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2006 Mad Princess in Atomic Land (05:04) Electric piece with concrete sounds Chewbacca Talks (03:00) Electric piece with concrete sounds 2007 Servant Songs (30:00) Passion Cantata for SATB choir, soprano and tenor solo Tabasco Ice cream (3:00) Cello and piano and percussion Grey Eyed Sky (3:00) Cello and piano 2009 Sugar Crush (17:00) Songs for vocal, piano, electric guitar, sax and drums 2011 Sisters (48:00) Songs for vocal, piano, violin, cello, french horn, tuba, trumpet, cavaquinho, didgeridoo, accordion, native american flute, sax and found percussions Children’s Christmas Song Cycle (15:00) 2012 Inauguration Song Cycle (14:00) SATB choir and piano 2013 We Know Someone (30:00) Songs for vocal, piano, drums, bass, harmonica, trumpet, acoustic and electric guitars Folk Kaddish (3:00) Song for vocal and harmonium written to the words of Kaddish

Miscellaneous songs for vocal and piano

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