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THIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING is made and entered into by and between THE METROPOLITAN NASHVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS, hereinafter referred to as "MNPS," the NASHVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY, hereinafter referred to as "NPL."

1. Term. The term of this MOU shall be ongoing, beginning on the effective date below. Either party, with agreement from the Mayor’s office, may cancel or negotiate for the modification of the agreement between February and May of each year. 2. Scope of Agreement. This agreement will facilitate the Limitless Libraries project, a joint effort between MNPS and NPL to improve library resources throughout the city. So that students can access public library materials for checkout and delivery to their school locations and online access to NPL resources, MNPS will make the necessary student information from the Chancery system available to NPL on a nightly basis. This nightly transmission of data will work the same as is currently done between the Chancery system and MNPS’s library system, TLC in which the following data elements for each student enrolled in any MNPS location is sent from the Chancery system to the library’s TLC server. By sharing this information, a student can use the libraries of their school and NPL with their school identification tag. The data elements are: First Name Last Name Middle Name Home Address Date of Birth School Name Grade level Home Telephone Number Email Address Parent/Guardian Name if Student is under 14 years of Age Student ID Number 3. Duties of MNPS Administration for sharing of data. a. MNPS will assign staff to work with NPL to facilitate the transmission of student data on a regular schedule, as is. b. MNPS will ensure that no confidential student data is transmitted to NPL. c. MNPS will update NPL if data elements or workflow need to change. d. MNPS will ensure that no student without permission to have his/her directory information shared with NPL will be included in the regular export of data. 20 | P a g e

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