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Fall 2013

Choice News

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington and NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Foundation

Washington Stands With Wendy!

Pro-Choice Hero & Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis Comes to Seattle


ou know the story. In June, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered for 13 hours to stop a vote on a restrictive anti-choice bill, bringing a pro-choice, orange-T-shirt-clad delegation to the Texas capitol, and fresh inspiration to the pro-choice movement across the United States. In the weeks following her incredible filibuster, #StandWithWendy was everywhere, and on August 15, Senator Davis arrived in Seattle, invited by NARAL Pro-Choice Washington to speak to an excited, sold-out crowd of pro-choice supporters in a Q&A moderated by former City Councilmember Judy Nicastro. At NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s event, Senator Davis discussed everything from Texas State Senate filibuster protocol to pro-choice activism to the importance of telling abortion stories. Perhaps most inspiring of all was Davis’s own story -- of facing economic hardships as a young, divorced mom, and the determination to support her young family that drove her to beat the odds, beginning her journey to Harvard Law and the Texas State Senate with the choice to enroll at a local community college.

Now that she’s officially announced her candidacy, we can finally say it – thanks to the more than 200 supporters who came to our event, we helped raise funds to help Senator Davis become the next governor of Texas. As attacks on women’s health continue nationwide, our fight for reproductive rights Senator Davis speaking to a packed audience of NARAL supporters goes beyond state lines. From our membership’s outpouring of support for Wendy Davis back in August, we know that the fight for nationwide reproductive justice is in good hands. We can’t wait to cheer Wendy on as she changes the political game in Texas and beyond.

From the Office: Outgoing Intern Kendall Reingold on Her Summer of Pro-Choice Activism


ike penicillin and chocolate chip cookies, sometimes the best discoveries are made unintentionally. In my quest for a summer internship, NARAL ProChoice Washington was that discovery. I had planned and confirmed an internship on a mayoral campaign in December, but a week after I started, my candidate dropped out. I panicked: what would I do with my summer now? As it turned out, this crisis became a blessing. “The fight With my summer wide for women’s open, I had the opportuto think about what rights is still a nity I really wanted to do. Affull-time job.” ter contemplating what mattered to me, I realized I kept coming back to reproductive rights. Soon enough, here I was! My experience at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has been nothing short of invaluable. Not only have I had the fortune of meeting some powerful women in politics; I’ve also gotten to spend time in a supportive, ener-

getic office with some really amazing coworkers. From my time here I have taken away three lessons: 1. The fight for women’s rights is still a fulltime job. First of all, WOW, I am lucky to live in Washington. Cheers to the Evergreen State for consistently upholding a woman’s right to choose ever since. But mostly the news isn’t so great. Several states are launching attacks left and right on reproductive health services. Women who speak out are labeled “whores” and “baby-killers.” Even hospitals within our own state are falling under religious directives that prohibit basic rights we as Washingtonians have worked hard to protect, including the recognition of LGBTQ couples, death with dignity, and birth control. I now know that I can’t take my rights for granted. Young people need to be vigilant to preserve the progress previous generations have made. So, one more “cheers” to the people at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington for devoting their careers to this battle. 2. We’re all in this together. At one NARAL event, I was lucky enough to meet Rebecca Walker, founder of the feminist Third Wave Foundation. What stood Continues on page 6

Letter from the Director

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington Staff & Board Dear Friends,

It’s that time again! Your ballot for the general election should arrive by October 22, and this year, it’s especially important that our pro-choice values are reflected Communications Director in Olympia. With the implementation of the Affordable Megan Burbank Care Act and an unprecedented number of mergers beField Director tween secular and religiously-affiliated hospitals on the Tiffany Hankins horizon, the healthcare landscape in our state is shifting Membership Development Director now more than ever. These changes raise questions about coverage and access Curtis Maes for reproductive healthcare for women and families throughout Washington. Development Manager But at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, these changes simply reaffirm Colleen Martinson our dedication to ensuring access to comprehensive healthcare for every patient Office Administrator in our state. We’re fired up, and we aren’t waiting on the legislative session. Stephanie Morton We’re ready to carry forward a proactive, pro-choice agenda that starts now, Lobbyist with several new projects that I’m excited to share with you. Melanie Smith In response to the hospital mergers set for this year, NARAL Pro-Choice Field Canvass Director Washington has begun a new hospital access mapping project to identify what Tori Westman healthcare services hospitals in our state provide (or are barred from providing) Member Representatives in order to assist patients in locating the care they need, when they need it. Stacey Buroker Pamela Starliper And in addition to continuing our work with campus organizers at Peter Toliver colleges and universities around the Puget Sound region, we have expanded our youth programs to include a Millennial Advisory Council of young advoCommunity Organizers Jillian Altizer cates who will inform and guide our work for reproductive rights. We’ve also Amelia Hogan revamped our blog and expanded our presence on social media to engage and Board of Directors build this new audience. Jennifer Albright* There’s also been a lot of excitement in our office this summer, as we Charlie Browne, M.D. Rev. Dr. Monica Corsaro^ welcomed State Senator Wendy Davis to Seattle -- and got the chance to stand Abigail Echo-Hawk* with her in person after she stood for women’s reproductive rights for 13 hours Kelly Evans^ back in June. Molly Keenan Colleen Kelly* We’ve also seen some staffing changes over the past year. Krystal StarCatherine Minch* wich, our Volunteer & Youth Programs Coordinator, left NARAL to channel Alexis Oliver Deborah Oyer, M.D.^ her passion for engaging youth in the democratic process into training for Teach Olivia Robinson* For America. And after seven years, we said good-bye to Deputy Development Kylie Rolf Christi Stapleton Director Sasha Cousineau, who received a Power of Choice Award for her longstanding dedication to pro-choice advocacy. I’m also happy to welcome two new Foundation Board of Directors Liz Berry staff members aboard -- Megan Burbank, Communications Director, and ColAmy Carlisle leen Martinson, Development Manager. Shakti Hawkins Andres Mantilla As we launch new projects and prepare for the legislative session, we Dylan Ordoñez are grateful for the work of the activists who have come before us, and the strong Political Action Committee Members and expanding network of dedicated volunteers and supporters who keep us goSuone Cotner ing. Thank you for all that you do for women’s rights in Washington. We hope Michelle Gregoire Susan Landon that you will stand with us as our fight for reproductive justice continues in our ^ also Foundation Board member state and beyond. Executive Director Rachel Berkson

*also PAC Committee member


Rachel Berkson Executive Director


NARAL Pro-Choice Washington

Notes From the Field

Field Director Tiffany Hankins Reports on County Fairs, Grassroots Organizing, and Uniting a Pro-Choice Washington


ne benefit that comes from having a small leader, always...) but nimble staff is that a core group of or- But as much fun as we had getting to know ganizers gets to meet different parts of our state, the with members from all across real reason behind all our travel the state, painting a picture is that the issues we face today of how vast our network of are not limited to any region of statewide support really is. Washington. They affect us all. From marching in the SpoIf we are going to defend access kane Pride Parade to posing to reproductive health care, inwith a woman dressed as Sucluding abortion, it will take all san B. Anthony at Vancouof us, statewide. A woman facver’s Peace and Justice Fair, ing barriers to accessing aborwe’ve had quite a summer tion care doesn’t think about the organizing the pro-choice mapolitical divide between eastern jority in Washington. and western Washington. She At the Skagit County is thinking about cost, travel, Fair, we took breaks from childcare and time off work. We talking about access to care need to keep her thoughts front at religious hospitals to Tiffany, community organizer Jillian Altizer, and and center as we push on in this watch livestock be awarded Susan B. Anthony at the Vancouver Peace & Justice new era of health care. with ribbons and the Skagit Fair County high school cheerleaders compete. (Okay, I Join Tiffany in the field! Email TiffanyHankins@ admit, that last one was just me -- once a cheer- to volunteer.

A warm welcome to the founding members of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s Millennial Advisory Council:

Marley Arborico Sarah Bartlett Rebecca Bryant Jessica Cafferty Khadija Hassan Lily King Dayna Lurie Tim Marshall Chelsea Ongaro Emma Ramsbottom Lanna Ripp Christina Rocks Elizabeth Walker

Expanding Our Social Media Presence


ou just have to Google #StandWithWendy to here to ind s see how much a part of Instagram: naralprochoicewa the pro-choice landscape social media has become. From the Facebook: #StandWithWendy campaign naralprochoicewashington to rallying across-the-country Twitter: @ProChoiceWA support against anti-choice Tumblr: naralprochoice bills in North Carolina, North Dakota, and New Mexico, social media has proven to be a powerful tool for pro-choice activists to connect virtually with allies and to launch political actions big and small. In keeping with our evolving movement, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has launched new ways of connecting with our work. Follow us on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to our Facebook page for local and national updates on reproductive rights, legislation to watch, and original content from our team of bloggers.






U sing T his G uide NARAL Pro-Choice Washington PAC reviews candidate questionnaires and interviews candidates, and makes recommendations to our Board of Directors for endorsements.

Vote Your Pro-Choice Values! To make sure your pro-choice voice is heard, your ballot -- stamped with first-class postage -must be postmarked by Election Day, November 5. You can also go to an accessible voting center or bring your ballot to a scheduled van drop by 8 p.m.



Mike McGinn Ed Murray

Seattle City Council Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos.

2: 4: 6: 8: 8:

Names that are in italics are 100% prochoice candidates. Candidates whose names appear in regular type may not be 100% pro-choice but are strongly recommended over their opponents. If candidates in your district are not listed here, it is either because they did not return our questionnaire or because we were unable to identify a pro-choice candidate.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes


Nathan Schlicher


Candidates whose names appear in bold are 100% pro-choice and strongly endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. (If more than one name appears in bold for the same seat, we made a dual or triple-endorsement.)

Richard Conlin Sally Bagshaw Nick Licata Mike O’Brien Albert Shen


King County Council Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos.

1: 1: 5: 9:

Rod Dembowski Naomi Wilson David Upthegrove Shari Song

King County Executive Dow Constantine

King County Sheriff John Urquhart


Bellevue City Council Pos. 4: Steve Kasner


PRO-CHOICE VOTER GUIDE - 2013 GENERAL ELECTION Pos. 6: Vandana Slatter Pos. 6: Lynne Robinson


Kent City Council

Pos. 6: Bailey Stober


Tacoma City Council Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos.

2: 2: 5: 6:


Kirkland City Council Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos. Pos.

1: Jay Arnold 2: Shelley Kloba 3: Penny Sweet 5: Amy Walen 7: Doreen Marchione


Robert Thoms Patricia Lecy-Davis Olgy Diaz Victoria Woodards

Mercer Island City Council


Redmond City Council

Vancouver City Council

Pos. 2: Dan Grausz Pos. 4: Tana Senn


Pos. 4: Kimberly Allen

Pos. 3: Anne McEnerny-Ogle


Whatcom County Council Dist. 1: Barry Buchanan


Bellingham City Council Pos. 4: Pinky Vargas Pos. AL: Roxanne Murphy


Edmonds City Council


Spokane City Council Pos. 2: Jon Snyder Pos. 3: Candace Mumm



Jim Ferrell


Tumwater City Council Kyle Taylor Lucas

Pos. 3: Adrienne Fraley-Monillas



Ray Stephanson

Everett City Council Pos. 1: Paul Roberts



Jennifer Gregerson


Kenmore City Council Pos. 5: Nigel Herbig


In Our State: Catholic Hospital Mergers & Restrictions on Access to Choice


s the legislative session approaches, NARAL ProChoice Washington and our allies are tracking the hospitals in our state set to merge with medical systems affiliated with the Catholic Church. If you’ve been following the mergers, you already know that there are a record number slated for this year, and you already know why this is a problem – because kowtowing to archaic rules set by Catholic bishops is no way to guarantee every patient’s access to quality, comprehensive healthcare. Who’s especially vulnerable? Any woman in need of reproductive healthcare, elderly and terminally ill patients seeking quality end-of-life care, and members of the LGBT community. If that seems like a broad range of patients, it’s because it is. This is why we are taking action, to ensure that every patient in our state retains their right to

Thank you to the sponsors of our 2013 Liberty Ball & Auction: All Women’s Health North Cedar River Clinics ACLU of Washington Overnight Printing & Graphics & grateful acknowledgment to Ellen Forney for providing original art

comprehensive healthcare, no matter what hospital they go to for care.

Join us in taking a stand. Read the full list of religious directives (available at our website) and attend a town hall meeting on the mergers from 7-0 p.m. on October 30 at Town Hall Seattle, hosted by our coalition with the ACLU, Compassion and Choices, Legal Voice, and Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest. If you’ve been denied care due to a merger with a religiously-affiliated healthcare system, share your story

confidentially at, so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Thank you. To all of our members, supporters, and volunteers. You make reproductive justice a reality for Washington women. Continued from page 1 out to me most about Walker was write off all feminism as “extreme” her statement that femiand “anti-man,” you ennism is not limited by able oppression. We are economic status, race, one nation, indivisible, or even gender. Rather, with liberty and justice for feminism is for everyall. So let’s live up to the body. I wholeheartedly pledge we made every day agree. in grade school and fight As Martin Lufor feminism together. ther King, Jr. said, “in 3. Fight your good justice anywhere is a fight. Arguably the most threat to justice everyimportant lesson I’ve where.” To those men learned this summer is who think they have no that it felt great to do part of feminism or re- Kendall with Texas State something I genuinely Senator Wendy Davis productive justice, listen care about. I woke up at up: you have the power to fight. As the same time to come to NARAL on long as you sit idly by while women Mondays as I did to go to my paid job are disenfranchised from their own on other days. However, on Monhealth decisions, and as long as you days, my nocturnal tendencies dis


appeared and I zipped out the door, determined to arrive by EXACTLY 9:00 because I was so excited about what I was doing there. My wish for you, reader, is that you find something that makes you like getting out of bed. I want you to have a hero who makes you giddy when you meet her, like I did with Senator Wendy Davis. I want you to discover your passion and pursue it, so that you too can have the most meaningful summer of your life. Kendall Reingold divides her time between her native Seattle and Boston, where she studies at Tufts University. She plans to continue advocating for choice both at Tufts and after graduation.

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington

In the 26th, A Pro-Choice Doctor Faces Off With An Extreme Anti-Choicer


Vote Schlicher!

Schlicher gets it. He’s strongly pro-choice, and supports 100 percent insurance coverage for birth control, cancer screenings, and services for new moms. We can’t allow Jan Angel to continue steamrolling women and children’s health in the name of an out-of-touch political agenda. If you live in the 26th, here’s your chance to restore common sense to a critical seat in Olympia. Use it wisely. Vote Schlicher. Don’t live in the 26th, but still want to help Schlicher win? Send an email to TiffanyHankins@ to get out the vote!

hough it may seem like the most out of touch anti-choice politicians around are the ones who shut down the federal government this month, we’ve got a contentious State Senate race right here at home that could have major consequences for Washington women. It’s between anti-choice, antiwomen’s health incumbent Jan Angel (R-26) and pro-choice ER doctor Nathan Schlicher (D-26). Though Angel is well-known in her district What local and national media are for showing up at parades, her retrograde views on saying about us: women’s health have come as a surprise to many measure a of her constituents. And they’re about as retUnder 1991 in adopted rograde as they come. Angel is strongly antiton ng hi as ], W ental in passing!oose or refuse” m ru st in s choice, and wa L ht to ch [that NARA a “fundamental rig wed to use she’s even “Angel sponsored residents all haveabortion, and the state isn’t allose rvices, or or s, n ie io fits, facilit contracept ne be of anti-birth n io is ov pr those rights. an anti-abortion the “regulation or ne from exercising yo an t en ev t Public control – pr Le to ’t e Won information” , “Washington StnatCare,” ThinkProgress er sl bill that would es -R lp Cu she sponra Ta to Provide Abor tio Hospitals Refuse have crimininalized sored an anProgressive groups have been ti-abortion warning about this potential some forms of birth bill that would problem for years, and presto, control.” have also criminow we have proof it’s a real problem. In the meantime, as nalized some [NARAL Communications Director forms of birth control, including the popular and Megan] Burbank put it, “we have highly-effective IUD. Following classic anti-choice to take their word for it that they’ll to women who sign up for plans e ssibl acce logic, Angel’s concern for the unborn ends at birth make abortion .” – she voted to deny maternity care services to new through the exchange Abor tion Dominic Holden, “Group Health Won’t IncludeParenthood,” ned Plan moms, and well-baby visits to their kids. Says , Coverage in Insurance Exchange SLOG: The Stranger’s News & Arts Blog Who understands that healthcare for women and babies isn’t controversial? Angel’s opWashington is ponent, Nathan Schlicher, who, given that he’s an now debating a law ER doctor, may have just a smidge more credibility that would require health insurers to pay for an ele ctiv when it comes to talking about healthcare. e abortion...The bill here, H.B. 1044, also kno as the Reproductive Parity Act In our state, we’ve affirmed time and again passed in the Democrat-cown ntrolled State House in Februa , ry, that women’s reproductive rights matter. And by a 53-to-43 vote. Kirk Johnson, “In Washington, Abortion bate Counters Trend,” The New York TimDe es

Making Headlines

Make your gift go further. Become a sustaining member. It’s the most effective way to support NARAL. Sign up online at Donate.

Rachel Be son, executive directork NARAL, said it r of “particularly galling to se e on e of the most progresswas pro-women health-ca ive, re pr oviders in our state limits on abortion co placing ve ra ge .” Th e [Reproductive Parity Act] would have en federal law took effesured abortion coverage after the ct. Carol Ostrom, “Group From Plans Sold On Health Omits Abor tion Coverage State Exch Times/Kaiser Healthange,” The Seattle News


Nov. 16!


33rd Annual Liberty Ball & Auction Sponsored by: All Women’s Health North Cedar River Clinics ACLU of Washington Overnight Printing & Graphics Artwork generously donated by Ellen Forney


Oct. 30: Community Forum on Hospital Mergers, Town Hall Seattle Oct. 31: Last Day to Buy Tickets for Liberty Ball Auction Nov. 5: General Election Nov. 16: 33rd Liberty Ball & Auction Feb. 3: Lobby Day March 13: Chocolate For Choice

Pro-Choice Voter Guide inside. Mail your ballot for the General Election by November 5! 811 First Avenue, Suite 456 Seattle, WA 98104-1408

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Seattle, WA Permit No. 3135

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