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Cultivating Kundalini

By Barbara Sanders, LCSW

Flaming inside my lower back Sacred root chakra, Tossing my body around Like a toy shaken by a dog. Burning me up Burning my chest and lungs Burning through and through Cauterizing every piece Of my broken heart. I am restored, Miraculously reborn Without scar tissue. It started with the Rapture When my old life ended And my new life began. Kundalini, a powerful Coiled snake seductress, Sprang to life, shockingly, Surprisingly Blasted through my pelvic area With such sanctimonious sensations, Ecstatic pleasure and pain Bursting hot energy Like boiling lava, or revving up Like a bull pawing the ground Racing to stab the matador With a sharpened horn. Not so silently or serenely these Clotted roadblocks clear away, Rotor rootered throughout, Cleansed for the first time Perhaps ever. Breathing out from my Open mouth, toxic air rushing out like High winds but doing no harm. Leaking out some of The intensity so as not To blow out the torch Of my life in one fatal whoosh. Divination afoot. The Breath of Life Breathes for me

Begs me to open up And become more alive Than ever before. The entire channel shatters As the sneaky snake Smashes through every membrane Muscle, bone and organ That stands in Her way. The gush opens up and I am for the very first time In my whole life An emptied, flowing channel Unencumbered by human Guts or goo, fully open To Divine Magic Piercing sighing, crying Laughing at the absurdity Of all of my former worries All those attachments to My body, my ego, Heaving, letting go, Finally Surrendering. Released into the Blackness, untethered from All I once knew and thought Was real. Floating unencumbered Comforted, blessed. Only slight fear but real enough: Will I let go of all human Connection one day Die Lose all I used to know? Yes, but, I will also remember and Know more than ever before. We will dance together In some space or time or Cloud, in light or darkness However it looks All together, One.