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The first stage of this project was our summer work revolving around the area of graphic design we were interested in. I chose the collaboration between music and graphics and film and grapgics. Research was done on several companies and directors within film.

MOTION When allocating ourselves to the areas given I chose Motion. For the next project of a group presentation I partnered up with Nicholas Hussain as we shared an interest in the design of film titles. From this we went on to brainstorm questions for the research project.


Nicholas and I researched into the history of film titles and how they have developed over the years. We looked into the different styles such as animation and photography.

The next stage was to decide our final questions from the original brainstorm. We variety of information. Each question was directed at their personal opinion which emailing specific companies/directors/producers we would also adapt the email/ Aswell as having technical questions we also included one that was more


kept them quite simple but broad enough to allow the recipient to give a wide would also allow for a range of different answers from each person. When questions so that they linked specifically to their style of work e.g. animation. personal as this would ease the seriousness of the conversation.

After deciding our final questions we split up the names of a large group of directors and companies giving us each 10 to contact. At this point I started to draft up content for my emails, making sure to include elements of the company/director so that it showed I had made an effort to look into them and knew who they were.

I received replies from 6 of the 10 I had contacted all of whom were directors. Each reply was incredibly helpful and gave a great insight into the world of film titles.


Our final presentation held a large amount of information, some of which wasn’t necessarilly needed. We discussed why we had chosen the area of film titles, its development over the years and the most successful directors of our time. We then went on to describe our methods of research and contact with companies and directors which lead to discussing which we felt were our best replies to specific questions. To end the presentatin we concluded our final thoughts on what we had learnt from the information given and revealed how we would then be moving forward in the future.


LOGO When deciding my logo I decided firstly that my initials would be the main body of it. I designed different adaptations of the N of Naomi and H of Hambury in ways that would be simple yet innovative. I then moved on to add the R of my middle name Rose to the designs to see if it would add more detail. I chose three designs which I would use as the base for development.

As I was interested in working within music videos, I chose to look into elements of music that I could use within my logo design. I chose the illustration of sound levels and placed them on the final 3 base designs.

I q d w

I started to design my logo in adobe illustrator. I tried to develop the designs as much as I could, looking at different quantatites of line to include with the sound levels, filling in certain areas of my initals and squaring the designs off. After developing them I decided that even though the inclusion of the sound levels linked to my area of work, the simpler designs were more effective when being used in different sizes and for a range of purposes.


To develop my CV I took my designs from the summer project and started to evolve them around my logo. As I had created quite a simple, clean cut logo I felt the box CV wouldn’t link well to it so went back to the basics and started to design it as a simple A4 piece. I started to research into what fonts worked well with graphic CV’s and came across Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk BE. I played around with it, looking at the different ways it could be used and if it would fit my designs so far. Once I had experimented with it enough I chose to use it as my font for the CV. It would also be used when designing my cover letter, manifesto and business cards.

As I was aiming to contact film companies and directors I looked at adding illustrations into the cv design that would represent the industry. I took the image of film and recreated it in illustrator as a top and bottom border for the cv. After adding the text into the design, I felt the addition of the film illustration made the CV too cramped and filled up so decided against using it.

Naomi Rose Hambury +44 07900363334

Education The University of the West of England BAHons Graphic Design (2011-2014) The Arts university College of Bournemouth Foundation Diploma is At and Design (2012-2011) Esher College (2009-2011)

Work The Prince Of Wales (2012) Barmaid/Waitress/Board Designer The Hand In Hand (2011) Barmaid/Waitress The Brewary Tap (2011) Barmaid/Waitress (now closed) City Index (2010) HR Department A knowledge of

Work Experience

Microsoft word powerpoint

Rockstone Creatives (2012) Assistant/Junior Producer Working within a team and with clients to create music videos


Zeppatron (2011) Runner Working for the wardrobe department for shows such as ‘Would I Lie To You’ ITV (2011) Runner Working for the wardrobe department on location in Leeds for the TV show ‘DCI Banks’ If you wish to contact/view my references please e-mail a request

Adobe Illustrator InDesign Photoshop Muse

Baking has been a large part of my life for the past 5 years. I have taken classes to improve and learn new skills as well as design ideas for a working ethic which has included logos, posters and detailed cards. Film has always been a strong interest of mine yet after attending university I have been able to gain a stronger insight into the elements that go into it. From this I have realised the paths of graphic design I hope to work within. Music is an interest which I have involved myself in for many years. As well as simply having a love for it, I am a keen songwriter and use this within my enthusiasm for the collaboration between MUSICANDlLM

BUSINESS CARDS For my business card designs I had two main ideas that I wanted to experiment with. The first was a simple front/back design and the second was an extendable business card where the middle would be a small collection of my work. I began with the extendable cards by creating my own versions on plain paper, looking at dimensions, extendability and layout. I then drew up the designs in illustrator along with the inclusion of text so as to get a better idea of what it would look like in the final outcome. For the cards I used the same font as the one in my CV, sticking to similar sub-types and colouring.

The final design for my card was made up of a black background, white text and blue border edges. I used the font I had chosen for my CV so as to link the communicative pieces together. If I was to improve the design, I would have the cards letterpressed.

THE BOX During research into communicative designs, I came across an article showing Fluxus designs. A particular image showed a range of content inside a briefcase which to me I felt would be a more interesting way of holding my cv, cover letter etc. I then moved on to look at ways of making your own box and found a simple design which could be done using ordinary paper. I started to experiment with the idea by creating versions of the box using A4 pieces of paper to get an idea of dimensions and shape. Once I had a good idea of the process I moved on to use thicker and larger paper, making the box bigger until I found a size that would be practical to hold all of my content. To further the development I went no to sew leather to the box pattern as to make it more structured and have less chance of damage. The black leather would also link to my constant use of black within my designs.

To create the box I used a piece of thick paper which would be able to maintain the cube shape when joined together. I looked at different options for joining the sides; connecting flaps, velcro and string. My final choice for a joining mechanism was to attatch buttons to each top and bottom corner. The next stage of design was to cover the paper box design with material that would help to support the structure. I looked into using leather as the fabric due to it being thick enabling a protective quality and I found that it’s look fitted well to my running theme throughout my project. The paper was covered with the leather on the outside and a thin black linen material was used as the lining for the inside. At this point the sides had to be joined together again. I felt that buttons would not be strong enough to keep it all together so decided to hand sew the sides.


Throughout my development in this project I carried on with researching into companies, contacting them and their directors who worked within the area of music videos and came across two whom I was intruiged by most. These were Partizan and Black Dog. Both are based in London and have an incredible variety of directors all holding different styles and ways of filming. I felt that both these companies would be who I based my cover letters to. After reading through the RISD Resume Book, I typed up the letters and put them onto the same background used for my CV including my contact details and logo.

When writing up my cover letter, I used the RISD Resume Book as a guide to what I should include within the letter. The sizing of the cover letter had to be measured down to the sizing of the CV so that it would be able to fit into the box.

MANIFESTO I began my manifesto by answering the 7 questions we had been given. I kept the answers honest, to the point and clear as this content would be the base for development towards the final text which would be included within the manifesto.

To gain more insight into creating a manifesto I went back to the RISD Resume Book and read the artist statement examples. I wanted to see if I should layout the content in more of a narrative way, almost branching on a story. After developing my base content into a narrative form I found that even though this idea went well when people discussed elements of their interests, I felt that my show reel would be a clearer narrative. From this point I expaned my base content to be more descriptive, explaining my points in more detail so as to keep the reader attentive to it.

I designed the manifesto as a lanscape A5 size booklet. I felt that this would make it more engaging for the audience rather than an A4 sheet.. I used the same elements of colour and font which I had chosen for the other elements of my communicative pieces. I split up the content by their topic onto different pages so as to make each one a quick read for the audience.

PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE When deciding my promotional package I started with a very simple idea of having my details and logo printed on a mug along with a phrase. The reasoning behind this was after some work experience I noticed the amount of mugs needed during filmimg and how often tea/coffee was passed around so therefore decided it would be an effective item to send. When designing the mug I included in a phrase of ‘Its’ That Time’. This was a take on two different points: 1. It’s that time for a cuppa 2. Its’ that time to look me up

Once the item arrived, it become clear that it was not innovative enough to use within this project and something with more thought needed to be created.

This idea came about when discussing my project with a drector named Adam Powell who I had stayed in contact with after researching him in the earlier stages of the project. When asking for his opinion on what he would look for in a promotional item he listed different ideas that although all completely different, all held a shock factor to them. One idea he suggested which stood out for me was a ‘glock 18’ which is type of gun. I realised the link between shoot with a gun and shoot with a camera and so decided to look into designs which could represent this without coming across too aggressive or not obvious enough. When researching I found a toy gun which when the trigger is pulled a flag pops out with the word ‘BANG’ on it. I decided this would be a good idea to use as there is a sense of play involved but I would also input the seriousness of it by replacing the ‘BANG’ flag with my own design that would state my contact details and the saying ‘I like to shoot’.

I researched the availibility to purchase a flag gun and found one quite easily and purchased it. I then moved on to designing the flag which would be replacing the original within the gun. I decided to keep the design similar to that of my CV and business cards so that it would all link together. Unfortunatly I recieved an e-mail stating the delivery of the guns would not be until after our hand in date so it was then I chose to stop the gun concept and look into creating something else.

When researching into other ideas, I took another look at my CV and what it represented about me. I read back on my interests and decided to look into ways of incorporating my second life of baking into the design. The first thoughts that came to mind were to make a cupcake/cookie and have my logo as icing or edible paper but the fact that this would not be the most respected apporach became aware and so I decided to stick to just the form of edible paper. It may not have the strongest link to film but i felt it was an innovative way of grabbing the audiences attention. I researched into where I could get this done and uploaded my logo design to be printed. Once the paper arrived I would then put them into a cover with the phrase ‘try me’ on the front and ingredients on the back in case of any allergies. The addition of ‘try me’ is similar to the reasoning for the mug slogan, meaning to try the paper as well as myself.


For the website. I arranged it in a simple layout as afrer researching directors I found that most of their websites were clear and minimalist, leaving the detail to their films. I used the same colour scheme I had used for my communicative pieces. I decided to insert my logo into the top right hand corner of every page so as to make the image well known to those who would visit the site. I wanted to add a few more elements to the site so added a page showing my photography as I felt this would also enhance my abilities with a camera.

Professional Practise Module File Book  

This is a publication containing the information from this terms course of Professional Practise in Graphic Design.