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Featuring K.C. Crow of Crow’s Nest Photography


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Behind the scenes with K.C. during her visit to Atlanta!

Hello friends!

Add another blanket to the bed as the leaves tumble down, autumn days are here again. As the leaves

tumble down, we’re thrilled to be heading into family photography busy season with all of you.

While you’re making plans with family and friends, remember to save the date for the NAPCP

International Image Competition Winners Exhibition, taking place October 5th during the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival. For those who’d love to stick around, you’ll be excited to know that we’ve made plans for October 6th, too! Visit for more information on the celebratory fun!

Speaking of celebrating, this month’s feature photographer is your 2017 NAPCP Best New Emerging

Child Photographer, K.C. Crow, of Crow’s Nest Photography! K.C. specializes in maternity, newborn, and child photography, and makes her home in Brea, California with her husband Tim and their two small children, Clayton and Ryker. When she isn’t behind her camera, you can find K.C. following neighborhood trash trucks with her 2 year-old, and telling her younger baby to slow down! That sounds like a lovely life to us!

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who attended NAPCP Fall Gatherings and to our Ambassadors who

hosted them. We consider it an honor each and every time you choose to spend your time with us and we are ecstatic about the growing success of NAPCP Gatherings this year! Once again, thank you to Sweet Shots for sponsoring September Gatherings around the world. Keep an eye out for Amy Tripple’s Marketing Monday session on the Marketing Mondays page, Teaching Camera Classes to Parents, or watch the replay in the NAPCP Member Community.

Our Video Series is boasting a new addition, an interview with Rya Duncklee of Rya Duncklee Studios.

Visit the Video Resources page to spend some time with Rya, pen and paper, and your favorite hot beverage. Meanwhile, on Instagram, NAPCP is now hosting a monthly photo challenge. Use hashtag #napcpcolors in September for your chance to be featured in the NAPCP Instagram feed and on the public NAPCP Facebook Page. We’re loving all the brilliant submissions so far!

The Second Half 2017 NAPCP International Image Competition winners have been announced. If you

haven’t viewed the winning gallery, we encourage you to do so and get a preview of the art that will be on display at our International Image Competition Winners Exhibition. Congratulations to the winners!

It’s a September to remember! The NAPCP Team 2 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017

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Images by K.C. Crow of Crow’s Nest Photography

8 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017

K.C. Crow makes her home in Brea, California with her husband Tim, and their two little ones, Clayton and Ryker. K.C. tells us that her “escape” and her “therapy” is art, and her art form of choice is photography. As the mother of two young children, K.C. is confident handling newborns and connecting with older babies and children. When she’s not behind the camera, K.C. would love to devour a new novel, get a little competitive with some fantasy football, or catch up on a favorite TV show. Keep reading to learn more about K.C. and see her beautiful work!

NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 9

AT A GLANC BEHIND 1. Started photographing? Junior High 2. Officially opened business? May 2016 3. Favorite camera? The one I have with me 4. Lens of choice? Sigma 35MM Art 5. Favorite film? It’s been almost 30years since I used film! 6. Favorite lab? Pro DPI 7. Favorite framer? I need to find someone other than Aaron Brothers ‌

K.C. Crow 10 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017



8. Favorite subject to photography? My boys being boys 9. Favorite musician? No Doubt, and Garth Brooks 10. Favorite movie? Beauty & the Beast (the animated version), and Star Wars 11. Recent favorite read? Before We Were Yours 12. Favorite client product? Loktah barnwood frame with torn edge print 12. 3 things you can’t live without? (1) yoga pants; (2) flip flops; (3) my Sleep Number bed

F L I P T H E PA G E F O R O U R E XC LU S I V E I N T E R V I E W W I T H K . C !

NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 11

Congratulations on being named NAPCP’s 2017 Best New Emerging Child Photographer! Please tell us a little about yourself and how you began your professional photography journey. Thank you so much! Being named NAPCP’s 2017 Best New Emerging Child Photographer is such an incredible honor and I am so humbled by the experience! A little about me … I am married to an incredible man who has taken all of my role changes, from lawyer to stay-at-home-mom to professional photographer, completely in stride. We have two boys – ages 3 years and 2 years – and they are more than a handful! My photography journey began back in junior high school, where I shot and developed (I can still smell the dark room) on black and white film. I never really considered photography as a career when I went on to college and then law school, and it wasn’t until my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I planned

12 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017

a trip to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, that I got my first DSLR camera and took a little course on how to use it. That trip reignited a spark and later that year, when we went to South Africa for our honeymoon, some kindling was added. Flash forward to less than a year later when we celebrated the arrival of our first child and I started journaling our life with pictures daily. By the time our second child was born, photography had become an inferno passion! What drew you to photographing babies and children? Like so many others, it was my own children that drew me towards photographing babies and children – I wasn’t sure I would feel as passionate about photographing other people’s kids as I do my own, but as it turns out I do!

NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 13

1 4 | N A P C P I n s p i r e d M a g a z i n e Ju l y 2 0 1 7

16 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017

In terms of your photography and business, where would you like to see yourself over the next year or two? Over the next year or two I would like to develop some business partnerships and a marketing strategy that includes charity auctions. Over time, I would like to be known as “THE� go-to person for beautiful family storytelling images in Orange County, We love your use of bright, natural light in your work. Will you give our readers a few tips for working with the light you have? I am fortunate to live in an area where we get year-round sunny weather but sometimes the harsh light is too much! To get the best lighting I can for my images, I embrace open shade, porches and doorways and of course, the golden hour!

Thank you so much K.C.! NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 17

20 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017

Three Tips F O R P H O T O G R A P H I NG T O D D L E R S b y K .C . C r o w

1- Pick a time of day that is best for the child! - I know it seems so obvious but many photographers try to schedule a golden hour shoot at sunset, which is right smack in the middle of the “witching hour” for so many kids. It is really hard to get relaxed images when a child and mother are tired, hungry and stressed out. Consider alternate times instead. I definitely do not consider myself a morning person but I have found my most successful toddler shoots have been at sunrise.

2- Allow for more than an hour. - We all have to value our time accordingly but I price my shoots based on 1.5-2 hours even though I tell my clients the session fee covers only an hour of my time. The reality is that it typically takes me 20 minutes or so to just play with the child and get them comfortable with me before I even start shooting, and let’s face it, most newer parents with young ones are constantly running late … I’ve built in that cushion so that I’m not frustrated or feeling devalued before the session even begins.

3- Carry a bag (or box) of tricks with you. - I fill mine with things like stickers, googly eyes, small toys, bubbles, etc. Be careful about snacks/candy – if you choose to use tasty treats as a photography aid, be sure to talk to the parents before the shoot so that you don’t cross any boundaries they may have set for the child as well as to avoid any potential allergy concerns. Personally I use food treats with my own kiddos but I am not comfortable doing so with others (that’s probably the lawyer in me, constantly worried about liability). There are plenty of non-food items that can do wonders for entertaining small children and for getting them to engage with you.

NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 21

BODI ES • Canon 6D • Fuji X100T (purse camera)

LENSES • Sigma 35mm ART • Sigma 85mm 1.4 • Lensbaby Velvet 56

EXTR AS • Canon Speedlight • Expodisk • Extra Memory Card • 1” Piece of copper piping • Spider Holster • Stickers & googily eyes for kiddos • Reflectors

22 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017


NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 23


We visited K.C.’s Instagram feed and gathered some of our favorite captures.



Follow her at to see more beautiful imagery!

26 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017

a day in the life

Our 2017 Best New Emerging Child Photographer experienced Atlanta from her base of the charming Hotel Indigo, in the historic Vinings community, courtesy of NAPCP and ShootProof. Two of our NAPCP team, Marketing Director Crystal James, and Social Media Maven Lisa Phillipson, welcomed K.C. with a hearty, Southern-style grits breakfast. After breakfast, it was time for hair and makeup with Molly Todd, at Park Studios in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. It was a memorable morning of pampering!


New head shots are so much fun, and this professional head shot shoot with NAPCP CoFounder Alice Park, of Alice Park Photography, was a blast -- complete with an inflatable flamingo. We loved providing K.C. with some amazing images for her business!

Along with spoiling K.C., we wanted K.C. to feel connected to and inspired by NAPCP. We shared lunch with her and conducted an interview at Park Studios. The interview and lunch were followed by a couple hours of mentoring, which we sincerely hope had an impact on K.C. We are so grateful for the personal time we were able to spend with her.

M E N TO R I N G NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 29


Later in the afternoon, K.C. was introduced to the ShootProof team, treated to a tour of their headquarters, and interviewed for an episode of ShootProof & Chardonnay (or champagne, in this case!), by Anne Simone. A long and exciting day was capped off by dinner at a Southern restaurant, South City Kitchen, where K.C. enjoyed Southern fried chicken and another Southern staple, pimento cheese! It was the perfect way to end the day.


32 | NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017

NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 33

NAPCP recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of its child and family photographer members. The October 5th International Image Competition Winners Exhibition will feature a stunning display of the year’s winning images in a gallery at the singular Park Studios. Come, celebrate with your fellow photographers and the art-appreciating public, too. On the 6th, the camaraderie continues with a NAPCP meetup at the FENCE along Atlanta’s picturesque BeltLine Eastside Trail. We eagerly anticipate celebrating our winners during the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival!

NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 35

A P P LY F O R F R E E application fee waived through september with code APPLY 25

FIVE REASONS n o w i s t h e t i m e t o j o i n NA P C P 1 - Apply for free! We’re waiving our application fee. We don’t want there to be any barriers keeping you from coming together with your fellow professional photographers to learn, grow, connect, and be supported. Simply use code APPLY25 when you submit your application to join NAPCP. 2 - Our constantly-expanding collection of resources! Facebook Live Marketing Mondays, articles authored by the most knowledgeable experts in our field, mentoring, in-person events, NAPCP Gatherings, gallery events, artists receptions, member-exclusive educational documents, the list goes on and on ...! 3 - Recognition through our bi-annual International Image Competition. This competition is open only to NAPCP members and is touted globally as one of the premier child and family photography competitions. Two complimentary entries per Competition are gifted to you when you become a NAPCP member, adding even more value to your membership. 4 - Community. The photographers of NAPCP are an association of artists committed to growth in their skills, their craft, and their businesses. More than that, though, we believe that the relationships you form in NAPCP will inspire you to aspire and learn. We ardently hope that this growth will be organically nourished through others, and we are thrilled to tell you that we see this every day among our members! 5 - Product & services you love. Members-only vendor discounts, constantly evolving and updating to meet the needs of our members. Private Member Community Group- exclusive giveaways. Special offers and gifts through our weekly eblast Jubilate, monthly Inspired magazine, and much more.

Congratulations to our

W I NNERS Visit the NAPCP website to see all of the winners from the Second Half 2017 International Image Competition.

NAPCP Inspired Magazine September 2017 | 39

ARTICLES YOU’LL LOVE Inspiring words written by our members, for our members.

Studio Style I decided two years ago that it was time to create a home studio. I was struggling to find consistency with traveling to my clients’ homes. Usually the room wasn’t heated up enough, it took a lot of time going back and forth to my car unloading all my gear, and I never knew what the space and lighting was going to be. It took some time to turn the playroom with awful green carpet into the newborn studio it is today. Read More.

Meet Heather Symes: Heather is a newborn and family photographer located in Newtown, CT where she has a home based newborn studio. It is full of colorful props. She has a wonderful husband, three children and loves to craft and Scrapbook in her spare time.

Creative Ways to Capture Photos of Your Kids on Halloween Last year I decided to actually capture my kids in their costumes. Not just a photo of them standing in our yard as they wait impatiently to go trick-or-treating but to actually capture them in their costume’s natural element. You guys, we had a blast! I spent just a little time with each kid dreaming up their photos and when we went out shooting I let them lead a lot of the time. We had so much fun and the results made us all so happy! I was so excited by it all that I offered it to clients at the last minute and I had two take me up on it. It was a GREAT way to bring in some unexpected income (even though fall is already the best season financially, my income is essential to our family, so everything helps) and I had so much fun doing it with my clients! Read More.

Meet Jodie Allen: I started my business in 2009 and haven’t looked back. capturing children, babies and families keeps me on my toes, laughing and constantly inspired. I am a coaches wife and balance three very busy kids. It’s a life of constant movement and I love it

# N A P C P I N S TA FAV E S The images of these amazing photographers caught our eye in June. Visit them on Instagram and follow along! Tag #NAPCP on Instagram and you may see your work in a future issue of Inspired.




























winning image by Tarcisio Bino

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