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9 October  2013  

In this  issue  

Club League  reach  climax  at  finals   The   local   club   league   kicked   off   in   May   this   year   and   concluded   on   5   October   where  

1 2   5   6   6  

Club League  concluded   Get  Into  Rugby  Successful   World  Cup  Q ualifiers  2014  

Western Suburbs   beat   Rehoboth   in   the   finals   to   walk   away   with   the   Premier   League   Cup  for  the  second  time  in   two  years.  Wanderers  beat  Reho   Falcon  in  the  final   of   the   Premier  League  Plate  competition.  The  first  league  winner  over  Rosh  Pinah  was  United   3,   and   the   First   League   Shield   winner   was   Walvisbay   2   after   beating   Rehoboth   2   narrowly.  In  the  women’s  league  it  was  Phoenix  who  won  Reho  Pandas  for  the  second  

Navachab Gold  Mine  Regional  Cup    

consecutive year.    

Tri-­‐Nations Rugby  Series  

The finals   were   played   in   good   spirit   with   no   major   incidents   on   or   off   the   field.   The   NRU  want   to  thank   all   the  players  and  club  managements   for   the   success  of   the  day.   The  spectators  enjoyed  themselves  and  were  hosted  to  a  feast  of  tries  and  spectacular   rugby  during  the  day.  The  NRU  also  thank  and  congratulate  all  clubs  who  did  not  stand   back  when  no  sponsor  was  available  for  the  club  league,  but  worked  hard  to  make  it  a   success.    

1 2

Get Into  Rugby  a  huge  success  in   Namibia  

“…close to  5,000   players  between   grade  1  and  4  and   more  than  130   coaches  and  referees   who  are  being   introduced.  

The IRB  accredited  Get  Into  Rugby  (GIR)  

Phase 3  was  to  train  a  coordinator  and  

program finally  reached  the  

Henry Kemp  as  Development  Manager  

implementation phase  in  the  beginning  

of the  NRU  was  send  to  Cape  T own  to  

of September,  and  the  result  is  

get training  from  the  IRB  together  with  


coordinators from  all  over  Africa.    

Since the  beginning  of  the  year  the  NRU  

Phase 4  was  to  order  all  branding  

have been  working  on  implementing  the  

material and  t-­‐shorts,  as  well  as  visiting  

GIR program.  The  first  phase  was  to  do  

all the  schools  identified  to  introduce  

all the  planning  which  included  details  

the GIR  program  to  them.  Once  the  

plans of  where  the  program  will  be  

schools has  been  introduced  and  

introduced, how  many  children  will  be  

committed to  the  program,  we  were  

exposed to  the  program,  how  many  

ready for  phase  5,  the  implementation  

coaches and  referees  will  be  trained,  etc.    

phase, which  started  in  the  first  week  of  

Once approval  was  obtained  from  the   IRB,  the  second  phase  was  to  draw  up  a   budget  and  secure  funding  for  the   program.  FNB  Foundation  came  on   board  as  sponsor  and  are  sponsoring  the   NRU  N$300,000  per  year  for  the  next   three  years  for  the  GIR  program.   Shoprite  came  on  board  as  food  sponsor   for  all  the  tournaments  we  will  have  in   all  the  regions.  Auas  Motors  supplied  a   vehicle  that  can  be  used  for  all  the  miles   to  be  driven  to  implement  the  program.   The  IRB  supplied  the  NRU  with  16  GIR   kits  which  contained  balls,  bips,  tags  and   cones.    


September. Henry  Kemp  visited  all  the   schools  from  the  following  towns  to   teach  teachers  and  volunteers  how  to   implement  the  GIR  program:  Katima   Mulilo,  Rundu,  Oshakati,  Walvisbay,   Windhoek  and  Keetmanshoop.  Our   planning  was  to  introduce  about  2160   players  and  42  coaches  and  referees  to   the  program  in  2013.  A fter  consultations   with  the  schools,  we  realized  that  they   are  so  enthusiastic  that  our  numbers  will   be  doubled.  At  the  moment  we  are   looking  at  close  to  5,000  players   between  grades  1  and  4  and  more  than   130  coaches  and  referees  who  are  being   introduced.  

NRU News  –  09  October  2013    


The children  started  to  train  during  the  last  3  weeks  and  the  first  GIR  tournaments   are  kicking  off  tomorrow,  Thursday  ,  and  Friday  in  Katima  Mulilio  where  about  2,000   players  will  participate.  The  schools  are  so  enthusiastic  about  the  program,  and  they   have  taken  full  ownership  of  it.  They  have  printed  programs,  organsied  a  PA  system,   arranged  the  governor  to  open  the  program,  have  people  to  exhibition  products,   etc.    Next  weekend  the  next  tournament  will  be  held  in  Rundu,  from  where  similar   tournaments  will  be  held  in  all  other  towns  as  well,  with  the  final  tournament  of  the   year  being  held  in  Windhoek  on  16  November  with  the  Tri-­‐Nations  Rugby  Series.     The  objective  of  the  GIR  program  is  to  increase  participation  from  our  current  figure  

The objective  of  the  GIR   program  is  to  increase   participation  from  our   current  figure  of  just   over  6,500  rugby   players  to  15,000  by  the   end  of  2015  

of just  over  6,500  rugby  players  to  15,000  by  the  end  of  2015.    The  program  will  be   introduced  to  more  schools  in  2014.  In  addition  to  the  grade  1  to  4  GIR  program,  we   will  also  introduce  GIR  for  Girls  in  2014  which  will  focus  on  girls  from  12-­‐16  years  of   age.  T his  initiative  will  rapidly  increase  the  number  of  girls  playing  rugby  in  Namibia,   which  is  so  important  if  we  want  to  be  able  to  field  competitive  teams  to  qualify  for   the  Commonwealth  Games  and  Olympics.   The  NRU  want  to  thank  Henry  Kemp  for  all  the  hard  work  he  have  put  in  to   implement  the  program  successfully     We  also  want  to  thank  the  sponsors  for  their  very  valuable  contribution  to  make  this   program  a  success  for  the  children  of  Namibia.  


NRU News  –  09  October  2013    


Get Into  Rugby  storyboard  in   pictures  

Notice  the  smiles  on  the  children’s   faces…   Not  only  playing  together,  but  time  to   also  eat  together…  


NRU News  –  09  October  2013    

1 2

World Cup   Qualifiers  2014   CAR  1A,  2014       The  Confederation  of  African  Rugby  has   announced   the   dates   and  venue   for   the   2014   Division   1A   championships,   which   will   serve   as   the   final   round   of   African   qualification   for   the   2015   Rugby   World   Cup  slated  for  England.       Antananarivo,   Madagascar,   who   played   host   to   this   year's   event   will   again   host   the   championships   which   will   be   played   on   a   round   robin   format.   While   the   actual   run   of   play   is   yet   to   be   determined,   the   opening   fixtures   will   take   place   on   Saturday   28th   June   2014,   with   the   next   set   of   matches   taking   place   on   Wednesday   2nd   July   2014   paving   way   for   the   final   round   of  


matches on  Sunday  5th  July  2014.       Kenya  is  the  African  champions  for  2013,   having   defeated   Zimbabwe   29-­‐17   in   the   final   played   in   July   2013.   Namibia   was   promoted   to   Division   1A   after   beating   both   Senegal   and   Tunisia   in   Dakar,   Senegal  in  June.    


Kenya, Zimbabwe,   Madagascar   and   Namibia   will   thus   compete   against   each   other   in   2014   to   determine   the   African   Qualifier  at  the  next  RWC.  

NRU News  –  09  October  2013    

1 2

TThe second   round   of   the   Navachab   Gold   Mine   Regional   Cup   will   kick   off   on  

On 16   November,   just   before   the   main  


test, we  will  do  the  handover  of   medals  

19 October.    

to the  teams  as  well  as  the  handover  of   the  Cup  and  the  prize  money.    

Six Regional   Teams   namely   Khomas   Knights,  Hardap  Raiders,  Western  Chiefs  

The regional   games   will   serve   as   trials  


for the   National   team   that   have   to   be  





Northern Reds  and  Samurai’s  (all  Pool  B)  

selected to  play  in  the  Tri-­‐Nations.    

will participate   in   the   competition.     The  

winner of   each   pool   will   receive   N$20,000   prize   money,   the   runner-­‐up  

The NRU   want   to   once   again   thank  

will receive   N$15,000   and   the   team   in  

Navachab Gold   Mine   and   Streethouse  

third place   will   receive   N$10,000   each.  

for their   sponsorships   to   enable   us   to  

Travelling and   accommodation   costs   as  

make the  regional  competition  a  reality.  

well as   the   prize   money   will   be   contributed  



Navachab Gold   Mine  Regional   Cup  

The regional  games  will  serve   as   trials   for  


the National  team  that  have  to  be  selected  

sponsorship of  Navachab  Gold  Mine.  The  

to play  in  the  Tri-­‐Nations.    

teams will   play   each   other   on   19  

October, 2  November  and  9  November.    

Windhoek Draught     Tri-­‐Nations  Rugby   Series  

The NRU  will  host  the  second  Windhoek   Draught  Tri-­‐Nations  Rugby  Series  from  8   –   16   November   at   the   Hage   Geingob   Rugby   Stadium.   Both   Zimbabwe   and   Kenya   confirmed   their   participation   in   this   all   Africa   Rugby   series.   Namibia   Breweries   through   their   brand   Windhoek   Draught   will   once   again   be   the  title  sponsor.   Zimbabwe   will   arrive   in   Windhoek   on   Wednesday,   6   November   and   will   open   the   Tri-­‐Nations   with   a   test   against   the   host,   Namibia   on   Friday   night,   8   November.     The   last   time   these   two   sides   played   against   each   other,   Zimbabwe   was   defeated   by   Namibia   37-­‐ 34  in  last  year’s  Tri-­‐Nations.  

The Tri-­‐Nations   will   thus   be   a   tournament   full  of  rugby  to  end  off  the  year  on  a  high   note.  

Kenya will   arrive   in   Windhoek   on   Sunday,  10  November  and  will  have  their   first   match   against   Zimbabwe   on   Tuesday,   12   November.   The   last   time   these  two  sides  met  was  in  July  this  year   where   Kenya   beat   Zimbabwe   in   the  

finals of  CAR  1A.   The  final  test  of  the  series  will  be  played   on   Saturday,   16   November   between   Namibia   and   Kenya.   Both   these   sides   have   improved   their   standard   of   rugby   during   the   last   year   and   would   want   to   win   this   game,   as   the   next   time   these   two  sides  will  meet,  it  will  be  in  the  CAR   1A  competition  in  2014  to  determine  the   African  qualifier  for  the  RWC  2015.     In  addition  to  the  tests  being  played,  our   Namibia   U/20   team   will   play   a   curtain   raiser   against   a   Namibia   Invitational   XV   for   all   3   tests.   These   matches   will   assist   to   prepare   the   U/20   team   who   are   preparing   for   the   JWRT   in   Hong   Kong   from  3  April  2014.   We   will   have   a   7’s   tournament   on   16   November  where  clubs  can  enter  teams   to  play.   The   final   GIR   tournament   will   also   be   played   on   16   November   at   the   stadium.  

Namibia Rugby Newsletter - Issue 1  

Namibia Rugby Union newsletter for September/October 2013

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