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The Best House Cleaning Tips Regularly restore order and maintain the cleanliness of the apartment must every good housewife. Cleaning house is a fast and effective if you apply the advice of our experts outlined in this article. If you have a question that is required for cleaning the apartment, the answer is simple-you definitely need special equipment:        

Vacuum cleaner; Broom; Washcloths; Cloth or napkins Microfiber; Wet wipes for cleaning surfaces; Mop; Bucket; Bowl or basin.

General rules for cleaning house tips Cleaning the apartment will not cause problems if you follow these tips: 1- Open vents or windows in the room. 2- Be sure to disassemble things on shelves, tables and other accessible locations. All unnecessary - throw. 3- Takes over the contents of closets, sort it, hang clothes on hangers, small things lay on the shelves. 4- Wipe the dust on surfaces. 5- Wooden furniture, floors and carpets. 6- Wash the floors in all rooms. Useful tips on cleaning rooms To keep the apartment clean and tidy and properly care for your furniture, glass surfaces suggest you read the following tips on cleaning house: 1. If you use a cleaning broom immediately after purchase lower it a few minutes in hot salted water - so it will last longer.

2. Regularly wipe the oilcloth on the kitchen table with a mixture of vinegar and milk in order to prevent cracking and extend its service life. 3. Wallpaper covered with dust, first clean the vacuum cleaner or broom, then wipe with a dry cloth and wool, which before copiously sprinkle oat grouts. 4. To remove stains on the wallpaper clean they bread crumb. In some cases, you can use rubber eraser. Fatty spots showing gasoline or magnesium powder. 5. When washing windows add starch rate of 1 cent. l. 1 liter of water - this solution will add luster glass surfaces. 6. A good way to clean glass surfaces are powder tooth powder or chalk. Dissolve 2-3 tbsp. l.a glass of water, stir, soak in a solution of soft cloth and wipe the glass. Once they are dry, remove the remnants of the funds dry cloth or paper. 7. Wipe the glass glycerin, so they do not freeze in winter and not misted in the warmer months. 8. If you make a situation where windows iced, wipe it strong brine solution, then wipe dry. 9. Matte glass doors or cabinets Wash with hot water and a small amount of vinegar. 10. To sit on the mirrors do not fly, periodically wipe them with lemon juice or a weak solution of vinegar. 11. To remove plaque from the walls green vases for flowers, place the bottom of the coin 5 kopecks. With problem areas also perfectly cope Alco-Seltzer - with its help you can clear the pollution curves, corners, grooves. Simply fill the vase with water and throw it in a couple of pills. 12. If the floor or windows painted with oil paint that they in any case cannot be washed with soap and water - this they fade, lose color and destroyed. Use a cleaning solution consisting of 1 liter of water and 1 tbsp. l. ammonia. 13. Eventually faded paint on the frames, window sills or doors can refresh with a mixture consisting of 1 liter of sifted sawdust and 2 tbsp. vinegar. 14. To staining paint window not previously wipe with vinegar.

15. In new or renovated apartment furniture not lean so they do not become wet. Tips for cleaning kitchen

Kitchen - one of the most visited places in the apartment, and for housewives - and even the main workspace where they spend most of the time. If the experience of home you have a small, bring into service the following tips for cleaning kitchen every day to help keep clean, without any special effort: 1. Put on the stove cleaning powder, leave on time. 2. Gather and wash all the dirty dishes. 3. Wipe the surface - cabinets, kitchen table and work surface, tile, appliances. 4. Clean plate. 5. Disinfect the sink. 6. Subject and wash the floor. Tips for cleaning bathroom Regular care of the bathroom or toilet need to pay special attention to prevent the reproduction of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms. On how carefully you maintain cleanliness in the small room, will depend on the health of the entire family. We hope you will be useful following tips on cleaning: 1. As often as possible with special disinfectants to clean sanitary ware - sink, bath or shower, toilet. 2. Do not forget to periodically handle faucets, shower hose, small chrome parts means rust and lime type "Cillit". Rusty spots and stains from the surface can be removed and the materials at hand - hydrogen peroxide and 10% ammonia. 3. To clean the bath, do not use hard brushes, abrasive powder or acid solutions - they may scratch the surface or damage the enamel. 4. If the trouble still occurred to repair damaged enamel bath, cover damaged place with epoxy glue and sprinkle top with finely pounded porcelain. 5. Another way to restore the cover: Clean the problem area with sandpaper, then - gasoline, dry, apply a thin layer of glue BF-2, a little dry and Flatten oxide composition on the surface. Apply a thin layer several times at intervals of 1-1.5 hours. Final curing takes place over 4 days at + 18C. 6. Most often wash and clean tile, lubricate the joints with special means against fungus.

7. 2-3 times a week, wipe the shelves, lamps, doorknobs, and thoroughly clean the mirrors. 8. To neutralize the unpleasant smell in the room, use air fresheners and toilet blocks for toilets. We hope that our tips for cleaning the house you will find an apartment and help maintain a perfect cleanliness and order. Naples maid house cleaning was founded in 2008 by Ashley Robinson, who had a desire to

provide an excellent House cleaning in Naples and give homeowners and business an at-ease feeling. Naples maid house cleaning is locally-owned and operated right here in Naples, FL. Since our company opened its doors in 2008, we've treated every customer with the best service. Our number one main goal since day one, was to offer no contracts and top notch service!

The best house cleaning tips  

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