceptable to grocery shop in hover-rounds. Just visit your local Walmart and feast your eyes on otherwise able-bodied 30-year-old men on respirators due to uncontrollable amounts of fat surrounding their lungs and heart; dissect the prices of our groceries. Why is broccoli 2.69 a pound, when CocaCola products and cheese puffs are constantly on sale? Why is fat shaming taboo when America holds first place as the fattest country in the world? Are we forever destined to these two major extremes, the starving and the gluttoness? As time progresses, the children of today will be the future of tomorrow. The only way to end the horrendous cycle is to start from the root forward. Demand better lunches, implement outdoor playtime, and teach the food pyramid in our schools as well as self-love. Progression isn’t difficult, for the odds are just within reach.



Make it in a MUG: DIY

(Do it yourself)

Rachel Murray, Editorial Board Photo source:

Mac & Cheese: Ingredients: -1 cup water - ½ cup elbow macaroni - ½ cup cheeses of choice

The Illuminator May 2014

Directions: 1. Put macaroni in a mug and pour in water. (You can add more or less depending on mug size.)


2. Microwave on high for 8 minutes pausing at the 2 and 5 min mark to stir. 3. Add cheese of your choice to pasta mixing with the small amount of water left. 4. If cheese does not completely melt, put mug back in microwave for 30-

60 seconds. 5.

Stir then enjoy!

Chocolate Cake: Ingredients: - 2 tbsp all purpose flour - 1 tbsp brown sugar - 2 tbsp cocoa powder - 3 tbsp milk - 1 tbsp canola oil - ¼ tsp baking powder - ½ tsp vanilla extract

Directions: 1. Combine all dry ingredients in mug. 2. Add all other ingredients and mix well until batter is smooth. 3. Microwave on high for 40-60 seconds. 4. Let cool and enjoy!

French Toast: Ingredients: - 1-2 pieces of bread cut into small cubes - Butter - Egg - 3 tbsp milk - Cinnamon - Syrup (optional)

Directions: 1. Butter the inside of a mug by melting or spreading. 2. Add egg, milk, and sprinkle as much cinnamon as you want into the mug. 3. Add the bread to the mixture and mix so that the bread is soaked in the mixture. 4. Put mug in microwave for 60-80 seconds, or until cooked to your liking. 5. Add syrup, or any other topping.

Omelet: Ingredients: - 2 eggs - 1 tbsp flour - 1 tbsp milk - 1 tbsp grated cheese - 2 tbsp diced green pepper - 2 tbsp diced onion - Meat of your choice (optional) - Salt/Pepper (optional)

Directions: 1. In small bowl or directly into your mug, add all ingredients. Make sure eggs are beaten and all ingredients mixed evenly. 2. Microwave for 1 ½- 2 mins, checking halfway. 3. Let cool, and enjoy!


Alex Tidwell, staff Writer Busy and typically on the go, but don’t want to sacrifice calories as well as taste? Have no fear, for the cheat eats list you were waiting for has arrived! Yes friends, it is possible to eat from major chains without packing on the uncomfortable bulge. While health is another story, these mouth watering guilty pleasures are sure to be kind on your conscious as well as waistline.

The Illuminator

May 2014

Cheat eats What’s your favorite fast food place? Chick-fil-A: 18 In-n-out: 2 Chipotle: 7 Wendy’s: 2 Subway: 1 Dairy Queen: 5 Chicken Express: 2 Whataburger: 5 Sonic: 3 45 Central Students were interviewed. Graphic: Rachel Murray, Editorial Board.


Chipotle: 3 Barbacoa (braised beef) Tacos on soft corn tortillas with lettuce and tomato salsa; 405 calories, 10g fat (2.5g saturated).


Domino’s: For a slice of Thin Crust Cheese Pizza; 193.5 calories 9.8g of fat, and 7g of protein


Chick-fil-a: Grilled Chicken cool wrap; 410 calories, 12g of fat, 8g of fiber, and 34g of protein.


In-n-out: Hamburger w/ onion, lettuce, ketchup, and mustard; 310 calories, 10g of fat, 3g of fiber, and 16g of protein.


Subway: Various Soups (Cream of Broccoli, Minestrone, New England Clam Chowder, Chicken Noodle, Chicken and Rice, Vegetable Beef, and Garden Vegetable) all less than 160 calories. Opt for a cup instead of chips with your combo.


McDonalds: Fruit & Yogurt Parfait w/ granola; 160 calories, 2g of fat, and 4g of protein.


Concert Review: Suburbia Music Festival 2014 By: Mary Clark, Staff Writer

The Illuminator May 2014

For active concert goers, the spring music festivals are the kickoff of the year. Often we’ll have a line-up of four to five concerts for the year by May, and festivals are an excellent way to get yourself pumped for a year of musical adventure. Although thoroughly expensive and, more often than not, extremely hot - music festivals are the key attractions of the year for concert junkies everywhere. The first ever Suburbia Music Festival, which took place in Plano, May 3-4, has so far been one of the biggest musically proclaimed events of the spring. Right up there with 102.1’s Edge Fest and the upcoming Warped Tour in June, Suburbia has easily earned its place as one of the most anticipated weekends of the year. With popular artists such as J. Cole, David Guetta, and American Authors to up-and-coming artists like Twenty One Pilots and The O’s to lesser known acts like Small Pools - Suburbia hit almost every musical genre,


making the event appealing to all different kinds of people. The festival was held at a the Oak Point Nature Reserve and through the exhaustive heat and lengthy walk from the parking lot to the three main stages, the festival was all around an incredible experience. The park was an excellent location because the canopy of trees surrounding the perimeter, providing shade from the harsh sun and fresh air for everyone smushed together in the crowd. Inside the festival, everyone was drawn in by music by the many talented artists and the amount of energy pulsing through the crowd was almost magical. The three stages are set up in a triangle with plenty of room for attendees to migrate from set to set. People of all ages were lounging in the comfortable grass, appreciating the bands from afar, to crowding into a giant mass of fans are the front of the stage where the artists were close enough to touch. Hearts pounding from the deafening volume

(Above: Twenty One Pilots setting stage; to the right: Excited fans entering festival.)

of not only the music playing, but the roar of the crowd, there wasn’t a moment when the energy ceased. Leaving the festival at the end of the day on Sunday evening was difficult - and not only because the suffocating heat made it hard to make the trek back to the parking lot. It was extremely hard to leave behind the weekend of fun, energy, and entertainment. The event was truly something to remember. Being surrounded by thousands of people who enjoy the same music you do, singing along to every word, and watching your favorite band is an experience that can hardly be shared through words. I know that I will definitely be attending Suburbia Music Festival 2015 - and so should you. If you’re a concert junkie like myself, this is an event that you won’t want to miss next spring.

The Illuminator May 2014

Artists You should know By: Taler Thomas, Editor and Chief

Pop: Haim This trio of sisters leans toward having a pop-rock sound that could have been taken straight from the eighties, which you can easily hear in songs like Forever or Falling. They go all the way with whimsical snyth tunes, breathy vocals, and danceable rhythms. The guitar sounds are reminiscent of the artificiality of early video game and bear-trap drums that snap into an echo. The content of their music revolves loosely around heartbreak, although they refrain from sounding pitiful or selfsorry. Haim has a confidence about them and they show it in a way that lets people know they have nothing to prove.

Indie: Japanese Motors With a pro surfer at lead vocals, and a drummer who used to design surf gear for Hurley, it is easy to see where the Japanese Motors get their easy-going, sun-drenched sound. Often referred to as surf rock, the band uses playful guitar riffs and sounds from the oceans and seagulls, to give their music a very coastal and beachy vibe, like in Single Fins & Safety Pins or Spendin’ Days. The bands lead singer moans empty lyrics in a very Garage Rock kind of way, about hanging out at the beach, going out with friends, and of course, girls. The vocals tend to sound similar to The Strokes, but some consider them to be the East Coast Vampire Weekend.

Rap: Yung Lean Sixteen-year old Swedish rapper, Yung Lean’s music is entrancing. His use of faded beats practically moves your head for you despite the generally mellow tempos. His music carries a spacious or atmospheric vibe by generously using reverb and hypnotic synth tunes. He raps in what comes out like a mumble and there is nothing particularly special about his lyrics, but with incredible beats in the background to pick up the slack, those quirks are considered to be apart of his charm.

Electronic: Sam Smith Sam Smith’s music is what I like to call Electronic R&B. He uses synths to make up the music that backs his golden pipes. His low notes are rich and his falsetto stratospheric. Smith has the perfect voice for love songs, which luckily he primarily sings, although never having been in love. Sam Smith is at his finest in the track Safe With Me off the E.p Nirvana, where the different percussions in the background compliment his soulful voice and practically make you feel is emotions.

Folk: Jake Bugg Commonly seen as this generations Bob Dylan, bad boy Jake Bugg takes the spirit of a dated genre and brings it up to date. His music relies heavily on deliberate guitar strums that give his music a little bit of a bluegrass feel, and vocals that sound like they were run through a 1950’s stage mic, rather than a digital workspace. His music also has strong characteristics of rock and roll in songs like Messed Up Kids and Slumville Sunrise, where he uses strong electric guitar and antsy lyrics that scream teenage restlessness.

Alternative: Nicole Atkins Sometimes called Psychedelic-Space Rock, Nicole Atkins’s music features heavy base lines, intoxicating synth tunes, and smooth, sultry vocals. Her lyrics are descriptive, creating pictures for listeners to get lost in. Drawing influences from artists like ZZ Top, Atkins writes a lot of burning down your past and embracing the future, such as in the song Gasoline Bride off of her new album Slow Phaser. images courtesy of




By: Bailey Kachtik, Opinion Writer Anthem by Ayn Rand is a book that we are all pretty familiar with. This book was probably one of the best books that I read all four years of my high school career. I thought it was very insightful and interesting to see a different society. This was the first book I had read that was a dystopian and it was one of the most different since then. The entire book the main character speaks in we’s and our’s because no one is their own person. His name is Equality 7-2521 and he is given a position without any care for his personal preferences when he leaves the home for young children. As children they never meet their parents, who only breed once a year at the breeding house, and grow up being taught that they are not an individual. Equality 7-2521 is different because his mind is filled with questions. The book follows him as he begins to answer some

of these and makes a new path for himself. I enjoyed the story and it interested me how society actually regressed from before because all knowledge was destroyed. If you are assigned this book to read I strongly recommend reading it because it is definitely worth it plus it is a pretty short and easy read. Lord of the flies by William Golding is another good book but it was definitely not my favorite. The story of a bunch of boys crashing on an island and beginning a society based on there every whim. There are two main boys who gain control of the island; one wants some structure while the other loves cruelty. The book follows them as they struggle to find the right way to live and a way off the dreaded island. This is pretty good and I definitely suggest you read it when this book is assigned because it is a big conversation

starter; are what the boys doing right? What would you do if you were in the boy’s position? I found it really insightful on how children’s minds work and how the world would go if there were no rules to guide us. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is probably one of the worst books out there in my opinion. It was so boring and I really had no care for it. The story is about yams and a man who refuses to leave his ways behind. He is a hard workingman but has no care for accepting others. The entire book is about this man and his stubbornness, which results in his death as his village is taken over. I suggest you spark note this book, and the English teachers for this will probably be angry at me, but I mean it. Don’t even open the first page because it is truly awful.

The Illuminator May 2014

What’s Your favorite book..?


Lord of the rings. “I love the adventures,” said Haley Stroud, freshman. Graceling. “She has all these odds up against her, but she still manages to have her happily ever after,” said Heather Tallent, Senior. Inheritance. “ I love that it is so immersive. It draws me in, and I have no trouble imagining it,” said Tyson Mailloux, freshman. Pride & Prejudice. “It’s romantic,” said Megan Coleman, senior. The Fault in Our Stars. “I can’t get over the big twist at the end,” said Jade Garcia, sophomore.

The Illuminator May 2014

under the cover & between the pages By Bailey Kachtik, Editorial Board

If you are a fan of dystopian novels... This book takes place in a scene similar to the Hunger Games as the destroyed world is split up into sectors. Cia lives in a sector with her family and her father went through a thing called the testing. Once a child graduates from the younger schooling, top students are chosen to take part of it. No one has been chosen from her sector for many years but a new headmaster means that students will be chosen this year. Cia is excited at first to be chosen for this great honor but her father is not so happy. He can’t quite remember what happened during his testing, because they are given a serum that makes them forget, but he knows it wasn’t quite so good as its made out to be. Cia must now face her uncertain future and grueling hardships. This futuristic book shows a world that is controlled completely by the government, but which dystopian novel doesn’t now a days. The story follows two different people who grow up in very different parts of the city. Day is a lowly criminal who was deemed stupid when he took his test to join the government, although he is truly very smart. His family lives in the dump and is harassed by the government workers as a disease is spreading quickly. On the other hand, June is a prodigy who is being brought up to be the next greatest government official. She lives with her brother, but when he is killed his death is blamed on Day. June vows to get vengeance and take him down but what is the truth is the question.

If You are a fan of realistic fictions... Ok. I know how this book looks from the cover but this book actually surprised me. It had an interesting storyline instead of the usual star crossed lovers with woes and not being able to be in love with each other because no one would understand. The backstory of each character is pretty unique as Echo is trying to remember what happened to her the night everything changed. She has scars on her arms and her mom was somehow involved but she isn’t being told what exactly happened. Noah is the druggie who used to be an amazing basketball player but then his parents ended up dying. His brothers are in the foster system and they are about to be adopted but he wants to save them from that life.

This is going to be a movie soon so that is really exciting. Anyway this is about a girl who goes on a regular trip one day with her parents when one second changes everything as they are hit by a car. Mia wakes up to find that she is in a coma and is really like a spirit next to her body. Her parents were killed in the crash and her brother is also in intensive care. Mia reminisces on her life as she is in her comatose state and she has to make decisions on whether she wants to fight for life or whither and fall to death.


Attention seniors Harley Clawson Opinion Writer

With the end of the year approaching, students find themselves lost in a sea of AP tests, banquets, final exams and summer plans. With so many things happening at once it’s easy for students to lose track of it all, especially seniors. So, for seniors who are blinded with senioritis and unprepared for quickly approaching due dates, here are a few reminders. • Semester exams will be given the week of May 27 - May 29. There will be a normal class schedule. There is no shortened schedule. • Semester grade average in the class must be no lower than an 85 to be exempt. • Student may have no more that two unexcused absences. School sponsored activities, religious holidays, recognized college visits and doctor appointments do not count against you. • An unexcused absence on the day of your exam WILL count against you. So if you have two unexcused absences and become exempt for your final, then skip on the day of your final, it will count against you as three unexcused absences. You will have then exceeded the amount of absences allowed for an exemption and will no longer be exempt. Think wisely. • On May 30 there will be a senior awards assembly that will be held in the Fine Arts Center from 8:30 - 10:00 am. Afterwards a mandatory graduation practice will be held in the main gym from 10:15 - noon. • All fees must be paid in order to walk across the stage at graduation. • Tickets for graduation will be distributed towards the end of graduation practice. Graduation will be held at the College Park Center at the University of Texas at Arlington on Saturday May 31 at 4 p.m.. • Project graduation will be held after graduation at Main Event in Fort Worth. Doors will lock at 12:30 a.m.. If you have any question please refer to Mr. Scott Goodwin.


The Illuminator May 2014

Taler Thomas Opinion Writer


A lot of people, underclassmen especially, claim to suffer from “senioritis,” but if you have it, you know! Senioritis isn’t just the inclination to not do anything, but it’s the burning desire to be done. So done that your attendance drops, your grades falter, and that stylish persona you’ve done such a great job keeping up all year fails. Calling the lack of motivation to complete an assignment or go to class a burning a desire would be an understatement. I would sooner cut off my left pinky toe than turn in one more English paper. Senioritis is literally like a wave of exhaustion and

once it hits you there is no escaping until graduation day. I was always one of the underclassman that claimed to suffer from senioritis because I’ve always worked closely with procrastination and never had the desire to even try for semidecent attendance. People used to ask me why I didn’t try and have better attendance in order to qualify for exemptions and my response always went something like “Why miss only 2 days a semester in order to get 1 free day at the end of the year when I could have 9,” although this year my response is closer to

“why only miss 2 days a semester when I can miss as many as I want and make the time up later?” The thing about Senioritis however is that it starts off slow. A missed day here, a late assignment there, but before you know it your sitting up at the school on a Saturday morning, like yours truly, because you have way to many tutorials to make up.

The Illuminator May 2014

Life after high school Raygan Janowski Staff Writer I know you’re thinking life outside of high school can be a really scary thing to meditate on but, the knowledge of a place much bigger and better might help minimize your stress a little bit. Independence waits just around the corner. High school is the last frontier to cross before the responsibility of adult hood takes place. School is not just about figur-

ing out careers and how to get a high paying job after graduation. It’s a place for learning about yourself and the world. Graduating high school is not something to take lightly. Days of socializing with friends and carefree learning are done and over with. Lots of students see high school as a chore, something to just leave behind and forget however, reality is that

when its over and life starts and real world sets in. The process of setting your own destiny becomes your responsibility. It’s all up to you. Which path will you take? Because now the decisions you make can and will affect your future for the rest of your life.

sporty seniors

Jayden Fore, Graphic Designer








anti-Bullying student created organization by: Claire Bell, Staff Writer We’ve heard it all form our teachers, principles and superintendents. Anti-Bullying programs filled with pep-a-rallies and prizes. But now, a student of CHS has made her own organization without all the glitz and glamour. Her name is Taylor Beach and it’s called “Stand”, a group of people simply helping other people. Taylor Beach is the founder and president of Stand. She has gone through many hardships throughout her life besides bullying as well. Beach wishes for no one else like her to go through what she did, that’s why she started this anti-bullying project “

Whenever was 6 or 7 I was abused and because of that I later on developed an eating disorder and was bullied viciously by some boys in 5th grade and by girls later on in middle school. I became inwardly depressed after everything I went through. I was upset but I didn’t want to bother my mom with my problems. Having all that happen to me and then see it happening to other people made me completely and utterly astounded and appalled. It made me wanted to cry seeing that others went through this. I couldn’t stand it.” Crushed from the recent de-


velopments of bullying in school, she decided to take action one little step at a time. “I respect the teachers here I admire what they are doing to try and stop it but as I feel like nothing is being done.” Beach plans to deal with it ways that make sure that bullying isn’t spread and is revolved, thought through, and provides closure. “We have these people called mentors how help individual people with any kind of problem they might have. Stand meets every Thursday in room C001. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

20% of U.S. students in grades 9-12 reportedly have experienced bullying 83% of girls, and 79% of boys report being bullied either in school or online 75% of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying against the shooter.

“What Motivates You?” “My friends motivate me because they are nice and they fed me things.” –Karina Nguyen (sophomore)


motivates me is dying my hair because it makes me feel confident in myself.” –Kerigan Hudspeth (sophomore)

“Music motivates me to get up and do something.” The Illuminator May 2014

–Elle Weiss (sophomore)


“Tumblr motivates me to avoid my responsibility.” – David McNatt (junior)

“Zac Efron and Andrew Garfield motivates me to get fit.” –Samantha Reed (freshman)

“Cute boys motivate me to twerk” –Peyton Duncan (freshman)

The Illuminator May 2014

Clubs and Organizations Students tell us about their favorite clubs at Central. Rachel Murray, Editorial Board

There are so many different clubs and organizations at central, that it isn’t hard to find one that’s perfect for you. Whether it be a club for a class, or an organization for your favorite sport, being a part of something at central helps you make a lot of friends and it lets you have fun with something that other people love as much as you do. So what makes your favorite club or organization at central so special? What club or organization at Central are you a part of?

Anthony Gaut Junior



French Club and French Honor Society:

Mu Alpha Theta:

“I decided to join VOC because show choir was something I did in middle school and it was a lot of fun. I like VOC because of the people I’m with. They make the work we do every morning more enjoyable. And going to Nebraska every year is a plus as well.”

“I joined French Honor Society and in turn became a part of French Club as well. I joined out of my earnest interest in the French language and culture and liked the idea of meeting with others who shared my same love for the language. I like getting to meet new people and interacting with the French students from other classes that I’ve never had the chance to meet.”

“Mu Alpha Theta is an organization for the advancement of mathematics in the community and its members. We have math competitions and went down to Rice University to compete against other math organizations in Texas. I like this organization because I am able to test myself in math and I honestly find math fun. #NerdLife. It’s because I find math fun and the fact that it’s my favorite subject that I joined this group,”





Lightning Dancers



n tio


n Ho

Eric So Junior

Voices of Central:

Poetry Club


Leah Kappayil Junior

ub l C


ci So

VOC 21


f O r e h c Tea year... Mr. the

The Illuminator May 2014

By: Editor in Chief Taler Thomas


After 34 years of devoted teaching, eight of which have been spent as an art teacher at Central, Mr. James Kauitzsch celebrates his retirement by being voted Teacher of the Year by his colleagues. “It is truly a humbling thing. There are so many incredible teachers in this school, and I’ve been watching for eight years. Just to be put in that kind of company, that’s why it is so humbling. And I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to be recognized by their peers for their efforts. So it is an honor in that respect,” said Kauitzsch. To win this award, the staff votes on who they want to nominate. From the teacher nominations, the admin pick the campus winner. After all the schools have chosen their campus nominees they fill out huge TOTY packets, which include essays on their career and why they deserve to win. Teacher of the Year candidates may advance from campus to district, to region, etc. although all candidates are honored at a special ceremony where they are given a plaque. Mr. Kauitzsch now joins the TOTY hall of fame with other great teachers such as Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Gantz, and Mrs. Mink. Kauitzsch is filled with this incredible desire to inspire growth in his students. “I love seeing improvement in the work of students. That’s why we are here, as teachers, to teach, to create new interests, and new capabilities. “ Never accepting a project half done, Mr. Kauitzsch expects the best from his students. In every class, he leads


with this enthusiasm that also makes you enthusiastic, and is always eager to help, although encouraging independence. A lot of people believe those who can’t do, teach, but Mr. Kauitzsch is the exception, as he does the projects along with his students. “His class is very relaxed, but he knows how to keep control, and it’s very fun because he works with us. He’s a crazy guy,” said Jennifer Gillen, senior. It wasn’t always part of Mr.

I am so thankful and blessed to have had these years, working by your side,” said Kauitzsch’s plan to be a teacher, in fact, like most high school seniors about to leave for college, he had no idea what he wanted to do. “{Business} is what my brother started his major in, and I thought, well that’s enough for me, but I knew there was something not right

about that, so I switched to education,” said Kauitzsch. There were several teachers, throughout Mr. Kauitzsch’s years in school, that have stuck with him and continue to influence his methods. Most of them were art teachers and coaches who pushed him to give 100% at all times, but above all others was one of his English teachers, Mrs. Thompson. “Mrs. Thompson just never let us get away with anything half done, and she just expected the very best, but she was so cool about it. I’ll never


The Illuminator May 2014

forget Mrs. Thompson.” Art has always been a passion for Kauitzsch. As a child, he would watch one of his brothers friends draw, who eventually started teaching him to draw cartoon characters such as Popeye. From then on, he was hooked.

“I kept watching him and getting better and better, then starting in fifth grade all the way through college I took as many art classes as I could.” One of the biggest things that separates Mr. Kauitzsch from other teachers is his need for growth. Whether it be in the students, teach-

“Im really going to miss his sarcasum and preteding to ignor him as he chases me down the hallway so that he can talk to me,” said Cassidy Maples, senior. “Mr. Kauitzsch has this way of understanding everything about everybody, and I am really going to miss that,” said Emily Straight, sophmore “He is so so funny! I am going to miss his humor, and he always greets me! It makes me happy,” said Stephanie Nguyen, senior

“The main thing I will miss about Kauitzsch are his tender hugs... No but his helpfulness and his encouragment,” said Art teacher Jay Asp.

ers, or even himself, growth is the most important component. “We look for student growth but we have to have teacher growth every year. And If I was going to continue to teach, I would expect to do things better in classroom management, lesson planning, parent contacts, there is always room for improvement,” said Kauitzsch. Next year at the start of school, there will probably be a new art teacher taking Kauitzsch’s place, but Mr. K will remain in the heart of those who his hard work and dedication have touched. “You have a gift of connecting with kids through the care and encouragement you show them, you always put others needs before your own and your generosity knows no bounds. I am so thankful and blessed to have had these years, working by your side,” said art teacher, Denise Massie.

The Man Himself

Being voted Teacher of the Year by my Central colleagues was so unexpected it is difficult to express my feelings. I think the best two words that describe the emotion would be “humbling honor.” During my eight years here, I have been privileged to work with many exceptionally talented educators and have been inspired by their dedication to the greatest students anywhere. I am very proud to be a member of the Charger family.


Mark Scott “In highschool I was king of the geeks (and proud of it). I was president of the choir, salutatorian and a math/science nerd. I had lots of friends, most of whom are still on my facebook. I miss high school sometimes, but then my alarm goes off and

i “when1 7 ” s Wa teacher edition by Emily Mitchell, Staff Writter

Kevin McNulty “I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, participated in band and basketball.”

Beth Duncan “When I was in high school I was a real bookworm. I think it was a security blanket for me because I was a military brat and the one true constant of school was academics. Though I was a cheerleader one year, we moved so often (I went to 5 different high schools in 4 years) I never had the chance to try out for a team any year after that. I do wish I had taken more advantage of living abroad, but all I wanted was the “real” American high school experience – football, homecoming, proms, etc.

The Illuminator

May 2014

Ginger Goodman “I went to a small highschool: I rode horses and liked animals and science a lot.”


Jay Asp “I wasn’t all that different in high school than I am today: goofy, outgoing...j ust skinnier and less hairy.”

Phillip Donaho

“I was a shy student that would blush when called upon. Most of the time I chose to sit in the back of the room as to remain unnoticed. My favorite classes were electives including business classes, cross country, track, drama, wood/metal shop and art. Basically, I liked classes where we could move about the room and were project based. I was always helpful and dependable to my teachers so I would be sent to the lumber yard for drama, served as cross guard in elementary school, became office assistant. Like most kids today, I wanted out of high school and didn’t think of being a teacher until college where I learned to love lifetime learning.”

The Illuminator May 2014

Photos Courtesy of Associated Press

In the past couple of months, there have been several violent outbreaks between Ukrainians and Russians that have made their way into major news headlines. Mr. Huston, World Geography teacher, dissected explains.

By: Abby Goodman, Staff Writer

Q: What led to this tension? A: Ukraine is on a fault line between two civilizations. So, basically, you’ve got the Russian, Orthodox, old school, Soviet, czarist Russia on one side and that takes half of Ukraine up. The other half is Ukraine is firmly Eastern side. The Western side all want to join the European Union and the Eastern side want to stay close to Russia and away from the E.U. … Ukraine has almost become Russia part two, and that bothers a lot of ethnic Ukrainians. Q: What has the U.S. done? A: Not a whole lot. We try to be an influ-

ence, but we can’t take on Russia. That would be bad and that’s what it would take. We don’t want to get involved in World War Three. … There’s not a whole lot we could do. I’m surprised the U.N. isn’t doing more. I’m surprised the E.U. isn’t doing more. But people have said for years that they’re gutless wonders on that kind of stuff. They say they want national law but they don’t want to rock the boat. What do I see us doing about it? Trying to negotiate. … America would not be ready for a war. And since Obama campaigned on getting us out of Afghanistan, I don’t think he would be ready to go into war.

Q: Do you think there is a strong possibility that this will lead to World War Three or another Cold War?

A: I think it might lead to another Cold War, but not on the same scale. Russia is a regional power but they’re not a world power anymore. That being said, it’s already frozen relations between us. … As far as us slipping money to the Western Ukrainians so they can fight the Eastern Ukrainians, I can see that happening. … I don’t think America’s ready for that. We’re still sick of Afghanistan. We’re still sick of Iraq.


top 14 events #14 GSA

#13 Shattered Dreams

This marked the first year of CHS’s Gay Straight Alliance club.

(May 23-24)

#12 Keller Lacrosse Girls Go To

State (May 3-4) Texas High School Lacrosse League Division II State Championship. Three team members, Hannah Cullis (12 CHS), Emily Eller (9 KHS), and Lauren Skalniak (10

#11 Poetry Slam

(April 10) The 7th annual Poetry Slam at CHS Jamy Ray (10) 1st Place Pedro Rivera (12) 2nd Place Juan Ayala (12) 3rd Place

#10 Student Appreciation

The Illuminator May 2014

Week (April 7-11)


#9 CFC Go to Playoffs

(April 7) CFC beat Keller for the first time in eight years

CFC photo courtesty of @4Ching4 and @CFC_Soccer on twitter Snowman photo courtesty of @natehampton_3 on instagram Hush Day heart photo courtesty of @katielynnmolder on instagram

#8 Hush Day

(Feb 14) The girls of CHS celebrated Valentines day with the second annual Hush Day.

The Illuminator May 2014

of the 2013-14 #1

CHS Beat Keller in Play for a Cure (October 4) The Chargers won for the 5th time in a row at the annual Play for a Cure football game when over $51,000 was raised

#2 City Champs!!

(October 18) CHS were named city champs after defeating Keller (23-20, Timber (38-20) and Fossil Ridge (13-9)

#3 Kareem

(Oct 25) Kareem Gibbs, a senior struggling with cancer in his heart, was the first student of the class of 2014 to graduate.

#4 Talent Show

(Jan 24) Jessica Healey (9) won 1st Place and the $100 prize money for her performance.

#5 Man of the Year

(Jan 30) Landon Whitsel (12) 1st Place Cody Johnson (12) 2nd Place James Penney (12) 3rd Place

#6 Ice Days!! #7 Voices of Central

(Jan 31 - Feb 2) The CHS award winning show choir went to Nebraska for nationals. The icy road conditions trapped their bus on the side of the road and the talented singers found themselves spending the night on the bus.

(Nov - Jan) CHS Students and Teachers enjoyed a few days off when the icy weather hit Texas


Zombie Apocalypse

Charlea Owen Staff Writer

We’re all way too pumped up for the zombie apocalypse than we should be. Don’t be ashamed if you’re stellar excited, secretly everyone else is too. However, how many of us have actually taken the time to plan out our survival? There aren’t many things you will need, but there are some essential that may determine life or death in a crazy zombierific world. Among the many things you’re already planning, please consider the following: CLOTHES: You can’t go walking around during the Zombie Apocalypse in nothing but your skivvies. Possessing any article of clothing that may expose any part of your flesh poses a threat to your life and increases the possibility of being bitten. Clothes with plenty of coverage and layers are best, even in warmer weather. Not only to they provide protection against the harshness of Mother Nature, but when the time comes and you do receive a wound or two, your clothes will take most, if not all the damage. Always wear clothes that are nicely fitted to your body. Having loose clothing will slow you down, get caught on branches or anything else that clothing generally catches on, and eventually lead to your death. Speaking of death, you’ll need shoes with great traction to run from it. Boots are best for any terrain or weather. Belts are another essential. You’ll be losing a lot of weight from the running and lack of food, so your pants will need to be held up. It also doubles as a place to put your weapons for easy and quick access. Which brings me to my next point, weapons.

The Illuminator May 2014

WEAPONS: Choose your weapon wisely. Have a primary, secondary, and melee weapon handy at all times. The primary will be your go to zombie slaying tool. The secondary is used when the primary is out of ammunition or malfunctions. Guns should only be used in dire need because ammo is precious and can save your butt cheeks later down the road, so it’s safest to use your melee weapon. Melee weapons are things such as swords, axes, and crowbars. They’re safest to use because they don’t require maintenance or up keeping, they provide silent quick deaths, and don’t eat up the ammo supply.


Helpful tips for survival: - Boil some water to sanitize it and make it safe to drink. - Stay close to the coast, zombies cant swim. - Dont travel at night, its easier to get lost in the dark. - Stock up on toilet paper, you know why.

BACK PACK GEAR: 1. Flashlight/ matches- A flashlight will be needed for navigating in the dark and illuminating those zombies. The matches will be used to aid your fire starting to cook the food you find and kill. 2. First aid kit- The world is now a wild and uncivil place. Wounds will be common but at least you’ll be able to patch yourself up. 3. Canteen- Running from zombies all day can leave you quite parched. Save yourself from dehydration by carrying a full bottle of water with you. 4. Small pocket knife- Can be used to cut or open things with and can double as a last resort weapon 5. Washcloth- A lack of showering for weeks on end will leave you smelling ripe. Carry a washcloth to dip in a stream for a quick wash up. 6. Duct tape- What zombie apocalypse would be complete without it? Use it to fix, hold together, or create odd items. 7. Hand crank radio- This radio does not require batteries and will let you hear other survivors broadcasting where their safe refugee camp is. 8. Compass- Helps navigate to desired locations to prevent the possibility of getting lost. 9. Pan for cooking- After capturing your dinner for the day, you will need a clean surface to prepare your food. 10. Cord- Useful for making traps and snares to catch small animals, making a lean-in-to, and countless other things. Hopefully with these tips will ease you into the world of the undead. Best of luck and happy hunting.

- Always travel with a buddy, power in numbers. - Don’t be a picky eater, you never know when your next meal is going to be. - Aim for the head. - Remember to turn off the safety on your weapon.

The Illuminator May 2014

complete stand still and Brian givs Rick an Ultimatum. Leave or be killed. Of coarse Rick tried to reason with Brian, but this leads to Hershal’s head being chopped off by Brian with Mishone’s ninja sword. Hershal’s death is unacceptable, he was like that cool Grandpa everyone wanted. His death ignited a battle to the death between two desperate groups ending in the Emily Mitchell and Charlea Owen death of many. During season three, we all Staff Writers Oh my god season four smacks you in the waited to see Rick kick the Govener’s butt, which the dream finally came a reality face. Holy crap. So everything starts off during the mid season finaly. Just when with the gang settled in the prison, and Hershal teaches “farmer” Rick how to grow hope seems lost for Rick, Mishone jumps and harvest food. Just when they think the in and stabs Brian. With the prison in ruin, prison becomes a permanent home, a new Rick’s remanding members are scattered member “turns” in the middle of the night and flea the prison. The second half of season four was crazy creating mass chaos and panick. Later upsetting. It was so hard to watch the characthat same week, the people of the prison ters travel alone constantly just missing each come down with what seems to be the other. Luckily rick and Carl made it out of the flu and people start dropping faster than prison together but not before seeing a bloody flies. For a moment I was convinced that Glen was going to die and leave Maggie as car seat leading them to believe that Judith was dead.They both hole up in an abandoned a widow, but of coarse he pulls through. house. Carl, being a total idiot decides to asNeedless to say, most of Wood Berry’s sert his independence and almost gets himself survivors die. killed in the process- twice. When he finally Not only was disease a problem, but we finally discovered who was feeding rats to returns to their house he finds Rick lying on the floor and almost kills him mistaking him the walkers causeing herds to push past for dead. Michonne was not so lucky as the fences sheilding the prison. Lizzie to make it out with a group and travels is freaking crazy. The govener is also a disguised within a group of walkers. After days crazy dude. Apparently his real name is she realizes that she is slowly becoming a brain, which in my opinion doesnt sound walker and makes it her mission to reunite with like a very evil name. After Woodbury he travels on the road by himself for a while, Rick and Carl. After finding the two groups are united again things seem to be great. We eventually discovering a family. Over time finally learn that michonne is so closed he becomes a member of that family of off because of the loss of her son when that family and is reunited with a few old buddies from Woodbury. He convinces yet the apocalypse first broke out. After a scary encounter with a violent group Rick, another group of poor souls to attempt Michonne, and Carl all hit the road heading to yet again gain control of Rick’s prison. towards terminus only to encounter he group Upon arrival at the said prison, Brian of violent bandits once again. They narcaptures Mishone and Hershal. After the rowly overtake the men and avoid uncermembers of the prison realize who’s on tain death when Rick bites out the jugular their door step, everything comes to a

The Walking Dead

Part one Season four review

of one of the men allowing them to take the upper hand. Everyone was thrilled when they finally show Daryl not only alive but with a new companion- Beth! They made a surprisingly good team, well that is until she was kidnapped. After losing Beth Daryl goes into a downward spiral and travels with the violent group that Rick, Carl, and Michonne encountered. After leaving this group he makes it to Terminus on his own. Finally after several episodes Carol makes an appearance, but she isn’t alone. Traveling with her are Tyreese, Mika, Lizzie, and Judith who as it turns out wasn’t zombie dinner after all. They are able to find peace but Lizzie begins to be a problem as her affection for the walker’s increases. After coming home to a blood spattered Lizzie who had just killed her sister, Mika, Carol had no choice but to out her down as she whispers for her to “look at the flowers.” Their memories of the home ruined, Tyreese, Carol, and Judith set out for Terminus. Maggie to her dismay is split up from Glenn and is stuck with Sasha and Bob who have a lot less motivation for finding her fiancé. Eventually they are able to all come to an agreement and head for Terminus leaving notes for Glenn along the way. Glenn is also dismayed at not being able to know that Maggie is safe and reluctantly travels with he governors former partner, Tara. They come across a group determined to get one of their group members who claimed to know how the apocalypse started and possibly how to end it, to Washington D.C. Glenn, who is still suffering from the lasting effects of his illness travels along with these new characters working to get to Maggie. The military group splits up from Glenn and Tara and ironically meets up with Maggie and her group. In a valiant effort Maggie and the military group all team up to rescue Glenn and Tara from the perilous situation they were in. Glenn and Maggie were finally able to have their beautifull moment of being reunited after working so hard to get there. As all the characters walk into Terminus, the promised sanctuary, to see what seems to be a nice, safe place. In no time at all through clever manipulation they end up held captive in a train car. In the end we are left with all our favorites being held hostage in Terminus, Carol, Tyreese, and Judith have no way of knowing they are walking right into a trap and Beth is M.I.A.


Farewell Central

The Illuminator May 2014

Senior staff goodbyes


What is there really I can say? I’ve been at this school for four years, and they have been some of the best and worst moments of my life. It’s a little frightening being told that I need to go out on my own, but also I

can’t wait to experience my first real freedom away from home. Lets see, I say I hate high school (which is still completely accurate no matter what this paragraph seems to imply) but I will always remember the years I spent here and the fun I’ve had.

From making friends to losing them, high school is a time for everyone to grow and change into a new person. No matter what life keeps moving on and I’m ready for the next step.

I wrote this senior farewell in about five minutes because I forgot it was due. I guess this paragraph can be seen as just one big reflection of my life. Doing everything in a lackadaisical manner and

at the last minute is my forte, but I have no regrets. I am living proof that you can get through high school without trying. I hope I may be an inspiration to all of you. Now, I’m going out into

the real world so I may get my butt handed to me. Wish me luck.

Bailey Kachtik, Managing Editor

Harley Clawson, Staff Writer

The Illuminator May 2013 I have been waiting to say goodbye to this place since about 7 weeks into my freshman year. There is nothing I have looked forward to more than packing my bags and getting the hell out of here, but now that it is so close, every thing has gotten real. My memories flood these halls, some good, some bad, and some so embarrassing that I don’t even

want to think about them, but I think the best thing I’ve come to realize, is that nothing you do in high school is really significant. It doesn’t matter if you where a varsity sports star, president of some cool club, or even had straight A’s, because the rest of the world doesnt care about that stuff. The most important thing in this whole experi-

ence has been friends and I have made the most amazing friends. Whether they are in my life still or not, I wouldn’t change a single one because they have made me who i am. It’s weird to know that after May 31st I will never walk these halls again, but as someone great told me once, It’s time to grow up. TalerThomas,

Editor in Chief

Senior year’s over? Already? It’s trippy to think that the end is approaching so quickly. The last 12 or 13 years (depending on whether or not we’re counting pre-school) have been a blur. Middle school felt like yesterday, whereas sophomore year seems lightyears away. Funny how that works, isn’t it? As I sit at this desk, I can’t help but pull old memories up like sifting through dirty files. It’s wild to think how much four years time can change a person, as well as warp perception.

High school’s kind of a jungle; you have 3,000 hormonal bodies packed in like sardines, ages ranging from 14 to pre-historic, all the while trying to maintain some kind of authority and discipline. The social hierarchy I bought into freshman year has vanished with age. I’ve come to realize some of the prettiest faces have the strangest minds, and a smile is worth a thousand words. While I dive in headfirst to the real world, I can’t help but leap for joy.

Well what a year it’s been. Senior year has probably been the most memorable year of school because you’re about to make a transition into the real world and you want to make sure that you’re on the right track to do so. The harder you work when you are younger can sometimes result in working less when you’er older. Time isn’t going to stop for

anyone so don’t ever get too caught up in the moment just seize the day. I’m very thankful for my family, friends and teachers for helping me mold into who I am today so that I’m prepared for the next chapter in my life. Embrace every moment of being young because it’ll fly by you really fast. I cant speak for everyone but I can speak

Life changes rapidly when reaching adulthood; if my decisions have made any impact before now, I can only imagine what the future ones have to hold. I’ve been wrapped up in a blanket of optimism as of late in terms of life after high school, and it’s left me feeling none other than giddy. The first day of the rest of my life is right around the corner; all I feel now is relief. Angst begone; hallelujah Jesus! 2k14 we made it!

Alex Tidwell Staff Writer for myself when I say high school has been a pretty good time and I’ve ridden the wave for as long as I could. Now it’s time for me to start something new and prepare to be independent and take care of things on my own. Its been a good and I’m going to continue to strive for more.

Christian Velazquez Staff Writer


Shattered Dreams

On Thursday and Friday, Central High conducted an event focusing on drunk driving awareness called Shattered Dreams. The event featured a wreck simulation in front of the school with CareFlite and local fire and police responding. The simulation was followed by a “memorial service” on Friday during which teachers, parents and students shared their stories and effects of drunk driving. Photos by Tegan Brand and Harley Clawson. THE ACCIDENT: Kaki Simmons mourns the “death” of her brother Matthew Simmons.

Caroline Hickman and Will Radtke look on in disbelief at the accident scene.

Erin Ender looks up at her own obituary, posted along the hallways for the “living dead.”

THE EFFECT: Austin Dooley hammers in “the living dead’s” crosses in front of the school.


Michael Davis helps paint a student’s face black and white to represent one of the lost victims from drunk driving.

Students sign their names to pledge not to drive while intoxicated.

Central students watch and are shocked by how real the accident appears.

THE LOST: Janzen Krysl stands ready to be taken by the Grim Reaper as an officer reads his obituary.

Matthew Simmons comforts his mother, Vicki Simmons, after the memorial service presented to the student body.

Final may illuminator  

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